BTS Reaction - When They're mad at you for being on your phone and not paying attention to them but you're actually voting for them on Mwave


You had offered to join Namjoon at practice today because you two barely had any free time to spend with each other. You were seated on floor in the corner of the practice room with your face buried in your and you didn’t realise Namjoon had taken a seat next to you. Not acknowledging his presence and continued to pay attention to your phone he huffed a little irritated. This was the only free time you both really had together and you were wasting it paying more attention to your phone than him. His irritation turn into anger as he took it upon himself to snatch the phone from your grasp immediately giving him your full attention. “Yah, why’d you do that for” you huffed and tried to reach for your phone but he just pulled his hand away. “Why did you agree to come with me if you’re just gonna spend all your time on your phone?” he fumed. “What’s even so important that you can’t even give your boyfriend a minute of your attention?” he inquired as he brought peered at the screen of your phone. His anger quickly dwindle when he realized what you were doing. You were voting for him and he felt kinda bad for shouting at you the way he did.

“Haha babe you don’t have to spend all your time voting for me and the boys, it would be great to win but it would be even better if we could spend more time together”

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You and Seokjin had set up a long overdue movie night so you too could spend some quality time together. From balancing between practices, promotions and spending time with you was always hectic but you both managed and always found time for each other. You were curled up with Jin on the couch of the dorm under a thick cozy blanket and one your favorite movies playing. Jin had paused the movie to go get more snacks as you used this opportunity to do your daily voting on Mwave, you couldn’t help the fangirl side of you when it came to supporting your boyfriend and the rest of the boys. When Jin had came back you were too distracted and didn’t realize he had continued the movie and took his stop next to you. He realized your distracted state and the cellphone in your hand suspecting you were only making a quick reply to a text. After awhile and you were still on your phone he started to get a little agitated, wanting you to what was stealing all your attention. “What are you looking at y/n, you know how rare these times we have with each other are and you’re not even making an effort?” Snapping your head in his direction feeling slightly guiltily, you simply replied “I was just voting for you, I didn’t mean to make it seem like I’m not enjoying this time with you.” Jin didn’t know how to respond, feeling slightly bad that you were actually just voting for him.

“Oh….. Sorry for jumping to conclusions but you don’t have to vote for me, it’s okay if we don’t win.”

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Yoongi would appreciate the fact that you were being supportive of him and the boys but he didn’t like the idea of it taking your attention away from him, call him needy but time you spent together was hard to come by and when it did he like to give you his full undivided attention and he wanted you to do the same. He didn’t care if he won, sure it would be great if they did but other times will come, he just wanted to live in the now and that was being with you so when you were distracted he would grow a little irritated. 

“Forget about voting for now and let’s just enjoy this time we have together”

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Hoseok had just came home from spending nearly 10 at practice and he just wanted to cuddle with his girlfriend until he fell asleep. As he walked through the door and made his way over to your shared bedroom after kicking off his shoes and putting away his bag his eyes landed on your pyjama covered figure sprawled across the bed with your face buried in your phone. He smiled at the fact of seeing you after so many hours and made his way over to the bed to copy your position. He rolled onto his side to face you and placed a peck to your lips as a way of saying he’s home. You smiled at the gesture but didn’t take your gaze from your phone a little distracted. He realised this and frowned a little concerned why you didn’t kiss him back like you usually would. Holding up to position his weight on his arms he peered at your face and then at your phone curious as to what was stealing all your attention getting a little frustrated. “Babe what are you looking at that you can’t even kiss me back?” he asked, his voice laced with irritation. When he realised what you were doing he shock his head as a chuckle erupted from his throat.

“I can’t believe you right now y/n”

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Today of all days were very rare and hard to come by, Jimin didn’t have any schedule today and was completely free, completely free to spend time with you that is, so that’s what he did. Due to him being moving constantly back and forth from practice to promoting their comeback and concerts he was quite tired and just longed for some nice quiet time at home most likely cuddling with his girlfriend. Of course you didn’t mind it, it didn’t matter wherever you two were, as long as you were with him you were more than thankful. You and Jimin were snuggled up together on the couch at the dorms while the others went out to do their own personal business on their free day. In the middle of the movie that you both were watching something crossed your mind. “Shit, I have to vote” quickly pulling out your phone and going to the website you starting on your voting. You hadn’t missed a day and you weren’t going to break your streak especially since it was the last day to vote. Being too emerged you didn’t here when Jimin called your name trying to get your attention. You only snapped out of it when he felt him shift under you causing you to move from your position laying on his chest. “Y/n , I’m trying to talk to you” He stated a little irritated. You looked at him a little guilty knowing that you got distracted for a second but it was for a good cause. “Sorry haha…I was just voting on Mwave” His expression changed to a more calm one and a smile form on his face, slowly shaking at the reason for not paying attention to him and also how cute your pouty face.

“Ahhh, jagi your’e too sweet to me”

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Tae would be mad at first when you wouldn’t give him the attention he wanted, he would be all pouty and whiny about it with his arms folded and mumbling to himself. All you could do was chuckle at his cute reaction, you didn’t mean to get a little distracted when he was trying to show you something on his phone, you were trying to log in on Mwave and you were a little too determined to get in your daily vote because you wanted him and the rest of the boys to win. “Don’t be like that Tae, I was just voting for you and the boys on Mwave” as soon as you explained your reason his pout immediately faded and a surprised expression formed on his face as he hurried to your side to look at your phone. 

“Really?! How many votes do we have?? Are we winning?? Maybe I should vote too.” 

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You both were in the middle of playing video games and you were beating his ass at it too when something suddenly crossed your mind ‘I haven’t voted today! Today is the last day to vote!’ Softly cursing under your breath you paused the game earning an irritated huff from Jungkook as you pulled out your phone to check to see how much time was left for voting. Realising there wasn’t much time you immediately opened the app and logged in. At this point Jungkook was getting frustrated that you had stopped the game to go on your phone, especially when he was so close but yet so far to winning. “Ah y/n, why’d you stop the game to check your phone right now, what’s so important” he stressed as he reached across and snatched your phone from your hand to see what was taking up your time. His eyes narrowed in on the screen then widened again once he saw you were voting for them on Mwave. He was a little taken aback at first but quickly composed his anger. He felt a little bad for being upset and snatching your phone so rudely from you when you were just supporting him.

“Haha I’m sorry y/n….thanks for voting for us, I really appreciate it” 

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Not a game anymore pt 3

After 10 years of being in the dark, memories of a tragedy rise to the surface of the reader’s mind and she is consumed with grief, anger and vengeance. But why is the monstrous clown awake 17 years before it should be? Questions are in need of answering and the lives of many other children and adults alike are in need of saving. It’s only a matter of time before the reader loses another close friend or worse. But does the reader have the willpower to confront the clown, or will her mind cripple under pressure?

Wearing the bell around her neck is a constant reminder that she is back in the grasp of the terror clown. She won’t remove it in fear of what he may do to her but she can only hope her friend doesn’t comment on it. The situation with her deceased best friend and the sort of apology from Pennywise still holds her back from accepting what happened, after all, the clown couldn’t feel anything other than hunger, surely.

Hey it’s Captain Asshole here bringing you a chapter of their story rather than the request they should be putting out right now. But that’s how I roll. I live to disappoint more and more people every day. I don’t wanna make promises but I hope to have it up within the next couple of days. I’m sorry for the wait. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter. And as always, let me know if you wanna be tagged in the future!

Not a clownfucker? Why you here? Weird dude. I don’t tag my stuff in the main It movie tags so it’s on you dude not me.


The bell would jingle whenever you moved your upper body, a constant reminder that //he// was always present in some way. Maybe even watching your every move. So you were cautious with your daily life, no longer actively researching about the recent victims and ways you could possibly stand up to Pennywise. But in doing so, you’d already extended your trip for a longer period, expecting to be there for a while.

Your friend was busy most of the time, spending the late afternoons to spend time with you when his shifts would end. Because you were alone most of the time, you chose to be around the public, visiting the library (avoiding going anywhere like the archives) or going to diners to simply sit and read or doodle or do anything. Any reason to not be alone at any time because you needed to think. You couldn’t afford another visit from the clown yet, not until you could have closure on many things. Your fears, trying to somehow forgive him for killing your best friend 10 years ago, the victims he chose and why the hell he was awake so early swirled around in your head like a thick soup of thoughts and a constant headache.

Maybe…maybe the only way to find answers was to ask the creepy clown him(it)self. But that would mean facing him again and you weren’t so sure if you were ready for that still. It came as a shock when he showed up the first time you were alone and it had created a bubble of nervousness to surround you. There were times where you certainly checked behind your back more than once just to be sure he wasn’t there.


You sipped on your usual hot beverage now, your eyes glued to the screen of the laptop set on the table you were accommodating. You weren’t doing a lot, just flicking between your social media platforms and occasionally typing a few things on a word document to clear them from your head. It was a technique you’d adopted from a collegue some time ago so you weren’t distracted from work and now it was what you did most. You didn’t often keep the blocks of text later on, usually just deleting them without rereading them because to do so would fill your head with those thoughts again.

Your fingers tapped on the keys lightly as you noted down your current thoughts. As you typed out a paragraph or a sentence, you would flick back to Twitter or another social media platform so you weren’t overwhelmed. This time, your thoughts were pulled from your screen by someone sliding into the chair opposite you. You grinned at the figure when you realised who it was.

“Oh hey there, (mf/n).” You greeted lightly. The young man beamed at you and pulled his chair closer to the table.

“Hiya. I got out of work earlier today.” He responded in his gently voice. You raised an eyebrow.

“Huh. How did you know where to find me?”

“The main barista here is a friend of mine. He says you come here a lot.”

You chuckled and shook your head in disbelief.

“Of course he’s your friend. It’s true though, I come here nearly every day.”

(Mf/n) stared at you with his doe-like eyes, his gaze almost intense and slightly uncomfortable.

“You’re always away from home when I’m out. There’s a reason for that, isn’t there?” He asked quietly, the tone more serious. Your brows furrowed a little and your gaze dropped to the table.

“No. I just- it’s nice to be out and about.”

The male in front of you frowned and folded his arms on the table.

“You’re lying. You don’t wanna be alone, do you?” You shifted in your seat and your hands slowly curled into fists but despite this, he didn’t stop. “And what about that necklace, huh? That looks horribly familiar-”

“Shut up.” You cut him off in a low, aggressive voice. Your gaze had darkened and you were breathing heavily. Your eyes glanced at the laptop screen and they widened for the search feed on Instagram was no longer on screen, something sinister and malicious grinned at you with sharp teeth and the paleness of the skin contrasted against the orange hair glared at you, burning into your retinas. All sense of anger that had annoyingly bubbled to the surface was wiped away now as you slammed the lid of the laptop down with so much force you were sure to have caused damage. Your eyes flicked to (mf/n) for a moment and he stared in confusion.

“What’s- what’s wrong?”

“We should head back home. I’m sorry.” You said mutedly. You ignored everything and everyone around you whilst you stuffed the closed laptop into your bag, wanting to be ready to leave as soon as. You barely glanced to see if (mf/n) was following you as you exited the diner. You just wanted to go back to the house and curl up under the covers and hope the day would end quickly.

But as you rushed down the road, a hand grasped your wrist and pulled you to a stand still, making you cry out in surprise and spin round to hit whoever it was. Luckily for them, they had fast reflexes and easily deflected your swing.

“(Y/n), stop!” (Mf/n) snapped and your breath caught into your throat.

“Shit! Don’t ever scare me like that again!” You cried and tried to pull your hand away from his grip but he was persistent.

“I had to stop you rushing off. Look, I’m sorry about pushing you but I’m concerned.” He muttered and his gaze shifted away from you almost bashfully. You sighed gently with a saddened frown.

“I know… You don’t need to apologise though, I’m being difficult like always. I’m surprised you still talk to me seeing as the others don’t. I’m the worst.”

(Mf/n) then pulled you in for one of his warm hugs and you exhaled as he gently squeezed you.

“Don’t say that about yourself. None of us really knew of what you were going through. Hell, I still don’t but I wanna help you. So please, don’t shut me out.” He said, his words muffled against the top of your head. You were acutely aware that you were both obstructing the sidewalk but in that moment you didn’t care, you craved the affection and comfort for a lot had changed over 10 years. You pulled away eventually though and you messed with the zip of your friend’s jacket.

“He won’t leave me alone. That evening, when I was home alone, he came to me and had me wear the necklace. He was…different this time though. Something with his body language was not as aggressive or creepy as he had been ten years ago.” You looked up to meet eyes with (mf/n). “What do you think it means?”

The male swallowed nervously and his shifted from one foot to another.

“I don’t know but I don’t like it. Nothing good’ll come out of it though.”

He was right. You knew deep down that Pennywise liked to play games, to manipulate and strike fear in the hearts of his victims to the point of near madness because he was sadistic and in the end he was going to consume each and every one of the children and adults he chose to. But for some reason that you couldn’t pinpoint, the thought made you sad. You were just food to him, his finest meal he’ll ever eat. With a sigh, you pulled away from (mf/n) and smiled faintly.

“Come on, let’s go back home.” You murmured. He didn’t question you and instead followed you back to his house, all traces of conversation filtered away.


You were dreaming that night but you wish you weren’t. Dreams were no longer welcome in your mind and hadn’t been for some time because of the nature of them. For the first few years of your new life, you took prescription drugs to prevent dreams when you went to be because they affected you so badly. But eventually you had stopped taking them because you had begun to feel empty and no one would approach you anymore. You’d become lonely, craving contact with people because being alone was frightening and depressing. But now you wish you had some of those pills to take now.

In your dream now you were floating through a world of shimmering darkness, like a black liquid infused with fine glittery particles that swirled in ever-changing shapes and patterns. For the most part, you felt relaxed but there was still a hint of nervousness. What you were worried about was what you weren’t able to pinpoint on in this dream. However, you were about to find out.

You didn’t see the gloved hand curl round your head but you felt it clasp over your mouth, startling you to the point of awakening with wide eyes, shooting up but immediately being slammed down by a rough force. It took a short moment for your eyes to adjust in the dark and focus on the face directly in front of you. And then your scream was muffled behind the large hand still pressed against your mouth as your eyes stared into Pennywise’s amber ones.

“Shhh… You don’t want to wake your f-f-friend up, do you?” He hissed at you and you froze. His weight pinned you down into the mattress as he straddled you, his knees either side of your shoulders with the long length of his legs. You were uncomfortable as your hands had automatically reached out to his hand to try pry it from your mouth with no success, the need to breathe increasing by the second. He could tell, no doubt smelling your desperation.

“Don’t cry out if I move my hand away, will you?” He asked quietly and your nodded slightly, your wide eyes never blinking. He smirked and his hand slid away, trailing down your neck and the centre of your chest to rest with his other hand on your stomach. You inhaled sharply and exhaled as he leaned his head down close to your face.

“Why are you here?” You asked him and he grunted, his dark nose scrunching up and his plump lips pouting.

“I can’t keep away from you but you won’t stop being around others.”

You narrowed your eyes slightly.

“That’s because I want to be as far away from you as possible until I’ve collected my thoughts.” You replied tightly. His face was inches from yours now and it strained your eyes to focus on his.

“What are you thinking of, little one?”

You didn’t like that nickname, you told yourself. And yet it made you feel tingly. You shivered a little as his unnaturally sweet breath fanned across your face.

“I wanna know why you’re awake early.” You asked after a moment, your gaze shifting away to glance into the darkness of the room. The creature tensed up dramatically to the point where you were convinced he was stone. He stared at you, his lazy eye pointing almost completely the opposite way it should be and after 30 seconds you had become extremely unnerved and freaked out. But he still did not move. You shifted under him, trying to move his hands or his legs to move away from his looming face but he had an iron grip on you.

“P-Pennywise, come on. Say something.” You whispered harshly and it seemed to snap him out of his trance. He sprung backwards to crouch at the foot of the bed, his already angry brow more furrowed than before.

“You. Y-you’ve done something to me.” He rumbled at you.


You pushed your covers back and got onto all fours to crawl towards him, your brow furrowed. You couldn’t understand why you approached him, or why your hand reached out to grab him. It didn’t make sense. You should be cowering in fear of him, but you weren’t.

Pennywise didn’t allow your hand to reach him, he instead snapped his hand out to curl his hand around your throat and throw you backwards against your pillows, nearly causing whiplash. You could only choke, your airway cut off under his grip as his now amber tinged with red eyes bored down into your own eyes.

“You fear me, but it doesn’t make me wanna eat you.” He growled. You wanted to speak, to say something. He didn’t want to eat you? What did this mean? But you couldn’t ask anything more for when the fingertip of his index finger of his free hand lightly tapped your forehead, you were instantly plunged into the darkness of sleep. And soon, the swirling glitter particles invaded your dreams once more.


Wowee this took way longer than it should have to write. I’m annoyed to be honest and again, I’m sorry the requests aren’t out yet. I’ll get them out sometime soon.

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hey there! i've been following your blog for a while and I was wondering whether you have any tips for studying in a noisy environment? i don't have my own room at home, so i usually end up studying in the living room because that's where the desktop computer is... but my siblings are always walking past and it's seriously so distracting :( any tips?

Hi there!! Thank you for asking, my brother actually faces this problem because his bedroom isn’t large enough for his desk, and he also can’t study even when there’s a small amount of noise, poor guy. Here are some tips from both of us

  • Let your family members know when you need a little peace and quiet to really hustle and get some intense studying done. Sometimes they just aren’t aware that they’re being distracting. If I know my brother needs to study, I’ll watch TV some other time, or listen to music with earphones
  • This is super helpful for yourself as well, because you know that you’ll only be getting an hour or two of peace and quiet, which is a great motivator. If you only have one thing to finish the whole day, you’ll probably get it done; if you add a few more things, odds are you’ll adjust the time you have and get those done too!
  • Wear over-ear headphones on the regular if you’re doing less demanding homework to concentrate 
  • Wait until later at night when some of your family members have gone to bed to nut out the worst assignments. I’m more of a morning person compared to my brother, so he will usually wait until I head to sleep to get his work done. He knows he can’t really get much done if there’s noise, so as a result he gets all of his work done within 1-2 hours and has the rest of the day where he just does cursory reading. 
  • Likewise, wake up an hour early to get your work done then if the rest of your family members are late risers. 
  • Try and study at the local library if you can, or finish off your work before you head home from school/uni. Everyone wants to get home quickly, so if you promise to yourself that you’ll finish your homework before heading home, you can bet that will light a fire underneath you!!
  • Try new study spaces! I made a list here and here
  • Try and acclimatise to noisy environments as a last resort. I know not everyone can do this, but you can try filling your study space with the kind of noise that you like instead; play your favourite music softly on a speaker and try and train yourself. 
    • Start with easy homework that’s mainly repetitive and doesn’t require thinking or planning e.g. copying notes that are just too messy to study from. 
    • Move onto revision materials that don’t require rote learning e.g. summarising paragraphs from the textbook. 
    • Finally try and rote learn things with music on, which will be the hardest. Don’t worry if you can’t get this one, I still can’t do it. 
    • You’ll find that you can get at least some types of work done with noise in the background!! Hopefully this will help if you have just tooooooo much work to get done in a day!

Hope these tips help!! Let me know how you go!! ^_^

wade and peter are next door neighbors, they… sort of get along?

once when ellie is visiting wade, he gets a call and has to leave for a mission but he can’t leave ellie alone

he kind of threatens peter into babysitting his kid, which turns out to be a good thing since the call was a distraction so that goons could swoop in and kidnap ellie

poor generic goons got their asses kicked by peter and ellie home alone style

peter has to use his powers in front of ellie to protect her and swears her to secrecy

so now peter is ellie’s new favorite person and wade’s a little jealous

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Headcanons for a fussy Clown Princess who pulls and gently taps on Joker's face and hair to get his attention

Joker has Frost get him a customized gold compact so  he can keep it in his pocket for whenever he needs to check his hair to fix, after his daughter knocks it out of place, being such a perfectionist with his appearance (and liking easy access to look at himself).

He makes sure he wears his gold chains because he knows she loves to tug on them and they keep her distracted so he can get work done.

So she’ll stop poking his face, he gives her his lipstick so she can put her attention to keeping his makeup in check.


I should be studying for my midterms but I just want to make a quick post about this woman because I haven’t seen anyone else talk about her and I’m not sure if I’m crazy or what. 


Jennifer Geller if you don’t know. 

Our lovely Bullet on the Hamilton First National Tour. 

This woman fucking steals the entire stage everytime she’s on. I’ve seen the show twice now and I swear whenever she’s doing ANYTHING she’s all I could look at which was terribly distracting with so much happening on stage and in the surround. I’m not sure how she does it but she just commands attention, she’s amazingly talented and she is also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. ANYWHOS. I just needed to make this appreciating her and if you don’t follow her on instagram already do it, go tell her she’s amazing because she really is. 

So if you go see the Hamilton Tour I’m sure you’ll see this little bombshell commanding attention on stage don’t worry. 

Also she was in Bring It On when they did their non-equity tour and you know I’m Bring it On trash so of course I love her. 

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I don't know if this makes sense or not but my teeth have been driving me CRAZY. Like I don't know how to explain but I always rub my tounge on the back of my canine tooth and the way it feels bothers me so much I want to rip it out. I also can't stand if my teeth aren't slippery on the back that I'll brush my teeth 6 times to get it to go away. Does this sound like SPD? I also can't wear anything too loose or too tight otherwise It will distract me so much. This might just be me.

Yeah, this all sounds like sensory processing disorder.


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Deckerstar - 27

27) What Always Gets Them Horny? (No pun intended ;D)

For Lucifer, it’s any time Chloe’s legs are on show. He’s said once before and mentioned to her a thousand times since, that he’s a leg man through and through and he just so happens to think that Chloe Decker’s legs are damn fine. She so very rarely has them out that when she does, it catches him off guard enough to force him behind a desk so he can cover himself.

Chloe swears she doesn’t take advantage of this but he knows damn well that she does. Especially when she wants him to do something or behave himself.

She’ll simply slip on a skirt (slightly shorter than he’ll be able to deal with) and boom. One turned on and very agreeable Devil. She jokes that it get’s him horny and he’s so distracted that the horn pun doesn’t even register.

For her though, it’s less physical. She finds him seriously attractive and loves the fact that he’s quite possibly the most handsome man she’s ever met but it’s when he get’s all mature and takes the lead on a case that gets her the most quivery and aching. 

He’ll be authoritative and serious (and once he had a full fledged argument with a suspect in Italian and she dragged him into a coat closet to make out afterwards) and she’ll just melt. Maybe it reminds her that he’s changing for the better or maybe it’s that he’s taking her work seriously but hot damn does mature Lucifer turn her on.

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so my other theory is that amy is trying to distract jake by flirting with him at work and by doing so she distracts captain holt as well since she’s making a public display of emotion and she organises the handmaid’s tale thing so while everyone’s distracted she swoops in and gets the prize because she’s the amazing detective/genius

OOOOOHHHHHH i like that although that has to be like a plot in the middle of the episode and not the end bc amy already won in season 3 and i know we all know that but like yeah i want this but also i want jake and amy to win the championship belt together as a couple and it’ll be like an early engagement present that they won for themselves together that they got before getting engaged- okay i’m gonna stop myself now bye

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But can you imagine Harry when you're trying to study for a midterm? He's either gonna try to distract you with adorable shit or be super helpful and quiz you on stuff and be super proud when you get it right. Wish he was helping me study for my uni midterms 😭 Love you btw ❤❤

he’d be SO DISTRACTING at first! poking your notes with a pencil or trying to draw on your flashcards, giggling as you’d swat away his hands. Maybe he’d make silly faces at you, calling your name until you’d finally look over to see him googly-eyeing you (I WOULD LITERALLY GET SO MAD AT HIM) 

but he’d also probably see that you’re stressed and offer to truly quiz you on things, or go and grab you another cup of coffee or tea, or maybe even surprise you after a long day of studying with a dinner out or movie. 

i want a boyfriend H. :~(