I’m tired of Isayama drawing Mikasa so pretty and beautiful lately, it’s becoming such a distraction!
like ummm.. excuse me Isayama, I have a chapter to focus on!
how am I supposed to care about what’s going on if she’s looking like THAT? like ..????

trying to continue this weird burst of productivity by getting some cleaning done

here’s my list for today:
• do the dishes
• wash my sheets/comforter
• clean the fridge
• vacuum
• sweep the kitchen floor (damn you hardwood)
• organize the basement
• clean my room

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For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about my characters. 

I’ll share some more facts for one of my newer OCs, Sethera Tareni. :D

★ As the younger child of Warlord Garaseth, it meant that her older brother, Vareth, would be the one to become Warlord. Basically, unless Vareth died, there was no chance of Sethera becoming the next warlord. However, with Tareni’s lack of mages, the Keeper of Clan Tareni negotiated with Clan Istimaethoriel* to bring in an extremely talented mage who would train to take over her position. In exchange, one of Garaseth’s children (probably Sethera) was to be traded over to Istimaethoriel. Going against all expectations —including the wishes of his parents—Vareth decided instead to leave Tareni for Clan Istimaethoriel, letting his younger sister assume the role of Warlord, which functions as the leader of Clan Tareni.

  • *Note: Clan Istimaethoriel is a collaboration between @istibaethoriel and @vir-ghilani! :D Thanks for letting me send my child to the Istibaes~ <3

★ Like most of Tareni’s warriors, Seth wears heavy plate armor and rides into battle on her giant Tareni warhorse. On horseback, rather than archery, Seth prefers to use her javelins for ranged combat. On foot, she relies on her spear or her longsword, depending on the situation. Sethera is also trained in the Tareni tradition of combat (which is a combination of the Reaver and Berserker specialization).

★ Sethera has a scar under her chin which she got during a duel. Her opponent disarmed her and pressed the tip of his blade under her chin. While he had the upper hand, he started to get cocky and careless. Taking her chance, Seth just leaned into the blade, drawing blood, and unnerving her opponent because who does that?? After she disarms him, she uses her teeth to rip out his throat. Sethera won a lot of respect that day and the amount of people challenging her to duels lessened considerably.

Thanks for the ask! :D

Happy 15 MILLION, SUBSCRIBERS, @markiplier!!!

Thank you so much for continuously making my days just a little better to your contagious laugh, your rage, theories, and so much more. You distract me from my anxiety when all I feel like is well I’m dying and from problems I can’t help feel bad about. You’ve helped me realize it’s okay and you gotta just believe in yourself because the past is worth learning from to fix yourself. I could never thank you enough for that. <3 

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Reed!! I've been thinking on this theory: what if the demogorgon ponders their victims by their fears?. Ex: it killed Barb and she was scared to death like actually terrified (but duh obvs who wouldnt?) and he used Will with the slugs and what not, and yes he was also terrified BUT he confronted the demogorgon and was just this clever boy who knew how to avoid it and distract it. So what if besides blood, he tastes people by their fears?

That’s actually a really cool thought. My personal belief rn (not knowing anything about season 2 basically) is that The Demogorgon is actually a product of Terry Ives’ mind that detached itself from her body (and this all happened because she was experimented on as well and who’s to say she doesn’t have powers just like Eleven) in order to search for her daughter. And the mind spent so long away from her body that it became trapped in the upside down and turned into the monster. So when Eleven is put into the tank (the monster reaches out for her) she opens the gate to the upside down which lets the monster escape.

Basically, I think the monster/Demogorgon is after Eleven. It may or may not be attracted to blood (cause El has her nose bleeds so we don’t know). And I think it can sense loneliness on some level. Barb felt alone, who knows how Will felt.

There’s also the matter of the two hunters that disappear, presumably killed by the Demogorgon as well.



I haven’t posted in so loooooonnnnggg! I’ve been so distracted! #FeesMustFall has been disruptive and my anxiety couldn’t deal so I basically shut down.

These are my BuJo spreads for the forthcoming weeks featuring a sketch of mine done in mechanical pencil. I haven’t drawn in 3 years so this is the best I could do without practice.

I decided to be minimalist with my spreads simply because I need to start studying for finals and I don’t have time to decorate. So… black and white all the way!

I really need this year to end! 2016 has been a bitch! It has officially become the worst year of my life, to date!

I’m hoping everyone has a great week 🎈🎉✨😘
- Twix

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Godammit that picture of Colin in the green shirt half killed me when I saw it now its ur icon y u do this to me I thought I was safe D: legitimately frightened me, but in a good way but heck so distracting the eyes arhgh

Man, I didn’t realize making this my icon would have this much of a reaction! LOL. Colin with his gorgeous blue eyes being a menace all over your dashes. :D

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What have I to do??? I must study the membrane proteins but your blog is so amazing and distracts me.... I love you two... ~ Unicorn Anon

Thank you, Unicorn Anon, we love you too :)

Studying is important, so if it isn’t a bother, I’ll help you study. Molecular cell biology, no? Integral (intrinsic) and peripheral (extrinsic) membrane proteins, if I’m not mistaken, with one or more segments embedded in the phospholipid bilayer and no interaction with the hydrophobic core of it respectively.

Oh god, I could be completely wrong. That would be embarrassing, hahaha…


[voluntarily flings self into the pits of Voltron hell]

I have accepted my fate.

[edit: made some minor adjustments to the anatomy - and now i must sleep for 16 hours *passes out*]