• Friend:I hope I get chocolates and a big ass teddy bear for Valentine's Day.
  • friend:I hope I get a bunch of flowers and a cute card.
  • Friend:I hope they come over so we can watch Netflix and cuddle.
  • Me:I hope I see a lot of cute art of my Otp and maybe some Valentine's Day oneshots.


We have:

-Maria; Mexican; 17; semi-voluntary story catalyst (basically she creates the “local plots” within the story)
-Yoko; Japanese; 14; buster gun magical girl (Mami Tomoe on crack)
-Thanh-Marie; French-Vietnamese; 18; curse caster (Friday the 13th incarnate)
-Ji-hoon; Korean; 19; griefer (if Minecraft griefers were real and turned buildings into teddy bears and the ground into lava)
-Felix; 15; Costa Rican; technicolor magic artist (the paint half of Epic Mickey)
-Santiago; 16; Afro-Dominican; Las 21 Divisiones caballo (healing magics and Haitian zombie creation are his faves)
-Nell; 12; Black; psionic power (literally Ness from Earthbound)
-Zareen; 17; Iranian; hive mind (the air traffic controller of the group)
-Kai; 18; Hawaiian; water based magical person (cuz demigods don’t have to have a binary gender amirite)
-Rosie; 16; Mongolian; dimension-transit teleporter (Vanellope’s glitching + occasionally ending up in the wrong dimension)
-Anton; 16; White; sound manipulation (the White Violin on crack with a Helena!Gerard Way aesthetic)


not to mention Anton and Rosie’s awesome connection, or Zareen’s necessary secondary powers, or the kind of fucked up chaos that Ji-hoon’s caused, and allllll the other plot fragments in my brain

sheeplyntheotaku asked:

Valentine harutaka?

oh my gosh yes

imagine harka buying takane a GIANT TEDDY BEAR WITH GIANT CHOCOLATE BOX AND GIANT BALLOONS he goes all out and takane’s all embarrassed bc she only got him like two boxes of his favorite chocolate so when she hands it over haruka’s like “my favorite!! thank you takane” and then unexected kiss to the cheek bc they’re hecking nerds and when takane gets home with all of her stuff her grandma’s like “oh is that from that haruka boy” and she’s like “grandma no

she secretly loves the teddy bear it reminds her of haruka it is soft like haruka. she names it konoha. 

said: Benny is so great he is shippable with anyone. I want someone to write a Crowley/Benny!

OH GOSH Crowley would be SO GRUMPY and Benny would be all ‘shhh just come’ and just cuddle him until Crowley was like……if you ever tell anyone ever that we’re doing this I’ll eviscerate you. And Benny’s all ‘you don’t gotta worry about me sweetheart’ ‘do NOT call me sweetheart’ ‘ok pumpkin’ ‘I’m the goddamn king of hell and I deserve—’ but he’s cut off cause Benny’s kissing him and then he’s kissing Benny back and Benny’s grinning against his mouth cause crowley is very cute when he’s all worked up and huffy.

(but crowley loves it)

I keep seeing things that I want and now I’m realizing that I can never have those things with you and it’s breaking my heart. I’ll never be able to lay in bed with you. I’ll never be able to cuddle up on a couch that’s ours. I’ll never be able to spend the night with you or wake up in your arms. I feel like I’m dying.

sukoushi asked:

&* ↷ ` ah, i made -- white chocolate cranberry cookies. ` an affectionate ruffle of his hair before a package (neatly tied) is presented with the tiniest flourish and a chaste kiss upon pale cheek. ` ハッピーバレンタインデー!`

              ❝ O—Oh… W—wait, I mean.. thanks ? 

& he is most positively flustered, a tinge of pink heating the flesh against the softness that bears cheeks. It is only before, hardly a sentence, manages to stutter from teeth of imperfections, that lips are greeted with pink exterior, causing the tint only to grow, perhaps more vibrant in its hue, spreading from cheeks to his nose, & the very tips of embarrassed ears. 

Cue the laughter that ignites only from the nervousness that pounds within own gut, & a proper reply would only attempt to be heard.

             ❝ Hahah… Yeah, y— you .. too…