@therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu have the most adorable relationship and they make me so happy with their interactions. I mean, lookit these little cuties :3

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Hey!!! I hope this isn't weird but, What bands/singers do u like?? My music doesn't makes me exited anymore, which sucks! So im looking for new people to listen to! And i remember u putting a link of one of the new songs of all time low to your kiribaku art and i love that album also you are one of my fave artist so i thought i could ask u too! If u don't mind ofcourse!!! I hope this doesn't bother u! (I guess this is kind of useless info ahhhh i hope u don't mind!)

It’s absolutely not weird so don’t worry about it, but it’s!!!! sort of an hard question to answer because more or less anything that can fall under the very huge umbrella of the rock label is fair game for me haha the two bands I’ve been calling my favorite for longer right now are Alter Bridge and Tremonti, lately I’ve been really into Nothing More, I have a super weak spot for Halestorm too right now - I like most post-hardcore, but Pierce The Veil and Bring Me The Horizon are my faves? But, well, all this stuff is really different compared to All Time Low… since you liked them you could try Tonight Alive or One OK Rock! You Me At Six work too I think, and… Andy Black’s solo album was more pop-ish but on the same genre too, so try that one maybe! Oh and Young Guns!!!! I love Young Guns how could I forget them, they’re in this type of punk too! 

Sorry, this isn’t exactly just my faves haha I love music too much, it’s hard to pick a limited number of artists for me rip

Anon said: HIIIIIII!! First of all, i love you and your art. Now, where is the bokuroo???? :C please draw some bokuroo, i miss those two! Maybe some fluffly? But also kiribaku is good, i started shipping those two thanks to you! And sorry for my bad english. Bye bye!!

Hi! Thanks for liking my stuff!!! And I’ve talked about why I’m not drawing much Haikyuu lately right here but to make it easy because of some reasons inspiration is really low in that fandom for me right now so!!! I’ll have to ask you to be patient with the lack of content that might not be changing until Bo and Kuro start being relevant in the manga again

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I want to be your first and only love on this earth

Imagine Elijah finding out that you have fallen for him and he wants to talk to you, why you never told him.

A/N: Mention of asexuality & my first language is not English, so for any grammar mistakes, I’m truly sorry (and I know that I have a slight Elijah obsession)

A/N: LOOK I FINALLY POSTED IT OMG!! *slow clap for me* i didnt really edit it, because i thought i might offend the writer. Its such a beautiful piece though, so cute and ahhhhhh the feelings.

Ummm also…ah credits go to @vanillashade

The noble men in the suit had caught my attention precise one year ago. Today I got invited by his brother Kol, he said he wanted advice for a surprise for Davina but since I arrived, the only thing he talked about what the plans of his older Brother were.
“Come on Y/N, I know you are attracted to my brother” Kol told me and I couldn’t help but looking at him confused.
“Which brother do you mean? You have two older Brothers who are alive and well” I answered him and he just smiled at me. “I know which one you like the most” he told me with this knowing smile on his face.
“Do you? That’s quite surprising cause I thought besides myself, nobody really can tell who I like the most” I told him and giving him a convincing smile so he would stop asking me in the sight of hearing of his brothers, not to mentions his sisters. Especially Rebekah would love to know, which brother I liked and when she would find out it was indeed her honorable brother Elijah, she would be the first one, to tell him. Something I didn’t want.

Yes, indeed I had fallen in Love with Elijah. But I didn’t told him and I was hell not going to tell him. What would he think of me?
I supposed that he would think the same things as many people, since I came across something called asexuality. The feeling knowing, I wasn’t crazy, that I never had experienced sexual attraction at all, was something real. Something that I could identify as.
I had read a lot about it.
Being asexual meant that you didn’t experience sexual attraction, the most people also thought of Sex as not important and couldn’t quite understand why people made a big deal out of it. To be honest, I didn’t understand it either because the most of my friends enjoyed one night stands a lot. They made fun of me, because I always said I didn’t want a one night stand, for me there had to be feelings, trust to really open myself up to someone.
And I had fantasized about getting closer with Elijah, day dreamed about how I would tell him, that I loved him, that he would understand how much of struggle being asexual was for me. That he wouldn’t laughed at me and he would promise me, to show me everything.
That he would show me everything I never experienced before, that he would understand my stupid fear of not being enough.

But that all was just day dreaming, it wasn’t real and I refused to let myself slipping away into day dreaming again.
“Y/N where are you?” Kol asked me and smiled. “What do you mean? I’m right here!” I answered him and Elijah made his presence known. “Y/N I wanted to talk to you, would you mind walking a little with me?” he asked me and my heart skipped a beat.
Why wanted he to talk to me?
Kol smiled at me with a big smile and made hearts gestures with his hands as he walked away. Right in this moment I wanted to kill him so badly, in the last two months he kept teasing me about having feelings for his older brother. I never admitted it and still refused to tell that it was true.
“If you have other plans, we can talk another time” Elijah suggested. “No, it’s fine, Kol is just teasing and tries to get on my nerves, everything is fine” I lied and hoped so bad that Elijah wouldn’t noticed my cheeks, who felt like they are red as tomatoes.
After leaving the house, I followed Elijah to a little park.
He had not said much yet, I tried not to get my hopes up high, because he didn’t knew, that I had feeling for him.
“Y/N I wanted to talk to you in private, without any of my sibling’s ear dropping on us” he opened the conversation that would change my life.
“This makes it sound important” I replied and Elijah stopped walking. He turned around and faced me, his brown eyes were looking at me full of warmth, I must dream again.

“I think I should be honest with you, Niklaus and Kol both told me several times that you seem to have feelings for me and I wonder if their assumptions are true” Elijah confronted me with the assumptions his siblings had made. My heartbeat skipped and it seemed to be answer enough for him.
“Before you continue, even if you would feel the same, it won’t work” I cut him off before he could say anything remotely in the direction that he might feel the same or not. I never have made any move in the direction of telling him how I felt, because I know that it won’t work at all. Vampires were all sexual active, when I could believe Klaus and Kol, the desires of blood and sex were close and Vampires are very sexual active. Even though I hadn’t seen Elijah being in a relationship since I knew him, I didn’t thought he would live as Munich.
He was a good-looking man, I thought he was the most appealing in the aesthetic way.
“Can I may ask why? If you’re afraid because…” he tried to ask, but I cut him off again. “No! I’m asexual” and couldn’t look at him. The tears build up and made it impossible for me, to see anything clear.
Elijah surprised me with his following up reaction, I could feel his hands cupping my face and then his lips pressed on mine. When he moved away, he whispered “I don’t know what asexual means, but I know that I feel the same way as you”.
He whipped my tears away and looked at me, “Please tell me what asexual means Y/N” he asked me and I couldn’t say no. My heart was beating as if I had run 10 miles straight.

“I don’t know or have experienced sexual attraction, I guess you feel sexual attracted to woman” I almost whispered, it was hard for me to tell someone how it must feel and now even someone who loved me. Elijah didn’t said something, until I told him that asexual people, mostly don’t cared about Sex.
I confessed to him, that I never was with a man before and I felt like a freak.
“Y/N I intend to be your first and last love on this earth” Elijah told me and he promised me, that he would show me everything I hadn’t yet experienced. “But promise me that you will tell me, when you feel uncomfortable” he asked me to promise.

Two years later:

I could feel Elijah slowly breathing, he didn’t needed to breath and still he did it. His arm on my hips held me close to him, I couldn’t believe it, today marked our anniversary of two years being together. Elijah was the most understanding man I could ever asked for.
He showed me everything, I never understood other people rambling around about One night stands and I still didn’t got it, imagining just jumping into the bed with someone I barely knew and just sharing something so intimate was still something I never was able to do.
To me Sex was a part of a relationship and Elijah showed me that a relationship based on Love, Trust and Honesty could be something beautiful. “Are you watching me Y/N?” my boyfriend asked me and his brown eyes searched for mine. “I wouldn’t dare” I replied smiling and Elijah covered my hand with his.
“Do you remember what I promised you two years ago?” he asked me. “I do, you promised me to be my first and last love and that no other men would ever touch me like you do” I answered him and he kept his promise. We talked about turning me, he didn’t wanted to lose me and I never wanted to be without the man who made me feel normal.
He made me feel normal and because of Elijah, I enjoyed being imitated with him, but just with him.
I always said that for me Sex belongs in a relationship, for me it was a sign of trust, being able to give yourself to someone.
“You make me happy” Elijah told me and I smiled at him, “You make me happy too Elijah” I replied and Elijah pressed his lips on mine.
I was truly happy with my first and true love.


My mate showed me this and I love it to no end its so fucking cute ahhhhhh!!!!!

I love mchanzo! I love this video! I love my mate for showing me this! I can die happy xD

I kill the replay button to much lol

Edit: wasn’t aware the artist had a tumblr and I feel like I should have said this sooner I apologize. Credit to the original artist who is allowing me to keep it up.