How fast are those doodles? (ΘεΘ;)
That looks like rapidfire in comparison to my speed; I always seem to spend a minimum of 30-60 minutes before getting something to a satisfying statee

OMGGggg I LOVE THIS AHH, thank you so much!!! qOq

my doodles range from a few seconds to a few minutes! Sometimes even longer if its for something I’m actually going to color. :>

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I don't know if you're doing the make me blush thing anymore (and even if you are I don't really know how to word it anyway) but I wanted to say that you're my favourite blog and I really like you a lot and I've always wanted to say thay but couldn't find a good time to say so where it wouldn't seem weird until now. >_<

Ajlkjalhlhakjahjakajk awwww tbh really sweet messages like these make me blush the most!!! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and omgsh the only weird thing about your message is I’m surprised that I’m your favorite blog ;; wow wow thank you, I really appreciate your message! :D and you succeeded in making me blush hahaha

I challenge all my followers to try to make me blush

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Smashes through your dash with kaikei/keikai headcanons. Ahem uh well hehe (OuO);;, so I was thinking what if Kei used to play piano when he was young and he is so good at it like he won many awards. And uh when Kei and Kai are not out exploring++

+Kei plays the piano for Kai, and Kai loves the music Kei plays for him asdfghjkl. Sadly Kai couldn’t hear them anymore when Kei left him(they broke up cries). Time skip to the present, Kei and Kai reunite, Kei still plays the piano only for Kai. 

JUST! ALL! OF! THIS!!!!!!!!

i know it’s already overused BUT I DONT FREAKING CARE 

Please imagine smol Kei and Kai sitting next to each other in front of the piano and Kei tries to teach Kai easy melodies but the smol brunet is just horrible when it comes to music. He loves listening to Kei playing and is mesmerized by the way little fingers move over the keys. Sometimes Kei plays lullabies and rolls his eyes when Kai falls asleep while leaning against him but he doesn’t mind and just continues to play while trying not to move too much.

Years later, after they met once again, Kai walks through the building and hears a familiar melody. He follows it and finally reaches a room with a piano and Kei sitting in front of it. The blond leans against the doorframe and just listens to his friend’s playing and at some point Kei motions him to come over without looking at the human. Kai sits down next to the other and just listens to the playing until a hand takes his and positions unsure fingers on the keys. Kei once again explains the melody and slowly leads Kai’s fingers. They play together, Kai the easy melody and Kei supports him with his playing. At the end of it, Kai once again leans a bit against his friend and is surprised but happy when he feels the other’s weight pushing back.