Papyrus makes spaghetti at 4am.~

(I think Undyne is still crashing on his couch weeks later and requested some spaghetti after midnight, maybe. xD)

-Also. Sans with hair curlers is so dang cute I could die. xD There’s no reason to have hair curlers, but the irony of it slays me. lol

also, that bit where tony drops in to save the little kid in the iron man mask that was being targeted by one of the drones is one of my favs in all movies?? because it’s such a Superhero scene? like you have this tiny kid dressed up as iron man lifting his toy repulsor at the angry robot and then IRON MAN LANDS BY HIS SIDE AND HE’S RELATIVELY HUGE AND HIS WEAPONS ARE REAL AND HE’S STANDING IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION AS THE KID AND HE KILLS THE BAD ROBOT and then he’s like “nice work, kid!” as if this kid had done literally anything to actually help him or improve the situation at all like its so cute?????? it’s so cute that all this shit is happening and tony doesn’t only save the kid, he bears in mind that he could make this the best moment of this mini-superhero fan’s life just by acknowledging him??

it is literally so cute i wanna die like the fact that this could have been a scary and traumatizing as shit experience for this child and tony pulls him into a superhero fantasy like this gosh i’m dying tony deserves to be regarded as a Superhero so much


Okay so , Niklisson’s Inquizzy, Aerys Lavellan, is so fucking cute I could DIE.

So I kinda had to cosplay her a little bit–OMGAH IM SO SORRY I HOPE THIS IS OKAY!? I didnt ask cause I wanted to surprise you but ughhhhh. 

NGL I was super tempted to take her to Comikaze today instead of my Ellana. >_>