Rowan Blanchard:
. Queen
. Fantastic actress
. Cutest thing you ever did see
. So sweet
. Total dork
. But like she’s our dork and we love her
. Literally so fucking fierce I can’t
. Uses her voice to do good
. Constantly slays my existence with her intelligence
. Out spoken activist
. Fierce intersectional feminist
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Woke af
. So so educated
. Beautiful role model
. Wish I was like her when I was 14
. I want to be her when I grow up

Carmen Blanchard:
. Queen
. Adorable
. Literally so cute I could die
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Actual sweetheart
. So educated
. Like she’s twelve
. And she’s so woke and enlightened
. Like wow
. Called out and fucking ended a 19 year old with her intelligence
. Actual queen
. Literally everything

Amir Mitchell-Townes
. Actual King
. Literally slays our existences with every Instagram post
. Fantastic actor
. Makes music that is good af
. Son of the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff
. Cancer survivor
. Literally beat cancer at the age of eleven
. Fucking kicked it’s ass
. Fuck cancer
. Literally so fucking woke
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Literally educated so many people about it on his Instagram
. Literally so badass
. But like also adorable
. Like an actual puppy

Uriah Shelton:
. Trash
. A shitstain
. Does not deserve to be in their ethereal presences

Cuddle Drabbles Part 1

Word Count: 560

Warnings: None!

Summary: Sleepless nights generally lead to hanging out with Bucky. 

A/N: I’m ridiculously excited to share something with you guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my writing! This is a drabble series – because I needed 28 ways to cuddle with Bucky, tbh.

Please be gentle! This is my first time posting for Marvel and for Bucky! Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome! I’m tagging @bovaria cuz she got me in this trash pile and I love her!

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(This is so cute, I could die. Goddamnit, Seb. You life ruiner.)

Sleepless nights weren’t so bad now that you’d decided to move into the tower with the rest of the Avengers. Sam had told you that it would be for the best. He could keep his eye on you (God, he could be such a mom), and you could strengthen your friendships with the other heroes.

You’re the newest recruit. Sam, your best friend and fellow soldier, asked for your help when a mission had gone awry and felt your powers were perfect for the job. So, here you are, seven months later, fully moved into the tower and gorging on everything there is to offer.

Tony had just about everything imaginable to fill your insomniac hours. Robots, suits, inventions, tvs galore, cars, all the game consoles you could ever want - plus all the games… Everything.

But tonight, you were just curled up on one of the couches watching Anchorman just because it was on.

You giggled, unexpectedly loud peals of laughter bursting from you.

“What are you doing?”

You jumped out of your skin before you saw Bucky’s sleepy figure lurking in the doorway. You instantly regretted being so loud; but, then you remembered that his room was 4 floors above you, and there was no way you’d woken him up.

You grinned sheepishly as he dragged his feet across the tile. “Watching Anchorman. You’re up later than normal. I expected to see you around 2:45.”

This was an almost nightly ritual for you two. Bucky’s nightmares frequently woke him, and you could never get your brain to shut up long enough to sleep. You two had become friends during these nightly rendezvous, despite Sam’s protests.

He plopped down next to you, shooting an airy laugh through his nose. “Got me down to a science, don’t you?”

“Just a pattern, Barnes. Have any nightmares?” you asked cautiously. He didn’t usually talk about them, and you didn’t expect an answer. But you always asked in case he ever did want to share.

His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes when he said, “Just wanted some company.”

“You got it, dude.” You pulled your legs up and turned your body to face Bucky. You wiggled your toes under his leg. He looked at you curiously as you smiled. “Is this okay?” Bucky nodded and turned back to the tv. You smiled and pushed your feet under him until he was nearly tipping over. He grabbed onto your calf for balance, and laughed.

“Your toes are cold!”

Oops. Looks like your feet skirted into one of the legs of his basketball shorts. You pull them away, blushing and wide eyed, mumbling an apology before he scoots your toes under his leg again. “No, it’s okay!” he chuckled. “Nobody should have cold toes.”

You watched him as he watched the movie, swearing your heart stopped. He was so impossibly sweet despite the hell he’s gone through as the Winter Soldier. His character always amazed you. He should be a grumpy, bitter, vengeful, old man. But here he is, pulling one of your feet from under his leg and running his hands across it soothingly, massaging the aches of the day out of the sore muscles. He’s such a sweetheart.

You settled in beside him, finishing Anchorman; and as another movie started, you fell asleep thinking that you could easily fall for this man.

Azure Blue

Words: 8711

Genre: Fluff, So much damn cuteness (you could die), Adventure, Fairy!Au

Notes: Gif. This was supposes to be a lot shorter and somehow it became 8k…Whelp, here’s my early birthday present to Chim~                     

Fluttering your wings, the wind blows against your face, slipping through the strands of your hair and tinting your cheeks pink. For one slight moment, you forget about your sickness until a certain someone screams your name.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Your heart accelerates and you try to fly away faster and faster.

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also, that bit where tony drops in to save the little kid in the iron man mask that was being targeted by one of the drones is one of my favs in all movies?? because it’s such a Superhero scene? like you have this tiny kid dressed up as iron man lifting his toy repulsor at the angry robot and then IRON MAN LANDS BY HIS SIDE AND HE’S RELATIVELY HUGE AND HIS WEAPONS ARE REAL AND HE’S STANDING IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION AS THE KID AND HE KILLS THE BAD ROBOT and then he’s like “nice work, kid!” as if this kid had done literally anything to actually help him or improve the situation at all like its so cute?????? it’s so cute that all this shit is happening and tony doesn’t only save the kid, he bears in mind that he could make this the best moment of this mini-superhero fan’s life just by acknowledging him??

it is literally so cute i wanna die like the fact that this could have been a scary and traumatizing as shit experience for this child and tony pulls him into a superhero fantasy like this gosh i’m dying tony deserves to be regarded as a Superhero so much

Ugh. Kill me. He is so cute I wanna die.

If I could afford a 3DS….he would be mine. Freaking tiger/cat starter. Yes. Now please don’t make it a humanoid pokemon. I will cry a billion tears. I hope its some awesome giant tiger that looks badass as hell…like traditional chinese drawings….that would be awesome….okay I am rambling, but….LOOK AT HIS CUTE FACE!

Okay okay, I am done.

Hope you like it! Tell me your favourite starter!