Drunk Sex || Mark Tuan ||

You were home all day alone because Mark had practice. He didn’t even wake you up to say goodbye in the morning because when you woke up, he wasn’t there and there was a note on his pillow. Currently, you’re sitting on the couch in comfy gym shorts, one of Mark’s shirts with socks on while your hair is in a messy bun.

“Where is he? The note said he’d be home around this time. I hope he didn’t go drinking again.” You groaned as you clicked through the tv channels. You stopped on a drama named To Be Continued. You’ve already watched the whole series but you love ASTRO too much to not watch it again.

“They are so cute oh my god I could die.” You squealed, not knowing that Mark had come through the door.

“So you want them and not me?” He slurred as he stumbled through the door. You sighed and got up to walk over to him.

“Baby you know I love you and you know that they’re just friends. And what did I say about drinking after practice.” You stated as you fixed his messy hair. Mark grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you closer to him. Your body was now against his as he brought his face closer to yours.

“But I bet they can’t make you scream louder than a stadium of fangirls.” He whispered as he kissed you roughly. Breaking the kiss, he pushed you back onto the couch and crawled on top of you.

“Is that my shirt?”


“Because it looks cute on you.” He said before he attacked your neck with kisses. You felt your cheeks heat up at what he said. Mark made his way down your neck to your collar bone, finding your sweet spot making you moan.

“Mark~” You moaned as he took off your shirt and bra and started to play with your breasts. His mouth was on the right one while his hand was on the left one. He switched between them, giving them both equal attention. Mark threw off his shirt and unbuckled his belt and threw his pants somewhere in the room. Ripping your shorts and shirt off, he left you in only your panties.

“Wet already baby?” Mark hummed as he saw the wet spot on your panties. You blushed lightly and looked away. Mark slid your panties down your legs and threw them in the corner of the room. You moaned loudly as he started to lick your wet pussy.

“Ahhh……M-Mark…more…” You moaned as your hands gripped his hair. He threw off his boxers to show his hard member.

“I need you in me Mark.” You whispered.

“What did you say baby? I didn’t hear you.” He teased as he rubbed his tip against your wet womanhood.

“I……I NEED YOU INSIDE ME MARK.” You yelled as he slammed into you, sending a wave of sensation through your body. It did hurt at first but went away after a few minutes.

“F-Fuck……..ngh….tight.” Mark groaned as he went faster.

“Fuck Mark…’re so big…..ahhh~” You moaned as he kissed your neck, leaving a hickey on your sweet spot.

After a few minutes, you felt a familiar knot form in your stomach as you knew you were close.

“M-Mark…..I’m so…..c-close~” he nodded as he was close as well. You could tell because his thrusts got sloppy and his breathing was uneven. You felt his member twitch inside you and that sent you over the edge.

“Scream my name baby~” Mark groaned as he placed your leg on his shoulder, giving him access to your g-spot.

“MARK……YES MARK……RIGHT THERE…….DONT STOP!” You screamed as he rammed into your g-spot over and over again.

“Who fucks you so good?!” Mark half yelled as he started thrusting sloppier.

“YOU DO!” You screamed as you were so close to your climax.

“What’s my name?!” Mark yelled as he came inside you.

“MARK~” you screamed as you came with him. Both of you were out of breath as Mark pulled out of you and sat next to you on the couch.

“Baby, that was great.” He panted as you laid your chest on his head and he played with your hair.

“Wait for it jagiya~” you hummed as you waited for the old lady who lives next door to scream at you. You were right.


“Time to apologize.” You wrapped a blanket around your body and walked out of your apartment to the one next door where Mrs. Lee lives. You knocked on her door.

“Oh, it isn’t Mark this time. He’s such a nice boy. Nice body too.” She laughed.

“You have no idea Mrs. Lee. Anyways I wanted to apologize for the noise. It’s been a very long week for the both of us.” You apologized as you have her a small bow.

“You are forgiven. Me and my husband haven’t done it in years.” She replied as she gave her husband a glare. That turned this situation awkward and your blanket dress was falling.

“Well, I have to go back to Mark now. Good luck with your husband.” You said as you ran back to your apartment to see Mark not in the living room. You wondered where he went as you wondered into the bedroom. He was sitting on the bed, still naked, in a sexy position.

“You ready for round two baby?” He asked in a seductive voice. You felt shivers go down your spine.

“You bet.” You said as you climbed into the bed.
a/n: this is probably the shittiest one yet. im sorry, you all might want some bleach to go with this shit. Monsta X smut is next in honor of Shine Forever that’s MY NEW FAVORITE MONSTA X SONG! anyways, sorry for scarring you for life.

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sunlightisforplants  asked:

Your monster AU gives me life (pun because half of them are dead), but I'm especially in love with vampire Boi Conan/Shinchi and his baby bat form. It's so hosh dark hecking cute I could die. Question: does the baby bat form cling to Ran? Because I know bat pups cling to their mothers stomachs when not flying. Would he hang out on her hat? (I love all your art I need you to know that too thanks)

Thank you! A big part of it is ideas exchanged around with my friends, so it’s really fun to worldbuild around something so silly we all liked a lot!

To answer your question - Yes! Yes he would. I doodled him hanging from her hat before as multiple bats, here it is all by itself

But he’d likely cling to her cloak also (especially inside when it’s super sunny!). We were talking over singular and multiple bats, and came to the conclusion that he can do both of these, but almost never does singular, so he doesn’t have much practice on it and struggles.

Also, the inside the coat thing lets these two dorks do this

Thank you so much for your compliments! <3 it means a lot

Kuki ( @aonomiki ), Presume ( @presumenothing ), Jube ( @mad-freakin-genius ) and Patsu ( @theforbodingboglands ) have all been part of this as well and contributed, so I can’t take credit for all the ideas myself B)

Also, if i forgot anyone else atm bc I’m a dumb, slap me

Cuddle Drabbles Part 1

Word Count: 560

Warnings: None!

Summary: Sleepless nights generally lead to hanging out with Bucky. 

A/N: I’m ridiculously excited to share something with you guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my writing! This is a drabble series – because I needed 28 ways to cuddle with Bucky, tbh.

Please be gentle! This is my first time posting for Marvel and for Bucky! Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome! I’m tagging @bovaria cuz she got me in this trash pile and I love her!

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(This is so cute, I could die. Goddamnit, Seb. You life ruiner.)

Sleepless nights weren’t so bad now that you’d decided to move into the tower with the rest of the Avengers. Sam had told you that it would be for the best. He could keep his eye on you (God, he could be such a mom), and you could strengthen your friendships with the other heroes.

You’re the newest recruit. Sam, your best friend and fellow soldier, asked for your help when a mission had gone awry and felt your powers were perfect for the job. So, here you are, seven months later, fully moved into the tower and gorging on everything there is to offer.

Tony had just about everything imaginable to fill your insomniac hours. Robots, suits, inventions, tvs galore, cars, all the game consoles you could ever want - plus all the games… Everything.

But tonight, you were just curled up on one of the couches watching Anchorman just because it was on.

You giggled, unexpectedly loud peals of laughter bursting from you.

“What are you doing?”

You jumped out of your skin before you saw Bucky’s sleepy figure lurking in the doorway. You instantly regretted being so loud; but, then you remembered that his room was 4 floors above you, and there was no way you’d woken him up.

You grinned sheepishly as he dragged his feet across the tile. “Watching Anchorman. You’re up later than normal. I expected to see you around 2:45.”

This was an almost nightly ritual for you two. Bucky’s nightmares frequently woke him, and you could never get your brain to shut up long enough to sleep. You two had become friends during these nightly rendezvous, despite Sam’s protests.

He plopped down next to you, shooting an airy laugh through his nose. “Got me down to a science, don’t you?”

“Just a pattern, Barnes. Have any nightmares?” you asked cautiously. He didn’t usually talk about them, and you didn’t expect an answer. But you always asked in case he ever did want to share.

His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes when he said, “Just wanted some company.”

“You got it, dude.” You pulled your legs up and turned your body to face Bucky. You wiggled your toes under his leg. He looked at you curiously as you smiled. “Is this okay?” Bucky nodded and turned back to the tv. You smiled and pushed your feet under him until he was nearly tipping over. He grabbed onto your calf for balance, and laughed.

“Your toes are cold!”

Oops. Looks like your feet skirted into one of the legs of his basketball shorts. You pull them away, blushing and wide eyed, mumbling an apology before he scoots your toes under his leg again. “No, it’s okay!” he chuckled. “Nobody should have cold toes.”

You watched him as he watched the movie, swearing your heart stopped. He was so impossibly sweet despite the hell he’s gone through as the Winter Soldier. His character always amazed you. He should be a grumpy, bitter, vengeful, old man. But here he is, pulling one of your feet from under his leg and running his hands across it soothingly, massaging the aches of the day out of the sore muscles. He’s such a sweetheart.

You settled in beside him, finishing Anchorman; and as another movie started, you fell asleep thinking that you could easily fall for this man.

My Top 11 for P101 S2

(as of 170530)

I’ve seen a lot of people do this and it’s interesting to read what people write. My top 11′s been jotted down for a while and I just want to give my 2 cents.

My Top 11 (in no particular order)

  1. Kim Jonghyun - THE LEADER WE NEED BUT DON’T DESERVE. The dude’s been team leader THREE TIMES (someone said that MNet should just give him a shirt with an L printed on it since he’s pretty much the leader by default). Great personality, hard worker, ridiculously humble. Raps and dances well.
  2. Kang Daniel - One of the most solid all-rounders and DID I MENTION HOT??? Basically he doesn’t lack anything. Fierce on stage and soft backstage. He has a good relationship with the trainees and they say he’s really nice.
  3. Hwang Minhyun - BOYFRIEND MATERIAL. Can sing beautifully and dance. He has a “know-how” and sensibility that was recognized even by the instructors. Really positive and considerate. VISUALS AND HEIGHT TO SPARE.
  4. Ong Seongwoo - One of P101′s top meme picks. Amazing at singing and dancing. Great stage presence and facial expressions. And he’s HILARIOUS. How he’s fine with making himself look dumb as long as others laugh is one of his most wonderful personality traits.
  5. Park Woojin - MY PERSONAL TOP PICK. HOW CAN A GUY WHO IS SO QUIET BACKSTAGE BE SO CHARISMATIC ON STAGE??? Honestly, he was born to perform. All his expressions while dancing are on point. He’s constantly gaining new fans. Amazing versatile dancer. Great at rap. His snaggle tooth is so cute I could die. His determination and drive are incredible (how did he perform with shingles??? Like???) He’s dreamed of being an idol since he was like 2. Kid needs to debut.
  6. Kim Jaehwan - Vocals. Need I say more? His singing is HEAVENLY, definitely one of the best on the show. A lot of people doubt him and say he’s better off solo, but he proved with Sorry Sorry that he can adapt well (I personally D.O. sounds like a solo artist but he fits with EXO). Lacking in dancing experience but he’ll be fine.
  7. Park Jihoon - He’s basically the face of P101 right now. Not just a “visual” trainee. I mean, yes he’s absolutely adorable and charming and lovable, but he also dances REALLY well. I don’t know if he raps or sings or both, but his singing wasn’t too bad during Boys In Luv. He’s humble, hardworking, and great at self-promoting. A fan-attracting magnet.
  8. Lee Daehwi - A literal walking fluff. Cute inside and out. I love just love his energy. His skills are solid with great singing and dancing. Not to mention he can also COMPOSE. He’s very charming and know how to show it off on stage. He’s so young and far from his family, and he’s endured so much hate TTTT I admire his strength a lot
  9. Lai Guanlin - Baby chick’s skills aren’t up to par with the rest, but his spot in the top 11 is pretty much cemented. I actually like him a lot as a person, and there’s a lot of potential in this guy. It really came out during Fear (his lyrics crushed my heart TTTT). Visuals for days and a clean image to boot.
  10. Yoon Jisung - One of my faves since the very beginning. He has such a bright and positive personality. He’s one of the funniest and entertaining trainees and is a natural at variety. Mood maker. It’s obvious that all the other guys absolutely adore him. His vocals are really good, and the instructors said he was the most stable one during Downpour. He takes good care of the younger guys and he was so supportive of Hyunbin during the position evals. A wonderful human. NOT JUST A MEME.
  11. Samuel Kim - Need I say more? Undeniable high skill level. One of the best (if not THE best) dancers on the show. But his chances of getting into the top 11 seem pretty low atm :( Still, we can hope


  • Bae Jinyoung - He’s not one of my favorites, but I wouldn’t really mind if he gets in as long as my top picks are there too. He’s voice is very different (deeper?) from the other vocals, which would add a nice variety of tones in the group.
  • Jung Sewoon - Adorable Ponyo. Great at singing and also not to bad at dancing since he trains at Starship. He has such a cute image that idk if he’d suit mature or sexy concepts if B.O.I. goes that route. Otherwise, he’d be a nice addition to the team, but his rank keeps slipping
  • Lee Gunhee - I just love this guy. He has some of the best reaction faces on the show. He’s tall and cute. and he can SING. I don’t think his vocals get appreciated enough?????? He’s only trained for 6 months! Incredible! And trainees say he’s really nice and “hip” LMAO. His rank is pretty low, thought, but I hope he can at least get into the top 22.
  • Kang Dongho - I love him and he’s a great singer, but it would probably become a big issue if B.O.I. debuts with 3 Nuest members :( Similar can be said with Choi Minki.
  • Kim Yongguk - The new dark horse. His rank rose so rapidly and he’s doing so well in unofficial polls that I actually don’t think it would be impossible for him to enter the top 11. Sings beautifully and has QUITE a nice face ;)
  • Ahn Hyungseob - One of my first baes. Really great stage presence and expressions, and most importantly, a high aptitude to learn. One of the hardest workers. But his rank has fallen a lot. I expect to see him in the top 22.

Regardless of if I mentioned them, I love all the trainees and I hope they all have bright, successful futures!

ok but elias is so damn cute and literally the best brother ever. like he actually tries to patch things up w sana and worries about her getting hurt when he hears about yousef/noora.

also, his hopeful smile when he asks to join the basketball game is so cute ugh i could die.

if he’s the one engaged to jamilla, then the show would alr have addressed it right? but still, if sana had more than one brother, there would’ve at least been a passing mention. so what is the truth tell me julie i need to know

Rowan Blanchard:
. Queen
. Fantastic actress
. Cutest thing you ever did see
. So sweet
. Total dork
. But like she’s our dork and we love her
. Literally so fucking fierce I can’t
. Uses her voice to do good
. Constantly slays my existence with her intelligence
. Out spoken activist
. Fierce intersectional feminist
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Woke af
. So so educated
. Beautiful role model
. Wish I was like her when I was 14
. I want to be her when I grow up

Carmen Blanchard:
. Queen
. Adorable
. Literally so cute I could die
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Actual sweetheart
. So educated
. Like she’s twelve
. And she’s so woke and enlightened
. Like wow
. Called out and fucking ended a 19 year old with her intelligence
. Actual queen
. Literally everything

Amir Mitchell-Townes
. Actual King
. Literally slays our existences with every Instagram post
. Fantastic actor
. Makes music that is good af
. Son of the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff
. Cancer survivor
. Literally beat cancer at the age of eleven
. Fucking kicked it’s ass
. Fuck cancer
. Literally so fucking woke
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Literally educated so many people about it on his Instagram
. Literally so badass
. But like also adorable
. Like an actual puppy

Uriah Shelton:
. Trash
. A shitstain
. Does not deserve to be in their ethereal presences

extraongdinary  asked:

Hello!!! I just wanted to say that I love your blog and that I hope you're having a beautiful day. Can you also let me know if you ever hear about an Ong Seongwoo doll? ;) thanks!!

Hey buddy! There is a doll and it’s so CUTE I COULD DIE. (twitter link here)

(i think it’s being made together with a Daniel doll wklerjwelkrj)

Here’s their concept art:

The Daniel doll is being made by this kfan and here is the concept art:

grumpybunny66  asked:

I completely agree with the dancing Kraglin anon. Growing up, Peter would have pestered anyone he could into dancing with him to his music and I think Kraglin would have eventually been worn down and danced with Peter just to get him to shut up. At some point, it just becomes a thing.


Chipmunk Cheeks - Choi Youngjae Drabble

Prompt(s) Requested: “the real question is how many cookies are too many cookies….?”

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: humor / fluff

Warnings: this man is way too cute, he might kill you with fluff!!

Word count: 1k+

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writing below the cut~

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