NaruSasu Family: Happy Birthday babe!

Late birthday picture again! I really hate myself about that! I wanted make cute family moment for them this time. They are watching kids channel and meanwhile Naruto want to take a picture with them. So, I wanted to share this moment with you. I think Menma is one years old. ^^ He can not talk yet. XDDD But still he’s so cute <33

wielderofblueflames  asked:

You know, there are people who ship tails and Wave together. Mostly due to the fact that they are rival mechanics. I like it. How about you? :)

Anonymous also asked: Uhm… Tails x Wave, please?? Your art is so cute and amazing! :33 Oh, and do you ship them?        

joystick-arcadia asked: If you’re still doing the ship ask can I make a request   tails x rouge              

ok look I know Tails is pretty mature for his age but ummm this is a bit too much XD I like all of them but nnah,personally I don’t ship ‘em