Amber x Manager oppa (aka Amber’s fake mom) 😂 I can’t with this! too much love 💕😆 #amberliu #rantingmonkey

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“Yes, I knitted it for you. I’d offer you the hat I made for it too, but I figured that’d be pressing the limits with you.”

As long as you don’t tell anybody I said yes…  he rolled eyes while wrapping the warm scarf around his neck, it felt really comfortable  I think I’ll take the hat, but you can’t laugh at me. I’m not wearing it in front of anybody else. “


I wanted art of Solid and Sakura being bandanna pals while Hal and Kyosuke are lookin’ good in glasses. @aekashiraki rose quite beautifully to the challenge. ^///^ I love everything about it! The colors are fun and the details are so cute! That bear notebook! XD I would hang this up on my wall in a pinch! :D

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You know what, I totally forgot that Lizzy was on undergarments when she started to fight. But you are right, I don't know if it's because is in anime form now that she looks a little too bare.

Right? But since that’s how it is now I’d adore an extra second in the animation or a promotional art with Ciel madly blushing over her bare neck and shoulders. Poor innocent victorian teenage boy, seeing this much of Lizzy would make a complete mess out of him. So cute~ XD

But really, she does look bare, right? It’s a bit uncomfortable knowing she’s not only a child but also a rather innocent one, and because we know she’s most certainly not comfortable showing herself like that either. Thank’s goodness Ciel gives her his jacket within seconds. Which sort of reminds me, she never fought in such little clothing. She got Ciel’s jacket before the fight… Well, it’s promtional art so whatevs~ 

But I like her shoulders and arms a lot. Her arms look soft but her shoulders are wide and strong. The figure of a naturally sporty girl. Uniting that in her character design is important to me. I’m glad the did it.

And it’s not just becase it’s an anime that it looks so bare. It’s because we’ve never seen so much bare skin in that area of her body. She has either sleeves, a high collar, he shoulders covered or a filly chocker. And it is as I had thought. Yana’s original design of Lizzy’s undergarments had holders: