Seriously. One thousand and one. Compiled and edited by yours truly (sarahbellcastiel). All credit goes to whoever made them up in the first place. Please give me creds for compiling all this, though. Enjoy!!! (Also, because I’m a lazy little shit, its all in one post)

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Unexplained Events in GF

SO throughout the past 1 and a half seasons there has been several unexplained events on the show. I’ve compiled all the ones i can think of into this list. You can add more if you want or edit the post if these have been solved. (none of the images are mine, credit goes to whoever took them. I found these images off google and the GF wikia). I know some of these aren’t events but they don’t really have an explanation so i’m gonna add them to the list anyway. A few of these are more well known than others so i might add links to other peoples posts explaining them. Also, several of these things I’m just stupidly suspicious about.

Gravity Falls - Floating Cliffs

I’ve seen a few theories about the cliffs that it looks like a UFO crashed though them, and it does! There’s also a page in journal 1 about the cliffs.

Gravity Falls - The Number of Fingers

For some reason the number of fingers is different for some characters in gravity falls. Alex wouldn’t answer a question about finger numbers because it would be too spoilery. Here’s a post with more info (I would link it to the original but this one has more stuff)

Gravity Falls - The Goat/ Gompers


Mystery Shack - Window

Why does this window have an eye in a triangle. Seriously.

Season 1

Episode 2- The Gobblewonker

The real lake monster was never explained and I don’t think it will reappear again but it still belongs on the list.

Episode 3- Headhunters

So apparently wax Larry King’s head is still in the vents.

Episode 4- The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

(Bad screen shot, I know, It was the best i could do) Anyway this scene here, where Gideon makes every stand up, he obviously does it by force because Dipper acts like he hadn’t wanted to stand. I think it was just shrugged off as “Gideon used his amulet” but i don’t know. When the amulet is used the object affected has a green glow around it.

So think what you will.

Episode 5- The Inconveniencing

Everyone remembers the cooler monster. There’s not much to say on the matter except for at, I think it was Comic Con 2013, Alex was asked if we would get and explanation and he just replied “No”. So yeah..

Episode 6- Dipper vs. Manliness

What is actually in the pain hole? This isn't really important but I wanna know.

Episode 7- Double Dipper

So where is Dipper 3 and 4 now??? They were never melted so…

Episode 8- Irrational Treasure

So, one the -12 dollar bill there’s Bill. Like hes not even in that pyramid on the normal american money, he’s just there. Arms, legs, everything. Did Trembley have a deal with Bill or something?

Episode 10- Fight Fighters

Why is Bill on that video game? Yes, i know this is probably just hinting at the existence of Bill but still.

Episode 13- 14 

I don’t know if this has been solved but between the episodes 13 and 14 the design on Stan’s fez changed. 

Episode 14- Bottomless Pit!

I don’t think there’s an explanation to the “wind” that blew them all in the “bottomless pit”. It comes out of now where and when the gang reappear from the pit Dipper states that no time has past. There’s a couple of problems with this statement and I don’t know if the writers didn’t think it all the way through or… First issue is wheres the wind? If no time had passed shouldn’t this “storm” still be happening? Also if whatever you throw into the pit reappears out of the top with no time passing, shouldn’t the thing you throw down reappear out of the top instantly? And wheres the crate and slips that Stan and Mabel threw down at the beginning of the episode, none of those thing reappear out the top. Maybe only organic matter can reappear, idk.

Episode 17- Boyz Crazy

So at the end of the episode Ergman Bratsman is arested. What happened to all the clones in the tubes? Are they still there growing?


This is like Dipper 3 and 4. Is Sev’ral Timez still wandering the woods?

Episode 18- Land Before Swine

I believe that at the end of the episode, the gang just abandon all of the dinosaurs. They must still be down there, right? The sap melted in the summer heat as well, so i don’t know what that will mean, but i doubt they will show up again.

Season 2

Episode 2- Into the Bunker

So this whole episode poses a number of questions, which we will probably find out the answers soon enough. BUT, why did the author build the shelter in the first place? Why was he conducting experiments?

Episode 4- Sock Opera

Everything happening in this picture is ????? Like why is Grenda a monster/

Episode 11- Not What he Seems


So yeah, you can add to this post and stuff. I got kinda slack towards the end.



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Tough pt. 2 (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: despite having a strong connection between you, Daryl hardly speaks to you or anyone after Beth’s tragedy. you find him vulnerable in a time of need and you comfort each other over your loss. (1,525 words) (part one here)

an: i’ve been excited to write this! thanks to the people who requested this second part, hope you enjoy - gabby
(this is not my gif, i found it on google!!!! credit goes to whoever made it, let me know if it was you)

tw: mentions of self harm (daryl burning himself like in the show)

We were so relieved to see Beth’s face again. Stitches littered her complexion, and her smile as she embraced Rick was almost as bright as her yellow polo shirt. She’d hugged me tightly, and I’d whispered to her that I was happy to see her alive and well. Yet, it only took a single second and the minuscule movement of a finger on a trigger for my utterance to become meaningless. Our hope plummeted and hit the ground along with the tears dripping from our chins, and along with Beth’s limp body. Although the moment played out almost in slow-motion, it happened so fast, too fast for me to react in any other way than standing frozen still. 

Beth was dead. Dawn wanted to trade Beth in return for me, and while I was content to do so, so that she could be with her family, she had other ideas. Beth died bravely so that I could live free of Dawn’s authority, away from Grady Memorial Hospital. Before I could even register what had happened I saw Daryl raise his gun, an immediate reflex upon seeing the bullet exit Beth’s head. Despite the fact that his hands were relentlessly shaking from a mixture of anger, shock and tears, he got a clear shot at Dawn’s head, the gunshot echoing down the corridor, and the noise of the shell hitting the floor felt deafening. We stood there silently for a minute or so, two dead bodies on the floor that we couldn’t bring ourselves to look at. The only sound audible was our sobbing.

I failed to find anything worthwhile to say to Daryl as I walked over to him and touched his arm empathetically, a pitiful attempt at comforting him. He pulled himself away from me harshly and wiped at his eyes before making his way towards Beth’s lifeless body, tentative as he crouched down to lift her up. 

That was possibly a week ago now, and we were on the road, trekking aimlessly towards nowhere in particular. Time was irrelevant to us, the days and nights blurred into one insufferable whole, none of us slept properly anyway. I stayed awake most nights worrying that everyone, especially Maggie and Daryl, blamed me for Beth’s death. 

Daryl and I had found such a strong connection after he and Carol found me. While I got on well with the whole group, each of them welcoming and treating me like family, Daryl and I were able to bond over our similar pasts, sharing a more special relationship. The two of us understood each other, having both come from abusive backgrounds, and we’d shared a much needed conversation until the early hours of the morning. I couldn’t deny that I was beginning to develop feelings for him; he’d called me his ‘type’ and I’d also awoken that morning to find he’d draped his arm across my torso in the night. But now, Daryl hadn’t uttered a word to me since Beth died, and that contributed negatively to my feeling of responsibility for her death. 

The road we ambled along seemed never-ending, the tarmac uneven and bumpy underneath the worn soles of my boots. As I tilted my head back to drink from my water bottle, my attention was distracted from the road beneath me and my foot caught itself in a pot-hole, causing me to trip over with a yelp and a spray of water. If it didn’t hurt so much I’d have laughed at how comical it must have looked.

“Woah, you alright, Y/N?” Abraham asked, helping me up by linking his muscular arm through mine. “Took quite a fall there.”

“I’m fine, thanks,” I murmured in response, blinking away the tears brimming in my eyes. I continued on but winced audibly as I took my first step, pain shooting through my swelling ankle. 

“You don’t sound fine to me,” Abraham insisted, crouching to take my boot off and examine my injury. After pressing on my ankle and asking “does that hurt?” more times than I felt necessary, he concluded that I’d only twisted it, and I would be able to walk it off. “Happened to me plenty of times when I was in the army, you’ll be alright.” 

He cast a reassuring smile my way from underneath his orange facial hair, and as he stood I noticed everyone was giving me sympathetic looks. I smiled falsely and insisted that we should keep going, to which Rick agreed. I scanned the faces before me for Daryl, hoping he could help me to walk, but instead I found that he’d strolled on ahead, already meters away from us all. My heart twinged at his lack of compassion, and ached more than my ankle did. 

Before we could catch up with Daryl he veered off into the woods, and while the others presumed he’d only gone to catch squirrels, I had other ideas. Ignoring Carol’s “leave him be” ideology, and not caring that it would be getting dark soon, I limped quietly towards the trees to find him.

It took a lot of searching, and I’d had to fight off two walkers by myself, but eventually I caught sight of Daryl. He sat with his back against a tree with a cigarette in his hand, his knees tucked close to his heaving chest. I watched from a distance, noticing how his shoulders shook as he fought to catch his breath between heavy sobs. As I approached him, I observed as he held the end of his cigarette to his hand, burning a small circle into his skin.

“Daryl, please don’t do that,” I called out softly, trying not to startle him. His eyes were swollen as he glanced towards me briefly, hardly fazed, before returning his gaze to the cigarette pressed into his hand. “You don’t have to do that.”

With a shrug of his shoulders and a dismissive grunt, he took one last puff of his cigarette before tossing it to the side of him. I stamped it out with my foot as I made my way towards him, a forest fire being the last thing I wanted. Sitting down next to him, I threw my bottle of water into his lap, similar to the way Daryl had approached me when we’d had our first conversation. He opened the bottle and took a small sip, before screwing the lid back on and placing it beside him, leaning his head back to meet the rough bark of the tree, eyes closed.

“Why are you doing that yourself?” I asked, gesturing to his hand, only to watch Daryl shrug his shoulders again. “Hurting yourself doesn’t make the pain go away, I learned that when I lived with my mom.”

“I learned that too,” he finally replied, his voice a shy whisper. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this, so I took the bottle of water and a cloth from my pocket and dabbed at his pink, blistering skin, taking no notice of his complaints.

“It’s my fault,” I mumbled, lacking the confidence to look Daryl in the eye, instead giving his hand my full attention. “It’s my fault that she’s… gone.”

“Don’t say that, Y/N,” Daryl snapped, pulling his hand away from me and wiping at his sore eyes once more. “It ain’t your fault… ‘s mine. I was s’posed to look after her.” I wrapped my arm around his broad shoulders and he leant uneasily and awkwardly into my chest, his eyes threatening to spill more tears.

“It’s Dawn’s fault,” I whispered, resisting the urge to kiss the crown of his head as he nodded against my t-shirt. “But I can’t help feeling guilty.”

“An’ me,” Daryl mumbled, sitting upright and lighting another cigarette. 

“Promise not to hurt yourself with this one?” I asked.

“I guess so,” he replied, exhaling a swirling cloud of smoke and offering me the cigarette. Usually I wouldn’t smoke, but seeing as it was his last cigarette and he was being so kind to share it with me, I accepted. “Why’re ya limpin’, by the way?” To be honest, I’d forgotten about my injury, and I didn’t really care about it any more.

“Twisted my ankle back there, it’s alright.” He nodded and watched as I took a drag, holding the cigarette to my lips with my thumb and index finger, unsure of how to properly go about smoking. I coughed slightly but instead of laughing or teasing me, Daryl simply took the cigarette from my fingers and put it between his lips again.

“You’re tough and you’re resilient Daryl, you can get through this,” I sighed, the taste of smoke coating the inside of my mouth. A small smile danced on his lips, and he chuckled lightly as he breathed out.

“So am I your type?” He asked, making reference to the time he deemed me as his type because I was tough. It took me a while, but I soon got it too.

“Yeah, you are,” I laughed. “Tough guys like you are my type.”

A huge rain cloud floating overhead darkened the sky, so after finishing the cigarette between us we decided to head back to the road. As Daryl helped me to stand by hauling me upwards, my ankle faultered and I crashed into his chest. Taking full advantage of the moment, I leant forwards a little more and let my chapped lips brush his softly. I was surprised to feel Daryl’s hand on the back of my head as I began to pull away, gently bringing me closer to him for deeper, more meaningful kisses that tasted like cigarettes and the salt of tears.