heavy breathes.  hi it’s your local star-lord™,  who is very close to his next 100,  apparently.

Your friendly neighborhood Silent Hill 2 dumpster  just found a wonderful FC for Eddie Dombrowski and is now thinking about either making a sideblog or adding him to this one. Would anyone even want to thread with this trashbag though omfg

Did you miss it........

“ there may be a jump ahead in the curve “

Andrew Lincoln did not say that Rick and Michonne would be actively and decisively trying for a child RIGHT NOW.  He is clearly talking about a possibility in their future.  I see nothing wrong with them having this aspiration and as for an explanation as to why I want a Richonne baby….I think it’s the ultimate living and breathing proof of the incredible love Rick and Michonne share. Please tell me the flaw in that because I see absolutely none.