Hey babes, sorry but I have SOOO many messages that I really want to answer and a lot of amazing submissions I want to post as well as gifts I want to reblog that people have posted for me. Im up to my eyes in shit at the moment and im trying real hard.
I am also in the middle of 3 gifs, and some art chain responses and requests. I wanna apologise if you feel like Im ignoring you or if you feel left out. I will get there

This weekend I ran a 10k, learned how to use velcro rollers, had brunch in the city with my girlfriends (Patrick came into the restaurant to say hello to his ladies and make a few calls before heading out with Jason for some guy time), and took a family walk around the ‘hood. 

I was asleep by 8:30 last night and it was glorious.

Just sending out a great big apology to all my wonderful followers out there for the lack of posts. I love every single one of your prompts I just have had no time whatsoever to answer them - who knew school could keep someone this busy :/. 

Hopefully after my exams are over I’ll get back to it and I’ll definitely have some writing up this weekend.

I haven’t forgotten you I LOVE YOU.