Date night~

Can I… Hold your hand?

I mean, I wish right Zen ?? So hey guess what I started playing Mystic Messenger pff // I love everyone but I guess Zen got himself into my heart first (because his route is the first one I’m playing….. and I mean come on)

Can’t believe I went this far on this sketch ahaha //


First set of sketches done! I knew it took me so long just to do four and the results definitely weren’t worth the wait, but I have several WIPs saved and will try to have them finished by next week! 

@ask-ex-engineer (requested by @kozzy-wozzy :3c)


first milestone: 100 followers in 10 days!

oh gawd. what do i say. what do i do. man. i wanna give a shoutout to @lockedfighter for dragging me out here, and the whole CR fam bam for accepting me as one of their own. i’ve screamed, laughed, cried with y’all. you’re incredible. and i hope our friendships last a long time, because i really value them.

i have a couple of honorable mentions too, who manage to always make me smile whether i see them on the dash or we talk ooc. thank you to: 

@beckonlight | @brexthoftheplxnet  | @briidunviing@chaxsripper@cornualunae | @fightism | @flamesxofxeternity | @ibisangelus@lockedfighter@ofplacidity | @prcmising  | @redpupxiii@shirvdo |  @synxrgist  

yeah. so. i love you xx

let’s keep writing together! and if we haven’t yet, i’m sure we’ll figure something out soon if you’d like!  ♥

– nina

out of war. okay. i think i’m caught up w/ the quotes. sorry for spamming your dash guys ! uni had been killing me so my activity is still sporadic. i might do a starter call later on. hope y’all are having a wonderful day/evening/night wherever you are !