mea culpa (through my fault)
mea maxima culpa (through my most grievous fault)


Ashish Sharma's intro in Jhalak 

“Mera lakshya hai jeet, main haarne ko razi nahi! Mere liye ye jaan ki baazi hai, sirf jhalak ki baazi nahi! Rudra aur Ashish mein sirf naam ka antar hai…dono ne rukna aur jhukna nahi seekha!”

I hate living here. I cant be who i am fully or do what i want because it is just so polluted with negative vibes and un organised people it makes me so uncomfortable. blehhhh

Update about my life: Haven’t been sleeping this entire week b/c my dog Zipper has been waking me up 3-4 times a night to go outside/drink water. Took him to the vet and found out my dog has the diabeetus :/ 

Soo far it hasn’t been too big of a change in my life, he’s eating the new food and we’re getting his shots in but holy balls is it expensive. I hope that it won’t be too costly in the long run and obviously that he gets better but I’m so hoping at this point that I’ll be able to SLEEP. I’ve felt like vomiting thats how tired I am -___-

Anyway, that’s the update to help explain why I haven’t been too chatty on here recently, I’m just so tired and stressed blehhhh

I love arrow and flash but it sucks not shipping the endgame ships

Like i love Iris and Barry. They’re both great characters and they’re friendship s great but them being together romantically just cringes me out. They were raised as siblings. Henry may be Barry’s father but has been drilled into us since like episode 1 that Joe is also Barry’s father.

So that romantic relationship is just so blehhhh to me, best friends/siblings Yes give it to me. dating nooo thank you

And o/licity i shipped until they actually got together then all the DRAMA just killed it for me. I genuinely believe they both deserve better than each other.