interesting how ADHD people tend to manifest what’s called “rejection sensitive dysphoria” in response to “perceived” rejection and social isolation…

somehow (SOMEHOW 🤔) we’re all Clinically Oversensitive to rejection when…. in reality…. so many of us have been rejected and abused and purposefully isolated from our peers in order to punish us for our symptoms.


I’ve been trying to learn German for so long and I really want to practice and get better but I’m still terrible so the idea of asking someone to, like, talk with me to help me practice just seems like a terrible idea.

me and my dude Steve Hackett chillin’ on a boat, four years ago today (or tomorrow actually i forget lol)

Steve is literally the sweetest most polite person I have ever met im not even kidding a little bit !!! and sorry if i look awkward but i was like, jumping out of my skin with excitement, so, yeah

anonymous asked:

I'd support you!!!!! But please write Byrne first? It's really good and suspenseful and it's driving me completely insane!!!!! You're a really good writer and I want to see more of the characters you made. And are you going to be writing the ACOTAR story thing? By the looks of things, you have a lot of things on your mind to write. Please pace yourself. .

Omg thank you for your support! 

Byrne is definitely meant to be suspenseful, because for every chapter you get small clues, but it doesnt feel like its going anywhere. Trust me. It is. That took forever to plan, but it’s worth it. Still undecided on when I’m going to write Part Six. 

Which ACOTAR story thing? The re-write? The Next Gen with Caitlin? Which….my god we have so much planned. The Cyrian and Tania Chronicles? 

And….now that someone mentions it, I do have a lot of things on my mind to write. Like…a lot. Wow. I have Cassian x Azriel to write, more of Chiara (and with that comes Tamlin), and then I have….oh my god I still have my ACOTAR universe book I have to write…(is that what you meant?)

Maybe you are right to be concerned, but I do not know how to pace myself. It shall be my downfall.