I am still very emotional about this but very happy but very sensitive but very proud

It’s just we’ve been waiting so long for them to say those words because we already knew they were true, that they really felt like that and this is the moment they’re both acknowledging it completely but you can see it in the way Amy’s eyes light up when he says it back, or that dopey adorable face that has the name ‘Amy Santiago’ written all over his features because he feels so lucky to be around her and he just can’t hide it at all It’s just so amazing and cute

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open choice for meta post :D (as i learn more about your character i may sporadically send more detailed ones of these to you)

My friend, you’ve given me too much power! Now I’m going to talk your ears off about Wolfbrothers and wolves in The Wheel of Time. Buckle up, because this turned out longer than I thought it would, oops. I’ve probably missed some things, but this is long enough as it is!

( Just a note before I begin to point out that, while Robert Jordan said there can be Wolfsisters too, I’ll be sticking to Wolfbrother as a term to keep things simple. There is, apparently, a term called Wolfkin to refer to both Wolfbrothers and Wolfsisters, but as that was only ever mentioned in the Companion and never in any of the books, as far as I recall, I don’t personally consider it a proper term to refer to those who communicate with wolves. )

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if i watched hell bent rn id probably start crying before the first scene was over. this  is why i cant ever watch that episode again ever

I think I can only be either inexpressive or overly expressive. It is hard to be in between.

I want to compliment other people and show my gratitude but when I do, I think I  become over the top and it makes people think I’m super weird because I’m being overemotional over something “small” …

And then sometimes I have lots and lots of gratitude but I don’t express it at all and just say “Thanks.”

TLFW you wonder why the person you’re dating hasn’t broken up with you? Like, nothing is wrong but you’re surprised y'all have made it this far, you know? And you wonder how much longer it will last because you know relationships don’t last- that’s just the way things are

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yeah AC has kinda done a really really shitty job at explaining things this season LMAO... like there's no explaination for her dramatic shift from gay af, feisty af child to engaged, "socialized", desk job peggy; where angie is and what happened between peggy and angie, and theres no explaination for all the peggysous tension... i love it but im so confused

ughughughughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so angry they could have done so much awesome stuff w this??? like fhujicing hell???
the child bit was super cute n made sense but the whole diminished ‘socialised’ peggy didn’t seem peggy at all?? she was like some brainwashed girl calling herself peggy but she wasn’t??
And ugh literally no explain im so pissed.. like they sacrificed good writing to funcking cut her out?? ugh ew

ugh sorry but im not fond of sousa/peggy?? he literally put her on a pedestal, he was an okay friend when she had nobody else at the ssr, but he still didn’t really understand her? he turned on her pretty darn quickly and he doesn’t seem so smitten, he just seemed to be like, “i trusted you!! this is your fault and im upset b/c it hurts me!!!” like gah idk?? he’s just not right for her and I dont’ like all this hetero bullshit…

I mean wilkes is sweet and all, but he’s currently not even able to take physical form?? and the whole ‘love triange’ thing seems so unecessary and drawn out?? ugh ifk im so pissed i hate this show