A live demonstration of the wall effect at Platform 9 ¾ ! Definitely a must-watch!

anonymous asked:

wait am I missing something? what happened? who was chased off the internet? a fifteen year old girl? in the korra fandom?

so, long story short: the day starts off with your typical shipping argument, tumblr user msmakorra makes a poor analogy regarding Islamophobia, tumblr user benditlikekorra finds it, screen captures it, and posts it on her blog. it goes viral, everybody starts to attack msmakorra (even members of the m/k) fandom, she suffers an anxiety attack, publishes a sincere apology letter and then deletes her blog. she’s been crying all day and dealing with her anxiety.

she is fifteen years old. to the fandom:  y’all remember what it was like to be fifteen? you misspeak and make a lot of booboos? yeah. that’s what happened here. all of you going around saying it’s “disgusting” or whatever. she misspoke and made a poor analogy. what’s disgusting here is how you handled that situation.