Diversity Win! These Men Are Wearing Motion-Capture Suits So Someone Who Knows How To Do Special Effects Can Turn Them Into Women Of Color


As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have the set! Thank you so much to the amazing and highly talented @tinymintywolf for sending them and for MAKING THEM of course!! Hi there, I’m the one that messaged you a few weeks ago about your store not being open; thank you so much for kindly answering and thank you so much for these wonderful buttons and the thank you card! It’s official, you made me realized just how much of a Kraglin fan I am!!

Keep up the awesome work and again a thousand thank you so muches!! XD


I wanted to show you some of the awesome people we met at the convention last weekend! There had been soooo many cool FFXV cosplayers. So have some Ardyn and Noct selfies for a change. :)

(these are just a handfull of people we met, but there is a photo-limiiiit)