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I love pain, so: MakoRin & "Come out. Please."

there was a delighted little gasp coming outta me when i read this message. i’m sorry.

Rin just about loses his voice at the same time that Makoto slams the bedroom door shut behind him, leaving Rin on the other side of it. He leans his back against said door, sliding down and sitting down on the floor.

For a solid five minutes, or what really feels like an hour, Rin just sits. Stares at nothing in front of him, almost forgets to breathe. He’s always had a knack for saying shit he really should keep to himself or at least try to coat in a little sugar before letting it leave his lips. At least when it comes to Makoto. Sousuke always tells him he needs to tell Makoto things as they are and stop coddling him, and maybe he should. But Rin can’t find the middle ground between telling it like it is, and just flat-out letting it go.

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It’s irritating how tv shows distort historical people’s personal lives so much just to make it ‘more interesting’ when it actually ends up being completely dull and unnecessary. Not only will we get a historical character murder fest in The White Princess but now I hear unbelievable things from the new show Victoria. All I have to say is WHY?   

“all men are sexist”

“kill all men”

“lmao masculinity so fragile”

“male tears”

“all men are gross lol”

“imagine a world without men”

But remember guys, men don’t experience sexism. Not one bit.

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u know when u wanna talk to someone about ur problems/feelings/wtv bc u wanna get it out of ur system and tell a real person about it, but u also don’t wanna bc u know nothing they can possibly say can make a difference bc everything has been said before so u just……..keep it to urself……………and feel like dying