gosh golly time for me to make my 4am post on how much i mcfucking hate klanc3 and tumblr’s fucking obsession with lanc3!!!

does everyone literally forget how much lanc3 bullies k3ith like jfc its ridiculous and like you do you, ship your lame pairing - but some of yall who insist that its the best and canon and better than every other ship you can go fuck yourself!!!

An underrated and underappreciated scene in Thor Ragnarok is Thor pouring his heart out, telling Loki he cried and mourned his death, and Loki just giving him a look that so clearly says why are you this way and actually saying “I’m…touched?” in a tone that is just peak shit little brother.

yall should really stop over-analyzing the jm&jk’s vlog. jk obviously loves vlogging and sharing his video with us when he was not even obligated in the first place is a HUGE thing and yall should feel honored instead of disrespecting both jk and jm by projecting your crazy shipper desires on their FRIENSHIP.  it literally looks like all you never had any friends ! friends have the right to travel together, have fun, be close, show tenderness towards each other without their relationship being immediately sexualized and romanticized by yall crazy asses! im so done with you and honestly you dont even deserve this video