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what if isak goes to see even in the middle of the night and we get an update at like 4am

I just saw someone claim that Luke being Rey’s dad wouldn’t lead to more questions like Daisy said, because no one’s going to care about who the mother is. 

1. Um…yes they will? Everyone’s going to be wondering who Luke had Rey with? Luke Skywalker? The most iconic character in Star Wars? You seriously think people won’t care about him falling in love with someone, and who that certain someone is? Especially since said woman would be the mother of our current hero? That’s your bias slipping in.

2. Um…yeah. There are still lots of questions, even outside of Rey’s mother. How did Rey get left on Jakku? Why? Did Luke know? What exactly was Luke doing for thirty years? Why does Rey get visions of his island? A Force bond? Visions of the future? Does Snoke know about Luke’s child, and did that affect what happened to Rey? Did Kylo know Rey back when he was Ben Solo? I could go on.

Just having confirmation of Luke and Rey’s relation isn’t going to magically answer everything. There’s still a huge element of mystery to this theory, just as much as there would be if we found out she was a Kenobi or whatever. People oversimplify ReySky to the most ridiculous extremes just to make it sound boring and push their theories forward as the “more interesting” ones.

  • Jin: Come on, Jeon! Namjoon said to use the whole team. We all want this song done.
  • Jungkook: I appreciate the offer, but I work best alone. Except when it comes to sex. Actually, sometimes including sex.

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people being obsessive and weird over phan kinda stops dan/phil being vocal about their sexuality as ppl who ship them are so creepily invested and fetishise them and gay ppl so much. dan and phil arent dating n dans expressed discomfort at it before Please stop

i mean,, it did seem to bother them (specially dan) back in 2012 and 2013 but i think that they got some great character development shit going on bc i’m pretty sure dan has said that he is fine with the shipping now, he even encourages it sometimes (fanfiction live or liking some questionable phanart on tumblr for example). I think the main reason they don’t openly talk about their sexualities is bc 1) they don’t want to label themselves as anything (they have said this) and 2) they want to keep their private lives separate from their professional lives (they’ve said this as well) i don’t think the shipping is a reason. tho lately we’ve seen dnp be waaay more comfortable with their friendship on camera (like little displays of physical contact, calling phil ‘dad’ etc u get me) so i think they’re doing that thing where u put ur toes in the water to test the temperature and once u see it’s fine, u jump in the water. i feel like they’re gonna jump in the water u get me 👀 bc i’m pretty sure the phandom used to be creepier. personally, i do ship phan but i never @ them when i talk about it and they have no idea of my existence so it’s fine! what i do think is wrong is putting them in uncomfortable situations by saying stuff like ‘kiss kiss’ on joint liveshows n that kinda stuff. if we start respecting them more they’re gonna slowly start being more and more comfortable sharing stuff with us u get me? shit this was so long i’m srry lmao it’s 6am ok

i’m definitely a person who likes change so i am going to be abandoning this account soon. i’m keeping my url but it might be on an untitled blog just so no one else gets it. i’m going to let my mutuals know though!

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Am I the only one who hate the word ‘oppa’ ? Like when I see someone (not korean ofc) being like ‘omg Jungkook oppa, taehyung oppa i love youuu’ I just hate it so much and I find it so annoying lmao

To me ‘oppa’ as much as ‘hyung’ and ‘noona’ and ‘unnie’ are korean words, made for korean people to use, plus these are not words everyone can use just like that since it’s for close people. You cannot call an unknown person oppa, you just can’t

Am I the only one ?

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Feels bad when the artists signature takes away from the aesthetic beauty of the piece, but if they don't put it, the art can just easily be stolen so you are sad mix of disappointment and understanding.

I feel you and all I can do is apologize. I’m really, really sorry. Sadly this is the only way I feel less exposed. Art thieves made me leave once in the past, nowadays I try to not discourage myself; I really want to share w yall my stuff! 

 I wish someday artists won’t need a watermark anymore. Someday😊

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Now that I realise the extent that it was bothering you, I would like to say that I am legitimately sorry.

Thank you. I accept your apology, and retract my ‘fuck off’. You can now fuck in, as it were.