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Comic book fans make me want to quit comics. They are too critical. Too loud. Too self-absorbed. I feel sad when I try to visit a comic news site, a reddit post, or a tumblr. We've all become too toxic and self-important. I honestly thought this was going to be a lifelong hobby, but I'm close to 30 years of being a comic book fan and I've never seen it this ugly-- from people I agree with and disagree with. I just don't know if I want to be "in the club" any more? yknow?

it breaks my heart to hear this. 

just don’t go to those toilets full of garbage people. so many people at signings or here tell me how they can’t post ANYTHING positive about anything without some shithead jumping up their ass.  its weird. i know, free speech, but someone should be able to celebrate joy without being hammered. 

just like what you like, celebrate what you want to celebrate, enjoy the books and forget reddit even exists. you’ll have a full life.

monkey hero comics

hey tumblr friends, just wanted to let you know that i will always still be posting my daily tumblr comic, but i’ve reached a point in my life now where i have to face the fact that i won’t be able to have much tumblr time looking and liking,

i’m working on 6 different graphic novels. what happens is that i’ll work on one of these books, and then i get sick of it, so i’ll work on another one, then rotate on and on. so maybe i’ll be done with all of them in 10 years, who knows. i’m having fun, though.

two of the comics stories i’m working on involve monkey heroes: Hanuman from Hindu religion, and Monkey King from the Chinese epic novel. these stories are famous worldwide, loved by billions of people. i love these stories, too, so hopefully you’ll see my love for these characters in the comics i’m drawing, if i ever finish, eventually

i really cherish the tumblr community of wonderful people who have been supporting me, thank you so much for all your likes and reblogs and comments, i’m so grateful to all of you. 

if it feels like i’m becoming distant on a personal level, please know that i still feel close to all of you, despite the lack of time that i will get to spend with you online. i’ll still check in and visit your tumblrs, but probably not so often as i’d like.

in a way, i guess this is sort of a good-bye, but no, this is not really good-bye. i hope our paths will cross in the future in the real world! it’s a small world, so i don’t doubt that this will happen. 



Homestuck Weebs At Megacon

Just a few weeks ago my sister and I (who’s 14) decided it would be a good idea to go to Megacon together, megacon is an anime/comic book convention that’s pretty large compared to others I’d been too. Both of us were nervous, especially my sister who really didn’t like anime or comics, but sitting in the hotel room wasn’t an option for her.

At the time, I was dressed up as a character named Rose Lalonde, now I’m not too into homestuck anymore but I still like it! Rose being my favorite and all, I had multiple cosplays of her, so I figured it’d be easier than putting together an entirely new costume. All was calm, until the homestuck Weebs found us.

Now, I’m a chilled out person, and I don’t care when people hug or touch me, but when people poke and prod at my sister it’s a problem. A group of homestuck cosplayer, aging from 12-15 ran up to us and quite literally glomped us like we were old friends. Chanting for us to ‘JOIN US, JOIN US’ while hopping around excitedly.

At this point my sister and I are freaked out, I have body paint on my favorite Rose shirt and my sister’s little costume is all wrinkled. Of course, I try to be nice and all and when they ask me to follow them I calmly explain that I can’t just leave my little sister.

One kid in the group thought I’d meant she was my LITTLE, as in a sexual relationship, and started laughing while hugging his own.. Little as he called another cosplayer. Mortified, my sister and I quickly dashed off as quickly as possible but not before they followed us for a good ten minutes chanting homestuck phrases and such.

I was embarrassed, my sister was completely shocked and all in all it was a horrible experience.

I promise nobody thinks you’re fun or quirky, everyone around you just thinks you’re a bunch of jerkoffs, it isn’t cute.

Meeting the Wynonna Earp cast

just wanted to write this out before comic con weekend gets too busy and I forget. Okay first off Tim is still rocking his docstache and it’s amazing. Also someone had just given him a docstache hat and he was so happy to be wearing it. He gave a shoutout to my peacemaker shirt and even drew a little doc when he signed my comic book. Then Dominique was the actual sweetest human on earth. I was a stuttering mess when I met her bc y'all as gorgeous as she looks in pictures, she’s like 100x more stunning in person. And that accent is just 😍. I was just telling her about how amazing waverly is and how great it’s been having her and kat be so supportive of the ship &the lgbt community. She was so nice and she was saying she feels so lucky to be playing her. We also talked about how Emily is a genius and she hasn’t told Dom what the end of s1 means for waverly if they go to a second season (fingers crossed). I still can’t get over how adorable she was. And apparently I have the same name as her mom so that’s cool. She signed the book and then added #wayhaught at the end and I’m still smiling about it like 2 hours later. Anyways dpc is confirmed actual ray of sunshine. Okay and last but not least shamier. When I walked up he was geeking out about one of the wynonna earp comics that had dolls on the cover. I’m pretty sure his smile could light up a whole room and it’s impossible not to smile being around him. We talked about how dolls is the just the coolest badass around. They were all super stoked to be at comic con and it was cool to see them genuinely excited to meet all of the fans. They even stayed after the signing was supposed to be over to make sure they got to meet everybody in line. Honestly they’re the best.

Guess who’s going to Comic Con!!!!

(Spoilers: it’s Rennie)

Hey gang!! This year I’m going to actually make it out to California for this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and I’m bring a whole bunch of art and books with me! I’ll be at Booth O12 in Small Press, and I’ll have prints and copies of both Chapter One and Two of the Weave! You’ll also find cool art and new books there from the lovely @cookingpeach, who’s been super generous in letting me hog table space! Right next door at booth O11 is @dianasprinkle and her amazing cat designs, who’ll also have copies of the first chapter of @raisehelia‘s first Chapter of Evil You Know! She’ll be there too, along with @amischiefofmice and @studiocute! I’m so excited, almost all of my favorite people will all be in one place for five amazing days of comics! I hope I see you there too!  ✨💖✨💖✨

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Ok I know I am normally a music blog but I’m extremely fucking angry. Barbara Gordon was my favorite comic book character and dc does this to her. First thing she is way to young for Bruce and he respects her so even if she came on to him (which she wouldn’t) he wouldn’t have allowed it to go farther. He is a mentor and father figure to her and to have this in the killing joke where she is already shot and raped by the JOKER (who so many of y'all love) makes it even worse. Why must you treat her like this she already been fridged too many fucking times and doesn’t deserve how dc is treating her as a character. This is it I’m fucking quitting reading dc comics for good. They can kiss my ass goodbye and nothing they can do to fix this will ever bring me back.

Book replies

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Glad to see Saga on someone’s list :D It’s hands down one of the most fabulous comics I’ve read.

Saga is still one of my favourite Comics of all time! It’s so different from the regular superheroes comics. I still need to read the latest Vol. though. >-< But I like to see how these small notes are all in Hazel’s perspective and not from her parents, even though she’s telling her parents story. 

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I didn’t know Assassin’s Creed was a book, too.

Yep, and every time there is a new game, there will be a book. It’s just that Forsaken was so much different from the regular Assassin’s creed books. The regular Assassin’s creed books (So far I’ve read) are usually books that tells everything that happened in the game, in some sort POV kind of book. (Except for the few last pages of assassin’s creed revelations, great game though!). Forsaken was a book that was written from, this time not the main character(s) but from a character we get to play at the very beginning. Haytham Kenway. And to be honest, I liked him in a way. I just always found him some sort of an ass to how he treating people. But after reading Forsaken, I actually got to appreciate the man for why he treats people that way. And to be honest, I could really rely on things about his own father’s death in some way. As in thoughts. 

Cookie Run DVD/comic dream

(i normally don’t post too much about dreams i have on this account, i save them for @breadpillows​. but this one is just too good)

ANYWAY. me and my mom were at this weird bookstore and i saw a magazine rack. my mom was taking awhile to decide on her purchase so i thought i would look in it to pass time.

then i found 4 or 5 cookie run comics! they were more like manga book shaped instead of magazine shaped like they usually are. then i got REALLY EXCITED and opened up the books to see that they had a mini DVD inside of them like some books rarely do. The DVDs had cookies all over them and it seemed like there would be cartoons on there so i got even moRE excited

I bought all of the books and went home to watch the DVDs first.

(putting under read more for length and pictures)

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San Diego Comic Con 2016 Schedule: Marissa Meyer

Are you heading to San Diego Comic-Con next week?

ME TOO!! (And I’ve been planning my Wonderland-inspired outfits all month.)

I actually have the incredible honor of being one of the Con’s special guests this year, and while I’m still not entirely sure what that means, I am so very flattered, and thrilled to be given a whole bunch of opportunities to meet readers, sign books, and talk all things Lunar Chronicles, Heartless, and Wires & Nerve!!

Here’s my complete schedule of panels and signings. I hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 21

4:00 – 5:00 PM: Retellings & Remixes: Updating and Adapting Classic Stories (Panel)

Room: 32AB

Moderator: Sam Maggs, editor at The Mary Sue, and author of Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy and Wonder Women.

Authors: Marissa Meyer (SDCC Special Guest 2016), author of The Lunar Chronicles, and the upcoming Heartless, Renee Adiah, author of The Rose and the Dagger, Colleen Houck, author of Recreated, Anna Todd, author of Imagines, Jodi Meadows, My Lady Jane, Colleen Oakes, Queen of Hearts

6:00 PM: Panel Signing

Autographing Area #9

Friday, July 22

2:00 – 3:00 PM: It’s the End of the YA Series (Panel)

Room: 29AB

Moderator: Kami Garcia

Description: Join us to hear Alexandra Bracken (The Darkest Minds series, Passenger series), Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles, Heartless), and Mary E. Pearson (The Jenna Fox Chronicles, The Remnant Chronicles) discuss the perils, promises, and joys of ending a series.

Saturday, July 23

9:45 AM: In-Booth Signing

Mac Kids Booth #1117

Giveaways: WIRES & NERVE chapter sampler (100) + poster (150)

Mysterious Galaxy will be selling the Lunar Chronicles

5:00 PM: In-Booth Signing

Mac Kids Booth #1117

Giveaways: HEARTLESS galleys (100) and vinyls (150)

Mysterious Galaxy will be selling the Lunar Chronicles

Sunday, July 24

10:00 – 11:00 AM: Spotlight on Marissa Meyer

Room 24ABC

Moderator: Petra Mayer, NPR Books Editor

Description: #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles, sits down with NPR’s Petra Mayer to talk everything from the explosive success of The Lunar Chronicles, the power of YA fandoms, her first Lunar Chronicles graphic novel, to what fans can expect from Heartless, this Fall’s most-anticipated young adult novel.

11:30 – 12:30 Autographing Area Signing

Autographing Area Table 9

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Scarlet Witch #8 Review

Let’s start with a disclaimer: This is the first issue of Scarlet Witch I’ve ever read. Coming into this issue, basically all I knew about Wanda Maximoff was that she can control chaos magic, she has the power to alter all of reality, and Elizabeth Olsen is a very attractive lady. All I want out of a Scarlet Witch book is to see her use her powers to take down other magical characters. Personally, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. So, did my wish come true?
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Don’t get me wrong, I like Cillian Murphy a lot, but he’s not my version of Crane at all (too short, too pretty, too… absolutely not Crane-like; but Ledger completely reinvented the Joker and it was a work of art, so movies are not comic books, blah blah fine).

My suggestion for the ideal Jonathan Crane (personality, mannerisms, appearance, everything) is the character portrayal in the “Fear of Faith” arc from No Man’s Land. He was the impossibly perfect crazy-logical-manipulative-delusional lightning in a bottle Professor Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow.

[I took this picture from a totally different comic in my collection (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 139 - “Terror” part 3 of 5) years ago, but I love it.]

Apparently they’ve wrapped shooting on the Dark Tower movie and I juST CANT. THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING, SOON WE WILL BE SEEING TEASERS FOR IT AND I WILL DIE IN THE PROCESS.


It’s like, I first read The Gunslinger way back in 2002, when I was 13. I had gone to see Signs in theaters with kids from school, and as such couldn’t sleep because I was scared. Not too long before, I had begun my reading of every single Stephen King novel, and The Gunslinger was one of my recent buys. So I pick it up and decide to read until I fall asleep.

I read the entire book in one night, and thus began my Dark Tower addiction. All of the comics, 3 tattoos, filk songs, an affinity for rose and turtle jewelry, hand made t-shirts (thank you @stops-time-tell-your-friends), even my license plate is Dark Tower related.

So it’s like, I’ve been reading bits and pieces over the years about how The Dark Tower series is one of the “unfilmable” books, and yet here we are? And the nature of the story allows the people involved in the film a lot of leeway to adapt the story to screen. And from what I’ve seen (coughcoughthehorn) it will be more of a continuation, and I am so excited to see how Roland’s story is different this time around. And I am confidant in Idris’ ability to bring Roland to life, the racist asshats need to go crawl back in their holes.

I’m just so excited, these books were a part of my teen years, the fandom I will always be drawn back to. I love the characters and story so much, and now to know so many other people will be introduced to this series just makes me so happy. I just have this feeling I will burst into tears when I see the first trailer for it.

I need icons of Dio with the streetsign too…

I’m redoing all’ve my icons with a PSD I found and now I’m in hell. 20 out of 88 manga icons and plus I gotta go hunting for the ones of shadow DIO, part 6 Dio, ALT Diego, and Phantom Blood manga caps… I really wish there was a list of Dio’s appearances by volume. That would make life so much easier for me.


So I have two Cubones now, and I caught each at kind of important places. One was in my father’s house, who I have a complicated relationship with. I have named that adorable Cubone after the Act 3 hero in my novel, because he has familial difficulties (like me and Cubone) and he uses weaponry sorta like Cubone. The second Cubone meanwhile I caught at the comic book store, so I kinda want to name them after a superhero. Not sure who to choose, the hero would need to matter to me, and have armor and a weapon. Maybe I could name her Araña? I mean Cubones are described as all losing their mothers, so there is that too. Cubone and Anya both had organic armor, and while Anya used bola and Cubone has a bone, they both use dual projectile/melee weaponry. So that could work. @akirakan, you think that name might fit?

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I think you should make FAA into a book! (I think I seen that you said wanted to I'm not 100% sure though) ❤️❤️❤️

I ABSOLUTELY WANT TO!!! It is my dream to!

Yesterday I was at the Mall and we went at Public (I don’t know if you have such there) it’s basically a shop with all gadgets (phones computers etc), music CDs, DVDs for movies, school supplies, comics, posters and above all BOOKS! It’s a fangirls heaven trust me! Oh and there are all the DVDs for series aka Supernatural too! There are so many things there but seeing all those books I just kept thinking how it would be to have mine there!