Four wanders through the crowd of initiates, watching us as we go through the movements again. When he stops in front of me, my insides twist like someone’s stirring them with a fork. He stares at me, his eyes following my body from my head to my feet, not lingering anywhere—a practical, scientific gaze.

“You don’t have much muscle,” he says, “which means you’re better off using your knees and elbows. You can put more power behind them.”

Suddenly he presses a hand to my stomach. His fingers are so long that, though the heel of his hand touches one side of my rib cage, his fingertips still touch the other side. My heart pounds so hard my chest hurts, and I stare at him, wide-eyed.

“Never forget to keep tension here,” he says in a quiet voice.

Beautiful (Preferences)

A.n. This is my first supernatural preference! Please enjoy!

Warnings: weight insecurity, inferred smut

Words: 744

He pressed his mouth lightly to yours and you sighed into the kiss before your lips parted.

“How about we take this to the bedroom?” He whispered, his voice rough with arousal.

You pulled back a little bit so you could look into his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, a concerned expression replacing his lustful gaze.

“Nothing, I’m just-“

“You can tell me. I didn’t do anything did I?”

“No, no, you’re perfect, it’s just that… I don’t know if I’m good enough.”

“Good enough for what?”

“Well, I mean, look at you. And look at me. You’re practically a god; I mean you’re like six feet of muscle and I’m…”

“If you’re going to end that sentence with anything but beautiful-“

“Don’t lie to me. Or try to sugarcoat it. I know how I look and you don’t have to pretend.”

He didn’t answer you, rather lifting you easily and carrying you to his room.



“Dean, what are you doing?” you giggled.

He kissed you quickly before pulling away, a wild grin playing on his lips.

“If you can’t see how beautiful you are, I’m going to show you.”


“I don’t want you to hide from me, baby. It hurts me to see you thinking you have to look one specific way to be good enough. I’m a dropout with six bucks to his name and you saw something in me, so don’t you dare think no one’s capable of seeing something in you.”

You tried to argue, but couldn’t seem to find anything to say. He was right. You couldn’t help but smile a little. He was so affectionate and caring when he wanted to be; how did you deserve him?

You felt more at ease as he laid you back on the bed, his lips never leaving yours.

You spent a long time kissing, his mouth moving perfectly against yours. His hand was caught in your (h/c) curls, the other resting on your thigh. You raked your fingers through his short hair, pulling on the little hairs on his neck, moaning into his mouth.

He slowly stripped away your clothes, appreciating every new piece of skin shown, whispering sweet nothings into you.

You’d never made a better decision in your life than to go all the way with Dean.


“Sam, I-“

“If you want me to stop, tell me. But don’t say you want me to stop because you think you’re not good enough because you are.

He laid you back against the bed, hovering over you as he kissed you, his large hands roaming your form. You shied away from his touch as his fingers drifted over your abdomen, Sam slowly placing his hands beneath your shirt as he looked into your eyes, his forehead pressed to yours.

“You’re beautiful, and what you think of yourself isn’t going to change what I think of you.”

You nodded and helped him lift your shirt over your head, avoiding eye contact. He placed his hand on your cheek, forcing you to look into his kind eyes.

“Hey,” he said calmly. “You really are perfect. And so what if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model? It won’t make you any more perfect in my eyes because you are everything I want.”

You pressed your lips to his, a few tears freely falling, though he wiped them away.

“Don’t cry, just let me show you what you mean to me.”

You made love with your fingers intertwined, the passion between you undeniable.


“Cas, baby, I don’t think you understand.”

“Understand what?”

“Why I just can’t…”

“You’re right, (Y/n), I don’t understand females’ desire to look one uniform way. Why can’t I think that you all are beautiful? You especially.”

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone either wants to be tall but not too tall, skinny but not too skinny, have the right color of hair, eyes, the right clothing, perfect skin, full lips- it’s all too much. You know what I see when I look at you?”

“Honestly, I’m kind of scared to find out…”

“I see your soul.”

“My… soul?”

“Angels can see only the souls of creatures. Occasionally I can catch glimpses of what the human form actually looks like, but only in photographs or on television. But when I look at you… I see this light. And it’s just beautiful. It’s a bright, piercing blue, like the ocean, tendrils of it flowing around you. I see it shining and all I can feel is safety and security. All I want to feel is you.”

You kissed him passionately as he pulled you on top of him.

“I want to show you what I see.”

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I’ve recently started making and selling collars and bandanas and although I wasn’t planning on posting about this on Tumblr, tonight’s events have changed that.  Dante ran entirely through the screen door this afternoon, slicing open his leg about four inches, requiring the muscle to be stitched and then the skin.  

My fiance and I are both college students, so our savings are practically non existent.  In addition to the $550 for Dante’s vet bill, we had to pay another $365 (discounted from $970) to replace the door, this time with the tempered glass it was supposed to have.  I’m not asking for donations, but I would be so amazingly grateful if anyone buys a collar or bandana.  I’m currently making slip and tie on bandanas, buckle collars, martingales, semi-slips, and slips in 1/2″, 1″ and 1.5″.  If the fabric I have on hand isn’t right, I’ll be happy to find exactly the right design for you.  

My Facebook page for this venture is <a href=““>Southern Custom Canine</a> and I’m taking orders at  These are my current prices:

Tie-on bandana:
Small (fits neck under 12") - $6
Medium (fits 12 - 17" neck) - $8
Large (fits 17 - 22" neck) - $10

Slip-on bandana:
Small (fits neck under 12") - $5
Medium (fits 12 - 17" neck) - $7
Large (fits 17 - 22" neck) - $9

1" fabric collar with plastic hardware
Under 12" - $13
13 - 17" - $14
Over 17" - $15

1.5" fabric collar with plastic hardware
Under 12" - $16
13 - 17" - $17
Over 17" - $18

Sex [Luke Hemmings Oneshot]

“i’m not trying to stop you love, if we’re gonna do anything, we might as well just fuck,”

based on sex by the 1975.

A/N: hello so you guys might have noticed that i haven’t written anything in a while. idk if i should continue posting preferences on here idk but i will write more oneshots/imagines on here so yay tell me what you think about this, it would mean a lot!

You were physically drained at this point, all you wanted was to fall asleep and sleep until about noontime. You could feel your muscles ache and your thighs were practically burning, but you were already accustomed to this kind of pain by now.

You could feel his breath on you, and his fingers would draw patterns on your bare skin. You were lying on his bed, still completely bare and the only thing covering your bodies was the thin layer of cloth that was the bed’s blanket.

His chest rose and fell with every breath he took, while you rested your head against his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat - which had calmed down after the sex that just happened between the two of you.

You could feel the familiar butterflies in your stomach once more, and it wasn’t the pleasant kind. It was the terrible ones that made you feel sick, and it only usually came whenever you thought about what you’re doing behind his back.

“Luke,” You whispered, lifting your head from his bare chest to look up at his sleeping face.

Luke’s eyes fluttered open, revealing those sapphire colored eyes that could make absolutely any girl melt in an instant. “What is it, princess?” Your lips curled upwards slightly at the nickname he’s given you, but that couldn’t make the butterflies in your stomach disappear.

You needed to tell him that you’re planning to break things up with your boyfriend soon, you just needed to find the courage to end things with him. You’ve wanted to do that for a long time, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to. But everything’s changed now, you needed to do this before you lose your mind.

You opened your mouth to say something, but you decided not to tell him just yet. There was a chance of you backing out on this once more, and you didn’t want to raise his expectations. Instead of telling him, you just shook your head and faked a smile, “No, nothing. That was great, by the way,” You told him, and he flashed you a smug grin.

“When is it never great, princess?” He chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist. You loved how that nickname rolls off his tongue, it seemed right for him to call you his princess, even if what you were doing was wrong in every way.

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No matter how hard he works, no matter how hard he tries, there has always been this insurmountable wall.

An obstacle that he just cannot overcome.

He attends every practice.

He polishes his skills with intense, hard work. 

He pushes through the pain, through the straining muscles and heavy lungs.

He refuses to give up, even when they lose year after year.

Every year there is the hope - next year, we’ll get them.

There’s always a next year.

A next time…

Until now.

This loss is final. The end. Their last chance, in their last year of high school, to finally snag victory-

But they couldn’t do it.

And Hajime, as the ace?

He fails.

He has his chance, his opportunity to score the winning point - but he can’t do it.

His spike is picked up and Seijou ultimately loses.

The knowledge that he has held them back is almost more than he can take.

He keeps his brave face up. He barely lets himself feel - forcing himself to dry his eyes and stand next to his team while they shake hands. It feels robotic, it feels forced, but he can’t lose it here.

Not in front of his teammates. He just can’t.

It isn’t until he’s finally alone in the privacy of his room that he really allows himself to feel.

He can’t even bring himself to take off his uniform. He just collapses on his bed, breathes in deep, and cries.

No, he doesn’t cry - he bawls. He shakes, trembling, curling himself up into the tiniest ball imaginable. He can’t even remember the last time he’s cried like this. Everything hurts. 

He chokes down sobs, trying to quiet himself, but it’s to no avail. He vaguely remembers that it doesn’t matter - his parents are out of town, so nobody is gonna come and find him - but it’s only a fleeting thought. He cries until his vision is fuzzy, his head hurts and his throat burns, heavy from the effort of trying to force in breaths. He’s still trembling, but he doesn’t register any of it.

All he’s thinking about are the plays. 

The plays he failed to make that day.

Did he play alright? Maybe. But he can’t help himself; he sees all the ways in which he could have jumped higher, hit harder, been better-

It’s frustrating. He’s angry, he’s sad - he’s a complicated mess of emotions, none of which he can begin to understand while focusing so hard on where he’s sure he has failed.

He has no idea how much time has passed before the throbbing in his head starts to alleviate. His body starts to relax and he sighs, quietly, feeling a warmth settling into his face.

He hears a voice, but it sounds far away.


It sounds kind of like his name, but he can’t really be bothered to listen. He feels pressure on his temples, small but firm, rubbing away the tension there. 

He feels like he can finally, breathe, finally move, so he cracks his eyes open. His vision is hazy, but he recognizes the person sitting on the edge of his bed almost immediately. A heavy weight settles in his stomach as he realizes he’s been caught.

He tries to sit up but his whole body rejects that idea, pain seeping through his muscles.  He winces, and those hands massaging his forehead move to his chest, pushing him back down.

Hajime chances a look up and he doesn’t see Tooru looking at him with pity. No, rather, it’s something else entirely… something gentle. Something vulnerable.

Something… caring?

Tooru bites his lip; he presses himself a little closer, a hand running through Hajime’s hair, pushing the dark strands out of his face. His thumb brushes against his forehead, before he leans in and presses a slow, gentle kiss right in that spot.

“It’s okay,” he says, and his voice is so soft. “It’s okay, Hajime. I’m here. I’ve got you…” He huffs a breath, his hand continuing to move through Hajime’s hair, massaging his scalp. The action is soothing, and Hajime finds himself relaxing, body slowly uncurling from where he’d been tightly wound on his side.

Tooru doesn’t stop there. He continues massaging his scalp, but his other hand continues his ministrations on his temples. Once he’s satisfied there, he lets his fingers continue their exploration, searching out the tense muscles in Hajime’s neck and shoulders, pressing into them until Hajime heaves out a sigh of relief.

The trembling stops. He stops thinking about what he’s done wrong. Instead, he focuses on the warm feeling of Tooru touching him. It’s the same warm feeling as he feels when they’re out there, together, on the court-

“Hajime,” Tooru’s voice breaks him out of his thoughts, “You know, it’s like you always say. There are six people out there on that court. We all played together. We win together… and we lose together.” He feels the hands halt their movements. The bed dips, and Tooru climbs in, settling in behind Hajime.

“You made me so proud today,” Tooru tells him, his breath hot against the back of Hajime’s neck. “You’re strong. You’re capable. You’re the best damn ace we could have ever asked for.” 

Hajime doesn’t have to ask for it; Tooru just knows. He wraps his arm around Hajime’s waist, pressing their bodies flush together.

“Don’t ever think otherwise, and don’t try and hide from me, okay?” Tooru punctuates this with a kiss to the back of his neck. “I love you.”

Hajime’s vision blurs again, but this time he’s not alone.

He lets Tooru stay, brushing away his tears, kissing him, holding him. Loving him.

He lets Tooru stay and he lets himself feel everything that he needs to.

And the next morning, as Hajime wakes up, the warm weight at his back and the fingers tangled with his remind him that he’s not alone.

These obstacles might be a challenge, but they’re not one that he’s facing alone.


This is one of the best Aikido demonstrations I’ve seen from a teaching viewpoint. The Sensei explains and shows how trying to fight or muscle someone stronger is difficult, but if you first have complete control over your own center of gravity, you can then connect to your opponent and control their center of gravity. I like how he exaggerates his motions for his students to see what he is doing, as there are very small adjustments taking place throughout the entire body to constantly adjust so as to maintain control over one’s center. 

I practiced Aikido for 6 years and only barely scratched the surface of the art. However, after training in Wing Chun for the last 15 years and applying what I have learned and seen over the last 30+ years, I can see a little bit more than 20 years ago when I was in Aikido. 

Many people confuse development with application. The “cooperative” partner is grabbing the wrist to give his partner a “bridge” to work through to apply and develop their skills. Very similar to Chi Sau, as this is a demonstration a “drill”, he is not trying to hurt his opponents.

 When people say this does or does not work on the street, I agree that some things may or may not work depending on the situation, but understanding the principles of controlling oneself so well that you can control your opponent, then the “techniques” don’t matter. In a real survival situation application will take over and apply itself automatically, using the tools you have learned - structure, posture, position, distance, timing, power and the other things you develop along the way, confidence, courage, calmness, ability to deal with situations in life differently than had you not learned what you learn from Martial Arts. Martial Arts is so much more than fighting, you can only train in what you love and hope it will apply itself when needed. (sports fighting/mma, is a different game with different type of training, so that’s an entirely different subject.)

Enjoy your training and learn everything you can.

Imagine accidentally hurting Dean in a practice fight...


Your knuckles met solid stomach muscle. You withdrew your clenched fist quickly upwards only to catch Dean’s jaw as he doubled over. A small groan escaped his lips and you jumped back.

“Shit!! Dean! Are you alright?”

“No, yeah, I’m good.” He wheezed out. “My fault… Should’ve blocked. Son of a bitch.”

“Gosh, I’m so sorry!”

“I’m fine. That was awesome, just use it on a bad guy or Sam next time, yeah?”


You were dead. You were so, so, so dead. Standing in the huge room, you were practically shaking all over as J walked in and looked at everyone. You had messed up the job, doing what you had thought was best despite him telling you otherwise.

“Everyone out.” He screamed, making you flinch at the sound of his voice.

You took a deep breath, restlessly waiting until everyone had left the room and you would get your punishment.

“Kitten, kitten…what did I tell you?” He started circling around you, watching you with cold eyes. You didn’t move a muscle, you couldn’t. You were scared for your life, with good reason. People normally didn’t do very well if they crossed him.

“You…told me to stay in the room and watch them…” You whisper, your voice breaking.

“And what did you do?” You felt like pray as his eyes bore into your back, sending shivers down your spine.


“Now why would you do that when I explicitly told you not to?”

You swallow down the lump that is forming in your throat and do your best not to sound too scared, “I heard something outside…I just thought…-”


You immediately shut your mouth, stopping mid sentence. You had a feeling at this point you could only make it worse because nothing you said would be very pleasing to him.

You felt his breath at your neck, hand ghosting along your arm as he walked past you. To say you were intimidated was an understatement. He stopped directly in front of you, his hand slowly wrapping around your throat.

“You shouldn’t think so much doll, especially not when I tell you what to do.” He says, his hand squeezing tighter until your struggling for air, barely able to breathe anymore.

“I’m sorry.” You mutter after he lets go of your throat and you inhale some air into your lungs.

“Don’t make that mistake again, my fondness of you won’t save you a second time.” He whispers into your ear before leaving the room, the door shutting close with a loud bang when he leaves.

Imagine sparring with Fili that turns into a tickle fight and then love-making.

Fluffy smut fic requested by anon. Plot chosen by me. Never written smut before, so I’m sorry if it stinks. Hope you enjoy :)


“Ow! That hurt, you jerk!” you yelled at Fili as you walked over to pick up your sword for about the fifth time. The two of you had been practice sparring for at least an hour, but his skills were putting yours to shame…and killing the muscles in your hands and forearms.

“I’m sorry, y/n, but you’ve really got to learn how to keep a firm hold on your blade. It isn’t going to do you any good on the ground. Here, let me show you.”

He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you from behind. “Place this hand here,” he said, moving your right hand into position. “And your other hand here. Now hold it tight, but keep your wrists loose. You need to have a firm grip without being stiff.”

You were trying your hardest to focus on his instructions, but you were extremely distracted by the feeling of his hands on yours. His breath on your neck and his muscular chest pressing into your back weren’t helping matters any either.

“Do you think you’ve got it now?” he asked.

“No, you are far too distracting for me to be able to learn anything,” you said in your most seductive voice.

“Mmm, you think so?” he purred into your ear while moving his hands to trace up and down your sides. The sensation was ticklish instead of sensual though and it caused you to giggle out loud.

“Don’t do that, Fili. It tickles.”

“Does it now?” he asked. Even without looking at him, you still knew that a mischievous smirk was forming on his lips. Then he starting repeating the movement over and over. Laughter erupted from you as you doubled over onto the ground, trying to fight him off as he landed on top of you still tickling away.

“Fili! Stop!” you said between laughs and gasps for air.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll quit,” he said, stopping momentarily so he could get an answer.

“That’s blackmail,” you replied. But after you’d regained your breath, you reached your hand up through his hair to the back of his head and pulled him down for a kiss.

You relished in the oh so familiar kiss. It was like the dozens you had received from him before, and yet somehow they never lost their magic. As you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, he moved one of his hands to your hip and pulled you towards him.

Your own hands began to trace up and down his back. All of his muscles seemed to be working at once and you longed to feel them without the barrier of clothing. Slowly, you slipped your hands under his shirt and began repeating the previous motions. His skin was smooth against your fingertips as you traced the movement of his muscles. The bunched up material of his shirt was uncomfortable pressed between your bodies, so you went to remove it and he of course allowed it.

Fili’s hand moved down from your hip to your thigh. Using his entire palm, he stroked up and down. Each time his hand made a return trip, it moved faster and gripped harder than the time before.

By this point, both of you were breathing rapidly. You could feel proof of Fili’s excitement pressing against your body, and your own body longed to be touched. It longed for his touch. You unwrapped your arms from around him and moved them down to work on his belt. As soon as your fingers came into contact with it, however, he stopped and looked you in the eyes.

“Are you sure you want to? I mean, this place isn’t exactly private,” he said, looking around at the forest surrounding you. “And we’ve never-” He was cut off by you kissing him firmly on the lips. Pulling back only a mere inch you whispered, “I’m sure.”

This time the kiss he gave you was unlike any other. Instead of gentle and loving, it was eager and full of passion. Your hands quickly returned to his belt, which was far more difficult to undo than it should have been. Growing impatient, Fili quickly stood up and removed it along with the rest of his clothing. You watched with hungry eyes as his body became completely exposed to you. Licking your lips, you relished in the thought that the perfect form in front of you belonged entirely to you.

“You’re still very dressed,” he said with a smirk.

“Why don’t you come over here and change that then?”

He was on you again in seconds, his rough hands pulling your shirt up over your head, leaving your upper body bare to the world. After taking a moment to admire you, he gently took one of your nipples in his mouth while his hands busied himself with revealing your lower body. With some assistance from you, you were soon as exposed as he was. He moved his lips up to work along your collarbone while one of his hands cupped and massaged your right breast. The other breast was enjoying the unusual feeling of his chest hair against it.

You wrapped one of your arms around him while the other made its way down to stroke his manhood. He moaned into your chest as you slowly pumped up and down. But you jumped in surprise when his hand moved from your breast to your most sensitive area.

“Are you alright?” he asked, voice full of concern.

“Yeah, you just surprised me is all.”

He began tracing his fingers all along the outside of you, causing you to whimper and buck your hips towards him. His movements were slow, gentle, and deliberate. Every touch was more enjoyable than the one before. By this point, your body was desperately aching to be filled. Somehow, he must have known it because he slipped two of his fingers inside of you. The sensation was unlike any other. It was pleasant, and yet strangely ticklish at first. Fili was surprised when you actually giggled.

“Sorry,” you said, smiling sheepishly. “Tickles.”

“I think we’ve had enough of that for one day,” he said with a smile, before he began to move his fingers within you. You could fill the pleasure inside of you grow exponentially, but it wasn’t what you wanted.

“I need you, Fili,” you moaned. As if fulfilling a royal command, he quickly moved himself into a position where he could enter you. The process was almost painstakingly slow, but you were grateful for the time to adjust to him. His movements in and out of you were slow at first, but as both of you grew closer to your point of release, the pace quickened. With each thrust, you balled your fists up into the grass beside you and moaned loudly. The moment you peaked was unbelievable. An incredible wave of pleasure washed over you while your lips weakly whimpered your lover’s name. Fili finished just moments after you with an equally satisfying climax.

As you tried to regain your breath, he lay down beside you and took you into his arms. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do,” you said with a smile. “I hope I’m your only sparring partner that gets the full treatment.”

Laughing, he replied “Definitely, dear. Definitely.”


AU: After your friend Calum finds out you play softball, he begs you to teach him tips and tricks. After spending a day practicing swings and pitches, Calum acts like a baby because his muscles are so sore. You laugh at him and tell him, “same time tomorrow!”

*thank you anon for this totally random request, sorry it’s so short, i don’t know much about softball*

*gifs not mine, creds to owner(s)

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A/N: times simon kissed baz. the numbering is probably slightly inaccurate because i don’t know how you count kisses but i’m going by rainbow’s count. so named because this is my first time writing any kiss scene at all pls forgive me thank

The first time Simon kisses Baz, it’s in a forest erupting in flames around him, and Simon cannot see anything but Baz, Baz, Baz. His hands are on Baz’s shoulders, pressing them together, and they’re lined up perfectly, kissing so deeply Simon’s head is spinning.

When they break apart, they’re both breathing hard. Baz’s hair is rumpled and so is his shirt, and Simon looks at him, really looks at him, and his lips curl up into a smile.

The second time Simon kisses Baz, it’s unplanned. Or maybe it was always planned. All he knows is that looking at Baz, the soft light of the fireplace gleaming against his features, he feels the overwhelming urge to kiss him. Again. Again, and again, and again.

Baz’s eyes aren’t on him, they’re on the fireplace. The flames dance in his eyes. And Simon watches him carefully, trying to remember every line of him.

Baz picks up the poker and jabs it at the fireplace. “One kiss, and you think the world is upside down.”

“Two kisses,” Simon tells him, and takes him by the back of his neck.

Baz’s eyelids flutter closed, and his hands come to rest gently on Simon’s waist. He wonders if Baz hasn’t kissed anyone before, but then Baz sighs against his mouth as Simon catches his lip with his teeth, and he doesn’t care.

He’ll be having a lot of practice, anyway.

The third time Simon kisses Baz, they’re in Baz’s house (mansion). They’re lying on his bed, legs tangled together. Well, Baz is lying down. Simon’s hands are on either side of Baz’s shoulders, pressing against the bed, holding himself above Baz.

His features are smushed and blurry in the dim light, but Simon can see the glimmer of his eyes and hear his breath, and he lowers himself a little, kissing him urgently, trying to make sure his knees don’t buckle and send him crashing down on top of Baz.

Baz’s breathing hitches, and Simon smiles against his lips, and pulls away, hovering over him again. Baz whines a little, and then he’s reaching up, pushing against the bed with his elbows to kiss Simon, and their lips meet again, and this time it’s Simon who sighs.

“Simon,” Baz murmurs against the corner of his lips, and Simon kisses him hard, desperate, like he needs Baz to breathe.

They don’t know how much time passes, or how many times they collide that night, but Simon kisses Baz until even the glowing embers of the fireplace have gone out.

Baz is lounging on the couch like it belongs to him, and Simon scoffs before bringing his mouth to Baz’s. And the smirk is still on Baz’s face, but softer. And his breath still catches. And Simon still feels his knees go weak.

He kisses along Baz’s collarbones, and hears Baz sigh contentedly. He’s all sharp angles and porcelain skin, and Simon wants to trace every bit of him. Baz clutches at his shoulders, and his lips are still pink for a few seconds after they part for a moment to breathe, foreheads pressed together.

Penelope’s heels click into the house, and they hear her sigh. “Get a room, you two.”

Simon drops one more kiss on Baz’s cheek, and clambers off him to sit on the arm of the couch. “Dinner?”

She rolls her eyes. “Is that all you think about?”

Simon shrugs. She holds a bag out to him. “Fine. Have at it, you black hole of food.”

He grins and takes it from her, and she waves a hand carelessly at Baz. “Get your legs off the couch, Pitch.”

“Aren’t you having dinner?” Simon calls, watching her walk towards her room.

“Later!” She yells back.

Baz’s smirk is back, and he looks at Simon. “More for us, I suppose?”

Simon swings his legs over Baz’s, and softly presses his mouth to Baz’s in response.


Sam could practically feel the icy waves coming off you as you stared at him from across the table. Your body language was clearly closed off and your jaw was clenched. “There’s obviously something you’re upset about,” he ventured. “Would you–” he hesitated, wondering how to proceed, choosing his words carefully so he didn’t further upset you. “What is it?”

You sent another cold stare in his direction and the muscle in your jaw twitched as you further clenched your teeth. “Seriously?”

He frowned and looked genuinely concerned and perplexed. “I really don’t know what I did and I’d like to fix it, if I can… But I need you to tell me what it is first,” he said gently.

“You bailed on me this weekend,” you said simply. “We had plans, and you ditched out–again. Every single time I try to set something up you end up canceling and sending Dean in your place! What is it? Do you not like me? Am I just that unbearable to spend time around? Because if so, please tell me so I don’t continue humiliating myself and don’t trouble you again!”

Sam was taken aback and took a moment to process your outburst. “I–I’m sorry, Y/N. I kept canceling and sending Dean in my place because I thought you two really hit it off… You’re always joking around and–” he looked down at his hands on the table, “I don’t know. It just seemed like maybe… you two were–?”

You felt your mouth drop partially open. “Sam–! Yeah, I mean, we have a good time joking around but–that’s not–I’m not interested in Dean like that and I’m pretty sure he’s not interested in me that way either…” Your cheeks flushed pink and you struggled to force the words out before you lost your courage. “I invite you because I want to spend more time with you.” 

Sam’s eyes flickered back up to meet yours and there was a hopeful and struck expression on his face.

“I’m interested in you, dummy,” you said with a shy smile, immediately hiding behind your coffee cup under the pretense of taking a sip.

Sam’s face slowly grew into an equally shy smile. “Are you free this weekend?”


Okay so when my friend @twink-castiel (right) and I (left) went up to see Jensen I was almost pissing myself. We finally get up to him and I say “Can we take a muscle picture?” And his face! He is so confused, but when we show him what we wanted he smiled and got into position. We to the picture and it was like slow motion video I stared into his eyes and let me tell you I was about to faint. I said bye and waved and he smiled and said goodbye back. Then as I was walking away I practically screamed “He smells so good!” I’m pretty sure he heard me and a ton of people laughed. Not 5 seconds after and I burst into tears while laughing.

And all I could say really after that was how good he smelt..

If We Were A Movie (Seventeen Preference)
  • AN:this was probably one of the best requests of all time, I felt so so inspired by it and I hope you guys like it to. I'm seriously thinking about turning this into a whole serious, where each of these is a boy x reader oneshot so pls lemme know what you think of that idea? <3
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol:The Classic High School AU
  • We all know that our boy Coups would slay as the classic high school heart throb. Nobody would fit the part better than him. He is the meaning of after school football practices and making cheerleaders' panties drop with a wink and a smile. He also has the heart and the smarts underneath his muscles and good looks to bring dimension to his movie character that would surprise the protagonist in the best way and make you fall in love. (I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with him, anyway?) Not only does his character fit seamlessly into this AU/genre, but he embodies the genre itself. The cheesy romance bits of the plot, the corny jokes, and the underlying message to never give up on your dreams that always acts like a big brother to the viewing teens, just like Seungcheol does. He is the classic high school movie - a perfect way to settle into the movie marathon.
  • Jeonghan:Pre-Millennial Crime Thriller
  • That sounds like a very complicated title, but our Jeonghan is a very complicated and beautiful man. At first I wanted to call this one "1920's Mob Film", but I felt that was far too narrow. Mostly because crime dramas set in the 1960's and 70's are becoming very popular and Jeonghan fits that style very well along with the 1920's. So I believe this beauty would fit perfectly into any crime or mob movie set before the turn of the millennium. Mainly during the 1920's, 30's, or the 50's and 60's. His hair was just meant to be tucked neatly under a fedora and paired with a sharp suit that would have all his enemies shaking in their boots the moment they saw him coming. Because yes, he does have that beautiful, angelic face, but I feel that's what would make him the perfect crime boss. He would be the devil hiding in the angel's armour. Nobody would expect it from him until just a few moments before their tragic death. Slowly, over time, they would learn to fear this beautiful man, understand that this was his town and this angel was playing God not because he deserved it, but because he wanted it. I just feel like he's the human embodiment of soft music box music playing in the background of a murder scene during a movie like this, and I love it.
  • Joshua/Jisoo:Zombie Apocalypse
  • Joshua would be the Glenn of a Seventeen zombie apocalypse. (And because Glenn is my all time favourite character of everything I paired little Jisoo with the genre.) He'd be the good guy who survives strictly because he is good to others, and somehow manages to maintain his purity and morality even when the world goes to shit. That would be the best thing about him. He'd believe that others are still good and he'd high uphold the belief that no one should get left behind. He would be the guy who would often almost get killed trying to save other people. He wouldn't actually have many apocalypse survival skills, but his kind nature would find him with people to save his ass over and over again, no matter what trouble they had to go through doing so. Most would think that a badass type of person would embody the zombie genre, but I really think someone like Jisoo is it. He has the heart warming arch of the story, the loveable characters (you know, the ones you really, really don't want to die but probably get treated like shit anyway), and somewhere deep inside him he probably has the really dark parts that any good zombie movie has. But really he's probably more of a zombie comedy like Zombieland or Dead Before Dawn.
  • Jun:Vampire
  • Jun being the vampire genre is about as certain as the sun rising in the morning. He's a vampire through and through. But I believe he's his own breed of vampire. Not a classic, brooding dark creature of the night like Dracula, or a modern emotional sparkly lover like Edward, but a mix of sexual, adorable, funny, sassy, and something still very human that would make his vampire easily a romantic comedy or teen movie. He'd be the type to go around telling people he's a vampire, almost trying to scare them, and no one would believe him because he just doesn't seem like the type. And he'd drink blood out of those girly reusable athletic cups with straws in public, with no one actually knowing it's blood. He would be a lot like the vampires from My Babysitter's A Vampire, but with a twist of sexuality, and something a little more brooding. Because deep down he has realized his curse - being stuck between death and life for an eternity and having to kill to stay strong - and accepted it. He would just be the perfect main character, as well as the fact that he just embodies every aspect of every kind of vampire that has been portrayed on screen before.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung:Summer Adventure/Feel Good Flick
  • Some of my all time favourite kinds of movies are the feel good summer movies about teens going on adventures and making some kind of growing leap or major character development over that summer. Like Now and Then, Whip It, The Sandlot, or the Goonies (which yes, I know that one was set in the fall). I feel like the spirit of these kind of movies also embodies a lot of music videos, like SHINee's View, which I really love. Hoshi himself is perfect for this kind of movie because he is a feel good summer adventure in human form. He's all the happiness and bright parts, all the interesting dips and turns in the plot that really keep the movie going. He's all the road trips, all the eating snacks out of crappy gas stations, sleepovers in rickety tree houses, bon fires on the beach, the best kind of montages to a great summer song (maybe Adore U?). Overall he's just a happy, bright little puppy that makes you feel really happy and bright like a great summer vacation and a great summer movie.
  • Wonwoo:Werewolf
  • As much as Wonwoo could be the ultimate emo vampire as well, I believe that his darkness can be channeled into hairy beast of the full moon. I was torn between him and Coups for this genre, but ultimately moody with a touch of puppy cuteness won out over heartthrob. I also feel that he has the mature side of a werewolf thriller or romance, and the silly side for when the genre is targeted toward a younger audience, like the show Teen Wolf (which I love, all time fav). And I mean he's just dreamy, and doesn't everybody have some weird werewolf kinky deep down?
  • Woozi/Jihoon:Magical Fantasy Land
  • My first thought with this one is Harry Potter. Woozi would be the perfect little pastel unicorn prince, slaying enemies with spells and making them bow down just with his cuteness alone. Even if it wasn't specifically Harry Potter, maybe it would be an Alice in Wonderland or Narnia, any magical fantasy would fit his personality and looks perfectly. The adorable shell with a serious, take charge and save the world undertone would belong there and make him the leader of the group or in any position of royalty if there was one - especially if there was some kind of magical "chosen one", he'd be it. Him just generally being ethereal, wise, and talented embodies this genre and if he was in a movie like this I'd watch it over and over again.
  • DK/Seokmin:Superhero Standby
  • There's nothing better than a good, classic superhero movie. Even the ones that are being made and coming out in 2015 seem to have all the classic elements to them, and that's what makes them so easy to love. Just like DK - he's a very classic kind of guy. Classic looks, classic humor, appears very easy going and easy to be around. That's why he would fit perfectly into the world of any classic DC or Marvel superhero (personally I'd go for DC, but that's just my preference). He could slip seamlessly into the role of ordinary citizen by day, and tall, handsome, muscled city saviour by night. His hero would be charismatic, loved by all, and not only treat the citizens as victims, but as everyday people that he loved and cared for. And if we really wanted to stir things up in this genre, DK wouldn't be the hero - he could be the shy, polite damsel in distress to our heroic female protagonist. Either way, Seokmin as a person has all the qualities of this genre - the humor, the drama, the energy, and the overall childish glamour that draws us all to loving superheroes and their adventures.
  • Mingyu:Low Budget Indie/Grunge Film
  • This is a very specific style of film-making, rather than a genre, that Mingyu (especially with his gorgeous silver hair) would fit into so brilliantly. There is a bit of cross-over between this and feel good summer movies, with movies like The Kings of Summer or Moonrise Kingdom, but the more unique thing I find about this genre is that the subject matter of these movies (mostly) is a lot darker. Usually of the nature of drug use and sex and abusive relationships. And what would our happy little Mingyu have to do with movies like this? It's really more about his aesthetic. Movies like this are all about aesthetic - there's entirely blogs dedicated to grunge, and a lot of movie screen caps end up on there - and his looks fit in perfectly. The sharply chiseled jaw, dark, smoky eyes, built form, and most of all, the silvery hair that really says grunge king. That and in my opinion, in the setting of one of these movies, he could turn on a dime from happy-go-lucky into the mystery, badass, soul punk that the story calls for. With an outfit change he could slip right into the world of a movie like How I Live Now, Hick, The Basketball Diaries, or a show like Freaks and Geeks.
  • The8/Minghao:Something Supernatural
  • One of the genres I definitely wanted to use was a supernatural one. Seemingly ordinary people having extraordinary powers (like the movie Push), demons and angels living in the suburbs, basically anything that would be the everyday plot of an anime. In this world, Minghao would be perfect in the role of the protagonist's best friend, the one who undoubtedly panics when he finds out what's really lurking in his world. But the protagonist would have nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, possibly running from the government because of your abnormality, and you knew that Minghao would have your back. So you told him, disclosed to him all the freaky shit that goes on just under his nose, and at first he'd freak out. He'd deny it, he wouldn't really be able to cope. But then his heart would be right there in it. He would protect you no matter what, until his dying breath, doing anything to make sure you were safe. He would be the air of lightness, innocence, and maybe even comic relief that this genre needs.
  • Seungkwan and Vernon:Buddy Cop Movie
  • I know it might seem a little cheap to have two of them under the same genre, but you can't tell me these two wouldn't be the perfect pair of buddy cops. Just like Starsky and Hutch or the girls from The Heat, they'd have the perfect combination of bickering and die hard friendship to make their movie interesting and heartwarming. Seungkwan would be the paper work minded, rule driven, uptight cop that would be 100% about justice and putting the bad guy away, but doing it right. He would probably have some cheesy sap story from when he was a child about why he wanted to join the force in the first place that Vernon would brush off, but it would really get him in the gut. Vernon himself would be more of a dirty cop. He'd have more of a skewed idea of justice, but he'd get his bad guy no matter what it took. He would also be one to make jokes and ignore his paper work and this would bug the hell out of Seungkwan to no end. Together they would be the perfect cops, always get their man (or woman), and have a few laughs along the way. (Personally I would kill for this movie but that's just me.)
  • Dino/Chan:A Chosen One Story
  • This is the Divergent, Maze Runner, or maybe even Hunger Games type of story. Even though stories like this can vary drastically in their setting and details of plot, they usually do have a lot of aspects in common. Dino has all the traits of a protagonist in this kind of story; being young and uncertain, but having a great, strong heart and likely being able to overcome whatever is thrown at him with a smile. Even if he himself wasn't the Chosen One, he would make a great supporting character/best friend to the protagonist. I'm not really sure how else to go about explaining this, but Chan would be such a great character in a movie or even a series like this.

Alec x Reader

(Sorry It’s So Short)

Alec’s eyes followed you as you wondered through the main building and hurry to your bedroom, chuckling when he found you a few minutes later, spread eagled on your front as you moaned to yourself.


“You alright (Y/N)?” Alec asked with an amused smirk.

“No I’m tired, my back aches and I missed the demon I was looking for so I had to trace it all morning.” You moan.


He shook his head and sat next to you on your bed, his hands gently kneading your skin as you hummed at the pleasant sensation. His well worked fingers found every not and sore muscle, gently rolling the sore spots until you’d melted into you bed and were practically unconscious.

“Thank you Alec.” You mumbled with your head buried in the mattress.

“That’s alright (Y/N), rest up for a bit and I’ll let you know when Jace and I are free… well help you find your demon.” He mumbled, softly kissing your head as he pulled the covers over you and gently shut your bedroom door.

anonymous asked:

Karasuno + Aone + Akaashi + Ushijima getting a massage by their s/o after a hard training practice. Thank you, you lovely person.

(This is one hella long post - but I love this so much ugh <3)

Sawamura: As he was captain of the team, his partner knew that he was under a lot of mental stress as well as physical. In order to both help him to relax and to help his muscles, his partner suggested he let them give him a massage. His partner would really treat him - full body massage, maybe even with scented oils to help him unwind. He couldn’t deny it was heavenly, his partners deft hands caressing and massaging away all the muscle pain and worries of the day - perhaps he was enjoying it a bit too much…

Sugawara: His face lit up at his partner’s offer, as he enthusiastically agreed to it. He sat cross legged on the floor with his partner behind him, unable to contain his delight at the situation - humming contentedly as his partner’s hands kneaded his shoulders and back, whilst leaving little kisses behind his ears and at the nape of his neck. He would comment on how good they were at giving massages, and that they should perhaps do it more often - but it came out as barely a mumble as his eyes grew heavy and he began to drift off to sleep.

Tanaka: In contrast to his rather abashed outward reaction, he really wanted that massage from his partner. He rather sheepishly took off his shirt and let them do as they pleased, mumbling a “Please take care of me”. He ended up getting really into it, sighing happily as his partner chatted away to him about the events of their day.

Nishinoya: He eagerly agreed to it as soon as it was offered, and gave his partner a quick peck on the cheek before taking his shirt off and sprawling himself out on the bed. He lay and talked to his partner about how their day went - listening to their voice was something that always seemed to help him unwind. Although he felt like he could have fallen asleep at his partner’s tranquilizing touch, he offered to give them a massage in return, once they had finished.

Asahi: Although he may normally get flustered at such a suggestion, he couldn’t deny that the sound of a massage from his partner after such a grueling practice sounded divine. He did get somewhat sheepish when his partner encouraged him to take off his shirt to that they could massage his back, but he soon surrendered to their charm and let them have their way. Even though the tension in his muscles was melting away, he couldn’t quite relax - as his partner seemed to pick up on, judging by the blush on his face and his growing arousal.

Yamaguchi: Despite being rather bashful at first, he would be thrilled at the prospect of his partner giving him a massage - but on the condition that he at least returned the favour afterwards. As his partner massaged him, they left a trail of chaste kisses along his shoulders and up his neck. All of his stress melted away at his partner’s gentle touch, leaving him in such a state of bliss that he drifted off to sleep.

Tsukishima: A grin spread across his face, yet he maintained a nonchalant approach to it, telling them ”Do whatever you like”.
In spite of his attitude, he was rather thankful for the massage, as evidently even his partner could see that training that day had taken its toll on both his body and mind. He attempted to thank them for their actions, but all that came out was a barely audible and incomprehensible mumble as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

Hinata: Although his rising blush suggested otherwise, Hinata felt as though his partner giving him a massage would be a good experience to have with his partner - kind of like a milestone in their relationship.
As he sat cross legged on the floor, too tense to speak to his partner, he closed his eyes and let the tranquil atmosphere and his partner’s soothing hands lift away the stress in his muscles, letting him unwind after a hard day of practice.

Kageyama: In an instant he blushed beet red at his partner’s offer. He thought it would be such an embarrassing situation, but found it hard to deny the fact that a massage was exactly what he needed in that moment. After some hesitation, he agreed to it - thanking them in advance for their consideration. He no longer cared about the blush burning across his face, and gave in to the relaxing sensation of his partner’s nimble hands.

Aone: When his partner offered to give him a massage, he could feel his cheeks begin to burn, but he couldn’t help but to think that it sounded glorious after such a hard days training. He hummed in approval with a slight nod of his head, as his partner tugged at the hem of his shirt, telling him to take it off. His initial embarrassment would pass as his partner’s hands moved rhythmically across his shoulders and down his back - causing the stress and tension to just melt away. Afterwards, he would most likely offer his partner a massage in return - his strong yet gentle hands would be amazing for it after all.

Akaashi: His expression softened the moment his partner told him that they want to help him relax after such a tiring practice - as he let himself be ushered to the bed with his partner commenting on how tense his shoulders and neck are.
He couldn’t help but close his eyes and get lost in the relaxing sensation of his partner’s hands rubbing all of the tension and stress away - releasing contented sighs throughout.

Ushijima: Not wanting to burden his partner with his own afflictions, he would reassure them that a massage wasn’t necessary, and that he was used to hard sessions of practice. Yet as his partner wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, he finally admitted defeat and allowed them to help him relax. It was impossible for him to stifle a few yawns, as the calming sensation of his partner’s hands gliding across his skin caused him to slip further and further towards sleep.