Dating Newt Scamander Would Include...

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I felt like I needed to get something up today so here is my own “Dating Newt Scamander Would Include” thing 

Warning:  I’m 80% sure these suck

  • Him being the little spoon
  • You being the little spoon when Newt needs a ‘teddy bear’
  • Newt being a surprisingly good cook
  • You becoming the fathers to Newt’s creatures because he had already deemed himself the mummy
  • You teasing Newt for it
  • Newt’s older brother Theseus flirting with you and making Newt insecure
  • You French kissing Newt and letting him know he’s the only man for you
  • Your parents being a bit concerned with all the creatures at first
  • But soon see how much you and Newt love each other
  • Them treating Newt like a son
  • Newt’s parents being thrilled their son had found someone
  • Them being two of the nicest people you have ever met
  • Baby pictures and funny stories of little Newt
  • “Aww you were so cute!”
  • “Am I not cute anymore???” (He was genuinely concerned)
  • “More like sexy.”
  • That really turning Newt on
  • Newt having a habit of hugging you from behind when you’re in the middle of doing something
  • “Newwwt!  My bottle of ink!”
  • “The glass!”
  • “Ouch!  I burned myself on the stove!”
  • “My book!”
  • But you secretly love it when he does that
  • You two spending hours cuddling and enjoying each others company
  • You stealing Newt’s blue coat when you’re cold
  • One time you spent an hour staring at Newt trying to determine if his eyes were blue or green
  • “What on Earth are you doing?”
  • “Trying to figure out if your eyes are sea foam green or cerulean.”
  • “…”
  • You having Newt read new parts of his book to you in bed every night
  • You and Newt honestly being the cutest couple in New York
  • Newt growing really fond of the feeling of you running your fingers through his hair
  • Newt taking you on all his trips with him because one time he left without you and realized that he literally couldn’t survive without you
  • Newt giving you forehead kisses
  • Even if you’re just passing each other in a hallway
  • Having to levitate Newt out of the case when he falls asleep down there
  • The Niffler occasionally escaping from the case and trying to snuggle in bed with you both
  • Newt getting protective
  • “You little bugger!  Have to take everything golden from me, don’t you?”
  • Blushing when he calls you ‘golden’
  • Hugs can last anywhere from five seconds to five minutes
  • Asking Newt why you can’t have a dog but can have potentially lethal beasts in the house
  • “Dogs are a lot of work.”
  • “Newt.” *points around to all the creatures and beasts*
  • “Oh.  Uh.”
  • Newt eventually giving in and lets you get a dog
  • You name him Jacob

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

I have to get it out of my head. How I fell for him. How I miss him.

I remember the first day I met him, and his eyes were a warm brown. It was still summer then, and all I wanted was to talk to him. I wanted to know if he felt the same thing.

Time passed.

I thought of him more and more. I thought of his laugh and the smell of his jackets and our deep conversations late at night and the way his smile lit up a room. And then we talked as if we’d known each other all our lives. Maybe in another life we did. I didn’t know what love felt like, but that sure seemed like it. It felt like falling. There’s this terrifying feeling that creeps up on you when you realize you need someone so badly. Your heart races. You say stupid stuff. You make wishes at 11:11. I was just a kid, but it didn’t matter. I’d still do it now.

Time passed again.

He faded from my life just like a season. One moment he was there no matter what, the next there was silence. That’s when I began to feel empty. The loneliness of abandonment always nags at you until you give into it. Even if you resist, it’s there. I miss him like you miss oxygen when you’re underwater too long. I miss him like that lemonade I was dying for the day we met. I miss him like you miss the rain when it’s a hundred degrees.

I want to tell him that he’s still everything, that the littlest things remind me of him. I want to say I feel alone when I look up at the stars without him beside me and that a field of grass under the sun isn’t peaceful without our quiet conversations. I want to tell him I think of him every night as I have trouble sleeping, every day as I feel detached. I want to say I’m in love. But I won’t tell him. I never do. I never did.

If he ever reads this, he won’t even know it’s about him.

—  you can’t be the one

Hi friends!!

As you may have seen, I woke up Sunday morning to some dull knee pain. It wasn’t horrible, but I made the albeit annoying but smart decision to not run. I was bummed, but knew I was doing the right thing. I did make sure to do some PT exercises, stretching, and icing to help things along!

Monday my knee felt better, but not quite where I wanted it, so I took that day off too. Trying to be smart! The days off weren’t all bad though, got in some good snuggles with my boys :)

Yesterday I woke up and my knee felt SO much better! So I decided to head out and try

Indy Mini W12D2 - STRENGTH 4x1.5 miles

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, so I told myself just do one and see how I felt. After the first one my whole body was screaming LOLNOPE, so I turned home and cut the workout in half.

And I’m totally fine with that! During this run I had lots of thoughts about how much I push myself for running. And how I really need to be nicer and not put so much pressure on myself. I run for fun! Literally no one depends on how my runs go. My friends and family will still love me if I’m not running 100%. And I feel like I’m learning that more and more. I shouldn’t be nervous 3 days a week because of the hard runs I have to do after work. They should be something I look forward to! So moving forward, I’m going to try my hardest to have a different mindset towards running. It should be fun! Not another stress in my life. If I’m not running 9 min/miles, I’ll still be me and that’s pretty great :)

Okay enough rambles for today! My knee feels great again today, so I’ll be doing tempo tomorrow!

Happy hump day! :)

@bisexualwinry It’s just so bad I can’t get over WHY they felt the need to set it in America instead of Japan and then change all the characters’ names and like I normally trust Netflix to do a good job w/ making things but it doesn’t even look like it’s going to be a good movie at ALL lmao. And yet… will I watch it? Yes yes I will

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I was just watching Captain America Civil War and all I could think of is 'veliseraptors story is so much better' and 'i want nothing more then to see Loki in this scene'. Im gonna go read ur storys now. Also, BIG ASS WHITE CAPTION

the choice of location captions in Civil War was one of the weirdest and most inexplicable things about it to me, like, why did you need those, why did you think they worked well, they were just weird and felt like powerpoint transition slides

but also awwww thank you. it’s always funny to me the way that when I watch marvel movies now - not for the first time, mostly, but every time after that - there’s a corner of my brain that’s like “and how can I work this into fic? what bits of canon does this add that I like? how could I make this scenario at least ten times more Steve/Loki?” 

it’s a weird situation.

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Hi I need to tell someone about this so I'm just gonna tell you. I have been home for years bc of my mental illness and haven't been able to do things and have experiences normal teens do. And today was the first day in years that I was out all day and I just felt so NORMAL and I felt that maybe I can recover. Maybe I can go to school and get a job. I cried happy tears.

I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely know the feelings you’re going through there and I promise you that it’s possible to make these good days into most days!!!! I believe in you!

You guys!

Henrik took it upon himself to make Tarjei feel comfortable. He knew that Tarjei was four years younger than him and took responsibility for his comfort. He knew that he needed to be someone Tarjei could trust and feel safe with. He knew that Tarjei should be in control. He was just like, “I am here for YOU, bud.”

And Even make sure Isak was comfortable. He was so, so patient, always checking to make sure Isak was okay with what was happening. And he never took it personally when Isak was hesitant. He made Isak feel safe and loved. He was just like, “I respect you and you’re in charge.”

Henrik’s complete lack of ego about the entire thing is incredible. He gives all the credit to Julie and has no idea how incredible he is. Of course Tarjei felt safe with him. He exudes warmth and gentleness and accommodation. He is a human angel. 

I can’t. I have too many feelings. This show and these boys and these characters are too much. 

(Shout out to @xionin for helping me process said feelings and @screamteam for screaming with me about them.)

On specific labels and the color blue

There is a trend of sorts I’m seeing, that of people arguing about the existance of certain gender labels because these labels would be “too specific”. That this creating more and more specific labels would be making things too confused or complicated or what have you.

Now, I’d like you to think of the color blue. But not just any blue, but azure in particular. Would someone say azure is too specific a word, because I could have simply said blue instead? Of course I might have just said blue, but that may have made you think of any kind of blue. Another person maybe would have just asked you to think of blue, but I wanted specifically azure now. Just like I could have asked for turquoise, or teal, or cerulean. Of course these in the end are all blue, but since there are many types of blue we felt the need to make words that refer to specific shades so that others may know exactly what we are talking about without getting into long descriptions.

Suppose now, for example, someone says they are genderfluid. You’ll understand that their gender is fluid, but not what genders they go between. They might go between male and female, or between agender, nonbinary and demigirl, or between nonbinary and female, you don’t know. And maybe they’ll be alright with you just knowing they are genderfluid and leave it at that. But someone else’s gender might never encompass masculine genders, and it may be important to them, and so they might use genderfae instead of genderfluid, so that there will be no doubt on the fact that they never feel male or masculine.

And, furthermore, these specific labels aren’t just used for tthe sake of using less words to communicate a concept, they are useful to the people who use them. If you want to paint your house’s fence azure, you’ll look for azure paint, but if the label only says blue instead of what shade of blue it is you’ll have a much harder time finding the paint you want. If that genderfae person wants to meet other people who share the same gender, or is looking for resources specifically for someone who doesn’t experience masculinity, they’ll do this much faster by looking up genderfae instead of the more vague genderfluid.

This isn’t to say broad labels aren’t useful, of course. Certain people won’t feel the need to specify their gender past genderfluid, or any other umbrella term for that matter. Others people do find comfort in more specific labels. 

“But,” you say, “how am I supposed to know all these labels? There’s so many of them!” Well then, did you know the word glaucous? It is apparently a type of pale grey-blue. I had no idea this word existed until about ten minutes ago. If someone had told me about something glaucous yesterday I would have had to ask what it meant, and they would have explained it to me so that in the future I could have understood it. And in the same way, no one forces you to learn every single gender label in existance, and if you ever meet someone using a label you don’t know, all you have to do is ask, and I’m sure they will be happy to explain it to you, so that in the future you will know what their gender is.

And frankly, after having looked up all possible names for blue, I assure you gender labels aren’t overly specific at all.


🎮 3.8.17🎮

I’ve recently become insanely obsessed with Undertale. I watched Dan and Phil play it over the course of 2 weeks and honestly, this game made me nearly cry. I love the characters and it’s basically become a comforting thing for me to go to when I feel anxious/unsure of myself, so I felt that making a bujo spread for it was appropriate!

Hospitality and Tourism and World History are already coming to an end, and I am thankful that they were so easy. I just need to boost my History grade up to an A (it’s currently a B) and I’ll be set!

~Please do not delete the caption~

Two Things on Fantastic Beasts

1. I need someone to make a gifset paralleling the scene where Newt tells Tina she has a smudge on her face with the scene between Hermione and Ron on the train in The Sorcerer’s Stone.

2. Johnny Depp felt so out of place in that movie. That is my one and only issue I had with the film. It was amazing, but I just wasn’t prepared to see Johnny Depp pop up idk.

sana literally has the biggest heart and is so so so caring. she’s the type of person who sees people, she notices things, even the smallest details, she knows when something might be wrong. she has that sixth sense because she’s so genuinely caring and loving. she wants the people she cares about to be okay and well. and she’s grown to care about isak. she wants to make sure he’s doing okay because she understood in the past few weeks that some things were going on in his life. she doesn’t know exactly what, she doesn’t know about everything, but still, she understood, felt, that isak might need support. and with her asking him if everything is okay, she’s letting him know she’s here, she’s willing to be here and i am so so so glad isak has someone like sana by his side 

My dear trans daughters, 

If you are trying out make-up, “feminine” clothes etc. for the first time, i want to tell you some things: 

1. First of all… *big mommy bear hug*! I’m so proud of you! This is a big step and it’s very exciting! 

2. You are likely excited, too - but you may also be nervous or even scared. Please know that those feelings are completely normal. They’re not a sign that you’re “faking it”. Trust me when i tell you that almost all of your trans sisters felt the same way. You’re not alone, darling. 

3. Nobody is born a makeup artist. Every girl - cis or trans - needs to practice how to put on mascara or lipstick without ending up looking like a horror clown. The only difference is that cis girls usually get taught how to at a young age. It’s not your failure that nobody taught you! So, what if you tried it and it looked awful? Don’t stress. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. It’s normal that it takes practice and time. 

4. The good thing about not being the only one? There were others before you who were in the same situation - and shared what they learned! There are tutorials on youtube, tumblr posts, websites etc. Don’t be afraid to use them. 

5. It’s okay to take baby steps. You don’t need to try it all at once. Maybe putting on nail polish, mascara and a dress today feels overwhelming - but just putting on clear nail polish sounds much less scary! There’s nothing wrong with slowly working your way up to the look you dream off. 

6. You don’t need to do anything. You tried lipstick and you don’t like it? That’s okay! You don’t need to wear lipstick to be a real woman. You don’t enjoy wearing skirts? Many girls prefer pants, don’t worry! 

7. Have i already told you how amazing you are? 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Mercy

[Submission by: @kitty-la-wa ]

I really wasn’t sure how I felt about drawing this, since Genji’s outfit is so complex, and Mercy’s wings make me nervous. It turned out being a lot of fun though! Mostly because I love drawing Genji’s armor, complex or nah, and I got to draw Genji’s face sans mask! 

Things not to say to a spoonie.

“It won’t kill you getting up early.” They don’t know what fatigue is like. But It actually feels like you’re dying.

You take as many naps as you need to get through the day.

“At least it’s not cancer.” They’ve have no idea what you’re going through, so please don’t act like you do.

Just ignore those idoits, who don’t even know what the word “chronic” means. Just think of things that make you happy.

“You don’t look sick.” What do you think “invisible illness” means? They’ve obviously never felt ill, because then they would know, it doesn’t always make you look different.

You’re beautiful, whether you think so or not.

“You’re not disabled, I don’t see a wheelchair.” Not all disabilities are visible.

Just because you’re disabled, it doesn’t mean you’re not a hero.

“I hope you feel better soon.” I know it sounds like they’re trying to be kind. But a “chronic illness” is something that will never go away. So they’re just making that person more depressed.

You have other people with chronic illnesses you can talk to. They understand.

“Why are you so lazy?” A disabled person has a limited ablity to do anything. You’re not aware of what they’re going through.

These people don’t understand how much effort you put in, day in, day out. You go at your own pace.

Feel free to add more.


Listen I’m trash and wanted to join in the fun okay so here we go

-Sometimes when Robbie really can’t sleep, he asks Sportacus to ramble on about some random topic because his voice is hella soothing tbh

-They’re both asexual

-Robbie is autistic and has BPD don’t @ me on this

-Sportacus is always determined to be the big spoon regardless of how small he is in comparison to Robbie. It makes Robbie feel safe, so he doesn’t complain

-One time before they got together when Robbie was antagonizing Sportacus as usual, he unwittingly said something that cut a lil too deep and accidentally made Sporto cry. He felt this immediate sense of regret and did his best to comfort the poor dude and immediately apologized for saying what he said

-Sometimes Robbie has particularly rough days where he needs some Alone Time ™. Sportacus knows, however, that Robbie will get lonely if left alone for too long, so while he makes sure to give him space, he reassures Robbie that he’ll still be around if he changes his mind and wants company. After a few hours, Robbie will come out wrapped in a blanket to ask Sportacus to keep him company. Sportacus will proceed to cuddle with him and give him gentle lil kisses

-There are also days where Robbie just goes nonverbal because he doesn’t even have the energy to talk. If Sportacus needs to communicate, he makes sure to only ask yes or no questions so that Robbie doesn’t have to put too much effort into responding

-Robbie is actually a v emotional person but he hates crying in front of people so he usually bottles it up and it often makes Sportacus very concerned so he does his best to help Robbie through it

-I’ve already posted about this but sometimes Robbie straight up forgets to eat for like a day. This stresses out Sportacus to no end

-Sportacus always wakes up before Robbie but he’ll often stay in bed for like another thirty minutes bc he loves his bf and wants to stay near him for a lil bit longer

This is rly dumb I’m sorry

When I read this:

[Robin (1993) #165]

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Bruce just letting Tim go by himself.  I get that it’s about respect and that it’s Tim’s mission but at the same time Bruce didn’t know what was in there.  What if it was someone more dangerous than he thought?

but then I read this:

[Robin (1993) #166]

Bruce trusts Tim so much.  Tim is stretching himself thin but Bruce trusts him to tell him when things are too much and he needs help and he trusts him to make his own decisions.  He has to have some faith in him, show his faith in him, by letting him make his own choices and not pushing him away or being way too overprotective and driving Robin to quit or act on his own in secret (Dick and Jason).  

Bruce is trying to have an open conversation type of relationship with Tim and that involves letting him do things by himself.  Which is definitely character growth for Bruce.

(Don’t get me started on how Dick also trusts and respects Tim an incredible amount.  Also Jason of course at this time knew how competent Tim was.)

“My feelings for my significant other are strong”

Requested by Anonymous

A note about this particular sigil - I personally don’t believe that Magick can/should genuinely influence peoples true emotions. I’ve always believed that things like that need to be dealt with on the physical plane as opposed to the metaphysical one. On the other hand I do believe that there are specific situations that can hinder emotions such as depression, anxiety and stress. So I would use this sigil for myself if, for example, my depression was making me feel emotionless towards people I love and I knew that it wasn’t a genuine lack of emotion. If you don’t carry the same beliefs that’s 100% fine! These are just MY views and also why I generally will not do sigils that involve changing yours or someone else’s emotions toward others. Although I know most people will not be intentionally malicious in requesting those types of sigils I am still not completely comfortable creating them for most situations. I felt okay doing this one because I know that sometimes certain situations can falsely hinder people’s emotions. Anyways if you’ve read this far THANK YOU and I appreciate your understanding.

As always feel free to use this for your own purposes (but please use sigils like this wisely) and if you do please like/reblog. Thank you and have a great day!

I know that, in theory, love is supposed to be soft.
I have felt soft love, before, but—
for the last two months, love has been
sledgehammer to my nervous system.
It keeps taking me out at the knees.
For the thousandth time, I remind myself
that want and need are two different things.
I remind myself,
to be needed is not love.
I kiss like a seed trying desperately
to put down roots in wet soil.
I keep trying to turn wild animal.
He keeps trying to make a home from my skeleton.
Neither of us is doing this the right way.
In spite of that, we keep crashing our bodies together:
expecting someone to catch us even when we’ve become
falling anvils,
cartoon pianos,
sticks of live dynamite.
I’ve done this song and dance before. I already know
I will let him turn me shelter
even while my roof is leaking.
I’ll put my mouth everywhere that hurts.
I’m good at it: unearthing my foundations
and giving them to other people.
It’s no wonder I have trouble standing on my own two feet.
It’s no wonder I’m so prone to slide downhill.
Even then, I still believe in a love that will meet me
at my own altar.
A love that patches the holes in the ceiling.
A love who comes, heart in hand,
and means it.
—  UNTIL THEN by Ashe Vernon

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The guys making out with their girlfriends when someone interrupts them? C.F. love ur blog*.*


Raph (aka the KING of making out, fight me on this): 
omg he would be so freakin pissed off, I think he’d be pretty passive aggressive about it too.
(( I need a cold shower ))

It was getting heavy, you were straddling his thigh in those jeans he loves so much that show your ass perfectly. Your kisses just as eager as his - almost frantic. Its been ages since you’ve finally been left alone. Raph groaned into your mouth when he felt you grind down onto his thigh, a broken whimper passing your lips as you repeated the action. Usually, this is where he would whisper the most nasty things in your ear. Making you quiver with all the promises he’ll fulfill, just as he leaned into your ear, you body practically craving his vulgar whispers - 

“C’mon Raph! Its time for training” Leo yelled, walking in on the scene “Oh sorry… but Splinter wants you there in 5“ 

Your actions stopped as soon as Leo made himself known, you whined pathetically and your now,very pissed off boyfriend was glaring at him like he had personally told him he was working with the shredder. His jaw clenched “Tell him I’ll go to the Hashi” With that he stood up from his bed, towering over Leo and slamming his door shut and locking it. Giving you his signature grin that made your body set on fire. 

You know the silent but deadly type? Yea that’d be him, Making them leave the room because he wants to spend time with his lady!! 
((Look at this, look at this rude leader in blue :( 

The slow, passionate kiss that was between you and Leo made everything so much more intense. You were pretty sure Leo could feel your heart beating in your chest, your hand moved to the back of his head and played with his bandanna,pulling him closer so he was now laying on top of you. Your whole body was hot, you became more aware of this as you felt his hand slowly move over your stomach, squeezing your hip - he pulled away for a brief moment to look at you, your lips were swollen, pupils dilated, breath short - how did he get so lucky? You grinned and pulled him back for another kiss, you loved this moments just you him - 

“Sorry to cut this short love birds, but my shows on” Mikey interrupted, Leo glared at him when he entered the room, He placed his face into your neck and inhaled your scent. You bit back a laugh and he incoherently muttered into your neck. 

“We were kind of in the middle of something, Mikey” He looked up and glared at him, they seemed to be having a silent conversation as you laid there trying to get your breaths even. Then he grumbled something, throwing the remote down in a tantrum, the only thing you could make out was “Online…you have a room…” Leo just grinned into your neck, nuzzling you and he kissed there before making his way up to your lips once again. 

“Now, where were we?”

Blushy Flustered big shy baby 

You were both in the lab, to cut it short Donnie wasn’t paying attention to you and you were feeling particularly needy. So, when it was safe and he put everything lethal down - You swiftly moved into his lap, sitting on it giving him an innocent look, the one that drove him absolutely wild. Then next thing you know your straddling him on the chair, slightly reclined as you both kissed, the speed changing every so often. It’d go from eager kisses to slow passionate ones. It caused your whole body to react to it, moaning into the kiss as you pushed yourself into him.

“God, (y/n) - “ he panted, feeling the strain in his lower region just from the make out session. It had been a while since you and him actually did anything, so it didn’t take long to get to that peak of wanting to skip to the best part. His hands roamed down your back and gripped your backside. 

“Fuck, Donnie, I-”

“Donnie Have you found out what that—” Raph paused, grinning at the scene “Oh, sorry.. Am I intruding?” he teased lightly, voice innocent. You flushed red and Donnie awkwardly sat back up, causing you to push up against him further.

“Raph, c-can you give us a minute?” He stuttered, a small pink hue on his cheeks as he tried to gently pull you off of him. However you stayed put, you knew he could’ve put more effort into moving you, but he really didn’t have the heart too. 

“Oh, no. Don’t stop on my account, have fun kids” he grinned, making his way out of the liar 

Come on, ya’ll do we all think mikey would care? He’d just continue

Naturally, it started because he wouldn’t stop beating your butt at a video game. “Stop cheating!” You yelled, half teasingly half seriously.
“Its not my fault you suck at this, angelcakes” 

You jumped him and sat on his lap, at first it was a way to distract him, until both of you dropped the controllers and one thing let to another his hand was under your shirt and your kisses were needy. However, you were both giggling into the kiss, especially when he trailed his hand over that spot on your back that made you shiver and giggle like a little school girl. You tugged on his bandanna to keep his face close to yours, his arms wrapped around your waist. Making out with Mikey was a dream come true, it was playful yet he never failed to make you want more. He laid down on the sofa bringing you with you, he whined slightly as you had to stop your actions to balance yourself, you laughed at him.

“Always so needy” you teased, softly stroking his cheek - you loved his eyes, they were so captivating.

“Because you’re so addicting, angel cakes!” with that he pulled you forward, earning a shocked squeal from you and a laugh, he wasted no time re-connecting your lips, his hands roaming your stomach and back and every so often grazing over your ass. 

“Mikey have you seen my spare tool kit?” Donnie asked him, Mikey ignored him and continued to kiss you, you didn’t even hear him - “Have you seen. my tool kit?” He repeated, eyes rolling to the back of his head as Mikey began kissing you again, grinning into the kiss. “Ugh, nevermind!” He announced, storming out of the room in a temper. 

“You’re mean, ya’know that?” you laughed, he chuckled in response and picked you up bridal style.

“You love me, angelcakes. Now lets go to my room where we can’t be interrupted!”