The line “if my mom were alive maybe I’d tell her about you too” makes me so sad because if his mom was alive, how much different would things be for Lukas?
Maybe his dad wouldn’t be the way he is and treat him the way he does, and Lukas wouldn’t be so scared of him? I imagine his mom would’ve reacted similarly to the way Anne did when Philip told her about Lukas, she wouldn’t care who he loved as long as he was happy. And if this was the case, maybe Lukas would be far more accepting of himself and of his love for Philip, and he wouldn’t have ever felt the need to hate himself for being who he is, to be as violently closeted as he has been. At least now it seems that he’s slowly learning to accept himself more and is actually feeling comfortable enough to be intimate with Philip because he wants to and because he can. I just hope that soon he realises that he’s able to be that guy if he wants to be.


I blurred the vet hospital name because I don’t want people like… stalking me if I go to there or something

if you really need to know the vet name, PM me un-anonymously. 

Hey guys, so unfortunately Troy went to the emergency vet and they’re not exactly sure what’s wrong with him but they for sure know he was very dehydrated and the vet felt a lump in his abdomen that she’s concerned about. 

There can be several things wrong with him like he could have atadenovirus which is deadly for bearded dragons, he could have a tumor or an immune disease or parasites, we just don’t know.

I work retail as a dog bather and make Washington state minimum wage. I’m lucky enough to be living with my parents because it is so damn expensive here I’d probably be on the streets if it weren’t for them. But they aren’t helping with my reptile expenses which is fine. They’re my pets not my parent’s pets.

This lizard is my everything. I need him healthy and happy and I honestly need help in doing so. I’m not sure how many more tests he’s gonna need and it is very expensive.


 please, spread the word if you can’t commission me. I just want my baby healthy.

Icy Diamond

Something I had laying around for months now, since march I believe.
It’s been left lined and ready to be colored for a while but I never felt like doing anything with it, mostly out of a lack of interest, that and I’ve been busy with other things, not to mention the overall picture doesn’t really seem to look that good to me, I really need to train more when it comes to having characters imply movement.
So, much like a few other pieces, I decided to give it the Flat Color treatment and post it here, I’ll be sure to make something fully shaded soon!
I should also make a separate folder for Flat Colored pieces on Deviantart, hmm…
Characters are Sonia Strumm and Diamond Ice from Megaman Star Force 3, context-wise? Diamond hates Sonia, so there’s that.



megsesblogs  asked:

I assume Cisco's angst in the Crossover bothered you to some degree, meaning these two idiots needed to make up already.

I didn’t actually get to watch the Legends portion so I don’t know what went on in the finale, but to be honest, Cisco’s “angst”, if that’s what we’re calling mourning for a loved one now, did not bother me at all, because I actually believe Cisco is 100% validated in his mourning and his retracting from Barry.

The loss of a family member, especially a parent-figure or a sibling, is a horrible, horrible thing to go through, and the amount of pain and grief that is felt can be too much to bear, overwhelming beyond words. Cisco needs to be given space and he needs to be treated with respect in this extremely challenging trial of his life.

I don’t mean to backtrack or change topics - but I’ve lost two very close friends in very painful ways. One of those friends was the sweetest most loving people I have ever met. He was facing too much social pressure both in his relationships with others and also in his schoolwork, and he noted over and over again that he felt like people couldn’t see his worth and only used him, and took advantage of him. He was driven to suicide. My other friend was murdered while on an outdoor hike. Her body wasn’t found until 8 days later. Both of these friends were like siblings to me, our friendships were life-changing, and both of their losses impacted me in very excruciating and difficult ways.

Now, if someone had told me back then to get over it and forgive the people/causes behind their death - to forgive my best friend’s murderer, and to forgive the people who made my other friend’s life feel so unbearable that he had to take his own life and be taken away from me - to just let these losses go, to accept that I’ve lost two people I dearly loved with every ounce of my being - I honestly would probably strangle them, because how dare you.

How dare you tell me I cannot cry over my friends. How dare you tell me to get over those horrible losses.

Nobody has any right to tell me not to mourn those deaths, and nobody can tell me that my feelings for those deaths are invalidated. If you’ve lost someone like I have, and like Cisco has, you know that telling me/Cisco to forgive his brother’s “murderer” is the worst thing you could tell him, because you’re telling Cisco that his opinion of Barry should be more important than his very, very real feelings of loss for Dante.

Another thing. I saw this in a gifset for Leonard/Lisa - but the quotation went : “If you’ve lost a sibling, do you say that sibling never existed and that you’re an only child now? Or that you’re missing the other half of the equation?” 

Similarly, do you just want Cisco to act like Dante never existed, now that he’s gone? Because that is unrealistic and cruel to him. Let Cisco be angry that his best friend killed his brother. Let Cisco despise and hate Barry, let Cisco cry and be shaken by this. After everything he’s been through with Dante and everything he’s been through with and done for Barry, he deserves it. I hate it when people expect Cisco to always be ready to bounce up and go back to joking around and building tech for his ass-hat of a friend who wasn’t even fazed when he found out Cisco had been killed in an alternate timeline (1x15), and instead wanted Cisco to willingly lucid-dream about his own murder again just to gain intel on the Reverse Flash. I hate when people criticize Cisco for not joking all the time, for daring to show other emotions. Cisco is human. He’s not here for comedy relief, he’s not here just to backup Barry when something goes wrong on a mission.

I’m on the Cisco Ramon protection squad. Cisco needs to be treated with love and he honestly needs to be respected more, both in the fandom and in the show by his peers.

HOWEVER, I do not hold Barry entirely accountable. 

Barry never meant for Dante to die.

If Barry had known Dante would be killed, he would’ve acted much differently to ensure that Dante would have stayed alive, because Barry of all people knows what a death in the family can do to you.

And – Barry’s going to have to live with these mistakes for the rest of his life. Killing his best friend’s brother. Erasing Diggle’s daughter. The horrible fight between Iris and Joe, Caitlin losing it and becoming a completely different - very dangerous - person, and now knowing Wally wants to put himself in danger and be more like him. We all know Barry is the last person to forgive his own mistakes, and I’m already guessing that this will have long-term repercussions on him and his mentality. Season 3 has been very hard on Barry, and Cisco, and Caitlin, Wally, Julian - all of them, and honestly all I want to do to is reach into the TV screen and pull my children into my arms and wrap them up in warm blankets and give them my love and make the world alright for them. 

They’re human. They make mistakes. They’re not perfect.

But to say Cisco needs to forgive Barry for Dante’s death solely because they were friends is the last thing I’m going to agree on.

I’m sorry for the rant. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot or anything, but I’ve been seeing crap after crap about Cisco needing to forgive Barry for the longest time - on top of racism again Iris and the West fam - and this fandom is just becoming a shithole for me. 

I am not open to discussion about this.

I am sick and tired of the kinds of things people are saying about Cisco, and I guess people just haven’t lost someone of their own to be able to understand the reality behind Cisco’s pain, or be realistic about how he should go about this.


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#100 and space? Love your art!!

sleeping is for losers

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I don’t think we talk enough about Vicki Collins.

I was stalking Misha’s Instagram as always and I came across a comment on a picture with him and Vicki. It was so fucking rude and I felt the need to justify how beautiful Vicki is.

We all talk about Gen and Danneel because they’re actresses themselves but I don’t see posts talking about Vicki. Sure, we don’t see much of her, but I’m sure we can all agree just how amazing she is.

Some things we need to keep in mind:

1.       We talk about how amazing a father Misha is, watching the cooking videos. But we need to remember Vicki is the one behind the camera, filming all of this. Remember how we praised Misha’s patience with West in the first ever video? Yeah, Vicki was with them too, all the while holding the camera and filming the two hours of West’s detour on the way to the supermarket.

2.       Vicki literally travelled to India at the age of 16 after making a presentation about an orphanage there, worked there for two months and came back with babies. She is and always has been an amazing human being.

3.       Misha claims that it is Vicki’s craziness and uniqueness that has rubbed on him.

4.       She has the patience of a saint; with her husband as well as her children. She is the one who has to take care of the kids while Misha is working, and look at how amazing they’ve grown up to be! And she has redesigned Misha’s wedding ring (personalized ring, she herself made) twice now because he keeps losing it.

5.       She has been a part of Misha’s life for 25 years now and he loves her dearly. I think that is reason enough for us to adore her.

So, basically, I just love Victoria Vantoch-Collins so much and I wanted to appreciate her existence and thank her for shaping Misha into the man he is today. Vicki and Misha will always be my favorite power couple.


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

a list of things i want to see:

  • an spn black&white episode because soundtrack and noir!winchesters
  • musical episode
  • badass lady hunter spinoff
  • adam
  • jesse aka the cutest antichrist that ever antichristed
  • adam
  • cas saying ‘i need you too’
  • missouri moseley to knock some sense into everyone
  • 'christo’ back
  • adam

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Mercy

[Submission by: @kitty-la-wa ]

I really wasn’t sure how I felt about drawing this, since Genji’s outfit is so complex, and Mercy’s wings make me nervous. It turned out being a lot of fun though! Mostly because I love drawing Genji’s armor, complex or nah, and I got to draw Genji’s face sans mask! 

This is Revan:

This is Kylo Ren:

This is Bastila Shan:

And this is our angel, Rey:

Now I’m not the only person seeing the similarities here. I’ve seen this theory a few times, that Rey and Kylo are based off of Bastila and Revan. I just want to reiterate why Reylo would could easily be a Bastila/Revan retelling.

Revan and Bastila both started out as Jedi. Revan however turned to the dark side (sound like anyone), but lost his memory and eventually came back over to the light (and stayed there even after recovering his memory). Bastila tried to resist her feelings for Revan for a long time, however the two eventually fell in love. 

What’s more is Bastila and Revan shared a force bond, so their thoughts and emotions were linked!

The “I feel it too” quote along with the instant connection Rey and Kylo share make me think this is a highly plausible thing for them as well. 

Also pointing out that Bastila used a double-bladed lightsaber, and I’ve always felt like Rey needed one since she was used to fighting with her staff (please give her a double-bladed lightsaber). 

Bastila was captured by the Sith and turned to the dark side for a short period of time, but their love for each other brought her back to the light

I know I’m way over-simplifying Bastila and Revan’s relationship, but I just wanted to point out the main similarities. I’m sure there’s even more I’m overlooking 

Now if the Star Wars gods in charge haven’t seen this as the perfect opportunity to play out a rather epic love story, I will be pissed. Rey can bring Kylo back to the light. He can be Ben Solo again. They’ll help each other. Maybe Rey will be tempted by the dark side and Kylo will bring her back from that. I don’t care, just give me something like this. I need Kylo and Rey together. There are just too many parallels in this not to at least consider.

Sorry for the disorganized word-vomit, but I just didn’t think screaming through the computer “BASTILA + REVAN = REY + KYLO. DOES NO OEN SEE THIS?! HOLY SHIT. LOOK AT THIS. *gestures frantically to them all*” could have gotten my point across.

I know that, in theory, love is supposed to be soft.
I have felt soft love, before, but—
for the last two months, love has been
sledgehammer to my nervous system.
It keeps taking me out at the knees.
For the thousandth time, I remind myself
that want and need are two different things.
I remind myself,
to be needed is not love.
I kiss like a seed trying desperately
to put down roots in wet soil.
I keep trying to turn wild animal.
He keeps trying to make a home from my skeleton.
Neither of us is doing this the right way.
In spite of that, we keep crashing our bodies together:
expecting someone to catch us even when we’ve become
falling anvils,
cartoon pianos,
sticks of live dynamite.
I’ve done this song and dance before. I already know
I will let him turn me shelter
even while my roof is leaking.
I’ll put my mouth everywhere that hurts.
I’m good at it: unearthing my foundations
and giving them to other people.
It’s no wonder I have trouble standing on my own two feet.
It’s no wonder I’m so prone to slide downhill.
Even then, I still believe in a love that will meet me
at my own altar.
A love that patches the holes in the ceiling.
A love who comes, heart in hand,
and means it.
—  UNTIL THEN by Ashe Vernon

as a person who has been following bts for over 2 years, it genuinely makes me happy when i think about the time when things were different with bts, when army didn’t have a hope in hell to make even half a million views in one day, the times we knew they were just a few of us but we stuck close and radiated positivity for all seven of them. it hurt so much that bts didn’t get the recognition they deserved back then but it always felt like one day they’d get there, even if they weren’t from a big company like JYP, YG or SM.

i remember when I Need U came out and us small bunch of army tried so so hard to make it hit 1 million views. i remember putting the mv on a repeat loop overnight so that views would keep adding up and it broke my heart when 24 hours passed and they hadn’t made 1 million on the main channel. and i remember thinking, maybe next time, next time we’ll pull through.

and then came their popularity era because people started noticing their songs and their works and how close they were to army and the fandom multiplied overnight. i watched online voting which us tiny amount of armys had struggled to keep on voters lists sky rocket bts to number 1 positions again and again and we were so happy and amazed by it.

it’s hard not to miss the old bts and army and how things used to be but what really makes me happy is the how far we’ve all come. i see the new ‘fire’ and ‘save me’ mvs that take under 12 hours to hit 1 million views almost effortlessly and hitting 10-20 million in 1 week and it just goes to show you hard work never fails and how big our fandom has grown. i honestly hope bangtan will always continue to have such a large amount of army rooting for them and showing them the love and recognition they truly deserve.

Sometimes the EXO hate really gets to me. It’s sad because people tend to talk so much shit about them without knowing of the difficult times they have been through. So many people jump on the EXO hate train because everyone else does and that, as a fan, frustrates me and makes me angry. I say this everytime: Instead of judging them based on what other people say, get to know them, don’t listen to others and have your OWN opinion of them. They are not just a group based on looks how everyone else think they are. These guys are so talented and so hard working. Their love for their fans is so genuine. You really need to watch how they interact with their fans, it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. They give their everything in each performance and I am glad I stan them. They lost three members, they get hate for no reason, and I am sure there were time when they felt like giving everything up, yet they’re still here, no matter what bullshit the haters throw at them, they always manage to stand up and I admire that. They showed me what happiness means and they showed me that I can do it despite what others say about me. So thank you EXO, for everything you’ve done for me, you’ve done for us.

@ all bisexuals: don’t shit on pansexuals and polysexuals and other multisexuals for not using the bi label. call them out on their biphobia if it exists, but don’t pretend their label is any of your business or that their choice of label somehow hurts the bi cause.

I miss you. Not only you, but the thought of you. I miss you always being on the back of my mind. I miss your smile and the way you’d laugh at stupid things. I miss our late night conversations and your simple, yet meaningful touch. I want you to know that this takes courage. Saying this makes me feel so vulnerable because I know very well that you don’t feel anything towards me. You avoid the thought of me, and regret the precious years we had together. You made me so happy. With you, I felt like I could conquer the world. Just seeing you would make me so damn nervous, I wished you would come and greet me with your oh so charming ways. Hearing of you makes my heart jump, as well as hearing from you. I’m glad you’re doing okay. Life did us nothing better than two broken kids who were dead inside and just needed a safe house, a new life. I found mine in you, you, I’ll never know. You needed someone who wasn’t used and broken. You needed someone who would uplift you, and make you feel the way you made me feel. You needed her. You probably tell the world about her. You never talked to anyone about me. I was a broken, useless doll, willing to do anything at your command. The hole you punched in my paper heart bruised so bad, it took years to heal. Love, you were my first. Our contact has been cut short, but If you ever need anything, you know where to find me.
—  find me in the deepest part of your soul
Melanie Garcia
Two Things on Fantastic Beasts

1. I need someone to make a gifset paralleling the scene where Newt tells Tina she has a smudge on her face with the scene between Hermione and Ron on the train in The Sorcerer’s Stone.

2. Johnny Depp felt so out of place in that movie. That is my one and only issue I had with the film. It was amazing, but I just wasn’t prepared to see Johnny Depp pop up idk.

At Florida Gulf Coast University, a student named Brice Ehmig was being harassed regularly by an on-campus preacher for being in a same-sex relationship. One day, Brice showed up playing the bagpipes to drown him out. 

Ehmig told the Daily Record: “I have seen too much tragedy in the LGBTQ community to let a man in cargo pants tell me I am the embodiment of sin.

“I am a gay bagpiper and I’m proud.

“I decided since this is my last year at university that I should do things that make me feel brave.

“After years of dealing with the homophobic comments aimed at me by the preacher, I felt I needed to stand up against these false prophets spewing bigotry.

“I have fought hard for my rights.”

She added of his reaction: “He started going on more about homosexuality, and earned my relentless playing even more so.

“I then called over my girlfriend and gave her a big kiss right in front of the preacher and group of people watching.”

This person is my hero. Video here