Out of the Woods 

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This comic has been a while in the making. It’s a sort of a character study, or a prequel to my webcomic-to-be - it takes place roughly 5 years before that (not that anyone but me knows too much about it yet!) Henri is 17 here, and Lia is 24. 

I started this back in March, shortly after my brother was hospitalized under extremely serious circumstances. Illness and hospitalization of some kind always played a part in this story, but after those same things affected my life and family in such a traumatizing way, I felt like I needed to do something different with it. 

So maybe more than my other work, this comic is incredibly personal to me, loosely and not-so-loosely based in reality as it is, and involving characters that have been important to me for a very long time. I hope you enjoy it!

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anonymous asked:

Serious question; have you ever fallen out of love with someone but you still care about them? You still love them but you're not in love with them. And if yes, how did you know?

Serious answer: Of course. One of my exes is literally the only person I can talk to about certain things in my life. She is an amazing person. And I knew I didn’t love her any more when I found myself consistently making selfish choices that were putting my wants and needs before hers. I felt like I was doing her a disservice (which I was), so I did the right (and hardest, and most awful) thing - I broke up with her. It was painful and literally one of the hardest things I’ve EVER HAD TO DO, but it was necessary for both of us. Now we’re close friends (even though we live thousands of miles apart), and she’s getting married at the end of June to a handsome, successful and all around WONDERFUL guy who absolutely worships her. And she deserves it. 

She’s the best. We just weren’t the best together.

Truthfully, if Islam was not attacked the way it is, I doubt I would have ever taken any interest in it. But BECAUSE Islam is demonized and BECAUSE people take things out of context and go out of their way to make Islam look bad, I felt the need to research it. Because of these reasons, I feel the need to be a real Muslim and show the world what Islam is all about. If Islam didn’t have a bad rep in America, I would feel no need to prove the reality of it through my actions. If Islam was largely viewed for what it actually is, I would not care about being a good Muslim. I am so grateful to the bigots who accidentally set me and many others down this path in their attempts to spread lies about Islam. Thank you for unwittingly making us strive to be Muslim.


Hey, I suddenly have no income and need a way to make money until I can get a job so I’m going to start taking commissions on here for the dolls I make!! I’m going to try to make this post short and to the point.

about the dolls:

  • I can make any character that you want! 
  • OCs are fine as long as you provide me with a few good pics of them
  • I can also make a bear dressed as your favorite character
  • Each doll ranges from 10-12 inches, bears are about 9 inches tall
  • Each doll is completely handmade from felt 
  • Their legs bend so they can sit or stand


  • Prices for a doll range from $35-$45 dollars depending on how detailed and intricate the doll is
  • Full payment needs to be made before I start making the doll
  • Shipping costs $4.50 in the US
  • I can ship outside of the US but shipping would cost more

how to commission:

  • all of the dolls pictured are already for sale in my etsy store, so if you’d like one of those you can head there and order it
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Ok, I think that’s all the info! Tell ur friends!!


“I do things in my own way, but I’ve never felt any need to rebel. To be honest, I’ve always had far too much freedom. I had a job when I was 10. I started living on my own when I was 17 or 18. I’ve earned my own money; I’ve traveled the world. What would I rebel against? I’ve had so much freedom, sometimes it was hard. My parents wanted to protect me, but they had no idea how to. I had to learn as I went and make my own mistakes. I went from being totally unknown and never acting professionally to being in a major movie and being very famous. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have any time to work things out. It’s been pretty scary at times.”

The Future of The Hair

So its been almost a year since I cut my hair which is pretty crazy. A lot of people have asked me what my plans are for my hair, and to most people, HAIR ISNT SOMETHING TO MAKE A POST ABOUT, but remember who you’re talkin to. lolol.

So I thought I’d just tell you guys my plans with my hair and why I cut it in the first place. 

Basically, I felt like I just needed a change. it has been 6 years of having the same hair cut and I was starting to feel like it sort of defined me as a person, which is a weird feeling. I felt like I was only attractive because of it, and that TOO is a weird/bad feeling. Also, one of the main reasons I cut my hair is because I really wanted to impress my girlfriend’s parents. I know thats a weird thing to cut your hair for, but my girlfriend is my life so I would do anything for her happiness :P. BUT ANYWAYS. since I’ve cut my hair, a lot of people have openly said that I totally am not the same anymore or some shit, which is just hilarious that some people are THAT superficial where I have to look a certain way to be funny or to have their respect. My question is why would I want the respect or adoration of such shallow people anyways lol.

That being said though, After a year of having short hair, I truly don’t feel like myself. Its strange. Like I feel that I just want to be wearing all black and get lip rings and have long hair again even though Im in my mid 20s. I just think right now, THATS who I want to be. thats what reflects who i am. 

So the plan is, I want to regrow my hair long, but probably not AS long as it was. SOooooo…. yes. #TheHairisReturning lolol.

“I love you, Dean.”

Cas says it so easily, as if it’s not something big and terrifying. Dean feels it too, has felt it for a long time, but saying it out loud is a whole different matter. Cas had always been the brave one, that’s for sure.

Dean glances sideways at Cas, who’s sitting right beside him on the edge of the old worn out motel bed. He knows he has to say something, even if it isn’t the exact thing that Cas is expecting from him.

“I need you, Cas.”

Cas smiles at him, actually smiles, like Dean has only seen him do once or twice before.

A kiss follows, a kiss that makes it clear that love and need are very much the same thing when it comes to the two of them, a kiss that makes it clear that Castiel knows this. All of Dean’s remaining doubts disappear when Castiel whispers four simple words into his mouth.

“I need you too.”

“I do things in my own way, but I’ve never felt any need to rebel. To be honest, I’ve always had far too much freedom. I had a job when I was 10. I started living on my own when I was 17 or 18. I’ve earned my own money; I’ve traveled the world. What would I rebel against? I’ve had so much freedom, sometimes it was hard. My parents wanted to protect me, but they had no idea how to. I had to learn as I went and make my own mistakes. I went from being totally unknown and never acting professionally to being in a major movie and being very famous. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have any time to work things out. It’s been pretty scary at times.” ― Emma Watson ;





why did they feel the need to rip apart a relationship to get what they want? that is horrible! it is also perpetuates the idea all ‘pretty girls’ are bitches, and that different groups of girls can’t be friends :P

also there was no resolution! the girl did not apologise (though she didn’t need to but) so she was just made out to be a bitch! not like a real person with a 3D personality :P

I just felt like the whole thing was putting girls down :P which makes me said because I do like the song and little mix have the potential to inspire so many little girls.



Ok, so, I just need to take a moment to acknowledge each and every single one of you who is dealing with mental illness. You aren’t told enough that you are strong, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, inspiring people. The strongest people I know are the ones who fight battles with themselves and still manage to win day in and day out. The war isn’t over. You will win. Never give up. The daily struggle doesn’t just make you stronger, it helps you appreciate the good things in life even more. You have a better understanding of what it means to truly live when you come out the other end of that dark tunnel in your mind. You are heroes to all of us.

The Storm

A darkening sky chased away the LA sun, the patio area of his house starting to look a little more threatened by rain with each passing minute. We sat around his huge outdoor table with a full spread of barbeque foods, courtesy of Harry and I. He had so many friends here in LA, and each one he introduced me to along the way felt like a new challenge, a new need to prove I was actually worth The Harry Styles’ time.

So when he came home yesterday and told me he had invited “some mates over for a little cook out, maybe I’ll make Greek salad, it’s okay if you make some of those jello things I like, yeah?”, I wanted to wring his pretty, stupid neck. He’s naturally calm, charming, charismatic. It pisses me off how easily it comes to him, but that’s just how he is. He doesn’t get it, get that it doesn’t come that easily to me, that I have to work for it.

Stupid, beautiful, everybody-automatically-loves-me British doorknob.

So I was out of my head all day today trying to get everything together, trying to make everything impressive. He helped, but he had that god damn smirk on his face the whole time, watching me freak out over every food item and drink choice. More of a distraction than anything, with his oh-so-subtle hip grazes, his standing just a little too close, his whispers of a touch so soft I was uncertain it was even there.

“S’not so bad, yeah?” He leaned in close, our knees bumping as we sat together on the wicker furniture. There was a casual din as people ate, a calming, relaxed atmosphere settling over everyone.

“It is still early. Someone’s bound to get food poisoning or something.”

He popped a grape in his mouth, wrinkling his nose at me playfully.

“Always with the positivity, love,” he quipped, raising his brow. “We did well. Just relax.”

I rolled my eyes with a reluctant smile that he returned, dimples kissing his adorable cheeks as he turned his attention back to the conversation in front of him and his plate of food. I admired him for a minute longer, staring at the perfection of his profile. There was just something about that jawline or the way his curls kissed the shoulders of his favorite Stones tee that required just a little extra appreciation. Rolling my lips in my mouth to hide my grin, I dropped my gaze to the turkey burger on my plate. 

Someone was just beginning a story when the heavens opened, a sudden downpour finally falling down and drenching us all immediately even though I was praying it was going to hold off.

“Save the food!” Harry boomed with a laugh as people jumped up to scatter away from the rain. Everyone grabbed a stray dish, scampering across the patio area and in to Harry’s house with assorted yells and laughs.

Harry and I trailed behind everyone, him being the last one to escape from the weather as we crossed over the threshold and into the house. He slammed the door behind us, hiding us from the brunt of the storm.

Everyone was breathless and laughing, setting down the rescued food on parts of the kitchen counter. My stomach dipped a little, cursing the heavens for ruining my what-would-have-been perfect barbeque. I gnawed on my lip as I looked around, trying to gauge everyone’s moods and to measure the disappointment. Luckily though, everyone’s spirits seemed to still be in check.

My eyes landed last on Harry, who was already watching me, probably waiting for my reaction to the rain and stop my possible breakdown. I gave him a little shrug and gave a look of indifference, making him shake his head back with a laugh. He padded his barefoot way over to where I stood.

“Well,” he said, shaking his head like a dog, few stray drops hitting my face. I giggled, wiping water from my cheeks. “That was fun.”

I tried not to notice.

I really did.

I tried not to see how his shirt clung to him, how that white tee now tightly hugged every part of his chest, showing off every cut of muscle and every curve of his body. How I could see his sparrows or that butterfly, the markings I only saw when I was admiring him naked.

I especially tried not to notice how clingy his black Nike shorts now where, sticking to his slender thighs, that bulge in his crotch becoming just a little more prominent.

I tried not to pay attention to how fucking hot he looked. 

He caught me looking, giving me that cocky-ass smirk at my evaluation of him.

“You’re looking a little wet, love.”

His eyes scanned down my body, taking in my now-soaked sundress that stuck to me like a second skin, and I knew he was appreciating wet clothes in the same way I was. I could tell from his look that I wasn’t the only person enjoying the view.

“Yeah?” I quipped, fluttering my eyelashes. His eyes snapped back up to mine, a ghost of a smile resting on his lips. “I feel pretty wet, too.”

I walked past him, making sure to trail my fingers oh-so-lightly across his shoulder as I passed by, making the move seem casual, platonic.

“I’ll grab some towels!” I said brightly to the clump of people with a smile. “Everyone just sit wherever. Keep eating!”

I crossed the kitchen, headed for the bathroom in Harry’s room.

“Harry, babe?” I questioned, turning around and pouting my lips. “Could you come help me find some. Towels? In here?” 

Subtle. Smooth. Nailed it.

“‘Course, love,” he cooed sticky sweet, running a hand through wet curls as his started his way towards where I stood. I turned before he reached me, grinning and making my own way alone in to the room. 

I turned to see him coming in behind me, wasting no time and locking the door. He was hunched down to the door handle, trying to be as quiet as possible. I giggled as he straightened, coming right for me with a smirk on his lips and purpose in his walk.

“You’re trouble, you are,” he whispered, grabbing hold of both my hips and pulling me towards him. I drew my hands up to his neck, fingering the damp curls that rested there.

“Oh, please,” I whispered back, flickering my eyes around his face. “Are we going to pretend like you don’t want me as much as I want you right now?”

He huffed a laugh out of his nose, tugging me flush against his body in one sharp tug. His nose nudged mine teasingly, and my lips parted, tasting his sweet breath on my tongue.

“On the contrary,” he said, lips dusting mine. My eyes fluttered shut as his placed a small kiss at my jaw, trailing more up to the hollow of my ear.

“I’m sure I want you much, much more.”

A whimper shuttered past my mouth involuntarily at his quiet rasp as he sucked gently at me, his teeth nicking my sensitive skin. His mouth worked my neck, each press of his lips to me setting off a firecracker of desire and want in the pit of my belly. Our wet bodies pressed tightly together, and I could feel the swell of his erection growing hard against my belly. My breathing hitched, needy and impatient.

“Harry,” I sighed, the sensation of his mouth feeling too good.

“Quiet, now,” he hushed, pulling back to look at me. His hooded eyes darted between mine, the green in them darkening. “This has to be fast. This has to be quiet. Okay, love?” He brought up a long finger, pressing it to my lips, raising a brow in question. I nodded back quickly, anxiously.

“That’s my girl,” he smirked, eyes falling close as he brought his lips to mine.

His lips worked mine, fast and relentless, hot tongue slipping past my lips and fighting with me. He tasted sweet and familiar, our kiss easy as second nature like it always was. I traced my hands down the length of his body as his mouth fought mine, resting them on his hips, narrow and pudgy, slipping my thumbs under the waistband of his shorts. He eased me backwards, walking us towards the bed with our lips still locked.

With a giggle I felt the backs of my knees hit the bed frame, knocking me down to the mattress and tugging him down with me, his arms bracing the fall. He slotted his body between mine, his pelvis spreading my legs apart. One of his large hands grazed tenderly down the length of my body and he continued to kiss me, rocking his hips up and down against mine.

If I had to pick a way to die, it be of asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen for him kissing me too long. And I’d go happily, too, let me tell you.  

A hushed whine of pleasure pitched from my lips as he rolled his hips expertly in to me, muffled my his lips. I knew my only job was to be quiet, but he made me feel to unbelievably good for that ever to be a possibility. I mean, I’d definitely try, but no promises.

His curls tickled my cheek as he broke his lips from mine, wetly tracing with mouth to the shell of my ear.

“You remember what I said, yeah?” he rasped, tugging at the lobe of my ear with his teeth. “Be. Quiet.”

“Yes,” I panted, barely audible.

Then the heat of his body was off mine as he leaned up quickly, dropping his shoulders down between my legs. My breathing was erratic as I leaned up on my elbows, looking down at him.

He pushed the damp material of my dress up my belly, bunching up the material and revealing my (ahem) casual lack of underwear. His eyes popped open quickly before he shot his gaze up to me.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” he breathed, shaking his head. A silent giggle rocked through me as I flung myself back down to the mattress.

“Naughty girl,” I heard from between my legs.

I felt both of his warm hands push apart each of my thighs, his fingers digging in to my skin as he held me in place to the mattress. My hands gripped the sheets at my sides as I felt his hot breath approach my leaking center. 

Harshly and with no warning whatsoever, he wrapped his lips fully around my clit, wasting no time and sucking hard.

I threw my fist to my mouth, stifling my moans as his mouth worked me hard and fast, tongue circling expertly as he sucked me on and off.

Holy fuck. 

It took everything I had not to scream out. It was fucking hard. Knowing how well he could work me, knowing those green eyes were watching me because he knew how he could be the only one to do this to me, how it was only him who could make me come so undone and get me off so well.

My chest heaved up and down as I leaned up on my elbows to look down at him, my mouth popped open in a silent moan. His mouth circled my clit, eyes on me as his other hand was reached down to stroke himself. I almost lost it as I watched him touch himself, seeing that fist slide up and down the length of his shaft as thoroughly fucked me with his mouth. 

“Please,” I mouthed down to him, needing him now.

He popped of me, quickly coming back up to lay flush against me. His lips were swollen, cherry red, tasting of me as he brought his forearms to rest on either side of my head. He kissed me fervently, needy as I reached down to grab the length of his cock. I stroked him up and down slowly, a breath hissing from his mouth as I lined his tip to my entrance. 

With one smooth thrust he was inside me, my walls burning slightly as I easily stretched around him. I squeezed my eyes shut, my teeth sinking in to my bottom lip to hold in a groan of pleasure. His head fell to my shoulder, hair everywhere and tickling my face. 

He rutted in to me, thrusts deep and impossibly fast. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him close as he fucked in to me hard and expertly, each swirl of his hips finishing the job that his mouth had started. His breaths of exertion ruffled my hair as he fucked me, fucked me, fucked me like no one else could.

His thighs were growing shakier, his breath hitching in his chest. And I was right there, too, teetering on the edge of heaven as my stomach tightened with pleasure and nirvana. I rocked up to meet each trust, focusing on anything to keep me from screaming out his name.

The quiver in the pit of my belly exploded, all nerves tingling uncontrollably as my orgasm rocked throughout my body in a relentless wave. My eyes squeezed shut as I absorbed the sensation, my breath stuttering out of my nose as I begged my mouth to keep quiet.

With three more steady, quick thrusts I felt him still inside me, his orgasm leaking in to me. A barely audible groan rocked through his chest, vibrations shaking me beneath him. His body grew limp on top of mine as he leveled out his breathing, both out bodies coming down from their high.

I was taking steadying breaths as he leaned his head up to look at me. My heart burst at the sight of his just-fucked hair and his sated green eyes looking down at me, a lazy smile stretched across his lips.

“We need to get back out there,” he said suddenly, his eyes widening playfully.

I giggled as he rolled off of me, us adjusting our clothes like two silly teenagers getting caught in a high school supply closet. I scooted up and off the bed, tugging my dress down and smoothing it over my body. He pulled up his shorts and boxers in one smooth tug, putting us both proper again. 

Grinning up at him shyly, he leaned down to place one more swift peck on my lips, pulling away and tweaking my nose with one of his smirks.

“Be cool,” I giggled, swatting playfully at his butt and following him out of his room, back to our guests.

I felt my cheeks flush as we walked back to the kitchen where everyone stood, trying to play casual and blend back in. Glancing up at him, he was totally reserved, his poker face scary good. 

The conversation ebbed out as we reached everyone.

Oh Christ.

“Uh, guys,” Harry’s friend coughed uncomfortably. “Where are the towels?”

“Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?”
“Being alive. Because if so I’m not sure how everyone lives like this.”
“Oh my little baby girl. You see, you love with your entire being. You love people you’ve never met and the ants that invade our kitchen in the spring time. You feel loss for things that aren’t even gone yet and when you see people cry your heart breaks for them. You feel everything.”
She looked up into her dad’s eyes and felt a sadness that she couldn’t explain.
“What if I don’t want to?”
“Oh honey, one day you’ll see. One day you’ll understand that feeling too much is better than feeling nothing at all. Being numb to the world around you is an awful way to live.
“You need to never forget to let sunsets warm your soul. You need to remember the happiness that comes from making someone laugh. Never stop loving and never stop feeling because once that happens you stop living, too.”
—  5.16.15
Three In The Afternoon.

He saw him there. The sunlight streaming in through the window coating him in an angelic view. The music blaring so loud that one would not believe it was a Wednesday afternoon. The smile playing at his lips as he brought his beer close. He saw him there. And Connor has never been more sure of how in love he was with Troye.

He noticed every little thing Troye was doing. Pen scribbling on paper. Frustratingly scratching out words to never be heard. Another swig of beer. Making it the last of his third. Eyes focused on the papers in front of him. Curly, brown hair sticking at every odd end. And he was so damn beautiful.

Connor could stare at Troye all day, and never grow bore. But at this moment he could tell that Troye was tense. That he needed to leave the work of creating music alone for a bit.

Then just then the music is filled with their sweet melody of a slow song, typically not their casual. But one that Connor would make great use of. He gave Troye no option of refusal as he picked him up. Gave a little spin. Before setting him down in the middle of their living room.

Troye was laughing. Nothing more beautiful to Connor. There was questioning Connor’s motives. That it was three thirty-five in the afternoon and what the hell were they doing? Connor spun him around. While reminding him of how much he was in love.

The music forgotten as they swayed to the beat of their hearts. Troye’s head on Connor’s shoulder. Mumbling about how amazing of a boyfriend Connor was. Only to be met with hushes and head shakes. Because if anybody won the boyfriend lottery then it must have been Connor. Troye would protest this despite knowing how stubborn his boyfriend could be. Although, Connor knew that Troye loved and cared him in just the same way that Connor would for him.

But Troye was his little actor. His little model. His little singer. His little angel. His everything. There wasn’t a thing that Troye couldn’t do. Troye has dominated the music charts. Troye has shown the world just how amazing he is. And Connor could never be more proud.

But right now it wasn’t about the past. Or the future. But about now. And how right now in their living room. With old, cheesy 90’s slow songs playing in the background. They were happy. They were home. Because home was wherever the other was at. And as long as they were together then happiness was never more than a heartbeat away.

I Need Him

Characters: Bucky/You

Description: Can you do a Bucky x reader one, where the reader had a nightmare and the Avengers try to get her to calm down but she refuses and starts to beg for Bucky to come because he’s the only one that makes her feel safe? Thank you, I love your blog :) (requested by anon)

A/N: Thanks so much! I hope this is what you were looking for!

Your eyes shot open, and you sat up in bed. You felt like you were drenched in sweat; hair clung to your forehead.

You put your hands in front of your eyes to help calm your breathing, but this just made you remember all the terrible things that had happened in your dream.

Looking at the clock next to your bed, you saw that it was only 11:30. You had gone to bed early that night, so you weren’t surprised that it was still so early.

Hoping that somebody would still be awake, you stumbled out of bed and rushed to open your door. After fumbling with the knob for a moment, you finally got it open and you rushed into the Living Room.

To your luck, Tony, Clint, Natasha, and Steve were still sitting there chatting.

“Hey, y/n, what’s up?” Steve asked when he saw you.

“I had a nightmare,” you whispered, feeling embarrassed as tears started to fill your eyes again. 

“Aw, c’mon. It couldn’t have been that bad!” Tony exclaimed, chuckling. He obviously didn’t realize how terrible it had been.

“It was,” you growled, walking over to the couch and sitting next to Steve. “I wanna see Bucky,” you mumbled under your breath so that only Steve could hear you.

“He’s already asleep, y/n. Can’t you wait until-”

“You don’t understand. I need him,” you explained, beginning to panic. “I need to see him. I need him here. With me. I need Bucky,” you continued, your voice growing in hysteria with every word. 

“I’ll go get him,” Natasha offered, standing up and walking out of the room to get Bucky.

Meanwhile, Tony went to get you a glass of water. Clint and Steve sat on either side of you, trying to get you to calm down. 

A few agonizing minutes later, Natasha came back. Bucky wasn’t with her, though. “He said that he’ll be down within a minute or so,” she told you.

“But I need him now!” you gasped, starting to panic all over again. “Oh my God, where is he,” you whispered, moving your hands up so that they covered your face.

Just then, you heard the door swing open. You looked up and saw Bucky striding over to you, his face etched with worry.

Steve and Clint moved out of the way so that he could sit next to you. Everybody except for you and Bucky left the room to give you some privacy.

“y/n, it’s okay,” Bucky told you. “I’m right here; everything’s alright.”

“I had the worst dream,” you breathed, beginning to calm down. “It seemed so real…”

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked you, wrapping both of his arms around you and pulling you close to him.

“Not now,” you sighed, burying your head into his chest. “I just want to sit here with you a bit.”

“We can do that,” Bucky nodded, kissing your forehead. “We can sit for as long as you want to.”

Request here

Im a car hop and last week I bought one of our regulars her food. We always talk when she comes to the stand, and i decided it would be on me this time. She was so appreciative of it that she got teary eyed. Today when she came in, she told me it was because lately she’s felt unappreciated and unnoticed for her work at her job and she was nust having a rough day that day. She said that me buying her food for her made her feel that needed appreciation .

Make sure you do little things for people, you never know what they could be going through. Little things go long ways, and it could really make someone’s day. Whether it’s a compliment or a kind gesture.

[Totally Confirmed] Xiumin was finally given his phone back. The first thing he did was text Luhan:
  • Xiumin:I had to clean Suho's room for him to get my phone back. That man is a slob.
  • Xiumin:Actually, it was quite a rewarding experience.
  • Xiumin:Although I did take a 3 hour shower afterwards and still felt dirty.
  • Luhan:Aw, you couldn't wait to get your phone back so you could talk to me. <3
  • Xiumin:That's true
  • Xiumin:We need to finish talking about that mask
  • Xiumin:I thought about it some more and I've decided you really need help
  • Xiumin:Wearing a mask in that way makes you look really pathetic
  • Xiumin:I think it's a cry for help
  • Luhan:lol why are you still talking about this
  • Xiumin:Sehun thinks you need Jesus. I don't know if I agree, but if finding Jesus would help you realize the error in your ways, I'm on board.
  • Luhan:omg
  • Xiumin:I'm going to forward you some tracts Sehun gave me
  • Luhan:amazing
  • Xiumin:I really hope they help you see the light
  • Luhan:probably won't
  • Luhan:lbr I don't give a fuck
  • Luhan:you still love me :D
  • Xiumin:**did!!! **DID!!!!
  • Luhan::(
  • Luhan:these tracts are about men who have left their families for "younger, prettier women"
  • Xiumin:sounds accurate tbh