Is Markiplier okay? 

I know, this might be silly paranoia from the fans and whatnot. But I felt the need to make this because it’s worrying me a bit. Because of the potential that it could be serious. All the same, it could be nothing at all.

Now while people have been saying Mark’s been changing… I’ve noticed something different, perhaps.

The thing is, I haven’t been around long enough to understand Mark’s behavior exactly, but one thing seems for sure, at least to me. He seems to have been acting weird lately.  Maybe the past month or so? Now mind you, I could just be looking too much into this! 

The spotty uploads, how he hasn’t really been online. I don’t know the patterns how he used to be with stuff like that, but since I joined, it seems to have declined? Now I know he could be busy and isn’t obligated to tell us of every single little thing, right? I get that. But the thing is, is he seems different. Odd. I don’t know how to explain it, other than maybe distant? I know the fans have been creepy and weird, but I’m wondering if it’s something else? There just seems like SOMETHING is up and I can’t put my finger on it, you know?

Tired, perhaps? The lack of intractability? The feeling of him being distant from us? It kinda feels like we’re losing Mark? Like he’s not really around anymore. I don’t know. I’m not hating here. I love Mark to death and I’d fucking hate for anything to be wrong here. Like, watching old 2014 Mark. There was something there that doesn’t seem to be here anymore. I’m unsure. 

It’s just weird that everyone suddenly seems to see him “changing” all of a sudden. Maybe, I stress MAYBE, something could be up?

Basically, all I wanna say is to @markiplier I’m just concerned that things aren’t as they seem! I really hope you’re alright. Your emotions and shit are none of our business, but it’s concerning the way you’ve been? This again, could just be me looking to much into it, I know. I just want to know that you’re alright. I just hope you’re not hiding anything like depression or something, as silly as this might sound.

Please get him to see this! I’m worried and I’m sure other people might be as well? <33

Maybe he still checks my Instagram every so often to see my goofy smile in a sea of pictures, just to remind himself of what it felt like to be the one to make me grin like that. Maybe his heart skips a beat or two when he thinks he sees something that means I’m with another someone. Maybe he sighs in relief when he sees that it’s just a friend that I’m with. Maybe he’ll drive down the road to go get donuts with his mom and that song will come on, and his mom will ask why his shoulders tensed up. Maybe he’ll quickly change the radio station and say, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Maybe he’ll see the shop I always shopped at and smile slightly to himself because I always complained that I spent too much money on things I didn’t need. Maybe he’ll run his fingers over the skin that covers his heart, because he always knew I loved heartbeats, especially his. Maybe he’ll look at himself in the mirror and try to admire his eyes the way I did, but won’t be able to because he never saw why I viewed them as something so ethereal. But, maybe he doesn’t bother to think of me or the things I loved, because maybe he doesn’t miss me even a little bit, not even at all.
—  E. Grin, do you miss me enough to still think about me?
1. Don’t let anyone treat you badly. You deserve respect and decency from everyone.
2. Loving yourself is something that needs to be developed. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.
3. It takes some time for things to happen and that’s only natural, don’t rush into them.
4. You won’t work well if your mind isn’t working well. Mental health is too important to forget.
5. Say you’re sorry, even if your pride is too big and you feel like you can’t - do it.
6. Don’t waste your time hating on anyone, it’s never worth it in the end.
7. Apologies won’t always make things right again, but sometimes they’re all you have.
8. If you’re stressed, put on some music and take a long bath. Sing along until the lyrics are the only thing on your mind.
9. Trying out new things is important, no matter how small the change is.
10. Talk to the cool looking kids. Chances are you’ll regret it if you don’t. You could become best friends.
11. Sometimes things won’t work out the way you wanted them to - and that’s okay.
12. Pain will come and pain will go. It’s only important that you learn how to live with it.
13. Try your best to tell people how you feel instead of just assuming that they know. You’re not weak for opening up.
14. Being sad is okay and so is crying. These aren’t necessarily bad things. Let it all out, let the tears fall.
15. Sometimes loving someone isn’t enough and you have to learn to let them go.
16. People leave and it will always hurt, but you’ll learn to live without them.
17. The worst thing you could do is try to punish someone else by hurting yourself.
—  17 things i learned when i was 17

when jimin does v app live alone, you get:

  • a shy cutie who doesn’t know what to do at first
  • and decides to fill the slight awkwardness with ramen making
  • determined jimin wanting to prove that he’s eating plenty (bless his heart we all needed this)
  • and then he’s eating
  • professor chimz deciding to do mandakko by himself
  • only to get all confused with how to properly explain the phrase he’s trying to teach
  • and then he gets all flustered and embarrassed when the words just won’t come out right which is the most precious thing ever
  • but he’s impressed that he’s actually gotten his point across to army
  • and praises army for being smart for understanding omg he’s so cute
  • bb jimjams reassuring us again and again that he’s eating enough
  • and that we really really don’t have to worry (I felt personally called out bc I freakin worry bout this nugget enough to lose hair ok)
  • playful park jims scolding the younger army’s for not sleeping (how can that adorable scolding face be taken seriously like you are just a puppy pls)
  • and feigning so much hunger and fatigue so that we’ll go sleep so he can go eat
  • basically you get the most precious being on earth taking the time out of his own free time to talk with us, reassure us of his well-being, make us smile and giggle at his shy, adorable antics, and prove yet again that we do not deserve this golden hearted ray of sunshine.
Dating V (BTS) Would Include:

After a wait maybe a bit too long, we have another Dating Would Include! Jun’s should be out on Wednesday ^-^ I’m trying to get something out every day this week, though I’m queuing things from Saturday and writing almost everything today (Friday), so idk how it’ll go ;-; I need to stop rambling XD Hope y’all like this

  • You met through mutual friends and felt an attraction almost immediately
  • Mostly because every time you were together you felt him staring like he found you so amazingly stunning and that’s when he knew
  • You were just chilling at his group’s dorm one day and he pulls you aside and tells you straight like. He’s usually so cheery and jokey but he looks so serious now and you just know.
  • Pulls you into the biggest hug when you agree to date him he’s just about never been so happy
  • Very smiley couple
  • You smile at just about everything
  • And his boxy smile just makes you smile more bc he’s so adorable :3
  • Loads of inside jokes that no one understands
  • Cute silly nicknames that no one understands
  • “Oh look at my cute lil avocado muffin”
  • You have no idea where he gets them all from but you go along with it
  • Him complimenting you all the time
  • Telling you he loves you every day without fail
  • Lots of hugs
  • And nose kisses
  • And nose boops
  • He likes the cute playful stuff
  • But also the sexy stuff hehehe
  • He’ll make out with you any time, any place
  • Biting your bottom lip when you do make out
  • He tastes of sweets like all the time, reminding you of your favourite candies
  • Taking weird selfies that he posts on his Twitter when he’s finally allowed to
  • Fun outdoor dates at the zoo or an amusement park or smth
  • But also in winter dates spent curled up under blankets with cocoa and fuzzy socks
  • Running your hands through his hair often
  • Being a part of the 95z shenanigans
  • Being besties with the maknae line in general
  • Jimin going on dates with you and you wanting to be mad but they’re both really cute and like. Jimin knows all the cool date spots somehow XD
  • Both of you charming each other with aegyo
  • Which ends up in giggles bc you both try too hard lmao
  • Peppering your face with kisses when you’re upset
  • And he can always tell when you’re upset
  • Before getting you to talk to him
  • You’re barely ever mad at him and if you are it doesn’t last long~~
  • Your first time with him is. Unforgettable
  • Lots of shower sex
  • Lots of morning sex
  • Lots of sex in general lbr
  • Slow, sweet sex and then hella rough sex where you see a whole other side of Tae
  • You being teased bc he never puts his fucking tongue awayyyyyyy
  • Him being hella loud and the noises he makes are the best omg
  • Puts his voice to good use I mean
  • Dirty talllllk oh yes
  • Jimin and Jungkook teasing you both the next morning ^///^
  • Random play fights and pillow fights and tickle fights and just
  • Yep
  • Surprising you with back hugs when you’re waiting for him anywhere
  • Leaving you a sweater he wears a lot when he goes on tour bc it smells like him and it’s big and it’s cosy and stuffs
  • Calling you every night without fail because he has to tell you he loves you remember
  • Lots and lots of takeout because last time you tried to cook together the kitchen almost burned down and Jin scolded you for ruining his baking stuff
  • Has his hands on you most of the time
  • He’s a cuddly one
  • Sleeps basically on top of you
  • Or with you basically on top of him
  • You bringing him food at practice or helping him with chores around the dorm or smth and him bragging about it to the point you think Yoongi may actually hurt him or Jungkook may smother him
  • But they just jelly
  • Oddly serious talks at 4 am about life
  • Spending nights stargazing on the roof of your apartment or in a park nearby
  • Your parents a little befuddled over him at first but by the time you leave they don’t want him to go bc he’s so charming??? They thought he was weird but he’s so sweet??
  • Him wanting you and his grandma to get along
  • You coming home to him holding a couple puppies on his chest cooing at them before being like “So funny story-”
  • Him getting jealous if you’re with another member ahem Jimin too much and getting all pouty but then you go and kiss his pout and he melts and hugs you all dramatically bc he’s that extra
  • Getting you to go see him perform whenever he can bc you’re his lucky charm
  • Both of you getting hyper dancing around the dorm rapping along to cypher tag team style at the top of your voices
  • He loves making you smile and laugh more than anything
  • Cuddles up to your side when he’s upset and vents everything before just kissing you until he feels better because he gets so lost in you that he just can’t be upset anymore
  • “Babe, when will we get married”
  • “Honey Pumpkin when will we have kids?”
  • Always asking important questions like this out of nowhere leading to you sitting down and talking about it all
  • Him proposing in a hella romantic way after years of you guys being together and like. Everyone saw it coming you guys are more than perfect for each other :’) And now you can start life as a happy husband and wife because Tae wants to make sure you know he loves you with all of his heart and soul.

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He’s so cute :3


Moving halfway across the world by yourself really tests you as a person. I’ve really started to learn more things about myself – things I didn’t know. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be different and not to hide who I am away for fear of people not liking me. I’ve learned that I need structure and to make plans in order to feel grounded. I’ve learned that I am better at talking to people than I thought I was.

This move, this transition, has stretched me. To be sure, I’ve felt so so low recently because adjusting to a new place is hard. You don’t know where your safe places are. You don’t know where to go or what to do when you’re sad. There aren’t many people around to turn to.

But in the lowness, I’ve challenged myself to overcome anxieties, to be more open, to try harder at connecting with people. I’ve stopped biting my nails and going running is a regular part of my life. I’ve learned what I need to be happy and functioning. And although I may not be happy every moment, I feel myself growing here. I’m learning how to be me, just for me. I’m learning how to be happy, just for me.

I’m not quite there knowing myself. I don’t know if I will ever be. Answering the question ‘who are you?’ will always take more hours in a day than there are. But I feel like I know myself better and I will come to be whole as a person.

Moving halfway across the world by yourself is scary. It’s hard. But it makes you realise important things about who you are, what you want in life and what is valuable.

You are all valuable. Much love.

I was miserable this past weekend

I felt HUGE in my bridesmaids dress and was uncomfortable the entire time. Of course I didn’t let that keep me from eating three piece of cake 🍰🙄 but I really need to use the entire experience as motivation when I feel myself getting off track again. I want to finally be comfortable in my body.

I went for a run this morning and only managed to make it 1.6 miles ☹️☹️
but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully I can stick with it and get back to my 4-6 mile runs. There are eleven weeks left until the election, maybe running will help with the stress.

I’ve been craving the chicken and goat cheese spinach salads I used to make last winter, so I’m going to pick up some groceries before my morning conference call.

Things I will avoid today:
❌Peanut MnMs
❌Salt and vinegar chips
❌Sugary “protein” bars that my candidate’s wife buys

Those three things have added an extra 500-800 calories DAILY for me over the past few weeks. It needs to stop. None of it fills me up and just leaves me wanting to stuff more into my mouth.

My Age Headcanons for the Paladins

So I was discussing these with @not-just-any-fangirl​ and since we had a few laughs, I thought I would share them.

  • Shiro and Pidge are 25 and 14 respectively. I don’t debate this at all. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  • Hunk is 17. He’s maybe about 9 or 10 months younger than Lance but they’ve been in the same year since Grade 3 when Hunk was pushed ahead a grade because of being really good at things like maths.
  • He has never regretted being young for his year, especially since he’s always been a large guy, and this way he stood out slightly less
  • Also he never felt the need to jump any further ahead, especially since now he had formed such a strong friendship with Lance and their joint love of space
  • So Lance is also 17
  • Keith is 18, but he’s only just turned 18 and is only around 2 months older than Lance
  • He holds this over Lance constantly - Lance is bitter about it
  • It’s even funnier when they’re dating
  • When Keith finally turns 20 he teases Lance every single day for like a month - he’s such a little shit
  • ‘Gross dude I can’t kiss you you’re still practically a child’
  • goes on about “damn teenagers”
  • it drives Lance insane
  • Lance rages and Keith and Shiro share an 'adults know better’ look
  • BCUS shiro is also a little shit (let’s be real; Shiro is probably the instigator of half the shit that goes down in the Castle, he’s just subtle about it and then watches the chaos unfold around him while sipping his coffee)
  • Lance tries to look to Pidge for support but she’s just as bad
  • “Respect your elders, Lance”
  • “who? me? I’m just a child like yourself, lance. what would I know?”
  • When Lance finally turns 20 there is a huge surprise celebration to make up for all the teasing
  • Keith gives him lots of kisses
  • Until they sneak off halfway through the party to “be adults together” whoops

@staff hah… bruh. buddy. my pal. i’m not upset at all. why would i be?

because everywhere around me i hear the word lesbian said in a disgusted and hushed ‘she’s a….you know *whispers* lesbian’ tone of voice?

because i couldn’t think of calling myself a lesbian without cringing cuz it has basically been made into a dirty word?

because i cried myself to sleep more than once cause i felt disgusting for being a lesbian?

because i decided i am reclaiming my word a week or two ago and then this happened?

because it makes me feel like i exist for cishet men’s pleasure when their attention is literally the last thing i want in this world?

because tumblr used to be one of the only places where i felt good about myself and that my love for other girls was beautiful?

because my chest is so heavy right now i can barely breathe?

nah i’m not upset at all :)

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Btw Pidge, about AUs: The Kylux fandom is so huge and a lot of ppl have AUs and a lot of these AUs are really great but the thing is: it's hard to get noticed in such a huge pond. In all honesty, I felt like I wanted to leave this fandom for a while now bc nothing I do seems to matter. I know a lot of people say 'don't do it for the notes' but what's the point if you can't connect to people? (1/2)

I’m so depressed about this, tbh. I just wished I could create smth that ppl love so much that they would draw fanart or even write fics or whatever but nah it’s not happening. It also didn’t help that the kylux-positivity week blog reblogged like 90 % of artists that were already super popular in the fandom and didn’t need the publicity. I’m just sort of down about this and the only reason I’m taking this to you is bc you’re a positivity hub - sort of. Sorry. (2/2)


ohhh man… this is one of the most difficult Asks i’ve ever received… (o   0 o) in a perfect world, i want everyone in the fandom to feel happy and loved and enjoy their time here! but i know that just isn’t how it is in reality. I’m really happy you find solace in the positive vibe of my blog though! thank you! <3 but i’m also really sorry that you find yourself feeling this way Anon, and also that i don’t quite know how to respond to this… hmmm… (=  3 =);;;

I don’t run the kind of blog that has thousands of followers, and i don’t get thousands of notes per post ~ but i DO feel loved and appreciated, and have dear, dear friends in the community! so regardless of my perceived status, i’m just here because i love being here! <3 fandom is a complicated beast and i’m only just learning about it myself. this is my very first fandom! and my very first blog! i’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over five months! so i can’t claim to have much wisdom or insight about the way things work; i can only talk about my own experience.

though… (O ___O);;; even then… my experience hasn’t been the kind of one a lot of other people CAN have. i don’t go to school anymore, and i don’t have to leave home to work for half of my week, so i have more time than the average person to devote to my art and my relationships here, which is a big part of how i started to have the confidence and inspiration to keep drawing and growing as an artist ~ and also how come the wellspring in my heart for this fandom never runs dry! what i think i might mean is… (and omg… i really hope this doesn’t sound mean, or awful, or like i’m saying you don’t work hard, or try hard ~ cuz dear gawd, that’s not what i mean!!!) you get out of the fandom what you put into it.

If you want to eat cake, you gotta have a cake to eat. You can go out and buy that cake from someone else - and it’ll be perfect, and beautiful, and you’ll enjoy the fuck out of it!!! but if you want the satisfaction that comes from eating a cake you made yourself, then you’re gonna have to not only bake that cake, but get all the ingredients, skills, and tools necessary to make it in the first place!

the “i just wanna eat cake” crowd, are the people who just LOVE the fandom! all the people who like and reblog and enjoy the works of others! they’re so, SO important to the health and vitality of the fandom as a whole! people who leave comments and thoughtful tags are the ones spurring creators into creating more! and it sounds like you’re searching for the feeling of baking a cake that everybody wants a slice of! (-^ O^-) the fulfilling feeling of creating content that people want to talk with you about! but people aren’t gonna eat your cake just because you baked it… which is the sad part… so you just have to keep making cakes over and over and over until they are either SO fancy that nobody can miss them, or you’ve made SO much cake that nobody can help but notice your passion for cake making!

(O   A O);;; this cake metaphor is making me realize that i’m starving… omg… lol lol lol XD it’s 6am! this is no time for cake! (^ ___^) i’m sorry… lol… i’ll try to be more serious… Ummmm… (O  vO) anyway… the things is… you just gotta keep doing what you’re doing. there is a rule i believe exists in the world, one that i hate because it’s incredibly exploitable… but one that is also very positive with the right intentions: “it’s not what you do. it’s how much you do it.” When you make your work, and keep on making it, and keep on making it, regardless of how people value it or don’t value it… regardless of the feedback… you just keep creating and being positive about your own experience - i think THAT is how we build the foundations for our own success and growth. My work when i first came here was NOT spectacular, and i didn’t have single follower on day one ~ just like everybody else ~ but i just kept making things, and making things, and making things, and now it’s nearly been half a year!

You know who i really admire and think is an amazing example of being passionate about the fandom no matter what? @katherine1753 !!! i ADORE her. she doesn’t get tons of notes or have thousands of followers, but she is SO passionate and SO positive! in the short time i’ve been following her work, she has already created so much and grown so much as an artist! she also gives of herself without expecting anything in return and people around her see this and want to interact with her! she gives and gives and gives to the fandom, and we are all lucky to have her, even if not everybody knows it. because you just have to keep growing and changing with positive intentions for YOURSELF, and THAT is what people find engaging! when you believe in yourself other people want to support you; and that’s the thing about this fandom! making friends is easy if you try! (^ O^) we’re all here for the same reasons!!!

now… i don’t want this next part to sound like grandstanding… ((oO ^Oo)) or like i’m trying to talk myself up… i’m just trying to say what it’s been like for me…

i don’t care about the number of followers i have or the amount of notes i receive; the core group of followers and friends who show me undue kindness and love every day, are already more than i deserve <3 <3 <3 <3 but the REAL amazing thing has been my own personal growth as an artist and how much much positivity this experience makes me feel! and i think THAT is what people follow me for. Every day i feel SO in love with the fandom, and with my own ever-changing work, and with the chances i get to talk to people! and i think others pick up on that! <3 doing what you love for YOU is what will make other people enjoy loving the experience of it along with you <3

the very first piece i posted to Tumblr was this:

character sketches for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU! (-^  v ^-) i didn’t find her because she was running a high-profile blog, and i wasn’t making work that was seen by tons of people! i just found her by accident and fell in love with her work! and now, the experience of her friendship is one i wouldn’t trade for anything! her positivity towards my work fostered my own positivity towards my work! and it’s just grown and grown from a tiny sapling to a huge tree since then!!!

so just now i drew this:

and i think it’s safe to say that i have grown and changed a lot since that first post! (-^ O^-) and so has my blog!!! (o   w o) <3 i’ve made wonderful friendships along the way, enjoyed the kindness of strangers, and learned so much from all the wonderful and talented people around here!!! but it took a HUGE investment of time and love and never giving up!

it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! nobody gave a crap what i made or what i did - nobody @’d me in posts or wrote about me - and that was fine! it didn’t stop me from making things! i’ve always been here for me and my own growth first. and regardless of my timeline, the fact still remains that i’ve drawn over 130 piece for this fandom, and drawn over 140 reaction selfies to interact with people on my blog. i put in time and effort and withstood the slings and arrows that come along with doing things that not everybody agrees with… but… you don’t get to eat the cake unless you make it! and if you’ve never made a cake before… the first one sure as hell isn’t going to be perfect! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (-^ O^-)

so don’t get discouraged!!! people are right when they say “don’t do it for the notes”. no matter what fandom you go to, it will always start the same. you will always be a small fish in a big pond in the beginning! we all are! and that isn’t a bad thing! you just need to grow! and you grow and get stronger the more you do! <3 just like anything in life, you’re going to get out of it what you put in. if you put in time and positivity, other people are going to give you their time and positivity back. not right away. but eventually (-^ ___^-) building up a following and growing your blog, those are things that happen a tiny bit at a time with every piece of original content you make. so if you want to grow… you gotta just keep going! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) it takes a long time! it really does! there is no easy answer and no short cut to take! but everything you do will help you to grow and change, and THAT is the really, really valuable stuff!

Good luck with all of your projects in the future! never stop doing what you love! if you don’t love it… move on to the next thing. and keep moving forward and moving forward with love, passion, and positivity!!! <3

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Same anon as the Nathan teaching his girlfriend to swim thing. So I was just thinking about how fun it would be to road trip with Nathan to his meets and things! Like it'd be like the carpool karaoke video 24/7, and he would just be jamming to music and idk this makes me smile so much to think about how cute it'd be! I felt like I needed to share this with someone :))

Yes! Especially the local meets in California. You two would know the drill. You’d probably make Nathan’s breakfast, some kind of high protein meal. The two of you would enjoy simple conversation in the kitchen-some cuddling and kissing here and there. When it got time to leave your shared home, you’d both be wide awake, ready for the day’s activities ahead. Don’t even tell me you wouldn’t wear your USA swimming shirt with ADRIAN on the back of it. By the time you both got in the car, Nathan would be all smiles- not being able to fathom that he found someone as supportive that would wake up at 5 in the morning, hardly complaining at all. He’d be so joyful which would of course rub off on you, your bubbling spirit coming to life even if it was so damn early. For some reason, I feel like Nathan would put on some Michael Jackson, the two of you singing along to “The way you make me feel”, directing the loving lyrics towards each other. Honestly, Nathan would be an absolute joy to ride in the car with. Also, I feel like because he’s so tall, at one point his goofy self might get a tad bit too excited with his dance moves- causing his head to hit the roof of his car. You’d reach over to rub his floppy hair covered head, laughing slightly at your goof of a boyfriend and how in love with him you were and damn why do I keep doing this to myself.

we met and instantly felt a fire between us, but he was in a relationship. it came time for him to make a choice, and he made it known that i was his choice, but he couldn’t hurt her. so i walked way. but he chased after, determined to still be in my life. months went by of us becoming closer and closer, and eventually him cheating with me multiple times. i hated myself for it and still do, so i told him i needed to walk away. again he fought to keep me in his life, and again i let it happen. but then things turned bad. we fought like we loved each other, and felt everything in our hearts. and then i realized that i didn’t deserve to be treated like his when he wasn’t even mine. i couldn’t respond to his apologies anymore, because i’d heard them all before. maybe someday we’ll find each other and the time and circumstances will be right for our fire to burn, but for now it has to be put out. 


So I bought this thing a while back for a photography class and it was a pretty expensive thing that I only got like a semester’s use out of… I wanted to keep it because I had fun taking pictures but honestly I’ve already forgotten how to get ideal photos and I haven’t really felt the need to have anything more powerful than my iPhone for taking pics. I’m not a photographer! Haha.

So I’m looking to sell it! 

Things it comes with:

  • Sony A300 DSLR Camera
  • 18-55mm Lens w/ Lens Cap
  • Rechargeable Battery w/ Adapter 
  • USB cord for…………. something I can’t remember
  • Micro SD USB for devices without an SD slot
  • Carrying bag

I’m looking for something around $150-$170 for it all or under special circumstances, like if you’re a student who would love to use it for school or something special, I can discount it further! I bought it for around $200 with my own money, so hopefully I can make a little bit off of it haha. 

If you’re interested, please throw me an ask or an e-mail at

I can ship anywhere in the US! 

Ghostbuster ships.

i’m kinda scared to make this post, because i’m not great at touching on these topics, or explaining how i feel very well, but this is bothering me and making me feel uncomfortable so i wanna at least try.

okay so, i keep seeing tons of posts and things shipping Holztman and Erin from Ghostbusters, and that’s fine and wonderful and great, like all ships welcome here as long as they aren’t gross or inappropriate, that being said i have…not a question really, maybe more like a musing…

why is Holzty being shipped so hard with Erin, when, from what i saw, the person she was most shippable (is that a word) with was Patty? i love Erin, i do. but she liked Kevin, and yes i understand bi people exist and she most definitely could be bi (or pan or something else). but, Patty literally called Holztman “baby” at one point. and they had great chemisty, and i just am really confused. and i don’t wanna say its a race thing…but it kind of feels like one…. but being a white person i’m not sure i have the right to say what is or isn’t a race thing. (but it feels like what happened with Finn in star wars and Sam Wilson in Captain America and those are race things) (someone please correct me if i’m out of bounds here)

and then another thing, why not ship Erin and Abby? they grew up together, they wrote a book together, Erin jumped into a fucking ghost portal to rescue her, so why not ship them? why aren’t they blowing up the same way Holzty and Erin are? this one feels kinda like maybe people don’t wanna ship the cute skinny girl and the cute fat girl together simply because one of them is fat. because that’s not something that’s portrayed in the media a lot, that fat girls can be loved just like any other girl, and by other girls as well.

and yes i realize that there are people who do ship both the ships i mentioned (Holzt and Patty, Erin and Abby) but i’ve seen hardly any fan art of either of those ships, and maybe one post about Erin and Abby, and like, yes Holzt and Erin are a cute ship but i don’t know, something just feels….weird. something just feels weird to me that the two white skinny girls became the most popular ship in such a small amount of time, and in such an overwhelming way. idk

if anyone feels this way and understands what i’m trying to get at please feel free to explain it better!!!

Epic bus incident

I had a totally mad incident yesterday. I took so many risks and really didn’t hold back!

So some back story, yesterday me and my flatmates were required to attend a meeting somewhere in the early afternoon. I went there straight from work, with the intention of going home afterwards, as I took a half day. The other flatmates met me there.

On the way to work that morning, I felt the need to go quite urgently, and suddenly. Sitting down on the bus often amplifies my need, so I can be walking along with no issues then suddenly I sit down and the added pressure makes me realise I need to go. It felt super soft too. 

I was wearing normal work stuff. White briefs under black jeans, a t-shift, and a waterproof jacket along with my backpack containing my lunch and a book, and other miscellaneous things. 

When I got to work, I felt a bit better, but I was debating whether or not to go to the toilet normally, as this meeting in the afternoon was important. But I didn’t, as the need wasn’t too bad for the time being.

After lunch, I had a coffee, which brought the need back in waves, then I got the bus to go to the meeting. I was standing outside waiting for my 2 flatmates, getting quite desperate. I was farting quite a lot too, but I was being very careful with them, as they were very hot and smelly and I knew I had a very messy load waiting to come out.

After the meeting, which was quick, my flatmates returned to work. B to her part-time job, and A to her full-time job. Maybe it was because I knew I was going home straight away, and I knew my flatmates were definitely not coming home for hours, it gave me confidence, and I was filled with determination, but I knew I was in for a bad time (two sneaky undertale references there!).

I felt a fart coming on while I walked, and I let it out. It was slightly more than a fart. I was a bit wet. At the bus stop, I felt another come on but I held back. I wanted to at least get on the bus before doing any more. I knew from the wet feeling that I was a little soiled.

I sat down on the bus and the wet feeling was confirmed! A girl sat in the seat in front of me, and she was really cute. This gave me the confidence to go all out.

The next time I felt a fart come on, I let it out. I felt it run up towards my lower back! I held the rest back immediately. I get these sometimes depending on the position I’m sitting in, and it’s usually a phantom fart. This was real though. My butt was wet! I was in a lot of pain now as the rest was screaming to come out, but I held a little longer, monitoring the situation of the bus. I could smell myself but it wasn’t too obvious (I think).

about 15 minutes to go before I got off, I felt another fart come on and this time I leaned forward a bit more. The entire load came out in one wet rush, in complete silence. It was a lot, the biggest load I’ve done in a long time. I very carefully leaned back, and felt it escape the sides of my underwear, the seat also felt wet. But I wasn’t worried yet. This is normally panic time.

Oh, the smell! It was terrible. The girl looked behind her quickly at one point. There was absolutely no doubt that she smelled it. I sat there in the mess until the smell became too bad. Then I slid to the side.

The seat was brown. Oh my god. Now I panicked. I left the bus in a hurry, and glanced through the window from the outside. Most of the bus was looking at me!

I had quite a walk now, with this enormous wet mess in my pants. It was running down my leg, and into my socks. This was a disaster. I touched my bottom and my finger was wet, this was the most obvious accident I’ve probably ever had. I had no idea it would be this bad. I was hoping it would be a little more solid!

I got some looks on the way home but I power walked into my flat. I examined myself in the mirror and my entire butt was wet and there were wet streaks down my thighs. The briefs were utterly ruined and I had to bin them. My jeans and even my belt were soiled, my t-shift was stained, my socks were stained, but thankfully, my boots were ok. My jacket was also really smelly but I couldn’t see any stains.

I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up and washing clothes. There was so much clean up time. I had only just managed to hang the clean but wet clothes in my wardrobe when my flatmates returned.

So that was my disaster yesterday. Far worse than I imagined, and I was braver than usual. But it’ll be a while until I do something that large and public again. I’m slightly worried about getting on the bus again! My biggest regret is soiling the bus seat. That’s never happened before and I don’t like that I’ve given someone a mess to clean up. I feel bad about that.

Oh and about that meeting me and my flatmates went to, I have big news that I’ll share soon.

// It would appear that the person I was ranting about in this post is not planning on stopping anytime soon.

A quick recap: Someone is making a TON of RP blogs (it is seriously INSANE how many she has), and using them to harrass other roleplayers. She is very pushy, demanding that her partners post starters asap and respond to her posts as quickly as possible, but to make it even worse, she pelts you with multiple blogs, all pretending to be different muns, so that you can RP with her as often as humanly possible. It is deceptive and manipulative, not to mention freaking exhausting and overwhelming. I posted a thing publicly calling her out on it (without using names), to make her know we’re onto her, and to make other people she may be harrassing aware of what she’s doing.

After I posted that, she messaged me, apologizing profusely and saying how bad she felt. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and told her not to do it again. Just to roleplay with ONE blog per muse (as most of her blogs are repeats of the same one or two muses), and to tell me that it was her each time she approached me instead of trying to deceive me. She promised she would.

She has since tried to deceive me twice, in the span of two days. When I called her out on it again, she said she’s only having some fun and that most people have more than one RP blog. She accused me of “spreading hate” about her. But what she is doing goes beyond having more than one RP blog. She is HARRASSING people (not just me!) and being incredibly manipulative and amoral about it.

So, I’m done being nice. Her real name is Nicole, and here are the blogs she has (that I know of! I’m sure there are a ton more!) that are still active:

  • fineprizeforanyprincetomarry
  • dxzzlingplace (not to be confused with adxzzlingplace, who I’m certain is NOT her! Sorry to drag adxzzlingplace into this, but it was worth mentioning that that blog is NOT this person!!)
  • fiogress
  • toothlessthenightfurry
  • guardianofffun

Unfortunately, most of the blogs she used, she ended up deleting and deactivating, so they’re no longer around. But some of the blogs she’s deactivated once people starting suspecting they were her include arabiian-princess, abeautifuldesertflower, dontwanttobeaprincess, mynameisjackfrosst, havingfunismycenter

I hate to be the guy that posts names publicly and starts a witch hunt, but this is getting ridiculous. Thanks to her, EVERYONE who approaches me, I can’t help but suspect might be her now. She has permanently damaged my enjoyment of roleplaying on Tumblr. Not only is she deceiving people, pushing people, overwhelming people, and straight-up lying about how sorry she was once she was caught in the act… but she also genuinely sees nothing wrong with the way she’s treating people. She’s not going to stop anytime soon. And people need to be aware of the toxic behavior happening here.

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Some cute things about sirius? Please? Olas related or not I don't care xx

I’m gonna make it OLaS because @ladyamina is still asleep and I need to think about that nerd right now to improve my mood

  • gets really into singing along to songs, sometimes even ones he doesn’t know the lyrics to
  • doesn’t compliment strangers because when it’s done to him it more often than not makes him uncomfortable, but when someone does it to him, he always says something nice back
  • he does compliment people’s clothes sometimes, and asks them where they got them, and if he likes something a lot, he’ll drop whatever he was doing and go get it right away
  • he tried organising his closet a few different ways before settling on doing it by colour, because it felt the most right
  • loves loves loves colours, don’t know if we’ve ever mentioned that
  • 12 Grimmauld Place was always dark and unpleasant and he always tried to spend as much time as possible outside; that wasn’t a lot, so he at least tried making his room as bright and colourful as possible (we all know he’s a master at sticking charms, so even Walburga couldn’t stop him from decorating the walls in his own way) and spent a lot of time looking out the window 
  • when he discovered he was good at and liked drawing, he spent his summers imagining and drawing the most colourful things he could think of (unfortunately all those drawings stayed behind when he ran away from home - but fortunately, Reg saved them from destruction) 
  • he tried playing quidditch for a while in fourth year, and it was a good way to let out his frustrations (he was a beater), but he soon discovered that when he’s playing, he can’t watch James that much, so his career was short lived 
  • (one of the reasons he joined the team was also his undying love for McGonagall and trying to get back into her good graces after one of pranks gone wrong where she seemed really really mad - “She said she wasn’t even mad, just disappointed, and that’s the woooorst, I can’t take this, I need her to love me, please please can I join the team, Prongs, pleeeease?”)
  • what was also short lived was his career as the quidditch commentator, because he deemed it was more important for everyone to know how amazing James Potter is than what the score was 
  • can’t stand his hair getting dirty, but when he’s Padfoot he freely and happily rolls around in the dirt, making a mess of his fur 

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How did you tell your parents that you aren't straight? How did they react?

mmmm good q. i never really felt the need to out myself because my parents are v open minded and progressive (well, at least as much as they can be without being imbedded in our generation) so i just kinda brought it up casually. i was hanging with my mom and at the time i had a thing for this girl and i was like, “moMmmmm i have a crush on this girl and i think she’s ignoring meee” and my mom was like “girl?” and i said “yeah. why ask?” and she said “oh you just always seemed to get crushes on boys so i was just surprised that’s all” and that was that. also i’ll casually make jokes about wishing there were more girls at events i go to or so on… since i don’t label my sexuality i don’t have any definition to “come out” as. i expect my parents to accept me no matter my sexuality so i just.. talk about not being straight sometimes even if it makes them uncomfortable or confused. i am VERY lucky to be in the situation i am in though and havent even tried with my grandparents yet… although i call them out when they ask if i have any new boyfriends. (me: why not girlfriends, grandma?? – gma: oh i don’t know girlfriends are fine too i suppose) every situation is different for everyone and i hope however you feel you need to present yourself works out well!! i love u

I’ve felt the need and urge to make a journal. Its what I do when I want to feel strong, or feel like I’m moving forward.  Get some words of encouragement from friends and acquaintances. Feel like I came to some kind of revelation that will makes be a bigger better person. If I am moving forward, I’m taking baby steps. And I guess, that’s okay.

Emotions have been strong the last few weeks. Lot’s of changes going on. Relationships status, hair, who’s in my life, who’s not and I’m still adjusting to be openly transgender. I came out full force. The response has been great on a friendship level. Very little bad experiences so far. Some saw it coming, others blind sighted. But people like Izzy. I’ve even been confused for a girl WITH my voice.

Not sure when or how I’ll afford things like hair removal or hormones. But, I’m am me. I am Izzy. I might not dress up everyday because of facial hair getting in the way, but I don’t shy away from being who I am. Not from anyone. To some, that makes me strong.

With all intents and purposes I am a new person. I have all the memories, good and bad as the person I once was, but my life has changed. I’m relearning what I want, what I need, and who I want to be. In some ways I’m rediscovering myself.

Somethings might not seem as appealing as they once were, and things have got'n a little weird on a personal level. But in retrospect I am moving forward. Here’s hoping that the changes and growth are in a positive direction..

I apologize in advance if I more guarded or distant too. I’m learning. I’m adapting. I’m being more selfish. You can say that I am in a transitional period.