We [women] can all be strong and we can do it in a hundred different ways. […] I find that it’s a really important representation for women to know that they can be themselves and you don’t necessarily need a suit to fight crime. You don’t need to be the patriarchal definition of strong to be strong.

Kyungsoohh la la~

mysticmindsartisticlives said: “Could you do Exo’s reaction to Kyungsoo’s short shorts at the rehearsal before the concert in Chengdu? They had to be professional because they were practicing, but what were they really thinking?”

OMG. O.M.G…OH MAI GAWD!!! This request was hilarious thank you so much for sending me stuff! HONHONHON I had fun with this one~ I switched the orders a bit, but I hope you like it!! <3 (Ye be warned; loooong post ahead!)


*Doing his thang during rehearsals* “Ugh, why is it hotter than Kai doing the Baby Don’t Cry performance during the concert? Aha! SUN! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! No matter- I know exactly how to deal with this heat! Fire cannot kill this penguin!!!” *rolls up shorts and struts around*


“So the exo-m unit gets to wear short sleeves, right? Then what about exo-k, it’s so hot today-” *catches sight of D.O. strutting them legs like there’s no tomorrow* 
“Well, well, well, never mind~” *starts imagining all of exo-k in similar shorts, and basically: The Baozi likes what the Baozi sees*


*Mutters to self* “First Xiuminnie strips, then Lay shows his unicorn abs…Chen is showing off his guns, all of them stripping on stage- what’s next?” *sees the fan-footage of the rehearsals*


“…K-Kyungsoo? Is that- no, it can’t be… MY SON! HOW YOU’VE GROWN! YOUR LEGS ARE LONGER NOW, RIGHT?! Look how cute and tan they are!” *incoherent cooing* (let’s face it, Kris always had a soft spot for the squishy)


“Yep! That is my boy, putting himself out there, getting a good healthy tan. I have raised him well, right? Right?!” *proud Joonma not even caring about professionalism*


*Mumbling to himself* “Is Kyungsoo-ah walking around in super short shorts?- I should focus on this choreo…” *keeps watching every time Kyungsoo walks by*
“Okay. That is it. I’m going to pat his butt!”


*Teasing the other members for staring at Kyungsoo* “You should hit all of them, D.O.-ah! Look at these perverts!”



“No way Kyungsoo would do it, he’s the dark lord of the night, he hates sunlight- WHOOP THERE IT IS! He actually did it!” *laughs in mirth*


*In the middle of rapping when he sees Kyungsoo do something so out of character. He tries to stay professional and continues his rapping, unaware that he suddenly started to freestyle*
“Tto dareun neukdaedeuri bolsera-, how did you roll em up so high, yo, Kyungsoo-ah? I never knew you liked to show off them legs like a fashionshooooow! Your legs are long but you are short, how? This I must knoooow!” *Squishysoo immediately puts the fear of God in him*


“OH MY GOD! I cannot believe he actually listened to the fake fashion advice I gave him! It was a joke, Kyungsoo-ah!! Oh please, don’t come to China to kick my butt…”


“I am totally being a professional. There is nothing not professional by looking at your hyungs to see how they do things… Are you sure that’s D.O.-hyung? Did Baek-hyung spike his water?” *maknae can’t help but stop and stare*


*On the outside* “Hahaha, hyung is so silly, look at you parading around like that! Come on, we have to work, this is important! How do you dance with your shorts up like that, exposing all of the skin on your legs?”

*On the inside* “MUST. PROTECT. HYUNG. FROM. OTHERS. AT. ALL. COSTS. Don’t freaking try anything, hyung!!!”

*deeper on the inside* “Why must you torture me so, hyung? Just wait until rehearsals are over!” *enter dirty thoughts*


"Ahhh sweet mother of coolness, this is a lot better!”

“…Why are all these idiots staring at me?”

“Better hit Baekhyun- I’m sure he deserved it for something…”

“At least Jonginnie is normal~”

“Yep. Totally normal~ OuO” *secretly rolls shorts up higher*




my cat Wilson is still alive!!!!!!!!!!! she was trapped in an abandoned car for 6 whole days and nights with no food and water and she’s totally fine?????????????????

I was so sure she was dead, swallowed up by the rainforest like our other cat Kazran, a few years back. it happened again, and I cried and cried and I missed Wilson so badly. I was listening to infinite cat purring audio instead of music because I couldn’t bear the absence of her purr. AND NOW I HAVE THE REAL THING AGAIN. MY CAT CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD. my bed no longer feels empty and cold and cat-less!!

what happened was that my dad locked her in the old car and didn’t check under the seats. when my mother peered in, Wilson must’ve been hiding because she was scared, poor thing ;n;

my sister was the one who found her. she walked the dog early, which was lucky because if she’d gone closer to sunset on this miserable grey day, she might not have seen Wilson sleeping on the back seat of the car.

we have no idea what she was drinking to stay alive. maybe licking condensation off the windows in the morning…

I gave her some wet food and she ate a lot, then she licked all the gravy off what I fed her later on. she sniffed out the house to make sure everything is still in order, and now she’s curled up next to me to sleep. the vet says to monitor her drinking in case of kidney problems, but otherwise my small, furry friend is in decent shape!

this is one very beautiful GIsHWheS-week miracle. thank you GIsHWheS - if anything, for distracting me from my grief and giving me something to smile about.

stay positive, friends ♥


these are four WIP drawings of mine that range from as recent as a month old to a little over a year old 

i am kind of awful at actually finishing things so um…. any opinions on which ones i should try and finish in the near future?

owasera lyric comic set to Eyelids by PVRIS! I felt that the lyrics fit mika and yuu pretty well. the majority of the drawings are screencap/panel redraws bc I’m uncreative but I’m just glad it’s finished lmao

Community College Gothic
  • There is a group of men who sit in the back of the cafeteria. They are always on PC laptops. You do not share a class when any of them, but they are there every day, until the last days of the semester. You never see their laptop screens. You begin to wonder if they even attend the school. 
  • You have a professor who talks about her late husband having helped to found the school. You dimly recall the school celebrating its 75th anniversary a few years ago. You wonder how long ago her husband died. You wonder how old she is. She never understands how to turn on the computer.
  • There is a middle-aged woman who sits in the back of your classroom and wears a motorcycle jacket. She’s always there, in every class. Maybe it is a different woman in different classes. You cannot tell. They all wear a motorcycle jacket. They all wear the same motorcycle jacket. You have never seen a motorcycle in the parking lot.
  • “You can check your grades online”, a professor tells you. You log in to your account and hit the button to select the previous semester. It loads a blank page. The page is fully loaded. There is nothing but white space on the page. You stare into this pale void. You will never know your grades.
  • There is a club room off of the main building. The sign reads “Do Not Enter Unless Permitted By Dean”. You are not sure why it is a club room. Clubs do not meet there. No one meets there. It has no windows. Sometimes you think you hear voices from inside, but no one has ever entered that room. No one has ever left it, either.