so yeah lots of unfortunate events

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Seeing A Series of Unfortunate Events on your influences made me go “hell yeah!” If it’s alright to ask: how are you liking the series on Netflix right now, and do you have a possible desire to do a “So This Is Basically” on it? Not in the near future, obviously, since I bet the series take a lot of time to work on. Thanks Jello, love your work! -signed, A guy named after colors

Like the books, the series varies in quality from episode to episode. For instance, I thought the episodes of the Netflix series that covered the 5th book were actually pretty boring, but the ones for the 6/7th books were great. I’m not done with S2 yet but I’m enjoying it. The set design and casting border on perfect, I love the actresses they got for Carmelita and Esme.

I like the Netflix series a lot. More than the books, actually. The Netflix series adds lots of B-Plots with the adults and introduces VFD members much earlier than the books did, which is a good decision. As much as I like Lemony Snicket’s prose I never found the Baudelaires super interesting on their own and having them ping-pong between incompetent adults goes from funny to downright frustrating pretty quickly. It’s nice to see the Netflix series improving on the books’ shortcomings.

I’m really hoping they have a better ending than the books did too, because unlike All the Wrong Questions, Unfortunate Events has one of my least favorite non-endings of all time and leaves about 85% of the series’s questions pointedly unanswered. And that sure pissed me off as a kid!

To be honest I hope that ASoUE does really well specifically so they can get a 4th season that covers All the Wrong Questions. Young Snicket was a more active and complex protagonist than the Baudelaires ever were.

  • World: *releases one Series of Unfortunates teaser*
  • Me: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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do you ever feel pressure from writing watercast? i mean, you have a more than amazing story and everybody in the voltron fandom who loves klance (and that's a lot) knows you fanfic and even play by calling it the "bible" since is so damn good. maybe most of them say that your story is the best klance fic they've ever read, so do you ever feel like being scared of disappointing these people or you have everything under control? i know that i'd feel very anxious lol. sorry for the bad english

hey anon, I feel you’re very sweet for sending me this ask it feels very flattering haha. ;A;

I think watercast is probably the most stressful fic I’ve ever written (maybe except This Family comes with Batteries near the end). I usually try to live by my own advice of writing for myself (read: a few friends) and not be too affected by lack of reception or lack of popularity. but when something unexpectedly becomes popular, you feel really encouraged and suddenly you have a lot more to lose. 

I’m stressed as fuck about disappointing people / the fic becoming boring. That’s why I posted a lot about stats (comment counts, kudos etc) chapter by chapter - not because I write for statistics and numbers…but because statistics and numbers are often one of the only ways fic writers can gauge their progress/work/quality etc

after the last wave of hate messages from anons and ex-mutual writers alike, I try not to talk about stats anymore. but yeah it’s become very hard to write because I’m constantly thinking about whether it seems boring, slow, choppy, paced badly, too fast etcetc. I don’t think i’m alone in this but yeah… it’s like squeezing blood from a stone sometimes. My friendos put up with a lot of me whinging and anxious nail biting while i’m writing… 

that said, there’s a reason I post 14+K updates right… the fandom (you guys!!!) have really become my emotional support over the past year. Writing watercast gives me such a sense of accomplishment because I feel like wow, people like my shit and it even cheers some people up on bad days and if i can’t have any purpose in RL at least i’ve done a small thing and left something here when i go. It’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, and probably sounds a bit pathetic, but yeah. 

sorry this got long. I think having the new readers commenta nd message me and support me via merch or just donating me coffees… it reallly literally got me through the end of law school and all the Unfortunate Events that happened. So writing watercast is very rewarding for me because of the amount of feedback I get (i think it’s still the most i’ve ever gotten, even after the tapering off hehe). but it is definitely stressful. I’ts felt like a job/chore at times, I won’t lie. But i think it is worth it. 

maybe one of you guys have nepotism / connections in the publishing business and can help me make this into a paperback eh? hehe. :3

need a new computer...

So, this week I recorded the Q&A for the 5K event and thank you guys for all the questions you sent me! Also, thank you for following me and showing so much much love to my art. It means a lot! 

So yeah.. I recorded the video and the footage is just corrupted to the point I can’t even edit it without it freezing my laptop for 2 hours straight. Unfortunately, I also deleted the questions while while recording so I can’t record again…

Instead, I might end up doing a livestream Q&A where I’ll draw and answer your questions (I have to work on the Klance stickers anyway). Just a little update on the whole Q&A event, not sure when I’ll do the live stream since I’m busy this weekend. So maybe I’ll do it early next week before the holidays.

oh god why is everybody in Rune Factory 4 so desirable fuck I can’t make this decisions somebody help me

I mean yeah Arthur and Dolce are basically my main baes but idk they’re all amazing

my only complaints about the game is that major story events (~the entire third arc of the game~) are often prompted by RNG and too much character growth is reliant on the dating system - you can’t learn a lot of meaningful things about the characters until you’re borderline married, unfortunately.  This especially applies (at least with bachelors, haven’t played as Lest yet) to Arthur and Leon though like holy shit the amount of character revelation in their pre-marriage sequences is huge

also Porco is not an eligible bachelor 0/10 returning game burning 3DS moving to Tunasia

A few last thoughts re: asoue before I go to bed:

  • They used Lemony really, really well, mostly in the sense that they actually let him interact with the world (the characters mention him, he’s actively running from his enemies, he has more to do than just lurk in a clock tower), he’s a part of things and it’s good
  • They balanced funny-comedy!Olaf with wants-to-murder-these-children-with-this-knife!Olaf fantastically. The scene where he slaps Klaus in particular was stunningly done 
  • “I’ll open a box of merlot” (with a hard t) made me laugh more than should be possible
  • Literally every moment anything happened it felt like I was missing at least four easter eggs, two codes, and one ‘VFD’
  • (That was definitely Hector flying by in the background right?)
  • Please explain Klaus’ monogrammed pyjamas to me. I can not rest while this is unexplained
  • On the other hand I am living a Lemony’s sweater appreciation life
  • Jacquelyn and Gustav, loves of my life (for very nearly seven hours now), I want so much more
  • (Is taxi driver Ishmael also book 13 Ishmael??)
  • God damn yellow doors
  • Honestly
  • How dare you
  • I went into the show absolutely expecting we wouldn’t get the Sunny/Orwell sword fight and I can understand and appreciate why that’s difficult and why we didn’t get it but honestly there were so many cgi Sunnys you could have at least tried
  • (I’m so glad netflix spent money on cgi Sunny kicking arse at poker that was very narratively important thank you)
  • Multiple musical numbers?? The Count and Zombies in the Snow and a totally inexplicable full cast sing along I do not understand but we are blessed
  • All in all, while there was a whole lot more than was in the books, I keep remembering that it took Lemony until book five to decide ‘yeah an overarching story line is probably a good idea’ and I’m so glad that with the power of hindsight he can go back and dig elaborate tunnels under everyone’s houses and hand out mysterious code spyglasses and take so many more opportunities not to tell us anything we’re absolutely dying to know
  • Also why did the Baudelaires leave their picnic basket on the beach??

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Hi! I was wondering if you could explain something to me. I remember reading Batman 650-ish where Jason came back and bludhaven got vaporized, but I couldn't follow what happened after, if I recall there was a time skip. Do u know what happened after?

Oh yeah so Under the Red Hood had the unfortunate luck to end right as Infinite Crisis was gearing up. So that scene in the beginning of Batman #650 is Bruce and Jason having a clear view of Bludhaven getting destroyed. Then yes, there was a timeskip for the Batman title but Infinite Crisis the mini series explains what happened in that event if you want to pick it up/read the mini series. There are a lot of tie ins, including Nightwing #116 which shows Dick trying to help what’s left of Bludhaven and Teen Titans #33 in which Dick teams up with Superboy because Batman sent them on a mission for Infinite Crisis etc. You might want to skip Infinite Crisis bc I’m almost positive most people hate it and think it’s a dumb convoluted self indulgent mess but I love it because of that one scene where Bruce considers ending the world but then changes his mind bc it meant it’d end the existence of Dick Grayson, the Ultimate Good In Bruce’s Life, and this realization leads Bruce to REFUSE to do that therefore proving Dick is Bruce’s favorite human being ever which is all worth it to me :’)

Anyway so after Infinite Crisis, the bad guy goes down, Superboy dies, Superboy-prime who is a delusional megalomaniac from an AU punches holes in the timeline in order to explain w/e ridiculous thing it is that comic writers wanted to explain, and then Bruce takes Tim and Dick out on a year long family training session. Sorry, Jason, u cant sit w them. Then Dick comes back to NYC in Nightwing “one year later” (a month later IRL) and Jason Todd is somehow running around as Nightwing and shenanigans ensue. It’s the WORST Nightwing arc ever and let me tell you, there are some terrible Nightwing arcs. The TPB is called Brothers in Blood and too many people on this TOXIC website including my GODFORSAKEN friends unironically love it bc it’s literally the Jupiter Ascending of comics. It’s so terrible in terms of writing, characterization, art, plot, structure, basic logic and yet so funny and ridiculous. There are tentacle monsters involved.

What happened was this: Dan Didio the ultimate super villain and certain misguided mofos like Judd Winick had planned for Nightwing to die in Infinite Crisis bc it’d be ~powerful~ but then blessed angels like Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, etc were like hoe don’t do it @ Dan Didio so Dan Didio did not do it thanks to peer pressure. The best kind of peer pressure that saved my boo!!! but yeah it saved him to come back to the mess that was Brothers in blood and a VERY ooc Outsiders arc bc a lot of the planning that went into Nightwing’s potential death bled over to One Year Later. That planning involved making JASON nightwing which is why Jason was in Nightwing in the first place. Luckily that didn’t happen so yeah haha sorry this is so long winded and overly detailed answer I guess I’m in a talkative mood tonight B) 

Pale Gamkar Month Begins April 1st!

Yeah, a lot of you may have thought it would start in March, I thought so too!

Unfortunately March is only two days away (today being the 27th) which would have made the event very short noticed!

Instead I have decided to put up the list a month before to let you all have time to think and prepare before the event officially starts!

I hope everyone will enjoy this and that everyone has fun! :D

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ok i'm not trying to be a party pooper but i seriously wish that kubo gave us more... like developments wise, tying this in one chapter of their marriage and kid (I'M SO HAPPY DON'T GET ME WRONG) seems so hurried and rushed. i wanted to see ichigo or orihime's confession and their love story (even if it's tiny bits) sigh i wish he could've given us more chapters then two chapters of epilogues for shinigami world and real world... does it make sense?

OH NO I absolutely agree with you- honestly taking everything into consideration, I’m happy we got even as much as we did in the way of IchiHime (the tag team, the canonisation- esp when we were prepared for like a 50% chance of no pairing/ambiguous pairing), but I wish there was more too. I think its pretty clear that the fans (well, the ones who will still support Kubo after this, anyways >_>) and Kubo himself definitely had to settle for this ending when we all know there could have been more, and it’s really unfortunate.

I would have loved to see Orihime’s character arc come to fruition more in the way of her abilities, too. Because even though my theories about her powers ended up not going anywhere, I still believe in the very deliberate and clear foreshadowing that was left there. I absolutely think that Orihime’s power reveal was something that Kubo was planning, but ultimately had to sacrifice due to time constraints. Of course there are other character epilogues I would have liked to see a bit more of; Isane and Izuru, for example. Additionally, all of the Espada and remaining Arrancar. What happened to Harribel? To Nel & Grimmjow? The Tres Bestias, Loly, and Menoly? What about Yoruichi? There’s a LOT of loose ends that unfortunately just aren’t going to be tied up.

I was putting a lot of faith into possibly getting a novel version of the events of the last 10 years, but now I think the best we can hope for is possibly a databook that has a short summary of the events, omakes, extra information, etc -but even the chances of that are slim to none.

But yeah, I understand you- as happy as I am that Bleach is coming to a close, the feeling is definitely bittersweet because I know we missed out on the true ending Kubo had in mind because WSJ rushed him along, and it’s really unfortunate. Even so, I think at this point I’ll just happily take what I can get, and use the framework Kubo’s set up to fill in the blanks (with fanfiction lmao) myself! Honestly, it could’ve easily been a lot worse. And at the very least, I’m glad Kubo still stuck to his guns till the very end re: IchiHime.

Heeeey! Finally it’s 2016 and now this is my new year follow forever! (Sorry for late lol) I want to say thank you for you all. I’m so thankful for a lot of people here. In 2015 a lot of things happened to me, I’m over on primary school, I started high school in September and unfortunately I lost my grandmother and I really missing her every single day. But I had a lot of beautiful moments in 2015, so yeah it was eventful. And now I want to wish a great, awesome, fantastic and amazing 2016 for you all! I love all of you guys very much! Happy New Year! ❤❤❤

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