So there I am watching a new video (more recent one anyways) from one of my favorite youtubers, exposing another youtuber who has been pretending to be a minor when he’s actually 23 and there’s even an fb post his father (I think) posted some time ago stating he is in fact 23. Anyways, I notice a certain actress in the comment section of the ig post in question

[zooms in more]

There she is!

Now after learning about the youtuber in question I decided to head on over to his channel to see for myself if he really is only making videos about actual kids, and lo behold

His homepage. The first thing you see when you go to his channel, a video he made about Annie LeBlanc and Asher Angel.

I don’t know what I’m trying to achieve by posting this??? I honestly just wanted to comment on how a few of the actors from Andi Mack are all being given some exposure due to this guy’s weird fixation with kids. I noticed a few of the actors, thought, “Hey, the Andi Mack kids!”, then realized how weird it is he’s discussing kids at his age and in the way he’s talking about them. It’s not a big deal to be a fan of these talented kids and give them some praise and exposure whether you’re an adult or around their age, that’s not what weirds me out about this youtuber.

His videos all feature him reacting to a lot of kids 15 and under, videos of them twerking or doing something inappropriate or kissing each other or him just discussing their relationships. He hasn’t even tried to hide how he low key has a crush on some of the kids he talks about, Loren Gray and Maddie Ziegler in particular.

Idk I just thought it would be fitting to talk about this since the Friendom is no stranger to inappropriate behavior from some adults in the past and unfortunate creepy p*do content that’s slipped into the tag a few times. I’m not saying he’s done anything but him pretending to be way younger than he actually is just so he could make videos talking about his crushes on underage girls, discuss underage kids’ inappropriate videos or their relationships in general, seems that even he knows something is wrong about that. He’s even taken to deleting some comments related to this issue on his videos recently. Don’t know what that says about him, just wanted to get this out there.


Had a lot of fun making these (pencil rough, inked, and then colored in photoshop).

I am so emotional yall

A quick history lesson… adventure time was the whole reason I jumped into tumblr in the first place. Bubbline was the first ship I ever drew. like… look at this shit from five years back (this was the first shippy thing i EVER posted)…we’ve gone so far

point is… Adventure time was and is still gonna be very important to me. and bubbline engame just tied the knot ;-;


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil! You inspire and bring happiness to everyone around you and all we wish wish is that we could give the same (and more) in return. Hope your 31st year of life is the best yet; full of new adventures and stories to live and share. I hope your days are filled with life changing experiences, excitement, joy and all the hugs and appreciation from your loved ones. Never stop being you, never stop being amazing. 💙 💙 💙