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Petnames commission for @prettyabnormalgirl


“Thanks, sweetheart, you’re a peach.“

“Mmmornin’ Honeybee.“

“Baby. Sweetpea. Darlin’. Pumpkin.“

“What’s eatin’ at ya, Snapdrag-.“

“You are very fond of these…endearments.“

I-I mean-! I like ‘em I guess. Think they’re cute. But I can stop! I’m sorry I didn’t ask ya if y-.”

“No. It is alright, McCree. I am just not…. used to such names. If they are important to you-.“

“Han, If you ain’t comfortable, it’s no big deal“

“I said I do not mind, Light of my Life.“

“My shade from the sun.“

“Alright, dial it back, cowboy.“



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Part 4 is finally done!  ;; v ;; Introducing a new member and some characters we all know and love =)))) 

Also i’m probably the odd one who like Mineta xD

All the previous part of the bunny AU : 1 / 2 / 3 / _ / part 5 will be out next month!

Sincerely, Me

Evan: In an email I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase

Evan: It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One key and you’ve consumed my waking days.

Evan: It says “Dear Evan Hansen,”

Evan: With a comma after dear

Evan: You’ve written “Dear, Evan Hansen”

Venus in the houses

 psa: I have a feeling this has been done a couple times, but I just really love venus and wanted to talk about it! Maybe you’ll like getting my personal insight on it too, idk

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure

Venus in House 1 : Being ruled by the sun (which rules the face among other things) these people are quite good looking. They adore flirting and love to cuddle, kiss and squeeze their friends or partner. It’s in their nature to be touchy and this may accidentally lead people on. They’re cheerful and upbeat people, who are very sympathetic and artistic. They care too much about their looks though, this could lead to insecurity and spending lots of money on such things as plastic surgery, makeup etc…

Venus in House 2 : You are great in social situations and have many connections, and prosper in marriage or artistic jobs. They spend money on things that they find aesthetically pleasing, love beautiful surroundings. This could range from jewelry to surrounding themselves with women or men they find attractive. These individuals are kind and trustworthy during business. They can though, be too extravagant. 

Venus in House 3 : Very artistic placement, and your social life probably involves things such as travelling/road trips etc… This may be how you find love too! Although being naturally positive people and having a knack for being great in writing and speaking; they can be superficial and easily swayed by their feelings. 

Venus in House 4 : Being surrounded by beautiful things is important to you! You are most comfortable at home. This links to the fact that you tend to have happy childhood memories, and are probably attached to ya momther. This placements almost assures you a peaceful end of life. 

Venus in House 5 : This placement is the most likely to have multiple lovers, as they are very romantic and attract people easily. They feel fulfilled when in the spotlight and being social. This can cause you to look vain if it get too much to your head though, so be careful!

Venus in House 6 : You crave a harmonious environment to feel balanced in life, whether it be at home or at work. Although you are most likely to go and get too drunk, your health is good. Since you are usually so yourself in your work place, this may bring a love interest in the same place. You do though have a laziness issue, and let others do the jobs you would prefer not to do, which can pile up and have people see you as someone they don’t want on their team. 

Venus in House 7 : Just like venus in the 6th house, feelings of harmony are a must in marriage and where you work. You tend to really attract the opposite sex, and are affectionate, usually completely fulfilling the needs of your other half. It is likely that you will gain a greatly stable economic situation thanks to your partner. You unfortunately can be resentful though if people do not take the first step. 

Venus in House 8 : Being placed in the 8th house makes love a very intense and desirable matter for you. This may lead you to feel like the romantic type or have many sexual partners. You might feel protective over your loved ones. Circumstances around your death are supposed to be peaceful. You aren’t great at handling your responsibilities. 

Venus in House 9 : You feel fulfilled in a room of people from different backgrounds who are full of different experiences. Very open to new experiences and ideas, this could make you kinky hehe. Possibly will marry a foreigner. Your longing to find differentiation can be unattainable though, making you upset. 

Venus in House 10 : Charm gets you far in life with your peers, and people are intrigued about your faintly distant ways. likely to be popular at work or school. You may have scandalous issues with a partner. 

Venus in House 11 : Known to be a social butterfly, you are charismatic and love people. Through relationships, you prefer taking it slow and are likely to marry someone who’s been your best friend or good friend in the past or present. A worry though is you sometimes confuse friendship with love. 

Venus in House 12 : The most affectionate sign towards their partner mentally. Very selfless placement, and their is the possibility of having a love affair. You dislike showing off your partner, you are private about you two. Their is a danger of having an unhappy marriage. 

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Ok so Paranoid Ford is an incredibly interesting thing to discuss and think about, but you know one thing I think is under appreciated in the GF fandom? Happy Ford. Ford when he’s laughing and smiling and doing goofy things with his family just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. As the resident Stan Twin expert around here, what are your thoughts on this?

Resident Stan Twin expert now that sounds very suspiciously like flattery

Well - It’s a real hard handle to try to get an accurate feel for what the fandom kinda forgets about as a whole. Especially if you’re someone like me who avoids going into the tags. If I had to guess though I’d agree with ya on that the fandom tends toward angst Ford stuff over the fluff.

Happy Ford is some of the best stuff tho man. Right off the bat I can tell you - one of my favorite things is the Stan Twins having a good time joking around with one another. Sibling banter is top notch stuff lemme tell you what.

… And… the page I have bookmarked in my journals. It’s not That One Page from Ford’s paranoid stage. It’s this one.

The page where everything is getting stitched back together.

I suspect most consider me a real angst person, but I do really like the Stan Twins happy. I sincerely do.

It warms my heart to see the boys just… genuinely happy and enjoying themselves with the burdens they carried for all those years finally set down. Not to say they’re perfect, but that they don’t have this shadow over their lives anymore. 

No huge danger, no heavy set guilt - they can just live their lives and make bad jokes at karaoke bars or watch movies that are a waste of time anyways and have fun with their niblings who love them and- and just everything.

So I think we all agree that whenever Tim is saying goodbye to someone he uses the cheesiest phrases possible and everyone HATES IT right?

*Conner is going across the galaxy for a mission with the superfam and won’t be back for months*

Tim, holding back te
ars: See ya soon, baboon.

Conner: What the fu-

*Having to leave in the middle of a Wayne Enterprise meeting with some Very Important Business Partners to go deal with batfam drama*

Tim: Tood-a-loo, Kangaroos

-Everyone looks after him in disgust, thinking about ways they could get out of their contract with them without going bankrupt. Tim made sure they can’t.-

He even made Damian believe saying, “Take care, teddy bear” was a customary thing to say after staying the night at someone’s house. Colin never told him and Jon finally gave it away by snickering every time he said it.
Tim nearly died when Damian found out the truth.

Anyways but what about the first time Jason and Tim work on a case together? Jason has only just made sort of peace with the batfam and things between the two of them are awkward. Jason can’t even tease or joke with the replacement because he just feels too guilty and Tim can’t let lose because as much as he tries to deny it, he’s still a little bitter.

But then, as he goes to leave Hood’s safe house Tim does his usual: Can’t stay, blue jay

And Jason, without missing a beat goes: Hasta Mañana, piranha

And they just slowly turn toward each other in amazement.

Needless to say, Dick starts to regret spending all that time hoping and praying the two of them start to get along when the next bat meeting is spent listening to them trying to one up each other with a better goodbye even though neither of them are leaving.

Okay, but can we please speak about what happened when Peter first got caught on a „job“ (thieving) and taken into custody.

By that time, he is very likely still a boy, and since he had not been part of the Ravagers’ bigger jobs, he is fairly unknown to whatever kind of police caught him. They just hold him in custody because they can’t find out where he comes from, and he stole something rather expensive, and he also bit an officer. They don’t take him very seriously, but they also can’t just let him go, so they put him into a cell, bring him something to drink, and tell him to stay put.

And Peter is just like, this sassy little brat and comments, “Uh, you really should let me out, I’m gonna be late, and they don’t like it when I’m late.”

“Who? Are you in trouble, kid? Did you get kidnapped?”

“Nah, so, they kind of call it “picking me up”, but eh, not that important. Can you let me out please? They don’t like it when I run late.”

“Boy, if you don’t tell us where you are from and who you are talking about, then we really can’t let you out. You stole something. Do you even realize the amount of trouble you are in?”

And Peter smiles, actually smiles at the officer, and says, “No, but I know the amount of trouble you’re going to be in.”

And then it starts – there are shots being fired in front of the door, rough laughter and yells resounding, and over everything else, the sound of whistling?! And the officer reacts fast, he really does, but in the time he takes to dive for his weapon (because why should he keep his weapon on him when he’s only dealing with a child), the door already flies out of its hinges, and a bunch of Ravagers makes their way into the room, weapons raised and with very, very unhappy expressions.

A blazing red arrow cuts through the air, stopping with its quivering tip only inches from the frozen officer’s throat, and a rough voice bellows “QUILL!”

“I’m here!” Peter yells back.

“We found the kid, Capt’n!” someone calls helpfully in the same moment.

“Tullk, I just said I’m here, dude.”

Yondu stomps into the room, coat singed from blaster shots aimed at him, expression murderous until he spots the little Terran in the cell. “Darn it, Quill, what did I tell ya ‘bout getting caught?!”

“I don’t know – not to do it?!“

"Excactly. And yet I see ya over there, nice and caught.”

I almost got away, Yondu, come on!”

“Almost ain’t good enough, ya brat. Ya go back to ya duties on ship until I say ya can try again!”

“What?! No, that’s unfair! I’m never going to get better if you just…”

“Ya try and argue with me, I leave ya ‘ere.”

“…Okayyyy, back to ship duties.”

The shivering officer just watches, frozen and disbelieving, as the arrow zips away from his throat – he apparently has been forgotten in his corner – and vanishes in its master’s holster again. In the meantime, a scrawny Xandarian with a Mohawk opens the door for Peter, letting the kid out (“Kraglin, come on, tell Yondu I get to try again, yeah?” – “Naw, don’chu drag me into that, Pete”) and a Krylorian picks the boy up and carries him on his shoulders. The leader of the whole group is still bickering with the child (“Ya were late, Quill” – “I was caught, Yondu! You can’t blame me!”) as they make their way out of the busted door and down the hallway.

The last thing the lucky man hears, waving down the hallway, is -

“But Capt’n, a’ least we got our Terran back.”


“We probably shoulda get ‘im a coat, so they ain’t gonna mess with ‘im again, aye, Capt’n?”


“I get a coat?! AWESOME!”

“Quill, shut it.”

“Sorry. But I still get a coat, yeah?”

“Oh by the stars, kid, ya givin’ me a headache again.”

It becomes a very important rule all over the galaxy to be careful when dealing with a certain Terran child, because it is a known fact that there will be a whole Ravager troop not too far away, ready to bail the child out again.

(Thanks to @forgedobsidian for being such a source of inspiration, the ideas keep coming when talking to you. =D)

Every Important [BANGTAN BOMB] You Need to Watch

[No, this is not all of them. Let’s be real a bunch of them are kinda boring. So here ya go all the good ones lol. (this list does not include Episodes only Bombs)]

** = Personal Favorites






.:my linksona:.

name: kami

almost have 999% of all food, and there is a good reason. just needs to be able to make every food recipe there is!

dont shoot the foxes!! its serious!

oh yas! the big shark boyfriend~  just remember to visit him every blood moon.

take selfie with every korok you find, they are important family.

and always have wolf link by your side! you never know when you need someone to talk to ( he is a very good boi )

a little chubby from all the food, but its fine. that just means its easier to stay warm in the cold ;D

i really wanted to make a linksona becuz so many people where doing it, and it looked fun. Idk if im ever gonna be drawing my linksona again but it was still fun ^^ also im not that good at writing down personalities or any of that stuff so i hope this is fine and interesting. 

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I still can't believe that happened....

Honestly, I really meant it when I said this:

I have no idea what in the shitting hell is going on. 

ESPECIALLY yesterday. WHY did all these professionals ascending onto Louis’ property look like a play put on by aliens about how to Human™? 

Like, “Here I am, I’m the doctor man! With my doctor tool!” 

“I am in my lawyer suit with my lawyer papers because I’m a very important lawyering man.”

“I"m the coffee man doing my coffee job, standing out of the way, for that pap on the lawn!”


I don’t really have any answers except that all of this is

It is so over the top and extra…I just really don’t even know what to say. It is a fact that the paparazzi are called for 90% of the shots you will ever see. The airport pap was called, presumably I feel, to capture them in their Tweedle Dumb and Dumber jumpsuits, which is fine because it’s clear that they are both under some sort of arrangement with Vetements. The return of what’s her face isn’t that surprising given that she was pictured with Gigi for official Tommy Hilfiger promo months ago and Zayn and Louis are still both, as far as I know, under Syco, so it would make sense that they roped their beards in together, and that they would use them for mutual promotion with TH. Maximum exposure required Zayn and Louis’ participation clearly. Louis recently followed Tommy Hilfiger on Twitter so it’s just like breadcrumb trail of stuntness that is right in front of everyone.  

There is so much overwhelming evidence to support that this was all planned. I don’t know about the hoodrats jumping them at LAX being real or fake, but I imagine that the “scuffle with the paps” was intentional, thus giving way to Dan fuckin W’s article about Louis’ mental stability and then the comment from the Desperado of Calabasas about him “not being himself”…this seems like a terribly drawn out and horrible season finale that everyone’s just tuning into out of fuckin obligation to the years they’ve invested in the show. 

It’s just…sad. It’s really sad for people who have bothered to look beyond the headlines, which are fabricated by yellow journalists and shitty PR people to build a narrative that is not true, and who know that this is the last thing that someone like Louis Tomlinson deserves. He deserves exactly none of this shit.

Not to continuously bring it up, and I wish I didn’t have to, but what I wrote about this subject over a year ago now is more relevant than ever. And that’s extremely depressing. If you haven’t read these, then hopefully you will and they can shed some insight into what I believe is actually happening behind the scenes. 

Is Louis Tomlinson A Victim of A Character Assassination Campaign?

Why Is It So Hard For People To Believe That Louis Tomlinson Has Actually Had A Baby?

Is Louis Tomlinson’s Bizarre Behaviour Actually Just Him Mocking Simon Cowell?

180411 Twitter Q&A

Fan: Chris is hungry?

Chan: Chris is hungry~~~

Fan: chan, why does your name rhyme with fan? were you a fan in your previous life? Is that why you’re so cool and refreshing to be near?

Chan: Cheeeeeeeessssy~~

Fan: What’s your favourite artist at the moment? or a song that you think everyone should listen to immediately?

Chan: I recommend “Gotta Catch Em All~!” Hahaha

Fan: if you can be an animal for one day, what would it be? i love u

Chan: Why not a kangaroo? Or an Orca Whale 🐬

Fan: if you guys are given a chance to go on a vacation together, where do you want to go?

Chan: STRAYA!!! (Australia) hehe

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Dear USA

I live in Europe, in Poland. I cannot easily obtain a gun here. Never in my life have I had a need to get one. Not even while researching a zombie apocalypse fanfic.

And I have never feared going to public spaces for reasons other than my social phobia. Not once, in my life, I was afraid someone would put a gun to my head.

Americans, you present your country as an utopia. We learn in history about your achievements and I would have never heard about many wars you started for profit if I haven’t stumbled on it on my own. For many of us, mere eastern-europeans, USA is the country of opportunity and success. That’s how you present and sell yourself. But you don’t have public healthcare. People drown in student loans and can’t get educated. You have corrupted, heartless people in the governemnt who stopped even pretending. You perpetuate racism and praise racist while we learn about your civil war in history lessons. You can buy guns and shoot people with no consequences.

In my small, conservative country, when I was young I saw USA as an utopia and I wanted to live there.

But what you’re doing is absolutely horrifying. You are the country of biggest and most terryfying contrasts. What you’re doing won’t destroy your country, because it is after all, unfortunately, too established in all of our minds as power giant. But it WILL kill your people. And it already does.

Tumblr is mostly America-centring and that’s why I get a sense of your dread. I am scared of what this country represents. That one of world’s superpowers, that all other countries, including mine, suck up to, is a dystopia. A true, real one, not the YA novel kind. But I cannot change your country for you. Other countries cannot do so. I am just an observer, seeing the wave of violence and death spreading across the world and hoping my little country is not important enough to participate in a rise of nationalism and corruption (although if you know anything about Poland, it’s that our very conservative government shares a lot of flaws with yours and is also becoming more and more horryfing).

I know not many people will read this, but I had to get the feeling out of my chest. I haven’t been this mortified in a while. And I hope you know that you haven’t been an utopia. Ever. And those deaths have to stop. I would say I pray for all the victims of your sick sistem but I’m neither religious nor believe anymore than something other than actions can change this reality.


I’m tired as hell. I’ve been trying to educate people for years and it’s exhausting. I’m tired of being patient with bigots. I’m tired of trying to explain why I don’t deserve to be treated like a piece of shit all the time. I’m tired of begging everyone to understand that people of color aren’t all the same, that we don’t all believe the same things or feel the same things or experience the world the same way.” I shook my head, hard. “I’m just—I’m sick and tired of trying to explain to the world why racism is bad, okay? Why is that my job?”

anonymous asked:

Hey Nips! I've been looking for a good MMORPG to play and had my eye on Bless Online (character creation is SO important, ya know haha). But it has mixed reviews and I was wondering what your take on it was, how are you liking the world, adventures, and combat?

Hello! I am enjoying Bless! I haven’t played enough for a proper review but It is a very pretty game, I suppose your enjoyment of it depends on what you focus on in these games, it brings nothing new to the genre, but even so, I feel it is getting a lot of undeserved hate because of normal launch issues 😰 The game has a gorgeous world, is PvP oriented and is kind of old fashioned, it is similar to Aion in many ways. The combat is..clunky, I’m still not used to it, but I haven’t even hit level 30 so I can’t say much about end game combat and content. It does feel like it needs work, but the company seems responsive. The taming system is interesting, you can capture every monster you find and you can keep them as mounts or pets, so you see people walking around on giant spiders and unicorns it is wild. If you enjoy beautiful places and characters, faction PvP of all kinds and collecting monsters you will enjoy it! if you are looking for and innovative mmo with fast paced action combat this is not the game for you 😅 but look how pretty!

hnng i’m so conflicted about allurance. in concept i think it’s good and it’s cute but like, allura has very clearly rejected lance and made it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship with him,,, and like if allurance becomes canon man idk it just kinda pushes this idea of “don’t take no for an answer, boys!” and that even if a girl rejects you if you just keep trying as harassing her for long enough she’ll give in, and that girls are gonna eventually cave, because it’s more important that the boy be happy than that the girl be happy, ya know?? im not trying to imply that lance is that kind of friend-zone-loving-asshole or whatever, I love the guy, but let her teach lance that no means no, let him move on and accept that maturely. idk maybe I’m being too deep and i can’t tell if I’m getting my thoughts across right but i just don’t like where it’s heading ://

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hi can you please explain the drama going on in the booklr community? with the white cis male author that got a movie deal? I haven't heard abut anything about this???

Yesterday, Publisher’s Weekly (a huge book news site) posted an article written by Sue Corbett about Scott Bergstrom‘s book called The CrueltyLink.

The headline reads: “YA Debut Gets Six-Figure Deal, Sold to 16 Territories and Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean)” and you think, oh my goodness, good for him, his book took off after being picked up and it’s a huge deal.

The articles writer, Sue Corbett, descibes the books as “Bergstrom’s heroine is Gwendolyn Bloom, a Jewish, slightly overweight 17-year-old, who is transformed into a “lean warrior with hair dyed fire-engine red,” during her mission to rescue her father, a kidnapped diplomat. Her search takes her into Europe’s most dangerous slums, and into contact with gangsters, spies, and arms dealers.”

You can probably already hear several alarm bells. For one it sounds like the plot of all three Taken movies -  plus several other people pointed out it sounds exactly like The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. For some reason, Ms. Corbett makes a giant negative connotation on both overweight (and some people say Jewish as well) to a positive “lean warrior” and for some reason red hair is also an important part of the heroines development. Because of course overweight girls can’t rescue their fathers - they have to completely physically transform themselves in order to become truly kick-ass.

Then it gets worse when Scott Begstrom says “The morality of the book is more complicated than a lot of YA so I wanted to try doing it on my own,” Bergstrom said. “In a lot of YA, the conflict takes place inside a walled garden, set up by outside adult forces. If you think of those stories as a metaphor for high school, they start to make a lot more sense, but that was one thing I wanted to depart from.” 

Bergstrom disses both the YA genre writers and his primary audience - which is primarily women and girls. Not only that, but he sounds like he’s literally never read a YA book in his life, let alone have any business writing one. This was I think the primary spark that caused the firestorm on twitter.

Then the article praises the story as being revolutionary and outstanding, basically the next best thing that happened to YA. So when white man writes a YA book about a hyper-violent teenage heroine people say it’s morally ambiguous instead of being a high-school metaphor– he’s revolutionizing the genre, gets a six figure book deal, sells to 16 countries, and a movie deal with the Pirates of Caribbean director.  Meanwhile, all the female authors who’ve literally created and up-kept YA for decades are still dismissed and side-lined and deemed unimportant and are constantly forced to defend their work and prove it’s worth simply because they are women.

The article finishes with Scott’s agent Tracy Adams  “thought that Gwen would get a lot of leeway from readers because of her mission’s goal. “She’s going to do whatever it takes to save her dad and that was good enough for me,” Adams said. “Kicking butt to save your dad is actually a lot easier for me to swallow than kids killing kids in The Hunger Games.”

Can you believe that this woman basically dismisses one of the most important YA novels of our decade by trivializing it? Literally what she’s saying is “the violence is our book is more palatable that the violence you’ll see in that one really popular YA… you might have heard of it”

So as you can tell, this got a lot of people - authors, readers, and bloggers very angry. Not even because of this instant, but because this shit happens all the time, and women writers are tired of being side-lined every single time a white man decides that he’s better at doing what women have been doing their entire lives while he haven’t even bothered to learn anything about the subject.

Kayla Whaley @PunkinOnWheels on twitter created the #MorallyComplicatedYA hastag on twitter in response so that people could not only respond to this but also give recommendations about morally complicated YA novels that already exist. 

I’ve also heard that people have read excerpts from the book ( @buttermybooks and @ladybookmad and @cresdarnels) have told me that this guy basically created a “I’m better than those other females” character and basically bashes the YA dystopias that already exist and their readers.

At this point, I’m not really angry with Bergstrom but with the publishers, who clearly decided that this guy - a debut author- is worth a six figure deal, rights in 16 territories, and a movie deal with a basic plot like “fat Jewish girl gets lean and red-haired when her diplomat father goes missing and she has to go to Europe to rescue him while beating up and meeting up bad guys”.

They’re showing us what they think they find valuable while ignoring the fact that this guy is literally insulting not only to the genre but the readers who love it as well.


We haven’t seen the last of Void Stiles. “That’s part of the darkness still lurking inside of Stiles and he’ll have the fear that, is it more than just being possessed? Is there something inside that he has to keep a lid on?” As for the difference between Scott and Theo, Davis added, “Whereas Scott tries to bring out the best in his friends, Theo actually came back for the worst in them. He came back for the angry kid, the killers, and the murderers, he wants that because to him that equates with power.” - Jeff Davis (x)

I am posting this video for those who feel a little disheartened, and are losing their faith, after watching the scene between Jon and D. in 7.06, and for those who are going to feel, even more disheartened, by the scene we’ve yet to see in 7.07.

I find it hilarious, how Kit said this sentence with such innocence, and yet it came out so, so wrong, and he only realizesd how wrong it sounded, only half a second, after, the sentence had already come out his mouth, bless his heart. 😂 

“I’d like to put myself into a wolf“, which absolutely, everyone, in that room took as, “I’d like to put my “sword” into a “wolf”. 😏🤣

Now, this “misinterpretation”, led to Dan giving us such a sweet Easter Egg 🙃 Pay attention to what Dan B. Weiss replies to what Kit said, “l’ve got two
words for you, Season 6, Season 6.“, and what happened in season 6? Yep, you guessed it, Jon and Sansa reunited.

And well, we all know, how their scenes were filmed/directed from then and onwards. Tender forehead kisses, lingering looks, lip staring contests, sweet touches, sweet head caressing, sweet hand grabbing/holding, just sweetness, so much sweetness between the two of them, scenes in cadle lit rooms, fighting, and then heavily panting because of it, literally like a married couple, Jon cloaking Sansa into his old cloak, Sansa cloaking Jon into a Stark cloak, made by her, one that looks just like the one, Ned, used to wear, and that he wears almost at all times.

We got, “I’ll never let him TOUCH you again. I’ll protect you, I promise. *almost punches Ramsay to death.”, and “TOUCH my sister and I’ll kill you myself. *almost chokes LF to death*“, and “Does she miss me terribly? *silence and death stare from Jon*”, and “What you did for her, is the ONLY reason I’m not killing you.”, and “You’re as far from Joffrey as ANYONE I’ve ever met.”, and the list can go on, and on.

My fellow Jonsa shippers, Dan B. Weiss, LITERALLY, confirmed Jonsa, by telling us, that Jon will make love to/put himself into a wolf, and that it’ll all start in season 6. The “wolf” is not Arya, for obvious reasons, so that leaves us with Sansa.

I just want to add that this was filmed before even season 5 aired. D&D planned
Jonsa to happen a long time ago, it was not a decision of the moment. I read somewhere that they had planned since season 2, to marry Sansa to Ramsay, and then reunite her with Jon in season 6. They made all the changes, so that they’d reunite as soon as possible, to build their relashionship up, to subtly build them up for romance. Also, I read that early on, Sophie asked why she needed to dye her hair red, and that she was told, her having red hair is, very, important for the plot/story, and well, we all know Jon likes redheads, so there ya go. 

Have faith, and patience, sweetlings, Jonsa is Coming.

On Feyre, Tamlin, Rhys, and the Question of Agency and Children

So, I haven’t really seen anyone talking about this, but can we take a moment to appreciate the differences between Tamlin’s and Rhys’s reactions when it comes to Feyre and her choice in having potential future offspring? On one hand, we have Tamlin, who just assumes that of course Feyre will want to have children, and of course they will keep having children until a male and potential heir is born.

Tamlin during the Tithe scene: “‘Because that’s the way it is. That’s the way my father did it, and his father, and the way my son shall do it.’ He offered a smile, and reached for my hand. ‘Someday.’”

We find out shortly after this that the subject of children has never been broached (according to Feyre), but Tamlin doesn’t even seem to consider that Feyre might not want to have children, let alone multiple children until they have a male.  (We later find out in the scene below that Feyre doesn’t want to have children, at least not right away. She wants to get used to being immortal first, and experience adventures of her own – she wants to feel ready before she has children of her own.) Tamlin only acknowledges her agency in this matter to the extent that she might not want to have children right away–just “someday.”

Rhys, on the other hand, doesn’t assume any such thing. As he has done throughout ACOMAF, he continuously affirms Feyre’s right to agency over her life, her body, her sexual choices, and now her right to want or not want children. 

This is so important because this topic about female agency when it comes to pregnancy/children isn’t discussed very often in YA lit.

Feyre and Rhys’s discussion about children and pregnancy comes up right after they mate.

Feyre: “If I am a High Lord’s mate, I’m expected to bear you offspring, aren’t I? So perhaps I shouldn’t [take the birth control tonic].”

Rhys: ‘You are not expected to bear me anything,’ he snarled. ‘Children are rare, yes.  So rare, and so precious. But I don’t want you to have them unless you want to–unless we both want to. […] I would be happy beyond reason, though, if you one day did honor me with children.  To share that with you.’” <–unitalicized/underlined words indicate stressed words in the original text. If it isn’t showing up (Tumblr is being dumb), the words he stresses are “anything” and “both”.

Feyre: “‘I want to live first,’ I said. ‘With you.  I want to see things and have adventures.  I want to learn what it is to be immortal, to be your mate, to be part of your family. I want to be…ready for them. And I selfishly want to have you all to myself for a while.’”

Rhys: “His smile was gentle, sweet. ‘You take all the time you need. And if I get you all to myself for the rest of eternity, then I won’t mind that at all.’”

Feyre starts off the conversation burdened with the expectation that she must have Rhys’s children, because that is what tradition would demand out of a High Lord’s wife.  That’s what Tamlin expected, and she never had much of a voice in the matter except perhaps when that would happen. She believes this so much that she believes it’s selfish of her to not want children, to want to just be with her mate.

But Rhys is vehement in that she doesn’t owe him–or anyone–anything. Just as he has throughout ACOMAF, he reminds her that this is her choice, and always will be.  He doesn’t expect her to bear him children, especially if she doesn’t want to.  If they have children, he wants it to be because they both want it. Together.  And while he lets her know that he welcomes the idea of children–that he would be “happy beyond reason”–he honestly doesn’t mind if they don’t.  He is more than happy to just have Feyre with him, his mate, and he will be content with whatever decision she makes, no matter what it is or when she makes it.  She can take all the time she needs, and if she decides that she wants children with him, he’ll consider it an “honor”–him, a High Lord.  

I just…I find this so beautiful and respectful. He doesn’t push his own agenda but lets her know how he feels about it and gives her plenty of space to decide for herself. I just feel like there is always this expectation that women should want children, and I love that Sarah puts it out there that you don’t have to want children right away, or even later.  Feyre is enough, and she will always be enough for Rhys–and I think Feyre really needed to hear that, because so often she hasn’t been enough. Not to her family, and not to Tamlin. She has had so many expectations forced on her, and she’s buckled beneath them before, and Rhys just…lets her know that she has a choice. That just like with her life and her sexual choices and her body, children are also her choice.  He will support her no matter what, and love her no matter what.

Feyre is her own agent, and I love that so much.  I want to see more Rhys characters in YA because this is such a great, powerful message that all women should know: You are in control of your own body, always.