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Lost Friend

Summary: It didn’t seem like the right time for you and Chanyeol when you were younger, but now that you are reunited, will it be different?
Member: Chanyeol x Reader
Type: Angst/ Fluff
Length: 2,794 Words

I really wish I had a childhood best friend like this, someone to eventually fall in love with. But sadly I did not and it is too late for that. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario

-Admin Kat

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The bento box in your hand felt heavier than it had a moment ago. It was almost as heavy as your heart was becoming as you stared at Chanyeol from across the hallway. Your best friend stood at his locker, leaning back as he talked to Soyu. He had his hands in his pockets, glancing down at her as he towered over her with his insane height. She was staring at her shoes, occasionally looking up at him with shy eyes. Her hands were behind her back, ringing them together nervously as she spoke. The way she stood, her legs tightly closed and her chest pushed out towards him made it clear to you what was happening. She was confessing to him. 

You couldn’t blame her. He was the best looking boy in your school after all, and the nicest, and funniest, and was pretty smart. It also wasn’t like she was the only girl to ever confess to him. After all, that was the reason why you had the bento box in your hand. But like usual, you were just too slow.

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