so that was a heart attack

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Could you stop posting so many pretty pictures of thomas? I'm gonna have a damn heart attack, and I don't want that.

I appoligize but I must spread the beauty

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“Well, this fixes a lot of our problems” “He’s dead, Regis” “Of natural causes!”

Clarus sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. It was untimely sure, but. Without Aldercapt, who *was* an old man, Niflheim was now sucked into a power vacuum of unprecedented proportions.

A heart attack of all things. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We’ll send flowers to his funeral.” Regis said, smirking at Clarus because this was Regis “The Shithead” Lucis Caelum at his shittiest. “And then we’ll push the wall out to the original borders. We can do that now, that his people aren’t hammering on it so hard.”

And that was the truth. The siege couldn’t hold sure. And the wall over Insomnia was thick, but now? Now Regis had *a dozen* souls who could, and were helping him hold the wall aloft.

Gods all bless the people of the Storm for remembering their magic.

“We’ve talked it over.” he reminded Clarus. “We’re not going to get a better chance. We’ll move it at midnight.”

“Majesty, if this kills you, I will never forgive you.”  Clarus growled. “But yes. Summon your feral pack of crazy people, we’ve got diplomatic heresy to perform.”

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Talking about Ric122, can you draw Stan marsh and Wendy Testaburger Marsh with their loving son pls?? Lol jking, I’m here to say I love your cute art! Haha I always come back to it. Like seriously. It gives me life.

Oh god, that opening line almost gave me a heart attack. But anyway Thank you so much! I am really glad that you like my art. I honestly feel super happy whenever I get messages like yours, you guys are all too sweet.  <3

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55 with shouto? pretty please

55.) “I fell in love with my best friend.”

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“I fell in love with my best friend,” Shouto smiled as he read his wedding vows to you, “you made me believe in love, you showed me that two people could be together in a healthy way. you made my life better.” his words were melting your heart. you had known the traumas he went through as a child and how emotionally stunted he was due to them, he always told you how grateful he was that you helped him grow.

“I knew I wanted to marry you before we even reached our one year anniversary,” he chuckled along with a few guests, “Iida about had a heart attack when I first mentioned it but I just knew you were the one for me. now here we are.” he rubbed a thumb across your knuckles tears coming to his eyes.

Shouto cleared his throat, “ and here we are, getting married! you look so beautiful.” taking a deep breath he finished his vows, “I promise to love you every day of our lives, I promise to support you in all of your goals, I promise to take care of you when your sick or injured, and I promise to always be here when you need me. I love you so much.”

tears were already rolling down your cheeks. you just loved him so much. he looked so handsome in his suit surrounded by the people who loved him. who loved the both of you. the both of you were finally getting your happy ever after.

The Glass Door: DEAD GIRL

wanna see the first chapter or two or another book i’ll probably never finish? you don’t? oh well. here it is. 

Chapter 2     


        Truth be told, I had no idea who—or what—I was running from. All I knew was that—whatever it was—was bad news. So, heart racing, lungs burning, I kept moving. I swerved this way and that, climbed and clamored over jagged rocks, leapt over the decaying trees in my path, and just kept moving forward as fast as I could without passing out. Nothing seemed to be behind me the whole time, but I could feel something lurking in the shadows, waiting for the moment I finally fell, that it could finally attack.

        It seemed I ran for hours before a tree trunk, massive enough to block the rest of the forest behind it, appeared. There was no hope that I could get over it; and it stretched for miles on either side of me, so there was no going around. I slowed down to a stop, mind scrambling for a solution, when a screech of laughter echoed through the pitch black forest. Surprised by the deafening sound, I stumbled down onto my right knee. There was a crack of a tree branch as my knee landed on it, and an intense pain shot through my leg.

        I fell to the ground and clutched at my wound. Blood seeped through my pant leg onto my hands, and—wow, yeah, that hurt. I was in so much pain I nearly bit my through my bottom lip as I limped forward. I couldn’t see through the darkness and tears blurring my vision, but I pushed on regardless. Blindly, I felt along my leg, felt underneath the blood for the injury. I quickly plucked out tiny splinters that lined my leg, and then dabbed my knee. An anxious knot twisted in my belly.

        And all I can say: gross!

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Admittedly, I am easily won over by all organisms that attract flies with the scent of rotting flesh. But the octopus stinkhorn (Clathrus archeri) also has tentacles, a freaky egg stage, and blackish goop, so it’s my favorite now.


Okay but it literally seemed that every time Keith showed up this season he just got into trouble and nearly died, this is a Problem that needs to be fixed ASAP


All my bones are racked. My heart has become like wax melting away within my chest. My throat is dried up like baked clay, my tongue cleaves to my jaws; they have pierced my hands and my feet; I can count all my bones.

  • <p> <b>Friend :</b> They're just fictional characters. And stop calling them "my child", that's weird.<p/><b>Me :</b> <p/><b>Me :</b> Don't talk to me or my 271 children ever again.<p/></p>

Here’s part 2 of Kim Taehyung’s moments where he’s like CHONG! JOGUN! BALSA! (lol get it.. from Not Today). 

Part 1


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- the lengendary 0.00384 second face change. HOW DARE YOU! *cries*

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- this tongue of his

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- don’t forget about this fierce look

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- remember that vlive bts gayo ep where he was told to be sexy, but he didn’t need to.. standing there himself doing nothing is sexy already 😭😭😩

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- you see what i mean? 

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- him in bandanas man ……………

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- ok last one

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- Alright here’s a bonus to calm your hearts

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Alrighty so I’m officially done with Taehyung. My heart melted making this post… Let me know which member would you like me to do next. 😊😊