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Secret Identity | Jared Leto + Reader | Part 1

Request/Prompt: Y/N runs a Thirty Seconds to Mars (primarily Jared) fan account over social media. She loves bonding with others, but one in particular has captured her eye, and she thinks she may have found love with another Echelon, but who’s on the other side isn’t someone she could have ever expected. 
Notes: I’ve been wanting to do a story like this for a while, never sure who about, but I’ve always made jokes that if I was a celeb, I’d make a fan account just to talk to my fans in a calmer setting, and with anonimity. I saw a (much dirtier) version of this with Jared, and now I really wanted to do my own. P.S. I do have a few requests pending in my drafts that I’m working on. 
Warning: This is gonna be multiple chapters, and it’s gonna take a few for the reader to find out who she’s talking to, cause I’m trying to teach myself patience. Swearing as well, so pg-13. 

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itsmeyashaniac  asked:

One thing I really appreciate about all of the posting you did for Vidcon was being able to see all of the positive interactions the boys had with fans. I'm not big on twitter and probably would have missed out on it entirely if you didn't post everything you did. It's just really great to see the boys getting to have some genuinely good laughs and fun times with fans.

Right? It filled me with so much joy to see all these happy fans with the boys, and they both looked so happy to be there and seemed to be having so much fun in all the instastories and photos, it really made me happy to be working on these updates all weekend.

And well, thank you SO much for your kind words, man. It can be hard keeping up with everything, but boooy if it’s fun! I always have time for this fandom and I enjoy doing all this a lot. So thank you again for being so nice to me <3