so much <3

Things I’m waiting for..

•The 2nd part of Miraculous Ladybug season 2 to come out on Netflix.. (Decemeber I think?)

•Season 8 of Voltron (Novemeber 14:I cant wait to see the end but I’m terrified to find out the canon ship..)

•RWBY volume 6 (October 27:one of my ships actually gets a moment! Cant wait to see it 😁🐱🐒)

•My Free! DVDs to finally get here… (hurry up @funimation, I placed my order on the 8th and it still hasn’t shipped..)

•The English dub of FAIRY TAIL to air so I can gush about my favorite scenes after so long(next weekend!)

Let’s see… anything else?

•season 3 of SAO to air in English (IDK when..)

•YOI the movie (Viktors younger days?! Heck yeah!)

•Anonymous Noise to get a second season? Not likely?

•2020 for the next Free! project😭 (that’s such a long time..)

•my motivation to write….

sunlit-capybara  asked:

The Throne in the Hall is the only (non-au) fanfic I’ve ever read where I thought, “You don’t need a single bit of context to read and love this fic.” I honestly believe you could show this to a person and they would understand the characters, the dynamics, everything. And it’s just an amazing story. So, so, so good - so I have to say it’s my favorite even though all your writing is so good.

wOW, thank you so much! What an amazing compliment. I’ve had non-voltron fandom friends read through Throne before and they seem to have really enjoyed it, which is such an honor. I’m so glad you loved it, too!

(what is your favorite fic of mine?)

3amsoda  asked:


D: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]?

Okay so I already have a Spiderbyte playlist but I want to emphasize that Poetic Justice and Sally Ride are the most Spiderbyte songs ever, also I’d like to add 1950 and In Circles to that.

Fanfic Ask Meme!


words can’t fully describe him, but i can try. happy birthday to our favorite leader 💕

i cant believe undertale’s already three years old!!

(pssst the pic is transparent!! click it)