so many precious objects

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover (H.S Badboy AU)

Part 4

Part 5

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

After I’d apologised and looked up to his face I’d wished I hadn’t. His face fell, a solemn look overtaking his features as his eyes held a look of something I’d never seen before. I could read the looks and emotions that his face held but I couldn’t read that of his eyes, no matter how hard I tried. But then his eyes flashed to something I could understand. Determination.

I hadn’t seen or heard from him since that day.

9 days had passed now and Harry was no where to be seen. I began to feel like he wasn’t even real, his hoodie that I had worn almost every day being the only proof that he was. Rumors started going around, things like he had left the country or some guy that had it in for him had killed him. I was a little worried to be honest, I mean, not that it should matter to me what he was up to but for some reason it did. I stopped laughing, smiling and even talking over the expanse of the few days he’s been non-existent, people had stopped asking if I was okay days ago, coming to the conclusion on their own that I wasn’t. Even my mother was beginning to feel bad, I could tell, she knew my sudden fall to this depressive state was partially her fault.

“Is that Harry?” Y/f/n questioned, breaking me from my thoughts as my head quickly shot around to look in the direction of the entrance to the school, seeing a glimpse of Harry’s familiar curls as he walked through the doors. My first instinct was to run after him and just as I was about to, I stopped. 

I couldn’t.

“Y/n, look.” Y/f/n said, grabbing my arm and turning me back to her, pointing at my locker. There, slipped into the opening of the locker door was a roughly folded piece of paper that looked like it had been ripped out of a diary of some sort. I hesitantly reached out and clasped the note and began to unfold it as gently as possible, as if the delicate object would tear at any given moment beneath my touch. I began to read the neatly scripted words that were scrawled onto the paper.

Her voice
the only music
I need
Her smile
the only happiness
I have
Her eyes
I see when mine
are closed
Her heart
I wish
to hold

My heart
to her
The place
in my arms is
for her

she can’t
be mine
She doesn’t
belong to me
Though I
to her

I’ll picture you
in my mind
my love
As I fall asleep
at night
Pretend you’re
rested in
my arms
The only
light I need
in this darkness
for you
help me
to see

And as
I whisper
good night my love
the storm roars on
Sleep sound
Sleep tight.

To Y/n, from Harry Xx

I took off in an instant, sprinting towards the doors, stopping at the school gates to see if I could determine which way he went. 


I followed my heart and began sprinting again, down the hustling street. I’d never ran so fast before, I felt like I was flying through the air although I had the constant feeling that I was going to trip over because my head couldn’t keep up with the actions of my body. The actions of my heart.

I took turns down streets and paths I’d never been down before, not knowing where I was going, I just had to trust myself. No matter how fast I was moving, no matter how rapid my movements were, the wind breaking through my hair, it felt like everything around me was in slow-motion, like I had been running forever which in reality was merely a matter of minutes. 

I didn’t have to dodge many people, most not game enough to go out in such wintry conditions, the dampness of the cold, crisp grass that had been set with a layer of ice, seeping into my shoes.  Just ahead of me I could see a figure, my heart rate increased rapidly, skipping multiple beats as I got closer, knowing who it was immediately.

“Harry!” I called out when I was about 100 metres away from him. His body instantaneously whipped around at the sound of his name being called, not having enough time to comprehend what was happening as I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck, pressing my lips to his as he tried not to fall backwards from the impact.

He held me tightly to his body, his arms wound around my waist as he kissed me back with such passion that I thought I’d pass out. I reveled in the feeling of his soft, pink lips against mine again, not realising how much I’d missed them even after it happening only once before. Our lips moved in sync, molded perfectly to fit into one another’s as we kissed on the quiet path, not breaking away for what felt forever but at the same time was not long enough.

I still clutched the piece of paper in my hand, my grip not faltering once around the precious object that held so many feelings.

“Y/n.” Harry whispered against my lips after we pulled away to suck in a deep, shaky breath, his eyes still closed.

“I don’t care about what anybody says anymore, Harry. I don’t care.” I felt tears start to stream down my face, the heat burning like lava against my flesh in contrast to my winter-chilled skin.

I want to be yours, Harry.”

“You are mine, Babygirl. And I am yours.”

Part 6

This is not the end!

We all know you just started singing History in your head. Well I did at least.

I most likely will not be able to update tomorrow but I’ll try to write Part 6 as soon as possible! Xxx