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I’ve changed My Blog/Name

I was Previously EJoyce03/Erin’s CC blog but I decided to make a change!

My name is now girl-behind-a-screen

(blogs the same but without the - )

I will also be uploading a new Lp thing so look out for that.

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anonymous asked:

I agree with the fancast for Dr. Strange! It just seems to work, so well done to whoever had sent that in!

I think Pedro Pascal makes a good Dr Strange to hes actually my 2nd fave for the role, my first being Oded Fehr. Also theres another request in the queue involving him so keep a look out anon.


so I was looking out my window and saw a lady walking her dogs but the doggos looked exactly like my doggos and I go ‘bETCH STOP RIGHT THERE’ and then looked closer and it was my mom.

Cafe pt. 2

Characters- Mystery Bts member x y/n

Type- fluff

Word Count- 983

Previous Part- 1

A/n- part three will be out on Sunday the eleventh, so look out for it :) Who do you think it is? Leave you guess in my ask:))))

Y/n woke up to the alarm she’d set. She wanted to throw it against the nearest wall, not wanting to move. But she had to work, so she sat up on her bed and stretched, letting out little groans as she did. Walking over to her generic Ikea dresser, she pulled out a pair of black jeans and a polka dot blouse- working at an expensive day care center required more than a pair of sweatpants. After tugging the clothes over her tired body, she moved into her bathroom and began brushing her hair and painting her face in makeup.

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mykie-doll  asked:

Hi lovely, do you do matchups?❤️

We will officially start doing match ups from noon to midnight every two weeks on Wednesdays. We’ll make a post about it each day, so look out for that!
(We’re American Central time btw)
~Admin MP

Drabble Game - Closed

Thank you for sending the request!!

I have the list of the drabbles I’m going to be working on right down below. Any incomplete or similar prompts/plots will be combined into single drabbles, so please keep a look out to see if yours have made it on the list or probably posted (fyi, I didn’t delete any of the requests that I have in my inbox lmao). I put them on the same numbers on the list so you can take a look on how I’ll be writing them down^^

Drabbles will be posted on unspecified times, but I will post them one at a time as soon as they are finished.

Please send no more requests!!! Any further requests sent will be deleted^^


  1. @the95liner: JIN + “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.”+ pub au | Anonymous: Jin+Pub AU
  2. Anonymous: Jin + “Come over here and make me.” | Anonymous: Jin+Roommate AU
  3. Anonymous: Jin+“It’s getting late"
  4. Anonymous: Jin+“I don’t want you to stop” please :) | Anonymous: Jin+“I don’t want you to stop.”+College AU


  1. Anonymous: “how could i ever forget about you” + yoongi + angst please?
  2. Anonymous: 6 + Yoongi + Undo AU? Thank you so much!
  3. Anonymous: Yoongi + “come over here and make me” + Supernatural AU ^^
  4. Anonymous: yoongi from your undo series + prompt 10 please?~
  5. @clara-licht: Min Yoongi + Magic AU? | Anonymous: Min Yoongi + Magic AU + Fluff (is this the right one?)
  6. @the95liner: yoongi + “Come over here and make me.” + roommate au + smut/fluff
  7. Anonymous: #9 + Undo Yoongi? Thank you lovely <3
  8. Anonymous: Ooh 14 + College AU + Yoongi please?
  9. Anonymous: perhaps 4, yoongi, undo au please?
  10. Anonymous: 11 + yoongi + undo au please!
  11. Atanichii: Gosh I don’t know if I’m still in time for the requests but I’ll sent you one anyway 🙂🙂😶😝 Suga + “this was a terrible idea” + smut


  1. Anonymous: Hoseok + “I don’t want you to stop” + Best friends AU | @roxywolfie27: Hiiii!!! I love your work like so much! Ummm whenever your get the chance, can you do: J-Hope + “I don’t want you to stop.” + fluffy smut? Idk if fluffy smut counts as an option >_< but if not then just smut *sweatdrops* and congrats on making it through the madness that is school and doing this, you’re an amazing soul. Good luck with everything <3
  2. @the95liner: hoseok + “Is that mine?” + coffee shop au + fluff
  3. Anonymous: J-Hope + “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into” + friends with benefits AU. <3 <3
  4. Anonymous: Hellooo! <3 I hope requests for the drabble game are open, I’m so sorry if they aren’t!! If inspiration strikes, could you do Hobi + “Do you want to explain to me why you’re blushing so much?” ? (It can be anything, plot-wise! I’m afraid of choosing one and limiting your options hahahah) Have a great day!!
  5. @addictedtokyungsoo: Hoseok + “I can’t believe you talked me into this” + roommate au. <3


  1. Anonymous said: Namjoon+Pub AU pls :)
  2. @the95liner: namjoon + bookstore au + “You’re so oblivious sometimes.” + fluff!!!!!!
  3. @bfjoonie: Namjoon + “Do you want to explain to me why you’re blushing so much?” + fluff/smut (((:
  4. @triptaech: college!namjoon + “We should probably talk.” ty qt!!! ;)


  1. Anonymous: Jimin+“Do you want to explain to me why you’re blushing so much?”+Roommate AU
  2. @the95liner: jimin + college au + “Do you want to explain to me why you’re blushing so much?” | Anonymous: Jimin + College AU
  3. Anonymous: JIMIN + “You’re so oblivious sometimes.” + MAGIC AU THANK YOU! | Anonymous said: Jimin+Magic AU
  4. @bangtan-bangbang: Jimin + best friends AU + “We should probably talk”


  1. Anonymous: Taehyung + “This was a terrible idea.” | Anonymous: Taehyung+Magic AU
  2. @the95liner: “It’s getting late.” + taehyung + fluff/smut + friends with benefit au
  3. @bangtan-bangbang: Taehyung + best friends AU + “How could i ever forget you?”
  4. Anonymous: Taehyung + Roommate AU pls
  5. Anonymous: Can you do Taehyung+“You’re so oblivious sometimes” pls?
  6. @lovelast95: Taehyung+ “I wish i could hate you” +supernatural au 💙💙


  1. Anonymous: Jungkook/RoomateAU/“I wished I could hate you”
  2. Anonymous: Hey I hope you’re doing well and also CONGRATULATIONS 💕💕 you deserve everything good this world has to offer. :) anyway I saw the Drabble game is open again and I wanted to request a Best friend AU with Jungkook with the numbers 1 and 5, also can you make it a fluff with angst ? I love your writing btw 💕💕 | Anonymous: jungkook + “do you want to explain to me why you’re blushing so much?” + college AU
  3. @jungkookjpeg: jungkook + “don’t argue. just do it” + friends with benefits au 👀👀 | Anonymous: Jungkook+ “Don’t argue just do it” + friends with benefits au-important banana anon
  4. Anonymous: 6 + jungkook + some angst please?
  5. Anonymous: Jungkook + “I don’t want you to stop” + Fluff TY! :333
  6. @the95liner: jeon + “I wish I could hate you.” + college au + angst or fluff or smut :o

the-worst-trope  asked:

20-24 <3

thank you!!!!💕💕❤️
20: probably a solid 9. or an 8.5
21: this dichotomy is bad but i mainly act in. when i do act out, i cant handle the consequences. its always gone badly for me
22: like my appearance? my face is very ugly and sometimes i cant leave the house because i’m so stressed out about looking bad. i’m pretty much content with the rest of me besides my face
23: 🤔 usually i know exactly why i’m having a low but i think the highs just happen randomly, like the low had just run its course
24: yes i have tons of flashbacks!! so many that i practically live in the past

alright so a lil update from the human wreck that runs this blog :P

that number prompt thing i reblogged i was originally gonna just answer through text buuut the two that i have i think work better visually so i’ll get to those soon hopefully. send more in if you like, theyre fun to think up answers for tho not all of them will be drawn cos damn im bad at keeping to schedule.

anyhoo the better update here is that IM GOING TO BE STREAMING LATER TODAY! so look out for the stream link ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

anonymous asked:

Do you have a wanted connections list?

Not yet, anon, but we’re planning to release skeletons in order to inspire character ideas! We’ll likely be putting potential connections there, so look-out!

Additionally, when Admin A. has chosen her character—and I am released from the throes of finals week—we’ll be posting our shippers in the reparoshipper tag, where there is a section for potential connections! Perhaps you could look through those and see if anything interests you. 

Thank you for your interest! Feel free to message us if you have any more questions!

- admin r.


  It was very cold and very wet, the rain pouring harder than usual. Meryl was making her way back to the abandoned town that Team Skull called home when she saw a Meowth that had gotten stuck out in the rain by the police station. She quickly went over to it and picked it up tenderly in her arms.

“You look so cold out here, little guy! Why are you out here in the rain getting your fur all soaked?” She asked, looking down at the meowth in her arms. It meowed at her and nuzzled her arm a little, happy to be warm. The poor thing had escaped the police station looking for an adventure, only to get stuck in the rain. Though, its trainer had already noticed one of his meowths missing…

anonymous asked:

18,, 19 n 22 !

18.  Which member matches with your personality the most?

hmm taehyung & hoseok haha !!! or even jungkook yep!

19.  Who do you think would be your best friend in BTS?

taehyung tbh lol he’s a great dude and matches my personality rly well !!

22.  Your favorite photo of each member? 

yoo this is hard and im on my laptop which doesn’t have any pictures anymore :’( bc me being stupid i deleted everything to make space on my laptop rip ,, but yeah sorry,, i might reblog my fav pictures so look out for that <3 sorry

send me bts asks

Ok so i heard i firetruck pasing by, so i looked out the window and…there it was…except it has christmas lights and everything decorated on it and it pull up into my neighborhood and im all like ????? Whats going on??? It had christmas lights and its a fire truck and then i watched it go and im still ???? Help??!

peak me behavior: making a playlist about a place and time i have never experienced except through films and lore

so! look out for my upcoming playlist Chateau Marmont Nights