so look out!

okay, so im making my commission post now. im gonna be making the post over on my personal ( @pipiipek ). im going to be commissioning icons, themes and promos. so look out for that post if you like any of the stuff i have for my blog.

also going to be getting to drafts. ive just been super busy with my youtube channel(s).

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Selena is prolly hanging out with these fake people cause she prolly got no one else so she has to stick with the crew she got and act all fake like how on that episode of Hannah Montana when it was a weird universe and Lilly turned so strange she was acting all popular and annoying asf but we all know her true self

Selena’s video with Abel crew was fake af. She looked so weird,out of place,pretending to be other person.Mess

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I know, I know. I feel like a terrible person for not getting them out like I promised. Right now I’m super tired so look out for them tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for understanding.

Hello everyone, this is Noeul’s mun reporting for duty! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (My name is actually Hana but you can call me tonight honhonouioui anything you want!) 

I’ll be posting a super detailed intro post about Tsundere Cop Noeul in a bit so look out for that!!! In the meantime feel free to blow up my IMs with plot ideas or questions or just to say hello!! Or you could go through Noeul’s blog even though there isn’t really much to go on at the moment– (/coughs at his empty plots page………) 

tldr; pls give tsundere cop some loving even though he’ll just be confused 24/7 and shout at u

      [[ So, I’m gonna be announcing that Imma be making a 2P sorta version of Sve for fun. I guess OC is more or less the proper term for any 2P’s anyway, but yeah. He’s not gonna really be related to Sve, nor be anymore than an immortal sorta being that has some ties to Ber himself through past ties, but isn’t really well known. He’s also gonna be almost opposite in personality. lol

      So that will be fun. I’m not sure on names or anything yet, just a general sort of appearance and somewhat personality. SO, IF ANYONE WANTS TO INTERACT WITH THIS BEING IN THE FUTURE, JUST LEMMIE KNOW. He may just be added to this account, or be made into a side blog just to hold information. I’m not sure.

      So much more has to be planned, so it will proably take a while to piece him together. So, look out for him. ]]

New Addition!

    Hey guys! I have an announcement to make! I’m adding another fandom I’m going to be writing in. Its going to be Youtubers. (Mostly just maybe gaming youtubers IE. CrankGamePlays JackSepticEye Markiplier ect.) I have some things lined up to write so the Youtubers stories might be on hold for a little while! Heres a list of stories I’m almost done writing:

  • Detention! (Ponyboy x Reader)
  • Soulmates (Dallas Winston x Reader)
  • On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! (Two-bit x Reader)
  • Wow Okay Chill (Two-bit x Reader)

    They should be out in no time so be on the look out for those!

[ADMIN] #2YearsWithRomeoRussia

Today is a very special day… Our birthday~ Romeo Russia was founded exactly 2 years ago! Jeez, it was only yesterday, I swear! Yet, looks like a whole life has passed…

What has changed ever since? Not many of you remember those times, so I’ll try to look back at the long way behind, and share my thoughts on what has been achieved. The post will follow, so look out for it!

Apart from that, I hear people moan about the lack of Romeo fanfiction… I’ll try to contribute a bit and post my fiction today, although I’m very shy about it~ Even if I don’t get any feedback, I’ll try to imagine that you have read and enjoyed it ^^

What else? Let’s make a Q&A time! You send in any questions concerning Romeo, our fanbase, me, my opinion or whatever may interest you, and I’ll answer with all honesty (as always lol)!

Romeo may not know about us, and lately we may not have delivered updates on them as well as we used to, but still I’m very thankful to you for being by our side and for making this time really meaningful! Thank you always~ Everything we do is for you!

Yours sincerely, Olga-

Went to multiple dollar stores + Michael’s this weekend so be on the look out for a bunch of posts about that!

I’ll have tons of pics of stimmy things I found at all the stores, plus reviews of some off-brand kinetic sand and interesting modelling clay.

I’m on mobile until Sunday evening, so they’ll start going up after then! Have a good weekend!

Morning Announcement for Saturday Sleepover~

Morning y'all! Since it’s Saturday, we’ll be having our weekly sleepover at my other account @howdypartypeople

It will be from 3:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m PST and, since I’m not sick, it should be a lot more fun than last time XD

Also! I’ll be answering asks (hopefully) until then so look out for those ;)

Until then, keep being you ^^

Love, Admin Fiction~

Being metro is bae. The neon lights accentuating the golden highlights of a pugs fur, the noise of the city passing by causing the cutest head tilts ever, and the masses of people gawking and hoping to sneak a pet of the most perfect little creature on the planet. This is Paddington’s reality. Venturing out in high fashion because you never know who you’re going to see, or where the paparazzi is hiding. In the city that never sleeps, Paddington renounces such a title, and sleeps through all the buzz. Beauty sleep is essential to survive such a wild life. That being said, this pug is always ready to party. So look out, Big Apple, Paddington is about to chew you up to the core.

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Coming Soon!

I’m really excited to announce that I have decided to open up submissions! I’m currently working out the details with a few bloggers who have graciously said they would help to get this started, so be on the look out for that!


30% listening, 70% pretending I know what I’m doing
. @phy.oon @syah(?) @nic0le_leeee we could form a girl band 👭👭 (if only I didn’t look so out of place with you pros :’))
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