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Lemme tell you something real quick. Women are amazing.

I unfortunately got into a fight in the comments on Instagram. Two guys started ganging up on me, repeatedly calling me homophobic and ableist slurs. And two women actually stood up for me. They didn’t agree with the point I had originally made, but they called the guys out on their shit. One of the girls even sent me a dm asking if I was okay. This is literally one of the sweetest things a stranger has done for me

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I am SHOOK over that back hug video like it looks so intimate and out of place compared to literally everyone around them and why were their faces so close like that @ science side of tumblr explain I need a front view of this asap

fuck i know !

its so goddamn natural ? u guys know how i am about shit like this im tearin up so much

the way yoongi fits against jimins chest and the way he sort of leans his body on jimins shoulder (because he knos jimin will be right there to protect him- to steady him) and how he kind of moves his head to the side, almost like jimin does this all the time. and jimin just holdin him close, despite the situation tellin him something (maybe about the race or their archery scores, maybe jimin was just reassuring yoongi that jin will be fine, maybe he was telling yoongi how good he looked in his headband, maybe it was something completely irrelevant) fuck.

intimate (calming, natural, real) is my fave word to describe yoongi n jimin n i think this is goin in my top five fave moments. i’m so calm right now and happy and i love them so much 

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Which fic was that? The dance au so i can look out and not read it

dhsiehrieo I don’t wanna call it out bc I don’t wanna give the fic/author a bad?? first impression b4 yall even give the fic a go. idk im really picky abt how my lance/keith/kl//ance interactions go so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve been spoiled w having great writing friends lmfao I love the concept and the sexual tension in the fic tho!!!

I won’t name it bc I know how hard it is to write a fic and how much feedback means. it wouldn’t be fair for me as a fellow author, yanno??? I mean idk anon u might stumble on it, read it,and like it and I don’t want my words to outweigh ur thoughts.

Got an Undertale costume? GREAT! Meet us for an Undertale photoshoot! We’re meeting 4 PM on Saturday at Hardy Ivy Park. If you don’t know where it is, let’s meet at the Marriot Fountain at 3:50 and walk over together! (Or just show up to Hardy Ivy, whatever makes you happier.) I’ll be dressed as Undyne, so look out for me.

Anyone who is A) in a costume or B) is a photographer is welcome! Please visit here for more information.

i almost forgot to mentioned, that since i started school yesterday and i have like 2 hrs to kill in between classes on monday and wednesday

i might ask for some suggestions on what i should draw. of course im always up for them even if im not busy waiting for my next class, but i thought i should let you guys know since i might need something to do to distract myself from getting bored

also since im gonna be going on a long road trip this coming weekend, i might ask for a few suggestions as well

so keep a look out for those posts, cause once i got enough i’ll close my ask box and/or reply to my post stating i have enough for now

thank you for reading (:

Field hockey just finished; only another hour of soccer, then homework, and the summer finale! I might post a reaction video later so look out for that :)

Aw look at little sleeping Sammy ain’t he cute 😍

Still making edits for this theme but I’m starting it now anyways. Hopefully it looks good and makes sense (sorry I’m so worried about it looking good I have OCD) 😁. I’m thinking that on some posts I’m gonna put an imagine in the comments as well so look out for that 😉

Thinking of changing my username and icon… Help? And thanks to @supernatural.gang @jensen_ack_jp and @destiel.a.f. For the recent spams!
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I WENT TO SLEEP AND NOW THERES 108 OF YOU OH WOW I mean. Thanks guys! And if you’re new, welcome! To my trash blog! Couple of notices:

 1. This blog is extremely story central so I suggest clicking the “read from beginning” link in the description to avoid getting confused, if you haven’t already. 

 2. Usually when I hit a follower landmark like 50 or something I hold a small celebration where people send me drawing requests and I (no matter how dumb they are) draw them. I didn’t expect to get to 100 for at least a few more months though, haha. Either way, celebration requests are now open. 

 And ttthats it! Welcome and enjoy your stay. And seriously, thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

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How many children do you want one day? If you want children.

I’d love to have children, I can’t wait - unfortunately I don’t know if I am able to and that saddens me immensely, after my history when I was little they said I probably won’t be able to have children.

but I choose to think positively and when I do have children I’d love to have a little baby boy first and then a little angel. So he could look out for her. Otherwise anything I get I’d be grateful for


I will be at mcmscotland.comic con in Glasgow on the 24th of September! dressing up as delirious. If you are going come talk to me don’t bite much.. Anyway I will be with my fiancé he will Be Vanoss so look out for us! Also owl squad will be there ❤

(Long) thoughts on In the Heights London

aka my favourite show ever 

the cast makes this show what more can I say ??

they are all absolutely phenomenal. My personal favourite is Philippa Stefani, who plays Daniela (literally the best part in musical theatre god bless Lin Manuel Miranda), who is possibly the sassiest human ever with perfect comic timing and a voice to die for. She steals the show every time and when she’s on stage everyone knows that the entire audience are just watching her. ALSO Cleve September plays Sonny and is just so perfect it’s almost difficult to comprehend. He’s so sweet and he can dance so well its amazing - look out for him in future productions 

Unfortunately due to cast change Philippa and Cleve are leaving the show this week (their last show is Sunday 4th September). I wish them all the best for the future, and wanted to share their magnificence!

PSA: Philippa Stefani is appearing in the UK tour of Rent and it’ is going to be incredible and I’m about to book my tickets as an early Christmas present to myself 

HOWEVER, the new cast look amazing also - Damian Buhagiar (who will be returning to play Sonny from September 16th) followed me on Twitter before I even had a chance to look him up so I immediately love him

(this doesn’t happen ever no theatre people ever follow me I’m excited ok)

(follow me @maddykcarroll)

Sarah Naudi will be taking over as Vanessa on the same day and this has honestly made my life because she is so talented. I’ve seen three Vanessa’s at ITH London now - Sarah x2, Christine Allado x1 and Emma Kingston x2. My personal favourite was probably Christine, just because she made Vanessa so insanely lovable, and has the voice of an actual angel. However, Sarah really brought something different and special to the role. Her permanent part before was Carla and she had some of the best one-liners in the show - played off perfectly of course. She also covered Vanessa, Nina and Daniela and was probably one of the best dancers in the ensemble scenes - seriously talented.

Finally, I have to mention Jocasta Almgill. I’ve seen her as Camila 4 times and she was absolutely perfect every single time On my most recent visit (which will also sadly be my last as I’m moving away from London for university) she was playing her usual part in the ensemble and I was absolutely blown away by her dancing, which I hadn’t previously really gotten to see.

Honestly, if you can get to In the Heights at the King’s Cross Theatre in London PLEASE do! Especially if you are under 25 - you can sit in the front row for only £25 and other tickets are only £15! It’s just had its run extended to January 2017, so there’s really no excuse now - get down there!


Hey hey….I know I’ve been kinda MIA recently…but I’m currently working on a Social Media edit series and something for Namjoon’s birthday while simultaneously trying to figure out how GIMP works (if anyone is aware of any good tutorials and resources for this program, PLEASE let me know). I hope to have at least one of the aforementioned edits up by Sunday the latest so look out for that and please anticipate it a lot ^_^.

In the mean time though…how are you guys? Everyone good? Any new crushes? How’s school going for those of you still attending? ❤