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family time #1 || segloss

The loud slam of the door on the outside of the completely quiet lake house did startle Karlie a little bit, but the constant thread of texts with Tyler reminded her that it was probably him closing his buddy John’s car door… Or was it James? She didn’t know, but she looked down at the gurgling baby in her arms and smiled. “Yeah, daddy’s home, baby” She said, pressing a kiss on her daughter’s forehead. Her daughter… God, who would’ve imagined this would manage to work itself out so well. That Tyler stuck around, that he changed his ways, that medicine for once worked in their favor and now she was holding the little tiniest science nerd in her arms. Standing up, the model walked towards the door and swung it open before Tyler could even attempt the key. “Hey, you. Come round these parts of town often?” She said with a smile and a chuckle. @tylrsgn

outgoing text to :: open
  • Jordan: wake tf up you lazy aRSE
  • Jordan: i need help ... describe a perfect date to me
  • Jordan: i'm helpless, like, i'd just take the person to a botanic garden and we'd just point at the plants and ... yeah