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The airport scene has always made me an emotional mess, but it completely devastated me when I realized some things.

At first this sounds like Yuuri wants Victor to stay coaching him forever, even past the Grand Prix Final. But I realized it’s actually something else entirely.

Remember this line from episode 7?

Yuuri placed fourth in Rostelecom and didn’t podium. While I’m sure Yuuri logically knows Victor won’t stop being his coach, especially because he qualified for the Finals, anxiety, as we all know, rarely listens to logic.
So in reality, what Yuuri is asking is:

“Even though I didn’t make the podium, please don’t step down like you said you would. Please remain as my coach until the GPF, after which I will retire.”

Oh yeah, that’s another important and often missed thing: Yuuri has been planning retire for a while. It’s been hinted at many times throughout the seriesーeven in this very episode.

Now this next part here is what really makes me Feel Things

When Yuuri tears up, I always thought he was crying because Victor is being really sweet and they’re so in love and very emotional after being reunited. But now, looking into it, it’s actually devastatingly sad. Because here is what Yuuri is thinking:

“I’ve already decided I’m going to be retiring after the Final and I’m going to break your heart and I’m so sorry but it’s something I have to do.”

“Let’s enjoy what we have while it lasts and not think about the future for now, because it’s only going to hurt both of us.”

And now i’m hurting and I’m sure you are too i’m sorry


so I really overestimated how busy things would get here and I feel so bad for not drawing anything but i had a some time to spare so I thought i draw something for halloween just in case I couldnt draw anything on that day


He was a real hero

Finally finished some short scene which I really needed to see in the show. Seriously I wanted Shiro to talk to someone about Adam, not only to Commander Iverson, but to people who became his second family. News about his death hit him emotionally and I think he needed support at that moment before jumping into another mission. That’s all just not that easy. And I think Pidge could be the one who helped him with it. 

coda for 14x02

Dean hurts all over and thereโ€™s a buzzing in his ear that wonโ€™t go away. He canโ€™t tell if that was there before Michael, because he can barely remember what having control of his own body feels like.ย 

How has it only been a few weeks?

Mom and Bobby are keeping their distance, not even trying to hide their suspicion, but Sam is a steady presence at his side, keeping him from keeling over on every other step. Dean wants to push him away, keep him safe from the monster that might still be lurking inside of him, but he doesnโ€™t have the strength.

He doesnโ€™t have the strength to protest when they bring him back to the bunker, either. Especially not when they stumble down the stairs and Cas is standing at the bottom, staring at Dean with such naked worry and longing that Dean can barely look him in the eye.

But he does look. And Cas looks back, searching for something in Deanโ€™s expression.

Traces of Michael, Dean realizes with a start.

Sam is the one to break the silence. โ€œIs heโ€ฆโ€

โ€œItโ€™s Dean,โ€ Cas says, voice breathless with relief, and something in Deanโ€™s chest loosens.ย 

He didnโ€™t know until just now but heโ€™s been waiting for the confirmation that heโ€™s still himself, still Dean and not some stranger who took up residence in his body after Michael vacated the premises.

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I was actually beginning to get concerned with all the new text posts remakes you were posting and the fact that you every day had to do all the make up and the wigs and film, edit etc and then I literally made an out loud “aha” sound when I realized you probably filmed all of them in one go and not separate times for each post and well that’s the level of intelligence some of your followers are at hope you’re proud