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I just wanted to say that this blog has given me the confidence to leave so many more comments now! Before finding this, I was worried about bothering authors or my comments being unnecessary but now I'm much more inclined to think that the author will appreciate it, regardless of when I say it or how brief my comment may be. (Example: I just commented on a Homestuck fic from July 2014 without feeling the slightest bit worried about the writer being irritated by such a late comment)

That’s fantastic, anon! I’m excited to hear that we’ve helped build up your commenting confidence. Thank you for supporting writers and helping to keep their founts of creativity flowing. 

–Mod M

Okay Here Are The Facts

in regards to Harrison in Vegas during the shooting

1) he was only technically across the street from the hotel. There is a large obstruction. On a map, it does look like they’re close to each other but in reality, there’s a 4 mile distance

  • none of the weapons used in this incident has the ability to shoot that far and through a building or aircraft hull (because assuming from his tweets- he was on the plane at the time.)
  •  the shooter wasn’t targeting an airport

2) the sound of gunfire only travels about 3 miles on average. Up to 5 in certain conditions (area, wind, obstruction, direction fired, etc)

  • at the distance Harrison was, along with the fact he was surrounded by other people and things making white noise, most likely inside a reinforced structure; whether that be a building or a plane, he most likely would NOT have been able to hear the shots.

 3) airports are the safest places to be when there’s a situation outside. 

  • airports, military bases, and government buildings are the few places in the country who have specific plans in place to keep a situation like this from spreading inside its doors.

Yes. It very well might have been terrifying to him and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the experience stays with him. But the facts are that he wasn’t in any immediate danger at the time. His flight was one of the first allowed to leave the airport after the incident and he was out of Nevada airspace within an hour.
He was in the same area as something horrible and gruesome and I’m sure it scared him more than anything. But he was safe.

I say all this for 2 reasons

1) I needed to logic myself out of a panic. I put all my worry and fear about this entire situation into Harrison. Every time more news came out- I checked his social media, looking for a post or tweet or something. For some reason, I thought that if he was alright then so was everyone else. I knew better. But it helped me cope.

and most importantly:
2) Harrison can see your posts about him. He probably has no desire to go through all this online. He probably doesn’t want to see these things conflated on instagram. I’ve seen posts saying he was ‘next door’ and that he could have been shot. He wasn’t. He couldn’t have been. If he’s even the slightest bit traumatized by yesterday, your posts could make the situation worse. Please don’t scare the kid more than he already is.

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I'm afraid about komelle happening and I want my kallura fo happen should I be worried for that

I’m not worried about that in the slightest.

They could have Romelle have a little crush on Keith for an episode or two since apparently Romelle did have the hots for him for a little bit in DOTU but as far as Keith liking her back I highly doubt that.

Romelle and Sven (Shiro) were a thing in DOTU and so was Kallura and since they’ve already brought in a lot of major elements from the 80s show I’m pretty sure those ships will be brought over as well.

So if anything I think Romelle will probably end up with Shiro not Keith. Even though I think it would be really cute if she and Matt were a thing too.

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Hello! at the anon saying the skull is offensive, I'm 100% mexican and 0% offended! The día de los muertos skull is pretty different and anyway we do not own skulls so don't worry it's fine!!!

@chemicalbean said: I live in mexico, i celebrate el día de los muertos and obviously i can’t speak for all of us but i didn’t find the merch offensive at all

As a Mexican person, I seriously don’t find the shirt the slightest bit offensive, it’s just a shirt with a decorated skull, nothing necessarily relating to El Dia de Los Muertos

cool! yeah, i hesitate to assert any interpretations of smth being appropriative towards a culture of which im not a part, and although obvi none of you speak for all mexican people, it’s certainly reassuring to hear from multiple individuals that youre not upset or offended by it.  if the original anon or anyone else is feeling that way though, i’d definitely be willing to listen and talk about it, so dont be afraid to send me a message <3 wishing you all well! x

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Hey there amazing person with an amazing blog :) Your ask box is probably overfilled, but I can't stop myself. So. I'm wondering if I'm the only one who noticed the changing of Hiccup's expression (is that grammatically correct?) in Edge of disaster part one when he, Snotlout, and Fishlegs are about to leave the Edge to go help Johann, and Snotlout is hitting on Astrid again. is it just me or does he look worried?

Hey there amazing person with the amazingly nice greeting! :) Now that you bring it up, I do agree with you that Hiccup looks a tad bit concerned when Snotlout hits on Astrid. You have a good eye!

Hiccup’s eyes widen the slightest bit when Snotlout starts talking, the young Jorgenson man giving an incredibly sappy farewell to her. Hiccup stares first at Snotlout, then shifts his eyes to Astrid, paying careful attention to how she responds. He seems a little worried at the happenstance.

This seems to be a recurring theme throughout this season of Race to the Edge - I’ve seen other moments where Hiccup reacts in a similar way! At the end of “Snotlout Gets the Axe,” for instance, Hiccup looks a bit downfallen when Snotlout tries to say that it could be possible for a Jorgenson to marry a Hofferson. This, of course, comes right after Hiccup says the exact opposite.

In each of these moments, Hiccup seems a little concerned at what is going on. I highly doubt Hiccup is concerned that Astrid will be wooed by Snotlout. Astrid has been consistently rejecting Snotlout for three years now, and her rejections have never ceased to be firm and blunt. Hiccup knows as much as any human could know anything that Astrid is uninterested in Snotlout. Therefore, he’s not worried that Astrid might start falling in love with Snotlout and losing her interest in Hiccup, or something like that. Hiccup knows he and Astrid have the stronger bond and that Snotlout’s attempts are ridiculous.

I think the reason Hiccup reacts with a bit more concern in these instances is because Snotlout’s advances are starting to feel unwelcome to him, too. When two individuals are in a romantic relationship, they tend to be a bit protective of each other, and to feel uncomfortable if someone tries to hit on their significant other. It doesn’t matter, for instance, if a young man knows his girlfriend will reject the flirter; it still often makes him uncomfortable because he is the one who’s close to her… someone else shouldn’t even try! Hiccup is starting to feel that bond with Astrid and consequently is concerned that someone like Snotlout thinks it’s okay to hit on her. These moments make Hiccup uncomfortable. 

To some capacity, Hiccup is internalizing that Snotlout should let Astrid go and realize that Hiccup is the one beside her! Hiccup doesn’t like Snotlout ignoring that part of the equation - that part where Hiccup and Astrid are always together.

Hiccup and Astrid might not officially be together yet, but they are emotionally at that stage where they’re going to be “protective” of the other. There’s a lot of love for one another that they haven’t admitted; they’re basically a couple before they’ve officially announced they’re a couple. Hiccup consequently is going to be displeased and uncomfortable with Snotlout hitting on Astrid because Hiccup feels like Snotlout shouldn’t think it’s okay. Snotlout’s wooing isn’t a serious threat, but it still undermines the relationship that Hiccup feels he has for Astrid. 

These moments, in a way, are going to help Hiccup start consciously realize the full extent he loves Astrid. Since he’s becoming uncomfortable with Snotlout’s futile advances, he’s psychologically internalizing that he doesn’t want anyone else romantically near Astrid. He is the one who loves her. And so those tiny little worried glimpses we see of Hiccup throughout Race to the Edge? Those are moments where his sweet little in-love heart is showing itself. It’s subtle but I believe it’s totally there. 

medstudent!ashton who has no idea why he’s been paged to OR-2 until he finds you in the scrubbing area and you’re crying so hard that he can see your entire body shaking before he’s even completely through the door. and you can’t stop staring at your hands which are trembling as you hold them out in front of you, almost like you’ve never seen them before or you wish you’d never have to see them again. 

and at first he doesn’t know what to do because in your friendship you were the calm and collected one and he’d never actually seen you cry before so he kind of just hovers until you turn on the taps and start scrubbing your hands so violently that he’s sure you’re about to draw blood and that’s when he grabs your hands and holds them in his while he asks you what’s wrong. and you tell him you made a mistake, that you were helping out on a surgery on a little boy and you made a mistake without even knowing and oh god he could have died if the attending hadn’t noticed and you could have killed him without even knowing it.

then you start to hyperventilate and ashton doesn’t know what to do all over again so he just pulls you into a hug and holds you as tight as he can while running one of his hands up and down your back and telling you that things like that happen and that it was okay because the boy was fine and you’d learn from this and never make the same mistake again.

and when your breathing returns to normal again and you’ve stopped shaking except for the slight tremor in your hands every now and then he offers to drive you home, but you’ve still got a few hours left of your shift so you tell him not to worry about it. but he does worry about you which is why he decides to check up on you, and he’s not even the slightest bit surprised to find you in the post-op room of a little boy as he tells you about his favourite cartoon later on.

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