so here have my mind vomit

I feel there’s so much pressure on artists nowadays to ~be something~, like all musicians have to end up at Juilliard, all artists have to have their work on display in the MET, all writers have to be best selling novelists, that sort of thing. And while it’s necessary to dream big and work hard, it’s also completely valid to just create your art for no other reason than the simple fact that it makes you happy. You don’t have to be giving it 100% all the time, in fact, it would be really easy to get in an artistic rut that way. Take breaks- go for a walk around your city or in nature, spend time with your friends, exercise, relax, do anything that will clear your mind so you can come back to your art with fresh inspiration and passion. We need to remember that our art doesn’t define us, on the contrary, it is US that defines our art. Art cannot be incredible without a unique, human touch behind it. We give art life. Each time we create something, part of our soul is present in it. So take care of yourself first, your art will be the better for it.

Listen, I don’t know how this happened but here’s a little something involving hands, and well. You just read. And… ALT ER LOVE.

  • what if Even was passing by a jewellery (on his way to pride) with Sana, or maybe was it Magnus, and he would stop for a few minutes. Thinking out loud, you know “one day I’ll marry Isak”, but this time he’s very clear. (unlike at the hotel where he saw that scene as a dream.) Him who always seemed terrified of what the future could hold, because he would always feel a liability somehow, whether tomorrow or the next month or decade. But now he’s not afraid anymore. He can think of more than just the next minute. And of course that means he cannot imagine it with anyone else but Isak now.
  • or something ridiculously sweet… like Even would take him to an actual balcony,or NO. Their bench, that’d be even more meaningful (because hey that’s where it began! Where Isak heard that name for the first time. Where Isak touch his hand for the first time.) and say to Isak, like “in 10 years, we’ll come back here and I’ll have a question for you.” And Isak, being the smart ass that he is, would figure out right away. And he’d say something along “ No matter where our path may lead us in 10 years from now, i’ll be right here for you. With you. And you already know the answer to that question. It’s the same as today. And the next minute and the next…”
  • and Isak would joke along "and you won’t need any paper towels this time” and and Isak wouldn’t say anything just give Even his hand, as “symbolic” for that future question…. well the answer.
  • And maybe, maybe there’ll be a complete twist… One day, in like 5 or 6 years from now, as he is now working for the Nasa or something, anyway he becomes one of the smartest scientist of his generation. One evening as he comes home to Even, they do live together now, he’ll surprise Even and bring him to their bench. Remember what you told me that 21st of June …. Wasn’t it 21:21…. Look at your watch now. E: “but you know i’m never wearing a watch ba…..” I: “wouldn’t you mind wearing this for me now ?” as he’s going down on one knee, ring in hand…. Even would join him down, kneeling too, in tears. “YES YES YES. Of course yes!” As they would held both hands together.
  • (hands that were once shaking…  being held for the first time in that locker room, as so much was still new to Isak. At the beginning, Isak was very guarded, staying at distance from Even, waiting for him to make a move, to say something. And then to drop the bomb litteraly, nothing is standing in our way anymore, how frightening is that ? Exciting too but what Isak must have thought, he dropped everything, for… for little old me ? He could not believe, it was too good to be true. He’s here professing his love basically… for me ? you sure you have the right person ?? Of course those hands were shaking. Until that moment, where he saw, where he felt Even meant it. Holding his hands. Where he believed. He could be that boy, kissing more of Even in the intimacy if his bedroom, why not even one day at school… he could finally have that life. Real life. His life. Their life.)
  • So that night, it was with steady hands, Isak holds on Even’s hands. And in this minute, Even believed too.(It had been playing in his mind since the first moment he ever saw Isak.) Their reality. 
  • And it actually would be 21:21.

(i’m blaming @tocapturethisvoice aka my beloved Cris for making me “word vomit” as Cee Cee would poetically put it down ahah ALSO Julie who is still making us wait so here it is….)

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I feel like Taako would be, and is, really good with kids. And it's really amusing to his friends and family because they can quite see he actually adores kids despite his objections. I mean Taako teases Angus, but Angus knows he's teasing, and Taako was never downright shitty to the boy. Also people make posts joking about how Taako would act when he visits his wizarding school, but i honestly don't think he'd pull the same schtick with children as he does with Merle and Magnus and other [1/3]

adults. I mean depending on the age group I think Taako would still tease them and whatnot. In hindsight, i think Taako is the fantasy equivalent of Gordan Ramsay like – [ Taako interacting with adults who refuse to follow simple instructions: “What are you? An idiot sandwich.” “For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit.” “You fucking donkey.” “You’ve just confirmed in my mind you’re not trustworthy. So fuck you.” [2/3]

Taako interacting with children who are trying their best: “Don’t you worry, my darling. Let’s start again. Now, let’s get this going. We can do this, okay? We’ve still got time.” “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Look, I’m here to help you. Please don’t get upset.” “May I have a gummi bear please? Thank you.” ] [3/3]

this is literally the cutest thing in the world and i don’t care about anything else but taako interacting with kids. you can see this in canon like he teases angus all the time but never ever about his magical abilities or anything he’s trying hard to learn like. taako would make an excellent teacher i’m so glad he opened a school. 

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post

UGHHHH here we go. 

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post:

Before I begin, I would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place. My knowledge of things comes from my studies at university as well as my own life experiences. Anyone who reads this is welcome to disagree with me. I really have no desire to write posts like this as I feel it causes drama and drama makes me want to vomit and leave the phandom forever – so oh well fuck it – LETS GO.  (please keep an open mind while reading this)

First, I’m going to start with sexuality itself – aside from Dan and Phil. Sexuality is fluid. Meaning it can take many shapes, and can change. Does this mean that someone can change their sexuality? No. It just means that it has the possibility of change – especially during periods of adolescence into adulthood. And that is because, as we discover the world and the people in it, those life experiences not only have an effect on our emotional development, but on our sexual nature.

Adolescence, especially between the ages of 12 – 18, discover sexuality for the first time, and explore that sexuality. Do I like girls? Do I like boys? Do I like both? Do I like neither? Do I like only specific people? How often do I find that I like someone? And how? What is the pattern?

It is not uncommon for people to believe one thing true about themselves while in adolescence while another thing in later their 20’s. This is because the brain is typically fully developed by the age of 25, with the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for reasoning and decision-making) being the last part of the brain to finish developing.

With this in mind, I proceed on to my second part – which is to bring in Dan and Phil.

Back before Dan started making youtube videos, Phil was the one man show. Back in the day, British youtube Culture was prominently gay or bisexual guys (Or at least those claiming to be such). It was the cool thing, it was the in thing – although people at that time didn’t call it shipping (as it was seen as more of an underground type thing (oh my god…those Harry Potter fan fictions…..) the idea of two men (especially effeminate ones) was highly appealing. On youtube, however, many of the british youtubers were all about the LGBTQ scene. Dan, from what we know of his life before youtube, was not. He was just a regular guy with a girlfriend who mainly watched American youtubers who played Rockband. (As evident if you were around to capture his twitter history before he deleted it. Counterphan has part of the timeline that most people seem to miss and also has it captured how many times he tweeted Phil, the context, everything. She was very through with the pre-youtube context of the situation that K took bits and pieces of to make the PhanDirectory aka: the phan bible).

It was only when Dan broke into you youtube scene and became friends with phil that the flirtiness and claims to bisexuality were made. Before Dan, there was Charlieskies. They too, were full of the cute pictures and the flirting – so much so that people thought (and still think) they were dating. To which Charlie has clarified that they never did and that phil wouldn’t do that .

Back then, when the claims to Bisexuality were made, you can see in the comments that people went along with the idea that Dan and Phil were sort of “made for each other”. Friends of theirs promoted the ship and the idea of bisexualness (mainly because that was the in thing to do – these can be seen in most of comments of the Daily booths.)

It’s possible Dan went along with this just to fit into that community and was also doing it for the attention (after all, he was rewarding people with naked Dailybooths every time he hit a follower milestone – what makes you think he wouldn’t also stoop to changing his sexuality for attention too?) This does seem to fit the claim he made in a live show that all of the answers on his formspring (which is where this claim was made) were “full of lies”. Likewise, he has also stated that he was “immature and attention seeking” when it came to Formspring.

But Ren! Why would Dan want attention that badly?? Don’t you think it’s sort of insulting towards the LGBTQ community to pretend to be something you’re not? Yes- yes I do. It’s not cool. And it’s not right. But when you’re young, and not really thinking about the long term consequences of your actions especially when there is no foresight, those thoughts might not come into effect. I don’t really think Dan had any idea that this would bite him in the ass later on. Additionally, as evident by his DML video, he had no idea that his channel would grow at the rate – or to the size that it did. He’s pretty much become the most popular British youtuber to date. How could he know this back then? The things he was telling people were getting positive attention – why would he not continue?

Even though people say that there was no shipping back then, and that Dan and Phil did not have that many subscribers, this is actually extremely false.

Because some of their friends were already shipping them, poking at it for fun, and the fans seemed to enjoy it – why not make a prank video? YISSS. That must be the answer. (I’m not even going to go into detail about the voldy video. That would make this post too long for my taste and none of you want to be sitting here for days reading it).

The spiral of lies everyone refers to – which Dan has gotten himself stuck up in several times – always seems to be the spiral to cover up phan. However, I am under the impression that the actual spiral of lies that was made comes right down to pretending to be into Phil, and being into guys. If he went back against this – I believe the backlash would be astronomically horrible, which is why it continued for a bit, until 2012 where his channel exploded with subscribers.

Everyone calls 2012 Dan’s Anti-phan phase – mainly because he was so against the idea of phan, and denied it so many times (sometimes in aggressive ways) that it really caused a slight backlash from the fans.

However, this is how I look at it:

By this point, the v-day video had made its return and was spreading throughout the phandom. Because Dan’s audience had grown exponentially by this point, many new people were hearing about it (without context) and harassing Dan about an apparent relationship with Phil. I think at first Dan tried to ignore it, or address it subtley in youtube comments, or liveshows, (as seen in my screenshots and Cori’s videos) but when that didn’t work – the customer service blog was made – which was Dan’s super aggressive way of putting down Phan since he felt people weren’t listening to him.

But Ren – he didn’t have to be so mean! Why would he be so defensive unless it was true???

(RETURN OF THE LEMON SIMILE!) <— Ok ok. Soooooo. If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know that I have a simile to describe this situation at hand. Gather around, *here have a cookie!*, sit and Ren will tell you the simile.

Imagine for moment that you dislike the taste of lemons. You don’t mind if other people like them – it’s just not for you. But image for a split second that people thought you did. At first, it might not seem to bother you. Oh, haha. That’s funny. People think I like lemons. Your friends think this is funny too. So between you and your friends it becomes a slightly inside joke. Sometimes they call you “lemonhead”, sometimes you pretend to almost put a lemon in your ice tea, sometimes you joke that lemons are your favorite fruit. It’s all in good fun. But then, one day, someone comes up to you and asks you if you like lemons. Casually, you just answer “nah.” But the people keep coming. They keep asking you. Over and over again. 3 times a week this happens till it’s almost every day you have at least 1 person coming up to you asking you if you like lemons. By this point, it’s getting frustrating. How can so many people think I might like lemons?? I should stop with the lemon jokes. So you do. But that doesn’t help anything. Eventually, a rumor starts spreading that someone actually SAW you drink lemonade. Now more people than ever are convinced that you love lemons. Out of sheer frustration for the lies you feel are spreading about you (even though in the context of this simile, lemons are NOT that big of a deal) you lash out at people when they ask you about Lemons, thinking this might finally put an end to it. But it doesn’t. People take your hostility towards lemons and say that it’s just you protecting yourself. After all….you would never get so defensive if you didn’t like lemons.

However, what people fail to realize is that when lies are spread – it’s extremely harmful, emotionally, for the person they are about. I don’t blame Dan for getting angry. Nor do I call it his “anti-phan phase”. I just see it as someone being backed into a corner by thousands of people who won’t let shit go.

I think eventually it calmed down a bit though. I think his new step was to ignore it, and pretend like it wasn’t a thing. Which was pretty much most of 2013.

Now that the phandom is fucking ginormous, I think his new tactic has been to appear as relatable as possible. And that relatability extends to joking about guys being attractive that potential people in his audience might find attractive. Do I think he is legit? Absolutely not. Danisnotonfire has turned into an internet persona. We are not looking at the actual Dan Howell – in my opinion. I have strong, STRONG feelings regarding this matter, but for the most part, imo, whatever we see on camera has been carefully calculated for teenage consumption. Which is why I put 0 weight into anything that Dan says now.

Think about this – management has to know that D&P’s sexuality is a big selling point. There’s no way they would let that be revealed – nor the exact status of their relationship. Because either way, there is going to be horrible backlash. If Dan or Phil were to come out and say they were openly Gay or Bisexual (they aren’t gay – they have said this many times. See the videos), or they were to come out and say Phan is real – they would lose thousands of subscribers that are determined to marry them. People would feel betrayed and lied to, and I personally would have lost so much respect for them for lying this entire time.

If they were to come out and say they were heterosexual, or say they have girlfriends, or move apart, or do something that would prove the non-existence of Phan, it would alienate all of the shippers (which takes up a large portion of their audience, and are the most loyal). Many people in the LGBTQ would feel betrayed and people would be very upset and angry.

It’s a rock and a hard place. They dug themselves into a ditch which I don’t think they can get out of for a long time.

Long story short – and I’m so glad this is all over – Do I believe Dan is bisexual? Maybe. I’m not going to discount the theories that people have put into place. They have really thought about those theories and I have no problem admitting that I could be entirely wrong. But I tend to lean more on the side of the heterosexual boat – personally, just based on my own opinions stated in the post above. As far as Phil - I have no idea. I’m going to go with Hetero just based on the things that I have seen thus far. 

This post is not meant to cause drama. It’s merely a place where I can express an opinion. If you agree with me, great! If not, that’s ok too. btw, you guys should really check out the counterphan timeline. 


We were shown this case in a radiology tutorial and it absolutely blows my mind!! The blue line outlines the colon, the yellow one is the left kidney (very faint) and the distention is actually the right kidney!!! Look at how ridiculously massive it is! It’s not a tumour as tumour growth is largely irregular which is not the case here (you can see the smooth outline of the kidney -red line) so it’s an internal condition! Any guesses?

History: Chihuahua presented for vomiting (We weren’t given too many clinical details as this was just a radiographic interpretation tutorial so, sorry about that, but I do have a diagnosis! I’ll post it on here soon- unless someone beats me to it first :D)
Word vomit.  Posen style.



JUST OH MY FUCKING GOD!  You guys, all day at work I have been itching to get home and get in on the freaking meltdown that I knew would be happening on here. And I. am. LOVING IT.

I mean, DUDE.  I was NOT expecting that.  Firstly, wasn’t expecting to see anything new at all because I had just rolled out of bed, and the fact that The Voice was on last night hadn’t even crossed my mind.  So seeing all the new clips woke me up pretty quickly.  If only all my mornings started like that…

But the real surprise came from the fact it was so blatant!  I’ve gotta admit, I had been a bit worried that the much anticipated ‘moment’ was going to end up being depressingly subtle.  But no…  It’s er… it’s pretty obvious.

Which leads me to my second thought.

I had also been wondering whether the fact that Captain Kendrick had been so vocal about Bechloe meant that maybe she was preparing the audience for something.  I remember when Willow admitted she had feelings for Tara on Buffy, there was a significant number of people who were like ‘What?! When did that happen??’  So having seen how ridiculously gay all the new promo stuff is, I’m starting to wonder whether this is to let people know ‘Hey, this is about to get really gay, really quickly.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.’

Or… they’re playing us like a fiddle.  

Regardless, I am LOVING the music :)

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Hey, I'm just starting to learn French and I know from learning other languages that it helps me doing exercises in the language like if I'd be in school, you know? Do you have an idea where to find some for free? Or could you maybe make some yourself? Like having to put the right article or pronoun in a sentence and stuff like that... But you don't have to, just if you want. Also your blog is my favorite language blog here! It's really interesting and helpful!

hi love!

the only website i can think of would be francaisfacile (whose passion is graphic design innit) - now i’m not exactly what you want to work on so projectile-vomiting homework won’t be the easiest task! 

you can try to fill those (tell me if that’s what you had in mind?) :

this big dog is very happy : _ _ chien est _ heureux. leave me alone : laisse-_ tranquille. the table is made of wood : _ table est _ bois. that being said : _ étant dit. those kids are nuts : _ enfants _ fous. we are married : nous _ mariés. this girl was perfect : _ fille _ parfaite. i love eating and corgis : j’_ _ (vb) et _ corgis. but i saw you with her : _ je t’ai vu(e) _ elle. his (male) cat is stylish : _ chat est classe. this tree will be old : _ arbre _ vieux. we’ll go to paris : nous irons _ paris. you are very pretty : vous _ très jolies (fem pl). he is (staying) at his sister’s for two days : il est _ _ soeur pendant _ jours. the skirt is black : _ jupe (f) est _. 

if it is, i can surely do more! (but then give me categories.)

Originally posted by glassbonespaperskin

and thanks for the compliments! hope this helps! x 

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Do you know on the skrill appreciation blog they call him dad and say they are attracted of him?

Listen, I’m really tired to have these stuff on my askbox, everyday
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Can you fucking not?
I become really fast afraid with stress, starting to have body problems too. Do you really find funny to give to me toxic and make me vomit and vomit and vomit?
I really don’t understand what the fuck I make for have this
I always don’t look blogs for him because I KNOW people make it and I don’t like it, I just stay away from them and everyone is perfectly fine
But if I have EVERYDAY spam about people say stuff on me or he call someone “ baby “ or other it’s fucking… bad for me. I hate it. I fucking hate it. I hate to feel these feelings, I hate to be afraid, I hate to start with panic attacks, I hate to be really fragile, I fucking hate it so much
this isn’t funny
if I vomit more probably my organs can fucked up and I perfectly can die. I’m scared, I’m so much scared
thanks for make my mood shit, for be now afraid to stay here, for don’t stay fine with myself and don’t have a chill mind
My person is horrible and I’m scared if he leave me too. I try my best I fucking try but if people spam this everyday make me grdgxdhdthdxhzdghzbdvhxdhgxdrsdgdfgdfgdfhgdjtutuj

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Hajimama sorry to bother you, but I am really really struggling and stressed about something. I have extreme hodophobia (fear of travelling) and my parents just told me we’re going to China for a month and a half for “vacation” THIS weekend. (Bcs I had exams before now and “they knew I would panic and didn’t want it to affect my exam results”) I vomited last night, and I am also extremely terrified of planes. Do you have any advice for me hajimama?

Oh shit! I’m so sorry to hear that! All I could think of right now would be breathing techniques and stuff to get your mind off your fear. But depending where you live that flight might take a while, so that might not be enough. Maybe any of my followers have any tips here?

the doctor spent 900 years in trenzalore
900 years in one place
and 900 in constant battle
thinking he’s going to die

then clara returns and above all odds he’s gifted another regeneration cycle

but now he’s old
and grumpy
and he hasn’t done the normal doctor thing for a hella long time
he doesn’t know who he is
even clara isn’t sure

they clash
she tells him off
he tries to make amends
tries to be the good man
he thinks he’s failed
but clara thinks it’s the trying that counts

and so it does
he accepts he’s an idiot

but he thinks clara’s moved on
he’s not he handsome hero
his cover came down for her
and she chose someone else
so he lies
he continues to be an idiot
he lets her go

but then he gets a second chance
he never gets that
the universe never grants him that
yet there she is

no more time for lying
they hit the jackpot

but it doesn’t take a time lord to know how this will end
his second chance will be taken away again
his teach
his guiding light
his carer
she can’t last forever
and he can’t take it

so he crosses the line he drew to save her
because screw the universe he can do anything
he deserves this one small thing
he will get what he wants
no matter the cost

he stops being the doctor

but then clara

always clara

no more lies

tell the person how you feel

be a good man

be the doctor

he may not remember her smile
but he remembers that
it is part of him now
and everything he does

the impossible girl from under his childhood bed

so when he meets river
he loves
he accepts the end
he embraces the moment
he wears the hell out of the red velvet jacket

he is the doctor

I really have minded my own business on here for like….years, but the absolute delusion and social-ineptitude some of you vomit into the world is so obscene and useless I wish I could smack some of you

you’ve got me on a natural high

all credit to whom credit is due, including edward, adam, and india arie.

Emma Swan Jones would think that, by now, she’d be used to surprises.

Meeting Neal in an already stolen car, falling in love with Neal, getting betrayed by Neal, giving birth to Neal’s child in prison, said child finding her ten years later. All of those were surprises. She’s not even going to mention Storybrooke and finding her parents and going to the Enchanted Forest too many times to count and falling in love with bloody Captain Hook and going to the Underworld to get him back and marrying said three-hundred-year-old pirate.

So when Emma starts throwing up and feeling completely off like she has the flu, she’s surprised. Flu season isn’t for another three months. It’s a surprise when the pregnancy test she takes two days later says positive. Killian’s absolute joy when he comes running after she calls is not a surprise. Not at all.

They lean back against the tub side by side, the test still in Emma’s hand, her head resting on his shoulder. “What now?” Emma asks when she gets the nausea under control.

“I have no idea, love,” Killian says with that voice, the one when Emma can tell he is barely containing his enthusiasm and is probably grinning from ear to earring.

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A/N: Today is actually my birthday (October 22), and this was a request, although it is extremely late and I apologize, so I thought I should post this on my birthday, hope you enjoy!

Request: чσu ѕhσuld dσ σnє whєrє thє rєαdєr hαѕ α вαd dαч σn hєr вírthdαч αnd thínkѕ єvєrчσnє fσrgσt αвσut hєr, вut dєαn αnd ѕαm wєrє plαnníng α pαrtч thє whσlє tímє. í hσpє thíѕ hєlpѕ чσu kíck wrítєr'ѕ вlσck'ѕ αѕѕ👍

Pairing: No pairing.

Warnings: Fluff, birthday surprises, birthday fluff, Confused!Cas, birthdays, that’s about it.

Word Count: 2,278

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I had been meaning to create a follow forever for a long time. I think the last time I had made one was when I reached 1.1k less than two years ago. I also wanted to celebrate 2017 along with reaching 2.2k followers, so here I am with my follow forever post! Smooches and thank you’s to everyone who included me in their Christmas/New Year’s follow forever posts this holiday season (。♥‿♥。)

2016 was a really interesting year for me, personally. I worried about getting into grad school, got into my top two physics PhD programs, graduated from undergrad, started graduate school, fell in love, got my heart broken, fell in love again, broke someone’s heart again along with my own, made new friends, became closer with old friends, and generally grew a lot as a person, I think. I became more comfortable with speaking my mind and not being nervous about disrupting the peace (especially on this blog). I became more confident in my poetry and writing. I realized the importance of developing your own opinions and to think critically for yourself; the importance of free speech. I learned to stand up for myself and decided that having so many emotions was not a weakness, but a strength—to wear your heart on your sleeve is an admirable form of bravery. I started to pause myself when I feel like I am becoming a workaholic and treat myself. I decided that doubting myself was the biggest harm I could do to myself, and realized that I am so blessed to have family and friends that are constantly supporting and believing in me, unconditionally.

And when I say that I am blessed to have such amazing friends, this includes so many of you I am friends with on this blog. My friends here have always been so supportive of me, from my personal life to my academic career to my writing projects. Thank you for standing up for me and being kind, open minded people in this community. Thank you for encouraging me to post my poetry and for reblogging them. Thank you for writing with me. Thank you for always showering me with love, care, and being patient and always listening to me rant and brain-vomit writing ideas. I wouldn’t have stuck for so long in this community if it were not for you. I am so honored to call you my good friends.

So, I’m going to stop rambling and start hollah-ing at at brilliant babes  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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And of course all these amazing quality people on my dash that I have had the pleasure of having wonderful interactions with (and if we haven’t talked yet, please come into my inbox because I love your blog). You guys are my dashboard superstars and lighten up my days. I hope I will get to write with y’all someday (if you rp) if we haven’t already; and if we have, I hope we’ll get to write together again soon! I almost definitely have forgotten people that should be on this list, because there are so many wonderful people in the community to keep track of and I’m awful at keeping track of url-changes and such. Anyway, I love you all <3 I hope you have an amazing 2017 and that we will get to talk more and get to know each other better this year :)

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As promised this time, Cyrek was there bright and early. Not exactly bushy-tailed, as mornings weren’t his favorite. Still, he was here, with a bag of fresh produce in hand in case Emerson didn’t have what he was looking for in the fridge. He knew how to make a wicked breakfast dish or two and he wanted to make sure Emerson got something in his stomach after his killer hangover. Cyrek, on the other hand, would be vomiting for twelve hours straight. Knocking on the door, he waited for it to open, whistling and looking the shorter man over, grinning brightly then and producing the bag, waving it a little. “Hola! Told you I’d be here to make breakfast. You gonna let me the fuck in before these eggs and bacon spoil so I can cook them up?” They had much to talk about but he wasn’t keen on springing into anything immediately. Right now, he wanted to make sure that the other was alright and feed the both of them, and if the conversation occurred during or after, it didn’t matter. “Missed you last night after you left the bar, stud, got real fuckin’ quiet without a certain drunk tellin’ me to wallop off,” he teased, his grin softening to a gentle smile, self-consciously clasping his hands in front of him. “Please let me in?”