so happy late valentine's day to my followers!


Kdrama kisses

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Hi! My names Ash and I got diagnosed with glioblastoma about a year ago! But I'm in remission now which is great! Anyway I'm telling you this cuz I started following askmarshandbroflovski roughly around when I got diagnosed and fell in love with you craig! I'm glad you're doing-and looking better! You helped me through a lot by being so strong! I was wondering if I could get a happy belated Valentine's from you? I was sick on Valentine's Day, which is why I'm late, but it'd mean the world to me!

CRAIG: Yeah, yeah- wow.
CRAIG: Of course, um. This like, means a lot, actually.
CRAIG: That just. I’m glad you’re doing better, I’m really glad.
CRAIG: That’s awesome.
CRAIG: Happy Valentine’s Day, man.

missy-poppins91:The otp you think needs more attention? x

this was a tricky one because most of my otps aren’t really popular but I chose supermartian because it was one of my first otps on tumblr and they are my babies <3

p.s. i’m two days late i’M SO MAD 

anyway happy belated Valentine’s Day to y'all!! 

Owari No Shipping Week!

Alright! Listen up my fellow Owarinos. I am going to be hosting an Owari no Seraph Shipping fanart week. It will be taking place on Feb 12-18. There has been a lack of fanart in our fandom lately as well as popularity. So I would like to help it as much as I can! Losing a fandom that you really love can be heartbreaking….and so…since Valentines Day is coming up soon..this idea was born. 

All you have to do is create fanart based on the themes of each day of the week. Make sure to reblog this so more fans can become involved. Also, feel free to submit your art to me! I’d be happy to show it off to my fellow followers :D Good luck and happy shipping!!! 

Pick whichever theme you’d like to do on that day ^^

Day 1: Holding hands /Cuddles / Hugs

Day 2: On a date/ Blushing / Funny 

Day 3: Valentines Day / Proposal / FLUFF

Day 4: Happy / Smiles / Kisses

Day 5: Romantic / Sexy Stuff ;) / More kisses

Day 6: AUs / Genderbend / Fanfiction based art

Day 7: Anything!

Use the tag #owarinoshippingweek so everyone can see your lovely artwork!

everyone is doing one of these and i love telling my mutuals that i love them so.. happy valentines day!!💖i hope yall had a wonderful day!! (also,, this is also as thanks for 200 followers! this blog has grown so much and i couldn’t be happier)

ok look i kno its late but its still the fourteenth here so…

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Happy late Valentines day and THANK YOU FOR THE 9000 FOLLOWERS!:D You guys are AWESOME!

Since I wanted to do something for both I decided to mix the project together.;)

Thank you so much for everything and there will be more today if i can help it.:D

Please do not repost on other websites without my consent, thank you.

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Oh my gosh. I've never sought out an account with a request before. Hope I'm doing this right since I'm still getting used to Tumblr XD Can you do a short story on Kyoya x Reader, on their wedding day, with Kyoya promising his wedding vows to you? Just as a pre-valentines day treat ^^" and totally not because I'm also getting married to my own Tamaki in a few days XD

I’m so sorry that this is super late! I hope you like it! Congratulations from both Becca and I. We wish the best of luck with your future and hope happiness, love, and compassion follow you two through out your journey! (: -Alicia 

Kyoya had never felt this nervous in his entire life, standing at the end of the isle waiting for his bride was the most nerve racking thing ever. He couldn’t tell if he wanted to run out of the building, pass out, or cry tears of joy. His eyes scanned over the crowd and landed on the group of people that have been here for him since high school; the host club, excluding Tamaki who stood behind him. 

The sound of the doors opening and the organ playing made his heart beat faster, if that was physically possible. There at the end of the isle stood his s/o. The person he was about to marry and spend the rest of his life with. As they walked down Kyoya had to force himself to not run and capture them into his loving arms. 

Then the time for vows came, this was the one thing that took Kyoya the longest to do. He would stay up to the crazy hours of night rewriting his vows over and over until the perfect one was created. After months of trial and error he finally was able to put all his thoughts down onto a page. Kyoya opened his mouth and repeated his vow:

Today I promise you this: I will laugh with you in times of joy, and comfort you in times of sorrow. I will share in your dreams and support you as you strive to achieve your goals. I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement. Together, let us build a home filled with learning, laughter and light, shared freely with all who may live there. Let us be partners, friends and lovers, today and all of the days that follow. 

A poem - series by Amarytha gifts to mrasayf, the-king-of-novices, and bewareofchris

Roses are red

violets are blue

i wrote this poem

now solely for you


my dear tumblrfriend

may your cool posts

go on; never end!

Your artistic talent

is more than superior

you are the one

and only sass-warrior

AltMal is love

AltMal is life

i’d change my sexuality

for you to be my wife

You convince people

assassins are gay

I just wanted to tell you



Roses are red,

violets are blue,

I wrote this poem,

now solely for you.  

The king of novices,

I thought that was Altair,

writing skills as marvelous,

as former mentiond rear.    

I do not know,

If ur a boy or a girl,

yet your words let the images,

of my imagination swirl.    

Your stories very often,

break my dependant heart,

even if you just break me,

you can’t keep us apart,

You too convince people,

assassins are gay,

I just wanted to tell you,



Roses are red,

violets are blue,

I wrote this poem,

now solely for you.  


(who the fuck is that),

agile with words,

as agile as a cat.    

Famous for long,

oh ALL the long texts,

AltMal so glorious,

we can’t wait what comes next.      

my poetry skills,

are so fully hideous,  

As your writing skills,

are absolutely FABULOUS.    

You too convince people,

assassins are gay,

I just wanted to tell you,



Roses are red,

violets are blue,

i wrote this poem,

for me; not for you.    

I sat here alone,

in the deep tumblr sea,

wishing someone,

said happy val’s day to me.    

I have my 5 followers,

no comfort at all,

surrouded by love,

yet between a wall.  

How lond did I wait,

knowing nobody’d notice,

me sitting around,

with no exact purpose.    

I will give up, 

my bad (so bad) poetry,

that i can concentrate,

on my real art fully.

You all have convinced me,

assassins are gay,

so I wish to myself;



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Your entrance into the Free fandom has been such a blessing. Not only is your art on point and adorable, but your kindness to others is such a breath of fresh air. I know Sousuke and Rin would be proud of you! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Wow I’m actually tearing up a bit, this is so kind. Seriously, thank you so much and thanks to everyone who has followed me this past year. You have all made, and still make, my experience with the fandom (even with coming in so late…) such a great time. Happy Valentines Day!