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how would iida and midoriya react if they suddenly realize they have feelings for a close guy friend? like they thought they were straight all along but bam they catch some feels and go "i'm gay for this man". thansk!!!

Oh my, this ask is so so so cute! (˘˘) Ahh, I can’t. And also, I think this is the first time I’m specifically writing a male reader? How nice! I was looking forward to writing something cute for a male reader, because writing a female reader is my default heheh. Now’s my chance!

Thank you for sending it in! I hope you like it! (´‿  `)

Iida Tenya

It was a foolish expense, was what Iida told himself.

Every time he looked down at his wrist to check the time, he saw the new watch he bought over the weekend. It was something he truthfully did not require. His uncle had gifted a nice Swiss watch for his last birthday, and he hadn’t even taken it out of the box long enough to wear it. Iida also had that other watch that his father had given to him as a congratulatory present for his acceptance into UA, also sitting in its box on his dresser back home.

Iida had at least two new watches waiting to be worn and to serve their purpose, and yet he went out of his way to buy one for himself because he had so easily yielded to an unnecessary compulsion to wear the same watch that you did.

“I see your new watch, Iida-kun! Looking good!”

It was a simple, offhanded comment, but it told him that you noticed his watch and that you noticed his new watch was the same as the one you loved and wore to school every day. That alone justified the money he spent, and Iida was smiling the entire day, even if he denied it every time Uraraka brought it up.

Iida supposed that this was alright. He could slowly but surely ascertain for your feelings for him and his own feelings for you. For now, he was content with being your new ‘watch buddy’.

Midoriya Izuku

“Midoriya! I just realised that we match!”

Midoriya could feel his brain crash like a high-specs game on a dusty old computer. The only thing he could do in his frozen state was to mentally recite your strange greeting to him, that the two of matched. How did the two of you match?

You seemed to sense his question and pointed down at your feet.

“My shoes are red today too!”

He scratched at the back of his head, already feeling a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “A-Ah, is that so? T-Then I guess we do match today, Y/N-kun.”

“Yeah, it’s great!”

You then went to say that you haven’t eaten and that you wanted to grab a bite before class started, increasing your pace and rushing off to school ahead of him, waving before you left. As you ran by him, your arm brushed against his shoulder. It was the briefest of touches, unintentional and meaningless, but Midoriya could feel your body heat even through his clothes and the feeling lingered.

He whipped out his phone and did a quick search on the internet. He might be misunderstanding his feelings and the way he was always painfully aware of your presence, especially in relation to him.

The internet concluded for him that he definitely had a crush on you. Midoriya let it sink in as he walked, his face growing pink at the thought of you. You and him together, maybe?


I know you didn’t ask for Kirishima, but I couldn’t help writing a lil something for him because I love him so much heheh.

Kirishima Eijirou

There was something about you that made Kirishima feel more than a tad out of breath, like he had been running but he had suddenly stopped in the middle of the track to suck in some precious air.

You turned and noticed that it was him who had been staring at the back of your head all this time, and Kirishima wanted to duck his own head into his arms and cover his face that he knew was getting redder by the second under your gaze. But you smiled at him and he found that he couldn’t look away, his facial expression mirroring yours instantly, wide and bright.

“Hey, Kirishima!”

Kirishima responded to the sound of his name carried by your voice immediately, turning around and finding himself almost chest to chest with you. When he inhaled, a scent of sun and wind wafted into his nostrils.

It was the smell of you.

He could feel his cheeks matching the shade of his hair at the realisation that sniffing your friends and liking the way they smelled wasn’t a usual occurrence. He walked half a step behind you all the way to the cafeteria, keeping close enough that you wouldn’t wonder if something’s off with him but staying far enough that he wouldn’t breathe your scent in and let his mind supply that it was your scent, your scent, your scent.

You smelled like the sun and wind, and Kirishima had a crush on you.