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awh look at him cri because he didn’t get a kiss, poor thing. Maybe he’ll get another chance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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I live!!
SO Ravenpaw’s Farewell was sad af and I actually might’ve teared up a bit.They’re just so sweet to each other

I might do more comics from the novella! It’s rather short so… maybe I could eventually get through the whole book hmmm… On my own pace tho :^P So that might take years lol


That new cartoon therapy was great, picani is amazing. 

He’s basically a logicality fusion and honestly? Hc accepted.

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omgdanylovestuff  asked:

Could I request some college bakudekus? Either studying together or on a sports team :3

i got super excited about this ask and then i forgot to draw them actually studying together lmaO - i think bakugou is studying chem and deku is studying mathematical sciences or paramedics. 

i love the idea of them being part of a sports club in college - what sport do you all think they would play?

i think deku had a group assignment but ended up doing all the work and pulled an all nighter rip

And They Were Roommates | 01

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pairing | Jungkook/reader
word count | 6.8k
genre | college/university, coming of age, smut, angst
summary | You never considered that a small fling with your old high school classmate, Jungkook, would come back to bite you in the ass. That is until you decide to take up your fwb’s offer to move in with him and his roommates.
warnings | light smut in this chapter, drinking, language

A/N: The members ages are all messed up for the sake of this story. Namjoon, Tae, and Jimin will all be the same age as the MC, and Jungkook will only be a year younger than them. Also, flashbacks are marked with ****

*               *                *               *                *                 *                *                 *    

You weren’t sure if you were thankful or not for the decisions you made in your life that led it to this moment, but presently you were pretty content with the feeling of Jungkook’s lips on yours, the weight of his torso comfortably surrounding you as you laid on your back.

You never in a million years would have pictured yourself making out with one Jeon Jungkook on the rooftop of a house while the bass of a party in full swing vibrated the tiles under you.

Well, never in your life did you imagine you’d be in this position with anyone, but especially Jeon Jungkook. The same Jungkook that you hadn’t even dared to talk to in high school. The one who managed to not only be vastly triumphant in the realm of high school popularity, but has also seemingly managed to maintain that image past graduation, if the flock of girls you saw surrounding him an hour prior was anything to go by.

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Y’all. Y’ALL. We need to TALK about this.

Bitty starting college at 18 and being in the class of 2017 (meaning he’ll graduate when he’s 22) means HE WAS 15 AT THE TIME OF SOUTHERN JUNIOR REGIONALS 2010. Which means it was either spring of his freshman year or fall of his sophomore year of high school.

The closet incident was in 7th grade. Which means Bitty kept skating- FOR YEARS- after it happened. It wasn’t what made him give up figure skating like we’ve all been head-canoning for so long. He was locked in the closet and he kept skating anyway. Yeah Bitty!!

(Also, can someone verify for me that the move IS the reason he quit? I know everyone agrees on that but I thought we agreed on the move and quitting happening soonish after the closet incident and WOW.)

And also- Bitty went from figure skating championships at age 15 to being CAPTAIN of the hockey team his junior and senior years. He would have been about 16.5 when the season started his junior year. What. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. Yes, he seems to imply that being captain might not have been a big deal because it was a “small town” team but we know his tape was incredible enough to get a full athletic scholarship to a Division I school (we know it’s Division I because they play Yale).

If he didn’t start playing hockey until after he quit figure skating (which seems super likely but please confirm if you can) even if he quit right after the Southern Junior Regionals championship then that means he reached Division I levels in 3 years. Here we were all thinking he started playing in 8th grade after the closet incident but… appparently not??? Turns out he’s an even more incredible skater/learner/athlete than we all realized (ya hear that, Coach??). @ngoziu , what are you even doing to us? Does Bitty have super powers?? Is he actually a secret future member of the superhero comic you’ve been sketching out recently? Was Superhero Bitty your plan all along???

My mind, it is blown. And this fic I was working on needs to be, like, completely re-written because I’m determined to make it as canon-compliant as possible.

Please let me know if there’s more to this that I’m missing!! And cite your sources, please! I feel like Tango now. I have…. so many questions.