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Name: Alexandra (but i hate people calling me this so please don’t call me this)


Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Orientation: bisexual….if you couldn’t tell from the icon

Ethnicity: Latino

Favorite Fruit: bananas

Favorite Season: summer and fall

Favorite Book Series: Percy jackson

Favorite fictional characters: Murdoc Niccals, Bill Cipher , Stuart pot, and Wonder woman

Favorite Flowers: Roses

Favorite Scents: Hibiscus

Favorite colors: Blue, Red, and Black

Favorite Animals: Dogs, Sharks, Cats, Polar Bears, Elephants, and Birds

Favorite Artist/Bands: Gorrilaz, Arctic Monkeys, Caravane Palace, Panic! at the Disco,Porter Robinson, and The Last Shadow Puppets

Favorite Drink: Cocacola, and Coffee (I am addicted to caffeine)

Average Sleep: lI either function on 4 hours of sleep or 8 

Number of blankets I sleep with: Two unless its cold then Four

Dream Trip: I want to go to Egypt and see the pyramids

Last thing you googled: “What is a onahole”

How many blogs I follow: 674

Number of Followers: 590

What I usually post about:My micro obsessions, so currently gorrilaz and a bit of gravity falls here and there

What is your aesthetic: Lazyness/ nerdy

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Dear John,

I haven’t done this in a while.

I just exchanged messages with you before you blocked me on yet another platform. I wish we could just talk and I had some way to show you my point of view.

I understand that you have doubts about me. I wish you didn’t, but I understand why you do, given that whole thing with Donnie, Bear, you, Thomas, and I. I should have said more to defend you, and I should have said it sooner. I shouldn’t have given up.

You’ve shared very private things with me that I’ve always kept safe. Please understand that from my point of view, I’ve never intentionally done something to betray you, so it hurts that you don’t trust me. 

What hurts the most is knowing that if you know the truth, you know that I tried to defend you, and you still don’t trust me. And if you don’t know the truth, then I have to live with your distrust knowing that there’s nothing I can do to change your mind.

You’re the only person I want to talk to anymore. Please don’t go.

Mingyu returning from the jungle
  • Mingyu: *shows up at the door* hey guise
  • SVT: *glances nonchalantly* oh you're back? Already? We barely missed you
  • Mingyu: ...
  • SVT: ...
  • Mingyu: umm okay. Well, anyway, I'm out of shampoo so I'm gonna head out to the st-
  • Jihoon: *clings onto Mingyu's legs*
  • Minghao: *climbs onto Mingyu's back*
  • Wonwoo: *koala bear hugs Mingyu*
  • S.coup: *opens wallet* if you can promise me that i will fUCKING PAY YOU

update on me trying to learn french by listening to stromae: i know how to say ‘paulo loves mussels and french fries without the fries and mayo’ in french. i am practically fluent.

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*is stunned and gazing frozen at the bloody skeleton with tears in her eyes* my god Sans what happened to you...?

Warning: slight gore

Sans shrugs, approaching down the road with his smile unmoved by your tears, his steps even and steady. His gaze takes in your shattered leg, torn to shreds by the rusty bear trap composed of nails, razor blades, and sharpened wire, something pleased and hungry in his bearing.

“i am what this world has made me. it required a predator, so that is what i am. it’s what keeps my family alive and fed. if i had stayed as i was, they would die. that, i won’t allow.”

He stopped in front of you, a spark of magic alighting in his hand. Fractured bone grew from nothingness in his palm, a sharpened blade sliding into existence. His grin finally moved, widening into madness.

“you all always wanted me to be more outgoing, didn’t you? here i am.”

He traced the blade up your blood splattered neck, pale from blood loss and cold.

“you’re looking pretty cold there, pal. lemme help ya up. got a nice place for you to hang out… rest your legs.”

The axe swung back, shining in the tainted light; it aimed for your leg, just above the knee.

“don’t worry. it’ll only hurt like hell.”

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66+67 with young charles xavierrr i love him

66. “I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you. And I’ll love you until my last.”

67. “Please don’t go! Don’t leave me here!”

I didn’t know how it had happened. It was all so fast… Erik and Moira, then Charles… I rushed to his side. People were saying things, but I didn’t hear any of it. I think Charles told Raven to do whatever she wanted…

Suddenly, the ringing in my head was interrupted. Someone was calling my name. Erik. He wanted me to come with him…

“Please…” Charles groaned painfully. “Please don’t go! D– Ah! Don’t leave me here… I couldn’t bear to lose you, (Y/N).”

Seeing him begging vut me to the heart. He had let Raven go so easily because he knew it was best for her… But here he was begging me to stay. This was the only time I had ever seen Charles Xavier act… selfishly… This could only mean one thing.

“Oh Charles… I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you. And I’ll love you until my last.” As his expression brightened, I smiled softly and continued, “I’ll never leave you.”

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"I’m beyond tired. I’m beyond scared.” (Andromeda)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Starters // accepting

            Andromeda couldn’t imagine the pain that the young girl was going through. Though she knew the feeling of loosing ones family, the situations couldn’t be more different. Coffee colored eyes studied the girl, she was so young to have gone through so much. The elder witch wanted to do whatever she could to make her feel safe. 

             “I know it may be hard to trust us, we’re all strangers to you. But please believe me when I say you are safe here.” Thin hands clasped in front of her. The maternal part of her wanted to comfort Amelia. “There’s a room set up for you if you’d like to rest. Or I could make you some tea?”

Hello!! My name is Mochi!
I’m taking commissions over the summer to work towards getting items I need for upcoming trips, birthdays, etc. My family is in a bit of a financial rut right now, so this would help things out immensely. And prove to my mom that I can make money from my art!
This is my first time really doing commissions this way, so please bear with me!

Since I do not own a paypal, I request all payments be made in the form of Amazon Giftcards because I am only 16 and this is the only form of payment I can receive. 

Additional Characters are +$5!!!

Where to Contact Me!

to contact me for commissions, the following accounts I’m on are :
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If you cannot afford a commission or would simply wish to help me out, please, reblog the post and help me get the word out!! It would mean a lot to me! :’-) Thank you so much!

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Hey my dude! Hope you're having a great week- friday is almost here. This is just a friendly reminder that you write the best emison fluff around and that if you somehow managed to get inspired and throw some drabbles our way we would really appreciate them!!! We don't want to push you or be inconsiderate, we just really want you to know that we only have a week left and you are our favorite writer ever. So if you have time/creativity- we beg you please share it. Have a great day!!!😁

Friday has arrived, my peachy anon!

All I’ve gotta say is that… just because the show ends a week, it doesn’t mean I’m going to disappear. I promise that I’ll be posting other things and I can assure you that I’ll be including some good fluff. You have my word.

I’m trying to wait for the finale before I post again (and I don’t know how long it’ll take me after that to gather my bearings) because I want to have all possible cards in front of me so I can write some accurate drabbles.

Nevertheless, as long as you don’t stop following me solely because the show ends, you’ll be seeing some nice ‘n new things.


there are some technical issues with the blog that i cant immediately fix at the moment (its almost 7am for me and im heading to work and its almost 6am for admin b) so please bear with us!

everything should be back to normal within a few hours when i get home from work; thank you for understanding! ;;;

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Fraudulent seller Manuel Riot on Viagogo - Please be aware!

Hi all, this is a serious post so bear with me, I need to get this info out in public so that it might help prevent someone from being scammed in the future.

Last year I bought tickets to the Depeche Mode concert in Berlin that just happened last night (6/22/17) through a site called Viagogo which is kind of like Stubhub if you live in the US. Individual sellers can list their tickets for sale and the site acts as an intermediary between them and the buyer.

The seller shipped me a UPS envelope to the hotel I was staying at the month of the event (quite early actually), and I thought all was good until I opened it to find just a letter to “confirm” I received tickets but no tickets included whatsoever. There was a phone number to contact in the letter, and I also received a message from the hotel to say that “Manuel Riot” had called to ask for me. The number is +49 015219246794 (Germany).

Huge red flags going up for me at that moment. When I called that number to find out what was going on, “Manuel” told me that 1) he wasn’t the seller, 2) the seller “accidentally” forgot to include the tickets in the envelope for some reason (more red flags!), and 3) he could meet me at the concert venue to hand them over (red flags for daaaays). I declined to meet there for obvious reasons but told him he could deliver them to me at my hotel the morning of the event. He agreed readily and reassured me that I would receive them. He also falsely claimed to be an employee of Viagogo (which they later denied).

Lo and behold, on the agreed upon date and time he’s nowhere to be found and is not answering my calls. Luckily I was hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, so I’d called Viagogo at their US customer support number 1866-961-3071 to alert them of the suspicious circumstances after I called this guy initially. I called Viagogo again after he ghosted and they were able to get me replacement tickets, thankfully.

Long story short, if you buy from a ticket reseller site, please be aware of this Manuel Riot person and any similar suspicious circumstances. If you receive anything other than the tickets you ordered, don’t even bother entertaining these scumbags and just contact the site immediately for a refund or replacements.

I don’t know what these people accomplished other than waste both of our time and stress me out. There are easier and quicker ways to scam me without putting on the whole dog and pony show, you know? And they won’t get my money either since Viagogo is well aware of the fraud. So well done, dumbass.

Thanks all.

okay i know i promised i will be active since my exam month passed but hell MY LAPTOP JUST FUCKING DIED ON ME. like really dead, i can’t even do anything even charging and changing the batteries don’t help and my family is in a bad situation so i can’t bug them to get it repaired so :(((((( i have to wait until I had my laptop repaired to start making gifs again, i’m sorry for the inactiveness please bear with me :((((


A little update. I’ve been stumped with work and feeling very badly. I’ve been unable to form a full consistent thought for the last couple of days. Damn, for the last few days I was barely present on Line for chatter. Therefore, not wanting to write bullshit replies I’ve been a little mia. Today will be the same. If I’m lucky and regenerate fast I will hopefully be able to write again on Saturday but this is just a heads up that until things settle down a bit in my life, my activity might be spotty. But I really want to write with y’all so please just bear with me.  You’re welcome to add me on Line (ignis.exe) and/or discord (impromptu#8969) for chatter/some ic/plotting though as I said, even there I am very slow and randomly disappear.

hello hello hello!! i’m syd and… i’m posting this so late so bear with me please. anyways!! i’m nineteen, from the cst timezone and i’m also not a very interesting person, but there’s a little bit more about my baby, kit, under the cut!!

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Remind me how cute I am please

Ohmygoodness Joshua wow, I would love to remind you publicly how cute you are friend!
You’re so precious and soft and basically a teddy bear and like, the least threatening person I’ve ever met. And sometimes you stick your tongue out when you concentrate and I’m like “awwww what a lil squish”
You’re just a soft, cute, squish lil buddy who’s harmless and can’t do shit😊