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Awesome collaboration with @thepromiseofanend! Such a beautiful written story, as I already told her maybe you two can continue a little longer? Please? I wanted to say I also loved your little fluffy Leto-family piece! It's almost a shame that I'm such a devoted Jared-girl. But I will have a peek from time to time to look out for fluffy bear or fluffy brotherly stuff. Great writing. xo whoistheprettiest

Thank you so much!! I had so much fun writing about Jared, it actually made me have a few Jared moments LOL

We are going to continue this story, we were just talking about it! Hopefully it will be up very, very soon! @thepromiseofanend is an amazing writer, she inspires me a lot to keep going and it’s an honor to work with her.

About that Leto-family one shot, it was the quickest I ever wrote. It came out so easily. It’s also one the favorites that came out of my head, and it has absolutely no romance! I’m so happy you liked it as well!!!

Thank you so much for your support! xx

Sorry to disappoint you guys! But with the start of the new school semester and a lot of family drama going on, I was unable to stock up more pages. However, I’m pleased to note that I at least managed to finish the last chapter before this had to occur, which means this is the perfect time for a breaksy anyway!

So sit back, bear with me! And We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled comic next week!

Thank you for all your support!

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Okay omg thank firstly FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN SENDING ME KIND MESSAGES ABOUT MY ART THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I didn’t think they would receive so much attention and am super flattered *___* ♥

I will be looking into setting up an online shop for my prints and buttons now (and hopefully other things) so I’ll be posting a link shortly…! :’) (And by shortly I may mean a few days lmao please bear with me;;; )

For now if you have any other inquiries please shoot them over through Tumblr messaging, my askbox or to! If you ask anonymously/don’t have a Tumblr account, I can’t respond to you privately so it might be easier to email me instead. Thanks again!!

My very first day of university is tomorrow (super excited!!!) so I decided to make “What’s in my school bag”-post. Please note that it is only the first day of university so I’m not carrying much. But as the school year progresses I’ll carry my laptop, binder and school books with me as well. 

I am terribly sorry if I’ve made some grammar mistakes, please bear with me, english is not my first language and my english skills have rusted a little during the summer.

so without babbling any longer, here are the things I carry around in my backbag:

  • my 2016-2017 calendar: pretty self explanatory, i’m too lazy and un-artistic to make a bullet journal, so I prefer the calendar. I also have everything written down to my phone’s calendar app in case I don’t have my calendar with me or I lose it.
  • notebook: self explanatory
  • sticky notes: You never know when you need sticky notes. I mainly use them to write something quickly down (or to leave passive-aggressive notes)
  • USB stick: a lot of school work in my university happens on computers so I always have a USB stick with me just in case I need it.
  • pens (black and blue): self explanatory
  • earphones & iPod: also self explanatory
  • backup battery: my phone tends to run out of battery really fast
  • mechanical pencil: this also is pretty self explanatory
  • eraser: self explanatory

the things not in this picture:

  • pads: self explanatory
  • my phone: I am very addicted to my phone and I live too far away from the university to leave it home.
  • keys: this, too, is self explanatory
  • my wallet and bus pass: Always have to have some cash with me. I keep my student ID-card and my library card in my wallet as well. I have been thinking of getting a cards holder but haven’t found any no matter where I search.

so that is all, hope you have a good day! :)

Okay so my friends invited me to hang out with them and that’s what happened in my mind

Depression: Say no. It’s waste of time and effort. How about we stay home and watch some tv?
Social Anxiety: They- that’s too much persons! Please say no. I can’t bear it. How are we going to make it? There are even two strangers please can we stay home?
General Anxiety: Are you kidding? If we don’t go we’re going to lose them! They’re going to think we’re strange and we will be left behind!

Me: Okay count me in 

lizardstudies’ Introduction Post!

Hello studyblrs of the world! I’m a new studyblr so I thought it’d be a good idea to introduce myself with a few facts.

  • My name is Lizzie
  • I go by she/her
  • I live in the UK
  • Studying IGCSEs and an AS Level over the next year
  • I am probably writing right now (or procrastinating)
  • I love Hamilton and Waitress (and loads more musicals besides)
  • Ravenclaw for life

I’ve been following the studyblr community for a while and some of the people who’ve inspired me to become active in it are: @areistotle, @academla, @studybuzz, @study-ings, @universi-tea and @hermionegoals (also s/o to @mellowstudy because we have the same name!).

I’ve made this account so I can get on top of my studying habits and get good grades over the years to come! Please like or reblog this if you’re a studyblr, I need more people to follow! (Bear in mind that this is a side blog so follows will come from my main @hamiltonsitdown)

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during intimacy with my partner I let him do whatever he wants to me, and 99% of the time I don't actually want to have sex but do so just to please him. I also let him get quite rough because I suppose I use sex as self harm. am I being manipulative by *technically* giving in and consenting to sexual acts even though I don't want them but I know it'll hurt me and keep him with me? I have BPD and I can't bear the thought of him leaving me but also I'm not really what he wants...

Are you voicing these concerns? Does your partner know that you don’t really want sex? If so, and he’s taking you anyway, the burden lies on him, not you.
But if you’re enthusiastically consenting, before during and after, I honestly don’t know how else he would know to stop.
But if he’s completely unaware that you’re upset by what’s going on, the only person you’re manipulating is yourself. He thinks he’s doing everything right.
However for you to say you’re not really what he wants is wrong, because clearly he wants you, or he wouldn’t be with you/having sex with you.

But if your partner knows you have these tendencies, and tries to fuck you anyways, then it’s a different story.

– Savannah

Good news, everyone!

Since I would very much like to purchase a video capture card to stream Project Diva X with audio (as well as other games), I have decided to open commissions! For only $5, you can have a colored sketch of your favorite anime or JRPG character! These sketches are great if you would like a unique icon for Tumblr or any other social site, and, um…(What else am I supposed to say?) This is my first time doing commissions, to be honest, so please bear with me for this process. 

Each sketch above has been applied with a filter to try to create the mood I was attempting to convey, however I do also have a scanner if you would prefer to just have a clean sketch. You can choose your character, the color (or colors), and the facial expression. The paper I draw on is 5.5 in x 8.5 inch, and all my sketches are free hand so you will not have any messy pencil marks to worry about! I will also not be posting sketches ordered to my blog, so they will fully be yours to use at your discretion.

Since this is my first time doing commissions I will be drawing <b> humanized characters only, one character per sheet. </b> If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make an order, please send me a message! Thank you very much for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. I hope you all like the Microsoft Paint skills I utilized for this cover sheet. (jk I suck bye)

ooc. as these seem to circulate faster and i currently don’t have a better promo, please give this post alike / reblog if you would be willing to interact with a new fandomless oc who is a murderous norse demon — that has been trapped inside a bear for centuries before eventually breaking free & finding a human body to possess. blog is extremely trigger heavy, so please be careful when following / especially sensitive or underage people. if you could help me spread this, i’d be very grateful !! 

Idk if anyone who follows me plays Fire Emblem and I don’t want to shit on anyones favourite character but let me just say that Arthur is probably my least favourite Conquest character like omg can you actually hit things and stop acting like Captain America and yelling lame ass super hero-ish quotes like just stop. 

Hi I’m frustrated lol. 

I started playing Conquest on classic hard mode and I want to do it perfectly without losing any characters so please bear with me. :’D

Summer lovin (well actually I’ve just started my teacher training course, so summer is over for me!) but I love this phone case I got from eBay, and the Sunnies are Quay from TKMaxx so a real bargain at £15! And of course totally smitten with my quad palette from ABH 😍will be sharing the shades in an upcoming blogpost (some are MUG). Please bear with me as I get used to these long hours, I don’t want to abandon my blog but I do need to focus more on this right now, Thankyou for being such a lovely bunch - have a great Wednesday ☺️

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A Scottish Espresso

When your everyday life consists of commute-work-commute-sleep-repeat, holiday time is scarce and precious. What better incentive to make the most out of it? Earlier in July, I decided to set up for a quick adventure in the Scottish highlands with a keen photographer friend of mine. I had seen wonderful pictures of this country, and wanted to experience it for myself.

Public disclaimer: I am a French guy living in London, so please bear with me while I tell you a story in a language that is not my first.

With every good trip comes good preparation. I spent a tremendous amount of time browsing several resources in the quest of good photography spots:

  • Flickr map
  • Walking Highlands
  • 500px
  • Youtube
  • Trip Advisor

In a matter of days I had a perfectly coordinated 8 days trip around the country ready to start. To keep things authentic, and to make this journey as photography friendly as possible, my friend and I decided to rely on wild camping throughout the trip. Scotland’s freedom to roam makes it the ideal destination for campers.

With the gear ready (see list at the bottom of the article), we set off for an early start to Heathrow airport, en route to Inverness.

Ben Nevis

After landing in Inverness and sorting the car rental, a 2-hour drive along Loch Ness and other landmarks lead us to Fort William and Glen Nevis Visitor centre. This is where the Ben Nevis Mountain trail starts. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK, reaching 1,346 meters. (For those of you living in the Rockies, Nepal, or the French Alps, it might sound underwhelming). After sorting out our gear, we set up for the climb late afternoon. After a long and demanding 3 –hour climb in light drizzle later, we were on top of the mountain. To our surprise, snow was still around and the mountaintop was nothing but pointy rocks. Not the ideal tent location. After pitching and re-pitching our shelter in freezing cold conditions, we were ready to spend what was to me the worst night of camping I have ever experienced.

External image

Comfort standards
Canon 5DSr, Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8, f/8, ISO 100, 1/160

The next morning however, the weather had finally improved and we were blessed with a good 40 minutes of sunrise light.

External image

South-South-West view
Canon 5DSr, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, f8, ISO 100, 1/50, 70mm

External image

South View
Canon 5DSr, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, f18, ISO 100, 1/15, 70mm

After this brief window, the clouds covered the mountain again, as we started our 2-hour descent back to the car.
Overall we were drenched, cold and tired. Lesson learnt: next time set off early, bring plenty of plastic bags to keep our clothes dry, and layer up!

Loch Tulla

After drying up our stuff in the car for ages, we decided to explore further south. A short drive took us to Loch Tulla, a wonderful place right by the main road (A82). We took a needed sunny break on one of its beaches. With plenty of fluffy cumulus blazing across the sky, it was the perfect long exposure opportunity.

External image

Clouds over Loch Tulla
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f5.6, ISO 100, 4min 22sec, 30mm

I highly recommend this spot to anyone looking for a good view without having to leave the comfort of a car.

Dornie Castle

The original plan was to spend two days on the mainland and then travel to Skye for the rest of the trip. On the way to Dornie, the last agglomeration before the bridge to Skye, pictures opportunities rise at every corner of the road. If your GPS suggests a slightly longer scenic journey, by all means, do follow it.

External image

An isolated house in front of a mountain
Canon 5DSr, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, f8, ISO 100, 1/125, 80mm

After a rather long drive, we reached our destination for the night. Dornie Castle is a wonderful sight, as it offers everything a classic Scottish image would look like: a dramatic castle overlooking a loch, and mountains in the distance.

External image

Dornie Castle
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f8, ISO 100, 1/13, 35mm

We set up camp further East, by the Murchison Memorial. This time it was not the cold, or the rocks, or even the rain. It was the local unwanted visitors: midges. I knew they were a problem, and I took every precaution when packing my stuff to bring sufficient protective gear, but I would never have guessed it would be that bad. If you are reading this article and planning to visit Scotland in summer, and you think your usual mosquito face net would cope, well the answer is: it will not. These things are tiny enough to get through even the minutest mesh. If there is one thing to buy before your trip, it is a proper midge-proof face net. The rest is optional…

Blà Bheinn

Not discouraged after our Ben Nevis climb, we hit the road early in the morning. After crossing the bridge and refuelling in Broadford, we continued our journey to our next Munro climb: Blà Bheinn, a 928 meters mountain standing proud on the Isle of Skye. While Ben Nevis was packed with climbers the morning of our descent, we had the mountain almost to ourselves. We started our climb reasonably early in wonderful sunny conditions. The ascent felt way more strenuous this time, probably due to the higher grade of the slope and the uneven rocky terrain. After a good 3 hours of climbing and scrambling, we made it to the top, where a magnificent view unfolded before our eyes. I am afraid my pictures will not give proper credit to the beauty of our surroundings.

External image

Blà Bheinn in the distance
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f8, ISO 100, 1/80, 20mm

External image

Succession of peaks
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f8, ISO 100, 1/125, 32mm

After a terribly windy and sleepless night, we started our descent and reached our car just as it started to rain. Drained by the lack of sleep and intense efforts, we agreed to take it easy for at least a day.


Eglol is a small town on the south tip of the Isle of Skye. After seeing it in several travel guides, I was expecting quite a sight. In reality, there is not a lot to it, unless you embark on one of the several marine wildlife boat tours that start from there. As it was not on our list, we went for a walk on the pebble beach. To our surprise, we realised we were not the only ones walking around. Cows were freely roaming, making for some interesting image juxtaposition.

External image

A cow on a beach
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f7.1, ISO 100, 1/100, 35mm


Sligachan is a small agglomeration lost on the crossroad of two main travel routes (A87 and A863). It is home to a lovely bridge, a hotel, a pub and a local brewery. Despite the small size, it is rammed with tour coaches and tourists (after all, I am a tourist as well).

External image

One long exposure and you are suddenly on your own
Canon 5DSr, exposure blending (one long for the bridge and river, one short for the sky)

After a few days of canned fish and white bread, the idea of a good meal was too tempting. We caved in and were treated with delicious and reasonably priced (for the quantity) food at the Sligachan hotel pub. This, along with the Scottish whisky tasting menu, made our midge-infested riverside campground almost pleasurable.

External image

A lone hill in Sligachan
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f8, ISO 100, 1/20, 35mm

Fairy Pools

Following the A863 south, we reached one of the most popular locations on Skye: the Fairy Pools. It is a succession of waterfalls with incredible features behind every bend. Luckily (or not) the weather was dreadful, leaving the place a little less crowded. With the help of my trusty rain cover, I was able to carry on shooting with peace of mind.

External image

Long exposure whirlpool
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f16, ISO 50, 1 sec, 35mm

External image

The iconic waterfall
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f16, ISO 50, 0.3 sec, 24mm

The Old Man of Storr

Our last big walk on our list would take us to probably the most popular location on Skye. The Old Man of Storr, a large pinnacle of rock standing apart from the main plateau. While the scenery is breath-taking, one thing for sure, you are not alone. The long and winding path makes the crowd even more noticeable.

External image

A great view point over the Old Man
Canon 5DSr, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L merged exposures

Between the teenage girls blasting music with their phones, the drunk and noisy lads, the guys shouting out loud to test the echo, you certainly cannot forget you are in a popular place.
Good news is, not everyone is willing to spend the night in a tent (and carry it around all day in the first place), which meant that we had the place for ourselves a few hours before sunset and a few hours after sunrise. A few peaceful and quiet moments are worth every hurdle.

External image

Tent with a view
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f13, ISO 100, 1/60, 24mm

External image

Breaking Clouds
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f8, ISO 100, 1/60, 35mm

We climbed down in torrential rain (once again), hopped in a car and drove to our last location on Skye.

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls

A few minutes from the Old Man, the Mealt Falls car park offers a great view over the waterfall and the Kilt Rock in the distance. As for any easy access viewpoint, you kind of have to queue to get a good spot.

External image

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls
Canon 5DSr, Canon 16-35mm f4L, f14, ISO 50, 0.4 sec, 35mm

But once your turn is up, you are rewarded with a lovely view over the open waters and the coast features

The Way Back

The drive back to Inverness did not bring its share of image opportunity. The bad weather certainly did not help at all. However, just before leaving Skye, I came across this fisherman boat, beached on the side, and decided to make something of it.

External image

Canon 5DSr, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, f16, ISO 100, 1/13, 110mm

External image

Land of cows
Canon 5DSr, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L, f3.5, ISO 100, 1/400, 70mm

We pitched our tent for the last time on a vacant lot, minutes away from the airport. To our defence, it was not by choice but by lack of options. The closer you get to the city, the more barriers and fences appear, making camping quite challenging.

We flew back to London with tons of images to cull and process, but with a strong desire to come back in winter, in the hope for some midge free, dry and sunny Scottish experience. I would say that my only regret was not to witness a single sunset or sunrise in 8 days. The weather did play to our disadvantage, but that is something you have to live with.

Gear list:

Who I am
My name is Felix Belloin, I am a 24 year old French amateur photographer living in London. I spend most of my days behind a screen in an office, so I try to make the most out of the any trip I plan. I did not learn photography as such; I just dedicated a lot of time to online resources like blogs, articles and Youtube tutorials. The rest comes with practice and exposure to helpful feedback from other photographers. I am really keen to share my experience with others, as I think there is no better resource when planning a trip, than the feedback from others before you. I hope you find this article entertaining and enticing enough to make you want to board a plane to Scotland. Thank you for taking the time to read it anyway, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Felix Belloin

This guest post was contributed by Felix Belloin. To see more of his work, please check out his 500px and his Facebook pages.

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So, I’m just getting into Attack on Titan, so bear with me, please. I wanted an intimate setting in the physical sense, but I wanted to capture an emotionally intimate and intense setting as well. It’s a bit more… well, steamy than some of my writing. I hope it’s good and I hope that you enjoy it. This is with Levi and I wrote it with an OC because, well, it was easier for me to think of specifics.


The name spilled from breathless lips. The air was heavy, the room was dim, and eyes were glazed.

The man groaned and continued passionately worshiping the woman’s neck.


This was said more urgently, more forcefully.

He ignored her, instead opting to push her up against the wall.

They were both kneeling on the bed. Levi had finagled himself between her legs so she was almost sitting on him rather than kneeling. He had her hands pinned and locked in his and her long hair down, but hadn’t undressed her at all yet.

“Levi,” she called out a third time, this time putting some strength into wiggling out of his iron grip.

Levi sighed in annoyance and pulled back–still not relinquishing her wrists. “What, Ara?”

She swallowed, still breathless. “I just wanted to… warn you.”

Levi cocked an eyebrow.

Ara sighed.

This was their first time being intimate. Their marriage had been politically motivated. Ara hadn’t been told the reason for the demand that she marry the Captain. Her father had informed her of the mysterious order and she had immediately rejected the idea of being married off for material and political gain. The following threat the third party order made on her family’s safety and livelihood had convinced her that marrying a complete stranger might not be so terrible.

On the surface, her family was a respectable, mid-class merchant family. Below the surface, they had ties to virtually half of the underground market in the confines of Wall Rose; central figures in the black market and criminal underground. Of course, this pissed some people off and made no small number of enemies. Members of the family paid the price.

Ara would do anything to protect her family and keep the younger siblings from paying the price of their circumstance. That meant marrying a man she had never met, but only heard stories of if it would keep the more important families in a mood to protect hers.

She still hadn’t figured out what had motivated Levi to accept the arrangement.

They had hated each other at first.

Ara was soft. She was a soft, gentle individual who had grown up in a world that forced her to be brutal. But through all of that she had maintained a soft demeanor. She could be a frigid bastard if the time and situation called for it, but outside of those times she was a caring, protective individual.

Levi wasn’t. He was hard on the outside with a very, very thick shell of crude humor, insults, and callousness. It wasn’t until months after they were married that Ara realized the depth of his character and how much he truly cared about the people around him.

Neither of them had taken the time to understand the other.

The two had slowly grown to respect each other. In order to make herself useful, Ara had taken upon herself large portions of the cooking and cleaning and had begun helping out with stitching the members of the Survey Corps back together when they came home injured. Ara had begun to understand how strong and capable Levi was and she saw how he took care of his people–even though his methods could be somewhat… unorthodox. But they just couldn’t allow themselves to admit they held anything beyond grudging respect.

Heaven forbid they actually come to like each other!

This went on, the tension between them–sexual and emotional–growing until those around them couldn’t stand it. It was killing everyone within a fifty meter radius of the two. It got to the point that certain people (Hange) had taken it upon themselves to put Ara and Levi in situations designed to push them past the breaking point.

They had made it a year without so much as a kiss when Hange finally succeeded. She had made some lowly cadet distract Levi long enough that Hange could set in motion a complicated string of events that had Ara tripping into Levi’s arms and smacking lips like something out of a romance novel.

Stunned, it had taken a moment for either of them to move. They both played it cool. Levi had acted as if the kiss were absolutely disgusting. Ara had laughed and said it wasn’t a good kiss when interrogated by Hange.

It was amazing. Addicting, even.

They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other after that. The two had almost been discovered more times than they could count and they were pretty certain Erwin had gotten a more intimate look at the Captain’s passionate forays than he ever wanted to.

Finally, this evening when HQ was largely empty, Levi had instigated and Ara could sense the change in mood. He had no intentions of stopping.

Now, here she was, pinned to the wall by the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on; a man she respected and admired more than anyone.

“Levi, I’ve told you about my family and their… activities.”

Levi rolled his eyes. “I knew about your crap family from the time I knew your name. The Brendhent’s aren’t exactly quiet about their business.”

Ara gave him a look. “Anyway, I- well,” she sighed in frustration. “As one of the older children, I participated in a lot of those things. They were dangerous.” Her voice quieted, almost at a whisper. “I have a lot of scars.”

There was a moment before Ara heard Levi respond with a derisive, “Tch. So do I,” before returning to his previous activities. Only now, before Ara could do anything about it, he whipped open her shirt and lowered it from her shoulders.

Ara cried out as the cold air hit her skin and squirmed as Levi’s hands returned to hold her hands against the wall. He eyed her bare torso, both lustful and analytic.

Levi chuckled lowly. “No bra? Is that for me?” He leaned forward. “Don’t tell me you were expecting this.”

Ara went red in the face. “Don’t flatter yourself, a-hole. I showered and dropped my bra in the tub.”

“How clumsy,” Levi breathed from near her chest.

Ara’s breath caught in her throat. She found herself struggling for air and her chest heaved with the effort of providing oxygen to her hazy brain.

Levi leaned forward, closer, closer… then he drew away.

Ara let out a strangled growl. “Bastard!” she ground out.

Levi smirked, but it dropped as he took in his wife’s body.

She was small of frame (in terms of height, she was just about two centimeters taller than Levi), but she was very fit and full of wiry muscle. She had a smooth, flat stomach and her breasts were beautiful. They were small, but taught with a subtle, enticing curve.

And she did have scars.

Tens, hundreds.

Hundreds of small ones, numerous medium sized scars, and one…

One that spread across her entire shoulder in mottled patches of pearly splotches.

“Acid,” Ara murmured, noticing where his gaze was fixed. “I was kidnapped by the Londus family and tortured for information.”

Levi finally let go of her wrists and Ara kept herself up near the wall, watching Levi’s movements.

His hands came forward to trace the scars.

Ara shuddered, leaning into the touch. As he moved from scar to scar, she would name the instrument of infliction and who inflicted it. The smaller scars were dismissed, but the larger ones were enumerated.

Levi moved his hands down her front and sides. He caressed down to her thighs, sliding down her pants and underwear. This brought his upper half closer and he close the gap, worshiping her mottled skin with his mouth.

Ara cried out. Her words became labored and broken by gasps as Levi found every tender, sensitive piece of skin.

Levi’s hands wandered to Ara’s backside and he forcefully pulled her forward and closer to his body heat. His hands began moving up her back. At this point, the scars were being all but ignored and Levi was sensually attacking Ara’s breasts with his tongue. Words were forgotten in the passionate onslaught. Ara’s freed hands had become entwined in Levi’s hair. She moaned and blurrily murmured his name.

Levis stopped.

He had reached her shoulders.

A frown creased his brow. Levi’s hands explored the strange scars that crisscrossed Ara’s upper back and shoulders. They ran in layers over the skin, long and thin and puckering in stripes that almost felt like…

“A whip.” Ara swallowed harshly, speaking past a lump in her throat. She looked away. “My… father.”

Levi was silent. Instead of speaking, he traced the scars. Every single one. He ran his hands, so much more gentle that Ara could have ever imagined, over every scar and traced each line, each ripple of scar tissue that reminded her of the past she had escaped when she married Levi.

Levi pressed Ara’s to his body. He pulled her close and crushed her close with a growl of disgust and anger.

“This year has been heaven,” Ara said, emotion riding thick in her voice. “Every fight, every insult, every hour spent cleaning and stitching up bloody injuries. This life is worth something, Levi. I- Levi, I love it here. I love getting angry at you. I love being called a brat by you. I love learning about you. I-I love you.”

Levi snorted, but his embrace tightened. He wasn’t hugging her, he was clinging to her.

They stayed this was until Ara took the initiative and pulled back.

It was her turn.

She undressed Levi slowly and took the time to adore his own scars with equal reverence.

Lord, today I ask You to forgive me for those sins in my past that have grieved You. Reveal Your mercy to me this day in comforting and reassuring ways. When I have to bear the negative consequences of my wrongdoing, please give me the grace to do so with a right attitude. Thank You that as I continue to seek and serve You with all my heart, I will witness Your miracle-working power on my behalf!

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i wansn't sure whether or not to mention this to you but i felt like you would have a proper insight on this issue (?) if this doesn't interest you, you can just ignore it and sorry for waisting your time (1/?)

on march of this year or im not entirely sure when this started, but a news outlet like (dispatch) claimed to have evidence about a gay couple in a trending idol group, and they were planning to release the information to the public

i’m not sure where i was going with this i guess i just wanted to rant about how disgusting this is, whether it’s true or not they shouldn’t just out idols like that???? like wow

english is not my first my language so please bear with me… and yeah although im honestly curious about who the couple is. I just hope that they don’t release like that bc i dont want the couple to suffer hatred, sorry for bothering (4/4)

you are not bothering me at all! trust me you’re completely fine my friend. no worries at all. <3

i agree dispatch threatening to release that information at all is gross. outing idols is and always will be gross. any organization with significant media influence making idols into a Scandal or a person releasing private information that they happen 2 be privy to is doing an incredibly shitty thing. they have the privilege to use idols For Money and not suffer any negative effects, while they are putting idols in very dangerous situations that could jeopardize both their career and their general personal safety. outing idols is beyond a typical Relationship Scandal, considering the context nd bigotry that comes specifically from being openly queer. 

just to be clear, queer idols doing queer things= excellent Double A Plus, truly amazing. releasing private info and outing idols= fuck off

in general, never out someone!! even if you see them being open abt their identity in a different situation, ppl are not necessarily out in every single area of their life!! do not say anything unless u explicitly Know they are out to the people youre talking to. 

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know that starting tomorrow I’ll be changing houses so things will get hectic and although i WILL keep drawing i probably won’t have internet for a while to do the posting. Also i just started my new job literally 5 days ago, and I promised to look out for someone’s house and plants while they are out of town for a month so bear with me please? T^T

still i promise not to go awol, like last time.

i’ll mostly be doing some merthur stuff and preparing for the @makoharuweek2016!

As usually, thanks for your partience and support :) 


Lina <3 

Okay, so this is my first official post. I’m very new to all this so please bear with me. And for a first post it is super long, sorry, but I just couldn’t contain myself.

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY an episode that had me engaged from beginning to end. I have to say, for me, this season up until last night has been a real snooze fest. Lots of things I either don’t care about—Sharon Beck, the murder cases, Buzz‘s cold case—or that tick me off—Sharon Beck, Rusty, lack of Shandy and lack of Sharon. Mainly I’ve been bored because Sharon seemed to be downgraded this season to a bit player. She gets a few lines here and there mostly at work or in regards to Rusty, no storylines, and no greater insight into her character. I feel like Duff is really underutilizing the amazing Mary McDonnell by not giving her a storyline or even scenes that she can sink her teeth into.

Now, although I watch Major Crimes mainly for the characters, Sharon in particular, not the crime of the week, I do understand perfectly well that this is a crime show. In past seasons there were many crimes that I became interested in wanting solved, but lately it just seems like many of the murder victims are such dislikeable characters I really don’t give a hoot who murdered them. In previous seasons we had the young transgender child, the swimmer who was molested by his coach, the brother and sister who were kidnapped, the young children found dead in the suitcase—those were all cases that had me emotionally invested.  This season I have been pretty bored by the cases and since I didn’t really care about the crime and there has been precious little of Sharon and Shandy, I have been thoroughly disengaged. I will say it hasn’t been completely all bad,  I did enjoy Sharon and Andy house hunting, mainly because Sharon seemed so happy and eager about it so we did get to actually see some personality and another side to her.

Last night’s episode redeemed things in many ways. First of all I was really into the case. I desperately wanted the team to take those Nazi pigs DOWN. And I think one of the big reasons I was so engaged is because the characters were also fully engaged. There was so much emotion in this episode disgust, loathing, compassion, empathy, tension, worry, fear. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the characters actually express such a variety of emotions.

So what in particular did I like?

The Shandy family breakfast- It looks like Andy may have moved in—According to Rusty he wanted them all to eat breakfast together rather than each of them eating their own bowls of cereal as they usually did, which indicates that breakfast with Andy is a regular thing.  The only thing that would have made this scene better would have been for Andy and Sharon to be in their bathrobes making the scene a little more intimate.

Emotion!  Yes! Finally! Sharon was running on emotion—albeit very controlled. We got to see her compassion for Mark and her distress over the dilemma she had in making the decision to use the boy for the greater good. We  had tension and serious disgust in the courtroom as well as the stunned horror in the violent Sieg Heil’s—I was holding my breath through that whole scene. Then Darth Raydor came out with Uncle Henry—I seriously think Sharon was muttering Andy’s catch phrase in her head— “dirt bag”. I loved how she remained completely in control during this whole episode, yet you could feel her loathing. Mary is awesome that way. And of course the scene in the command center when Sharon watched with shock and horror as the truck blew up possibly killing or maiming her love or one of her team who have become her family. The emotions that played out on her face, the tears in her eyes. Come on Duff, you have this GREAT actress and you just don’t give her enough to play.

Julio got to run the emotional gamut as well, protective, angry and compassionate.  I love how Julio is putting Mark’s best interest above all else. He’s already becoming a dad.

Buzz-When Rusty came running in to say the convict had arrived and you could hear his chains coming down the hall and suddenly he was there and the whole room went silent,  my heart just went out to Buzz. And you could see that Sharon’s did too. I loved how she went to Buzz to make sure he was okay. She’s such a good Mama/big sister.And then his interrogation—man, I thought he was going to crack, but he didn’t. He was stronger and more authoritative than I have ever seen him. It was awesome. And Sharon was SO proud.

Sharon and Rusty-I liked that Sharon stayed pissed at Rusty for overstepping his bounds. Seriously I would never have Rusty helping me with anything, I simply don’t trust him at all. But then she caved, and that was okay, because Rusty listened and did it Andy’s way. Love her little “shit I’m gonna cave” smirk before she turned back to Rusty to give him permission. She really does have a soft spot in her heart for her boys.
Andy and Rusty-Love that Andy has moved into the “dad” role in the little Shandy family. He was both looking out for Sharon—she really didn’t need Rusty’s crap while she had so much going on—and also helping Rusty in how to go about getting what he wanted in a better, less pushy way. Loved that he had those insights into how to “handle” Sharon—even more so than Rusty who has been an intimate part of her life for a longer period of time. The one thing I really didn’t like in this scene was Rusty’s little quid pro quo quip. He offered a suggestion that helped the police therefore they OWE him the chance to watch the interrogation. Seriously? What a little shit. This is the woman who took you in off the street, clothed you, fed you, sent you to an expensive private school and is now paying for you to attend college. This is the woman who LOVES you unconditionally and you can’t offer up a helpful insight without now thinking you are owed something? God, I keep waiting for him to grow up and mature but it just doesn’t happen.

The Flynn/Provenza interrogation of Uncle Henry-LOL, Andy complaining about  having a woman boss and how much they hate it, knowing that Sharon is watching, and Sharon’s smile of “Yeah sure you do, honey.”

Well, I could ramble on but I’ll stop here. It’s just so nice, after so much disappointment this season, to finally be excited by this show again. 

Chapter seventeen is going to be delayed by another day.  It’s coming along well; if anything, it’s coming along far better than I originally expected.  I’ve been trying to stick to about five thousand words as a target for most chapters, but this one is carrying on a bit longer than that.  As I would rather do it well than hold to an arbitrarily chosen number and I can’t see a good way to split this into two chapters, please bear with me as I carry on with this one to completion.  I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but rest assured that the work continues.  It should be a bit better than I expected for the additional effort.

(So I have been called in to work a couple of hours tomorrow morning… at 5am because they know I’m the fastest mod setter (moving shelves/putting out new product, etc) which means sleep for me. I haven’t gotten to all of my replies and I’m sorry. I’ve been distracted with The Last of Us today. I’ll try to get to them tomorrow after the gym and the fair but no promises. Please bear with me!)