so bear with me on that please

Fuck I remember I used to have another SS art account

@uchihabling was me. I was trying to be clever since UchihaHotline was a thing, and it reminded me of Hotline Bling which I think was new back then don’tjudgemegdi.

Gosh was my art shittastic. I’ve improved spades since then.

And somehow my most popular stuff was still my SasuSaku NSFW stuff.

Somethings never change, haha…

i keep trying to feel a connection to people these days and i seem to come up short
i mean i’ve made new friends (one) and i’ve had plans lately
but i cannot put myself out there and i cannot feel worthy of anything other than solitude and depressive episodes
i can’t even apply for a job in proper time
i can’t do the dishes without feeling guilty
i can’t go a day without thinking about something or somebody that makes me want to

i don’t know. i just keep fucking hurting. and doing nothing. and hurting.
and doing nothing and nothing and nothing.

H:Our+IN2U Secret Santa event !

I’ve Decided to attempt to do a Secret Santa event for the fandom.

I’ve never do anything like this before so I’m not quite sure how to exactly run this so we can figure this out together? 

Basically it’s an event where you message me saying you’re interested and I will pair you up with someone else and you can send them cute anon messages throughout the month or make edits or whatever you want for them, and sign the messages as the H:Our or In2u secret santa, Then Christmas (or another holiday in December or whatever day you choose if you don’t celebrate Christmas) you reveal yourself to them ~

  • You do not need to be in either fandom but you should atleast be a fan of either IN2IT or Boys24
  • NO rude/Racist/Homophobic remarks, do i even need to say that?
  • I will take applications until November 29th, I will message people with the fan you’re paired up too and the event will start on December 1st.

any questions or concerns contact @darlinghongin or my personal account @smalljino.

xpuriity replied to your post “me: watching game of thrones, sees an undead bear anita: i want ten”

( -cries bc always wanted to watch it but unfortunately i do mind the gore and dumb amounts of sex- ;n; )

covers your eyes

keep yourself pure, precious dee. there is so much of both, like geeze. don’t corrupt yourself   ; ^ ; 

“trust him like a brother”

this lyric may seem a bit odd at first but hear me out.

i know from my own experiences with my brother. there are times when you absolutely want to kill each other but no matter what you still love each other and there is absolutely nothing in this world like that sibling love. i think if taylor trusts her lover like a brother then they have those moments where they are at each other’s throats and they can’t help but annoy each other. yet they fall even more deeply in love. i think taylor is saying that she trusts him like she trusts austin. she sees him as family and that seems so beautiful. she was able to become the best of friends with someone and that friendship grew into a love stronger than the influences of the outside world. she trusts him not only as a friend but as family.

Season’s Greetings from your local Pointy Girls

Laith/ Klance Your Lie in April AU

Basically I wanna write a fic based on Shigatsu’s storyline but I suck at writing sooo I might (or not 😅) post some snippets about this someday– 😂

One of the hardest parts about rping Maya is that I have NO clue how she’d respond to certain emotional situations. You only ever see her talk about emotional stuff with Phoenix in times when she’s in a bad place. Which makes it hard for me to decipher how she’d talk about this sort of stuff
A) when she’s not talking to her best friend
B) in a situation where she’s not overwhelmed

I spent my Halloween watching a kickass band in a legit old Hollywood speakeasy, surrounded by old photos of Anton LaVey, memorabilia, and some personal effects.

I saw a fucking Satanic Baptism in the name of Lilith and all women, and we all honored the power of women.

Lots of good energy last night tbh,,,, I’m still kind of floating