so bear with me on that please

I'm really not proud of my country right now.

Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to pass a law making it LEGAL to murder bears and wolves in their homes??? Who actually went up to the lawmakers and was like “hey I got a good idea. Let’s basically take away all endangered species protection and make it completely legal to shoot baby bears and wolves in their dens where they’re safe.” WHO DOES THIS???? The other bs laws also get me riled up but this one especially. You cannot go into a bear’s or wolf’s home and shoot the babies and the mothers in good conscious. If you do then you are heartless and should be in prison for a very long time.

We need to protest this law before it gets passed. This cannot be happening. I’m so upset. Please please protect our animals.

I let you into my light, my mind and my heart. But even when you started throwing knives at it, I still couldn’t bear to ask you to leave. So i turned it all into darkness, I put on a mask. I took everything you loved about me and crushed it, I emulated everything I knew you hated, till you had no choice but to go. Please believe me I never meant for this, it killed me too watching you fall out of love with “me.”

I placed on you a reaction I wish I had to the others in my past who hurt me. Anchored in a twisted logic that if they never knew me, the daggers couldn’t possibly strike me.

I was wrong.

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Sorry it took a couple days but sent in my application.

Ah, no worries! I’m way backlogged so it may take me some time to get to it. Thank you for your application, though. Please bear with me and channel as much patience as possible 😅 I will get to it when I can 🙏

Hey :) sorry that I haven’t been active or posting much recently… I really wanna be making something funny or witty or clever for you but i just cant at the moment. I feel pretty crappy right now and idk when it will pass but please just bear with me! Also sidenote: Ive wondered about a more personal blog recently.. to get things off my chest and it would be more about my life, feelings, view and opinions. So you can expect to stop seeing that kind of stuff on here (maybe) .. i don’t think i post too much personal stuff but it happens occasionally and it’s not what this blog is about so. Cool :)

Love you lots,

It’s was a huge mistake and I was the mistaken one. So, please just forgive me.
I didn’t think that I won’t bear your silliness, stupidity and all your cold feelings.

just a heads up, I haven’t completely abandoned this blog; i just haven’t been online like at all this week. things have been crazy busy, but hopefully i’ll get to be around monday  
( before and after the new episode ).  so until then please just continue to bear with me. i’m a mess. and i’ll be around on s/kyp/e if anyone wants to add me there to plot or whatever:
( ofpsychism ) !!  oh and if anyone wants to rp on d/iscor/d with mags, or any of my muses inc. those from my multi, etc. then feel free to add me there too: ( #3478  )

as you’ve all probably noticed, i’ve been a bit scarce here and over at dwyer–but fear not! this is simply due to my OC muses overpowering my FE ones at this time. i’ve still been checking in every day and will continue to do so. i’m also continuing to reply to threads, albeit at a much slower pace–so please bear with me until i come back full swing!

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i've been really distant from my girlfriend recently because of my anxiety/depression and i've apologised bc i know it's my fault but i'm scared she's going to leave me and i'm honestly just really overwhelmed with stress and ahhhh

Ohh boy, do I know this feeling - and I know how hard it is. I have anxiety/depression and it can be a real challenge to keep up relationships.

However, your girlfriend should know that it’s not something you’re actively choosing. I think as long as you apologise and say, “This will pass soon, please just bear with me” then she should get the message - I don’t think she would leave just because you are having a rough mental patch. If she did, then that’s a reflection of her character, right?

Take a deep breath, and try to remember: Everything will be okay. I believe in you, I believe everything will work out - so please don’t let it get on top of you!

♡ sleepover time! ♡

I’m so fucking scared- Trump can fuck with humans all he damn well wants to, but if there is any good luck left with this world, he won’t let that senate bill pass. Dear who ever is fucking listening up there, you helped me once, please do it again- protect the bears and wolves. Protect this planet.

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25 and 46 , please ! <3

This would be for the fiction writers questions. Thanks Chris for being a doll and asking me. I apologise for taking so long to answer back I was looking through my archives for my best line and funniest scene.

25: Favourite Line I Have Ever Written. It’s technically a dialogue so bear with me it’s quite funny so I took the whole chunk. (This is a Selection blog so it’s even funnier if you imagine Maxerica in this situation)

He must have miscalculated where he was landing so he fell on me.

“Ugh, who are you? Your cushioning was terrible.” He was annoyed as he got off me. He was gorgeous and I couldn’t stop staring at him. Finally I snap out of it and I glare at him.

“I’m not your goddamn pillow.”

“How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am?” Of course I did, Meena Ma just called him Prince Cairo. This was Rahul’s famous brother and the Crowned Prince of Dubai. Even though I knew this, the words just came tumbling out of my mouth.

“Of course I do. You’re the Royal Jackass.” I wanted to take them back instantly but it was kind of fun seeing the Crowned Prince of Dubai riled up.

46: A Scene From Something I Haven’t Published Yet. Context: It’s from a supernatural miniseries I was writing but never actually posted it anywhere but I found this scene between my two fave characters (Evie and Mason) from this and I always found their interaction adorable.

“Is there a purpose to this visit, Belcourt?”
“Yes,” He trailed his fingers up my arm and I pulled away, glaring at him.
“I just wanted to tell you one thing.”
“Oooh do tell, I’m sooo very interested.” Sarcasm clung on to every word. I even propped up my elbows on the counter for effect. He was really buying into my whole act. He smiled, satisfied with himself.

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” I couldn’t help it, my eyes filled with tears and I burst out laughing. That was so bad, even Wendigoes wouldn’t go out with him. I banged my fist on the counter and bellowed. He pursed his lips momentarily but quickly sprang back into action as he always does.

“Does this mean I finally get to take you out to lunch? I do love making you laugh. Your laugh could cure cancer.” I slightly taken back but that didn’t stop me from squaring my shoulders as always and giving him the same firm answer.

“You know my answer. No. It’s not just a word, it’s a sentence. Besides, you want to get into my pants. That’s the whole point of your existence.” I say dryly as Jason comes up to the counter out of nowhere.
“Now I have to help a customer. Good day, Mason.”

“I’m looking for research books on vampires?” Jason says casually. For a moment, we were strangers and I thanked the heavens for Mason because I was not in the mood to bicker with Jason today.
“Of course.” As I led Jason to the vamp books, Mason called out behind me.

“One day, Eves. One day, you’ll say yes.”
“It’s not today, Mase.” I call back. I smiled slightly. There was a difference in our rountine. He didn’t comment on any body part but rather complimented my laugh. I’ve been told I have a weird laugh so to have him notice and compliment it felt nice.  The other thing I changed up was my reply to his ‘one day’. I always say 'In your dreams’ or 'When I’m succubus’. I gave him hope today and called him Mason.

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you seem like a very nice person, can I message you? ^^

Yes, of course! I’m a bit new on this site so I don’t really have a grip on the whole messaging stuff so please bear with me >_<

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Are you sure you're not a One Direction blog?



…………………….I’m trying really hard not to become one, okay, and this is a trying time for me so please bear with me as a go through this struggle with blog branding and general crisis of identity please and thank you.


Struggling of writing a fanfic:





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I’m struggling here to not just rush myself and ship Lewthur right now in the fanfic. But I wanna do good sooo….UGH

Pass me that I hate you music. Cause Lewis is unhappy with Beast Arthur. 


When I look at you, my mind freezes. Im transported to an artic wasteland where nothing can be found. Dangerous thoughts cross like polar bears who cannot be seen. God shows me a lot. Through words unspoken to be seen, I understand. 10 seconds on tv?. Id say “stop and understand. Sympathize, Empathize and realize. I am you…”. The words I see and write, I follow. I saw you and the words flowed. To understand a new perspective. To percieve and project. Speach i cannot use but words bear weight to assist. Every night I have a dream. New scenarios where I am to die. But always before a peaceful end a figure stops and says not yet, you’re too important. Over the  nights the  figure is you. You’re the new news bearer. Please think me not inane. I like Moses can not speak. So let this be your Aaron. As I let my thoughts, words flow to the Land of Milk and Honey that may be your wisdom. So Kind King David. Judge me fairly and set my mind not astray but rather help me keep the baby that was mine. And not split it with the mother of ignorance. 


(I’m still pretty new about taking good screen caps so please bear with me)

March 24, 2017

Hi! Hi! My name is Gineveve Rossland but you can call me Ginny. I’m 20 and I was born in italy but at the age of 10 moved to the united states. My parents were very wealthy and were millionaires for god knows what but I was a bad kid. I never fit the standers as my older sister who is miserable in collage and barely making it out in the real world. At the age of 17 I ran away from home with a bit of money that I saved from a small job and a bit of money I stole. With my bad temper I was soon casted onto Bad Sims Club. I stayed until the end and soon received a bunch of money for being a reality star and moved into my house. While at a bar I met my close friend Bobby, Soon after I met Henry. He was going to collage and lived in a house with 8 other people. After we started dating he moved in with me and he taught me I was more than my temper and the bad life. I quit going to bars and got my life together and got a job as a photographer. We got engaged after then and I’ve never been happier. I’m going to be sharing the life of Henry and I and I hope you enjoy. Also I would love to announce that we are now expecting a little one! I’m very excited! Thank you and enjoy :)

Game’s Over (Jinho)

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length: 348 words

genre: fluff

56. “Game’s over, you son of a bitch!!” - “Okay, just don’t hit me.” (x)

*a/n: thank you everyone for all your requests this far! I’m actually getting more requests than expected so please bear with me as I try to get through most of them!

“Wow… gaming, again?” you chuckled as you sauntered past Jinho in the living room. You had a big test coming up so you had been spending most of your time studying, and while Jinho was in town, he let you have today to study up so you can hang out with him the rest of the week. “Well, what else am I supposed to do while you’re studying?” he laughed as you plopped down next to him.

You two just looked at each other, eyes scanning each other’s faces. You both broke into wide smiles as you leaned over to give him a quick peck on the lips. “How’s studying going?” he asked while you leaned your head on his shoulder. “Eh… it’s going…” you muttered. “It’s not too hard, is it?” he asked worriedly. “Not really, it’s just a lot of boring stuff I already know. But it doesn’t hurt to review” you sighed, “But tell me about this game, what’s the premise?” you pointed to the screen he had paused.

You weren’t normally good at games but you wanted to at least give it a try. Jinho gave you a basic run down, but when he finally looked at you, you looked a lot more interested than he expected. “Can I play with you?” you asked excitedly. “Sure… but— don’t get too competitive, okay?” he wagged his finger at you. You weren’t usually good at games, but when you would actually win, you’d get overly competitive and aggressive. “Okay, okay. I won’t!”

“Game’s over, you son of a bitch!!” you yelled, pumping your arms in the air in victory. You had finally beat Jinho after 5 rounds of losing to him and you were ecstatic. “Ha haaaaaaaaaa!” you laughed loud and proud. “Okay, just don’t hit me” Jinho backed up, laughing as you had your little victory party. “I think you should probably get back to studying now…” Jinho muttered cautiously. “Back to studying?! I’m just getting started!” you challenged him to another game. “Oh boy…” Jinho sighed as he reluctantly picked up the controller again.