so bear with me on that please

[Rebirth Superfam Meta or Superman is dead and was replaced by a lookalike - a conspiracy theory by me]

Hello guys! I’m back with another dose of BITTERNESS towards Rebirth.

By this point I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t bad writing, it is actually how DC wants Rebirth Superman to be like: a lesser version of all of his former self. I’m so pissed I can’t even organise a proper post so please just bear with me this is more of a venting post don’t like don’t read. 

For the love of Rao just save Jon from all this, bring back N52 Superman, let this Clark have a chance to be a proper dad to him because he obviously doesn’t remember how to be Superman and a dad at the same time.

This is how preN52 Clark handled Chris wanting to fight alongside with him:

This is how Rebirth Clark handles Jon:

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New blog incoming

Hey, all. Rubia here.

It’s been more than three years since I’ve joined tumblr. Three years of long hiatuses and random reblogs. It’s like a metaphor of my life.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce a new blog I set up a few days ago: @rubiaryusays. It’s so new that I haven’t figured out how to decorate it, so please bear with me.

On there, I’d like to blog about more general things about life, history, language, the status quo, social justice activism and its growing opposition. Or anything I feel like sharing because my life is empty and meaningless without communication.

But it’s not just about me. It’s meant as a general haven for people to rant about life and injustice. I’d like to hear other people’s stories too, and if they so ask, maybe even offer advice if applicable. (Note that I am not a consultant or psychologist. I’ve only taken one course and have learned more from Youtube than otherwise.)

I don’t care what stance you take on a topic, controversial or not. I like to open my horizons and explore what all sides think.

Feel free to submit anonymously if you wish. What matters here is that someone can freely express themselves without someone else hanging a noose above their heads.

Please signal boost this. I’d like to be part of a community that builds tolerance, not bullying. Even if you don’t participate, but at least reblog it to make it better known.

Thank you.

Final note: I’m aware this is not the only blog for these things; far from it. But this is a chance for me to chat with people without having to know their identities because I respect people’s privacy.

Hi, I’m REALLY mad right now at this stupid website so please bear with me.

 A certain artist (based in the Philippines might I add) recently made a J.CO (Indonesian donut restaurant chain) gijinka recently, and people accused them of whitewashing their gijinka because the character’s skin was too bright.

I, as an Indonesian, am seriously offended. 

Not by the gijinka, 

but by the masses of people who are being offended ON MY BEHALF FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

 The most insulting thing about this whole situation is that this website fucking auto-assumes that all brightly colored characters have been whitewashed and that this is always a bad thing and racist because of how things are in the West.


Indonesia is not the United States.
Indonesia is not a country in Europe.
Indonesia is a multicultural society in Asia made up mostly of Southeast Asians, Melanesians, and East Asians.
You can NOT apply the same exact sensitivities and narrative to Indonesia as you can in the West.

 …Let me give you a quick rundown:

 Racism in Indonesia is not always about about a white skinned race oppressing a darker skinned race. If anything, it’s more to do with Xenophobia and Religion.

 Following up on that, here’s the shocker:
 The DISCRIMINATED MINORITY in Indonesia has a lighter skin color than the PRIVILEGED MAJORITY.

 East Asians, mostly Chinese, who generally have brighter skin tones than your regular Southeast Asian person, are regular targets of hate speech, discrimination, racism, and even a 1998 genocide that still strikes fear and opens up old wounds in their hearts upon mention.


 Indonesia has serious racial problems, but you can NOT automatically assume everything as from a western country perspective.

 To do so is seriously, seriously racist.

 The intention was “right” from your perspective, but please. Do your research, and don’t automatically always assume that light skin is whitewashing. You’re touching on a VERY sensitive and often radically different subject depending on which nation you are talking about.

 It’s INSULTING to your fellow PoCs.

 I feel insulted. I feel like this website just made a unanimous decision for me because I’m either too “uneducated” “uninformed”, “tolerant” or WHATEVER the fuck you think of Indonesians to feel offended for myself. This website made me think that the Indonesian restaurant chain CAN ONLY be run by Southeast Asians when there are hundreds, if not thousands of East Asian J.CO employees whose lives and stories, and struggle against discrimination you’ve just invalidated just because of your westernized view of racism.




donghyuck fansites to support

with all that’s been happening i just want to remind that now more than ever it’s important to show appreciation and support not only to donghyuck himself, but to the fansites who have expressed that they will continue to stand behind him. some haven’t voiced their opinion yet, others are generally inactive, so below i have listed the few that have explicitly said that they will support him despite the rumors and the hate he’s been receiving.

feel free to add to this list if any other fansites happen to say anything regarding this matter or if i forgot anything!




Witty Boy



  • riches and wonders by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: In some universes, love blossoms in swimming pools. In others, there are kittens involved.

  • #hashtag by Bellakitse
    Summary: Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.


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I’m not one to hop onto headcannons super easily, but adhd Lance has got me going. These have probably been said already, but anyways:

  • Lance sitting on the couches in weird positions because it’s entertaining him/weirdly comfortable
    • especially when the paladins are listening to one of Allura’s training speeches or the like
    • and then when he finds something boring, slipping out of the room to wander around the castleship
  • Lance wandering into rooms on the castleship just out of curiosity and because hey, he’s never been down this hallway before
    • he’s run into Pidge multiple times tinkering or trying to figure something out
    • this one time she popped up from under a desk wearing a welding mask and a massive bedhead
    • it startled Lance at first, but he just kinda accepted it for what it was
  • Lance picking on Keith not only because they are “rivals”, but because it makes him feel less inferior, and at this point it’s a habit
    • he knows some of the things he says are a bit overboard, and that he’s being annoying
    • but he just CANT STOP
    • and he quietly apologizes when it’s just the two of them
  • Lance vents to Hunk about absolutely everything
    • Homesick? vent to Hunk
    • Keith was better than him? vent to Hunk
    • Did something awesome in the lion the other day? you bet he’s gonna tell Hunk every single detail
    • he also gets super excited about things
      • especially NEW things
      • and will rant to Pidge about it
      • Pidge has become very very good at listening with one ear
  • The others (namely Allura and Shiro) have gladly accepted the fact that they may have to repeat instructions multiple times to get the point across
    • they’ll all be in the common area and Allura will come in and give them their next instructions, but Lance will zone out part way through, just thinking about things
    • sometimes he’ll have to be told three times what he’s supposed to be doing before it “sticks”
    • on particularily bad days, he will sometimes ask questions and forget to listen for the answer
  • When Lance is hyperfocusing OH BOY does he hyperfocus 
    • need cryopods cleaned? done
    • take out a Galra tower? you betcha he’ll get it done
    • also he got bored one day and organized all of Allura’s dresses by colour

I’m sure someone else has designed a box-head Mettaton but I wanted to have a go at it. Yes, that’s his adorable news reporting suit because I can’t say no to lots of red. I really like this design so far! Poor Frisk has to suffer through this fab dweeb’s BS. Please help them.

Imagine Tony going up and hanging with the Guardians for a while after Civil War and during his stay, he picks up a few of their,, like,, unusual alien mannerisms and stuff and so Rhodey and Peter are Super Freaked Out when he gets back home and starts greeting them by touching their noses and then sliding it up across their head like he was shown how to do on a planet he stayed at for a month, or how he had to be reminded that yes Tony you can eat your food warm that is how we do it on Earth remember, because for the past few weeks him and the guardians had had to eat their food icy cold.

And Tony can’t even be annoyed because holy fuck he’s literally been on other planets and overcome his worst fears and made some brilliant new friends and he’s just too fucking happy to care that he accidentally slapped Rhodey across the face in greeting yesterday because that’s just what you do on Morag, damn it, I’m sorry Rhodey-Bear please don’t hit me back your punches hurt-

An observation of Markiplier TV

Emphasis on the observation part because I’ve never really been good with theories. I have a number of things to do today but unfortunately, I watched this video and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Hopefully this’ll quiet my mind and let me function, and who knows? Maybe it’ll help someone out there with their own theories too. :)

So, let’s talk about this scene:

We got one hell of a group here BUT what I’d like to focus on is their seating arrangement and what that could mean, because if there’s anything I’ve learned in videos like this it’s that EVERYTHING is by design. This entire table scene (props to the Editor btw) has so much hidden psychological subtext in it, so while I’m no professional I’ll still do my best to uncover them all.

First off, let’s look at the table: Rectangular with two long ends and two short ones. Pretty normal setting yeah, but is it beneficial to their situation (i.e. finding a way to ‘take control’) where everyone easily agrees? Nope. Because tables like these embody competition and a clear sense of authority, and I love this detail. It means that while they could’ve easily gone for a round table to promote cooperation, they go for this because of course, no one’s going to cooperate that easily.

This setting, however, works better in the business cooperative world, because you got two people (Darkiplier & Wilford) who can control the meeting from both ends of the table and are essentially the people everyone will need to look up to.

Here’s a great detail though: In this kind of setting, the more powerful of the two is usually the one opposite the entrance to the room. This allows him not just a vantage point of whoever comes in and goes, but complete control as well. And as we see where King of the Squirrels pops up:

Originally posted by antisepticjack

Which we can easily tell was from the right of the room based on the direction his body and eyes shift to, we can point out where the entrance is and who was right there:

But yeah, in this moment it didn’t seem like Will had control over King’s sudden entrance but let’s face it: he doesn’t care. He already knows that there’s more than one king in that room.

Speaking of, let’s move on to the seating arrangement.

Obviously we got Dark and Will at the ends as the higher ups, but I’d like to talk about Googleplier and The Host.

In medieval times, kings would often have their advisors right at their side at the table. This actually explains the term “right hand man”, because the king would have them close at hand to help him rule, unless of course, he was left-handed. Looking back at Dark’s antics, I have reason to believe that he’s either left-handed or ambidextrous.

Originally posted by http-darkiplier-403forbidden

Which I guess would make sense, considering that while Ed, Bim, Silver and Dr. Iplier were all concerned about their parts in the video, only Google and The Host were able to keep a level head and not lose sight of their main goal/situation.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is Wilford’s idea for Markiplier TV. I must warn you though because this is going to be a bit of a stretch so stop reading if you’d like BUT… I think he may have been inspired by Anti.

AGAIN, please bear with me. Jack’s mentioned before that Dark and Anti ever meeting each other was very unlikely, which in Dark’s case (being the alter ego that’s been pushed inside the most) could be more than true. However, Wilford makes up for this as he’s the only one not bound by the laws of physics and is, potentially, omnipresent. So it’s possible that he’s aware of Anti (since he was aware of Septiplier after all) and his methods (i.e. using social media to have his fans notice him which then gives him control) BUT, being Wilford, he goes about it in his own roundabout way which is, of course, TELEVISION.

So, yeah, this is all I can come up with. Excluding my attempt in theorizing at the very end I hope this was helpful. Now I’m just hoping that my thoughts on Antisepticeye don’t get too hectic and end up like this long wall of text. Thanks for reading. :)