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Heartbeats - chapter 10

Greetings, humans! I’m pleased to tell you that I have nearly finished this mess of a fic. There will be 14 or 15 chapter in total, so bear with me a little longer before I start on “Before They Called Them Trinity” or any other title you would like to suggest for the upcoming TCTT prequel. 

In the meantime, let’s all thank hartfic for the splendid and patient proofreading, and the rain for giving me the time to complete this fic.

SFW, SFF (I think), 2,695 words.

“How is it going?” A young, slender man steps close to Mamrie and removes his sunglasses. He rubs his eyes, reddened by the lack of sleep, and gently pokes at Beanz’s nose.

“Smooth like butter” she replies, and smiles at the sight of his tired face “God, you look like shit.”

“Thank you” he replies, his voice deep and grainy, “nice cast, by the way. Did you make it yourself?”

“It’s an old one I keep for special occasions” she replies, and unwraps the first layer of gauze to reveal the duct tape that’s holding it together. “Help me out of it, will you honey?”

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well i reached 1.5k followers just a lil while ago!! n am so happy i do not Deserve!! thank u so much u guys i love u all n i know i dont speak to some of u a lot any more or at all and im sorryy i still love u will Always love u guys ok

u r all my favs n even if ur not on here ur my fav n i love u!! its hard to remember please dont feel bad if ur not on here, i stil love u,,, u all make me so happy n i am grateful to know so many great people,, (my friends always say theyre jealous of me havin friends from all over the world 😛)

i know im a bit hard to bear sometimes n im sorry so thank u! so much! for staying by me i appreciate u all so much :`)


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really i love u all 😚💕💕

The Super Master A Theory

Hey guys! So, in honor of PLL s6 premiering tomorrow (!!) I’ve decided to post my Master A theory. I made it at ~beginning of April, and idk I’ve just been procrastinating. Please read the Pre-Theory before continuing–

( )

Mrs Dilaurentis and Her Secret Family- Wren is A Theory (not your classic Wren is A theory, I know, I hate those too)
Bear with me, okay?

Jessica D slept with Byron Montgomerys brother. She gave birth to a child- Wren.

Mrs D got married to Kenneth Dilaurentis. Peter Hastings had an affair with Jessica. They had a kid, Jason. Ken thought Jason was his child. It was not.
Byron Montgomery’s brother had another child with another woman- the child was named Bethany.

The people in the home video are Jessica, Jason, Wren (Charles) and BETHANY

Byron’s brother commits suicide. Jessica refuses to take care of Bethany and Wren to uphold her reputation. She sends him to boarding school under the false name Charles when he’s a young kid in the UK, where he develops an accent.

Alison is born.
Around the time that Byron’s brother kills himself, Bethany starts showing signs of mental illness. She is sent to the Children’s Ward at Radley.
Wren, under the name Charles, grows up in a foreign land without a family. He’s not really having a good life. The only family he has left is Bethany, who’s in a mental hospital all the way in the US.

Fast Forward. Wren has been attending college in the US, observing the Dilaurentis family, the family he never had because Jessica gave him up. He sees while Jason doesn’t have such an amazing life, I.e. His father neglects/verbally abuses him, Alison has a seemingly great, perfect life. Wren begins to taunt her via text, to avenge Bethany and the life she never had.
In the weeks leading up to That Night, Wren (by the name Charles) reunites with Bethany because he’s volunteering at Radley (to gain medical credits? Idk). They hatch a plan to kill Alison because she, more so than Jason, stole from them the life they never had. Wren/Charles hits Ali with the rock, in order to kill her. Jessica buries Alison to protect her first son, Wren. Ali is pulled out by Mrs Grunwald.

Suddenly, the Liars, all drugged out and unaware of anything, come out from the barn. They see Bethany, who’s dressed as Ali, and start hitting her with the shovel, knocking her out. Melissa finds Bethany, and, thinking she’s Alison, buries her. Wren witnesses the whole thing and hatches a revenge plan.

Fast Forward to the Pilot- Wren is dating Melissa to get close to her, then break her heart. He’s about to hatch his plan, this game avenging the death of his sister, his last family member, the only person he had left. But, then they find Alison’s body. He realizes that the girls must’ve killed Alison, not Bethany. He sees that someone starts taunting the girls, quickly learns that Mona is A.

Fast Forward- Mona is revealed as A and sent to Radley. Wren pulls some strings, and makes himself her doctor. While Mona is all druggy from the Radley meds, she hints to Wren that Alison is alive. Unsure, Wren steals Ali’s body from her grave, and since he’s a doctor and he can do crazy shit like that, he conducts tests to see who’s body it is. He discovers that it’s Bethany’s body, gets super pissed, and starts the A game all over again. He even uses all the old MonA stuff just to kinda rub it in everyone’s faces.

So, to summarize-
Wren is A, because the Liars hit Bethany with the shovel, and Bethany was Wren’s only family.

Fact Backup-
Mrs Dilaurentis was having an affair with Bethany’s father (byrons bro)
Wren had a mentally ill dad who died
Byrons brother was mentally ill and he commited suicide
Mona started the A game
Wren was Monas doctor when she was in Radley
Bethany was dressed as Alison when she died
Wren and Melissa are dating when the show begins

anonymous asked:

alright so i just saw a few of your posts on indo-Caribbeans-- and i am one of them. my parents were born in Guyana, South America & are heavily influenced by both Caribbean and Indian eithics and values. my other Indian friends however don't see me as a full indian; i'm not sure where i'm going w this, but how should i respond to them saying i'm not a true indian? or even a true Caribbean person?

I feel really uncomfortable with people giving me the authority to determine what is / isn’t their background. Seriously, I am a very confused Punjabi diaspora dweeb living in Canada. I barely know anything about my own bg let alone yours. 

That being said, I wanna try to help you out and maybe learn some things in the process. So, please bear with me as I stumble through… 

Since your background is Guyanese, South American, I would say your friends are correct in saying you are not Indian - meaning that you are not from India (unless you have family that is, and just didn’t include it in your ask). But I think that’s a bit besides the point because Desi does not automatically = Indian.

Now, I know little to nothing about the history of Guyana or the Caribbean or India for that matter… so it’s likely that there are ties and relationships between the people of these nations that I am overlooking (followers / girl gang, please lend your knowledge with asks / reblogs!) Wiki tells me that there is a considerable Hindu population in Guyana which means there may be a link to India somewhere in history. You yourself said that these cultures are heavily influenced by India, somehow. Whether that means you have a claim to the Desi identity, I don’t know for sure. 

I definitely think you can identify as a Caribbean person since Guyana is located on the Caribbean coast of South America, and is part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) - according to wiki. 

Most importantly, however, is what you yourself perceive and connect to as you explore your background and learn about your people. 


anonymous asked:

Ive been dying for some CS as parents fics! Can you please write one?

I’m sooooo late, this has been in my inbox forever. I’m so sorry. I wrote this in like 15 mins so bear with me.

Plus I don’t do well with fluff. I’m more of an angst person.

First Word

“Say Da. Come on Liam say Da. You’re a good lad aren’t you? Da” Killian whispered softly to the blue eyed and blond haired baby boy in the crib. Liam had one hand in his mouth as he grinned at the faces his father was making and his other was holding onto the edge of his crib to keep him standing on his two pudgy feet.

“Cheating! Killian, you’re such a cheater!” Emma screamed from the door and marched in, gently hitting her husband’s shoulder.

“Pirate, love” Killian grinned, raising an eyebrow in mischief.

“He’ll say Ma first. I know it” Emma declared, bending down till she was at eye level with her son, “Ma say Ma Liam. Come on kid, Ma or Mama

Liam took his hand out of his mouth and touched Emma’s cheek with it. He smiled widely, when Emma started making faces at him. Killian crossed his arms and just took the scene in. Who could’ve thought this pirate would one day have this as his happy ending – a family of his own. A wife, two kids, her parents who are essentially his parents too, friends, and hell even a big golden Labrador.

“Killian! I think he’s trying to say something” Emma yelped in surprise, her eyes widening in excitement.

“Where the bloody hell is the talking phone Swan?” Killian asked, searching around in the nursery.

“On the dressing table in our room” Emma replied, her eyes fixated on her little boy who was laughing.

Once Killian returned hastily with the iPhone in his hands and opened the video recording (Henry had gladly explained to him all the magical features of an iPhone when Hook had first started dating his mom years ago).

“Say Ma Ma Ma” Emma repeated, grinning widely as she could see Liam watching her lips, trying to imitate his mother.

“Oi Emma! Say Da Liam, Da” Killian interjected, his shoulder brushing against Emma’s as they both kept repeating Ma and Da in front of Liam who just stared at both their faces and occasionally grinning (he really was his father’s son) on the strange faces they were both making.

“Ganpa” Liam spoke and Emma and Killian jumped in joy, making sure that it had been recorded without paying attention to what he had actually said.

“Why are you guys yelling?” Henry asked, coming inside the nursery to find his parents bent over Emma’s phone beside his baby brother.

“He spoke his first word lad!” Killian answered, indicating for Henry to come closer. He played the video and asked Emma, “It’s closer to Da. He said Da

Emma rolled her eyes playfully, “It’s ok Killian, our son said Ma first”

Henry snatched the phone away from them and while they continued to argue, played the video. “Oh my god you guys” Henry laughed, “He said “grandpa”!”

“NO. No no no no” Killian blurted out, his face horrified, “My son would never betray me as such”.

“Whenever Grandpa sees him, which is like everyday, he keeps repeating to Liam to say grandpa. Didn’t you guys know?” Henry asked, clearly amused by his mother’s slightly gloomy face and Killian standing with his arms crossed and muttering something about “bloody mate”, “my son”, “dave”

“How dare her? I’m gonna kill Dave, Swan” Killian finally spoke, looking like he was going to burst into tears anytime soon.

Emma made ey-contact with Henry and they both burst out laughing, Liam joining them as well and flailing his pudgy arms around until Emma picked him up. Henry fetched Liam’s little ship and handed it to him, but Liam in turn pulled on Henry’s ear, causing the teenager to laugh louder.

As this scene was unfolding Killian couldn’t possibly stay mad. He joined in the laughter as well, bringing his arms around his family.

David was laughing loudly, causing Snow to send apologizing looks to the customers at Granny’s.

“What can I do Hook? It seems like my grandson loves me more than you!” David snorted, taking a big gulp of his beer, “Trust me it wasn’t my intent” he smirked.

“Oh really Dave cause it seems like you just stabbed me in the back again” Killian whined, clenching his jaw and being his over dramatic self as Snow and Emma shared a look of Not again.

She said, "Boy can I tell you a terrible thing? It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks. Please, don't be sad now, I really believe, You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me." Slow, so slow I fell to the ground on my knees. So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose If you're given the choice, then I beg you to choose To walk away, walk away, don't let her get you. I can't bear to see the same happen to you. Now, son, I'm only telling you this Because life can do terrible things


April/May Popularity Contest

Okay, everyone! As it is June 1st (and I currently have a kitten biting my fingers, so bear with me please), I will be holding the popularity contest. It’s my first time doing this, so we’ll figure out the formatting together!

In Last Place:

  • Yona (0)

In Eighth Place:

  • Ao (1)

In Sixth Place:

  • Zeno (2)
  • Soo Won (2)

In Third Place:

  • Kija (5)
  • Shin Ah (5)
  • Jae Ha (5)

In Second Place:

  • Hak (6)

And finally, in first place (unsurprisingly):

  • Yoon (9)

Thank you to everyone for your support! I’ll reset the scores for June, so please send in the prompts for your favorite character! Poor Yona is unloved, and platonic things are a-okay, too, just let me know!

Who did you want to win? Answer below!

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone :) it’s Donna. I’m not sure if you remember me, as it’s quite a while since I last uploaded secrets to the site. Cat has been uploading secrets to the site on her own for about ten months now. If it wasn’t for her, the site would have gone down months ago. Thank you so much Cat <3

I’m just quickly writing to let you know that I’m back now and will start uploading secrets to the site today, to help Cat out. There are over 200 secrets to upload, so please bear with us.

Thank you so much for making this site what it is today, and for still sending your secrets in. I hope that this place has been helpful for some of you <3

I’ll start uploading some secrets now.

Take care,

Donna xxx

Carmilla fanfic: Of Carburetors and Creampuffs

So I put out the new chapter last night and honestly? I haven’t liked many of my recent chapters. I’ve lost motivation and I think I might scrap some of them and totally rewrite. It got too dramatic and I feel like I’ve lost the spirit of the story. That’s what happens when you write both sick and jet lagged as well as skipping the whole editing process kids. So bear with me while I figure shit out, I might change the last two chapters and continue from there. Basically since Laura’s back story which I don’t like. And Ell will definitely still be in it, just not the way she is at the moment. As one of you guy said in the comments, her involvement and relation to Carmilla, Laura and Carmilla’s mum doesn’t make sense and isn’t believable. Please don’t give up on the story as it will be fixed soon. Lots of love.

The Spaminator

Working on this painting touched me both on a spiritual level as well as on an emotional one, and there are so many things I’d like to say about it - but I’ll let the image speak for me this time.
I dedicate this to all mothers, to all those warrior and nurturing spirits out there standing up for what they believe in.

© Nataša Ilinčić, please do not remove credits

17 May : an important day for many reasons

1. 1D TV appearance - I am sure the livestream links will be all over your dashes as will be the exact show which escapes me now.
2. No control launch day - I am sure everyone’s already signed the thunderclap but if you haven’t, definitely do, this is one of the great things to be part of in this fandom
3. It is IDAHOT DAY INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST HOMO, BI AND TRANSPHOBIA - really important to me, to all Rainbow Directioners, and I am sure also to Louis and Harry, so please consider joining THE OTHER THUNDERCLAP: - visibility is SO SO SO important to the LGBTQ community.
4. Rainbow Direction, together with 1DFansGive is running a charity drive in honour of IDAHOT day and our charity bear auction ends that day - please consider donating or a bid:

About the whole debacle with Xivents.

Everyone please, bear with me and stay calm. This actually concerns quite a lot of people, so here’s hoping you’ll read it and try to see things from my point of view. My attempt here is definitely not to “hate” on anyone, but offer you another perspective on things. I will gladly hear any response from respectful CS shippers.

Be warned: I realize this will sound patronizing to a lot of you. It’s not my intention at all, honestly. I’m just addressing a number of issues that I hope you’ll be receptive about.

More under cut because this got really long.

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anonymous asked:

hi! so your shading style is literally my fave haha and it's really different from any tutorial I've seen so far :o could you just give a quick insight on how you approach it? do you use a big brush and go erasing? do you use a softer brush often? I'd love to understand your workflow, I just think the texture can get in the way of that kind of interpretation sometimes so I can't really figure it out myself c:

I use the marker brush and regular brush found here for everything you see here. 

Alrighty since my coloring style has changed from what’s in my silly tutorial tag to now, I’ll do a quick lil thingy ding. //Using Kimou because I’ve missed him and also because he’s pale as mess so it’ll be easier to see what I mean. (please bear in mind that i’m not a v good teacher, but i’ll do me best~)  

Ya start with your nerdlord in tight pants. Nice. Flats and lines are grouped together here, with texture on another layer. (i leave the texture on from the get go cause I tend to smooth too much otherwise)

New layer, using straight up black to shade. Now ya break down the figure into the big chunks with shadow.Ergo, front leg vs. back leg, hair in front vs. hair in back, arms forward vs. behind, you get the idea. This part is a little subjective, but this step is to focus shadows on shape.

Same layer, and still black as before. Now you work in the areas untouched. This is when you think of form. The knees come out, the wrinkles case lil shadows, values change on a person’s skin from section to section. 

Still black and same layer //I sorta shade the face and hair different. At this point I don’t have a set way to shade hair hahhh. But for the face, you just sorta bring forth the natural contours. 

This step is sorta tricky in writing. Duplicate that shade layer (this layer now referred to as shade2), and then you’ll want to duplicate the flats and group/merge it in shade2 above your other shade layer. Now you deepen and saturate those colors as far as they can go. You’ll set this layer to overlay. 

This is what it looks like when set to 25% overlay, which is my default. Now the shadows don’t look as flat~ Merge everything save for the texture.

I smooth the hair on the original layer and draw over it typically so there ya go.

New layer. This is another overlay layer, but right now it’s set to normal so you can see what I did. Using a fitting saturated color for each section of the shadows, I went and made them more lively. This doesn’t have to be everywhere, just in the areas of bigger shadows.

Here’s that layer set to overlay. also, blushies. Voila! You done.

This method is actually the quickest I’ve ever had thus far, and it’s what I’ve adapted for my job too ^^/ It only sounds complicated in writing, but I guarantee that this is super super simple. 

Pietro Maximoff Smut

Prompt: PietroxReader that goes from cute and fluffy to DO ME PLEASE in like .006 seconds please? Like the reader is with Pietro and they are all cute and then suddenly they are banging? Please please please I am a thirsty fangirl

Ok bear with me here because I’ve never written smut before (I’ve read tons of it though) so I may completely fuck this up but whatever here goes

It was always that damn Sokovian getting into trouble.

You had been part of S.H.I.E.L.D. for quite some time now, but it was only recently that you were moved from their second US base in Sacramento to your current location; Avengers Tower in New York City. Once Fury had notified the head of the California sector that more trainers were needed due to the new abundance of heroes, you were picked without a second thought due to your experience, physique, and flat-out stubbornness. When you were relocated, you expected some trial and error. You expected some tough cases. What you didn’t expect, however, was to have your heart stolen- plucked right out of your fingertips- by one of the new recruits.

You were just concluding your training session with Wanda Maximoff. Her issue was that her focus was strong, but she struggled with the confidence to carry out the action. Suddenly, a small gush of wind flew by you and you found yourself laughing. Wanda looked up at you quizzically and a little offended. You quickly dropped the smile that was on your face and blurted out, “I’m sorry. I have no idea why I just did that.”

Wanda shrugged it off for a moment, before the same gush of wind reappeared and suddenly you were laughing again. Having witnessed the interaction, Wanda rolled her eyes and groaned, “Come on, Pietro. I’m trying to finish my training.” At the mention of his name, Pietro stopped by the doorway and turned back at you and Wanda with a stupid grin on his face.

“Actually, I think you’re good for today. Go get some rest.” You declared. Wanda’s face lit up at the idea of being done and was soon out of the training center, leaving you with your final trainee of the day- Pietro.

“What do you have in store for me today, milenka?” His velvety Eastern-European accent made you feel weak at the knees as he stared you down. But you would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

Placing your hands on your hips, you smirked at him and asked, “What does that even mean? Milenka?” He chuckled and shook his head, before zooming over to me, tickling me yet again and then returning to his original position as if nothing at all had happened. Squirming with a smile on my face, I pointed my finger up at him, “And cut it out with the tickling! I am the authoritative figure in this environment. You can’t just-”

Before you could even finish your sentence, Pietro was back on you again. Only this time, he stayed on you and started tickling you continuously. You couldn’t help but start laughing as you attempted to get him and his fingers away from you. Eventually, you lost your footing and tumbled to the padded floor. For a brief moment, you thought you would be free from Pietro and tried to catch your breath. Unfortunately for you, Pietro didn’t even hesitate to climb right on top of you, giant grin on his face, and continue tickling. 

After a minute or so, he stopped and you took the opportunity to catch your breath. Once you were breathing normally again, you became aware of Pietro’s body on top of yours and his dazzling blue eyes staring down at you. Mere moments after your eyes met, Pietro’s arms gave out and his body, more importantly his lips, came crashing down onto you.

For a second or two, you were so shocked that this was actually happening, you forgot to kiss back. Scared he had spooked you, Pietro began to pull away. However, you realized your own intentions and you wrapped an arm around his neck to pull him further towards you. Pietro smiled into the kiss and gracefully rolled over to position you above him. You questioned his motivation until his hands trailed down to your ass and he squeezed roughly. You smirked to yourself; you always knew he was an ass man.

You left his lips and slowly dragged your mouth across his jaw and down his neck until you reached a spot that made him gasp. Smiling a bit in victory, you promptly began to attack the sensitive spot with your mouth. A flood of curse words (in both English and Sokovian) spewed out of Pietro’s mouth as you continued your assault; sucking, kissing, and even gently biting at his neck until you were sure it would leave a mark. 

Your lips then returned to his like a magnet, and it was then that you noticed Pietro’s hard-on poking you in the thigh. Reaching a hand down, you started slowly palming his crotch, which caused him to let out a loud moan. As you continued to knead him, your lips once again broke off from his as you tore his shirt over his head. You then slowly began to kiss your way down his torso, feeling his member throb from under your hand at the contact. 

When you finally reached his pants, you decided to tease him by snapping the waistband and inching the fabric down ever-so-slightly at a time. Pietro, never one to take things slow, growled at your tactic and ripped off his own pants faster than you could react. Getting the idea, you waste no time removing his boxers to reveal his gigantic dick. Your jaw dropped a bit which caused Pietro to smirk proudly. Nevertheless, you leaned over and and licked a long stripe along the underside of his dick, swirling your tongue along the tip before you plunged down and took as much of him as your throat allowed. 

“Oh, fuck Y/N… You’re so good… Shit, cmúľať péro milenka.” He became a mess underneath you and after a little bit, you emerged from his dick and pounced right back up onto his lips. His hands found their way onto your neck and he pulled you closer, leaning to the side and turning both of you over so he was now on top. 

“You are wearing far too many clothes, princeznà.” He murmured against your lips. Within the blink of an eye, you had been reduced to only your underwear, and in that moment you silently thanked yourself for not wearing a sports bra to training. Pietro’s hands roamed your body as he kissed you, eventually finding the clasp of your bra and undoing it. Once your breasts were free, he immediately began massaging them profusely, making you moan from such unexpected contact. 

After he decided your boobs had received enough contact, a hand trailed down your stomach and rested on top of your soaking panties. Pietro broke the kiss to growl in your ear, “Mmmmm, princeznà, you are so wet for me.” Without warning, his hand dove under the fabric and began rubbing your clit. 

“Ohh, Pietro… Fuck, right there…” You moaned loudly, as Pietro’s mouth had found a new home on your neck.  His index and middle finger soon penetrated you and made you moan his name even louder. “Pietro… Fuck, I want your cock dammit.” With a smile on his face, Pietro abandoned your neck and brushed his lips teasingly against yours as he replied, “Well why didn’t you just say so?” before plunging his dick deep inside you without a moment’s notice. 

You screamed and moaned his name, clawing at his back and pulling at his hair as he fucked you senseless. He was moaning against you, swearing in all sorts of languages and kneading at your boobs once more to give you even more pleasure. You quickly found a rhythm that made you realize that you both wouldn’t last much longer. “Fuck Pietro I’m close…” You managed to force out between heavy breaths and moans. 

Pietro nodded and looked you directly in the eyes, “Come for me, princeznà.” You weren’t sure if it was the sudden eye contact, the Sokovian, or simply all the pleasure you were receiving at once, but you suddenly came harder than you had ever come before. You screamed Pietro’s name as you rode out your high, Pietro quickly reaching his as well. Once he had finished, he rolled off of you and onto the floor next to you. The only sound that could be heard in the room were your and Pietro’s heavy breaths. You broke into a smile and sighed, “Wow, that was…”

“Incredible.” Pietro blurted out, finishing your statement. You nodded in agreement. He pulled you closer to him and you rested your head on his hot, sweaty chest. 

“Well, I suppose that’s one way to get a workout in.”




Emergency Writing Commissions

Hey guys!

I’m bad at explanations most of the time but please bear with me if I become difficult to understand.

Almost two years ago, my mother passed away from cancer right before my senior year of high school, leaving me an orphan and forcing my sister to give up college to take care of me. I received money from the government since I was still a minor when she died, but it was all used for helping my sister and brother pay the bills.

At one point, we were overwhelmed and couldn’t possibly pay the bills by ourselves, so we asked my uncle for $5,000. He gave us the money, but he expects us to pay him back, and he and my sister volunteered to have me pay him back every single penny. Not only do I have to pay him back, I also have to pay over $160 every month for bills.

My sister and I are both college students now. We rely heavily on scholarships and loans. We also use the life insurance money our mother left us for any tuition fees left over, but that money is to only be used for college and emergencies, and it will not last forever.

I seriously need money, so, along with trying to find a job this summer, I’m going to start doing writing commissions.


  • Anything 500 words or less will cost $5
  • A dollar will be added for every 100 words after 500 words. Please specify approximately how many words you want your fic to be


  • Rape scenes
  • Romanticized abuse/abusive relationships/abusive pairings
  • Original stories

I will write for any and every fandom that is in my fandom list. I am willing to write nsfw content, but I will need you to consult with me beforehand.



You can contact me about a possible commission on either the email I listed or by contacting me through Tumblr. Here is a link to all of the fics I have published so far.

Thank you for reading!

Now the time has come to leave you, one more time let me kiss you, then close your eyes, I’ll be on my way.

Continuation of this photoset. Leaving on a Jet Plane is officially Sasuke’s song now, considering the events in Gaiden as well. He look so damn tired and done with everything.

My initial sketch is to draw them kissing but I I changed my mind during inking. And I can’t draw feet (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ And I’m still practicing how to color so please bear with this! Thanks! :)