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My people, he says. The precious lordling beloved by all come to confront the wicked witch. My parents taught me no better. They worked me from dawn to dusk, like an ox or an ass or some other beast of burden. Until, that is, my brother spied a chance to transform the family fortunes. And so I was married to a vicious old drunk who beat me as he pleased, and when I pleaded for help, I was told to grin and bear it. For the family. For him. For everyone’s sake. They pretended not to notice, but they knew. They knew. What did it matter? I was nothing to them— less than nothing! I wasn’t of their flesh, I wasn’t a fellow Doman, I wasn’t even a person. I might just as well have been dead. 

And then my husband passed away one day. I was sold off yet again, to pay his debts. But this time, I found a way to live for myself. To survive. As a spy for the empire. Oh, those were the days, when the scales first fell from my eyes. No longer would I be a slave to my parents or my husband or the pleasure house. I would be free, and receive due compensation. 

That would be enough, I thought… until I saw a Doman in the road, beaten and broken, and my heart… skipped a beat. Lying at my feet, groaning in agony, sobbing in despair. Powerless, helpless, hopeless! A vision forever seared into my soul. There was nothing I would not do to feel that joy again! To bend this cruel, twisted world to my whims!

… Now, having borne witness to my life’s work, have you aught to say to me?

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What characters from Marvel are most like the members of the batfam in your opinion?

(Just know that I don’t know a ton about Marvel aside from the few movies I watched, so please bear with me here)

Bruce: Tony Stark but with extra emo-ness

Dick: Black Widow bc Dick is a Strong Female Character™

Jason: Bucky Barnes

Cass: Scarlet Witch

Tim: Peter Parker bc he’s a small nerd

Damian: Prob Rocket Raccoon bc he’s small and deadly lol

i’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to get back into the swing of things and to stop stressing is to REVAMP/RESTART.

below are threads i will be keeping and those i’ll be dropping.

please understand that this is for my own sanity’s sake. i’ll be posting starter calls and memes in the future, so please, if i dropped your thread(s), don’t hesitate to start something new with me when i get my bearings or throw a message at me to plot.

most unanswered memes that are in drafts/my inbox will also be deleted/dropped.

DROPPING THREADS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I DON’T WANT TO WRITE WITH YOU. i do, i’m just overwhelmed and i’ve lost interest in a lot of what’s in my drafts.

if there’s anything else i plan on dropping, i’ll make another post.

thank you all for your patience and understanding. <3

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A short message from the admin, don’t want you all to think I am gone lol. I am very close to finishing all the requests, only 43 left (18 scenarios and 25 hcs), which means I can finally open the ask box again soon! I am excited! Also you know, it’s October and that means…. HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween, so I want to make sure I finish soon so I can make a bit of a Halloween special, that would be great. Please bear with me for a bit longer!

With the shrinking number of requests I also found a few more which I tried to write but eventually had to give up on them. Nevertheless, you can find them at the end of the post, please don’t take it personally that I rejected them v.v

Thanks to everyone who showed some compassion towards my post of the ending of magi. I am pretty much over it. It’s sad but probably better it’s over. I still like magi quite a lot so I really hope the fandom will be able to keep on living, at least until SnB ends and the anime and who-knows-what-is-going-to-come!

Maybe I will have to set the queue back to 2 posts a day soon, since I don’t know if there will be enough requests to keep up this rhythm. For tomorrow there is an additional one planned though because of special reasons.

That’s all, have a nice weekend everyone!

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Why I love the idea of Thace x Haggar

okay, bear with me please. 

1. Theyre sassy as shit. Thace is just a straight up ball of angry-kitty-sass, and Haggars just resting bitch face, and just… Yes, please. 

2. Thace casually trying to flirt with her and she just fuckin. Stares at him blankly. Why he do that. What. Thace sweats nervously. Haggar just stares him down. Shes secretly flattered. And confused by that emotion. 

3. Theyre both so beautiful together. So pretty, so grumpy. 

4. hEiGhT DiFfErEncE 

5. I mean, just consider it people. Please. PLEASE 

         yo i’m magnus i’m 21 and this is my son noah and i’m sO excited to be here lbr. i obviously have something against uppercase letters please don’t hold it against me. i’m gmt+2 right now but going to be in gmt+1 in a week or so. that also means it’ll be like 1 am by the time we open and i’ll probably not be on so long tonight so BEAR WTH ME (wow uppercase letters amazing.) under the cut are some things about noah!!

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Dan/Liam interview snippet: "Hi Liam! How is the wonderful my personal fave CHERYL and your son who looks like you Bear?" Liam rehearshed response. "Please Liam tell them i'm the best most trustoworthy out there. Love love Cheryl. Hate hate Zayn who hates me and you are enemies along with Harry. Does Bear gonna have a little sister named Bee. I'm so trustworthy. CHERYL is the best. So is Simon. I never lie. Tell them Liam." Where's the lie? Bet that's how it'll go.

Hi anon,

lmao probably.  It’ll be a masterclass in shit stirring on Dan’s part and Cheryl praising and ‘bless him’s’ left right and centre re Bear and some nice plugging pre X factor tomorrow. 

I also wouldn’t be surprised if he brings up Zarry but let’s hope that’s not the case.  

At least we know better than to expect nice stuff this time around so I’m prepared.  

Also, C has already said no plans for a second kid currently.

Life is beautiful

Lesbian Spies (currently loving each other at a beach in Casablanca)

Lesbian Dragons

Lesbian Idols

NTR Lesbians

Flower Lesbians

Step-sister Lesbians (It’s not incest, trust me)

Gambler Lesbians

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Lesbian Witches

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UPDATE (Thanks for the suggestions)

MORE Lesbian Witches

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MORE and MORE and MORE Lesbian Idols (Everybody is gay in LoveLive! tbh)

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Sword Lesbians (ya’ll know that one tumblr meme abt sword lesbians, right?)

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Lesbian Bears

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Magical Girl™ Lesbians (contracts are fun,just read the small letters, please)

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Space Lesbians (”cousins”)

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Shrine Maiden Lesbians

Lesbian Fox Spirits

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Non-stop kissing Lesbians (SO MANY KISSES IN THIS ONE)

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all-girl Catholic school™ Lesbians (all-girl schools are fun)

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donghyuck fansites to support

with all that’s been happening i just want to remind that now more than ever it’s important to show appreciation and support not only to donghyuck himself, but to the fansites who have expressed that they will continue to stand behind him. some haven’t voiced their opinion yet, others are generally inactive, so below i have listed the few that have explicitly said that they will support him despite the rumors and the hate he’s been receiving.

feel free to add to this list if any other fansites happen to say anything regarding this matter or if i forgot anything!




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