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I just know Gaster's going to be OK. They call Determination the power to change fate. What good would have been for all of us to change his fate before he gets to see his kids again? I know he'll be okay. I believe it. Stay determined, Dr. Gaster.

No matter what you say, he can’t help but feel scared. But he’ll trust you.  Let’s go with this.

THEME 012: ✧ * º • ☾FROST.❜      — destinatiia

THIS TOOK AGES OMG but it’s ! finally Here ! i stopped doing drafts i hope ur Happy ! so this time i kinda wanted to do smth chrome oriented so ?? credits to … google i Guess lols . i am warning you though : i have like 0 knowledge on basic wtv language this is so pls Bear with me ! anyway , pictures shown on the preview don’t belong to me so credit to their rightful owners. hope there aren’t any problems. if so, message me right away. please like/reblog if you’re using or planning to. and most importantly, hope you like it as much as i do !!

please read don’t repost and claim as your own, don’t use as a base code, don’t move the credit around or put it in another page. don’t steal bits from this code. and i repeat, DON’T TAKE BITS FROM THIS CODE and put it on your own ! even if you credit me, just ! don’t ! do ! it ! i worked really hard . thank you .

  • contained theme
  • one 70px sidebar icon 
  • square-shaped icons option !
  • a lil speech bubble ‘cause i’m Obssest ™
  • a ?? toolbar i guess ?? with those three tiny dots at the upper left corner y’all know about . they can be turned into links if you want !
  • chrome kinda pagination + a cute refresh button and a search box ! 
  • tabbed navigation that features: home + actual navigation with a 300 x 82 header + muses that must be edited manually . these are completely optional .
  • 300px posts and an option for 400px !
  • six customizable links !
  • all my luv n effort

 live preview + code.

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"Stop calling me a loser for only wanting to spend time with you, I'm your husband!" + Jungkook (fluff please!)

for the 160901 drabble game. ♡

title: married life

word count: 677

a/n: ahh I’m so sorry this is short!! ;-; I hope you like it anon and thank you for requesting <3

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long time, no see, huh?

in case you haven’t guessed, some major stuff happened irl that’s been keeping me from updating this blog. i don’t want to get into specifics, but it’s been pretty draining. i hope you understand. well, no, actually i know you understand. because i’ve received so many kind messages from you all telling me to take my time, even though i just up and disappeared for months without saying a word.

thank you, from the bottom of my heart. even the messages just jokingly asking if i was still alive made me smile. and… i’m so sorry. i know i personally get really worried when the people i follow just vanish from the face of the internet. i really hope i didn’t put anyone through that. just. thanks for checking up on me.


I’m on Patreon!

So, as most of you know, my father recently lost his job, and will likely be no longer able to support me or my college education.

So, in light of this, I’ve just launched my own Patreon Page! Ta-dahhhh look at dat ish omg kafhafhaklhfdasf (I had planned on launching it later, but  because of recent events, now seems to be the best time)

There are a lot of comics and projects I have planned to share with you all, but without support, none of them will become a reality. So here’s where you can help!

Supporting me on Patreon will not only allow me fund my art and let me continue doing the thing I love, but it will also help me to continue my education!
Your pledges will help me afford art supplies, allow me to move out of my parents house, pay rent and buy food, and most importantly, let me keep creating content for you to enjoy!


Below I have a run down of all the pledge rewards. If you decide to pledge, then your pledge will be processed during the first week of the NEXT MONTH (thats how Patreon works at the moment) Once your pledge is processed, you get access to everything listed in your pledge tier for as long as you pledge! :D

Here are the different Pledge Tiers:

You’re supporting me, and that’s a big deal.

You’ll get:

  • Access to the Patreon activity feed Here you can more actively engage with myself, view some patron-only rough sketches and doodles, as well as get early info on new and up-coming projects!
  • Hi-Res JPGs Download the latest finished works in their original dimensions.

You’re supporting me even more, and that’s AMAZING!

You’ll get access to:

  • Monthly Sketchbook PDF Every month you’ll get a PDF download of the latest digital and traditional sketches, doodles, drawings, & studies!
  • Works-In-Progress Preview WIPS of illustrations, concept art for comics, WIP comic pages, & more.

PLUS all previous pledge rewards:

  • Access to the Patreon activity feed
  • Hi-Res JPGs

You’re supporting me a LOT, which makes YOU awesome!

You’ll get access to:

  • Comic PDFs Whenever a comic is completed, you will get to download it a day before it’s put up on Gumroadand at no extra cost!
  • Videos & Tutorials Get to view time-lapse videos of my art processes as well as step-by-step tutorials of how I draw things.
  • Poll Privileges Vote on topics that you want me to make tutorials or videos about and more!
  • NSFW Art PDFs Lucky you! You get to view the latest NSFW sketches and drawings all together in a monthly downloadable PDF!

PLUS previous pledge rewards:

  • Access to the Patreon activity feed
  • Hi-Res JPGs
  • Monthly Sketchbook PDF
  • Works-In-Progress

You’re supporting me a TON, and that makes you incredibly cool.

You’ll get access to:

  • Monthly Drawing Request Livestream Every month for an hour and a half I’ll be taking your drawing requests live! Request the thing, I’ll draw the thing before your very eyes. (Will be scheduled once or twice a month)
  • PSD Layered Files Download layered files to get a closer look at how I put my art together!

PLUS previous pledge rewards

  • Access to the Patreon activity feed
  • Hi-Res JPGs
  • Monthly Sketchbook PDF
  • Works-In-Progress
  • Comic PDFs
  • Videos & Tutorials
  • Poll Privileges
  • NSFW Art PDFs

This is a HUGE amount to be supporting me every month, and for you to do so shows some serious love. Thank you so much! You’ll get:

  • EARLY ACCESS TO COMICS You get to view finished comic pages and immediately read and download fully finished comics at no extra cost a WEEK before they are put onGumroad.
  • Name will be featured in all projects You will be credited in every comic and major project released.
  • Option to have OC’s featured in projects Some comics will need crowds or lots of background characters; how would you like it to be your OC’s? Whenever I need to put in extra characters, you have the option to have it be one of your OC’s!
  • Monthly Google Hangouts w/ Q & A Twice every month for 45 minutes each  come chill with me in an invite only Google Hangout and ask me anything that you wanna know!

PLUS previous pledge rewards:

  • Access to the Patreon activity feed
  • Hi-Res JPGs
  • Monthly Sketchbook PDF
  • Works-In-Progress
  • Comic PDFs
  • Videos & Tutorials
  • Poll Privileges
  • NSFW Art PDFs
  • Monthly Drawing Request Livestreams
  • PSD Layered Files

So there you have it! If you decide to pledge, thank you so much! This really helps me a lot, more than you can understand. ;_;

I’ll see you on Patreon! <- (click to head to my Patreon Page)

If you decide not to (and I completely understand) then please signal boost this! i appreciate it a lot TT^TT


Todoko’s Friend/zone part 1 of ? (Kara&Sisters AU)

Okay, so this arc came out earlier than other planned strips for the simple reason I wanted to draw potato boy over there. Welcome Futsuumaru, everyone~! (Or Normalmaru–Whatever.)

If you’re thinking “Why Todoko, again?” Sorry. I can’t help it… she’s my fave girlymatsu =u=;; *guilty*–And anyway this does come after the Atsushi incident as you can see her complaining about it here–And there are arcs planned for all sisters. So, please bear with me. You’re all awesome~!♥♥♥ ;D

[Yer here] | [part 2] (Update Next Week)



Merman au for you guys!!

The main idea of this comic is @gallifreyanlibertea‘s hc!!! Merman Arthur secretly hoard shiny stones is too cute to resist!!! Thanks for feeding me daily hc Mana!!!

It took forever for me to finish these first 2 pages. I really suck at digital drawing but it look neater than traditional works so I have to bear with it *cry eternally*

Let’s hope I can finish the rest soon ;)

you know, when i think about it, in their first weekly idol where suga wanted to give a track he produced for doni and coni. strangely, that track sounds like it could belong to his mixtape, because the sound and feel is different from the usual bts music, and we know that he has been working on that mixtape for years now. but here was suga, bearing his heart and soul for the first time on television and doniconi rejected it. and i know they said it’s not their kind of music, but just imagine how suga felt knowing that he made something for someone and they didn’t like it. listening to his mixtape again (for the 5th time), i understand why it took so long for it to be released. 

if you’re an artist, especially an artist with an inferiority complex, it’s really hard to share to someone something that is a part of who you are and something that you love and put all your love into, and have it be rejected by someone who you look up to or respect. having it experienced first hand and in the most cruel way, not to mention the layers of insecurities and complexes in my personality, rejection of something that you love and is a part of you can destroy a person.

suga is brave and amazing to be able to share his mixtape with us, knowing that there will be people who will ignore it, dislike it, hate it, even reject it. i’m honored to be able to experience something very personal and raw and emotional, to be able to listen to his hopes, dreams, and happiness, to understand his insecurities, fears, and guilt, to read his careless thoughts and careful words, to know min yoongi the humble and caring human being, and suga the powerful rapper of bts, and agust d a force to be reckoned with, and everything else in between.

So, I thought you’d get a kick outta this

About 3 weeks ago my bf emailed NSP and asked if them and all the Grumps would tell me to stop being a furry.

Day after he sent it, got this gem

[submitted to keenveins by @bear-kum


Oh my God, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. 

Blog Announcement

My mother just died. She’s been in the hospital for a while now, but we didn’t think it would go this far.

…naturally, I’m distraught (To put it very mildly).

Please bear with me. We’ve got a have a long road ahead of us, and I think me and dad are going to really have to push ourselves to get though (we’ll get through it, it’s just going to be hard).

I thank you all for your patience so far. I am grateful for each and every one of my followers, and I’m so glad to be in such a kind and community. I’ve never been in a better one.

Four years, 2000 followers. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you.

I’ll continue pinkuboa as long as I’m not tired of game making and or rpg maker, and I don’t plan on stopping either. I’m not sure how this will effect the blog and how I cope (I might throw myself in, I might laze around even more than usual). However, I will close the askbox for the time being. The blog will continue to run on queue as usual.

I’m glad I have made so many friends through the community. Thank you, and take care of yourselves. I promise I’ll do the same.

Welcome to the Overwatch Rp Archive!

On this blog, I will attempt to collect as much Overwatch Rp blogs as possible, all in one handy place. This is mainly done to find new blogs to interact with or to get a good jumping off point as a new roleplayer!

Please note this blog is still very much under construction and ran by one person so please, bear with me.

But with that, welcome, and enjoy your stay!

everyone’s freaking out about the deleted rucas hug and joshaya and i’m freaking out because i really love zay babineaux

Happy Deli~

Time taken to create: 2 hours because I kept on testing out different colors and painting styles on it.

This style takes a while in terms of painting, but I like it so I’ll probably get used to it and finish works faster. <3 I may change up the line-art a little bit, but other than that I feel accomplished with myself.

Please do not steal or repost elsewhere without credit or permission. <3 Simply send me an ask about it and I’ll say yes!!! (Just don’t forget credit~)