so annoying

As long as Sasuke’s HAPPY

Listen up, you little shits,


does not, in any way, prove that Sakura makes Sasuke happy or that he’s happy whatsoever, after where the original manga left off.

This is a line that Karin says, in Gaiden and I constantly see SS shippers use. 

Please show me where the fuck Sasuke seems happy to be married to Sakura. The fact that he called her his wife does not count, that’s not a term of endearment and he’s never even there to be a husband.

Won’t kiss her, hug her, say he loves her, or bless her with that oh-so-romantic forehead poke. He looks dead inside, when he’s with her. I’m not seeing the fondness of even close friends, nothing. 

His reaction to her being sucked into another dimension by the enemy is weak and yet, he still freaks out over Naruto getting hurt.

He doesn’t look happy during what are supposed to be loving moments.

He literally looked happier on his fucking deathbed.

Sasuke’s “relationship” with Sakura does not make him happy. Please, pull your head out of your ass and see what’s so blatantly obvious. 

Things I hate more about my period than my period.

1. Leaking
2. Pads twisting while you wear them
3. Tampons that give you horrible cramps
4. Having to wear the pads because tampons make you cramp
5. Crying for no reason
6. Being a couple days late
7. Being a couple days early
8. Having no motivation because your vagina is screaming

the amount of ignorant people in this world is disgusting. and it’s sad that it’s not possible to educate every single person. what i’m referring to rn is specifically people who keep making dog-eating jokes about asians and i’m SICK OF IT. they’re like “oh its just a joke.” like no, you’re an ignorant dumbass. the majority of china actually doesn’t agree with the dog festival happening. there’s actually a small population that eats dog on a daily basis. and it’s actually illegal to serve dog meat in hong kong and taiwan. and also, there are even other non-asian countries that have eaten dog in the past for survival and even farmers in those countries are still doing that TODAY. but no, everyone thinks that all asians eat dog. people think that theres going to secretly be dog meat at chinese restaurants in america. like no, you’re fucking ignorant. and if you think its just a joke, you don’t realize who you’re hurting. 

It’s no joke. It can be extremely irritating and frustrating at times, but oh so satisfying when you finally find that tiny tiny culprit.

i will never stop rolling my eyes at fandom’s blatant mistreatment and dismissal of princess allura

like yall know good and well had allura been some pastey-skinned prince and went through all the same shit and reacted exactly the same way to literally everything he would be The Ultimate Fandom Fave and he and keith would be the most popular pairing on this hellsite lmfao like i dunno what the majority of you all thought you were getting into when you started watching but maybe you should take a step back & do some introspective thinkin or just fuckin watch something that suits your ’“‘aesthetic’”’ and let actual vld stans just stan vld


Drabble fragment I wrote because I couldn’t sleep due to a stuffy nose.

Ladybug smiled at Adrien, nervous but refusing to show it.

“I am glad you’re okay.” She said, eyes locked with his.

He smiled back. “It’s all thanks to you.”

Had he moved closer, or had she? She wasn’t sure but they were now rather close. Close enough to kiss, maybe?

Before she could work up her courage to ask for a thank you kiss, an arm slung around her shoulder, pulling her back.

“Ladybug!” Alya exclaimed in her ear. “That fight was amazing! You were really in top form today.”

Ladybug blinked at her, dazed by her sudden appearance. “Alya?” She asked, confused.

“From the Ladyblog, yes!” She pulled her away from Adrien and Ladybug glanced back longingly.

Once Adrien was out of earshot Alya’s cheerful voice dropped to a warning whisper. “Ladybug, I love you, but if you flirt with that boy, I’m going to have to slander you so hard. My best friend has dibs. Respect the dibs.”

After a few excited selfies, Alya ran off, leaving Ladybug deeply touched by the fact that her best friend would stand up to a superhero for her. And also very annoyed.

how to win an argument

When you run out of comebacks just insult the person you’re arguing with and call them a random name

“you always think you’re right, heather”

“shut up joel you’re so stupid”

“amber you need to change your attitude”

you will break them