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did you guys know i kinda have a crush on you both. i cant choose, so i just send you guys all of my love!




Where in Dipper realizes that going dark-side isn’t exactly what he’d thought it’d be like.


todays sketches!!! hayden has clothes specifically for when his ink is red because all the pastel colors in his wardrobe wont match. sacha is still so embarrassed whenever his ink is tinted with suwo’s color. maybe he’ll stop being a wuss someday… someday

During tonight’s adventures with @zoroko in Borderlands 2 (which, bear in mind, I am very new to; wanted to check it out after playing TFTBL), things went horribly, terribly wrong when I neglected to read the tiny white text telling me that the thing in front of me was absolutely, positively NOT a lootable object.

I was always adamant that Da Vinci was bisexual, and had no interest in being defined one way or the other, and Gregg and I decided that we were in love. And there’s never anything in the scripts, really, but we kind of seed it throughout. There are moments where we almost have a little cheeky kiss, that wasn’t in the script.
—  Tom Riley, on something about Da Vinci that the fans don’t know. (x)
The Morning After

Hello lovelies! I am here to grace your dashboard with some smutty goodness! Here is the request 99% of you voted that you wanted to read first. Hope you enjoy :-)

           The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, signaling the start of the day, but I had been up for almost an hour. I was always and early riser, very rarely sleeping past eight o'clock. Even though it had been late when I fell asleep the night before, I felt rested and content. Zoe was still sleeping, lying on her side facing me. I gently ran my fingers through her hair and down her back, watching her shoulders rise slightly with each steady breath she took. I took my time, memorizing every inch of her beautiful face in the gray, early morning light.

           Last night had been… unbelievable. She had been mine and I had been hers emotionally for over a year, but we were now each other’s physically as well. It had been one of the most terrifying, exciting, and beautiful moments of my life. Connecting with her that way made me feel powerful and made me fall in love with her even more, if that was possible. It was as if we were two puzzle pieces, fitting together perfectly.

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Send me a number and I'll write a drabble about my muse's past
  1. (childhood) A great day turns terrible in a matter of moments.
  2. (childhood) A good memory about family or friends.
  3. (childhood) A harsh lesson is learned.
  4. (childhood) Meeting a stranger.
  5. (childhood) The loss of someone or something important.
  6. (young adulthood) A new perspective on the world is gained.
  7. (young adulthood) Reality hits hard and hurts terribly.
  8. (young adulthood) Love, lust, or infatuation.
  9. (young adulthood) An awful, stupid mistake.
  10. (young adulthood) Getting into trouble.
  11. (adulthood) What is ‘family’ to them?
  12. (adulthood) How far have they come?
  13. (adulthood) How far do they personally believe they have to go?
  14. (adulthood) The understanding of another person is achieved.
  15. (adulthood) Will it ever be time to settle?
  16. What does 'trust’ mean?
  17. The farthest distance traveled.
  18. Isolation (self-imposed, even if brief).
  19. Isolation (due to circumstances outside of control, even if brief).
  20. Beliefs are shaken.
  21. Knowledge is shared.
  22. Does 'honesty’ matter?
  23. Value is found in something previously deemed worthless.
  24. A question is asked, either aloud or silently. “What made you this way?”
  25. A serious lie is told.
  26. They have to hide. Quickly.
  27. A personal project is undertaken.
  28. Rules are bent for the greater good.
  29. “Explain yourself.”
  30. Someone dies.

I thought of this an immediately knew that it had to be illustrated only problem is I can’t draw muscles or people asjfjakfm 

i apologize in advance to my followers for all the overwatch content that may or may not come in the foreseeable future 

semi-shippy stuff under the cut

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the interaction between genji and mccree is playful and teasing and so cute, you can tell by the tones of their voices, and i bet they talk like that all the time, cute banter on and off the battlefield as a means of making light of everything cuz their lives are Tough but at least they can have fun together (100/10, good content), whereas the interaction between mccree and ha/nzo is literally just ha/nzo being a rude ass (0/10, bad content)