so zetta slow!

So day before yesterday in my trigonometric course at college my professor decided to review some old math and when he mentioned SOHCAHTOA, sines/cosines and tangents, I accidentally screamed “SO ZETTA SLOW!” which resulted in everybody staring at me. He recognized the word “zetta” and I swear he had the goofiest grin I’ve seen yet. He asked if I remembered any of the trigonometry and I couldn’t help but smile and giggle uncontrollably with a nod. He asked me to solve a few sines/cosines and making that “1” mistake ended up in a trigonometric argument. Literally half to most my colleagues were confused and the argument took up the remnant time of the course period. I come back today and take my seat while he greets me with a warm smile, waiting for more math (which is weird because I actually dislike math EXCEPT trigonometry). Continuing the review he once again called me to answer the questions but what he asked almost made me choke. “Would Mr. Minamimoto like to solve this equation?”