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Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 6)

Excerpts from the DVD commentary for The Impossible Planet (with David Tennant, Shaun Parkes [played Zachary Cross Flane], and Will Cohen [visual effects producer] )

Will Cohen: This - not that I often go into fan forums or anything, but this scene caused a bit of controversy.

DT:  Did it really? Why?

WC: …and a certain amount of delight amongst fans because - the sort-of domestic conversation that you have with Rose Tyler.

DT: Ahhh

WC: Talking about mortgages and settling down.

DT: Right

WC: It was the subject of many threads.

Shaun Parkes: They didn’t like that?

WC: Well, there was the usual split

DT: For and against?

WC: That’s what makes it brilliant

DT: Part of this is, of course, as the series goes on there’s a cranking-up of this whole idea of the Doctor and Rose being inseparable and talking about things like this is part of that, I suppose.  Just so the finale of the season, which - if you’re listening to this commentary I presume you know what’s coming for Rose - it’s just to, you know, make that feel all the more painful and poignant when they’re finally torn apart forever.  In fact, I think it’s episode nine when the devil says,“The young girl who will die in battle very soon,” was the first bald reference to what was coming at the end.

SP:   Ooooooohhhhhh

DT:  Yeah, you got it?

SP: But she didn’t die… but she did…

DT:  Well, she sort-of died, didn’t she?  She’s dead in the real world.

SP: She’s dead in the real world.  Hmmmmm.

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[SUMMARY: Edward Blake has sex with a virgin who happens to be the young niece of one of the men he works with.]

Consensual sex.

*Some blog names didn’t tag.

Note: In these imagines I portray Edward Blake as someone who did not sexually assault anyone.

Eddie and Liz.

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Already Gone

Prompt: “I don’t love you, I never have.”

Word Count: 2,011.

Warnings: Foul language, and emotional abuse.

A/N: I wrote this for @bionic-buckyb‘s writing challenge! She recently hit 5k followers (congrats again sweetie) and I decided to challenge myself this once and wrote out this heartbreaking fic! I took a lot of inspiration from a novel I’m currently reading at the moment, and I honestly think it set the right mood for me to take some inspo from. I would also like to say a special thank you to the very kind @whothehellisbella for dealing with me and helping me out big time as I wrote all of this out. As always, please let me know what you all thought of this and I hope you enjoy!

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Sometimes in the training arena at camp half blood
  • Nico: *is missing*
  • Percy: We need someone to fill in Nico
  • Jason: *chuckles* I guess Will's already filling in Nico right now...
  • Percy: Good one bro
  • Jason: Thanks bro
  • Percy: Bro ...
  • Jason: whoa bro everything okay bro?
  • Percy: He was so innocent bro
  • Jason: I know bro
  • Percy: so young bro
  • Jason: it's hard bro, I know
  • Percy: I was his type bro
  • Jason: you're still my type bro
  • Percy and Jason: *sobbing in each others arms*
  • Annabeth and Piper: gods of Olympus what did we do to deserve this
The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader Pt 6

Originally posted by bangsongguk

Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.
Genre: Angst, Mafia life.
Member: Jongup.
Word Count: 2048.
Description: What was it that made Jongup so determined to have you? Is it simple or more complicated than one could handle?

Jongup was never a social child, his nightmare was when his father would knock on the door to his playroom to tell him he had to greet his guests. He was the child that hid behind his father’s legs as he timidly looked up at the frightening men his father mingled with, his business partners Mr Moon told Jongup.

“It would be a shame for such a well known mafia to fall apart because of the next leader in line” Jongup was only four at the time and though he didn’t understand what that man was talking about, his words left an unhealable wound in Jongup’s heart, he spent forever thinking about it. Until he was seven years old and things started to make sense.

Why he didn’t get to go to school, why he didn’t get to go outside and play very often and why there were always such scary looking men visiting his father, everything began making sense to Jongup. And he figured out why he had to be the best, the best of the best, the top of the list and the person that sent a shiver down your spine just by hearing his name because you knew what he was capable of.

Because it would be a shame for his father’s mafia to fall into a pitiful pool of shame and embarrassment.

Not long after Jongup turned seven his father had taken him with him to work for the first time. Jongup was astonished, it was every little boy’s dream but so, so much worse, it was every little boy’s nightmare.

The guns were used in such malicious ways, so many of the men his father worked with had lost their sanity and their sense of humanity long before he was brought into the world by his mother. The sight of the main building sent shivers down his small spine and though his eyes were curious Jongup kept them to the floor to stop as much of it haunting him as he could.

When Jongup was eight years old he was forced to go to work with Mr Moon for the millionth time. Jongup just knew it was going to be another horror-filled day. I only his mother was here to protect him, he wished for her so desperately, with all his little heart, but she never came to his rescue, forcing him to follow his father out the front door of his house every morning.

Jongup was ready, he had pep talked himself as much as an eight-year-old could prep themselves. He was ready for the angry shouts, gunshots ringing in the air, the smell of cigarettes and angry men shouting everywhere he went. But when the car finally came to stop Jongup’s young mind was put into shock, it was a house, a simple, normal looking house and the person opening the door was calm, he was smiling a truly happy albeit nervous smile to his father.

“And this must be young Jongup, what a fine young man you’re growing into” His hair was ruffled and he looked at the owner of the hand, the man who opened the door in astonishment. This man was nice. This man showed no intentions of anything sinful, nothing harmful and nothing against the law.

Mr Moon’s hand on Jongup’s back pushed him into the house, rather gently, like he always was when none of his work partners were watching. Because if this was a work partner he wouldn’t dare touch his son in front of them.

He was told to take his shoes off like the polite guest he was and he looked up into the eyes of the house’s owner and the tall man smiled down at Jongup.

“My daughter Y/N is waiting in the lounge room, you are more than welcome to play with her” The man spoke and Jongup stood dumbfounded.

“Thank you, sir” He sputtered and bowed, and then he rushed to follow the adults into the lounge room. Jongup was waiting for it, a gun to be shown or angry shouts, it was only a matter of time before it would all start and the false atmosphere he felt would reveal what it truly was to him.

But there was no shouting, there weren’t even any weapons in sight, instead, just like the man had promised, a young girl sat tucked into her mother’s side shyly and there was coffee sitting in the kettle, ready to be poured for whoever wanted some. He could only stare, you weren’t brave enough at the time to look him in the eye. If Jongup knew he was shy than you were straight up antisocial.

“Y/N, would you like to show Jongup your toys?” Jongup hadn’t even realised he had spent the past however long it was staring, watching the shy figure in front of him with keen interest. You looked up at your mother and her question seemed to bring you out of your shell the tiniest bit. You presented a sweet smile to your mother, nodding before slipping from her arms and onto your feet.

You looked at Jongup expectantly, waiting for him to stand up and follow you to your room where all your toys were left waiting for you to play with them again.

“Go on son, I’m sure Y/N has lots of interesting toys to play with” Mr Moon gave Jongup a pat on the back with a chuckle and it was then that Jongup realised he was in fact yet to stand up.

“Jongup, come on” Your voice was so sweet, Jongup had never heard anything like it, he had never seen another child in the flesh for that matter, only ever staring at his TV in a daze as he dreamed of having a friend to call his own. You were holding your hand out, oh and how small it was. Jongup realised he was already so much bigger than you the moment he stood, shyly holding your hand and looking at his father as you pulled him away from the living room.

“These are my favourite toys!” You giggled, Jongup figured he liked that sound, the sound of having someone feeling a certain happiness with him, even if it were just for all the toys in the room.

“You have so many” Jongup gasped and you gave another bubbly laugh.

“My dad always said I was lucky, do you think that’s true Jongup?” You looked at him with your beady eyes gleaming at him, there was teddy stuck to your chest as you hugged it tightly and Jongup nodded.

“Yes, but I also think I am very lucky to see you and all of these toys Y/N” Jongup answered and your little mind thought Jongup had never been able to play with such fun things like toys before coming to your house.

“You can play with whatever toys you like Jongup!” You grinned and Jongup stared at you.

What a pretty girl.


“Jongup, you remember Y/N? Her father is in debt to us?” Mr Moon randomly questioned Jongup one day, much further in the future. Jongup gave a nod, of course, he remembered, he could never forget that sweet child like smile and that adorable giggle that sang innocence to him. Jongup was never given the chance to make another friend after that day, of course, he remembered the closest thing he had to one.

“I do” Jongup answered and Mr Moon gave a somewhat proud tsk as his head tilted to the side and he reached into his pocket.

“My son how she has grown, I was right you know, a beautiful young woman is what she is becoming” Mr Moon took a photo from the pocket of his jacket, he passed it to Jongup and his son blinked at him.

“You saw her father again today?” He asked and Mr Moon chuckled as he nodded.

“Of course, and Y/N was there with us, she’s the one who gave me the picture, she’s in high school now” Mr Moon grinned, it was as if he were talking about the achievements of his own child, not the daughter of the man who owed his family his life as well as his whole families but was somehow friends with Mr Moon.

She’s beautiful.

Jongup tried to stop his jaw from dropping, you had grown up indeed, and his father wasn’t wrong, a beautiful young woman you were becoming, your hair was long and you were thankfully still untouched by the darkness of the world which allowed you to show a bright and innocent smile, just like Jongup remembered it to be but matured.

“Wow, she’s growing up” Jongup commented. He wondered to himself if there was ever the chance that you could have gone to the same school, even if it were for a short amount of time, so he could protect to from harm whilst teaching you how to protect yourself so he knew you would be safe when he graduated.

But of course his father had never allowed him to go to school, Mr Moon was Jongup’s teacher in life, anything he ever wanted to know he would just ask his father, and of course that is what he was told when he asked why he wasn’t at school making his own friends. Because he did ask a lot.

“I’m raising you so you can lead this mafia with pride Jongup” Something he was told many times and the words of his father would play in his head of every time he questioned what he was doing with his life.

Right, because this is what I was born to do.

Jongup sighed and Mr Moon looked at him, straightening the jacket he wore and making sure his hair was still jelled away from his face. He cleared his throat and clasped his hands on the table in front of him as he watched his son.

“Jongup, there is an important part of leading this mafia I’ve never talked to you about” Mr Moon started, effectively earning Jongup’s attention and slight irritation.

Great, here we go again.

Jongup fought the urge to roll his eyes and Mr Moon took the photo from Jongup’s hand to sit it on the table, stopping it from distracting the younger male.

“You need to get married in order to be powerful. The most powerful leaders are those with a partner next to them” Mr Moon monotoned and Jongup tensed as he heard those words, marriage, he had never thought he would reach such a stage in his life.

“I know a lot of strong people with daughters that would happily marry you, it would bring strength to them as well, unless, is there someone you would have in mind Jongup?” The picture was right in front of him, it was as if your eyes were boring into him for an answer. Jongup had spent so long in the dark part of the world, he was the devil in so many people’s eyes and he had grown used to his fate. Jongup could never imagine turning your life upside down, but the smirk that had grown to stain his lips became visible as his eyes took in your figure and the picture was back in his hands.

“I already know who I want father” Jongup chuckled to himself and put the picture forward as if they were trading Pokemon cards among themselves.

“You want to marry Y/N? Are you sure about this Jongup? Her family is in debt to us, after all, remember, power Jongup power” Mr Moon’s eyes were widened, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was shocked by his sons wants.

“I know what I want father, you can consider this as the last of their payment to our family” Jongup grinned, standing up and walking away.

“I wouldn’t want to have anyone else” Jongup muttered, thumb swiping over his lower lip as he entered his room. Jongup kicked off his shoes and pulled himself out of his jacket before falling onto his bed.

“And now I just have to hold on until you are of age my princess” Jongup chuckled, as if you were really in the room, sitting next to him and listening to him.

This is shorter than I wanted it to be but I was motivated to get it done and this is what happened! Let me know if you all enjoyed it!


the lil * means there is some type of smut ((;

my stories are from newest to oldest so the more you scroll down, the older the stories will be. zon’t be disappointed in my old writing, bitch. i warned you.

jealousharry is y/n’s and y/n is harry’s.

the morning after - y/n doesn’t do one night stands and harry truly and honestly believes she’s a proper angel or something. 

magnetic - harry and y/n reconnect after 5 years. 

mesmerized - y/n is a fangirl and harry is mesmerized. 

rumors - y/n is upset and harry just loves her way too much. 

*percentagey/n likes control and harry likes to be controlled.

*thirst trap - harry’s on tour and y/n posts a daring game to her snapchat story. 

little black dress [part 1] - harry thinks girls in black dresses are trouble and y/n loves the attention. 

*red cup - harry is a dork and y/n takes an odd liking towards him.

fashion killa - harry thinks competing for an unofficial award of fashion is a bit childish and y/n loves the competition.

a little too young - harry seems to like y/n a little too much for how young she is.

sex on the beach - harry loves free drinks and y/n just so happens to be the bar tender.

*roll up the partition please - y/n loves to tease and harry loves calling y/n peaches.

tattoo counting - y/n wants to count each and every one of harry’s tattoos with her lips and he’s just not one to complain.

fuckable [part 1] [*part 2] - harry thinks his best friend is way too fuckable to still be a virgin. 

*wet dream - harry dreams a not so innocent dream about y/n and y/n is always there to help him out. 

anonymous asked:

Out of the Seven couples and Caleo, who do you think would lose their virginity to each other first?!

That’s a good question, I would definately say Percabeth, but it isn’t because their by fav ship by far, it’s because there are literally no other ships that I think have the chemistry to make love to each other without it being awkward and more like a one-night stand. Here’s why:

I think Jiper wouldn’t sleep together until they are in a relationship with each other longer because not only have they not been together that long, but I think Jason is the type of person that would want it to be very meaningful and essentially perfect. I also think Piper wants to break the Aphrodite child norm. and sleep with someone because she actually cares and about them, which is why I believe Jiper will wait.

Frazel I also think that they are too young and innocent. I mean Hazel is only thirteen and I don’t believe that Frank really has the confidence. I want to believe that he most likely is still insecure about his body and because of this, is sacred to be so vulnerable and intimate with someone so soon. I believe it would be a few years at the least till they even consider making love.

Caleo’s ship well, I have already expressed my dislike for them, but I frankly think they need to get to know each other better. I mean unlike the other ships they haven’t endured “trauma” together which is something that bonds the other couples together. Also, personally I don’t know if Leo would have the confidence to, and if Calypso would even have the desire to.

Percabeth I think definitely would. They are at the age where they would probably think about doing it, but I also think they have been through so much together, and that along with Percy going missing, definitely teaches them to make the most of the time that they have together since they do not know if/when they will get separated again. Also I think they already know that they both love each other so much, so no matter how they do it, they know it means just as much to each other as it does themselves.

Those are my thoughts, however I truly do believe that Percabeth would loose their virginity to each other first since their ages match up, they have the chemistry, and the confidence.

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still waiting for that second alt canon fic ;)

Clexa Week 2017 | day 5 | Alternate Canon/Divergent Canon

It’s a bittersweet feeling.

As she ties the laces of her boots, sat on the edge of her side of the bed, Clarke lets her gaze wander behind herself, where Lexa is sat on the other side, cover still drawn up around her hips.

Lexa’s back is still bare, the lines and circles of her tattoo exposed, stygian tears that run down her back in remembrance of hard times and sacrifice. The little scars that mar the Commander’s back Clarke can see no more, but she knows they are there; she has brushed her fingers and lips over each one of them.

In the serenity of the room, Clarke can almost forget that she is leaving. “That’s why you’re you,” Lexa said, so tender, so understanding, so raw. Sad. Endlessly sad. Yet loving. Painfully loving. Clarke swallows around the lump in her throat, not ready to ponder the words left unsaid.

By the time Clarke has finished making sure there are no traces of the last hours in her appearance (those covered by clothes Clarke wishes would never fade), Lexa is already up, top covering the stains of Clarke’s love, patient hands clasped behind her back, and pants ending on bare feet. She is, somehow, both the image of an innocent young woman and the hardened Commander. How two people can live within one person so seamlessly is still a mystery to Clarke.

She has come to understand, during her unfortunately short stay in Polis, that the Lexa is the embodiment of every person, every clan. She is Trikru, but she wears all other 12 clans of the Coalition with pride, as does her capital. Clarke thinks her lover and Polis are secretly one and the same. Lexa is Polis. Polis is the Commander.

They face each other, fully clothed, measly steps away. They need the distance, Clarke reckons, for she doesn’t know that feeling Lexa’s skin on her own would not finally make her resolve crumble and convince her to stay. Lexa would never do that to her, though. She respects Clarke too much.

“I have to go now,” she says lamely, with a weak gesture towards the door. This goodbye is even harder than their second hello.

Lexa nods. “Yes.”

Again, Lexa doesn’t fumble, doesn’t plead with her eyes, doesn’t ask her to stay. It is, after all, one of the many reasons why Clarke loves her. How much Lexa respects and understands her, listens to her and takes her much less experienced advice into account; never faulting her for the inevitable and the hard choices, yet never ceasing to demand coherence and betterment.

They head to the door and Clarke rests her hand on the handle. “I will come back.” She doesn’t know whether it is something she truly believes or needs to try to believe in order to survive the distance. Leaving Lexa is proving even more difficult than she expected. “I’m sorry I resisted for so long. I’m sorry I didn’t give us more time.”

The tiny, sad smile on Lexa’s lips says all. “It takes as long as it takes.”

Again, Clarke swallows. How can she leave this person, this amazing, understated, misunderstood, outstanding woman, who could make her stay with a word but chooses to let her go?

Clarke’s lips ache with the three words she knows to be true, but she chooses to keep them in. Save them for when she comes back, foster the need to come back to say them.

“It’s time to go,” she whispers finally, her voice a croak, unable to peel her eyes off of Lexa’s despite how much it hurts to read all the words unsaid in them.

What if she takes too long? What if she doesn’t come back at all?

Lexa nods and Clarke averts her gaze, before pushing the handle down, ready to open the door. Then gracile fingers graze the ones on her other hand, seizing them gently. She looks up to find compassionate eyes.

“I will not resent you.”

A sob tears through Clarke’s throat and she crashes their lips together for the last time, hand on the back of Lexa’s neck; pulling her in, wishing that she could take more than the taste of Lexa’s lips back to Arkadia with her.

For all her desperation, passion, need, and already crushing nostalgia, the kiss is gentle. Gentle as the one they shared mere hours ago. Just as emotional, too. This time, though, neither shed a tear.

After she has grabbed everything she needs for the trip back to Arkadia, Lexa is there to see her off, under the resentful glare of Octavia and watchful eyes of Titus. The whole city seems to hang on to this moment.

This goodbye is much stiffer, a mere formality, as though they have already said goodbye and it is only their ghosts now standing by the gates of Polis.

“Thank you for your patience, Commander,” Clarke says, both for show and to show Lexa that she is grateful for not giving up on blood must not have blood. “And thank you for giving us time to return to Arkadia.”

“I seek merely justice, Clarke. I hope that your people will be able to honour my trust.” It is a warning. Another thing Clarke loves about Lexa, in spite of how much it infuriates her: how regardless of their personal relationship, Lexa is not afraid to let her Commander sternness show.

“Don’t worry, Commander,” Clarke reassures truthfully. “Chancellor Pike doesn’t have much time left in command.”

Lexa nods her approval. They have no more excuses to hold off the inevitable.

Clarke nods in return and heads for her horse, Octavia doing the same. The two of them hop on their rides, generously gifted to them by the Commander. Lexa steps up to Clarke’s horse, hands calmly clasped in front of herself. She looks at Octavia, a few feet away, first.

“Ride safely, Octavia kom Skaikru.” At Octavia’s grunt of a reply, Lexa finally turns to Clarke, having merely to tilt her head back and look up. “Do come back, Clarke kom Skaikru. Polis has loved having you here.”

“I fully intend to.” It is all Clarke can do not to let her resolve crumble. “Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim, Heda.”

The tiny smile that pulls on one of the corners of Lexa’s lips is for Clarke’s eyes only. “May we meet again, Ambassador.”

#6 | Game Over

Based off this prompt -  We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

“Get out of the way Jeon”.

“No, you stop trying to get ahead of me. Just stay back, I’m the stronger one here”.

“Pfft, really? Is that why we’re losing here”.

“Hush  ____, just make sure no one attacks from behind”.

“I don’t get it? How is this teamwork if you’re doing all the work. I wanna take part too”.

“Gaming is no joke _____ . Besides you suck at this”.

“And we’re dead. Congratulations Jeon! I hope you’re satisfied with your hard work”.

“I shouldn’t have teamed up with you. You’re a terrible gamer ____”.

“Well atleast I’m keeping you company” you spat out at Jungkook, who for the last hour only managed to get on your nerves.

You thought it would be a great idea to visit the boys with a fresh batch of homemade cookies you baked. But to your utter dismay only Jungkook was only one in the dorms.

Although you didn’t intend to stay, silently excusing yourself after having placed the batch on the kitchen counter, Jungkook who was bored invited you to a game he was hooked on.

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NCT 127 reaction to their GF being accepted by YG Entertainment as a model

…and wanting both entertainment companies to be friends:


Anon: Nct 127 reaction there gf got accepted by YG Ent as model so she cant wait to meet all YG family members and introduce nct to them haha (she likes both ent to be friends)

Thank you for the request! Hope you like it; I’m not sure if I’ve completely fulfilled your brief and that you like it :-D


Originally posted by taeiloves

He’d be ecstatic for you obviously. You had always told him how much you wanted to model and be accepted by a well known enterprise. When he found out it was YG Ent., he felt a little jealous. He knew that this would mean you’d be hanging out around the YG building more now, meaning you were likely to speak with some other models/artists. He’d try his best to be happy for you and befriend some of your friends from there, but he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous about how much time you’d be there.


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d be very vocal with his opinions on this; it wasn’t that it was YG Ent- just that it was a different label other than SM. “Jagi, out of all places?! You chose YG?”, he’d sigh heavily shaking his head. When your face fell and you looked upset from this, he’d quickly rush to you, rubbing your arms gently with his hands. “I’m sorry, Y/N! I am happy for you I swear!” He’d try to apologise for his behaviour, promising you that he’d happily meet your friend from YG and would fully support you.


Originally posted by merrykunmas

I think it’d be sooooo obvious that he was not happy. He’d properly raise his voice a bit and storm out, locking himself in his room. There has always been a bit of friendly competition between The Big Three", so naturally he’d be apprehensive about the situation, probably going as far as to think that you’d betray him and leave him for someone from YG. Of course this wouldn’t be true, and you’d try your hardest to convince him but it would be a while before he calms down and apologises to you.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I feel Nakamoto Yuta here teasing you a little bit. He’d probably fake cry and fake moan about you “leaving him”. This would make your heart break and you’d promise him that you’d leave the company the next day if that was waist he wanted. He defiantly wouldn’t be able to lie to you for long, and would quickly tell you that it was a joke. He’d reassure you by saying that he proud of you and would 100% support you. 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

I think he’d jump up and down with you, congratulating you and basically going super hyper. He’d be very proud of you and would anticipate your photos. However, after the initial reaction, at night or something, he’d suddenly realise exactly which entertainment you were talking about. It wouldn’t keep him up at night for long though; he wouldn’t really care that much. He knew that you would be professional and that it was purely for work. 


Originally posted by zeusmayo

Out of everyone I think he’d be the most “accepting”. He’s naturally very charismatic and friendly and accepting. He’d be your #1 fan, so would be very proud of you. He wouldn’t care one bit about which entertainment you’d be modelling for. In fact, I think he’d be the one asking you to meet your friends YG. Of course he’d get on with them very well, so there’d be nothing to worry about. 


Originally posted by zeusmayo

I don’t think this lil’ nugget would say much to be honest. He’s a very awkward individual and probably doesn’t tell you everything that’s on his mind. Possibly, he could feel a little threatened though, by the fact that you’d be meeting new people, people more “interesting” or “talented” than him. Although he wouldn’t tell you this, because you knew him well, you’d easily be able to read his facial expressions and know this. You’d constantly tell him how much you loved him and wouldn’t leave him and that you wouldn’t look at anyone else - for which, he secretly thanked you for.


Originally posted by y-ta

Mark is still pretty young and sweet and innocent, so he wouldn’t really worry too much. He’s a very humble person, what with debuting numerous times under a major label, so would wholeheartedly support you and would help you cope with the stress and demands of the company. He’d get along well with your friends from YG and would even become close friends with some of them too. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

He might feel a little intimidated by this. Haechan is very young and probably still very self conscious (secretly anyway, I mean this guy acts very confident) He’d worry about older men hitting on you or trying to steal you away from him. I don’t think he’d have anything against the company itself, but would be a little apprehensive about the type of people you might meet, of whom he couldn’t protect you from.


Magnus’ pained, heartbroken expression while saying this to Madzie.

How many times has Magnus seen people trying to or taking advantage of warlock children, or new turned downworlders in general? How many times has people tried or taken advantage of him, of Magnus, when he was still young and new to the shadow world? How many times did people approach young and innocent Magnus, promising things, acting as if they truly cares for him? And how many times has Magnus realized that he was being used? How many times has Magnus seen other downworlders realizing the same?

Madzie is so young, and she’s already been used for terrible purposes, by a terrible man. And Magnus is so damn heartbroken.

Magnus is heartbroken. But he tells Madzie what is happening anyway, because they need to stop Valentine of course, but specially because she deserves to know, even if the truth is painful.

Magnus tells Madzie because she needs to understand, like Magnus understood once. So no one will be able to use she, them, ever again.

A Million Mistakes

WARNING: Mikael is a dickhead. Title comes from, of course, Dear Theodosia.

Original!Caroline AU because that’s my jam, featuring Marcel. Let me know if you want more of this AU, because I’d love to write it.

Read and review here. Sequel here.

Caroline ran her hands through the boy’s hair, comforting him as best she could. “He tries, Marcel. He does.”

Marcel’s shoulders shook with sobs, and Caroline, in that moment, hated Mikael more than ever before. It was Mikael who ruined Klaus, who now ruined Marcel.

“Why, mama? Why is he so mean?” The young boy pleaded. He curled into her, and her heart shattered at the sight of her son, laid so low.

She laid down with him, determined to stay the night. Klaus would just have to sleep alone, that night.

In a whisper, she told her son the secret they’d been keeping from him for two years. “Marcel, I have to be honest with you. The truth is ugly but in order to understand why your father is the way he is, you must know.”

He sniffled, “okay.” With wide eyes, his innocence was still intact, at least a little bit. She didn’t doubt that the next death he witnessed at his father’s hand would rip it away from him.

“Your father was born of an illegal relationship. His father was not the same as Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Elijah’s father. Their father, Mikael, knew that Klaus was not his son and treated him as such. Your father received beatings for every little thing he did. He was never shown love, just anger and aggression.”

“He isn’t angry and aggressive with you,” he pointed out, wiping away his tears.

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“Seems like it’s too late, then.”

“I know that you’re young, Elune, but you must know your value. Jeff’s the type that might take advantage of a person, knowing they won’t say no, so please be careful. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, because he isn’t, but… you’re still so young and innocent, sweetie, don’t let him take that from you.”

“He’s not taking my youth away, Allison! I just want to make him happy, alright?”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”



- Bethany Young as either a spencer or ali lookalike/twin

This is my NUMBER ONE PICK!!! (Tyler Blackburn gave a hint in Us weekly that we’ve NEVER seen AD before but KINDA HAVE so it would make the most sense for it to be her)

- Wren (i’m still a believer lmao but i’m leaning more towards he’s just a big helper *more on this soon*)

- Aria (I know this is so farfetched and I almost didn’t wanna put it but lets be real something has always been off as hell with aria and I think it would be an awesome plot twist if little miss innocent wasnt as innocent as everyone thought she was) 

Charolettes killer:

- Mona or Caleb (to protect hanna as always)

- Ezra (to protect aria & PLOT TWIST, aria’s known the whole time and is just covering for him out of love)

- Wren or Melissa (if it was wren then I would say it was either because he mistook Charlotte for ali and was really trying to kill her OR he was working for AD but then found something out and went rogue out of anger or maybe fear… and if it was melissa then its obvi to protect spencer)

Obvi these are subject to change as the final 9 episodes unfold but I just wanted to throw my picks in the running so I can see how wrong or right I was in the end :) Reblog and leave your top picks as well it’s officially the beginning of the end!!!

Name: My true disaster

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival Graves gets jealous. SMUT.

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Nct 127 Mtl to Fall In Love At First Sight:

Anonymous asked: Nct 127 mtl likely to fall in love at first sight

Author’s note: I’m pretty confident in this list honestly. 😊


WinWin, Doyoung and Jaehyun: They all seem like sweethearts that would definately fall in love at first sight. WinWin is just so innocent and Doyoung is so caring and very emotionally aware. Jaehyun is just as sweet as a chocolate factory so I imagine he’s also someone to fall in love fairly easily.

Haechan, Taeyong and Mark: Still probably would fall in love at first sight but are more careful about it. Haechan is just so young so I doubt he feels like he’s old enough to be in love with someone. Taeyong is more closed off but still kind of an open wound that could get infected with love at first sight. Mark is sort of the same as Taeyong I imagine.

Yuta and Taeil: I don’t think they believe in ‘love at first sight’. I only say that because Yuta seems to be pretty aware in how love works and doesn’t think it works like that and Taeil is the oldest and probably has some experience with love. So they may already see ‘love at first sight’ as bullshit.

Johnny: He seems like too much of a player to fall in love and get trapped. That’s no shade towards him or anyone else when I say that. I just get that kind of vibe from him but I could be wrong though I kind of doubt it.

Author’s note: This is based off of what I think so it may not be how they really are. Thanks for requesting and I hope you enjoyed. 😘😊

-Admin Leo

I’m mad. I’m M.A.D. I’m still kinda new to the fandom but I remember joining and growing aware of Jason and Chris’s existence and being like ‘Hey, thank god the gtlive fandom is pure’ (ignoring the occasional stephew nsfw) ‘Thank god, cuz I’ve been in some weird weird sinful fandoms so this is a good change. I thought they’d be shipping the two poor employees but hey, happy surprise.’ and I was happy and I enjoyed my FOUR WEEKS of pure innocent bliss.


So you know what? You like the greek cryptid nerd so much is that so? 




  • He smokes/smoked
  • He’s still really young, probably around 24 or something
  • He drinks wildly
  • He had a really big beard before
  • He cut his hair very recently, it looks fresh


HAIL TO THE CHRASON KING @six-and-a-half-dollar-man

Opposites Attracts

Summary: Phil is a punk boy, now a senior who found out his dorm roommate is a freshman pastel soft looking boy, Dan. the innocent boy drives Phil crazy and it doesn’t take long for him to act on it. They end up making love on their first shared night in the dorm room.

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1,406

Triggers/ warnings: FLUFF, daddy kink, pastel!dan, punk!phil, virginity loss, love making, buttsex, dirty talking, uni AU

A/N: This is probably not as good as the others although i did love what i did with it. i overall feel kinda proud of it and of course feedback and comments are more than welcomed.

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