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Hey su! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. You really mean a lot to me and youve always inspired me through your works. I just find it fascinating how you manage to bring out amazing drawings and radiate positive energy around yourself while dealing with a serious chronic illness. You always see the best in people and have helped me through bad times, spoke to me, encouraged me and made me a better person. I really love you. Happy Birthday angel. - a follower

I for real started crying i love you so much man

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Hey I'm Ash, I'm a board artist on "Milo Murphy's Law" and I was wondering if you'd be alright with me posting the Melissa you drew as a request on our fanart board at work? I've followed you for years now and I really love seeing how far you've developped in your art and how much you have improved. It would be great to have something of yours on the board at work, but only if you allow it!

Yeah of course I’d be okay with it! 

It’s so mind blowing to hear a professional likes my stuff Wow thanks for following me! 

Dynamite Hack starters.
  • "I'll wait for you. I always do."
  • "Nothing bad I've ever done could warrant this."
  • "You picked the wrong disaster."
  • "Tell yourself that I don't care-- the things you say, the drugs you take."
  • "I am so happy here."
  • "Break my heart and sleep around."
  • "Don't say heartbreak."
  • "Maybe someday you'll see that I would like to be with you and you to be with me too."
  • "I said some things I probably should have kept to myself."
  • "Do what it takes to make it through the day."
  • "I can't picture myself without you."
  • "What's keeping me here?"
  • "Oh what the hell, I'm through with you anyway."
  • "I keep thinking, if I could do last night again I'd act so differently... but I guess I'm gonna have to live with this."
  • "You picked the wrong addiction."
  • "I'm fading in and out of your business."
  • "It's just not accepted! It's still not allowed."
  • "I need your love in my arms."
  • "I want to see if you'd ever feel the same."
  • "So stop following me, I've got nothing to say."
  • "There must be something I can do."
  • "I don't want to leave here just yet."
  • "Every single thing I say gets taken out of context some way."
  • "It's getting on my nerves, so let's call it a night."
  • "Feelings are like attitudes--bad and nothing in between."
  • "It's a long trek taken without all the people you're used to taking it with."
  • "Through the years you have matured, but you'll always look the same to me."
  • "I've seen all I care to hear of what in me is wrong."
  • "But I disagree. Maybe they will see all the pretty things I see."
  • "It's over now-- it's too late."
  • "Man your soul is rotten, but your teeth are pearly white."
  • "Without you I'm better off anyway."
  • "I sat at home and thought of what to say to you when I saw you again."
  • "You're forcing your way in my life."
  • "I want you less and less each day."
  • "I'm drunk but I want some anyway."
  • "I just don't care enough about this to make the effort to show you that I care enough to try to get you back in bed with me."
  • "Is it true? If you were here, I'd ask you."
  • "You know, these things, they happen."
  • "Guys like you are always so entertaining."
  • "Trust me, I won't be sick of all these words I'll never write."
  • "I never get mad, 'cause I know you and how you can be."
  • "Think of what a great boyfriend I could be."
  • "This should be a break for us-- a night that isn't in a pill."
  • "I don't even have all that I'm cracked up to be."
  • "You gotta' be kidding me."
  • "I just want to be alone, sit here and get stoned."
  • "I don't wanna fight, but you never let it go."
  • "I want out of here."
  • "'I'm a jerk, I'm a dog.' That's what you'll say about me."
  • "So here we are, stuck in Hell."
  • "Got drunk again just to drown out my regrets."
  • "Give me one more chance to try and be a little more unkind."
  • "This isn't how it's supposed to be."

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My entire day literally brightened to see that you'd followed me again. You always make me smile just by seeing your name!!!! I hope you know that you're one of my inspirations and I truly adore you!

Thank you so much for sending me this message, sweetie!! ♥ You have an amazing blog, and your posts on my dash always make me happy! I’m honored to be your follower, and I hope we follow each other till we become two funny old ladies :D


since the endless void of the summer holiday is upon us & im already bored i though id have a go at some archive moodboards ive never actually done these before so this could be interesting and ive been wanting to do something nice for my followers so anyway to enter

> mbf me
> reblog this
> send me an ask with a prompt this can be literally anything within reason the weirder the better (a song, a book, a colour, a vague nebulous concept etc…)
> works best if u reblog/post SOME aesthetic stuff but u don’t need to be an aesthetic blog to enter

i don’t know if ill do all of them depends on how many i get but ill try & do as many as possible

anyway thank u to everyone who’s following me i love u all & hope good things come ur way ♡

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Not the same "hater anon" but a friend of the other one. We've both noticed that you're ripping people off and it's getting increasingly annoying and the more you do it, the more disrespectful you seem to the rest of us. We're saying this anonymously because we don't want your followers to come attack us because I don't doubt for a second that you'd prevent them from doing so. You claim that you don't see the posts, but it's obvious that you do. Sincerely, some one in your orbit and is a friend.

Wow…I, um….I have a lot to say about what you just sent me, dear anon.

I’m honestly completely shocked and hurt by the fact that people think I’m, what….ripping them off????

I swear, I have never intentionally ripped someone off. I promise. My ideas and references are from the exact idea itself or my own mind. I always put sources in the chat posts that aren’t mine, and 75 percent of my sources are from another series, while 25 percent are from my own mind. In terms of theories and headcanons I include in text posts, those are mine, and I didn’t see them anywhere else except for one time back in like 2015. And I don’t rip on people for using or thinking of my theories. 

You know why?? Because they aren’t mine alone!!!! I know it’s shocking, but people can share thoughts!

Also, I do not appreciate at all what you said in the middle there. 

“we don’t want your followers to come attack us because I don’t doubt for a second that you’d prevent them from doing so.”

I’m sorry, what?? What does this mean?? I don’t control my followers, but I wouldn’t egg them on to send hate to others! Also, my true followers are better than that! So bug off!

Finally, I, once again, do not intentionally rip people’s posts off. For god’s sake. Stop.

I think I know who you are, and if you think I’m this kind of person, then you are no friend of mine.

The Signs
  • Just some things about the signs that are purely based off the people in my life.
  • Aries: You truly are such a caring person but your inability to think before you act causes people to constantly leave you. And your pride. You want to have a good time and enjoy things with others but your actions constantly get in the way of that. You have a deep loyalty and love for the ones you love.
  • Taurus: I know so many Taurus and all of them are so fucking chill and hilarious. Very talented people that have such a natural beauty to them. They have this ethereal aroma that makes their simplicity so inviting. Most def the animal lovers of the Zodiac. Yes, they're stubborn but their loyalty always assures me that they'll have my back no matter what. Every girl Taurus i know are absolutely gorgeous and extremely adamant about nutrition and fitness. Every male Taurus i know are amazing cooks and have the best sense of humor. I know a lot of Taurus that are stoners tbh.
  • Gemini: Every Gemini i know, i've met through partying. They are a hella good time and always just want to dance. I sometimes have an urge to punch you because of some of the things you say, but you quickly make me forget about it by showing me what good fun you are. You're extremely easy to talk to and never run out of conversation topics. Your also probably some of the best multi-taskers i know.
  • Cancer: You're so loving and compassionate. Every time i come over to your house all you want to do is make me a drink or food and take care of me. You have a nurturers soul which i think is beautiful. Although, one little thing a person does can flip you over and you often become blind to rational thought. You love and care for your family and all you consider your family so deeply. You just want to give unconditional love and be loved unconditionally.
  • Leo: You have a such a creative hand and are multitalented. I love it when you paint because it's one of the few moments where you're completely at peace and have a patience that only comes out through your art brushes. You're such a beautiful person that often lets their pride get in the way of many things. You truly care deeply about all your loved ones, you often get very protective over them. You're often extremely protective over me. You have a very large and dominate personality that i love to be around because you carry this energy that can make anything fun and exciting.
  • Virgo: You never give yourself enough credit for everything you do. You come off as an arrogant asshole to people that don't know you very well or people you don't care to get to know, but you're one of the most caring people i know. You can't help but live in your head, but I know you'd do anything to sooth the wars in mine. You're such a dork and one of the smartest people i know, i fear getting in debates with you because i KNOW you'll out word me. Pretty sure you read the dictionary as a baby. You're an exquisite soul that's fallen on hard times and i still think the world of you.
  • Libra: You're often too passive and that leads you to randomly snap at people and it hurts you. You try to avoid hurting the people you love so the thought of still doing so, breaks you. You have such a black sense of humor that people are often unaware that you're insulting them. You truly are a sweetheart inside and out but also posses a mischievous aggression that slips out here and there. You have such an alluring charm that has the people around you falling in love with you. You're aware of everything you do, but like to play oblivious.
  • Scorpio: The intensity of a Scorpio is like no other. Your one of the sweetest people i know, but if anything goes sour you can turn into the Devil in less than a minute. I've never had a friend care about me as much as you do, at times it's almost suffocating but i wouldn't want you any other way. You have a way of making me feel like an incredibly special person and for some reason your approval means the most to me. By saying or doing one thing you can anyone feel like they're ready to take on the world.
  • Sagittarius: Your honesty is appreciated but not always wanted. You're fucking hilarious and always know how to turn any situation into a party. Our one-on-one conversations are my favorite because you posses such great perspective that i love learning from and although you can't ALWAYS remain optimistic, you try your damn hardest to. I do wish you had more patience with people and could empathize more. But i'll tell you what... our adventures are some of the craziest stories and without you(the Sags in my life), i would't have experienced so many intoxicating walks of life.
  • Capricorn: Your determination is something i've always been envious of. Your will to succeed is something i've only dreamt of. You have such a bright and light personality with a cold sense of humor that i enjoy. There's this familiarity between us that picks up right where we left off every time we hang out and i think thats significant. You're weird af and i love it, i love that we've always been able to be weird and act like little kids around each other. At times, i do wish you could open your mind a more understand where another is coming from.
  • Aquarius: I love talking to you. Our conversations have incredible depth and you always intellectually stimulate me. You're far more sensitive than people think you are. You do so much for everyone all the time, your the one person i always call when i'm in trouble and you ALWAYS come and rescue me. You can't rest for longer than an hour, you have to always have to be doing something. I love it when you start inventing and making gadgets because you get so excited to show everyone your new creation. You're probably the craftiest person i know and you have the best sense of humor. You also have a lot of fucking friends.
  • Pisces: Your emotions are so deep and intense that sometimes it's hard for you to function. You care so much about your loved ones that you often carry their pain onto you. You're the cutest little button bunny and i just want to hug you all the time. You listen to me endlessly, i'll follow you around rambling nonsense and you don't even care. You're so dazed and oblivious, often in your own world coming up with new ideas for your writings or thinking about all the romance novels you read. You'd do absolutely anything to see me smile. I never want you to cry and i swear when i'm graduated from college and become rich and famous, i'm going to buy you a gigantic palace for you and dad to live in.

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"ummmm explain reiner’s behaviour about krista to me?" Dissociation. If you weren't so obtuse and actually followed the manga, you'd see his """crush""" on Krista is mostly irrelevant because it's so fake, just like Arukuri or Jeankuri. Also oversensitive much? Correcting somebody over something isn't hate. Sorry for you.


LMAO this is one of the most passive-aggressive and obviously butthurt shit I have ever read 

do you like.. ever read what you write LMAOOOOOO

Ooooooohhhkay then My Dear Whiny Ass Little Bitch, good job missing my point which is AGAIN, this: you guys going ahead and pretending reiner/bertolt is “canon uwu” just based on something REINER said about himself (true or not tbh) when there isn’t anything said about Bert AND WHEN THERE’S ACTUALLY CANONICAL PROOF HE’S INTERESTED IN ANNIE is shady AS FUCK. Ok? Was that so fucking hard to comprehend? Are YOU that fucking obtuse?

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Hey, I was wondering if you'd be interested in going to get coffee with me. I love your art style, even though you're a perv. I can see you have many fans , friends, and followers, but I'm hoping you'll give me a chance. So please say yes, buttercup?

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Your post in response to that anon about why Kanan is a bad mentor for Ezra was really interesting and reasoned, and it's given me a lot of things to think about. If you don't mind the question, could you talk a bit about how Maul would be a better mentor for Ezra? (Or how you'd like Maul to be a better mentor for Ezra, since we're so unlikely to see this from canon?)

(This is a follow-up to this ask about Kanan and Ezra’s relationship).

I have many positive things to say about Maul as Ezra’s mentor, and one issue. Keep in mind again that I have not seen any part of Season 3 of Rebels, so recent events may or may not further complicate and/or adjust my current opinion. (Edit: and also, please don’t send me spoilers on any events that do happen in Season 3, even if you believe they may/may not change my opinion on things. Thank you, it’s appreciated).

Why I like Maul as Ezra’s mentor:

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  • louis: posts selfie w/ liam
  • louis: posts selfie w/ niall
  • harry: so umm.. do you think you'd want to take a selfie with me
  • louis: follows liam & niall
  • harry: I see how it is
  • louis: follows beckham
  • harry: calls beckham
  • beckham: follows harry
  • louis: have you quite finished
murder child needs home

Yep! Another giveaway.

Plushie is hand-made from felt and polyester stuffing. To enter, reblog this post. You can reblog as many times as you like, but please don’t annoy your followers. A winner will be chosen at noon on Sunday, January 17.

  • You DO have to be following me (sorry)
  • You do NOT have to live in the US– just anywhere an American can ship to

Good luck!

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Hi mods! I was hoping you'd be able to help me out a bit. I'm ethnically Russian, and am fluent in both spoken and written Russian. I've noticed a lot of fic writers lately try to use Russian in their writing, and get it wrong. I'd like to offer my help to any writers who need a Russian-speaking beta for their fic or headcanons or whatever, and was hoping you can spread the word so more people will see someone's willing to do the thing. Could you? Thanks for reading this! :) Have a nice day!

hey, what a great idea! followers take note!

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Wait. So you're actually caring about me, someone who lives nowhere near you. And saying you'd break my jaw. And actually giving your opinion on what I wear or listen to. Wow. That's cute man thanks for caring :) too bad I don't.

Yes, yes, and yes. I will never ever see you, but if I ever do, and I’ll know it’s you by the way you’re dressed, I’m going to punch you in the face. Then go to your house and delete your tumblr with your high amount of followers you probably have, and talk to your father about his pains of his skinny-jean wearing son who spends most of his time at his computer.

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I wasn't either of those anon's but I really wanted to thank you for being really respectful and considerate about tagging stuff that bothers people. You'd be shocked how many blogs with similar content to yours (weird science, medical curiosities etc) I've seen outright insult people that request any accommodations and I always find that so annoying and rude. I loved your blog already but seeing you handle that so politely makes me have a lot of respect for you now as well.

Aw, cheers mate! I know I have a somewhat unique blog in that I cover a huge range of 18th-early 20th century stuff, but my followers are generally pretty rad, and honestly, if it’s not a benefit for me to get worked up over, who cares? I’ll for sure forget to tag that shit for a while, but those guys will remind me until I remember, and then it’s no sweat on anyone’s part.

Honestly, I get so many requests that it’s literally impossible to fulfill them all. I still feel sorta bad about that some days. When it’s a simple +tag request, it’s hard to be like “no that’s too much work/no you’re dumb”.

I know I have cute things. I know some people just love my critters and basic anatomy. I know some people love horrific anatomy and hate animals! If you wanna filter my blog, go for it. If you wanna find specific things, that’s why I tag so much! If you wanna hate on me for accommodating others, say your piece! I’m open to everything, even if I can’t respond to everything.

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I think that you being very private about a lot of things on tumblr is admirable and I bet that you'd be a really cool person to become friends with irl.

I like to think I’m cool :P I actually have nothing against people being less private, and honestly if I didn’t have 35k+ people following me, plus people from my school following me, I would probably post a lot more personal stuff.
In fact, I have 2 secret blogs that I use pretty much as diaries. Only one other person knows about them, and they have no pictures or connections to me :P so I do post extremely personal things, but not here where people can see.