so you win some

tfw you love a Thing and your Friends but sometimes the two just don’t mix

Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge | rosetylr vs. padaleckhi
     ↳ Prompt: Versions of Dean | Angel!Dean 

Mob Psycho 100 fight meme: who should you fight?

Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo:

  • um why the fuck would you wanna fight this boy
  • literally he’s the nicest person on earth and he’s already beating himself up plentily enough is there any reason at all
  • I mean if he does fight you one-on-one seriously then you’d lose. there’s no alternative. you can’t win
  • well considering any fight he ever participates in ends with him befriending a buncha people I can understand why you’d wanna fight him. but this boy is also rly easy to be friend with why would you go the hard way.

Kageyama Ritsu

  • as long as he has his shit together he’s gonna win. and this is the boy who has his shit together in captivity of a bona fide psychic organisation. 
  • but you will have a chance if you use bugs
  • but then you have to remember that touching ritsu equals dragging mob into this and he’ll be serious about it. and you know how that’d go so

Reigen Arataka

  • bring earmuffs and keep your aim true. don’t let the arms distract you
  • also you’ll need a lot of luck because that is where he will almost always one up you

Hanazawa Teruki

  • you’re not gonna win unless you’re mob
  • you’re not even gonna be able to get a rise out of him now so what’s the point
  • isn’t he fun enough to observe from armlength why must you fight him all you’re gonna get is defeat and a lecture from a 14 yo kid do you want that

Suzuki Shou

  • no sorry you dont have a chance. this boy sees you and already knows if you want to fight him or not. he’s gonna be ruthless on you without actually doing any harm. he has an army of psychics twice his age. if you have a way to go up against that please tell me
  • unless you somehow can make him loathe you, then maybe he’d slip. not guaranteed tho


  • please fight this bitch
  • us commonners dont stand a chance of winning but it’d still be worth it
  • just fucking quantity over quality if we can even land a hit I’d die happy
jemscorner replied to your photoset “  [16 Days of Outlander]   [1x02 | Castle Leoch]   [Favorite Scene |…”

“ Save a horse … !” 😜Yes, I got that far in the tags! 😘

HAHAH, well then waving it is! And a hug just because you’re the best @jemscorner 😂😘

I’m just so disappointed in you guys. some of you refuse to help cbx win because your bias isnt in the unit? well surprise surprise, with no wins; the chance or exo getting another unit is now a lot smaller. I mean baekhyun is one of the most popular male idols in korea, and xiumin and chen are two of the most popular members in exo. you see where I’m going with this right? sm will not see any gain of making another unit if cbx doesnt win anything, especially bc its popular members. this is an opportunity for exo that you may have wasted because you didn’t see past your bitterness. so congrats.


Widowmaker on attack, Hollywood, Quick Play - no commentary (payload escort fail only)

The other team was better coordinated than we were so we didn’t win, but this video may give you some ideas about using Widow’s mobility in showdowns with an aggressive Pharah. Feat. @hana-blogs as Mercy. 

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i really hate taking pictures on my shitty phone so have yet another oldish photo of me where i look sad but my eyebrows dont look like a cave mans (which is what they do rn) so you know you win some you lose some.

bought myself a giant bottle of pepsi so i can caffeinate myself into the oblivion and stay up late enough to watch the episode live and tweet unfunny jokes about it

also! today i finally watched lost in the white city and even though i found it the film equivalent of watching someone jerk off (which actually happens in the movie) bob was beautiful and talented and thats all that counts really

also part two! happiest of birthdays to @forgivenessishardforus !!

tagging the rest of the bfc cuz they’re my only friends @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @ginalou16 @bellamyblake @hehmionee @adancergirl @sarahkomskaikru @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @jenarchis @bellarkefamlove

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Under the cut you will find a masterlist of 30 six words storiesย that can be used to come up with interesting backgrounds for your muses. None of these are mine - all I did was collecting them together for this list - so credits go to their original creatores. Please like / reblog if you this helpful or plan on using for your own characters!ย 

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