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Even though the film is getting such great reviews by those who have already seen it, how much you wanna bet Dumblr will seek high and low to find at least one bad review and latch onto it and reblog it to infinity as if it's the overwhelming representation of how most critics felt about the film? and I already know they are going to inundate the rating sites so they can try to give it the worst score possible. that's their level of immaturity at this point.

tru. for them it really ain’t about enjoying the movies anymore. they feel entitled. i can honestly say that if reylo doesn’t happen i’d still enjoy these movies. these were never our stories to begin with. whatever happens was always gonna be the plan for it.


‘Mask’ - Personal Showcase Film - 2017

A story about a little, masked, purple person.

This is my final year personal university film, made to showcase my skillz in narrative, character design/animation – and a bunch of pre-production stuff like storyboarding. It took about a month or so to properly animate but many more months prior to plan and work on. I also created the sound in a day, and I ain’t skilled/experienced in sound design/composing so I apologise for the poor quality…

also, just pls be kind with criticism as i’ve already submitted this and I’m v delicate right now ahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahelp

if you wanna see the process behind this, check out my sleep-deprived-produced uni blog pls don’t stalk me lol

Thank you for your patience with me for the last several months!
More art will be coming soon!

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hey! I'm new to your blog (I'm loving all of your writing) and I'm sorry if I'm not specific enough, but here's my request: Cal and reader have been dating for awhile, but reader begins to feel deeply insecure about them self, and it's getting in the way of their relationship because reader doesn't feel good enough for Cal. Cal tries to comfort then and show them that they're perfect the way they are. (I'm sorry if someone has suggested this before, thank you!)

Hello lovely! Thanks for your request, I hope this is okay! :D X

It seemed like you’d been having an ‘off day’ for the past few months now; it felt like nothing was going right and you began to feel more and more hatred and contempt for yourself as the days went on.

It wasn’t just your appearance (though you were cripplingly insecure about every aspect of it); it was your personality, too. Everything about you could be improved upon, and you didn’t know where to start.

It had been a busy day and you stood in the kitchen making dinner, slightly distracted before familiar arms snaked around your waist, accompanied by a chin resting on your shoulder.

Your face screwed up in discomfort as Calvin’s fingers lingered on your waist - it was one of your many insecurities.

In order to escape the predicament you nudged a knife and it clattered to the floor, giving you an excuse to wriggle out of Calvin’s grip to retrieve it.

His arms retracted (much to your relief), and you continued what you were doing until he spoke. His suggestion made you close your eyes momentarily in disbelief.

‘Y/n, I was wondering… we’ve not done a video together in a while. D'you wanna film onetonight?’

The thought of opening yourself up to so much criticism and public scrutiny in your current state of mind made you nauseous to the point of physical sickness and you knew you wouldn’t be able to deal with it… but you didn’t want to tell Calvin how you were feeling; he worried about you far too much and you didn’t want to stress him out.

The look on your face worried him and he knew immediately that something was bothering you.

He found it slightly amusing that you weren’t aware of how well he knew you and your mannerisms - to everyone else you were hard to read, but to him you were an open book.

‘I can’t do a video Cal, I’m so sorry.’ Your voice broke as you blurted the words and he chuckled slightly, though his serious tone of voice didn’t reflect the humour. ‘It’s fine, Y/n. Don’t worry about it.’

The way your body tensed as he slid an arm around your waist and pulled your body to his told him all he needed to know.

'What’s wrong?’ He asked, his voice quiet and concerned as he took the knife out of your hands and laid it flat on the counter.

'Look at me,’ his voice was impossible to say no to.

Sighing as you turned, you leaned against the countertop as his eyes explored yours.

'Talk to me.’

That was just it - you didn’t know where to start.

It crossed your mind that how you felt could be misconstrued as self pity and the thought sickened you, but you were beginning to feel overwhelmed.

'Dinner.’ You blurted, cursing yourself for the shitty excuse as soon as it left your mouth. 'I don’t know what to do for dinner.’

'Oh,’ Calvin raised an eyebrow, wondering what the hell was wrong.

'We’ll just go out for something to eat then. Come on.’

Maybe some fresh air would make you relax and talk to him, he figured. He knew you probably just needed time.

The restaurant was crowded as fuck and you stuck close to Calvin’s side as he made reservations for a table and was pointed to one at the back of the room.

Good; secluded. Quiet.

As you walked through the rows of tables, you could swear that every single person in the room was looking you up and down and judging everything about you.

A grateful sigh escaped your lips as you sat down and the constrictive feeling in your chest began to ease slightly.

Conversation began and your worries and concerns melted away as they always did in Calvin’s company. The food was delicious, though you had to take short breaks from eating because Calvin made you laugh so much.

He was so fucking amazing, you didn’t deserve him.

You didn’t deserve him.

The thought echoed in your brain and you glanced down at the food on your plate.

You didn’t deserve this.

Why did you let him take you out when you could have easily made something to eat?

Because you’re selfish. You take advantage of him. You will never deserve him-

A group of girls walked in who looked like they’d just stepped off a red carpet, and a glance at your own clothes that stood in stark contrast to theirs intensified the hatred for yourself that burned in your stomach.

The girl at the front had long blonde hair and wore a short skirt and a crop top.

She looked fantastic.

Her eyes observed Calvin and she flicked her golden hair over her shoulder as she caught the awareness of her little group and pointed their attention in your direction.

Well, Calvin’s direction.

Calvin’s eyes stayed firmly locked on you and he tapped your plate gently with his fork. Your eyes refocused on him and he smiled an adorable half smile as he spoke. 'Hello?’

He chuckled at your lack of a reaction and you forced a smile as you picked your cutlery back up and tried to resume eating.

A knot had developed in your stomach that was as all-consuming as the self hatred that refused to let you think of anything else other than how inadequate you were.


'I’ll pay.’ The words came out sounding almost desperate and Calvin turned to look at you, incredulous.

'What? No.’ His extremely predictable response made you feel even worse.

'Please? You payed last time.’

'Too late,’ he teased as he handed his card to the man at the desk.

See? All you do is take advantage of him. They’re right about you - you’re an ungrateful bitch who just uses him. He deserves better.


Tears stung your eyes as the car pulled into the driveway and you rushed inside the house, determined not to let yourself fall apart in front of him.

'Y/n!’ His voice was concerned and sincere and a whimper left your lips before you could stop it.

He caught up with you and grabbed your wrist, stopping you from going anywhere.

'Y/n! What’s wrong? Will you just talk to me? Please?’

'You should have let me pay for dinner!’ You inadvertently snapped at him and he dropped your arm, taking a step back from you.

'What? Is that what this is about?’

'Yes! No… I don’t know.’

'What is wrong with you recently? Why won’t you just talk to me?’ He ran his hand through his hair in frustration, beginning to pace around the room.

At that, you exploded.

'Because I don’t fucking deserve you, Calvin! You deserve someone stunning, someone who’s a much better person than me. I’m awful - insufferable. I’m ugly in every sense of the word and I’m so sorry you have to put up with me.’ Tears streamed down your face as a torrent of raw emotion spilled from your lips.

'You deserve someone like that girl in the restaurant - pretty and perfect. You deserve the best, and I’m just not it.’

Your tone became quieter as you realised what this could mean and you collapsed on the sofa with your head in your hands - defeated.

'If you want to end this - us - right now, I wouldn’t blame you.’

Silence blanketed the room as the emotions swirling inside you intensified to an unbearable degree and tears flowed down your face at an unparalleled vigour.

Calvin’s warm arms encircled you and he pulled you to his chest wordlessly and rocked you back and forth in his arms.

That was Calvin; calm during the storm.

You prepared yourself.

'Are you gonna break up with me?’ You managed through your tears, unable to meet his gaze as he held you, and he felt his heart ache for the pain you were feeling.

'No, baby. I’m not going anywhere,’ he said softly as he held you tighter and wiped your tears away with his thumb.

'How could you think that about yourself?’ He asked quietly, his chocolate brown eyes glistening as he imagined what you had been going through while he was completely oblivious.

'Because its true.’ You sniffed and he scoffed. 'I can’t believe you think that. You’re fucking amazing, Y/n. I wouldn’t survive without you. You mean fucking everything to me, and you’re so, so beautiful,’ his fingers under your chin gently encouraged you to look at him, 'inside and out.’

How did he do that? How did he manage to override your illogical thoughts when you found it impossible?

His soft, warm, familiar lips met yours and the kiss tasted like tears but it didn’t matter because he thought you were beautiful.

Inside and out, he said.

And he meant every fucking word.

I hope that was what you wanted! :) Requests/feedback always welcome! Stay safe babies and I luv u!! 


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this is random but i get so annoyed when straight film critics talk about a mlm or wlw film and say "its sooo good i wouldnt even call it a GAY love story its just a love story" like i get it what they wanna say but ??

yea i know what you mean like i understand they’re trying to show that a romance between two men or two women is the same as a romance between a man and a woman but it just comes off as….?? like idk how to describe it

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Hi Toniko! I watched your short Tiny Nomad I just wanna say your films are very inspiring and probably one of my favorites too. Since your graduating soon do you have any advice for incoming calarts students or about animation in general?

Hi forgetfulthings. Thank you so much for your message, and I am glad you liked the film.

I don’t know if I have any good advices, but I will give you my best through my experience alone.
1. Always seek criticism, and strive to improve on both yourself and your work. This one is really general, but its key advice because the type of work we do is collaborative and communitative. Reach out, Always ask someone you look up to (but I say a friend/peer you really trust more) to look at your work, and see how they react to it. You could either take their advice or leave it, but what is also important is that this is a progressive experience and that you and your critic are trying to build upon an idea you want to sell. We all have that voice in ourselves that say “Ugh this drawing sucks!!”, and honestly; its not that bad. However, we all fall into the trap that we are too hard on ourselves that it becomes demotivating, and that you’ll have no idea what to do. Take breaks, enjoy life a bit more (that I REALLY want to talk about soon) and come back to your work when you are fresh. You’ll look at it differently, you’ll either know what to fix or you’ll go “hey, it’s actually alright!” So always seek other people’s advice, and be your worst critic. Keep wanting to learn and improve.

2. We sometimes fall into the trap of wanting to impress someone, or a group of people. I fall into this trap so many times, I don’t even know where to start. Some of my most talented and trusted friends feel this too, so I hope they relate to what I’m saying here. From my experience during a few years ago, I wanted to impress the folks at Disney and Pixar so I tried making a film that catered to them. I was after the 2D animation internship at that time, so I tried altering my aesthetic to the point where you stop having fun with your craft (I’ll talk about that soon to). It becomes stressful, and sometimes you end up with results that you’re not happy with. The good thing about things like this is that it motivates you to get better at your craft, but if you aren’t happy with it, thats when it sucks. I never made any internship throughout my years at calarts, and that you know what, that’s okay. We might feel sad about it (I did) and maybe a bit dissapointed, but remember - these are studios that can either pick you up and then drop you later. It’s not cynical, but it is the reality of this industry. I learned the more I tried to impress someone else, the less fun and love I had with the work I was producing. You’re going to have to do work that you don’t enjoy at some point, but never let it affect your approach to your more personal work.
That’s why it’s important to-

3. Have fun with your craft. Having fun with your craft means you are always finding new ,and exciting things about the work you do. Having fun basically means, you enjoy working with your craft, and that you want to spend time with it. This sort of relates to the last one because when you’re trying to impress something by executing something that you aren’t having fun with, it will kind of show. If you’re going to do something comedic, laugh while working on it. If you’re going for drama, really go deep within your own emotions to tell the story you want to tell. It’s even more special to have fun on the thing you’re working on because the love for your work will show once it is presented.

4. Don’t burn bridges. Keeping a healthy relationship between your peers is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean you’d have to like it. What I’m saying is the people you work with now, might be your future employers or work buddies. I’m not saying you have to be friends with people you don’t like, but just don’t cause any rifts between yourselves. Remember, if its animation, its a collaborative journey.

5. Know your limit. It’s good to be ambitious, but it can also be a trap for you. I fall into this trap all the time, and realize that I don’t have the skills or the time for some of the ideas I try and pull off. I regret doing “epic” things because it went way over my head when I worked on them. I’m not saying you should do something easy (Where’s the fun in that?) but seriously, push yourself as far as you can. Pushing yourself doesn’t mean pushing yourself to death, but going as far as you can and saying that you learned from that experience, and that it was worthwhile. Know your limit so you can do other things like enjoy life.

6. Have fun with life, and cherish it. The thing with animation is that it is an artform that allows us to draw and move things that we can’t do in real life. However, this also means having an experience with life. Hayao Miyazaki made a comment about the japanese industry one time, saying that the industry nowadays is made by people who only revolve their life around animation. This is also true in other places in the world, in America, in France, in Asia, etc. The problem with this is that you get very cliche/overly hashed ideas that seem bland, generic and unrelatable.
Learn to meet new people, find new hobbies, travel with your friends, spend time as much as you can with those who you call “family”. Go on dates with your romantic partner. Eat well, work out, stay healthy and fit. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the rain - just enjoy life. Not only are these life choices healthier, but all these experiences will accumulate to inspiring you into your craft, and influencing you as an artist and human being. It’ll inspire you with stories to tell, and more personal experiences will lead to a more unique way of approaching things. I’ll admit, I have a lot of regrets because I wish I had done more of this - but I acknowledge how important it is, and I will try to improve myself for that.

(SIDE NOTE) Trust me, I’ve had peers that only wanted to talk about animation. It shows in their work, some are good technically but it just sucks seeing something thats been done a thousand times. When I tried talking about something else, or told them I wasn’t going to animate anything that day, they got pretty upset, sent me rant messages about how I have no love for the medium, and will never shut up about it (and I’m a pretty intense guy). No names mentioned, (but if YOU are reading this, you’re a dick.)

Don’t revolve your life around your work too much. Its great to be passionate, but not unhealthy about it.

7. Remember why you love the craft. Its easy to get lost in your work, and get demotivated because either its too ambitious or you don’t know where its going. You’ll have to remember why you wanted to do it in the first place, and why its special to you. This isn’t much of a pointer, but its my little two cents that helps me keep going. That leads to my next note:

8. As rocky balboa said in the most recent rocky film, “It ain’t about how hard you hit, but how hard you get hit and keep moving on.” Your going to get a lot of shit within this industry where people tell you that you can’t do it, and that you are no good. The question is, will you let it defeat you or will you keep going? It’s a tough world, and the world is not always fair. If I were to say this easier, don’t give up. Keep striving to improve, and try staying excited with your work. It’s not easy, but you’ll appreciate your craft even more.

The thing about this industry is that we are all in this together. We learn from another, and we compete with one another. With the age of the internet, its crazy how many young folks there are on the craft, and how easy it is to communicate with one another.

I didn’t want to write this note focusing on just calarts students, but everyone in the craft.

I guess that sums about my thoughts on advices. These are just personal experiences that I came about and wanted to share, and tried making a write up of what I learned from them. I hope this somewhat helps. It may help, or not. Maybe you will have your own experiences, and have your own advices! If you do end up having things to share, please do!


i have finally seen Jupiter Ascending and frankly i will fight a man for this movie. i will die on a hill for this movie. as a dyed in the wool matrix fan i can tell you that this is a wachowski film to the core and I would in fact argue it is a better film than the Matrix. YES. FIGHT ME. 

but what i find realllllllyyyyyyyyyy interesting is the way tumblr talks about this film vs other films that get popular. like, I don’t know if any of you recall a little film called the winter soldier, but when it came out it was sold up and down my dash as this amazing critique of american exceptionalism . i mean, i think probably i have different ideas of what those words mean, but okay, fine. it’s not just a superhero film it’s so deep! captain america is so important! let’s frame by frame analyze steve’s face as he talks about bucky!

jupiter ascending? LOL ITS GARBAGE ITS SUCH TRASH I LOVE IT!!!! and like okay, I’m glad we’re appreciating this film, but. come on. it is not actually inherently less ridiculous in premise than anything in the avengers universe. And what seems to be missing under the ironic yelling about garbage is the fact that Jupiter Ascending is in fact a pretty thorough, explicit critique of eugenics. It’s not a god damn accident the heroine is a russian jewish (?) “"illegal alien”“ woman. Those are all categories that are/were heavily policed under eugenic laws.

This film is smart. It’s goofy, it has million dollar CGI and frankly amazing costumes, but it’s explicit  in its social criticisms. Far more explicit and coherent, actually, than Captain America!! (Captain America is straight up a eugenic narrative, y'all). 

So, why, exactly, are we so determined to talk about this film as if it’s meaningless fluff? 

I mean, I know why, I just wanna hear you say it. 

Sharknado 4: Whatever the Hell It’s Called -- #Swell4Sharknado4!

Hi! I’m Alexander the Swell. You’re probably seeing this on your dashboard and wondering who the poop I am, and why you’re even following my blog. I’m the dumbass that made that “I LOVE SHARKS!” video last year that unexpectedly exploded on the Internet, garnering millions of views across Tumblr and Facebook with the help of people that ripped the video and uploaded it to their own pages instead of linking to my original upload which has a teeny fraction of those views but it’s cool I ain’t even salty about it actually okay I lied I’m a little salty shared it with others!

So, why am I randomly stating all this, you ask? Well, I’m gonna try and keep it short, sweet, and sexy*! An idea popped in my head that I thought would be pretty funny/cool/ridiculous: I wanna get killed by a shark in the next sequel in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning film franchise loved the world over – Sharknado. Even if it was just a quick thing, I think that’d be a lot of fun! I’ve never done or asked for anything like this, but basically, I wanna try and use my 15 minutes of fame to maybe weasel my way into the movie, haha.

If you’re diggitty-diggitty down with this idea and this is something you might wanna see, please share this post! This is all probably gonna fall flat on its ass, but I figured it’s worth a shot! Let’s get this shit trending so that it can hopefully reach the folks behind the movie! Even if you hate my dopey-ass, this is still for you! I mean, you can potentially see me get riggity-riggity wrecked by a fucking SHARK!

Haha, thanks guys! #Swell4Sharknado4!

*Nothing in this post will be sexy – my apologies.