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Some of the very little things I love about fallout new vegas

People really seemed to like the list of little things I loved in fallout 4, so I thought I’d do one for my favourite game in the series:
Little things I love about FNV - go!

- Raul will eat candy and sweet things you put in his inventory!
- Veronica’s reaction when you give her a nice dress
- flight of the valkyries playing as Jason bright takes his flock into space
- no-bark noonan
- the fact your dialogue changes depending on your intelligence level
- your aim slowly becoming steadier as your gun skill improves - it gives a real feeling of improving.
- the fact Arcade will accompany you easily if your intelligence is low enough - because you’re so stupid letting you travel alone is tantamount to murder.
- the graffiti that says “toss my salad Caesar!”
- the fact the legion pronounce “ave, true to Caesar” correctly
- the fact you can “try out” FISTO
- cliff briscoes apartment being FULL of dinky the t-Rex’s
- how fucking cool the NCR rangers look
- the Riot gear you can get in lonesome road
- mr New Vegas’s voice
- “n-heh, there’s the high roller!”
- the pet mole rat in Sloan
- the ending slides showing what happened after the battle of Hoover dam . It was really nice to see how my actions affected the mojave.
- Tabitha and Rhonda’s adventures being made into children’s books
- the freaking entirety of old world blues
- being able to seduce and kill Benny
- being able to kill Benny with his own gun
- what in the god damn
- the fact you can disguise yourself as a faction member, but a guard or higher officer will recognise you if you get too close
- Raul making fun of everything you select on his companion wheel
-there is more and I will add them :)

Who Should You Fight: The Bright Sessions Edition

(idk if someones made this already BUT)

Dr. Bright

Chance of winning: 40%

Homegirl’s a doctor, not a fighter, and im pretty sure theres something in the Hippocratic oath about “do no harm”, but is it for therapists? see rating. She could possibly psychoanalyze her way around you and maybe manipulae you for her own goals, and she’s been taking yoga classes so she’s probably really flexible. If youre fit, go for it. 


Chance of winning: ???

She’d probably get so anxious that she’d time travel and where would that leave you? Alone and with no one to fight. In any case, why would you ever??? Let her rest, she’s been through enough. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Listen. She’s a telepath, she knows youre next move before even you do. You can say “oh shes just an art student!!” all you want but consider: she’s a sculptor and can probably take your eye out with a scoring tool. Do not attempt. 


Chance of winning: 10%

Dude’s a football player, so he’s pretty darn ripped, and probably fast too. Can literally sense fear, will use that to his advantage. Only attempt of you want a challenge. 


Chance of winning: 90%, but at what cost?

This child is an emo wreck and will end up crying on the floor if you hit him, which is not fun for anyone. Also, his boyfriend will 100% beat you up for it, so theres that. And I will also beat you up. Leave this boy alone. 


Chance of winning: 0%

listen I know what the rating says, and we all know why its like that but please, p l e a s e fight Damien, everyone will cheer you on. You’ll fail but it will be glorious. Fight Damien. 


Chance of winning: 50%

He seems like a pretty normal guy? that rating goes up or down depending on what atypical he’s near, but in a fair one on one throwdown? average joe. Go for it for a fun time, he’ll probably take you out for ice cream and a beer afterwards. 

 Agent Green 

Chance of winning: 99%

PLEase fight him it will be easy and hilarious. The guy is a bureaucrat and needs to file forms in triplicate to get authorization to throw down, so time is on your side. Fight Agent Green. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Don’t do it. 

When Two Worlds Collide [Pt.1]

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst & Eventual Fluff

Arranged Marriage!Au

[Preview] [pt.1]

Word Count: 1,742

By myself, I wandered the streets of Rome. On this particular Thursday night, Italy felt still; so quiet and empty. Only the street lights and late night cafes lit the entire city, walking alone at ten thirty in the evening was nice - light cool breezes blowing against my face, hair waving in the air as if it was for some sort of hair commercial. The amount of wind blowing in the air felt refreshing, and even if I were tired it would immediately bring me back to my senses. There are so many famous landmarks here and of course I had to visit one of the most well known tourist spots, the Trevi Fountain.

The fountain held legends, legends that made promises, promises that I wanted to test; to see for myself if I could still have faith in fate and legends. I stopped in front of the centre of the famous fountain itself and pulled out my phone, wanting to capture a picture of beauty that stood in front of me.

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MC taking all the covers (include V and unknown please)

Author’s note: It’s 3AM here & I’m currently in bed so posting this was only fair ♥


  • Impossible
  • It’s basically an ongoing tug of war when the two of you sleep
  • Half the time you just end up on top of him not that either of you mind
  • Even if you sleep feet apart you will ALWAYS wake up cocooned next to him
  • You suggested sleeping under two separate sheets, but Yoosung shot that idea down SUPER FAST
  • “NO!!! I like our night time cuddles…”
  • “But I get sooo hot!”
  • “Then why don’t you sleep outside of the blanket?”
  • “That’s too scary!!!!”
  • “…”
  • “What?? Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “…Looks like you’re stuck snuggling with me!!!!!”


  • He will try to scoot as close as possible to you BEFORE you fall asleep
  • So when you inevitably take away the warm blanket from him, he’s still partially covered
  • Most nights he just holds on to you for dear life so you don’t toss around
  • he definitely has some bruises from where you sleep kicked him
  • There’s this roll and pull method he uses to get some of the blanket from you
  • Basically he rolls you over and gently pulls out the blanket
  • roll you and pull you
  • roll and pull
  • okay good you woke up and gave him back some covers MISSION SUCCESS


  • As SOON as she felt the covers slide off of her, she rolled over and grabbed one of the many blankets she has stashed under her side of the bed
  • She happily covered herself and went back to sleep
  • But then you stole HER SPARE BLANKET TOO
  • She was NOT expecting that
  • You were ruthless in your sleep
  • BUT luckily she still had more blankets I’m telling you she keeps like 5 down there
  • This time she tucked it underneath her nice and firm you’re not gonna get it now MC
  • No more cover thievery occurred that night, HOWEVER
  • When Jaehee woke up, you were missing and she was somehow tangled up in all three of the blankets
  • Why does this always have to happen to her


  • He wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to steal the covers back from you
  • I mean, you were his sleeping angel why would he risk waking you up??
  • Carefully, SO CAREFULLY, he got up and walked over to the closet
  • When he found the fluffiest blanket he wrapped it around him and went back to the bedroom
  • Of course when he got back you had rolled over to the center of the mattress and were NOW TAKING UP THE ENTIRE BED
  • V slept on the couch that night
  • When you woke up and he was gone you panicked DID SOMEONE KIDNAP YOUR HUSBAND
  • You saw him curled up on the couch and what the hell was he doing there???
  • Regardless, you felt bad and made him breakfast ♥


  • You took a bite of your protein bar, “I do not hog all the covers!!”
  • Jumin sighed and leaned up against the kitchen counter
  • “Yes, you do… and try not to talk while you chew.”
  • damn rich kids
  • You glared at him before dramatically swallowing, “…Whatever. I still don’t believe you.”
  • “I have proof.”
  • Without saying another word, he left the kitchen
  • “Don’t just say something like that and walked away!! You know I hate-”
  • “Got it.” Jumin walked back in the kitchen, waving his phone in the air
  • He proceeded to show you photos of you wrapped up in all the blankets
  • “I understand…but… ”
  • “But?”
  • “Why do you have pictures of me sleeping?”
  • “…”
  • “Jumin?”
  • “I sent one to Seven and asked if he could get it developed for me. I bring it in my wallet when I travel so I don’t have to sleep alone.”
  • you smiled and gave him a quick hug
  • “I love you,” you pulled away and kissed his cheek, “but don’t take anymore pictures of me sleeping.”
  • “I won’t… as long as you stop stealing the covers.”


  • Saeran woke up… cold ????
  • He got up to turn down the AC when he saw you all snugly warm wrapped in his blanket
  • So, instead of grabbing another blanket like a NORMAL PERSON, he just lied back down and endured it
  • He literally just shivered until he fell asleep
  • The next morning, when you woke up and saw him STILL shivering, you immediately covered him with a blanket
  • “W-wha-”
  • “Saeran, please don’t tell me you’ve been freezing your ass off all night just so I could stay warm.”
  • “It wasn’t that bad. I’ve been through worse.” someone please give him a hug
  • “I’m just gonna have to give you extra warmth now!”
  • “No-”
  • “Cuddle time!!!!” he glared at you BUT he didn’t try to fight it


  • Hell hath no mercy like a sleep disturbed Seven
  • So when he was brutally awoken by a gust of wind from the fan that he forgot to turn off he looked to see where his blanket had gone
  • Of course he didn’t have to look far since you had it wrapped around your entire body like a burrito
  • “You’re so cute when you sleep… but I’m not dealing with this.”
  • And just like that the covers were RIPPED OUT FROM UNDER YOU
  • and now you’re on the floor
  • You waited for an answer and oh my god he’s already asleep
  • A good 20 minutes of your night was spent fighting off the temptation to suffocate him with a pillow
  • Fortunately for Seven, your good morals got the best of you and you slipped under the little bit of covers your boyfriend had left you
  • When you closed your eyes you felt his arm slip around your waist
  • “Sorry… had to… tired… love you… night.”
  • You would’ve been mad had it not been for how ATTRACTIVE his sleepy voice was
  • “I love you too.”
#8 - “Now go lock lips with your girlfriend before she dies of Calum tongue withdrawal!” - Calum Hood One Shot

Summary: You and Calum have known each other for as long as both of you can remember and have been dating for six years. You and Mali fly out to Stockholm to visit him on their summer tour, leading to some cute and unexpected developments in your relationship.

Pairing: Calum Hood x Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Mild expletives, sexual references.

A/N: This is much longer than I expected it to be, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. If anyone has any requests, then feel free to send me them. Also, I’ve just come up with an idea for a four-part Luke series, which I hope to start either today or sometime this week :)


Flying has never been one of your strong points. From take-off, landing, and everything in between…it always got you worked up. Thankfully, you’re not travelling alone, so you have someone to bounce your nerves off of. Mali observes you as the plane drives onto the runway ahead of take-off. A faint laugh escapes her as she places her hand on top of yours.

“You’ll be fine, loser!” She giggles, squeezing your hand.

You roll your eyes, “Why did it have to be me who got the window seat?”

“I told you we could swap seats if you wanted to, but you told me it would be okay!” She reminds you, trying to hide her giggles.

You know she’s only joking. You’ve known her long enough to know that she would never do or say anything she thought might upset you or make you feel worse. She always has been a close friend of yours – she’s kind of like a big sister to you, but that feels weird to say since you’re dating her brother. Close friend. Yeah, that sounds better.

“And just think…” She begins, speaking softly to you as she leans in closer, “You’ll get to see Calum on the other end.”

She smiles proudly when a small, excited smile creeps onto your face – the way everyone looks at you when you’re looking at or speaking about Calum. Everyone thinks the two of you are sickeningly sweet, and maybe you are, but that’s just the way you’ve always been. Even when the two of you were just friends, you still maintained an adorable affection for each other. Maybe that was just because you had feelings for each other. You can’t really remember, it’s been so long since the two of you made the leap from friends-to-lovers.

Yeah, you’re one of them couples – you know the ones, where the couple have been best friends for forever and then once they hit their teens they become a couple but it’s a surprise to absolute no-one. That’s…sort of exactly how it went with you and Calum, however it was a lot less conventional than just realising you had feelings for each other and going on a date.

You’ve been dating since you were sixteen, and you actually started the relationship off by having a heavy make-out session in his bedroom. It came after you were stood up by a boy you were supposed to be going on a date with. You had been so excited – stupidly excited – for this boy taking you out. He was popular at school and had asked you out randomly one lunch time. Of course, you said yes. You spent a lot of time getting ready on the Saturday night – making sure you chose the perfect outfit, and your hair and make-up was done without a single smudge or hair out of place. You had never been so nervous in your life – not even on your first day of high school – but the excitement was pure and almost overwhelming. You had agreed to meet him at the cinema at 7:30pm ahead of the 8pm viewing, and you arrived first, so you waited outside in the cold and rain, holding an umbrella to keep your hair and make-up right. You waited, and waited and waited and waited. He never turned up, so you turned around and left. At first, you were just going to go back home, but you didn’t want to have to admit to your parents that you’d been stood up, so you decided to go to Calum’s instead.

He knew something was wrong the second he opened the door to you. You’d given up with the umbrella, so your hair was ruined and your make-up was a little smudged around the eyes – which came just as much from your tears as it did the rain. He led you to the bathroom upstairs, just opposite from his room, and hands you a towel to dry your hair with. He excuses himself, before returning a minute later with some of Mali’s clothes for you to change into, and a hairdryer in case you wanted to dry your hair properly. At this point, you didn’t care. He left you alone to get changed, and then you met him in his bedroom, closing the door behind you. You explained the full story to him, and by the way his fingers curled into a fist and his jaw clenched, you could tell he was mad.

“Have you spoken to him since?” He had asked you through his gritted teeth – which, you were surprised to find, made butterflies in your stomach flare up like never before.

You shook your head. You didn’t want this guy to know that you were hurt, or that you had waited out in the cold and rain for him, or that you were too ashamed to go home to your parents after being left humiliated. Deep down, you knew it had to have been too good to be true. This guy was…popular, and cool, and attractive…asking you out didn’t make any more sense then than it does now.

“Don’t speak like that.” Calum spat when you tried blaming it all on yourself, “Y/N…you are the most amazing girl I know. You might not be popular like him, but you’re everything he is AND more. You’re cool, gorgeous, funny, intelligent…the list really goes on. This guy…he doesn’t deserve you. No guy does. There is so much to love about you!”

“Like what?” You’d asked almost instinctively.

Calum thought carefully for a moment, “Well…for starters…the way your nose curls up when you laugh…the way you speak too fast when you’re nervous or excited about something…the way your hands are always so soft…the way you’re always the first person to try and cheer someone up when they’re feeling down, yet never expect someone to do the same back to you…the way you’re always the first person to help…gosh Y/N…just everything about you.”

You must have been feeling particularly vulnerable, because you planted a kiss straight onto his lips without even thinking about it first. You were shocked when he kissed back with full force. It was everything you had been hoping for in a kiss since you had watched The Notebook for the first time. You had never kissed someone like this before – you’ve always been quite shy about stuff like that – but there was something in the way Calum was kissing you back that made you feel super confident. When the two of you pulled away, you were both as surprised and as confused as each other. Your mouths were swollen and your eyes were wild with passion. Neither of you moved a muscle for a good few moments, while the two of you caught your breath.

“Go out with me.” Calum suddenly spoke – and it sounded more like an order than a question.

You furrowed your eyebrows at him, “What?”

“Next Saturday night…let me take you out on a date.” He expanded, “A real date. Where I pick you up from your place, take you out for dinner, go for a walk together, and then take you back to your place and kiss you shyly on your doorstep.”

You thought for a moment. Was this really something you wanted to get into with the boy who had been your best friend for as long as you can remember?

“Okay.” You nodded in agreement, a sudden surge of butterflies soaring in your stomach.

And the two of you have been together ever since. The guy who had stood you up had a serious butt-hurt ego the first time you walked into school hand-in-hand. He taunted you saying it would only last five minutes. Six years later, you’re still going strong, and you couldn’t see yourself ever being with someone other than Calum.

The plane lands and you’re immediately met by the driver Calum had arranged to pick the two of you up at the airport here in Stockholm once you had collected your luggage. Butterflies enter your stomach when you step inside the car, as you remember that it will drive you straight to the venue, so you can watch soundcheck and hang out before the show.

“He’s going to be so excited to see you, bless him.” Mali speaks up during the car ride to the venue, “He was ecstatic when I told him I was able to convince you to come.”

“It didn’t take much convincing.” You laugh, remembering how Mali had cornered you and asked if you wanted to visit Calum with her, which you immediately said yes to, “You make it sound like I never want to put in time to do this, but I always do.”

“I know, but you have so much on at the minute, he didn’t know if you’d be able to make it.” She shrugs, peering out the front window, “We’re nearly there by the looks of it.”

Calum is stood waiting for you outside the back door to the venue. You wish you could say the butterflies at seeing him again stopped when you left the honeymoon phase of the relationship, but then you’d be lying. You think it’s because he’s away so much that when you do get to see him, it’s like seeing him for the first time all over again. Not that you can remember the first time you saw him – you were nine-months-old when you first met – but it feels like what it did when you first started dating.

He hugs Mali first, giving her a good squeeze and swaying from side-to-side as they do so, and asks her how their mum and dad are.

“They’re fine. Missing you, but they’re fine. Now go lock lips with your girlfriend before she dies of Calum tongue withdrawal.” Mali orders, with a grin on her face.

You blush as Calum walks over to you, pulling you into a soft and intimate hug. He holds you there for a second or two, before he moves his head so his face is facing yours. He smiles to you endearingly, “I’m so glad you could make it, beautiful girl.”

You smile at his nickname for you, “Me too, beautiful boy.”

He giggles, before cupping your face in his hands, and leaving a light peck on your lips. He pulls away almost immediately. You smile, and re-connect your lips to his. This time, your kiss is longer and more passionate. It reminds you of your first kiss, but you reign it in when Mali starts taking the piss.

You pull away, and Calum rolls his eyes. “Seriously, Mal? I haven’t seen her in a couple of months and I’m just not supposed to show her how much I love her?”

Mali pretends to throw up, “Of course you can. But not in front of your sister and not out in the open like this. Come on, let’s go inside and see the boys.”

“Really? I’ve already seen the only boy that matters.” You smile, as Calum kisses you softly on the forehead in response.

Mali tuts, “You know, sometimes you two are so sweet it’s gross.”

With that, she heads into the venue, leaving you and Calum alone in the large car park round the back of the venue. Calum turns to you, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, baby.” You smile, happily.

Calum bites his lips, “I can’t wait until I can get you alone tonight.”

Your cheeks redden as you roll your eyes. You know he loves how you react to him. “Come on, Hood. As much as I would love to stay out here and hear why exactly that might be, your sister’s probably right. I should probably go in and say hello to the other boys.”

Calum groans playfully, before following you in.

The boys are busy chatting to Mali when the two of you step into the room, a bout of wolf whistles echoing around the room as the boys and the crew turn their attention to you. You and Calum blush before you greet the other boys and join in their conversation, Calum practically hanging off you like a clingy puppy. Other people might not like that in a partner, but you sure have no problem with it.

It’s not long after that, that the boys have to go for soundcheck, so you and Mali follow them out and stand in the arena with the fans that have been lucky enough to get soundcheck tickets. You feel lucky that the fans all seem to like you, because you’ve seen the way some of the other boys’ girlfriends are treated by the fans and it’s not nice. You think they like you better because you’ve been with Calum since before the band really took off – there is no way you could be using him for the fame and attention when you loved him before the band.

You and Mali have the time of your life dancing to each of the songs the boys play and help a few fans think of good questions to ask the boys if they’re struggling to think of one. There’s one point where one girl asks for a suggestion and Mali answers by whispering something to her. The girl giggles and nods her head, before Mali smirks at you and shrugs her shoulders. She’s definitely up to something.

The boys get around to her last, which makes it all the more nerve-wracking to see what Mali had told her to ask the boys. The girl looks to Mali, who nods her head, and then smiles back to the boys.

“My question is for Calum…” She begins.

Calum politely lifts his head up to show the girl he’s listening, and you turn to Mali.

“What have you done?” You whisper.

Mali grins, “Just you wait and see…”

You place your attention back to the girl, who has long blonde hair tied in a high-ponytail, and is wearing a Blink-182 shirt and a short skirt with black tights and black leather boots.

“When are you planning on proposing to Y/N?” The girl asks.

The crowd of fans begin to laugh and whisper amongst themselves as you glare at Mali. That is not the kind of question Calum would have prepared for, and he’s not going to know what to answer with. Of course, marrying Calum is something that’s on your bucket list, but you’re still only young. You’ve also never really spoken about marriage before – even though you both know it’ll happen one day. It’s kind of an unspoken thing – you know it’ll happen, you just haven’t spoken about it yet.

“Umm…you know, I really like your T-Shirt by the way. We are massive fans of Blink 182 here at 5 Seconds of Summer.” Luke says to the girl, obviously attempting to divert the question so that Calum doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Calum holds his hand up to Luke, “No, no…don’t try and divert the question, Hemmings. I’m a man now, I can answer that kind of question without landing myself in too much trouble.”

“You think.” Michael adds.

“You hope.” Ashton adds further.

Calum rolls his eyes at them before turning back to the girl, “Marriage is something that both Y/N and I know will happen one day, but it has to be the right day. When it’s the right time, I’ll take the necessary action. Or, hey, maybe she will. But…for now…it’s just about getting the timing right. But thanks for the question. Nothing like putting me into an awkward position.”

You sigh in relief. He didn’t say anything that would flash warning lights in your mind. He wants to marry you, but he wants to make sure the timing is perfect. That’s fine by you, as you would probably have answered the same. Calum looks over at you with questioning eyes, and you nod back to him, and he relaxes – clearly worrying that he’d said the wrong thing.

Once soundcheck is over, you reunite with Calum who apologises several times over for the awkward question. You shake your head, “Don’t worry about it, babe. I don’t think it’s you who should be apologising…”
He furrows his eyebrows as you glance over at Mali, “Your sister put the girl up to asking that question…”

“Oh, did she?” Calum questions playfully, facing his sister.

Mali shrugs her shoulders back, “What? I thought I’d make it interesting.”

“You made it awkward, is what you made it!” Calum disagrees.

“Well, we all know it’s going to happen someday, so perhaps she was just trying to speed it up a little.” Ashton chimes in.

You sigh, “What’s this? Gang up on Calum and Y/N day?”

“No, it’s knock-some-sense-into-Calum-and-Y/N day.” Michael corrects, proudly.

Calum gives you a smirk, and you know he’s got a comeback coming.

“Aah, I see what this is…” He begins, “Everyone else is unhappy and insecure in their relationships – or lack thereof – that they’re trying to put doubts in our head. Well, sorry boys…if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that there is no doubts when it comes to this girl. I know it. She knows it. That’s that.”

You squeeze Calum’s hand, knowing he’s doing his thing of diverting the heat off you and onto something else. He’s always known that when you feel uncomfortable about something, it’s best to divert what’s making you feel uncomfortable instead of making a big deal out of it. His plan works, and the conversation soon changes to something else.

You, Calum and Mali split off and hang out the rest of the afternoon – going out to explore the city a little bit before returning to the venue ahead of the show.
The four boys, you and Mali, and the crew gather in a circle. Everyone wishes the boys good luck and the boys thank everyone for support. Calum is the last boy to speak.

“Obviously, I want to thank the crew for doing everything they do for us. We couldn’t do shows like this without you guys. I also want to take the time to thank Ash, Mike and Luke for being the best bandmates and best mates a guy could ask for. Thanks to my sister for supporting me in her own weird way and…the biggest thank you of the night goes to my girlfriend, Y/N. I know you’ve got a lot on at home at the minute, so it means the world to me that you took time out of your own busy life to come and visit me. Truly, you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me.” He thanks, and you squeeze his hand to say thank you.

After you leave the huddle, and just before the boys have to go on stage, Calum pulls you off to the side. You look up at him, concerned, when you begin to sense nerves. You know he’s about to play a show, but this just seems off. He’s not normally anywhere near as nervous as this when he’s playing a show.

“Is everything okay, baby?” You ask him.

He nods ever-so-slightly, “I just…I want you to know that…I am serious about marrying you. I hope you didn’t feel as though my diverting and generic answer was me shrugging you off. I want to marry you Y/N, but I just need it to be the right time. And I don’t think we’re there yet. I mean, we’re not even living in the same country at the minute…and I’m touring and working on the album…I don’t want marrying you to be rushed. Because I don’t feel like I need to rush things with you…I know this is it for me, and I know you’ll always be there. I just needed you to know that I’m not stalling or getting cold feet.”

You smile up at him, and cup his cheek in your hand, stroking his soft skin with your thumb. “Calum, I know all that, so you don’t have to worry. You’re one hundred percent right in everything you’ve said. Plus, I’ve been thinking…maybe it’s about time we started thinking of moving in together?”

His face immediately lights up, “Really?”

You nod, “Yeah…I mean, we don’t have to start looking immediately, but…perhaps we should start considering our options?”

He smiles deeply, “I would…I would really love that.”

You press a kiss to his lips, before Michael shouts over to you.

“Hey, you two…there’s no time for smooching!” He yells, causing the others to laugh as you pull away and look over to them. A crew member approaches Calum and hands him his bass, which Calum takes and puts one arm through it, before putting it around his neck.

He smiles to you apologetic, “We’ll continue this chat later. See you later, babe” he says sweetly, pressing a kiss to your forehead and joining the guys at the side of the stage.

“Good luck!” You shout after them, before following Mali out to the side of the stage where you’re going to be watching the show from. She can sense a kind of happiness in you she hasn’t seen before.

“What has gotten into you?” She asks.

You smirk, “Your brother.”

She turns her nose up, “Urgh! That’s gross, but I’m glad you’re happy.”

Hey, she asked!

Biography of Prophet Muhammad - SAW

Biography of Prophet Muhammad - SAW

40 Lessons by Holy ProphetMuhammad (S.A.W)


01. Refrain from sleeping between fajr and Ishraq, Asr and Maghrib, Maghrib and Isha.


02. Avoid sitting with smelly people. i.e (onion)


03. Do not sleep between people who talk bad before sleeping.


04. Don’t eat and drink with your left hand.


05. Don’t eat the food that is taken out from your teeth.


06. Don’t break your knuckles.


07. Check your shoes before wearing it.


08. Don’t look at the sky while in Salaat.


09. Don’t spit in the toilet.


10. Don’t clean your teeth with charcoal.


11. Sit and wear your trousers.


12. Don’t break tough things with your teeth.


13. Don’t blow on your food when it’s hot but u can fan it.


14. Don’t look for faults of others.


15. Don’t talk between iqamath and adhan.


16. Don’t speak in the toilet.


17. Don’t speak tales about your friends.


18. Don’t antagonize your friends.


19. Don’t look behind frequently while walking.


20. Don’t stamp your feet while walking.

21. Don’t be suspicious about your friends.


22. Don’t speak lies at anytime.


23. Don’t smell the food while you eat.


24. Speak clearly so others can understand.


25. Avoid travelling alone.


26. Don’t decide on your own but do

consult others who know.


27. Don’t be proud of yourself.


28. Don’t be sad about your food.


29. Don’t boast.


30. Don’t chase the beggars.


31. Treat your guests well with good heart.


32. Be patient when in poverty.


33. Assist a good cause.


34. Think of your faults and repent.


35. Do good to those who do bad to you.


36. Be satisfied with what you have.


37. Don’t sleep too much - it causes forgetfulness.


38. Repent at least 100 times a day (Istighfaar).


39. Don’t eat in darkness.


40. Don’t eat mouth-full.


‘Send to others to remind them’.

—————————————- -May Allah bless you…! Aameen.


Love is real.


Why do we sleep in the masjid but stay awake in parties?

——————————————-Why is it so hard to talk to Allah but so easy to gossip?

—————————————— Why is it so easy to ignore a Godly text message but re-send the nasty ones?

—————————————–Are u going to send this to ur friends or are u going to ignore it?

——————————————Allah said: “if u deny me in front of ur friends, i will deny u on the day of Resurrection”



If each muslim says astaghfirullah wa atubu ilaih 3 times now and forward, in a few seconds billions will have said it and You’ve got nothing to loose so pass on…..

Never Been Courted

A Wattpad request. I do not own Thorin. He belongs to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Um…none that I can think of. Everybody lives AU

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader

Originally posted by laurensparkesstuff

Your parents looked at you expectantly. What were you supposed to say? “Y/N, dear?” you mother began and you indicated that you needed a moment. You wondered how they could spring this on you so suddenly. “You want me to travel to Erebor, practically alone, to try and win the heart of the King Thorin?” You’d never heard anything so ludicrous.

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We miss one dance and now you’re dating Trashmouth? (Bill x Richie request)

“I got my prompt for this on an ask left on @incorrect-losers-club’s page by @wyattghouleff. I saw ask and I absolutely adored the concept of it. I asked Sydney (the one who originally came up with this concept) if I was able to use it and she seemed really happy to let me use it.

Prompt: It’s the night of the Loser’s Clubs highschool dance, but Stan and Eddie stay home because it’s not their thing. The only two who actually attend from that group are Bill and Richie, who go seperately, but end up seeing eachother and decide to wreck havoc during the dance by spiking the punch.

Pairing: Bichie (Bill x Richie), with mentions of past Stenborough.


“Stan- please. Just this once.”

Bill looked at the tall male, his eyes glossing over as he practically begged the curly haired boy. The dark haired youth looked out from under his his thick eyelashes, trying not to catch the stare of the boy in front of him. Truth be told, Bill didn’t want their yearly tradition to end. Every year, without fail, the two of them would attend their High Schools end of year dance together. However, Bill knew that things would never be the same for them again.

It would be their first dance in the last two years that they wouldn’t be going- if Stan did eventually decide to go- as a couple.

The brunette looked up at the shaking head of his companion, his heart dropping. Of course he wouldn’t want to go, it was the most likely response to something like this, but Bill had thought the two of them had moved past this. “Bill, I cant- You know dances aren’t my thing anymore-” He said, before being cut off by the aforementioned boy. “It’s f-f-fine, forget a-a-buh-bout it. It doesn’t m-muh-atter.” Bill said, walking down his best friend’s driveway, and with no time to spare, he picked up his bike and began to ride down the street. He muttered to himself in disjointed, broken speech as he turned a left corner, pedalling faster than he had in a long time. His breath came out in heart-wrenching sobs, his chest heaving. He had mistakenly thought that things with Stan had finally calmed down. Before he knew it, he was already at the school, staring up at the looming building that had muffled music escaping from every crevice.

Bill wiped at his eyes furiously, determined not to cry. His stuttering only got worse when he cried. The young boy locked up his bike, looking at the building with a look of isolation. He didn’t want to go in without Stan, the thought was too nerve-wracking for him. He lifted a hand to his mouth, beginning to gnaw at his already bitten-down nails and the skin around it. He tapped his foot nervously, looking around for the bikes of his friends, which, as he had guessed earlier, were nowhere to be found. Eddie, he knew, was banned from attending by his over-bearing mother, who was under the delusion that her son was recovering from a bad chest infection. This almost immediately ruled out Richie attending either, as he rarely went anywhere without Eddie. He didn’t expect to see Mike either, as he was homeschooled, and wouldn’t be allowed in the venue. The others- well, he was unaware that anything prevented them from coming along, but he didn’t honestly know if they’d turn up. Like Stan- dance’s weren’t really their thing.

He took a deep breath, stepping up each step almost nervously, reaching a shaking hand up to turn the doorknob. He began to panic as his heated bare flesh touched the smooth metal. What if no one I talk to is in there? What if I have no one again? He shook his head, letting go of the doorknob and stepping back. “I c-c-an’t.” he muttered, hunching his shoulders slightly as anxiety filled the pit of his stomach, and he turned to leave. Behind him, the door opened as a smaller girl in his English Literature stood in the doorway. She looked at his retreating back, shocked, before reaching a hand out and grabbing his shoulder, “Bill! It’s lovely to see you here. Come on in-” She said, leading him in behind her despite his muttered protests as they reached the hall and she walked away as quickly as she arrived. Bill looked around the dance hall, anxiety clear on his face, until his eyes met a face off to the side.

Sitting alone at a table was Richie.

His dark curls were visibly dishevelled, and his dress shirt and trousers were somewhat neat, but he looked bedraggled compared to everyone else. He adjusted his thick glasses, staring down at the floor and his tapping foot. Bill let out a soft smile, making his way over to the isolated boy and sitting down next to him. Richie’s head snapped up in shock, looking at Bill in disbelief for a split second before he broke into a wide grin as he embraced the stuttering boy, “No way did you actually come, Denborough.” he chuckled, his grin widening, “This is the fucking worst dance I’ve ever been too. More boring than doing Eddie’s Mom.”

Bill rolled his eyes, shaking his his head at his rather crass friend, “Beep, Be-Beep Richie.” he mumbled, not having the heart to tell the trashmouth off as harshly as Eddie would have. The  stuttering youth had always had a soft spot for the glasses-clad boy, and he outwardly refused to be as harsh as the others were on him, even if he did get offended by the things the latter said. Richie smiled, viewing it as a term of endearment, “However- I do know a way that we can make this dance a whole lot better.” he said, chuckling at whatever he had planned. Bill quirked a brow, “P-p-p -shit. P-Pra-y tell?” he said, clutching his fingers nervously. Richie just smiled, fishing a small flask from his bag.

“We put this in the punch.”

Bill froze, his eyebrows raising even further, “Where d-did you get-t that from?” he muttered looking at the boy across from him like he was insane. Richie looked down at his shoes and tapped his foot nervously, and Bill knew exactly who he’d gotten it from. He rested a hand on his companion’s shoulder, smiling at him, “Lets d-do it.” Richie smiled as the taller grabbed the flask and dumped the contents into the nearby punch bowl, grabbing two glasses. Bill filled them both, taking a hesitant sip of one of them as Richie drank the other. It tasted bitter, and Bill pulled a face, looking at the cup in slight disgust before drinking the rest of the contents. Bill swayed slightly, looking at the cup with somewhat half-lidded eyes as they both made their way to the door. Richie chuckled and helped him outside, walking next to his best friend, “How about we go for a walk?” he suggested, smiling as Bill nodded eagerly.

Bill grabbed his companions hand, running off and dragging the boy with him until they arrived at the bleachers by the football pitch. He smiled, pulling him up the stairs until they reached the third row from the top and sat down, Bill turning to face his friend, cheeks flushed. “Why are you here, Richie?” Bill muttered, his eyes suddenly downcast, “You d-don’t go anyw-w-where without Eddie, and he’s n-n-ot here, so why a-a-re you?” Richie paused after readjusting his glasses and looked away, playing with his fingers in a rather uncharacteristic manner, “I- uh. I- shit. I knew it was only going to be you here. I guess I- I kind of feel like you don’t get to see me as much anymore- especially not after Stan-.” he stopped, sighing softly and turning to face Bill once again, “I guess I just wanted it to be us again.”

Bill broke out in a grin, surprising Richie, “W-Whatever you wan-nt Trashmouth.” he said, moving a few stray hairs out of the way of the crude boy’s vision, and running a shaking hand through his curly mop. Richie stopped his hand midway through his hair and gulped, “But… Stan-”. Stan was the furthest thing from Bill’s mind as he stared into his somewhat melancholy eyes, and, with a small shake of his head, he leant across slightly and let his lips rest on his friends.

It was a messy kiss. It was uncharacteristically uncoordinated, and Bill tripped over a seat whilst trying to be closer to his companion. It was messy and awkward, a mix of both passion and unease as they both attempted, and failed, to move their lips in sync. But, to them, it was sure as hell perfect.

“BILL! RICHIE!” The shrill echo of Beverly’s voice came from the pitch, as Her, Mike and Ben all stood at the bottom, looking up at the pair knowingly. Richie jumped away from his partner, moving away in order to put a slight amount of distance between the two. Beverly raised eyebrow at this, chuckling at their reactions, “We, being the amazing friends we are, came to pick you up so neither of you had to travel home alone” she said, smiling at the flushed faces of the two boys sitting on the bleachers.

“But we miss one dance and now you’re dating Trashmouth?”

Only Human - Wonho

Word count: 1222


Warnings!: mention of blood, violence, … zombies? … yeah, also rather grotesque descriptions of fighting said zombies. 

I really hope you like it and I’m so sorry this is late but I have a few ongoing fics right now and I’m kind of having a writers block. But I hope you enjoy the story either way.

I also noticed you requested a similar plot on another blog and find it interesting how writers can have such a different creative view on such a similar plot. Anyways, I hope you like mine and theirs just as much! :D 


♥ Thanks for the request @prinxessouo

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Her Breaking, Her Saving

Theme Song Playlist:

Daylight by Coldplay

Buried by Young Guns

Champion by Fall Out Boy

Atlas by Coldplay

Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy

Safe And Sound, Feat. The Civil Wars by Taylor Swift

Everglow (Radio Edit) by Coldplay

Oblivion by Bastille

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Long-Term Fic requested by @barks-andrecreation  !!! You’re brilliant, girl, the brainstorming to this is insannneeeee

Request and details we chatted: AH! Au where lightning and sally adopt Cruz. Jackson storm and Cruz have been dating for a while much to lightning’s protest. Cruz tells lightning that Jackson broke up with her and lightning literally chases him out of radiator springs cuz he’s protective and angry and later when he checks up on her he’s all like: “I’m not perfect, but I’m trying my hardest to do everything to keep you safe.”

Like, cruz’s family didn’t approve of her racing at all so lightning was all like “fine, if you won’t be there for her as a family then I will” and BAM. We’ve got ourselves a dad.

Pretty much spoilers. 

I have a tagline or whatever u wanna call it for this fic.

How far would you go to protect the daughter you never had?

I love this.


Word Count: 9,596 words(crapp)

Warnings: Mild cussing(hell, damn, asses, b*tch said once around mid-end), negligent parents, bad parenting, parent abusiveness scene, breakup mention/talk , past death remembering/flashbacks/dreams, beating/death scene

This starts three weeks after Cars 3

Color references are from color thesaurus pics(google ‘em)

To me, a nuzzle against the fender is kinda the equivalent of a hug in the instances of this story. 

Enjoy this, I had so much fun and effort into thiss!!! I’m so proud of this work, guys, I just…if you want to, read it!!









Two cars. Exact same pace. Sounded exactly like one sound. 


Lightning and Cruz raced at exactly 198 mph down a flat road. The breeze went shooting by them, and the enormous, doming blue sky above them was cloudless and still with the sun giving out light. 

It was Cruz’s idea, really. It turned out that she was that type of car who liked to race around at eight in the morning when it was sunny out. Lightning usually wasn’t, but it was sunny and Cruz wanted to go, so. 

“Hey, you’re keeping up, old man!”

“I’m not an old man, Cruz!” Lightning protests against his racing apprentice. “I’ve done 198 before! You saw it at Fireball beach!”

“Yeah yeah,” Cruz replies before she smirks. “Old man.”

Lightning mildly groans at her persistence. But he then heard a beeping sound. Cruz stopped beside him. She was receiving a phone call through Hamilton. “Gotta answer this phone call real quick. You mind?”

“I don’t mind,” Lightning replies as Cruz drove maybe ten feet the other way to answer the call. 

Lightning watched her from the ten feet distance between the two answer her phone call. At first, she seemed perfectly fine, but then her expression started to grow what seemed to be…sad? Um, nervous, maybe? Something that he couldn’t exactly describe. Like there was something she didn’t want to face. 

“Yeah…Okay, I could be there tomorrow or Sunday…Tomorrow? …As soon as I can is tomorrow because I have to practi-…”

Lightning was absolutely perplexed at the conversation. She was being pressured to go somewhere soon. If it was a race, Lightning would’ve known. Home, maybe? 

Cruz sighed, suddenly. “I could leave late tonight and get there really early in the morning, but I don’t know if you’d like tha-……Wait, how long? I have two big races next week and I need the practice for it-”

Lightning could hear sudden yelling from the phone, and he could see the near-invisible cringe Cruz gave out. “I’ll see what I can work out, but just let me get there first and-..Goodbye, Dickson….Fine. Goodbye, Dad.” 

The world stopped. 

Her dad was threatening her like that?

Cruz, not really realizing he was paying that much attention, drove back over to him. “My family wants me to go home for a few days, talk, and stuff.” She tried to put it plainly, but Cruz was honestly terrified inside. 

“Seems like a bit more than ‘talk, and stuff’. Cruz, he was yelling.”

“Yeah he was, Mr. Nosy, and that’s just what he does!” She partially lied. He did yell a lot, but there was more to it.

“I wasn’t being really nosy, he was being redundantly loud!” He argues. 

Cruz exhales. “I need to leave later tonight. So we should probably drive some more, a few laps at Willy’s Butte. I’ll probably do some workout later to stretch out.”

Lightning just slowly nods. “Okay…” He says. But then, he has an idea that would make him feel a lot better. His face brightens up when he starts to say. “I could come with you, if you want. You wouldn’t have to travel alone.”

“Oh no, that’s okay, Mr. McQueen! My parents don’t really like strangers, anyways, so that would not be good,” Cruz says quickly in a blurting way. She had mostly ignored every time he told her to call him Lightning. 

Lightning sees that she is trying to put on a very sure face about going tonight to see her parents in Texas. But it just wasn’t…right. 

Lightning exhaled. “Okay. Let’s keep going.” They started off on the road again under the sky. Everything else seemed right, but not with Cruz. And he wouldn’t let it be that way. 

They went back into town, an hour later, and Cruz went to workout or pack or do whatever she was doing. 

Lightning went back to see Sally at their house, though. He was pretty concerned. He didn’t know anything about Cruz’s past or family, really. He barely really knew anything about her, really in some perspectives. Lightning had only known her for three weeks, now. He knew she was tough, fast, sweet, and was becoming a bit more confident because of all the new racing and everything. He was happy to see her confidence, racing-resilience, and her own jubilant smile. It was what he wanted for her. 

Sally noticed Lightning come into the house instantly. “Hey, Stickers!”

“Hey, Sal.” There was something different, though, about the way he was at this very moment. Her mind instantly assumed Cruz, he knew how much he cared about her. To Sally, it was actually a bit cute. 

“Is it Cruz?”

Lightning blinked, thinking to first ask her why she thought it was that, but he didn’t. Instead, he answered her because he felt he needed to let out. 

“Apparently her dad called her, and wanted her to come home to Texas for a few days. And by how I heard them talk, they do not have a good relationship.”

Sally frowned. Well that wasn’t good…

“Her dad was yelling at her, and stuff-she even called him by his first name before she called him Dad-something bad made that happen I don’t want her approaching a car who could hurt her.”

Sally drove over from what she was doing merely a minute ago to Lightning. “When was she leaving?”

“She originally planned tomorrow or Sunday, but her dad pressured her to go tonight, so I think she’s packing or working out or something.”

Sally nodded. 

“And you know, I offered to go with her so she wouldn’t travel alone. She said ‘oh no, that’s okay, my parents don’t like strangers anyways’.”

Sally was weirded out, now. “Parents don’t like strangers”? Uh…

“Sally. Something’s wrong.” 

Sally nods. “Yeah, I agree.”

“Good, we should go with her.”

“What?!” Sally exclaims. 


“Stickers, I understand that you’re paranoid-”

“I have a right to be paranoid!” Lightning interrupts in justification. “What if they hurt her, or keep her from racing, I’m not going to let them do that to her.”

Sally is about to open her mouth again, but is cut off sharp. 

“What if they don’t want her racing-what if that’s it? What if they hurt her and she tries to race and she crashes-what if she crashes-what if-” Lightning rambled. 

“Stickers! Slow downn!” Sally urges. She hadn’t seen her husband in a rut like this before for someone. Cruz had brought a lot of firsts when it came to caring about someone. 

“Sally, I’m serious. We can just stay at a hotel, stay around, see if she calls-”

“Why don’t we just offer again?”

Lightning was about to open his mouth, but Sally shut him down with a look and some seconds of quiet. 


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All Is Well in Lorien

Legolas x Reader

Loosely based off this from @imaginelegolas :

Imagine nervously telling Legolas your deepest fears, and having him comfort you over them

You turn away and slip through the trees. Galadriel is still talking to the fellowship, but you will not be missed. The news the fellowship brought is dire, a balrog hadn’t been seen for centuries and even hearing the name brings a shadow to your heart. It was fighting one of these creatures that your father died long ago. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. Immediately, flames, shadow, cries of terror flood your vision. Your eyes fly open and you stifle a cry. You thought you’d been rid of these visions for hundreds of years now. Who knew how long they’ll take to disappear this time?

You attempt to banish such thoughts from your mind and stare at the landscape around you. The moonlight flickers lightly through the golden leaves above, reflecting off the silver tree trunks. It is a sight to behold, though you find you’re thirsting to explore the other regions of middle earth again. As darkness covers the land, chances to do so are getting slimmer and slimmer. You don’t like to travel alone and your brothers, your usual travel companions, are busy guarding the realm against the increasingly common orks. For now, you suppose, you’ll have to settle for Lothlorien. The sight is beautiful after all, and if recent tales are true, even Lorien won’t be able to stand for much longer.

You turn to continue walking, trying not to close your eyes for long lest the visions take you again. You are so lost in concentration you barely notice as you pass a figure leaning against a tree.

“What troubles you?” a calm voice asks.

You start and turn back to the figure, then relax. It is Legolas of Mirkwood. Galadriel must have finished speaking to the fellowship. You shake your head, “It is nothing.”

Legolas straightens and takes a step closer to you, “I have seen many with your manner before. It is rarely nothing.”

You sigh and try to relax your shoulders, “It really is, my lord. I wouldn’t want to trouble you.”

“My lord?” Legolas tilts his head in confusion.

“You are a prince of Mirkwood, are you not? What else am I to call you?”

Legolas shrugs, “Simply… Legolas will suffice. What should I call you?”

“My name is (y/n).”

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, to your earlier statement, it would be no trouble to me. Please, you are in pain.”

You sigh, “Your fellowship’s coming has brought a shadow on our forest. A balrog has awoken in Moria. I can’t say that doesn’t bring back old horrors to my mind.” You close your eyes again and shudder as the balrog’s fiery whip flashes before you.

“You have ill memories of this creature?”

“My father fell slaying one such beast. I was very young. I can only recall brief flashes, but they lurk in the shadows of my mind and grow till I can no more close my eyes without seeing them. In the worst of days they play before me even in my waking hours.” You press your eyes closed and a tear slips down your cheek. Your eyes fly open a second later as a gentle hand wipes it away.

“I am sorry our coming has brought this upon you.”

The tears begin to come faster now and Legolas hesitantly reaches out and pulls you toward his chest.

You wrap your arms around him and rest your head upon his shoulder, glad for the comfort. Legolas holds you tightly and silently.

Eventually as the tears slow, he speaks, “A balrog has awoken, it is true. But fear not, all is yet well in Lorien. A great wizard fell with the balrog into the chasm and I do not doubt there will be quite a battle before the end. Gandalf knows the plight of middle earth and has likely done all he can to prevent the balrog’s return. You also are under the protection of the Lady Galadriel. She will not let Lothlorien fall.”

Legolas lapses into silence and you breath deeply. His words are sincere, though based on uncertainty. Still, you find you are feeling better. Your tears begin to dry and your breathing returns to normal. Finally you relax and Legolas and you pull apart.

“Thank you,” you say softly.

Legolas smiles, “I hope my words have been of some comfort, though I’m afraid I must be off. The others will be wondering where I am.”

You nod and watch as he slips through the trees and is lost in the moonlight.

The night air blows softly in the breeze and you rub your eyes, suddenly tired. You glance to the left as you catch the nearly imperceptible footprints of an approaching elf. The elf steps through the trees and you recognize your brother, Indrilen.

“Hail, Brother.”

Indrilen nods and raises a hand in greeting.

“How are the borders?”

He shrugs, “Nothing significant, save our visitors. Did you have company? I thought I saw another figure from afar.”

You consider for a second, deciding there is no reason to hide the truth, “Legolas. He was out admiring the trees.”

Indrilen raises an eyebrow, “Of course. I’m sure that’s all he was admiring.”

You roll your eyes and give your brother a playful shove, “He was only being nice.”

“Oh! What did he say?”

“Nothing of the sort you’re thinking! We barely spoke,” you feel your cheeks become warm and you turn away, rubbing your tired eyes. As you close your eyes, you frown. This time, you see no vision of balrog fire. Instead, you find yourself staring at Him. You clearly see his straight blond hair and blue eyes. You also see his shy smile and strong shoulders. Confused, you blink and turn back toward your brother.

Indrilen laughs and shakes his head before noticing your serious expression, “Have the visions returned to you as well? Aerin retired early from the watch today.”

You bit your lip, remembering your older brother. Aerin had probably felt your father’s death the hardest and always had suffered the visions worst of all your siblings. “Yes… though they aren’t … bothering me currently.” You say hesitantly, still wondering at the change in visions.

“You are fortunate.” Indrilen sighs tiredly, “I’m afraid they’ve returned badly for me. I must rest now before they get any worse.”

You nod, distracted. “Tired though I am, I have much to think on. I will return to our telian later and I’ll try not to disturb you.”

“That is fine, though I’d feel better if you did not stay awake too long.”

“I am no longer a child, Indrilen.” You sigh. Indrilen is several hundred years older than you, but you have long since outgrown the need for supervision. “If it really means that much to you, then I will stay out but an hour.”

Indrilen nods and turns to leave. He walks silently and lightly, leaving behind no footprints.

Once he is gone you turn away and begin a walk of your own. You follow a familiar trail, barely noting the landscape around you. You pass several other elves as they wander, but pay them no attention. When finally you stop, you’ve gone quite a distance and are standing on the edge of a clearing where the trees still hide you in shadow.

On the other end of the clearing, the fellowship is ascending into the trees to sleep. The hobbits appear nervous to be so far off the ground, but Legolas climbs with ease. You watch them for a time, smiling at their interactions before you turn away. The fellowship have been through so much together and will need to rest in Lothlorien for a little while before they move on. Surprisingly, you now find yourself dreading the day they have to leave. When their coming had at first brought you so much grief. Shaking your head, you begin back the way you’d come. It’s amazing how much one encounter can change everything.

BTS Reaction - Their gf travels to dangerous places for work

Anonymous said: Hi!! Can I get a reaction in which BTS’ s/o has to travel to dangerous places for work? (They work in something like political writing, or foreign affairs) thanks so much! :) xx

*Disclaimer: the countries mentioned are ones I got off a list. A random list off the internet. If you are from any of these countries, I am absolutely, positively not saying they are bad, but they may be dangerous to foreigners from countries that may not have a great relationship with the other country.


“Do you really have to go?” 

Namjoon smiled sadly as he wrapped you in his arms, planting a kiss on your forehead before you backed away slightly to look up at him. You were headed to a foreign country for work - you dealt with foreign affairs for the South Korean Embassy and you frequently traveled.

“Yes, it’s for work. I’ll be back soon, I promise.” You said, hugging him one more time before grabbing your suitcase by the handle.

“Please stay safe. Call me anytime and if something happens, I’ll be on the next flight to you. Don’t get yourself into trouble.” Namjoon scolds, and you roll your eyes but give him a smile as you walk away.


You got an email that night, stating that you had a scheduled plane trip to a country outside your home due to your job. It left late the next night, and you cursed your job for doing this so frequently on such short notice.

Taehyung walked in as you were staring at the screen of you laptop and writing down the details of your flight. He looks at your screen, and then shifts his eyes to your face.

Sighing, he puts a hand on your shoulder and asks, “Where to this time?” 

You look up at him and say, “Sudan,” in a quiet voice, clicking out of the browser. “Isn’t there a lot of violence there right now?” Taehyung asks in a small voice.

When you don’t say anything and walk out of the room, he walks in after you, eyes wide with worry. “You have to stay safe, Y/N. I can’t have anything happen to you. You’re going with other people, right? I’ll give you pepper spray and maybe they’ll have-”

“I’ll be fine, Taehyung. I’ve done this hundreds of times.” You say, kissing his cheek.


The day came when you had to leave for your trip to Somalia. You were apart of a group that provided humanitarian relief to countries stricken with food, water and necessity shortages. It was only a two week trip - but Jin was distraught and worried.

“Jin, come on. I’ll be fine and I’ll be doing what I love, which is helping people. This is important to me.” You said, as both you and Jin walked into the airport.

“I know, and I know you know what to do. But I’ll miss you and think about you everyday, just be safe, okay?”


He hated when you had to leave for work. You traveled a ton - and so did he and the boys for tour. The only good thing was, was that usually, the two of you were gone at the same times. But this time, you had a trip scheduled for the week Jimin has off.

“You really have to leave? On my week off?” Jimin pouted, staring down at you with a pitiful look in his eyes. 

“Yes, Jimin. I won’t be gone for very long, and besides, I’ll have internet so we can skype as much as you want,” you laugh, pulling him to you and kissing his cheek.

He sighs and pulls you in for a longer kiss, then pulls away and says, “But you have to stay safe for me, alright?”


He knew you hated leaving, too. But your job was important to you, and even when you did have to travel, you’d only be gone a short time. 

At the airport, he’d pull you to one of the seats and sit with you while you waited for your flight to arrive at the gate. The two of you would just talk quietly and he’d grip your hand, almost as if he was nervous to let you go.

When your plane arrived and it was time to board, Yoongi would help you stand and hold both of your hands before leaning in to kiss you goodbye, and hugging you tightly before letting you go.

“Stay safe for me, alright princess? I don’t want anything happening to you.”


Of course he was concerned about you, but he was more excited to see what you brought back for him. For every country you’d visit, you promised to take a lot of pictures and get him little souvenirs when you could.

“Can’t I come with you this time?” He pleaded as you were packing your suitcase for yet another trip. 

You smiled and shook your head, explaining, “Next time, babe.” Kissing his cheek, you grabbed your suitcase and headed down the stairs before placing the case near the door.

“I’ll take you up on that. That way, you’ll stay safe because I’m around. No one will mess with you then.” He said confidently, then laughing when you poked his cheek on your way back to your bedroom.


Whenever you left, he’d imagine the time where him and the boys were “kidnapped,” on American Hustle Life. It scared him to death, and it scared him to let you travel alone so much.

There wasn’t a trip where Jungkook begged to come with you, but time after time you’d explain that he’d probably be stuck in the hotel room. The countries you went to could be hostile - you never know what kind of situation could arise and you were trained for something like that to happen. Jungkook, was not.

“As long as you bring a snow globe back for me and stay really safe, then you can go,” your boyfriend said, interlocking your fingers together.

“Thanks for your permission,” you laugh, “but I will bring you back a snow globe.”

By my side

Request: Hi! Love your writings! Can I request Thorin x reader fluff, before smaug attacked erebor. She’s a dunedain, stopping by erebor to get new weapons and Thorin recognizes her as his One and is determined to convince her to stay and live by his side in erebor. She is at first little wary, because of the stories she has heard of dwarves being fierce and not so gentle towards women, but Thorin proves her otherwise. :)

Warnings: none.

(Requested by: @deepestfirefun )


Travelling was a business for one, you always repeated to yourself. Especially after realizing most companions disliked the way you traveled. So, showing up alone outside the grand halls of Erebor wasn’t the most odd thing you’d done. To the people around you, however, a lone travelling woman was a sight to see.

You knew that the moment you stepped into the grand hall, your attendance of the big market would be reported to the King and his kinsmen. But, in dire need of new weapons, you disregarded your usual ‘only-business’ rule and strolled into the hall with a large grin on your face. After all, the Dwarven market wasn’t a sight you saw everyday. And to see their crafting skills up close was a gift.

Little did you know, that you had caught the eye of a certain dark-haired Dwarf the moment you set foot in Erebor.

Your first two hours in the market passed quite abruptly, mainly because you avoided conversation with the brusque Dwarven males and instead chose to be completely focused on their skills. At the start of the third hour, your eyes fell upon a beautiful sword. Immediately, you strode towards the stand. But just as you went to place your hand upon its hilt, a Dwarf did. An unhappy look crossed your face as the Dwarf looked at you, and then wordlessly handed the merchant a pouch of money for the sword. Angrily walking off, you went to look at more stands in the hope of forgetting the beautifully crafted sword.

That midday you walked out of Erebor with a sullen look on your face, eyes glancing down to look at the empty scabbard on your waist. “Best hurry,” you murmured to yourself, “need to cover some ground before nightfall.” But before you could walk away, a warm hand grabbed your wrist. Wishing you had something more intimidating to draw than your small hunting knife, you whirled around with it firmly held in your free hand.

“My lady,” his warm voice said, “I did not wish to frighten you.” Slowly, but warily, you lowered your knife as he released your arm. “Why did you grab my arm?” “I could not help but notice you, my lady,” he admitted, “would you stay?” You took a wary step back. “I hardly know you,” he nodded, “I am aware, but I would like to change that.” You put your hunting knife back in its scabbard. “What do you want from me?” He sighed, “I want nothing from you, amrâlimê, I am just asking you to stay.” “That’s kind of a big thing, when you hardly know the person who’s asking it,” you tried reasoning with him. “Well,” he started, “I am Thorin, son of Thrain. And I would like to accompany you to the market tomorrow,” he explained. “You are royalty,” that you were shocked was an understatement. “That is merely a detail, I am not asking you to stay as a royal guest, I am asking you, -” he gave a confused look. “(Y/N),” you told him quickly. “That is a lovely name, amrâlimê.” You felt your cheeks get warm and looked down quickly. Maybe you had been too quick to pass judgement on Dwarves, as this prince seemed to do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable.

“Will you stay, (Y/N)?” he asked again. “Why me?” you returned. “Have you ever heard of the prospect of soulmates, or as we dwarves call it, our one?” “Are you suggesting that I’m…” “Yes, I know it is a lot to take in, but please amrâlimê, let me explain this to you in a more fitting place than outside our walls.” Shaking your head you take some cautious steps back, “I am not some toy that will be passed around between your kin as you please,” you utter. “What? Amrâlimê wh-” “What does that even mean?!” you exclaim as you take more steps back, before turning around completely and breaking out into a sprint. Thorin immediately takes off after you, but guards stop him as he reaches the end of the bridge, and he can only watch you run off as the sun paints the sky a vivid red.

Balin finds the young prince about three hours later, pacing along the gates while muttering to himself. “Thorin, what’s wrong?” he asks cautiously. And Thorin quickly explains what happened during the short span of him actually meeting you. “And then she said something about not being a toy that we could pass around, and I just, why would she even think of that?” Balin puts a hand on the prince’s shoulder, “there have been rumors out there, that our kin isn’t the friendliest to our women, as a result of the world seeing so little Dwarrowdames,” he explains. “You mean that she thinks that I would do her wrong?” “It is a possibility, and then she could have also just been in shock from your confession.” “I should have known,” Thorin says softly, “it was foolish to throw all that information at her at once, but I could not stand by as she made ready to leave.” Balin nodded, showing his understanding of the inner battle the prince would have felt. “We will search for her in the morning if you wish Thorin, but for now, come inside. Your father worries.”

The next morning, you awoke to the sounds of gruff voices yelling through the woods. Your eyes narrowed as they seemed to get closer. Surely it was not what you thought it to be. Slowly, softly clambering down the tree, you made sure to inspect your surroundings.

“Lady (Y/N), right?” a voice from the bushes on your left said. Maybe, you should learn to scan your surroundings quicker. Rising to full height again, you softly drew your knife. “What is it you want?” The man, no, Dwarf, appeared from the bushes with a soft smile. “There is no need for that,” he said with a nod towards your hunting knife, “I am not here to harm you.” “Then what are you here for?” you asked. “Merely to talk with you, I understand Thorin might have been a bit forward last night,” he explained. “Of course he is behind this, who are you then?” “The name is Balin, at your service,” he smiled as he bowed. “You already seem to know my name,” you said sheepishly as you put your knife away. “Thorin told me,” he admitted. 

“May I try to shed some light on this situation? I understand you are not accustomed with Dwarven culture as much as Thorin hoped you were, and I also understand you heard the rumors down south. Can we sit?” he said, motioning to two fallen logs a little further down the path besides the tree. You nodded. “First things first, are you by any chance anything other than a child of men?” A sigh left your lips as you sat down, shaking your bow off your shoulder and placing it besides you. “I am a descendant of the Dúnedain,” you said carefully. “Ah, well, allow me to explain,” Balin said with a soft smile.

After an extremely long talk with Balin, you found yourself persuaded to journey back with him to Erebor. The next morning, you found yourself in front of the chambers of Thorin. “This was a bad idea,” you said to Balin as you raised a hand to knock on the door. “And he has to understand that this does not immediately mean I’ll stay here,” you added as your hand closed in on the door. “He knows, I informed him, but please (Y/N), at least give him a chance to persuade you,” the older Dwarf said. “Fine,” you agreed as you knocked on the door twice. When the door opened, you were shocked at the scene before you. In the middle of the room a large table stood, with two candles on it and a mountain of food. Besides the table stood Thorin, dressed in a regal blue robe, eyes focused on you. Cautiously, you stepped inside, hearing Balin close the door behind you.

“Amrâlimê,” Thorin breathed out. “Thorin, I feel a little underdressed,” you admitted, realizing that the robe he wore was one for special occasions. “Shush,” he said, “you look beautiful,” he then added. A red colour flushed your cheeks. “I did not know what you would like,” he admitted as he motioned to the table, “so I asked the kitchen for a bit of all.” Your mouth nearly fell open. “You did this…for me?” Thorin laughed heartily, “This is only the beginning amrâlimê, I have an entire day planned for us!”

Maybe, you should try to ignore rumors from now on. Because, this Dwarf in front of you was nothing like the stories you had been told. “Are you hungry?” he asked as he motioned for you to take a seat. “Yes,” you told him as you sat down. He pushed in your chair before taking his own seat. “Then pick whatever you desire, amrâlimê.” “Anything?” He nodded, smiling happily.

After breakfast, Thorin took you to the market, then to the lower mines. He even showed you the Throne room and took you all the way to the highest levels, showing you the amazing view. The following day he took you riding, and the day after he took you on a picnic. When you returned to his chambers three days later, in the evening, he pulled you into his chest. “Amrâlimê, I hope I am not too forward, but I have made you a courting gift,” he said softly, brushing some hair out of your face. You shook your head with a soft smile, even though you had only met him two days ago, you could not deny the connection you felt with him. “Wait here,” he told you as he walked to the back of his room. There, he took out the most beautiful sword you had ever seen. “I noticed, on the first day of the market, you were looking for a sword,” he told you. “I hope you will accept this, as not only your companion in battle, but also as a sign of my love for you.” A soft smile took over your features, “Thorin, it is beautiful,” you told him as he handed it to you. Slowly, you put it down on the table in the room. “What is wrong? Did I move to fast? Is this too soon? You don’t have to give me anything yet, I can wait,” you chuckled as the prince rambled on. “Really, (Y/N), I can wait if I must. I do not intend to rush you int-” a muffled gasp escaped his lips as you softly pressed yours against his.

When you pulled away, Thorin was grinning. “I love it Thorin,” softly grabbing his hand you pulled him with you, “and I think I am starting to love you too,” you admitted. Thorin stopped you before you could open the balcony doors, and pulled you back against him, his lips falling in place against yours.

Three days later, you presented him your courting gift, three beautifully crafted beads for in his hair. It was needles to say that the next day, the braids in his hair stood out to all around him, and he was proud of that. And you? You had your own braids, with Thorin’s old beads.


I hope you like this! I tried my hardest to stick to your request. Thank you for requesting this, I had a ton of fun writing it.

(I am currently redoing my tag list, as I messed up the data I had. Sorry if I promised to tag you, I just cannot find the list of the people I promised. I will soon post something about a new tagging system).

i told my colleague that i’mma travel to singapore alone next week and she gave me the look full of sympathy and said “nooo really? you must feel so lonely :(” no fam i don’t…………. if i hate traveling alone i wouldn’t even plan this trip wtf

Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? (Gaston x Reader)


Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? Part 8

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A courtship began not long after that night. It was done the proper way, Gaston woke bright an early in the morning, ready to take on the world with his dazzling smile and his best attitude. Dressed in his most formal attire, looking rather debonaire with his hair done perfectly and his face cleanly shaven, Gaston made his way into town that day without his friend. He chose the best bouquet he saw, a beautiful mix of wildflowers- not unlike the ones you’d picked for him all those lonely years- and sauntered his way to your home.

Smiling at everyone who he passed, it was no secret amongst the townfolk his intentions. They smiled knowingly as he rapt smartly at your door.

The next several months were filled with lavish gifts; flowers picked with you in mind, expensive chocolates bought from the master chocolatiers in Paris, lovely gowns commisioned with your figure and favourite colours in mind. Gaston was never a man of words, he was a man of action, so gifting seemed to come more naturally to him.

Due to propriety, you and he never traveled alone, so your escort became his war friend Lefou. The three of you would often go riding in the hills, finding new and adventurous spots to enjoy- where Lefou would then dismiss himself to allow you and Gaston your alone time, though this was of course never spoken about in town as that would create a scandal.

When fate allows you and he a moment alone Gaston would confide in you, just as he had in pen during the war. His ideal future hardly changed, except he would unconsciously say “we” and “our” instead of “I” and “mine” in reference to his future adventures. You never corrected him, just smiled and hoped he was right.

“Our cabin will be the most handsome in the village, of course!” He insisted one day as you and he reclined in the grass atop a hill. He proped himself on one forearm, his body facing you but his eyes to the sky, one hand gesturing wildly as he continued on. “I will build it, starting as soon as possible. I’ve actually been scouting out trees that would make handsome lumber, and I believe I need just two or three more before I am able to start!”

“What will it look like, Gaston?” You inquire, laying on your stomach, resting on cheek in your palm as you look to the daydreaming man. At your voice, his crystal blue eyes moved to yours, a smile growing on his face as he leaned down to brush his nose playfully against yours.

“However you’d like it, darling,” he crinkled his nose playfully before giving the tip of your nose a quick kiss. “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll make it. Your command is my request.”

Chuckling, you roll onto your back, one hand under your head as you gaze to the clouds. “Well, I want a big kitchen.”

“Of course,” Gaston muttered along, adjusting so all his attention was on you. Hands clasped before him, Gaston found himself smiling fondly in bliss.

“Yes, and I think a large dining area would be absolutely divine,” you continue, not noticing the expression your suitor was giving you. “I do enjoy entertaining, and what kind of host would I be if I didn’t have room for all the guests? Of course seperate rooms for the kids,”

“Seven rooms would be a lot of lumber,” Gaston teased, putting one hand under his head.

“You said anything I wanted, Monsouer Legume,” you responded in kind, looking to the handsome man to your side. “Not only that, imagine the terror it would be if all seven boys were in one room, I’m only one woman Gaston.”

With an overdramatic sigh, Gaston slumped. “Perhaps just four rooms then?”

“Seven, Gaston,” you insisted, “I’ll help build if I must.”

“I couldn’t do that to you!” Gaston gasped, taking one of your hands in his and kissing the tip of your index finger. “I could not imagine the pain it would cause me if these delicate hands got a splinter,” he kissed your next finger, “Or calloused by the work,” and then he kissed your ring finger. “These hands belong to an earth walking goddess, I, a mere man, shouldn’t even be graced by their splendor.”

“Perhaps you’re right,” you teased, taking your hand from his. “But if that be so, then you are, as you say, a mere man blessed by the presence of a goddess. Man falls surrender to a goddess, yes?”

Opening his mouth to protest, Gaston narrowed his eyes playfully at your sly smirk. “You devil woman!” He shouted in defeat. “You twisted my own words against me!”

“So my seven sons shall have their own rooms?” You ask, knowing the answer.

Taking a deep breath, but still smiling in defeat, Gaston chuckled. “It appears they shall, since their mother has outwitted me.”

Sitting up a bit, you pat him on the cheek. “Oh don’t worry darling,” you smile fondly at him. “This isn’t a singular occurrence, expect more in the days to come.”


H: “- KIsho! What are you doing here?”
K: “- Hi love, …I’m afraid I have bad news… it’s your dad. He’s sick again, and it’s really serious this time.”
H: “- What?! The doctor said he was okey? That was only 2 weeks ago!?”
K: “- I’m sorry honey. They don’t know what’s going on but you need to be there. I booked us tickets for the night plane. I wanted to come and get you so that you wouldn’t have to travel alone.”
H: “- Thank you… I can’t believe this… he was so well when I left!”
K: “- I know, love.  …Did you meet your friend in Oasis Springs?”
H: “- Yes… …I must go and pack the rest of my stuff.”

Partners in Crime

Title: Partners in Crime

Pairing: Petyr Baelish x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1.8k

Warnings: none I guess

Summary: Petyr insists on coming with you when you go to see your parents. He has a surprising proposition for your father.

(A/n: I suck at summaries.J)

Originally posted by serialkillingyou

“I will be out of town for a fortnight.”

Your voice was even as you informed Lord Baelish of your plans. Of course you weren’t obligated to tell him anything, but as partners it seemed appropriate. Plus if you were to vanish without a word you would have to deal with his spies which you considered way more exhausting then simply telling him of your boring travel plans.

“You are leaving?” Lord Baelish didn’t even look up from his studies. He sat behind his desk, doing numbers or scheming to steal some secrets - You didn’t care all too much. If it were important he would tell you - if he was smart - or you would find out some other way and he would get hell for keeping it from you. Most of the time your relationship with him was as simple as that.

“May I ask where you’re going?” He still didn’t look up, but you saw the slight twitch in his face. He was all ears and ready to spot a lie. As if he could catch you lying if you truly put effort into deceiving him.

“I’m to see my parents.”

Now that made him look up, his eyes locked with yours in curiosity.

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What Happens In Vegas: Part 7

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here’s part 7, guys! Sorry for the delay. Without going into it and spoiling it too much, hang onto your pants. This one is a doozy! Thank you to the lovely @bovaria for looking over this for me. Let me know that you think ♥

Word Count: 1,357

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Steve…” you breathed out slowly, the entire scene moving in slow motion before you. “I… we-“

You were at a complete loss for words. Literally nothing you could say right now would make any of this right. This was absolutely the last way you wanted Steve to find out, but here you were, standing in front of him with your mouth open like a fish out of water, your finger pointing stupidly back and forth between you and Bucky. Steve’s eyes were still narrowed, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. You could tell that they were balled into fists, tucked away so as not to punch something in his near vicinity. The way he was looking at Bucky, you suspected Steve’s target was Bucky’s face.

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