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Pidge's Garden: The Farmer's Market
  • Shiro: *making polite conversation with a flirtatious customer*
  • Pidge: Hey Shiro, can you come here for a tick?
  • Shiro: *internally* Crap. What if she thinks I was flirting with that girl? I'd better clear up the misunderstanding.
  • Shiro: Listen, Pidge...
  • Pidge: Take your shirt off.
  • Shiro: ...huh?
  • Pidge: You're wearing that black tank shirt underneath, right?
  • Shiro: Well, yeah, but---
  • Pidge: So it's fine. Take it off and get back out there. We've got an untapped market of hipster twenty-somethings and desperate housewives to manipulate. *rubs hands together*
Today's Adventures in Co-Writing
  • Me: Now I understand that you really need to think through everything to make everything really fully imagined and whole.
  • Whereas I am totally okay with just having painted-in backgrounds instead of shooting on location.
  • bookshop: i like the metaphor of shooting on location because i think sometimes i try to paint in backgrounds to save time/effort and then just worry that it's not substantive enough
  • Me: And I never worry about that, lol
  • Like, you're the auteur director who wants everything on location.
  • But I'm working fast and on a budget and I figure, If the story is good enough, if the banter is fast enough, if people like the characters, they won't care about the background.
  • Aja: ahahaha so you're saying this is like Roger Corman and Paul Thomas Anderson trying to film a rom-com
  • lolololol
  • Me: Idk
  • You have exhausted my film knowledge lol
  • Victoria: oh my GOD, Max, you aren't even that talented. Like, if I was gonna rate you on a talent scale of 1-10 you'd be an 11, but I don't know what Mr. Jefferson sees in you.
  • And as for that quirky hipster bullshit, who the fuck do you think you're fooling? Being all Zooey Deschanel. Well guess what? I'd have 500 days of summer with you. Psych! I'd have more than that because I'd cherish you as a person and not a fantasy. Haha. Take that, FREAK.
  • Your Polaroids are such a lame gimmick. You should shake it like a Polaroid picture in my bedroom, just saying.
  • In conclusion, you suck so much for someone who smells like oranges and heaven.
  • Max: wow this is a huge essay. Did Courtney write it for you?

I’ve read and seen quite a few reviews of Psycho Pass, and one common complaint I see about it - especially when considering Makishima - is that it’s “overly pretentious” and too full of “hipster book references” or what have you. Which always seemed weird to me, because I always felt that the narrative portrayed this as a negative aspect of Makishima and a subtle jab at people too into the past.

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The signs as people I know
  • Aries- amazing at sports even though shes tiny she can run SO fast, hangs out with girly people but doesn't wear makeup at all. People either hate her or love her.
  • Taurus- so aesthetically pleasing, keeps emotions bottled up until she explodes, kind to everyone unless you're not kind to her, amazing at singing and art, could've been a professional singer or artist but was too stubborn to believe in herself.
  • Gemini- never ever stops. always doing something whether its a new club, a work project or going on a road trip, has so many friends and will always have someone there for them, so smart and loves to debate and learn all the time.
  • cancer- total hippie, cares about everything, literally everything. gets upset at the slightest thing and bursts into tears, buddhas all over her room.If you do something to upset her she'll block you from everything and her mum will probably kill you, always wearing weird clothes that don't match.
  • Leo- so mature and lovely to everyone she meets and makes friends so easily. has the ability to just walk up to a group of people and have them love her straight away. frizzy curly hair and is very sporty.
  • Virgo- So critical of everything but only because he wants the best. Speaks as if hes reading out bullet points from his brain. always has to be right. Could have been an international hacker but was too depressed to. deconstructed life until he only seen the flaws and thinks about them constantly. so misunderstood. will help anyone.
  • Libra- Total girl next door vibe. Will bake cookies for you when you're not well and is so considerate of everyone else. SO indecisive. Loves art, music and poetry and isn't very good at maths and science.
  • Scorpio- literally every girl in school has had a crush on him at least once, doesn't fit in but is so confident that it intimidates people into being his friend. Will ask you questions that are very personal and then gets offended when you won't answer or ask him the same thing.
  • Sagittarius- total hipster,thinks she knows about everything. listens to weird music and thinks it makes her cool. very nice to talk to and will make you feel welcome, needs a lot of space.
  • Aquarius- treats everyone the same, even teachers and small children, very distant and doesn't like to talk about emotions.Very open minded and will have watched every documentary you mention to her. Wants to be different.
  • Capricorn- Such an over achiever and perfectionist. Wants to be perfect at everything and if she isn't then to her it isn't important. Won't like you if she sees you as competition.
  • Pisces- SO cute and softly spoken, gorgeous eyes. will victimize herself so people feel sorry for her, very smart and everyone loves her.
Kiss me, Scully

A super short fluffy mulder/scully fic, based on punkscully and littledeerling’s college au (x) and this post (x)

“Kiss me, Scully.”

The plastic of the mask chaffed her ear and the ridges of its fake eyes rubbed against her cheek. He was sweaty and reeked of booze, his blue hoodie clinging to him. Not exactly a turn on.

“Mulder,” she sighed as she said his name, “no.

“Why not?” He slurred as he pronounced the t.

“Because, Mulder, you’re drunk and we’re in the middle of the street.”

“Scully, are you embarrassed by me?” He had the gall to sound hurt.

She turned him to face her, keeping her hand tight on the front of his hoodie to keep him from falling over. She could almost see the fake puppy eyes he was most definitely giving her beneath the alien mask. The idiot.

Or perhaps she was, giving what she did next.

Sighing, she murmured “C’mere.” and pushed the mask off his face, drawing him in for a kiss.

They kissed for a long time, underneath the stop light and the stars. It was almost romantic until a car speed by, a thick New York accent coming from it yelling “Get a room, assholes!”

Scully couldn’t help but chuckle as Mulder dragged her to the sidewalk, and she definitely laughed when he pushed her against a wall and drunkenly kissed her. When they broke apart, Mulder pressed his forehead against Scully’s and she smiled despite herself. She might’ve even sighed a little.

She caught herself gently (almost lovingly, god help her) tracing his upper lip with her thumb. He gave her a look that practically screamed “That’s not very punk, Scully.”

“Mulder you suck.”

“I think that’s your job, Skulls.”

She punched him, though not enough for it to hurt.

“C’mon, Roy Neary. I’m taking you home.”

He wrapped a sweaty arm around her waist and murmured in her ear “I love you, Scully.”

She was silent for a bit. Then she replied in a low voice, almost a whisper, “I love you too, Mulder.”

“Oh that is so not punk, Scully.”

She punched him again. This time it hurt.

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks your ego is the size of a whale. Your blog SCREAMS it! Xoxo Meggy? Can you get any tackier or self absorbed? The stupid, wanna be indie hipster song lyrics you just randomly pull off the Internet are a real nice contribution to your compilation of fakeness you got here. You act like you're some kind of original. Get real. And why is appearance so important to you? You wonder why people hate and judge, but your blog is so obviously vain and conceited.

Okay, here’s my question for you: why are you keeping up with my blog if you don’t like me? Obviously you’ve been following it for a while if you’ve seen my “indie hipster song lyrics” and have seen the question I answered about my ego being the size of a whale (which, I answered over a week ago).

I’m usually quite friendly but you’ve caught me at an off time so when are you going to get it through your thick skull that I don’t care in the least bit what you have to say? I’m not going to change just because you don’t like who I am. You don’t know me. And I never said I wondered why people hate and judge? I know why people like you do. A) You’re a jealous bitch (I rarely use language like that but I feel like you’re particularly deserving) or, B) because you’ve had a messed up life and don’t know how to communicate. While your words do not affect me (as I’ve gotten much, much worse hate than this and am very thick skinned), you should really keep your trap shut because not everyone takes things as lightly as I do. You could hurt someone with those nasty words.

and here, I made this extra large just for you (;


I gather that there are some people who are RATHER MIFFED about Louis calling out the writer in question, with the main issue being:

“The article didn’t even say he was gay, it was just about him supporting gay rights.”

BUT. When there is a group of people who have made it their business to deliberately misinterpret or flat out denounce every single thing that a person has said about their private life for LITERALLY YEARS, you have basically made it IMPOSSIBLE for that person to actively and openly support gay rights for others. Because it’s not like that’s what that article MEANT, and it’s certainly not what that fucking post about Louis supporting Tim Cook was really about. When you actively ignore context and IMPORTANT LOGO CULTURAL HISTORY to decide that REALLY, that’s Louis’s clever way of displaying his support of gay rights, and not a fashion choice, it becomes pretty obvious that what you really think is:

Gay rights supporter = GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY

And that damages EVERYONE. There is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ, but there IS something VERY FUCKING WRONG with assuming that if a dude supports gay rights (or has a limp wrist, or is affectionate with people of the same sex, or has an openly gay friend, or uses words like fabulous) that they must be gay. THAT IS HOMOPHOBIC, IN FACT. And that is EVEN MORE TRUE when the person in question ACTUALLY SAYS WHAT THEY IDENTIFY AS, and it’s straight.

And this is actually why I don’t mind that he called out the author of that article, at all. Because there’s only one reason to write an article about Louis wearing a rainbow apple logo t-shirt, and about Harry saying that being a female “isn’t that important” in the context of what he looks for in a girl. It’s to get hits for a website, and literally profit off of the speculation over their sexuality, and the related harassment of these dudes and the people in their lives. You know it and I know it. Yes, they’re famous, yes, they’re privileged as fuck, yes, they have more money than god - but that doesn’t mean they deserve to deal with shit like this, or that it’s okay to treat them like this.   

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but seriously. If your love of this band, and your investment in this fandom and these REAL LIFE ACTUAL PEOPLE WITH FEELINGS, is so dependent on a supposed secret relationship being real, in direct opposition with EVERYTHING THEY HAVE EVER ACTUALLY TOLD US, fucking leave. Who is it that you even think you LOVE, if by definition they have to be lying ALL THE TIME if your theories are correct? This isn’t how fandom or RPF should work. THE ‘F’ STANDS FOR FIC, WHICH STANDS FOR FICTION. IT’S RIGHT THERE IN THE TERM. COME ON, KIDS. GET IT TOGETHER. 

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why do you beg people for money you may have lots of lil minions running around after you on the internet thinking you're the shit but in real life you're just a little lazy girl who tries to be so unique but is just like every other hipster feminist out there. Grow up and get a job.

i have a job? and i don’t ask people for money? (unless you’re referring to a kickstarter i made over 3 years ago or when i tried to raise money for a pet’s surgery also around the same time)

but i also don’t think you understand me or anything i do at all. so let me enlighten you since you seem so concerned.

i am a 25 year old digital artist and i have been putting all of my work on the internet for free since i began making digital work… for quite some time now. it took me a while to figure out how to monetize those things because unfortunately, digital art doesn’t sell the same way paintings do… luckily the collection and sale of digital art is becoming more commonplace, which is so awesome and exciting. either way, in the past year i quit my regular day job and focused completely on making work and feeling happy and now i have an actual job that lets me do the things i do and make the work i want to make and it’s really exciting and life is so cool and it feels like all my wildest dreams are coming true and i’m so young and the world is full of possibilities!

sorry, i sort of went off on a tangent but my money and how i make it is of no concern to you and i don’t think you even took the time to look at anything i do other than to maybe check out some selfies and make a sweeping generalization about me. hope that clears things up for you! hope you feel better! :)

*i also just checked your page and it looks like you have a screenshot of one of my pieces on it so now i’m double confused*

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you didn't even answer my question about your favorite artist. why? cause you know nothing about art except for van gogh's starry night and pretty palettes with pastel circles? lmao you're pathetic. you don't deserve to call yourself art kid. you think you're cute with your mom clothes and your "hipster" shit and having a url with kid but in fact you know nothing about art so stop fucking acting like you do and calling yourself art kid

hey calm down bud. I know lots about art and I didn’t answer the question because I was feeling stressed out when I read it and couldn’t think of any favorite artists. I can dress how I wanna & I’ve had kid in my url for close to a year now. I’ll keep doin me & hopefully you can have a nice day without trying to make other people’s days not as nice

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LOL@ you saying that I should educate myself on feminism? I already know what it is and the failure it is and will always be. I will tell you a secret and you'll call me a liar. My mother was a strong woman and never believed in some bullshit gimmick movement like failed feminism. I laugh at broads like you who think being trendy vegan, hipster, feminist is so cool and some how it's all for a failed cause. LOL at broads like you who needs some kind of trendy label to think you're a strong woman.

I think my favorite thing is that you admitted to not having a tumblr and so you have to manually enter my url and check my blog
I’m glad you’re such a fan
~hugs and kisses ❤️🌸✨✨

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I just wanted to say, I think it's so cool, because you're a teacher on tumblr :) I know there are probably a lot more of you, but normally when someone thinks of tumblr, it's omg hipster teenager, but no, it's teachers too! That's awesome. :D

Peek around on #education.  WE ARE MIGHTY. 

And everywhere.