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Alexis Juliano, how are you so good!!!??

One too many times

Request: 10 with Calum: “I think I deserve an apology.” “A what?”

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You can’t even grasp the amount of times that you’ve ended up in this position, your heart like a stone at the bottom of your stomach and your cheeks aflame with hurt and embarrassment.

And it’s messing with your head, the way Calum constantly dances around you, whispering sweet words in your ear when your bodies move together but denying everything the second he’s in a social situation.

So today you’re an obsessed stalker, according to what he said to his friends. It’s horrible because you kind of are, but not in the way he made his friends think.

In the way that you’re obsessed with how his eyes hold so many mysteries on their depths, how that his arms hold you so tightly in his sleep, and how his rare genuine smiles light up your entire world. You’re entranced by how he can make you feel invincible one second, and then tear you down the next.

But it’s unhealthy and you’re always the one who ends up hurt, which is why you’re currently marching up to him, his lanky figure leaned up against a wall as he lazily drags on a cigarette. He looks at you curiously when you stand strong in front of him.

“I think I deserve an apology.”

He raises his eyebrows, the edges of a smirk forming at his lips.

“A what?”


“Y/N.” He imitates you, a hint of mockery and patronization in his tone.

“You know what? Fuck this.” You spit out and turn on your heels, giving up on him.

There’s only so much of his bullshit you can handle. And you’re not sure whatever it is you guys have is worth this.

“No wait!” He exclaims the second he realizes you’re actually leaving. “Where are you going?”

You turn around and roll your eyes, scowling.

“Away from you. I’m done. Have fun finding someone who can deal with your bullshit.”

“You’re joking.” He states, but his eyes are searching yours, hints of panic starting to show.

“No I’m not. Whatever the fuck was between us, it’s over.”

“What the fuck do you mean?”

“Honestly Calum, clearly this was all a joke to you from the start, so I don’t know why you’re using theatrics now. You haven’t cared from the beginning, or there’s no way you would have treated me like this. So yeah, I’m done being made a fool of. Bye, Calum.”

“What do you mean—you can’t just—what the fuck it means nothing, it means everything! You can’t just—I can't—” He stops, looking disoriented, his eyes pleading as they bore into yours.

“You know what? It’s too easy to love me in the middle of the night and forget as soon as morning comes,” you grit out, pronouncing the L-word for the first time and seeing how he flinches at it. “I deserve better.”

You watch him for a few seconds as the poison of your words spreads in his veins, panic now clearly showing in his eyes because he can feel the end coming. And then you make your way out of this place, away from the beautiful and toxic boy who had your heart time and time again and refused to keep it.

“You can’t just walk away from us like this!” He calls out, grabbing your arm.

You shake his grip off abruptly, and your sudden reaction makes him gasp. He couldn’t have looked more hurt if you’d slapped him.

“Watch me.”

And then you leave.


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  1. Popsicles or ice cream?

Ice cream of course!

2. Did you treat yoself recently? If so, with what?

I did actually! I bought myself this super cool NASA jacket. (which is taking too long to get here >:(  )

3.How long have you known your best friend?

For about 3 years, I believe

4.What’s your favorite cereal?

Holy crap, I have not had cereal in a while. I do really like Peanut Butter Crunch and Honey Bunches of Oats.

5.How much does gas cost where you live rn?

Uhhh, I think it’s like $2.10?

6.Can you dance?

I guess you can say that

7. What song is resonating with you the most rn?

I can’t pick one, so here are the top 3:

1. Night of Fire-From the Initial D OST

2. The Goddess Appears- Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past OST

3. Amazing Day-Coldplay

8. Have you ever written a fanfiction? If so, what was it about?

I’m a mathematician, not a writer. My writing skills are severely lacking

9. Are you having a good hair day?

I think I am, could be worse

10.What’s special about you?

Nothing really tbh

11. Do you like to take baths?

I love baths, when I have the time to take them

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2. Favorite car? Why?

3. What do you hate?

4. Dark or Light side?

5. Hand to hand combat or projectile combat?

6. Favorite time of day?

7. Travel goals?

8. Breakfast or Dinner?

9. Do you have a favorite time period?

10. Do you know how to cook?

11. Any Hobbies?

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“I would offer you nothing less.”  He bowed his head to her, admiring the way the shadows danced across her face in the flickering lamplight. “And you’re welcome. It’s my pleasure, really. Do you think we could…start over? I know our encounters in the past have been under, well ah- less than favorable conditions.”  Treading carefully, he spoke slowly, trying his hardest to let her know he was being sincere. “I can assure you that my alliance with the guard is not a reflection of any personal beliefs on my part. I just, well I just…” Faltering. Dammit. “I’d like the chance to get to know you.” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, for the first time in his life feeling small.

sometimes i want to shake autism parents and shout “but does it matter? does it matter?” like. your son is 4 and can’t use a fork. you know how old i was when i learned to use cutlery? 2. you know how old my slightly younger brother was? 10. think you can tell by looking at us now? you can’t. 

or, i was your daughter’s age (9) when i went to a 3-part audition for a local musical production. out of everyone there, i nailed the acting, if i do say so myself. but i am terrible at following dance routines and my fumbling, spinning the wrong way, look of confusion and awkwardness must have stuck out very prominently, like it did with your daughter. when it came time to sing i was so flustered from the dancing that i forgot the tune to every song in existence. i cried myself sick. 

did it matter? that day, yeah. now? no. not at all. except that i’m still proud of my little self for going, and for being the only person in the hall who recited the given lines with my back hunched and my hands clawed and my little voice doing its best attempt at croaky cockney. that matters. that your daughter tried, got involved, danced, enjoyed it matters. stop drowning yourself in the little differences. 

Here’s six things you have to remember about SYTYCD (besides just “it’s a TV show”)

Now that we’re entering the top 10, I want to remind everyone of a few things about SYTYCD to keep in mind, things that are, yes, just my observations/opinions but they’re pretty hard to deny.

1. There is such a thing as being “too good” on the show. History has shown that dancers who are extremely technically proficient and versatile rarely (if ever) win. I’m not talking technically proficient competitive/contemporary dancers like Ricky Ubeda — professional level dancers like Will Wingfield, Billy Bell, Danny Tidwell and Brandon Bryant have often been portrayed as “cold,” “lacking charisma” or just plain “arrogant.” Part of it is simply classic pop culture tropes: in fiction, charisma is often seen as a foil to technique. You are either a technical dancer or you are a warm and inviting performer, and there is little in-between. The show also tends to resent dancers who aren’t bubbly and full of personality because as producers, it doesn’t give them a lot to work with. The third point also brings me to #2, so I’ll go straight there:

2. Too much technical talk is alienating for mainstream audiences. I’ve previously made a post recapping some of the judges’ “critiques” to point out that the show has never been that hardcore about technique. And, frankly, with good reason: it’s a television show, and while there is a large “dance” fanbase, probably 80% of the audience (probably more like 90% but I’m trying to be conservative here) know nothing about dance. Spending too much time talking about technique is not good for that large chunk of the audience. There’s only so much they can understand and it’s all extremely general. This is why Misty Copeland’s stint as a judge was only really appreciated by dancers. When critiques are too technical it gets confusing for non-dancers and takes away from the entertainment value.

3. The dance assignments are not random. This isn’t my opinion. This is a fact. They even have a fine-print disclaimer on the show. The “picking out of a hat” thing is staged. This helps them push certain agendas and weed out/screw over dancers they were just putting in there as filler.

4. Some choreographers go very easy on dancers who are dancing out-of-genre. I’m about to sound like I’m disparaging my own art here, but there are some dance styles that are really, very easy to fake. There are dances in which one dancer pulls all the weight (Katee and Twitch’s “Mercy” dance — Twitch did very few actual MOVES). There are dances which are so overshadowed by “story” that they know technique will never be brought up in the critiques (Mia’s “heaven” routine for Laci and Neil). There are dances which become known for their prop and one or two intense “emotional” moves and no one actually remembers the technical dancing for a reason (the “bench routine”). This. Isn’t. An accident.

5. The judges are shamelessly inconsistent. When they like you, technique doesn’t matter (”Was it perfect? No. But it was so. much. fun.”). When they don’t like you, technique matters more than anything in this world (”I can’t keep putting you through on your personality.” “You can only fake technique so much.”). I know I just ragged on Twitch, and I really do like him, but not once did the judges ever rag him for his feet despite the fact that they were never pointed.

6. You can’t alienate your audience (too much) by telling them they got it wrong. Sure, judges will occasionally say “I think America got it wrong.” However, when elimination is still up to the judges, they will be careful in what kind of queues they take. If audiences have voted someone into the bottom three for multiple weeks despite their technical proficiency, the judges are going to listen because ultimately, they can’t risk losing the audience. They also love to tell dancers who have landed themselves in the bottom for rare occasions things like “You’ve got to wake up because America is trying to tell you something” in order to placate the audience and make them feel more influential.

Send Me A Number And A Boy From 5SOS And I'll Write A Blurb To Go With It

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1. “Wanna dance?”
2. “Just kiss me.”
3. “I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
4. “Can you shut up?”
5. “I trust you.”
6. “Did you just spank/bite me?” (Your choice of which word)
7. “Please stay.”
8. “You’re so drunk.”
9. “Make me.”
10. “Stop that.”
11. “I think I’m falling for you and it’s terrifying.”
12. “Ow.”
13. “I hate you!”
14. “Are you jealous?”
15. “Get out!”
16. “Why are you here?”
17. Can’t you at least try?“
18. “You’re so annoying.”
19. “You look awful.”
20. “You know that drives me crazy.”
21. “If you keep staring at me like that we won’t make it home.”
22. “I heard you two last night.”
23. “You’re such a tease.”
24. “Quit biting your lip.”
25. “Oh god.”
26. “What have you done?”
27. “What did you just say?”
28. “You heard me.”
29. “Look at me.”
30. “Fuck you!”
31. “Why are you so cute?”
32. “What is wrong with me?”
33. “Fine.”
34. “Only for you.”
35. “Help me.”
36. “Come here.”
37. “I’m so sorry.”
38. “Please just let me love you!”
39. “I’m not who you think I am.”
40. “I want to help you.”
41. “You were right.”
42. “He broke my heart.”
43. “I never opened my eyes and saw you were here all along.”
44. “Please, just let me in!”
45. “Was that good enough?”
46. “Here we go.”
47. “Let me love you.”
48. “I can’t do this anymore.”
49. “Why should I?”
50. YOUR CHOICE OF A SENTENCE OR JUST AN IDEA (i.e- angel Luke, Demon Michael, Bad boy Calum, Nerdy Ash)

me during sytycd
  • Me: Why is Nico up for elimination
  • Me: Why does everyone shit themselves over Mackenzie, clearly america does not like her and they are competing for "america's favorite dancer" so why isn't there like a three strikes policy
  • Me: Why is Nico up for elimination
  • Me: Jenna's dance should have been Nico/Melanie
  • Me: Why did Nico get hip-hop it is a waste of his talent
  • Me: Literally this is so unfair because they can't eliminate Tucker while doing a dance about his accident that is also contemporary yET NICO GOT HIP HOP WHICH IS NOT HIS FORTE
  • Me: Robert was the best contestant that this show has ever had
  • Me: Why is Nico up for elimination
  • Me: Of course they are crying
  • Me: This is a whole lot of nepotism because what are ACTUALLY the chances of Tucker getting that number randomly
  • Me: Why is Nico up for elimination
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Shaping Sound performing on Dancing with the Stars to “Seven Nation Army.” Features Nick Lazzarini (S1), Travis Wall (S2), Allison Holker (S2), Jaimie Goodwin (S3), and Jenna Johnson (S10).

Dear all those EXO-L's saying fans who watch the leaked videos aren't real fans,

That’s some bullshit right there. What the hell is the criteria for a “real fan” anyways? Why would you assume all people would follow your definition of a “real fan”? And you seriously think that shit leaks on its own? No one thinks it’s a coincidence that this happens every freaking time EXO has a comeback? Y'all seriously believe SM plays no part in this to promote EXO more and spread their name around? Even if they have nothing to do with it, what’s the harm? As if they actually care, hah. The people who watch the leaked stuff are still appreciating EXO’s hardwork, they still love EXO, they will still be just as excited if not MORE excited when the comeback happens, and they are still supporting EXO whether you think so or not. So I mean I guess you all can still think that way if you want to, that you’re a better fan than those who watched a pixelated dance practice…But y'all seriously need to not. Stop running around pointing fingers at people saying they aren’t true fans, because it’s absolutely unnecessary.

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Dominic Sandoval (S3), Jaimie Goodwin (S3), Stephen “tWitch” Boss (S4), Courtney Galiano (S4), Robert Roldan (S7), and Jasmine Harper (S10) performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Kent Boyd (S7) and Lauren Froderman (S7) created a prequel to their Collide/prom routine, titled “Collide in 1986.” Check it out!

Also features Caitlynn Lawson (S8), Ricky Jaime (S8), Matthew Kazmierczak (S9), Amy Yakima (S10), Malece Miller (S10), Jasmine Mason (S10).