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hey caffeine!! so my highschool has this writing contest and i really want to participate. the topic can be whatever we want (free form? style? i don't know how to say it in english lol) and i can't think of anything for the life of me. i've been looking at prompt blogs all day but nothing convinces me, and bc i always like what you write about, i was wondering if you could give me some ideas/tell me your favourite tropes or something like that. thanks for reading anyway!!!💖

WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME! Here’s five things that have been on my mind lately!

  • Superhero universe: Your best friend left your small town to become a hero in the Big City. But, after three years, you turn on the news and see that they’ve become a super villain. So now you gotta go take them out because of this blood pack you guys made when you were eight.

  • The Fae: Shana’s a changeling, something that the good folk in her parents’ backyard thinks should surprise her. She thinks that it might have in the old days when iron jewelry wasn’t a thing, but she’s known since she was eight and googled “Allergic to iron??????”

  • Okay, so you know that one scene in the movies where the MC learns a secret art from a master? And then the MC has to go fight the Big Bad after like a month of tutelage? What if another master of the art shows up, sees what’s going on and THROWS DOWN with the master who trained the MC? “WHAT PART OF YEAR AND A DAY TRAINING DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??? MC HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR A MONTH!” And then they go fight the Big Bad.

  • Someone who’s got precognitive abilities that can only see five seconds into the future. They call it the “five second rule” and all of their friends think it’s about food and the entire plot is just a series of misunderstandings around that.
  • “Sorry I’m late. The five second rule doesn’t apply to late buses.”  “???Lol, you’re a crack up, of course it doesn’t apply to buses.”

  • An empath who hides their ability from the world, thinking that they’ll be ostracized for it. Then aliens land and the ALIENS are empaths and are looking for “evolutionary anomalies” that makes humans compatible with their dying species. So…romance, I guess? Or a dystopian rebel story.
1000 followers contest

Phew that was ultra fast! We finally reached 1000 FOLLOWERS!
I never thought it was gonna happen this fast! I’m in tears!

So as special I’ll be opening A CONTEST!!

and the theme I decided is… DRAW A NEW PROFILE PICTURE FOR THE BLOG!

That’s right! If you win your entry will be used as profile picture for the blog! I think that the current one is pretty lazy so I’ll be giving you the chance to have your art in the blog!

-reblog this post saying “I’M IN!” so I can count the number of people that are joining the contest!

-post your entry on tumblr AND REMEMBER TO PUT THE TAG “OPPOSITE DAY CONTEST”!!! so I can find it and see it



and here is what you’ve been waiting for… THE PRIZES!

1st place:
-the entry will be used as profile picture of the blog

-fullbody of one (or more) opposite day au characters (ships included). Characters are: Edd, Matt, Tom, Tord, Ell, Matilda, Tamara, Tori, Eduardo, Mark, Jon

2nd place:

-halfbody of one (or more) opposite day au characters (ships included). Characters are: Edd, Matt, Tom, Tord, Ell, Matilda, Tamara, Tori, Eduardo, Mark, Jon

3rd place:

- lineart halfbody of one (or more) opposite day au characters (ships included). Characters are: Edd, Matt, Tom, Tord, Ell, Matilda, Tamara, Tori, Eduardo, Mark, Jon

That is all folks! Hope I see ya join!

ENDING OF THE CONTEST: 19th OF APRIL ((If you need more days just message me))

The Women of Check Please! Festival Schedule

March 4th - 11th, 2017

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm! Here’s the schedule for activities.

All content creation challenges are open not just for fic writers but for ALL artists. If you make paintings, comics, moodboard, playlists, edits, videos, poems, sculptures, needlepoint, digital art, music, whatever, we want to see it all! Anyone can participate, as long as the works are central to the nice ladies over in the Check Please! universe.

Here’s a list of women in canon: Lardo, Camilla, Caitlin, Alicia, Suzanne, Georgia, Mandy, Jenny, March, April, Camilla, Kate, Samantha, Esther S, Professor Atley and Johnson’s mysterious girlfriend. And as for canon sisters – Ransom is the middle child with two sisters, and Holster is the oldest with two sisters, while Nursey has an older sister and Chowder has a younger one.

**If you’re a TERF, this festival isn’t for you. Don’t reblog this. Don’t participate. Fuck off. 

Schedule under the cut:

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1k Art Contest

Hello everyone!!! The content creators of  this AU would like to celebrate the ask blog hitting 1k followers with a contest!!

We’d first like to thank you all for following and supporting both this blog and this au! We’re so glad that people enjoy it and hope to continue producing content for it.

Okay, so, the contest!

Anyone who wants to enter can create a work of art (picture, fanfiction, anything you can think of or enjoy doing) related to the Heathers Adapt AU (no canon Heathers or other AUs)!, 

Simply post it with the tag “adapt au contest”, and maybe message or @ our blog to make sure we see it, and you’re good to go!

Three winners will be selected, and each winner will receive a sticker of their choice off red bubble.

The cutoff for entries is May 15th, and winners will be announced on the 18th!

References for Jason and Ronnie under the cut!

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You should consider not accepting popular dog blogs for the contests because it's a little bit unfair.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I think everyone should be welcome to participate. I don’t allow recent winners to re-enter upcoming contests, so that can help manage popular blogs, but ultimately I think people will vote for the best photo. 

It doesn’t make sense to not allow someone into a photography contest because their photography is too good, but I understand what you mean if they have lots of followers rushing to vote for them. I think I have plenty more followers that even out the voting, though.

Idk, it can’t be perfect. I can’t start turning people away from something that’s free & fun.

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For the limits of signing up, do wr have to submit anything to ao3 or to the blog specifically for our pies of art or writing so you can see if its okay or not? Im a bit confused, i already signed up as both an artist and author (im working on my art skills and i saw this as a good chance for a challenge) so i just want to make sure


No. you do not have to give an example of you work. This isn’t a talent contest. This is a community event of positivity. So don’t you dare think your work as not good enough. Anything you put your effort into and give your time to is a masterpiece!

As for writing? This isn’t a competition at all. All people expect is that it makes sense and care is taking to keep basic grammar, spelling and punctuation done. Diversity in styles of writing is also one thing to celebrate :)

Have more faith in yourself . We look forward to see your art and story on August 31st post day.

- Imona

Important (if you follow this blog carefully. If not, you're good)

I have been considering a few different things for a while now, and after this weekend, I think it’s time for me to actually do something. I have talked to Megan ( @jefferson-lafayette ), and I will be giving her my login information so that she can change my password. I will still be writing (I really want to get the contest winners’ stories out), she would just be posting the fics for me. You can still send asks in messages, she’ll just be answering them for me (I’ll still see them). I appreciate all of the love and support that I have received, and I am incredibly grateful that Megan is willing to do this for me. As of right now, it will only be this until the end of the school year. My last day of finals is May 31 (two weeks from this Wednesday), and once I get back home and settled, and as soon as Megan thinks I’m good to, I’ll log back in. Keep messing me, still expect to see stories.
Thank you, again, for everything, and I’ll see you in two weeks.

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Hi :) I love your blog could you please do a bts reaction to their girlfriend having really high tolerance for alcohol, like the others can barely stand and your still sitting just sitting there looking completely normal thx :)

Damn okay, here you go
Sorry it’s so late xD

BTS Reaction When You Have a High Tolerance For Alcohol  

Jin Would be on the ground by the time he got to his 3rd drink.
“Princess, You shouldn’t drink so much, I Don’t want to you get sick”

Originally posted by jimineh

He would be thinking, “Damn, this calls for a contest”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“Baby please, I can’t keep up, you know I’m really bad when it comes to alcohol.”

Originally posted by sughyun

He would be shocked as you ordered drink after drink
“Where are you storing all of that baby?”

Originally posted by hugtae

He would have his mouth open and he would be amazed at how much you could drink. He might even get a little too into it and make you drink more, seeing how far you can go

Originally posted by taehyungifs

He would be worried about your health. He doesn’t mind you drinking, but after a couple, he would want you to stop

Originally posted by jjungkook

He would want to beat you, but you wouldn’t suggest it being a good idea since he was just legalized to drink

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Sorry this is so bad ;-;
~Admin Luna

Giveaway update

Hey guys! Thank you all so much for the great response to the Summer Crystal Giveaway on my blog! I’m so excited to see the outcome.

I think that I will close the contest at 12:00am PST on June 30 and reveal the winner later that day. It is the first day of summer after all! Of course, it may be subject to change if people continue to be interested.

Remember, you can like and reblog the giveaway post as many times as you would like! Each note counts as one entry as long as you follow the rules.

The official tag for the Summer Crystal Giveaway is now lavendercrystalgiveaway. Check through that tag for later updates.

Good luck!
- Ashe

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You're right, your blog's different, because it actually *is* a well of information, all things Arsenal, & you do interact in a very lovely way with anons, too, so thank you, much appreciated. I feel like a lot of the tumblr football fandom, across all ages (from what can be told from people's bios) has just become one big popularity contest, with various cliques and bullying (about stupid things like ships and so on) and patronising and holier-than-thou attitudes etc. So much narcissism. Ach:(

I think it’s definitely about who mix with and how you perceive people’s attitudes.

I feel there can be a hive mind of people jumping on people’s mistakes, and that’s not okay, especially if it’s a minor who messes up - that can get ugly. People should have the chance to learn. BUT at the very same time there are people who are also being incredibly offensive or unwilling to listen to people when they question/address something that’s been said, and thus when people run out of patience, they may say its a holier-than-thou attitude, but in my experience people are willing to move on/come to an agreement if the people who have done wrong, big or small, can recognise that they have done wrong.

Tumblr can be a great socialising platform, but much like real life there are situations you should not get yourself into. People can be nice and rude in equal amounts, people can be bigoted, ignorant, hurtful and so forth, it’s not necessarily Tumblr related. Tumblr should not be centre of anyone’s universe, because it is as certainly flawed as other communities.

We hit 50 followers! Yay!

I say “we” because this last week has been amazing. so many people have sent me such encouraging and friendly messages, it’s really been a fantastic experience. So, in celebration of hitting a milestone and for how amazing the community has been to me, I’m going to have a contest!

Starting now and ending on Friday, November 26th, 2016, at 11:59 EST, I’m going to start putting together an image of the Royal Canterlot Winery bustling with customers. Those customers will be some of you!

All you need to do is reblog this post with a reference of the OC you’d like to see visiting the Royal Canterlot Winery, and I’ll add you to the picture! I’m not expecting too many entrees, but if something silly happens I’ll choose as many as I can handle with a random number generator. So it’s not really a “contest” per say, but I couldn’t think of a better word. New followers are, of course, also welcome to enter.

Thank you again for supporting this little blog, it means an awful lot to me and has given me the motivation I’ve needed to work harder on my art.

tldr; I hit 50 followers, thank you, reblog with a reference for a chance to have your character drawn in the winery!

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Don't make a contest that only has to interact with you. We are the followers, how about something for us man

I thought it would be fun to feature other artists work on my blog /: I can’t do much for you guys other than blog rates, which I feel is done too much, I wanna do something special so if you have ideas share them. For now the only thing I can think of is featuring art. So if you got a better idea, tell me, don’t just complain about the only idea I have?

Alright, it’s time to celebrate my next milestone, and what better way to celebrate it than a giveaway! I may not be good at coding and all that stuff, but I can doodle decently, so here are the rules you MUST follow:

1. This contest will last up until about the end of May. Any entries after that will not be accepted.

2. The only official entries I accept will be re-blogs, but feel free to like it if you think the picture is pretty or something.

3. The winners will be chosen randomly. The prizes are listed below:

    -1st place prize will be rewarded 10 icons, and a background.

    -2nd place winner will receive 10 icons.

    -3rd place winner will be rewarded 5 icons.

4. THIS GIVEAWAY IS STRICTLY FOR RP BLOGS ONLY. Only they can re-blog this. I will not accept entries from any other type of blogs.

5. You have to be one of my current followers around the time I post this. Don’t follow me then immediately re-blog this. No offense, but I’d feel like you’d only be using me for your own personal gain if you did that.   

Remember to follow all these rules, and have fun! Now on with the list! (Note: that I will not mention all cause 300 is a big number, but still adore your follows nonetheless).

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Post-Japan trip contest giveaway! Please note reblogs or likes do not count as entries.

Hello cuties! I wanted to hold a little giveaway with some cute little items I picked up in Japan, as well as a few items I have never really used and would like to see go to a better home! (^∇^)

The winner will receive -
- Milklim tote bag and Milklim Magical pin badge from Harajuku.
- Paris kids barrette and rosette from Harajuku.
- Mint alpacasso (genuine), approx. 6 inches tall from LoveJoJo
- My Melody badge from Sanrio
- Neko donut toy from SEGA arcade
- Nikukyu cat paw candy from sweet shop in Ikebukuro
- CuteCanKill shell keychain
- Hello Kitty snap hair clips

As well as a few postcards from stores like Milklim and Spank!

There will also be a small surprise prize for the runner up! ♪( ´▽`)


- To enter, please create and wear an outfit in either Decora, Fairy Kei or Spank! / Pop Kei styles. If you are unsure of what these mean, check out Google images for some inspiration ♪( ´▽`). I want this to be a fun contest and for everyone to be super creative and show off their personalities, so don’t hold back!

- Upload a photo of your outfit to Tumblr with the tag ‘mypasteluniversegiveaway’, or tag me in the comments so I can find your entry! *\(^o^)/ alternatively, inbox me with a link to your outfit post!

- you must be following me here on Tumblr to enter ★彡

- you can enter from any country in the world! (As long as I can ship the prize to your country, please note Royal Mail does not ship to a number of countries currently involved in civil wars/international conflicts, so please check first ~)

- this contest is just for fun ~ I am in no way an authority on Japanese fashion and my opinion is my own! I just think it is more fun and engaging with you all to have a little contest, rather than just re blogging a post in order to win by chance *\(^o^)/*

- everyone who enters will have their outfit featured on my blog and a little promo of their blog if they would like! ( ^ω^ )

- please reblog or share this post if you would like, so that as many people as possible can enter! ♪ (this is not compulsory!)

Please note ~

- if you are under 18 please gain your parents permission to enter as I will need your postal address if you win or are the runner up ^ ^

- the contest will end in three weeks time (on the 10th September 2015) to give everyone time to put an outfit together.

- please do not send me messages asking to win or for special consideration ~ everyone will have a fair chance and the winner will be chosen solely on their outfit.

~ this is for outfits from the styles listed, please do not submit outfits from other fashions ie. Sweet lolita/visual kei

I can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits and get to know you all more! If you have any questions about the contest please let me know! ~ (*^^*)

Good luck! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Hello All!

Welcome to my first ever Tumblr Giveaway!

My name is Bryson Sili'pay, I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.  I make authentic Native American crafts and jewelry.  I am starting up my own jewelry business called Klpisun Jewelry.  I wanted to showcase my art by giving you all a chance to win these 5 pieces I have decided to give away.

Each of these earrings are a labour of love, are all hand made by myself.  As you can tell, I do not use any templates or such and each piece is slightly different than the other, which in my opinion makes them unique.

This contest will be given a three week span for entries starting on Tuesday 4 February, 2014 and running until Tuesday 25 February, 2014.

The Rules for this is fairly simple:

  1. You must be a follower of my blog by the end of the contest.
  2. Please inbox me with the number corresponding to the pair (or pairs) of earrings you would like to be in the draw for.
  3. Anyone can enter this contest, male or female (they make great gifts) as long as you follow me!
  4. Inbox me your name and your tumblr url for valid entry.
  5. Only one entry per url (hint hint, if you have multiple urls, you can enter more than once!)

That’s it really.

At the closing date, I will draw out a name of the blog that wins for each of the 5 pairs of earrings I am giving away, and after that I will post who won what.

They will then be shipped out with love through the mail to your houses so you can enjoy in the spoils of your winnings!

I think that I picked out the 5 pieces that really reflect on my jewelry.  I had a lot of fun making them, and am looking forward to seeing a picture of you all wearing them after the contest.

The 5 pieces are as follows:

  1. Teal frosted seed beaded Dreamcatcher Earrings with stamped metal feather pendants.
  2. Purple frosted seed beaded “Lnu - The People” symbol Earrings (This is from Mi'kmaq Hieroglyphs and means the Mi'kmaq People)
  3. Beaded Wire “Eagle Feather” Earrings
  4. “Jingle Dress” Earrings
  5. Muin (Bear) Paw Shell Earrings

Anyway, if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me anything.

I wish you all good luck in the contest, and I look forward to making new friends!  Feel free to share this with people!  I will start collecting entries now!


Bryson Sili'pay

Hi! Welcome to my first ever mini-giveaway! (FINALLY!!!!)

As you can see above, this is a giveaway with a cause so this will be a little different in all other giveaways. So let me tell you about this. I’m a graduating student and currently semi-hiatus in my kpop life. Since I’m already graduating, research is the most important thing in my life and as of now, I’m conducting a survey for my research. I need 100 respondents for this. So here’s the thing, I want you guise to help me answer my survey so that I can accumulate a hundred within 2weeks. Before, I conducted a survey and it takes months to get only 70 respondents TT_____TT sad right? So anyway I need 100 people to answer my survey and in return, I’ll giveaway a TEEN TOP’S EXITO ALBUM!!!! Yes, you read it right. EXITO ALBUM. Since Teen Top is having a comeback now (HURRAY!) and they will be releasing their album nextweek, this will be my thank you gift in return haha. (should I still call this a giveaway if I need something in return? Aww sorry but I really need this. Help me ;;;;;) Also, I am already working so affording an album is fine for me :D yep I’m a working student! So in short, I need 100 respondents and in return, I’ll give you an EXITO ALBUM. Let’s help each other!! How? Here are the Rules:

  1.  READ THE RULES CAREFULLY. If you don’t follow the rules starting from number 1 up to the end, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED.
  2. BEFORE REBLOGGING THIS POST, ANSWER FIRST THE SURVEY. In the survey you will put your tumblr username for me to know you. After submitting your answers, you are now qualified and can reblog this post! It means the survey will be like your ticket in joining the contest. If you don’t answer the survey and you just reblog, you are not included in the giveaway. Here’s the link to the survey.
  3. ANSWER THE SURVEY VERY CAREFULLY AND DON’T TAKE IT AS A GAME. I will read it one by one (seriously) and if I read it that you just answer it just for fun, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED. Please, my research is not a joke and I want all of you to cooperate. The questions are only below 25.
  4. REBLOGGING: MAXIMUM OF 5 PER DAY. Don’t flood your followers.
  5. ANYONE CAN ENTER! Yes, follower of mine or not, you can join. If you will follow me just because of the giveaway then please don’t. I don’t want to be followed because of my giveaway or free stuff. SRLY that’s the worst. But if you will follow me because you like my blog, then I’m so thankful to death!
  6. ONLY 100 PEOPLE ARE QUALIFIED TO ENTER THE CONTEST.  This giveaway is a limited only to 100 people since I only need a hundred so if I finally reach 100, I’ll close the form. Those people who can’t answer the survey, can’t reblog. So as much as possible, answer the survey before it reach 100! You will know that you can’t enter if the form is already close.
  8. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AND NO MULTIPLE SENDING OF SURVEY FORM. Only one person per account is allowed. If you think you can fool me then you’re wrong. READ AGAIN NUMBER 3.
  9. THIS POST IS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 or I can extend it if I still haven’t reach my goal.
  10. ONLY ONE OR TWO OR THREE WILL WIN. It depends how much is the album. Just always visit my blog from any announcements. Go to #exitoforacause tag. I will use in choosing the winner/s. THE PRICE: TEEN TOP’S EXITO ALBUM (WITH POSTER HOPEFULLY) and I’ll ship also internationally :D

That’s it! If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not gonna eat you alive okay. I may only reply at night 8-10pm (Philippines Timezone). I’m at work so I won’t be replying to you immediately. If you want you can add my skype. My username is allkidong. I’m always online there. Actually, this giveaway is unexpected. I want this to be a big giveaway but since I really need your help now, I decided to make it a mini-giveaway. Only one album. sorry TT^TT .. For now it is a small giveaway, but wait for a big giveaway soon!! Sorry for being strict and inconvenient. I really really desperately need this!! And also let’s support Teen Top in their comeback YEYYYYYY I’m excited!! Angels go go~

Gender of the Day needs a new avatar image! Help make a new one and send it in!

Hey, I’m Genderoftheday and I’m tired of this generic rainbow flag icon that I found on google! I no longer feel like this image suits the blog and I desperately want a new one. Blah, out with the old!

It’s time for something new and unique to this blog, so I’m having a submission contest! Submit your best creations that you’d like to see as the new picture to represent the blog!


  • You must have created the image yourself. Draw it, doodle it, design it, model it, carve it out of stone, perform it as an interpretive dance and have it transcribed by cave people, whatever, all visual mediums are welcome! But you must have been responsible for it!
  • It must represent the themes of this blog in some way. What are the themes of the blog, you ask? To name a few, “gender is arbitrary”, “gender is a meme” “gender is really silly”, and “positivity and levity in the face of oppression”. Consider those to be some themes to go off of, I want to see lots of creativity! You don’t have to try and force all of them into your image though.
  • Your image must be square shaped. (if it’s not, I can crop it)
  • You must consent to it being used by the blog forever. Don’t worry, I’ll credit you on the blog and in the FAQ and send people your way!
  • The image must be appropriate for the blog and for children.
  • Remember that this icon will be seen mostly at a tiny 70x70 resolution, so try not to agonize over small details in the image.
  • The submission deadline is in one week, on March, Wednesday 18th (this date may be extended if I feel it necessary). Please get your submissions in before that time. After this, I will personally decide on the new image I think fits the blog best, and all the submitted images will be featured in a post along with the bloggers who sent them in.


Q: How do I submit my image? 

A: Email it to me at as an attachment! Make sure your email is named “Avatar contest” or something similar so I can find it later. Also MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR BLOG. Feel free to leave a comment with your submission if you like!

Q: What kind of colors should I use?

A: Bright and pastel ones would be best, I think, but I don’t want to stifle your creativity, do what you think would look cool! It does need to have color though, no monochrome/black and white please!

Q: Do I need to be a master artist?

A: No! Everyone is welcome to submit something of any skill level.

Thanks for reading the rules everyone, now get to submitting!

Block B Season Project


We’re starting off 2014 with some BBC spirit! You can compete in any of these talent contests. You’re welcome to enter any of them, but each contest is only one entry per person, and you cannot use the same project for more than one (for example, if you do a dance cover and sing while dancing, you can only enter it into the dance contest or the fan song contest, not both). 

Submit any of your entries to bbseason and tag it with the contest you want to enter (#bbfansong #bbdancecover #bbart #bbedits)

Block B International’s staff will judge, and we will vote for the winners. We will also be sending the link to the blog to Seven Seasons, so Block B can see your hard work!

We will be judging and voting based on skills, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to like/reblog covers that you think are great too! We’d love for many BBC artists to get lots of exposure for their work as well ^^

Entries will close on February 1st, 2014.

All of these contests are open to any BBC in the world, kBBC and jBBC included! Everyone, we want to meet you!

Fan Song contest- 1 Very Good Album

We’re taking a leaf out of Match Up’s book with a fan song contest! You can cover any Block B song (including OSTs and mixtapes). You can do vocals or instrumentals, as long as the original song is identifiable in your cover. Feel free to change up the lyrics! You can sing in Korean, English, or your preferred language, but please provide an English translation of the lyrics so we can understand.

Please upload via YouTube or Soundcloud. You don’t have to show your face on the youtube video if you’re uncomfortable with that, it’s perfectly fine to just do audio+picture or maybe a music video type of thing if you want! Unfortunately we’ll recommend against using Block B footage- it might get taken down for copyright ):

Go to the Submit page and embed your submission so that it will play from the blog. Please include your name (or at least a name we can contact you with), your e-mail address, and your home country! We’d like to see talent from all over the world!

Dance Cover contest - 1 Very Good Album

You can do a dance cover of any Block B song, once again OSTs and mixtapes included. You can make up original choreography or cover dances already done by Block B! 

Please submit a Youtube video of your cover. There needs to be good enough lighting to be able to see you and your dance. Video editing is okay, as long as it doesn’t keep us from seeing the actual dance. When you submit, include your name, e-mail address and home country.

Fan Art contest

Any artwork must include something related to Block B. At the very least, the logo must be included, but we’d prefer if you represented the members in some way.

There will be one category for drawing/paintings, and another category for digital edits of photos.

Traditional artwork (drawing/painting)- 1 Very Good Album

You may use any medium necessary. Digital painting/drawing is completely o.k.

When you submit, please include at least one progress photo. Based on some BBC’s talents with realistic artwork, we’d like to be sure that it’s really a drawn picture and our eyes aren’t decieving us!

Photography Edits- 1 Very Good Album

Edits may include just one or all of the members.

Any edits of fantaken photos without permission will be disqualified.

If you don’t know where to find good photos, try our picture tag. If you have a fantaken photo and aren’t sure if editing is allowed, contact blockbhive and make sure (please contact them off anon so they can answer you privately and it won’t clog their blog). The majority of fansites don’t allow edits, but some do, so it is important to check before you start making art with it!

As a rule of thumb, usually professional or news photos (like magazine pictures, interview pictures, official album photos) are OK to edit, since those pictures are posted for the public’s benefit.

Overall talent winner-1 Very Good Album, 1 pair Block B earrings, 1 autographed item

Out of the four talent category winners, we will choose one overall winner to recieve the autographed item.

We wish we could give the autographed stuff to everyone, but Zico only gave us three…ㅠㅠ

Tumblr Raffle- 1 Very Good Album and 1 autographed item

We will make a separate post for this contest. If you can’t enter any of the talent competitions, just reblog this post.

You don’t have to follow us HOWEVER you must be a BBC. We will use a random number generator to chose the winner and we will check that person’s blog for some sign of their interest in Block B. This project is for BBCs to connect more to Block B, not for strangers who just want free stuff. 

Please only reblog once! We’d rather everyone have an equal chance.

Twitter Raffle- 1 Very Good Album and 1 autographed item

We will make a separate tweet for this contest. Just RT this tweet, and you will be entered in the raffle.

Please don’t quote the tweet, that makes it more difficult for us to count participants and choose winners.

We will also use a random number generator to chose the winner, and will check to make sure that the twitter user is not a random bot.

Go for it, BBC! We can’t wait to see you buzz even louder!


it’s the start of a month, and i decided why not have my first botm? i’m a bit confused on what my blogging style is, it’s fashion, anime, kpop, and photography all mixed in one, so is it just a personal blog? any way, this botm is for my followers, to promote a blog that i think is worth promoting ^^


- mbf me, as it is only for my followers. if you’re thinking of just following for this contest, and unfollowing straight after, don’t think about it
- reblog this post a maximum of twice a day.
the more you reblog, the higher chance you’ll get as i guess i’ll notice you more ^^“ likes do not count
- blogging style does not matter. i can choose from kfashion to kpop. it’s anything really.
- ends on february 22nd. poll for five chosen nominees will start on february 23rd- 28th. winner will be my botm throughout march.

what i’ll be looking for:

- posts: whether your posts match your blog.i can judge this by your archive, if there is a theme to your posts, or the blogging style.
- theme:whether effort can be seen. i know some bloggers go through a great deal to achieve their desired look. from coding, to tweaking to adding all sorts of decoration.
- other factors: url, a nice blogger, active blogger etc.


- a link on my blog
- double promo once a week
- any help with other polls
- a follow, if not already