so you say you want a revolution

Things Mike Pence Heard at Hamilton

- “Immigrants: we get the job done!”

- “There is no more status quo. But the sun comes up and the world still spins.”

- “We are engaged in a battle for our nation’s very soul”

- “I’ve been reading ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Payne. Some men say that I’m intense, or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation! So listen to my declaration: 'We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal,’ and when I meet Thomas Jefferson (work!) I'mma compel him to include WOMEN in the sequel!”

- “History has its eyes on you”

- “A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey neighbor: your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor. 'We plant seeds in the South. We create.’ Yeah. Keep ranting. We know who’s really doing the planting.”

- “But when all is said and all is done, Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none.”

- “Winning was easy, young man. Governing’s harder.”
Can Lesbian Identity Survive The Gender Revolution?
Maybe the future really can be female. That depends on how we define it.
By Shannon Keating

y’all…this article is seriously so fucking awful. it is basically saying lesbians are regressive and ~~~too exclusionary~~~~ yet again. YET AGAIN never attacking gay men or straight people for “””genital preferences”””…

perhaps the worst quote: “Some lesbians who don’t go full-out TERF are still all too eager to write off dating trans people because of “genital preferences,” which means they have incredibly reductive ideas about gender and bodies.”

did you know you’re an evil terf if you don’t like penis?

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I just wanted to say how much I love what this girl did. Almost everyday I see so much love for Billie and Mike but not so much for Tré so this was very important, love how she basically ignored BJ and Mike to went directly to Tré and he looks so surprised and happy! lol. Thank you, redhead girl, you rock! <3 

the signs as angelica's lines
  • aries: "I'm not here for you."
  • taurus: "Put what we had aside, I'm standing at her side."
  • gemini: "So this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level."
  • cancer: "I will choose her happiness over mine every time."
  • leo: "I remember those soldier boys tripping over themselves to win our praise"
  • virgo: "I'm sure I don't know what you mean, you forget yourself."
  • libra: "And when you said 'hi,' I forgot my dang name."
  • scorpio: "So men say that I'm intense or I'm insane."
  • sagittarius: "Burr, you disgust me."
  • capricorn: "You want a revolution? I want a revelation."
  • aquarius: "I will never be satisfied."
  • pisces: "I remember that dream-like candlelight, like a dream that you can't quite place."

Hamilton —  The Schuyler Sisters

  • “You disgust me.”
  • “Like I said, you’re free to go.”
  • “Ah, so you’ve discussed me.” 
  • “We’re looking for a mind at work!”
  • “Remind me what we’re looking for.”
  • “I’m a trust fund baby, you can trust me.”
  • “You want a revolution? I want a revelation!”
  • “Oh, there’s nothing like summer in the city.”
  • “So, men say that I’m intense or I’m insane.”
  • “Sneak into the city just to watch all the guys.”
  • “It’s bad enough there’ll be violence on our shore.”
  • “We just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!”
  • “Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”
  • “There’s nothing rich folks love more, than going downtown and slumming it with the poor.”
  • “Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny, but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money.”

okay yes this is about exactly what you think it is about. If you’re trying to ignore the entire election thing, feel free to skip ahead.

So. Something horrible happened. And people have gone directly into caring and reassuring, which, to me, is beautiful. There’s so many angry, spiteful posts, so much revolution, so much pure survival instinct in them all, so many pick-me-ups, so many people trying to rekindle just a little bit of hope. I’m proud of all of them, to be honest.

But I also just want to say: it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be fucking TERRIFIED. It’s okay to mourn. It’s okay to be devastated. As long as you don’t give up, as long as you try to take care of yourself, then feel your feelings. I’d like to direct attention to my favourite Wander Over Yonder episode, The Flower.

You don’t have to stay strong, you just have to STAY. If you can fight, that’s wonderful, but please, as long as you just stay ALIVE, as long as you do your best to take care of yourself, then if you need to then, cry, then curse, then scream from the rooftops, then call down hell and terror over everyone and everything, then scream and wail and dress in black (I’m doing that last thing)

Please don’t give up, but you’re allowed to think that everything is terrible. If it feels like the end of the world, you don’t have to pretend that it doesn’t. All I ask of you is that you do your best to stay alive and take care of yourself, but you don’t have to LIKE it.

I’m gonna compile a list of nice things and cheery-up things and anger-things that might make this a little more pleasant, but if you don’t want to pretend that this isn’t terrible … then you don’t have to.

Take your time. Then find your hope.

I feel so much love for all of you right now. I hope you know that.

Stay safe, and stay alive.

Words of Love

Warnings: fluff, fluff, and fluff

A/N: This is my very first Hamilton Imagine! I hope you guys like it!


AU: Hamiltime

2 3 4 5 Masterlist

Life was simple, at least it was.

You stayed at home, under the watchful eye of your parents. They didn’t not trust you outside in the public, they just wanted to keep you safe. You wanted to say that you understood that, but deep down, you didn’t.

You knew that your parents were major loyalists during the Revolution, they were the ones who brought you up with the values and opinions as they had. So, when Britain lost the war, to say they were in a state of shock was putting it mildly.

They isolated themselves, with fear of showing themselves in public. In doing so, they kept you by their side… or so they thought.

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I’m actually laughing. Hillary Clinton did not show up at the women’s march, the leader of the big revolution, but Taylor swift does not show up and some how people have managed to make her look like the devil. lolz. Reason 191927377373733 this website is selective and fake about their feminism. You want to say “Taylor swift is a fake feminist” and yet this entire website is so damn selective of who fits their mold as a feminist. And lets be honest, the name Taylor swift will never fit your mold because you make it that way, not because she has done something wrong but because you make a point to not let her fit. Of all the people of this world, people on this website should know what it’s like to not be able to fit society’s mold because they made it to where you couldn’t.

Loathing To Loving

Could I have a Lafayette x Fem!Reader where they hate each other at first, but both come around to like each other and eventually fall in love, which they keep from one another, and keep pretending to hate each other, until Hammy/Herc just end up yelling at them to kiss already bEcAuSe tHe tEnSiOn is too real. 

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Being a woman in the Revolution was hard, you weren’t able to fight or say what was on your mind. You were never taken seriously. 

It was incredibly frustrating. 

That was until an idea popped into your mind. Why sit on the sidelines and watch the men go out and make history, when you yourself could do so just as easily? The plan was risky, but you wanted this so badly despite knowing there could be consequences. 

So, you decided to join the army. You disguised yourself as a man and fought for what you believed in. It went smoothly the first couple of months. You made a few friends, gained the trust of your fellow soldiers and the general himself. 

However, there were a few bumps in the road here and there. A man by the name of Lafayette came to camp one day. From what you heard he came from France and wanted to help us win the war against England. 

You weren’t sure why, but something about him made you feel very uneasy. You thought it was because he eyed you in an accusing manner when the both of you first met. 

From then on, you didn’t trust him. It was as if he knew something that you didn’t. 

Every time the two of you would end up being in the same area, you merely gave a bit of a strained smile and tried to produce small talk. Even if you didn’t trust him, there was no reason for you to arouse suspicion.    

Then, it happened. One faithful morning, you were rummaging around, looking for the bandages that you use to hide your breasts from the other soldiers. You usually got up much earlier than the others, so you were able to comfortably get dressed. Thankfully, you didn’t share a tent with another soldier, so there was no need to be discreet in your own tent. 

Unfortunately, your rummaging woke up the person in the tent next to yours, which happened to be Lafayette’s. 

You didn’t realize that you woke him until you heard foot steps coming towards the entrance of your tent. 

A wave of panic washed over your as you quickly tried to wrapped the bandages around your breasts. 

“(M/N)? Is everything alright?” Lafayette asked. His voice was still groggy from sleep. 

Lafayette’s silhouette outside of your tent began to reach for the flaps of the entrance. 

“No! Wait!” You hissed, but to no avail. 

Lafayette pulled back the flap, his tired eyes glanced lazily around your figure until they stopped at your chest. 

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. 

“Y-You’re a-” 

You immediately put a hand over his mouth and shushed him. 

“Are you trying to get me caught?!” You hissed quietly while pulling him inside of your tent.

You listened to the noises outside and noted that it sounded as if no one had woken up yet. You breathed out a sigh of relief and hesitantly removed your hand from Lafayette’s mouth. 

As soon as you removed your hand, he began to speak. 

Mon ami, you know I can’t let you fight.” He said, voice firm. His initial shock of realizing that you were a woman was replaced with worry that you would end up getting hurt on the battle field. Certainly you would get caught and be sent home with embarrassment and dishonor riding on your shoulders. 

Your eyes narrowed and you shook your head. “Oh, no. No. You aren’t going to rat me out.” You stated with an irritated tone. 


“No.” You stated firmly, cutting him off. “If you tell anyone that I’m a woman, I will never forgive you!” 

Lafayette’s eyes widened.

“Do you understand me?” You asked him, voice dripping with venom. 

He sighed, but nodded. “Yes, I understand.” 

“Good, now get out of my tent.” You pointed your index finger towards the entrance of your tent. 

Lafayette frowned and grumbled, but left your tent. 

You relaxed a bit when he left your tent. That was way too close. 

From then on, you tried to act as if there was nothing wrong when Lafayette was around. But, the way his eyes would always land on you made you incredibly apprehensive. He now knew your secret and could easily tell anyone about it. Expose you at any given moment.  

You hated it. 

However, your friends didn’t see it that way at all. Alexander, Hercules, and John would always tease you and Lafayette. Saying that despite acting cold and distant from one another, you two seemed to be quite enamored. 

Of course you denied the accusations immediately. There was no way in hell that you would end up loving someone like him. 

Or, at least, that’s what you thought at first. 

Hearing the sounds of canons and gunfire about 5 feet away from you was extremely nerve wracking. But, that was war. Everything was up close and personal. 

You had just gotten out of a bayonet fight with a British soldier. His body was lying lifeless on the ground next to you. Blood slowly oozing out of the stomach wound that you inflicted upon him. 

The fight had exhausted you. You were panting and trying to see if there was any other redcoat that was coming your way. 

Your eyes widened once you saw a bullet head straight for one of your fellow soldiers. 

Your instincts kicked in straight away. You quickly made your way towards him and tackled him to the ground. 

He groaned under you, while the bullet whizzed over your head and hit a tree nearby. 

You huffed out a sigh of relief. 

“(M/N), can you please get off of me?” Lafayette asked in an exasperated tone. 

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at him. “Are you serious? I save you from getting shot and that’s how you thank me?” 

Lafayette rolled his eyes. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something. But was cut off when a loud wolf whistle was heard from behind the both of you. 

You snapped your head over your should to see John walking towards the both of you, a smirk was adorning his face.

“Guys, can you please keep your sexual desires to yourselves while we’re at war?” John teased, referring to the fact that you were still on top of Lafayette.  

Heat began to rise to your cheeks as you quickly got off of Lafayette. 

When you looked over to him, you saw that he was blushing as well. 

John laughed while Lafayette sighed and tried to compose himself. “John, mon ami, we are fighting right now. I do not think this is the best time to be making jokes.”

“Woah, don’t try to lecture me. You were the one who wasn’t paying attention and ended up with (M/N) on top of you.” John said while glancing around the area. He noted that the British must have fled, seeing as there were no signs of them. 

Lafayette sighed and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. “Well, it looks as if we won.” 

You nodded. You looked towards the camp and saw Hercules and Alexander wave over to the three of you. 

“Hey! What are you three doing? Come on, we have to check back into camp!” Hercules shouted. 

“We’re coming!” John hollered back. “The love birds were celebrating a bit too early on our win.” John told Herc and Alex with a suggestive tone. 

Your cheeks were burning red while the three of them were laughing. 

After a few weeks passed since you saved Lafayette from getting shot ,it hit you. You were in love with him. 

You didn’t know how long you had these feelings for him. It all seemed so surreal. You swore that you hated him, you knew that he was dangerous, considering that he knew you were a woman. 

And yet, after you saved him you two began communicating more. 

You learned that he was orphaned at a very young age and that he came to America disguised as a pregnant woman. 

You snorted a bit when he told you. 

“That’s why I looked at you like that when we first met.” He explained while the both of you were sitting by the camp fire. It was dark out and most of the other soldiers were already asleep in their tents. 

“I knew that you were disguised since that’s exactly what I did when I first came here.” 

You hummed in acknowledgment. 

And in that, he asked a rather strange question. It was one you certainly weren’t expecting. 

“What is your real name?” 

Your eyes widened a bit, it wasn’t as if he meant any harm by asking. You were just shocked. 

“I-It’s (Y/N).” You told him with a hesitant smile. 

“(Y/N),” He said with a smile. “What a lovely name.” 

Despite being on better terms with Lafayette, you continued to act cold and distant towards him when others were around. Especially John, Alex, and Herc. You didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they were right. 

Lafayette seemed to do the same. 

It was a rather quiet day. There was nothing going on. So, you, Alex, John, Herc, and Laf decided to go to a nearby creek to cool off. 

When John, Alex, and Herc saw the water, they quickly stripped down to their underwear and jumped in. 

You giggled a bit when you saw the impact that all three of their splashes made. 

John poked his head out of the water and beckoned you and Lafayette to come in.

You shook your head and politely declined. It would be over in a second if you took your uniform off. Instead, you sat down in the grass. 

Non, I think I’ll stick with (M/N).” Lafayette said as he sat down next to you. 

John shrugged and continued to swim around while Hercules looked at the both of you with a bit of amusement in his eyes. 

“You know, you could just go in with them, I wouldn’t mind.” You told Lafayette with an earnest look.

“I know, but, I don’t want them to bother you when you are the only one out of the water. They will get suspicious.” Lafayette said, keeping his eyes on the boys. 

“O-oh, well, thank you.” 

Lafayette smiled at you. “It’s no problem.” 

You looked down at your feet and hoped that he wasn’t able to see the light blush that was forming on your cheeks. 

“Hey! What are you guys talking about over there?” Alex asked with mirth laced in his voice. 

“Leave them alone, Alex.” Hercules said while glancing over to you. It was very obvious to him that you and Lafayette had something going on, he just didn’t want to embarrass you. Plus, he was fairly certain that the both of you were slowly coming to terms with your feelings, which he didn’t want anyone interfering with.

“Herc, you can’t be serious, I can practically feel the desire from all the way over here!” Alex said while making various hand gestures. 

Your cheeks felt as if they were on fire. Alex was being much too loud and it didn’t help that John was wriggling his eyebrows at the both of you.

You glanced a bit to your left and saw that Lafayette’s cheeks were tinted pink as well. Well, at least you weren’t the only one that was horribly embarrassed. 

“Um, Laf?” You asked, tapping his shoulder. 

Oui?” He responded, seeming to be grateful that he was able to be distracted from Alex’s commentary. 

“I just wanted to say thank you.” You told him with a smile.

Lafayette’s eyes widened. “For what?” 

“For not revealing my identity to the general. I know it must’ve been hard to keep from him, since your both very close.”  You said with a sincere tone. 

He seemed taken aback by your statement. It was rare to see you like this, especially with the boys in the same area. 

“Well, I guess I should thank you as well. For saving me from the bullet.” Lafayette said, returning the smile. 

“Oh, so now you want to thank me?” You asked in mock annoyance, glaring at him playfully. 

“Oh my god, just kiss already!” Alex shouted with an irritant tone. 

“Alex!” Herc exclaimed. 

John was dying of laughter in the background. 

Meanwhile, you were dying of embarrassment. You were certain that the blush on your cheeks hasn’t left your face once the entire time. 

“Alright, that is enough.” Lafayette stated, getting up from his spot on the ground. 

He held out his hand for you to take. “I will be taking (M/N) back to camp now.” 

You took his hand and got up. 

The two of you were walking through the forest, heading back to camp. 

You noticed that Lafayette was sparing glances at you every so often. You raised an eyebrow at his behavior but decided not to say anything. 

Suddenly, Lafayette grabbed your wrist and stopped dead in his tracks. 

You jerked a bit from the abrupt stop. 

“Laf, is everything alright?” You asked with concern in your voice. 

He nodded and let go of your wrist. “Sorry, I just wanted to talk. Is that okay?” 

“Of course.” You said. “What is it?” 

Lafayette seemed to be much more nervous than he was a few minutes ago. You wonder what was wrong. 

“U-um, (Y/N)? I have wanted to say this for a while now, but haven’t had the chance to express myself properly. I know it in my heart that I love you. And I wanted to ask if you would allow me to court you once this war ends.” 

You started a him with widened eyes. Was he serious? Never in a million years would you have thought that you would be asked this question. Every time another person was interested in you, they would be driven away by the fact that you wanted to be involved making history even if you were a woman. You were left completely speechless. 

“I-I, yes!” You manged to say out loud. 

Lafayette’s smile was heart-melting. He looked so over joyed. 

He wrapped his arms around you and held on tight. “Oh, I’m so glad.”

He pressed a kissed on your forehead and rested his head on your shoulder.

It was pure bliss. 

les amis as things i have posted on fb that my parents have probably read and i will live in shame for the rest of my days
  • Enjolras: ♚♡⚔ follow for more Soft Revolution ⚔♡♚
  • Combeferre: im that kid that wasn't really into pokemon but still bought a book abt pokemon to read up on them in case there was an emergency
  • Courfeyrac: send help i've started doing finger guns at inanimate objects
  • Jehan: so I wrote a sonnet just to prove to myself that I could write a sonnet if I wanted to
  • Feuilly: all of you people are so great you know it's really rude leave some of the goodness for the rest of us
  • Bahorel: "rhode island don't play," i say as i slurp raspberry iced tea through a straw
  • Joly: aw ye check out these ILL BEATS *coughs rhythmically*
  • Bossuet: friends romans countrypals lend me your money
  • Grantaire: ur not a /real/ artist if u dont spend at least a day a week facedown on the floor wallowing in self pity. boy howdy. dicks out for diogenes
  • + Bonus Marius: last century courtship for straight people who are secretly 60 years old and married
  • + Bonus Bonus Gavroche: no moral ambiguities past my bedtime
Heathers: The Musical → Starters (pt 2)

❛ Fine, we’re damaged, but that does not make us wise ❜
❛ Sneak a beer and watch tv, we’ll bake brownies or go bowling. Don’t you want a life with me? ❜
❛ Don’t stop looking in my eyes  ❜
❛ The revolution came and went, tried to change the world, barely made a dent. ❜
❛ If I say the wrong thing or I wear the wrong outfit they’ll throw me right over the side ❜
❛ Your ass is off the team. Go on and bitch and moan. ❜
❛ Now we’re all grown up and we know better ❜
❛ So I’ll build a dream that I can live in and this time I’m never waking up ❜
❛ You don’t know what my world looks like! ❜
❛ Knock! Knock! Sorry to come through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know! ❜
❛ Then I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside! ❜
❛ We were meant to be one! ❜
❛ Your society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks. ❜
❛ Bring marshmallows, we’ll make s’mores! We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars! ❜
❛ I’m gonna count to three! One! Two! Fuck it ❜
❛ No one here deserves to die except for me and the monster I created. ❜
❛ Got no time to talk I’m a dead girl walking! ❜
❛ There’s a school that self-destructed not because society didn’t care, but because that school was society. ❜
❛ The only place Heathers and Marthas can truly get along is in Heaven! ❜
❛ I wish we met before they convinced you life is war! ❜
❛ I am damaged, far too damaged, but you’re not beyond repair.  ❜
❛ Hope you’ll miss me. Wish you’d kiss me. Then you’d know I worship you. ❜
❛ You look like hell. ❜
❛ I just got back. ❜
❛ I’d be honored, if you’d let me be your friend ❜
❛ If no one loves me now, some day somebody will ❜

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List your 5 favorite fics and/or art pieces that you’ve done so far (and say why if you want) and then tag some friends!

Okay o.o 

01. Revolution & Revolution EX 

The entire work - story & every single fanart I’ve made for the Revolution universe. I’ve put so much effort in this work and I think I really improved my English in this story. (In comparison to “The Forest of Tranquility”…)

02. Childhood Friends 

Well…for the same reasons as mentioned above X’D. I always put a lot of effort in this AU - in each single story and fanart that is part of this still ongoing alternate universe. 


BECAUSE. Just because. 

04. The sleeping NezuShi gif…

I think this one is the most famous gif I’ve ever made. I’m really proud of it. :) 

05. Hmmm…difficult. I guess this one. 

…because some people thought this is official art. :D That pissed me off (since people kept stealing it…) AND made me proud at the same time, haha. 

I’m tagging @meopat, @pigeonsimba, @karereiko and @listenforthelove… (you don’t need to if you don’t want to…) and everyone who wants to do this meme. 

Rumbelle Revolution

So it appears our Revolution will be on Sunday, November 27th. So that’s about two weeks for us to write something. I have already been recruited by @standbyyourmantis and @woodelf68 for elf porn, LOL. If you guys want to post a new update for a WIP or a new fic altogether, that is fine. Just tag your posts as #rumbelle Revolution so I can finde them and reblog them.

Let’s just show how much we love our ship and say screw you to canon.

Vive la Rumbelle Revolution!

What are you thinking about? (Pt 1)
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she means: WORK WORK ANGELICAAAA WORK WORK ELIZAAA AND PEGGY. THE SCHUYLER SISTERS. Angelica, Peggy, Eliza, WORK. I've been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Some men say that I'm intense or I'm insane. You want a revolution, I want a revelation! So listen to my declaration. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, and when I meet Thomas Jefferson, ima compel him to include women in the sequel WORK.
I think about Flint, Michigan and how you put people in these desperate situations, where they’re drinking toxic waste and how they’re supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and the city government or the state government is so corrupt that they’re not even trying to help,” he fumes. “They’re just trying to save their own asses. It’s like ‘How do you educate people when they’re starving or being poisoned?’ And it’s one crisis after another. It makes your head spin, really, and that’s what [Say Goodbye]’s about
—  Billie Joe Armstrong on the Flint Water Crisis in ‘New Day Rising’ (Kerrang)
Hamilton Astrology

The Signs as Hamilton Characters:
Hamilton: Pisces, Libra
Angelica: Leo, Virgo
King George: Taurus
Eliza: Sagittarius
Jefferson: Cancer
Lafayette: Scorpio
Peggy: Aquarius
Maria Reynolds: Capricorn
Burr: Gemini
Hercules Mulligan: Aries

The signs as The Schuyler Sisters:
Angelica: Libra, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio
Eliza: Leo, Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius
Peggy: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus

The signs as songs from Hamilton:
Alexander Hamilton: Taurus
Aaron Burr, Sir: Leo
The Schuyler Sisters: Libra
Burn: Aries
Satisfied: Cancer
I know him: Virgo
You’ll be back: Aquarius
The Adams Administration: Gemini
Cabinet Battles: Capricorn
Say no to this: Scorpio
The world was wide enough: Pisces
Helpless: Sagittarius

The signs as Angelica’s rap from The Schuyler Sisters:
Aries, Leo: I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine.
Sagittarius, Cancer, Taurus: So men say that I’m intense or I’m insane?
Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces: You want a revolution? I want a revelation!
Libra, Aquarius: We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.
Capricorn, Gemini: And when I meet Thomas Jefferson imma compel him to include women in the sequel.

EXO Reaction to you kissing them to shut them up

Requested by @amoonmermaid I hope you like this hun! This would be so sweet tbh. 

Love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Immediately blushes* “I’m speaking too much again aren’t I? Sorry.. I just can’t stop wanting those kisses from you”


“I’m impressed, you learn fast babe… Next lesson, starting taking off your clothes to keep me shut”


*This boy, for the first time, is out of words. Not even yeheting*


“What was I going to say…? I hate to admit it… but it worked” *Your kiss definitely started a revolution in his mind*


“So girl… if I talk too much you kiss me…. what would happen if I scream?” *Ohhh that stare…”


“You trying to shut me up? We’ll see if you can stay all night quiet after I work my special … on you”


“I think I just got my first kiss… mind repeating it?” *Puppy mode*


“Not bad girl… not bad. I didn’t have to do anything to get your lips on mine… You got that good good in you”


*I don’t think the kiss is going to shut him up, you might have to do something stronger… but nice try*


*Definitely enjoying himself* “I don’t talk much.. but when I do I get kisses”


*Continues kissing you very passionately, probably will use his tongue and it won’t be to talk again*


*Looks like a middle school girl when her crush looks at her in the hallway* (I swear this is me)

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I can’t stop thinking about how much I want this to become a thing

The story of Harry “Not Throwing Away My Shot” Potter, how he rose to power through his determination and relentless brutish spirit, but was ultimately taken down by his dearest frenemy and rival, Draco “I’m A Trust Fund Baby, You Can Trust Me” Malfoy.


  • I’m Cedric D in the place to be, two pints of butterbeer but I’m working on three!
  • Oui oui, mon ami, je m’appelle Delacour, the Lancelot of the Triwizard Corps
  • Brrrrah brrrrah! I am Viktor Krum again, up in it lovin’ it yes I heard ya mother said “Come again?”
  • Hermione, Ginevra, and Luna – the Hogwarts sisters
  • I’ve been reading Hogwarts: A History, so men say that I’m intense or I’m a mystery. You want a revolution? I want a revelation! So listen to my incantation. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all wizards are created equal!” And when I meet Albus Dumbledore, I’ma compel him to include house elves in the sequel, WORK
  • Cornelius Fudge is Charles Lee (”I’m a Minister! Wheee!”)
  • The Battle of Hogwarts. Nineteen-ninety eight.
  • My name is Albus… I am a wizard… I shoot my spells like a blizzard…
  • It must be nice, it must be nice, to have Dumbledore on your side
  • Draco casts Avada Kedavra at Harry because HE WON’T LET THIS MAN MAKE AN ORPHAN OUT OF HIS DAUGHTER, but little does he know Harry was just planning on casting Expelliarmus.
  • Since we all know that the real enemy of Hamilton is not Aaron Burr, Voldemort gets to be King George because we all want to see Voldemort singing those King George songs

Still can’t figure out

  • Who the hell would be Thomas Jefferson? Maybe Seamus (with Dean as James Madison)? Or Percy Weasley?
  • Where the hell I would put Ron. Maybe Ron is Peggy.

… People is hating on Sebastian for being white?

Man, do you even understand why this men left his country as a kid?

Do you even get what he means with “I didn’t have comic books”, “I was communist”, “I remember this one thing about the revolution when I was a little kid”, “I had an accent so people made fun of me”, “I wanted to fit”?

Like… this is a white dude, yeah, and I do understand white dudes all over the world have been shitting on minorities since forever but here is the thing: when a breathing white dude is nice, happy, respectful and, you know, super unproblematic (thank you god and also jesus, and of course mrs. Stan and husband), is decent and you are hating on him because he is white, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.