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Galavant | 1.02 Joust Friends

Imagine if..

Matska hadn’t been killed. Imagine if Laura made the decision to become a vampire to spend forever with Carmilla. Imagine, 

  1. Baby!Vamp Laura not wanting to go to Carmilla when she still can’t control her thirst, so she goes to Matska. 
  2. Matska being annoyed at first, but soon giving in, because ‘damn it, she’s kind of adorable.’ 
  3. Matska and Laura having secret lessons and Carmilla getting jealous because ‘She’s my girlfriend Mattie, not yours, what are you guys even doing?’
  4. Big sister Matska just laughing Carmilla off, but not telling her what her and Laura are doing, because Matska is the asshole kind of big sister that loves to watch Carmilla squirm. 
  5. After a century, that extends to Laura, because clearly Laura isn’t going anywhere and if she’s with Carmilla, she might as well be Matska’s little sister as well. 
  6. Carmilla watching Matska grow to care some what about Laura. 
  7. Carmilla noticing when Matska starts messing with Laura, like she had to Carmilla four hundred years ago. 
  8. Laura getting flusters and frustrated with Matska for all she put’s her through, because she’s not entirely sure that everything Matska is making her do it necessary.
  9. After fifty years of Matska annoying Laura, but in a loving way, Carmilla let’s Laura in on the secret. 
  10. ‘She loves you cupcake, your her little sister too now. She pulled all this crap on me as well.’ 
  11. Laura smiling once Carmilla tell’s her that, because she never thought that Matska would ever accept her. She had set herself up for being with Carmilla, but being hated by the one family member that meant everything to Carmilla. 
  12. Laura, Carmilla and Matska traveling the world.
  13. Watching it grow and change. 
  14. Watching turns of centuries. 
  15. Watching the sun set over different cities. 
  16. Matska pulling Carmilla aside, almost two and a half centuries after Silas and everything happened and telling Carmilla she was wrong, Laura wasn’t just food she was playing with. 
  17. Matska telling Carmilla that she had never seen a human give up their lives so willingly for a vampire. 
  18. Matska telling Carmilla that what she found with Laura was unique. 
  19. Carmilla teasing Matska asking her if she’s jealous and watching as Matska scoffed and played it off like she wasn’t, when she was. 
  20. After three centuries, Matska began calling Laura and Carmilla ‘Hollis-Karnstein’ 
  21. For near enough seventy years both Laura and Carmilla brush it off just as well as when Matska had said they were in love when they hadn’t told each other yet. 
  22. On the anniversary of Laura becoming a vampire four hundred years ago, Carmilla does propose to her. 
  23. They get married with just Matska to see it happen.
  24. They get odd look’s for wanting to be married in the graveyard, by a bunch of graves that should have long ago worn away. 
  25. Matska might have been the only one alive to see them get married, but their friends were there too, even if only in spirit. 

Honestly, I just really need this to have happened.

Peter Pan imagine


This is my first Peter Pan imagine :) Since I watch Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan is my favorite character and I was pretty sad when he died :( When I discovered that there was imagines about him, I decided to wrote one too. So, here it is and I hope you will like it! ♥ 

Characters : Peter Pan, Killian, Felix

Pairing : Peter Pan x Reader (well, it’s not really a ‘’pairing’’ )

Warning : teasing, violence, swearing, possessive/domination, fluff

Words : 1,514

‘’Peter Pan never fails, darling! You might want to stop running away before I get angry!’’ You heard the sassy voice shouted into the dark forest. 

Your heart was beating faster than ever and your breathing was heavier as well. You could felt the adrenalin flowing into your veins as you were trying - well, it’s a big word since you knew that, soon or later, Pan will found you - to hide from that psychopath. The branches were snapping you, but you didn’t care. Hell no! If getting those scratches were the price to pay to get Peter Pan away from you, you were more than ready to pay it.

‘’Come on sweetheart, tell me where you are and I promise I’ll be kind!’’

You run even faster. Tears were slidding down your face, since you really know how ‘’nice’’ he could be.

*Flash Back*

‘’Felix, bring the girl’’ Pan ordered.

His minion did has the king demanded. He approached the cage where you were trapped in and forced you to get out. Maybe you didn’t like the cage, put it wasn’t worse than being out of it. He pushed you on the floor so that you were kneeling in front of Pan.

‘’So, she’s the one that try to trick me? A girl? Pathetic’’ He scoffed, staring at you with wicked eyes.

‘’Still, It’s you who got tricked, by a girl’’ You said, arrogantly.

‘’Shut up!’’ Pan shouted. Never you heard so much hatred in a voice.

His fist were now turning white and you could tell that he was forcing himself not to hit you hard in the face. He walked toward you, staring at you with dead in the eyes. His face was now an inch from yours and you could feel his breathe blowing on your skin. He lift your chin with his thumb and a smirk grown on his face.

‘’Bring me the other pirate, maybe if she saw what happen when we annoyed me, she won’t trick me again’’

*End of the Flash Back*

You shived at the though of what might have happen to your friend. Pan didn’t killed him infront of you, like you thought he would’ve do. He only brought him away from you when you said that you couldn’t lived without him.

‘’Please, Peter, don’t kill him!’’ You begged him when Pan’s sword was on his throat. ‘’He’s the only family that I have left!’’

‘’Then, you won’t have any family left, my dear’’ He laughed.

He couldn’t care less. After that, he disappeared with him and you never saw your friend again.

‘’(Y/N)’’ Pan’s voice echoed in the forest. ‘’I know where you are!’’

‘’Then why don’t you try to catch me’’ You mumbled to yourself, feeling tiredness seizing your body.

You stopped running when you saw the fair-haired blonde boy appear in front of you. Your eyes widened and you gasp, slowly distancing yourself from the green devil. He seemed to notice it since his smirk grew bigger. He lift an eyebrow, staring at you.

‘’I thought catching you at the first place would have taken all the fun out’’

He smiled at you, making you want to throw up.

‘’Then why did you catch me?’’ You replied, distrusting him.

‘’Because I know how to keep the fun, love’’ 

He took a step closer to you, making you step back, but your back hit the tree behind you and you couldn’t distanced yourself from Peter Pan anymore. The anxiety was growing inside your stomach, becoming practically unbearable. His face was now an inch from yours.

‘’Don’t ever call me that again’’ You threated, feeling your voice trembling.

‘’Or what, love?’’ He teased you.

You darkly glanced at him, feeling powerless. If a look could kill, he’ll be more than dead.

‘’That’s what I thought’’ He laughed.

His hands leaned against the tree and one of them was know about an inch from your face while the other one was an inch from your waist. You tried to hold his gaze, but there was something about the way he looked at you that make you shived and look away.

‘’What’s wrong, love?’’ He sarcastically demanded.

‘’Stop calling me that!’’ 

You pushed him away, feeling all the anger you had kept inside of you rushing out. He stepped back. The corner of his lips lift up and he scoffed.

‘’You have fire’’ He teased you, pressing his body even closer to yours. His hand grabbed your waist while the other one toss away a strand of hair. ‘’I like fire’’

He slipped his fingers down your neck and on your collarbone. Something was burning inside your stomach and you couldn’t tell why you were feeling like that. He leaned toward your neck. You felt his lips close to your burning skin but he stopped moving when you talked.

‘’What’s your problem?’’ You gasped, trying to make your voice sound more authoritarian.

‘’Have I a problem?’’ He whispered.

He placed a kiss in the pit of your neck. Did he really think he could do whatever he wants with you? You felt his lips smirking, making your anger exploded. It took just that to gave you all the bravery you needed.

‘’YES, PAN. YOU’RE A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!’’ You screamed and pushed him, again. But this time, the bloody demon didn’t laugh. ‘’You love hurting me, you keep me in a cage, you killed my friend and now, you think that I will let you flirting with me?’’ You giggled - wait giggled?

‘’You’re crazy’’ He said, practically whispering. 

By the look he gave you, you knew you hurt him. But you couldn’t stop laughing - well maybe you were going mad because who knows what the hell he’ll do to you after what you said to him?

‘’By the way I didn’t killed Killian. I’m not a killer’’

You suddenly stopped laughing. Both of us were staring widely at each other. You struggled, trying to find out if you could trust him. You wanted to, but at the same time, you knew too well Peter Pan, at least, that’s want you thought.

‘’If what you say is real, then Killian would have come back long ago to save me’’ You replied, crossing your arms on your chest like if you challenged him to contradict you.

‘’That’s because I offered him the Jolly Roger… And because I forbided him to never come on the Island again, otherwise I would kill you’’

‘’And you say that you are not a killer’’ You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

‘’I didn’t kill you’’ He defended himself.

‘’But you would’’


A silence dropped between you two. You remembered the time you past with your friend, how you loved navigating on the ocean. You missed the feeling of the salty wind on your skin. ‘’One day, we’ll have a ship of our own, sailing on every oceans and we would be happy’’  Tears stung your eyes, threatening to fall as you remembered what your friend told you once.

‘’Why?’’ You whispered.

‘’Because I’m not a killer’’ He said while lifting one of his eyebrows.

‘’No, I mean, why did you always have to hurt me?’’

‘’I never hurt you!’’ His voice raised.

‘’Maybe you didn’t hurt me physically, but you hurt me’’ Your voice raised too and you glanced at him. ‘’All I want, is to go home, on the Jolly Roger with Killian’’ You desperately said.

‘’But you won’t’’ He stepped closer to you, his eyes suddenly turning dark ’’Because no one gets off this Island without my permission, (Y/N)’’

‘’Don’t come closer!’’ You threated him.

A tear slipped down on your cheek and you violently whipped it. He stopped himself and frowned.

‘’Let’s play a game’’ He offered.

‘’Are you serious!? I don’t fucking care about your -’’

‘’If you win, you can see Killian and if you don’t, you stay with me’’ He cut you off.

‘’What’s the game?’’ You sighed.

‘’If I can find a moment when I was nice to you, I win’’

You rolled you eyes, knowing that he might never found one.


Peter walked toward you and took your hand. You step back and frowned, trying to find out if you could trust him. He poorly smiled at you. Suddenly, smoke wrapped around both of you and you disappeared. 

You reappeared on a boat you knew once. The salty smell of the ocean infiltrated into your nostrils. The white sails were flying in the wind. You slightly touched the boat ramp, feeling every memories coming back to your mind. 

‘’Home sweet home’’ Your heard someone say.

You quickly turned to face him. Killian. His wonderful blue eyes were staring at you.


You ran toward him, hugging him as hard as possible. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you laughed as you felt tears slipping on your cheeks. He took a step back, still holding you.

‘’I thought I would never see you again’’ You said with a trembling voice.

You glanced at Pan, sparkles in your eyes, but then, you remembered the deal and you look away.

‘’I’m sorry, for everything’’ Peter Pan mumbled before disappearing.

I hope you enjoyed my Peter Pan imagine ♥


I’m currently writing a paper on queerbaiting and fandom/TPTB interaction using Teen Wolf & Sterek as my case study but I made some graphs so I thought I might as well share.

First two show viewer ratings (Nielsen) found on Teen Wolf wiki.

The pie chart and bar graph are self-explanatory.

The last bar graph is the same as one above, just w/out the viewer rating.

I will be looking at Sterek found on FanFiction & deviantART next. No deductions made so far. Thats something I gotta work on later once I get the numbers.


Capricious- Doctor Strange x reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

So, I saw Doctor Strange (and it was amazing, I’m going back Saturday) anyway, the cloak made me laugh and I had this idea that I really hope you will like. 

Because I live in a small city that sucks, I was condemned to watch it in French so some vocabulary might be wrong. 

Also, I tried not to include spoilers even though this happens after the movie.

Please, note that I am French and so there might be some mistakes here and there. And, also, I know nothing about Doctor Strange outside of the movie I just saw.

Words: 785

Summary: How you meet Doctor Strange (A little, soulmate story ;) )

This is my first Marvel imagine.

Enjoy :)

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You were a young orphan when the Ancient One took you in. She taught you everything she knew, (well, almost everything), and you were now a very powerful sorceress. You preferred to be alone and you were somewhere in Iceland when you heard of the events of Hong-Kong. You immediately took your relic and packed your bags and used your sling ring that you never took off to open a portal and go straight to Nepal.

You arrived in the library and, immediately, the sound of your footsteps made Wong look up. He smiled as soon as he saw you.

“Y/N! Welcome back!”

“Hi, Wong,” you smiled back at him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

You lost your smile and looked down. “You know…”

“Oh…you’ve heard…” he guessed.

“I wish I had been there,” you told him and he gave you a sad look and nodded.

But suddenly, the relic you were wearing started to lift you off of your feet and made you levitate.

“Not now, Green!” you groaned. You looked up and saw Wong mocking you. “What’s so funny?” you asked him, annoyed, which made him laugh even more.

“Maybe I should tell you…” he started to say but he didn’t have the chance to finish as you were dragged outside of the library. You couldn’t see where you were going and you couldn’t stop it.

“Green, stop it! Now!” you ordered your relic but it didn’t stop. “Ouch!” you cried after you knocked into someone else. Your back was against someone else’s and you banged your head against his. “What the hell?” you groaned. You quickly turned around. “I’m so sorry, my…” you stopped as you saw the handsome stranger in which you had just banged into. “Oh!” you said as you realized what had just happened.

“Hello?” the stranger said, looking down at you. He was rubbing the back of his head.

“Hi,” you replied. You stared at him and he gave you a funny look. “Right,” you sighed. “I’m sorry, Green is capricious,” you told him and “Green” lifted you off of your feet again and you banged into the stranger once again. You were about to fall so you put your hand on the back of his neck and he caught you in his arms.

“Your cloak has the same sense of humor as mine,” he grinned at you and put you back on your feet. “Green?” he gave you a puzzled look.

“Well, yes,” you shrugged. “It obviously has a mind of its own and… it’s green, so…”

He chuckled. “I see,” he said. “Should I call mine Red, then?” he asked and you shrugged and smiled.

“Those cloaks were once wore by two great sorcerers,” you turned to see Wong standing in the entry of the room behind you. “They loved each other so much, some said they were soulmates,” he smiled and you immediately blushed and took one step from the stranger. You looked up at him and you saw him raised his eyebrows, like he didn’t believe a word Wong was saying. “Others even said that their love was so strong, its power passed to their cloaks and they would always reunite two people made for each other.”

You gave him a look to silently shut him up and he chuckled and then left. You sighed and turned to the stranger. You gave him an awkward smile.

“Stephen Strange,” he said and held out his hand.

“Excuse me?” you asked, confused.

“My name is Stephen Strange. Doctor Strange,” he repeated.

“Oh, right, of course, uh, I’m Y/N,” you said and you took his hand and shook it.

“I figured we should know our names if we’re soulmates,” he said and you laughed.

“So, you’re the one that saved the world?” you asked and he smiled and looked down.

“I am,” he nodded and looked up at you.

You stood there, in an awkward silence, just staring at each other.

“Maybe we should start with dinner,” he said after a few minutes. You gave him a puzzled look and he chuckled. “I’d like to know my soulmate better,” he said and you gave him a shy smile.

“Well, why not?” you said. “Just to see if Wong story is true.”


Also, I LOVED the movie, GO SEE IT !!!

CEO!Luke Call me Mr. Hemmings

Summary: You have an interview with your best friend Luke. 

Smut: Yes

Requested: No

Author Note: I was a cowriter on Smutty-Time and this was my first story on there so I might as well put this as my first story on my own blog

You and Luke had been inseparable for years becoming best friends 14 years ago after you kicked some guys ass in 3rd grade for saying Luke was a bitch. You’ve never like bullies much because the same thing happened in middle school.  Both of you 23 and now you up to your ears with bullshit from your job as a busgirl for one of the many big restaurants in Las Vegas. Luke doing way better being a CEO for paper or like a watch company. Whatever, you’ll remember to ask him at some point in time. Working a split shift you were rarely home, opting to crash at Luke’s place for a couple of hours before going home to change and get back to clearing tables. Luke being the amazing best friend he is would roll out of bed at 4 in the morning, even though he had work at 6, and meet you knocking on his door with a tired smile and a cup of chai tea.

“Thank you.” You mumbled walking into his home and going straight for the big and comfy L-sofa he had in his living room.
“Rough day?” He questioned pulling the long sleeves of his shirt over his hands before grabbing his own mug and sitting beside you. You nodded letting the tea calm you leaning into his side. “Tell me about it.” He said giving you a nudge, you shook your head your mind running from the day.
“5 birthdays and 2 bachelors. Randy, Eddy and Samantha all caught that bug that’s been going around, so not only did I bus today but I had to help in the kitchen and waited tables. They’re going to be out for the rest of the week so get a good look cause I’ll probably be dead by Friday.” You frowned realizing the week you had ahead of you. The room was silent, the both of you sitting quietly taking sips from your drinks. You were about to fall asleep on Luke’s shoulder when he moved putting his cup on the table and turning to look at you.
“What.” You stated when he didn’t say anything and just kept staring.
“Quit.” He said not taking his eyes of you. You scoffed shaking your head at his nonsense. “Really, you should quit. This isn’t the first time they worked you like this. And I know you aren’t happy working there, so you should quit.” He shrugged.
“And go where Luke, since you seem to have thought this out.” You teased putting your mug next to his on the table and leaning into the couch, actually interested in what he would say.
“You can come work for me. We need a new intern for a receptionist job-“
“Aw, what happened to Grace?” You asked cutting him off, remembering the cute petite blonde Luke pointed out at the office picnic last month. He looked at you his lips pressed into a thin line and stayed like that until you realized what he wasn’t saying. “You didn’t, did you. You fucking slept with her, Luke that’s literally like the 3rd one.” You scolded
“I really didn’t mean to this time. It was raining and she needed a ride.” He said raising his hands up in mercy.
“Oh you did it in the car. That’s so gross.” You said pushing his shoulder, “Was she good though?” You asked, bursting into laughter when Luke shook his head with a disappointed look on his face.
“To much teeth, I had to practically do all the work.” He said leaning back on the couch, “I am serious though. You should work for me.”
“Luke you literally just told me you had sex with the last intern.”
“I won’t try anything on you you’re my best friend. That’d be weird.” He said looking up at you, his blue eyes shining in the dim light. “Quit your job, please.” You sighed shifting your gaze away from him after he started pouting. It’s not that you didn’t want to work with him, it would just be weird. Right?
“Please, please, please, please.” He begged as he poked your shoulder with each word.
“Fine.” You mumbled giving in.
“Fuck yeah.” He said giving a fist pump, you smiled at his childishness. “When do you get off work tomorrow, usual time?” He asked once he calmed down.
“Yeah, 11 I think.” You said taking your phone out your pocket and pulling up your schedule, nodding your head once you saw you did get off at 11.
“Ok, I should still be in the office. Come in when you give off and I’ll interview you for the position.” You looked at him confused.
“I have to do an interview. Aren’t you the CEO can’t you just give me the job.” You asked. Luke chuckled pulling you into a hug.
“No I can’t just give you a job, that’s unfair to all the other hot interns that want this job.” You smiled pulling out of the hug and giving his arm a slap.
“You are the definition of fuck boy.” You laughed.
“Put in your 2 weeks and be at my office by 1130 tomorrow. Dress nice and bring your resume.” He said standing up and looking at the watch you gave him on his 21st birthday. “I’m gonna to go get ready for work. Lock up when you leave please.” He said before disappearing into his room. You looked around, getting comfy on the couch thinking about tomorrow. You hoped that your coworkers wouldn’t hate you for quitting but you’d rather take a billion calls over the loud and messy customers you clean up after at the restaurant. You soon fell asleep to Luke loudly singing the Jonas Brothers in the shower, a smile on your face. You didn’t know how much time had passed but it wasn’t enough, groaning you sat up and grabbed your ringing phone.
“What.” You said dryly not caring who it is.
“Is that anyway to speak to your future boss.” You could see the grin on his face.
“Oh shove it Hemmings.” You smiled looking at the blanket that was on you knowing Luke must’ve put it on you before he left.
“Oi. That hurts, but get up. Your shift starts in an hour.” He said, you could hear the faint shuffle of papers.
“I really don’t want to.” You sighed laying back down and balancing the phone on the side of your face so you could still hear him, pulling the blanket over your head.
“Come one, we do this everyday. Get out of your blanket cocoon and get your ass to work.” He told you.
“Do I have to?” You sighed again.
“If this is how you’re gonna be working for me then you can kiss your interview goodbye.” He teased.
“You know you’re a bully. This has to be some type of blackmail, forcing your future employees to go to their shitty current job. How do you sleep at night Hemmings?” You said begrudgingly getting up from your comfy position and making your way to his toilet.
“Naked on the corpses of my competitors. Now get your shit together and get out of my house. If you make it through this week just think you’ll soon be working with your best friend.” He mused.
“Whoopdy.” You said as un excited as you could, smiling as his laugh rang through the phone.
“Alright babe, I have to go back to work but have a good day.” He said before hanging up. You sat on the toilet trying to make the butterflies in your stomach settle. Luke has called you babe before and it never failed to make you feel a little lightheaded. You came to the conclusion a while ago that you had feelings for Luke but he was your best friend. Not to mention he was way out of your league. Finishing your business you washed your hands at the counter, opening up the drawer and pulling out the makeup wipes Luke specifically bought for you. After cleaning your face you walked out the bathroom shaking your head seeing the unmade bed.
“I’m to good for you Hemmings.” You said to yourself as you made his bed before leaving.

It was 10 minutes till your interview with Luke and you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t nervous. Which was weird for you because come on this was Luke, he’s seen you passed out drunk and even worse than that. But this was business Luke, which you never got to see. Yeah you’ve had lunch together in his billion dollar suit but he was still your best friend Luke. Now you were about to face the infamous cut throat CEO Luke and yeah it was a little scary. You couldn’t keep your leg from bouncing, adjusting the loose bow on your shirt. Your heart jumped when a pair of hands covered your eyes.
“Guess who.” His breath fanned against your ear giving your arms goosebumps, which you’d blame on the cold if ever brought up.
“I don’t know, Nash Grier.” You smiled knowing the reaction you’d get.
“How dare you compare me to that armpit of a being.” He said, you stood up and turned around to see an offended Luke, his hand on his chest like you really hurt his feelings. “You know what never mind, I don’t want you to work here.” He crossed his arms and turned around showing you his broad back. You scoffed walking around in front of him and forcing him into a hug.
“Oh you love me.” You said into his chest.
“You’re lucky I do.” He said finally bringing his arms around you hugging you back. “You ready?” He asked pulling back and looking you in the eyes. His baby blues intimidating you for a second so you just nodded in response. He said nothing else but jerking his head in the direction of his office and walking that way. You looked around as you walked taking in the view since one side of the long hallway was glass, letting you see across Las Vegas. Since it was night all the lights were on, it was truly beautiful.
“Nice huh?” Luke asked noticing you staring out.
“Yeah its so pretty.” You breathed. “This is where you go, ‘Not as pretty as you.’” you teased as you walked behind him into a big room. Like the hallway one side was just windows, the walls covered in dark wood going well with the grey carpet floors. The desk in the middle was huge and glass, the papers on top in neat stacks next to the closed Mac book. There were 2 big chairs in front of it with a little table in the middle. The small succulent you gave Luke when he got the job sitting on top made you smile. He always showed off the gifts you gave him and it always warmed your heart.
“Did you bring your resume.” Luke asked leaning on the desk and crossing his arms over his chest making him look more in charge. You nodded awkwardly handing him the folder with your resume inside. He took the folder and looked through it, his brows furrowing as he read through. You shifted on your feet, tugging on your black pencil skirt. You looked around his office noticing a couple paintings and some photos on the wall.
“Are you nervous.” He asked pulling back your attention.
“Are you nervous? You keep rubbing your hands over your skirt.” He pointed out, you couldn’t help your cheeks heat up not realizing what you were doing.
“Sorry.” You mumbled looking down at your heels.
“You shouldn’t be nervous, it’s just me, Luke. Your best and probably only friend.” He smiled. Your shoulders relaxed at his teasing, he was right. It was just Luke. “You look very nice.” He said, you watched as his eyes grazed over your body. You could tell your face must be red from the compliment but you nodded. You had gone with a creme colored pussy bow top (yes that’s what its called) that was tucked in to your trusty and long owned black pencil skirt, and of course a chunky nude heal to match the top.
“Thanks. You too Luke. Wait should I call you Mr. Hemmings?” You asked genuinely. You watched as his jaw clenched a look crossing his face that you didn’t get to identify before it was gone.
“If you want. Mr. Hemmings is more professional but Luke is fine though.” He said a smile tugging at his mouth.
“Ok Mr. Hemmings it is.” You nodded.
“So why do you want this job?” He asked, your eyes went wide at the question completely unprepared.
“Uh, I would, uh, like this job because the values and success of the company are the things I’ve always admired. My addition to the company would mean me bringing enthusiasm and dedication.” You told him surprising yourself with your bullshit answer.
“Did you just pull that out your ass.” Luke squinted his eyes, you didn’t know how to respond so you didn’t. “Out of all the interns I get that was honestly the best answer. And I know you just made that up right now.” You shrugged, what could you say you were talented. “You can sit down you know.” He said. You made your way to one of the chairs and sat down looking up to where he still stood with his hands leaning behind him on his desk. “So I noticed on your resume that you have a lot of work history. What was the reason for leaving the last one.” He asked.
“You told me to.” You said slowly not knowing if this was a trick question. Luke squinted his eyes again and tilted his head, you figured that must not have been the right answer. “The, uh, stress and busy work schedule was interfering with my ability to perform 100%. I felt like I was taking on a big load, way more than I could handle and bending over backwards to do other peoples job. I need a job that is more my pace and I feel like I’d be great.” You bit your lip hoping that was the right answer, your heart dropping when Luke threw his head back and let out a deep groan. “I’m sorry was that not the right answer?” You asked confused.
“No, I mean yes it was, but seriously. ‘taking on a big load’ ‘bending over’. You’re doing this on purpose.” You shook your head beyond confused at this point.
“I have no idea what’s going on.” You said still shaking your head.
“Don’t play innocent with me.” In two steps he was towering in front of you his eyes dark with, what was that anger, you didn’t know. You stood up feeling a bit intimidated by his height.
“Luke you’re making me really confused.” You told him slowly.
“It’s Mr. Hemmings.” He said before crashing his lips to yours. One of his hands snaked around your waist pulling you flush against him, the other found its way into your hair pulling on it a little. The action making you moan into his mouth, the sound bringing you back to reality and realizing what you’re doing.
“Wait, wait. What is going on?” You asked breaking the kiss by pushing him away, both hands on his chest.
“I’ve wanted to do that for so long, I’ve wanted you for so long. Then you come in looking edible as fuck.” He paused to look you up and down, “Then you go on about taking loads and bending over. I swear I almost nutted when you started biting your lip.” He told you his eyes never leaving your mouth.
“I’m still confused.” You said your eyebrows furrowing.
“Oh my god.” He sighed rubbing his hand over his face and through his hair, taking a couple steps away from you. You frowned a bit liking how close his body was to you. “I like you ok. A lot, like a lot, a lot. And I just couldn’t stop myself anymore. You genuinely don’t know what you do to me, do you.” He cocked his head to the side. You shook yours, completely speechless from what he told you. “To start off you make me really happy, it doesn’t matter how shitty of a mood I am, seeing you or hearing you talk or say one of your dumb ass jokes, whatever it is you can always make me smile. You make me see the world differently see people differently cause you always see the best in everything.” He said taking small steps until he was standing back in front of you. He grabbed your hand holding it for a minute before he pulled it to where his pants were straining. “You do this to me more than you know.” He sighed at the contact.
“Luke what does all that mean what are you saying?” You asked the butterflies going crazy in your stomach.
“What I’m saying is that I want you to be my girlfriend. And I’m also saying I would like to fuck you senseless on my desk.” He whispered the last part in your ear making you nod your head and whimper involuntarily. You could have sworn you heard him growl as he put his mouth on yours. Grabbing your waist he walked backwards until he hit the desk flipping you so you so you were leaning on the desk. His mouth was everything you thought it would be and then some, you could already tell you would be addicted to his taste. The office was filled with soft noises and sighs that came from the both of you, his hands never leaving your ass as he grabbed and pulled you close. The feeling of his growing erection making you moan into his mouth and rut against him, the warmth in between your thighs growing. Your hands fumbled to find a place to rest, settling on his broad shoulders. One of his hands moved down and gripped your thigh lifting it up and around his waist bringing you even closer than you thought.
“Oh god I want to taste you princess. Will you let me taste you babygirl.” He mumbled traveling kisses down to your neck biting on the flesh there making you gasp and grab his shoulders tighter.
“Yes Luke, please.” You whined. He stopped his actions and looked you in the eyes, his dark and blown with lust.
“I told you call me Mr. Hemmings.” He said before going back to make more marks on your neck. “Beg for me princess. Tell me how badly you want me.”
“Please Mr. Hemings, I need your mouth. I’m so wet for you.” You begged him, sighing when you heard him groan and curse under his breath. He moved back up to you mouth kissing you hard as his hands unbuttoned his suit jacket and slid it off throwing it somewhere in the room. He kneeled in front of you moving the leg that was wrapped around his waist onto his shoulder. His eyes met your hooded ones as he slowly slid your skirt up stopping and moaning loudly when he saw you opted to not wear panties today.
“My naughty little girl not wearing underwear. What if someone saw your princess parts.” He said huskily looking intently at your dripping core. “I think you need to be taught a lesson. Don’t you?” He asked kissing your thighs, you nodded viciously just wanting him to do something. In a swift motion you were turned around, you felt his back pressing on yours as he brought one of your legs up on top of the desk, leaning you forward a bit.
“You’re going to count each spanking I give you and no cumming until I say so. Understand.” You just nodded. “Come on princess use your words.”
“I understand Mr. Hemmings.” You said your voice shaky.
“Good girl. Don’t forget to count.” He said before you felt him kneel behind you. You had to cover your mouth to muffle a squeal as he buried his face into your folds, licking a long stripe in-between them. He moved his face to get deeper in you a loud moan leaving his mouth.
“You taste better than I would have imagined princess. So sweet and wet for me.” He mumbled against your core the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through your body. Luke moved his mouth further wrapping his lips around your clit flicking it with his tongue. His hands massaging your thighs and butt before giving a harsh slap to one of your cheeks, not stopping his assault on your sensitive bud.
“One.” You said remembering that you had to count each slap he gives you. The leg you were standing on beginning to shake as the knot in your stomach tightened. You felt another smack on your ass, the bliss from his mouth and the pain on your bum mixing and leaving you a moaning mess on Luke’s desk.
“Two.” You tried not to scream feeling your climax coming fast. “I’m gonna cum.” You whimpered moving your pussy over Luke’s tongue. One of his hands gripping your hip hard to stop your movements.
“Don’t you fucking dare princess. I’m not done.” You looked behind you just in time to see his face, his lips swollen and shining with your juices. He gave you a smirk before diving back in-between your legs. You focused on trying not to cum as he gave you another 3 spanks, counting them all. Moving away from your core you felt his breath on your neck.
“I’m going to fuck you now. You’re doing so well for me, you ok to keep going.” The fact that he asked if you were ok made you warm all over but you couldn’t hide the fact that you were still quivering and longing for a release.
“Do something please Mr. Hemmings. I want you inside of me.” You said trying to use your most innocent voice, but it just came out as more of a whimper. You felt movement behind you before his presence was back and the head of his cock nudging at your entrance.
“Anything for you princess.” A hand coming up to your shirt ripping it open and grabbing one of your breast, massaging it in his hands. He kissed over your now exposed shoulder before slamming into you. You could honestly say that the noise that came out of you was inhuman but you didn’t care. Luke groaning in your ear, pulled almost completely out thrusting back into you with force. The pace he set was brutal but you loved every second of it, especially since the position you were in made sure every time he fucked into you the head of his dick pressed against your G-spot making stars appear behind your eyelids.
“Oh God baby, you’re so tight. I can feel you fucking throbbing around me.” Luke hummed, his forehead in the middle of your shoulders and his breath coming out heavy. You didn’t respond, too caught up in the moment.
“You still good princess.” He asked you breathily. You nodded looking back at him, your bottom lip caught between your teeth. “No let me hear how good I make you feel. Does it feel good baby?” He asked trailing kisses down your neck.
“Yes!” You shouted as he gave you a particularly hard thrust.
“Show me how much you love it. Fuck your self on my cock.” Luke pulled back looking at you with dark eyes, doing what he said rocking yourself against him. “Look at me.” He demanded, his voice low. The sight of him making you moan. His hair messy as he moved a hand through it. His mouth slack and his eyes fixated on where you were grinding yourself on him. His other hand holding his shirt up so it didn’t get in the way, he looked down right fuckable which made you giggle to yourself because thats exactly what you were doing.
“I’m close princess so I’m gonna take over again.” Luke said before pulling completely out. You were about to protest until he flipped you around and sat you on top of his desk, his lips on yours in seconds and his cock filling you up again. “Cum when I say. Understand?” He mumbled as he moved to suck at the spot where your jaw met your neck.
“Yes sir Mr. Hemmings.” You told him gripping his shoulders as he hammered into you, gasping loudly as he began to rub circles over your clit. His mouth meeting yours not really kissing but moaning into yours.
“Fuck, now princess, cum for me now.” His voice straining, but your body obliging to his demands, crying out as you came, your pussy fluttering around him. Luke gave a couple more thrust before stilling with his own release, his head on your shoulder and his mouth open, a long groan coming from him.
“You good.” He asked after a couple minutes of the both of you panting. You winced as he pulled out but nodded your head.
“Wha, what are you doing?” You asked as he wrapped  both arms around your waist, pulling you off the desk and down to the floor.
“My legs are about to give out and the floor looks really comfy.” He said shrugging giving you a small smile. Bringing you close as he buried his face in your hair.
“I am not sleeping in your office.” You said into his chest. You felt it shake realizing that he was laughing.
“I know. I just want to rest for a bit cause of, you know.” He said his cheeks reddening.
“You’re really getting shy after fucking me like that.” You giggled.
“I’m not shy, it’s just. I don’t know.” He shrugged again. You let a silence fall over the both of you, just being comfortable in his presence with his arms wrapped around you. “You got the job you know.” He smiled you couldn’t help but laugh.
“Oh is that because I just let you have your way with me?” You teased.
“Yup.” He said popping the ‘p’. You shoved his chest squinting at him as he let out hearty laughs. “Ok, I was going to give it to you anyways. The sex kinda just happened.” He told you truthfully, you nodded in response. Both of you laid there for a couple of minutes before Luke suggested that you get ready to go and that he was taking you home. The car ride was silent for the first 7 minutes.
“I meant what I said.” Luke spoke deciding to be the first one to break ice. You looked over at him, his arm resting on the center console his hand hanging close to your thigh. The other wrapped firmly around the wheel of his old Volvo. You smiled to yourself remember how mad Luke gets when you say he has a Nick Miller car. He would yell that it had character and was passed down from his brother Jack who got it from his father who got it from his. It was a boring story, you were sure you could tell it better and you have.
“I want you to be my girlfriend.” Luke said giving you his full attention once he stopped at the red light. His hand finally grabbing on to yours. “I want you.” You stayed silent for a long time you had to admit,  Luke just kept staring and you were glad that no one was behind you since you were sure the light had turned green. You could see the hope and happiness start to drain from his face his body kind of deflating. Finally getting your sense of communication you gripped his hand tighter.
“Yeah, ok.” You nodded, your heart swelling at how his eyes widened and the biggest smile came over his face.
“Yeah. Ok.” He said still grinning as he turned his attention back to the road and started driving. The warmth that came over you was overwhelming, both of your hands holding the others comfortably.
“Yeah, ok” You whispered to yourself happy and excited for this new life with Luke. That night you fell asleep to multiple goodnight girlfriend texts and one about being on time for work tomorrow.


Amazing’Amazonite’Phil &  Dan‘danburite’isnotonfire

my designs of amazingphil​‘s & danisnotonfire‘s Gemsonas
(inspired by the Gem characters from Steven Universe
which is a show you should all watch! it’s so good!)

Phil’s gem stone is actually square shaped - it’s just cut diagonally to become his pupils because I thought the amazonite gem resembled the colour of his eyes really well :D Might also highlight how Phil always seems to find the good in situations/people!
I don’t really know what inspired his outfit but because of Phil’s habit of wearing odd socks, I felt mismatching the colours was necessary C:

Dan’s gem stone appears to be very rocky (due to Dan’s awkwardness, he may not seem kind on first impression) but residers over his heart to symbolise the compassion and honesty inside him ^^. The danburite gem is actually colourless but sometimes has a hint of yellow, so I felt dark colours (black is the absence of colour) and yellowy/brown tints were appropriate. I also tried to make his attire appear symmetrical because of Dan’s perfectionist attitude toward how things look ahah.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I had making them <3 Gonna draw their fusion and then KickthePJ’s gemsona next!
inspired by this anon ask I got | more phan doodles here

Do You Want to Love Hamilton? My Personal Guide

I just sent this to my brother, I might as well tell the internet too.

Okay so if you have Spotify, the whole soundtrack is there. The individual songs are also on Youtube.

I’d say, listen to a certain song from the soundtrack (in bold), then watch its Ham4Ham counterpart(s). You can certainly listen to the first song, (Alexander Hamilton), but these are the songs that drew me in.

Warning if you listen to more than these: the 2nd half of the musical gets real sad and it makes me cry good tears.

1. Cabinet Battle #1 (Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton re: establishing a national bank)
Ham4Ham: (song starts 1 minute in)

BONUS: Thomas Jefferson is good at fast rapping:

2. The Schuyler Sisters (an R&B girl group-type proclamation)

3. You’ll Be Back (King George is a jealous ex-boyfriend)
BONUS: (King George doing a little rap)

Ham4Ham (multi-cam version of cellphone footage of the 3 guys who rotate playing King George lipsyncing to Schulyer Sisters)

4. Ten Duel Commandments (how to duel)
Ham4Ham: (it starts 2 minutes in)

5. The Story of Tonight Reprise / Wait for it This is the part of the show that humanizes Aaron Burr. It’s my favorite, but there’s no Ham4Ham counterpart.

6. Finally, Helpless/Satisfied are a pair of songs that tell the story of a love song from two perspectives. The show writer said it’s a little microcosm of the show, history from different perspectives (who lives who dies who tells your story). It’s the first pair of songs in the show that are heart-breaking, but don’t worry, things continue to break your heart for the rest of the show.



OKAY SO I’m rewatching seasons 3-5 over the weekend and I obv started with S3E1 and I was like oh well they say that this episode parallels with S1E1 so I’d better watch that first and then start season 3 right

So I did that and I made notes for each episode and was comparing/contrasting what might parallel and I had an epiphany

THEY PARALLEL, which means you can use the pilot to plug in things in S3E1, AND VICE VERSA


ALSO, now that we’re so far into this story we’ve learned other things about the night Ali was attacked, and we should be plugging all of it in when watching 101 and 301

here’s a couple things I noticed, but I would love for anyone who has the time to watch these two episodes together and cross reference BOTH WAYS and post about it in the pll theories tag because you guys are so much smarter than me and I wanna collaborate

101x301 Parallels

Sleepover, drinking + drugged
Ali drugged the girls/A drugged Emily
Spencer mixed drugs + alcohol/Emily unknowingly did
Both have unclear potentially true or false memories of hurting “Alison”

*Remember that Ali told Hanna the girls know more about that night than they think, which has never been explained

NOTE: FUCKING MARLENE KING OH MY GOD, the girls are talking in 301 and Aria hears something but Hanna says “ITS JUST THE WIND” and immediately after they get an A text that says “Show me your boobs” and they joke about A being Mona’s brother, and he turns out to be Alison’s, like are you kidding me

*Originally we’re led to believe that Ezra and Mona care about Aria and Hanna while in reality they always had ulterior motives (Ezra’s book, Mona being A) / We’re led to believe Toby is a model friend and boyfriend while in reality is on the A team, so we have some of the liars being tricked in both episodes. I also think this applies to Wren: introduced as lovable in season 1, reimagined as having ulterior motives in season 3, specifically S3E1 when he explains to Hanna he’s working at Radley “Quid Pro Quo”

*If Mona was originally A and was basically hiding in plain sight and in the pilot when the girls got their first A messages and often popped up during the season, PLL logic rules argue that the same can be said of Charles.

*S3E1 the girls are being set up for taking “Ali’s” body, destroy and bury evidence (Spencer’s field hockey stick was buried originally/here, Aria and Hanna bury shovel), rehearse a fake alibi (Wilden said in season one that their original story seemed rehearsed.) Can this parallel to fill in some blanks about the liars on that night?

*Originally, Bethany escaped Radley that night and was killed in Ali’s backyard / Maya escaped from someone and was killed in Emily’s backyard

(trying to tell Emily something important; MAYA KNEW, possibly knew Ali was alive because she had some of Ali’s things + stayed at Kahn cabin; this could work because originally Mona knew Ali was alive, which would also be a parallel!)

Can this parallel to Bethany knowing Charles was alive?

*Spencer hallucinates seeing Alison in her old bedroom/Aria hallucinates seeing A in the school bathroom, have fun with that connection 😂

*Jessica Dilaurentis knows who “killed” Alison/Garrett knows who took “her” body


(OK, I’m writing this on my phone so there are probably typos and formatting errors but I’m not waiting to celebrate. Have a short future fic and some new headcanons!)

Several years after that first Ski Lodge trip…

“Your future husband just dropped this off.” Maya sing songs, dangling a red jewelry box in front of Riley’s face and waving it slowly. “He said he wanted you to have an extra something new for good luck.”

Riley smiles and starts to shake her head. “Well, that’s just silly, we don’t need extra–,” she drops off and tilts her head to the side, shivering slightly when her veil falls and tickles her shoulder; something about the box looks incredibly familiar. She puts a hand out but Maya pulls the box just out of reach. “Give me that, please.“

"I don’t know that I should.” Maya says, even while Izzy and Topanga join in Riley’s protests that she should have the gift. “I know you two. It’s gonna be some sappy, sentimental gift and you’re gonna get all weepy and it’s going to wreck your face. You want a pretty face when Huckles sees you walk down the aisle don’t you?”

Riley narrows her eyes and stands. She’s well aware that the photographer, meant to be snapping the quiet moments before the wedding with her mother and her bridesmaids is now snapping away as she stalks towards Maya, dress flowing behind her, but she doesn’t particularly care. She has been a complete mess of hormones for the past week approaching the big day, and Maya, her maid of honor, the one person who above all else is supposed to make sure that things are perfect today is playing games. Riley can tell just by the glint in her Aunt’s eye. She backs Maya up against the door, and holds out her hand expectantly. "Time and place for jokes, Peaches. Time and place.”

Her mom gently grabs her shoulders and pulls her back a little. “OK. Riley has officially entered bridal town, where things are a little bit crazy. Maya, you should probably just give her the box. We’ll fix her makeup if we have to.”

The box ends up in Riley’s hand and looking at it closer she’s absolutely sure. It’s the same red box.

Her fingers shake while she pushes the lid up. And as Maya predicted, tears spring to her eyes when she see it’s contents. A delicate gold chain, and dangling off of it, what she knows will look like an oddly shaped, but smooth, gold lump to almost anyone else who looks at it.

Tears spill from Riley’s eyes as she pulls out the necklace and her smile makes way for happy, wet laughter. “It’s our jelly bean!”

Maya grins, shaking her head. “I knew it.”

Three short raps on the door interrupt the quiet assurances that Farkle, Zay, and Josh are giving a pacing Lucas, as he sweats over the impending nuptials. Lucas doesn’t even pay much attention when Josh goes over to answer it, until he hears the happy exclamation.

“My wife!”

“My husband!”

Lucas turns just in time to see them exchange a quick kiss. He’s going to ask what she’s doing there, wondering if something’s gone wrong or maybe if they’re ready to get started, but Maya chucks a red box at him before he can say anything. He catches it with ease, but frowns when he notes it’s the same red box he had just sent to Riley. Did she not get the gift? Did she not like it?

“Relax Huckleberry.” Maya rolls her eyes. “Riley loved your corny little jelly bean. She just sent a gift back for you. Something about the groom needing something new too.”

Lucas turns the box over in his hands to nudge the lid up. He can’t help but laugh when he sees the contents, even though the notion quickly makes way for him being a little wistful and weepy. Sitting in the box are two gold, maple leaf cuff links. He holds them up. “Someone want to help me switch these out?”

Zay leaps into action, part of his shared best man duties with Farkle, while Maya shakes her head.

“Yep. You two definitely deserve each other.”
They meet at the end of the aisle. And after Cory gives her away and steps back they share a small moment before turning to the officiant.

Lucas reaches out, brushing the jelly bean pendant with one finger. “I choose you.”

Riley returns the gesture, grabbing his hand and thumbing over the cuff link. “I choose you too. I always did.”

Matt Imagine/Blurb: Sexy Singing & More Crumbs

I will take requests this one I just kind of wanted to write because I thought it would be so cute.


Imagine: Matt finds out you can sing

You were lying on your bed watching TV in your now empty apartment just to pass the time. Matt, your boyfriend, was usually here but he was meeting up with the guys at the moment so you had the place to yourself.

You were watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S because that show was hilarious. Normal people ate popcorn while watching TV but you felt that if you were going to get out some buttery goodness might as well bring the entire fridge with you as well. You had a large bag of potato chips, popcorn, pop tarts, ritz crackers, m&m’s, and you even busted out the ice cream. Of course you ate the ice cream first because you didn’t want it to melt. So that was gone…

But you were content with your small feast and your TV show and that was all that mattered.

You checked the time and saw that it was 10:23 PM.

“I should probably get a shower and clean all of this crap up before Matt gets back,” You mutter to yourself. You felt no motivation to get up so it took a little coaxing.

“Come on Y/N get up!” you shouted at yourself, which seemed pretty pointless but psychologically it was going to work for you eventually.

“I’m going to count to three,” You threaten yourself, mentally rolling your eyes at how stupid you sound.

“Alright I’m going to get up just so I’ll shut up!” You shout to yourself. “I need to be checked into an insane asylum,” You groan as you stand up stretching out your limbs.

You picked up the trash on the bed and threw it all away and then you brought out the small vacuum and sucked up all of the crumbs. Once you were finished you let the TV continue to run while you took your shower because it comforted you.

You walked into the en suite bathroom that you and Matt shared and shut the door. You looked at yourself in the mirror and made weird faces.

“UGH!” you groan. You weren’t mad or anything you just had a tendency to utter random things at random moments in time and this happened to be one of them. You walked over to the shower and pulled back the curtain. Yes, it was one of those old showers that had a curtain instead of a door.

You turned on the water and began to remove your clothing as the water temperature got warmer.

You stepped into the shower after you were comfortable with the temperature and relaxed under the small shower droplets hitting your skin. You let the water hit your face and soak your hair.

You didn’t normally take long when you showered. You just took long showers when you were too lazy to move once you were in, you got distracted, or you started singing and became obsessed with the echo effect the shower provided. 

For this situation it was all three. You began to sing a rendition of Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that was more 60’s and swingy. You had seen Ariana Grande sing it on Jimmy Fallon and became immediately obsessed with how it sounded. You couldn’t really sing thrift shop any other way.

“Say, I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket, I-I-I huntin’ for a come up, this is……FREAKING….AWESOME -OH-Oh-oh-ohioh,” You sang out. You didn’t like to swear that much, well at least not when you’re belting the lyrics in an apartment where other people could possibly hear you. You blushed at the thought and decided to end your shower. You loved to sing but you had awful stage fright.

Matt and the guys had offered several times for you to come and join them on stage whenever the Magcon tour went on but you always declined and watched from backstage.

You stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around yourself. It seemed awfully quiet. You couldn’t figure out what it was. You listened as if the silence would tell you what was missing. You shook your head and walked out into your bedroom. No one was there. Weird.

The TV was off. Maybe Matt’s home?

You smiled at the thought. You quickly changed into your sweatpants and tank top before walking out of your room and into the small living area. You looked around but didn’t see any sign of Matt.

You walked into the kitchen to see a very familiar figure looking through the fridge. You smirked when you saw him. When he pulled his head out of the fridge and turned around you saw he had an apple in his mouth. You laughed at the sight and walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug.

“Hi,” You say quietly with a smile on your face.

“Y/N, where’s my kiss?” He pouts after he takes the apple out.

“You got your kiss,” You say pretending you don’t know what he’s talking about.

“You and I both know that, that was not a kiss,” He says firmly with way too much seriousness in his face that you couldn’t help but let your face contort into one of suppressing laughter.

“Okay fine,” You say giving in and standing on your tippy toes to reach Matt’s lips. You kiss him passionately and gently. He kisses back and wraps his arms around your waist while your arms hung loosely around his neck. You jump, wrapping your legs around his torso and his hands move to hold your a**. He sets you on the kitchen counter, not once breaking the kiss and stands between your legs.

“Oh, and by the way your singing is extremely sexy, you should do it more often,” He says against your lips. Your cheeks immediately turn beet red and your heart just sped up by about 10103 times. But Matt continued kissing you fully aware of your state.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Matt says giving you small neck kisses as you sit there still dumbstruck.

“What is that?” You ask but you seem distant.

“I love you,” He whispers into your ear then gives you a peck on the lips and walks to your bedroom with more food.

You just sat there for a while contemplating the previous events and how lucky you were before you got up and joined your wonderful boyfriend in your room with more food.

And more crumbs…


Okay I hope you guys liked it. Feel free to request stuff, I will try the best I can. I am still new to this so if I suck, well yeah. 

Much love

Danganronpa 0 Summary

EDIT: With the conclusion of Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc, according to my own judgement, Danganronpa 0 is no longer required. Feel free to enjoy the anime series without having to read the novel. However, if you would like to read more into the events of the series, then by all means do continue reading. After all, the events of the novel must have took place in-between episodes of the anime, most likely between episodes 10 and 11 without giving much away.

Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc just released its seventh episode last Thursday. Now, the events of that episode immediately precedes Danganronpa 0. Y’know, the novel that fans translated a long time ago and you can pretty much find online anywhere (buuuut if you want the .pdf, then you’ll need to find someone who does have it). So naturally, that means that you need to read Danganronpa 0 for you to catch up to Despair Arc before episode 8, right?

Thing is, Danganronpa 0 isn’t that good, or at least I didn’t like it. I don’t recommend it, but since it is essential, it might very much be required for the episode. So here’s a quick summary of the thing that shouldn’t be too much to read.

Note: I will be summarizing this assuming that you have played the first and second games (Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair) as well as have watched up to episode 7 of Despair Arc. It’s pretty important that you’re caught up on those first.

If you still don’t want to take my word on Danganronpa 0 being bad and still want to read it for yourself, here’s the page for it on the Danganronpa Wiki. You’ll find all the chapters posted online there:



Now the story starts off with Junko kicking a body and getting a kick herself out of another one of her ideas. Whatever it is, we don’t know.

Anyone who’s seen pictures of the novel knows that this here is our protagonist, Ryoko Otanashi. She’s a member of Hope’s Peak Academy who’s lost her memories, and has trouble retaining memory to the point where she may even immediately forget what you had just told her five minutes ago. So what she does is hang out at the lab with Yatsuda Matsuda, whom she has developed a crush for due to him being the only person she remembers. They were also childhood friends. Yatsuda is trying to help her regain her memories. To help remember, Ryoko has a notebook which she writes in every bit of new information she gains in order to be able to look back to it at any time.

Yatsuda Matsuda is the Ultimate Neurologist. If anyone here read Danganronpa IF after finishing Danganronpa 2, he’s the guy mentioned at the end to have been responsible for the memory-loss-retaining device thingy that Junko used to make the students in the School Life of Mutual Killing forget. Also, the reason he’s the Ultimate Neurologist is because his mother died to a neurotic disease and he excelled in studying that because of it.

What he does is spend time at the lab trying to help Ryoko with her memory issue with his devices, and during the progress of the story, he’s called upon by the council for help with the investigations. He is told that there are two survivors from the event: the Ultimate Hope, Izuru Kamakura, and the Ultimate Student Council President, Soshun Murasame. The former went missing, whereas the latter is in a state of coma and it’s up to Yatsuda to try and interrogate him to find out what had happened. Soshun also made a cameo in Despair Arc.

You probably know this, but I will repeat it just in case. Since this all takes place after episode 7, this is immediately after The Tragedy. It’s when Junko pits Izuru Kamakura and all the Student Council members against one another in a death match. Y’know, all the people in the picture above. They all kill each other as Izuru just watches them all kill one another and does nothing, only to have Junko pin it all on him by leaking the news to the Reserve Course whom then start the “Parade”. Our story begins immediately after this event.

Early in the story, Junko encounters Ryoko and tells her that she had stolen her other notebook responsible for her more “long-term” memories, that even have information on her past and whatnot (she remembers nothing from it). So Ryoko is baited into a location where she gets to talk with Junko, whom constantly annoys her with weird questions and ideas. The party is eventually crashed by this guy down here.

Isshiki Madari, the Ultimate Bodyguard. As a fellow classmate of the Student Council, he was absent during the Tragedy, or “first mutual killing”, and is doing investigations on his own over what had happened. All he knows is that Junko Enoshima is involved and that’s who he’s searching for. He traded blows with Junko before she made like a tree and fucked off.

Anyways, Isshiki later turns to Ryoko. Since she was just talking with Junko, he immediately assumes that she has something to do with her. Ryoko gets a jolt to her brain where she remembers her ability: the Ultimate Analyzer (if you’ve been paying attention to the first game and Despair Arc, you know where this is headed), so she manages to trick him into getting a bookcase fall onto him and pin him down, but she loses conscious immediately, not before Junko comes back and snaps Isshiki’s neck. She wakes up in her room again.

After some time, Ryoko meets up with Yuto Kamishiro, the Ultimate Spy. He’s so short that people can easily miss him unless he makes himself apparent to them (making it easy for him to sneak around and spy). Immediately before her meeting with Junko, she made a lot of noise looking for her notebook, and he happened to hear her. So he would like to help her for the cost of, well, sex. He constantly keeps making advances at her throughout the novel so perverted that the translators couldn’t even properly translate it. Also, he really likes pastries if you couldn’t tell. This isn’t really relevant but he got a small cameo in episode 5 of Despair Arc.

As the story progresses, Jin Kirigiri, the principal, eventually calls Kyouko Kirigiri, the Ultimate ??? whom we later learned was the Ultimate Detective, to do some background investigations on what had happened. Just to save time, in the end she finds nothing and Jin tells her not to investigate anymore.

For the rest of the story, Yuto Kamishiro finds new information every time about the events. Sometimes, the students. Sometimes, Izuru. You know. He reports back to Ryoko every time. Isshiki somehow came back from the dead and hunts Ryoko, only to be defeated every single time. Junko keeps bothering Ryoko without anyone knowing, and near the end she tells Ryoko that she will kill “her beloved Yatsuda”, which puts her in a frenzy mood.

At some point during the story, Ryoko is taken to this secret shelter in the Reserve Course building after passing out after a meeting with Junko, where she meets this maid here. She walks around and finds other kids with Monokuma heads glued to monitors, all of them playing footage of the Tragedy over and over again. This is where we learn that the students all killed themselves, and that Izuru was not the one who killed them all single-handedly. She then passes out again and the story continues as normal.

Speaking of the Tragedy, Yatsuda Matsuda manages to get Soshun Murasame to regain some of his consciousness. Yatsuda is then tasked to ask him about the events, but the moment he mentioned Junko Enoshima’s name, Soshun goes into an angry frenzy where he continues to shout her name. Yatsuda then suffocates him until he dies (which seems contrary to what Yatsuda should be doing). Yatsuda says something about keep Ryoko safe and that’s it.

Around the end, Naegi Makoto makes a cameo only to have Isshiki show up again and threaten to kill him if Ryoko doesn’t answer him, only for Mukuru Ikusaba to intervene and put Isshiki down. Ryoko makes a run for it only to be surrounded by four Isshikis. They then reveal that the reason they’ve been popping up again and again is because their actual talent is that they are all twins (there are eight twins), all of whom can all easily communicate with one another with ease. They all just pretend to be one person. Eventually, Mukuro comes crashing the party again and beats all five of them single-handedly. It’s not really relevant, but here’s the picture displayed in the book because it’s actually one of the few cool things here.

After that, Ryoko gets a flash where she believes that she must go to the old school building to find Yatsuda Matsuda and save him from Junko. Yuto Kamishiro, the Ultimate Spy, goes with her. The old building by the way is the one where the School Life of Mutual Killing took place in. They find an elevator that takes them down to where the class trials usually took place (before it was refurbished for the class trials). Yatsuda is there, whom takes Yuto by surprise and snaps his neck, killing him.

Yatsuda then reveals that all this time, he was not helping Ryoko regain her memories. What he has been doing is keeping her forgetful as much as possible so that he could “protect her” all this time, and by doing so he has been keeping her safe from her memories. It is here that Yatsuda decides to kill her to “help her”.

Then Ryoko regains all her memories at the brink of death and slashes Matsuda’s sides with a knife she pulled from god-knows-where.

You’ve probably caught on but Ryoko is in fact Junko Enoshima herself. Junko made herself forget everything as a test to the memory-releasing device Yatsuda created. The Junko running around was Mukuru Ikusaba all this time, and that too was another test.

So Junko kills Yatsuda after telling him that she was the one who killed his mother. Then keeps stepping on his corpse until he turns into a pile of fleshy mush. Y’know, casual Danganronpa.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So it turns out, this whole book were a series of several tests rolled into one big test for the soon-to-be School Life of Mutual Killing. That’s it.


That’s Danganronpa 0. You should now be caught up on the events that Despair Arc might eventually omit from the story (hopefully they don’t for all the newcomers from the west but it’s unlikely). I’m sorry if this took way too long, or was way too abridged but these are just the main points that I needed to emphasize. Any other details I omitted you already know from Danganronpa 2.

After re-watching Natasha and Steve’s hug scene in CACW, I saw so many things I missed the first time ‘round and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! This can be taken platonically or romantically, at this point I don’t really care. It’s my favorite relationship, regardless of what kind of relationship it is in canon.

Minor spoilers (not much the teasers and tv-spots haven’t showed us. Just extra dialog from the actual movie.) under the cut! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

[If you’re on the mobile app, there might not be a cut. Copy the link and open it in a browser to keep reading]

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Chasing Cars

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Time: 1940s

Summary: Based on Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol

Warnings: Very fluffy and angsty

A/N: Get the tissues ready, people

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(Not my gifs)

We’ll do it all
On our own

We don’t need
Or anyone

“I told you we were gonna be late,” you teased as Bucky stared at the doors to the dance hall, as if they might open of their own accord if he stared for long enough.
“No, you said we wouldn’t be on time,” he replied, smirking as he turned to face you. You rolled your eyes as he watched you, the muffled music from inside the hall only interrupted by the occasional car going past.
“So what are we gonna do now, genius?” you asked, rubbing your arms in an effort to warm up. The night air was freezing, and knowing how warm and bright it would be inside the hall you were locked out of was definitely not helping. Bucky smiled softly.
“Well first, you’re gonna put my jacket on because you’re clearly freezing-,” As he said this, he shrugged off his suit jacket, draping it around your shoulders. A tiny smile grew on your lips, painted cherry red, as the warm silk lining brushed your arms.
“-and second, we’re gonna go dancing,” he finished, holding his hand out for you to take. You raised your eyebrows at him, confused.
“We can’t get in, Buck.”
“I know,” he said simply. “But you don’t need a dance hall to go dancing, you just need a beautiful partner. So may I have this dance?”
You felt your heart swelling in adoration for him as you placed your hand in his, allowing him to move the two of you into a waltzing position. The music from the busy dance hall seemed to fade away as you stared into his perfect eyes, every thought vanishing from your mind except for how hopelessly in love you were.
You didn’t need anyone or anything else, as long as you had each other.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lay with me and just forget the world?

It was a brutally hot summer’s day, and everyone with any sense left in them was seeking refuge from the blistering heat in the shade.
You weren’t though. Your mother had sent you out with a shopping list and a call of “It’s not even that hot!” from where she sat in the shade fanning herself, and you were forced to brave the heat. You’d barely been out the door twenty minutes and you were already uncomfortably warm.
“Hey (Y/N/N)!”
You turned slowly, shielding your eyes from the sun’s glare as a familiar figure ran towards you. A smile spread across your face as Bucky fell into step beside you.
“How come you’re outside?” he asked, reaching across and taking the bags you were carrying. You knew there was no point in telling him off, as he was always carrying your things for you and you secretly found it charming.
“Mom sent me to the shops. You?”
“Same as you. Why don’t we go find a spot in the shade? I haven’t seen you in ages,” he said dramatically, putting emphasis on the last word. You chuckled.
“You saw me yesterday, Buck,” you pointed out.
“That’s what I said, isn’t it?”
You rolled your eyes, smiling nonetheless. “I really need to get this stuff back to my mom,” you said regretfully. “She’ll have my guts for garters if I take too long.”
“Please?” he begged, fluttering his eyelashes at you. “Forget about groceries, just tell her you saw me and you got distracted.”
“Buck, you know for a fact that my father will translate got distracted as got pregnant,” you pointed out. He grinned at you.
“I’m not opposed to it.”
Your jaw dropped. “Bucky!” you mock scolded him. He laughed at your shocked expression, stealing a kiss from your lips.
“You know I’m joking, doll. Even I know better than to risk crossing your dad. Just lay down with me for ten minutes, and forget about them. Forget the world.”
You smiled slightly; forgetting the world was awfully tempting right now, what with the threat of war with Germany looming over everyone’s heads like a dark cloud.
“Ten minutes,” you agreed.

Those three words
Are said too much
They’re not enough

Bucky looked over at where you lay on the grass beside him, his mouth opening to say something. No words left his mouth, however, as he took in your closed eyes and peaceful expression. A tiny smile tugged at his lips as he brushed a stray strand of your hair from your forehead.
He wanted to tell you at that moment that he loved you, but “love” was too weak a word to describe how you made him feel. A word as small as that surely couldn’t describe all the tiny things you did that made him laugh and smile and cry, all the ways you made him feel like you were his whole world, all the ways that made you the only thing he needed.

Forget what we’re told
Before we get too old

“You signed up,” you whispered, tears welling in your eyes as you took in the uniform Bucky wore, the cap held nervously in his hands as he watched your reaction. “Oh my god.”
As you covered your face in your hands, he strode towards you and took you in his strong arms, his chin resting atop your head. “Doll, it’ll be alright. I’ll come home.”
“They all say that, Bucky,” you managed to get out through the tears, clinging to his jacket desperately. “And my dad was telling us about how bad it’s getting out there.”
“Forget what we’re told, (Y/N/N),” he whispered gently, tilting your chin up to look up at him. “Nothing is bad enough to be able to keep me from coming home to you.”
You cupped his cheek, resting your forehead against his as you tried to control your breathing. “You better come home. You promised we’d grow old together.”
“We will, doll,” he told you. “As soon as I get home, we’ll get married, and start a family. It’s you and me ‘til the end of the line, remember?”
You nodded shakily. If Bucky said he would come home for you, you knew he would.
He felt his heart break slightly as he watched you try to dry your tears. He was terrified of dying out there, terrified that he wouldn’t come home to you. Losing you would be like losing an arm; he would never be the same.

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see

The bustling movement and sound of the train station faded away as you looked up into Bucky’s eyes, his hands holding your waist tightly as if he was scared to let go. Tears stung at the backs of your own eyes, but you didn’t want to let go of him to wipe them away.
“Promise you’ll come home,” you whispered, pressing your lips to his again. When you pulled away, his sharp cheekbones were damp with his own tears.
“I promise, (Y/N). You and me ‘til the end of the line, always.”

I don’t know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

Bucky wasn’t allowed to tell you where he was in the letters he sent. The army had scribbled out almost half of the things he wrote, deeming them too risky should they fall into enemy hands. The words you could make out were light-hearted, as if he knew that you’d barely cracked a smile since the day he left.
He complained about the food, made jokes about his commanding officer that would certainly get him in trouble, but most of all he told you how much he missed and loved you. You had to be careful reading those parts, as you didn’t want your tears to smudge a single letter.
Those letters were all you had of him while he was gone, and knowing that his hand had held them, that wherever he was that he was still thinking of you, was all that kept you going. You had no idea where he was in the world, but you knew that you still loved him more than anything else in the world.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lay with me and just forget the world?

Black was your least favourite colour to wear. It had always reminded you of sorrow and loss, exactly what you were feeling right now as you fell to your knees in front of the headstone.
Tears blurred your vision as you stared at the gravestone, but you didn’t need to read it. You had read it over and over again, desperate for the name to change, for it all to be a horrible nightmare that you would wake from in his arms.

Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes


A/N: I honestly didn’t mean to make this angsty!! It just sort of happened. And sorry about the joke about losing an arm and not being the same person afterwards, I couldn’t resist. Please tell me in le ask box of destiny what you think of this, I appreciate all feedback!

Twinkies and Dirty Mud

Word Count: 3,255 (I know i’m so sorry)

Tw: Alcohol and drugs.

Summary: “Even if I was sober, Blue Eyes,” he drops his voice lower, “I would still want those hands of yours pulling my hair from behind.” “Phil. My name’s Phil.” Dan grins, “Well, Phil. What do you say?” Dan watches Phil’s adam’s apple bob as he swallows and he really wants to touch Phil’s neck right now.

A/N: I feel like the ending might be slightly abrupt. Hope you enjoy & thanks for reading xx

Dan doesn’t want to be here. He does not want to fucking be here at all.

First of all, he hates the stupid underground band scene. It’s too loud, even for a concert, and everyone is usually stoned and so drunk out of their minds that they don’t even care what parts of their bodies are flailing out in the open.

Second of all, Chris brought some twink with blond hair and Dan’s getting third wheeled so hard that he’s actually worried he might become invisible.

He feels like an idiot following Chris and Twinky around like a lonely puppy, because, damn it, he’s a twenty-three year old guy. He shouldn’t feel so dependent on Chris anymore. But he does, because he’s awkward and has always relied on his friends a little too much in social situations.

Some band called Dirty Mud is getting ready for their set when Dan quietly follows Chris and Twinky – okay, his name’s actually Brian – over to the bar. Chris orders shots for all three of them and Dan downs it without hesitation and immediately orders another one before Chris or Brian have even tipped their heads back.

“You alright there, Dan?” Chris calls over.

There’s no music playing right now, but the drunken yells of intoxicated savages threatens to drown out any other conversation.

“Fine,” Dan says tightly, throwing the hard liquor into the back of his throat. He welcomes the burn of it.

Chris shrugs and turns back to Brian, laughing exaggeratedly at a stupid joke he must’ve made. Under other circumstances, Dan might’ve liked Brian. But these aren’t “other circumstances” and Dan’s a foolishly jealous person, so when Brian makes another joke Dan turns around to roll his eyes.

He desperately wants to leave, and he feels a horrible migraine coming on that not even his fourth shot of tequila will fix. It’s not like his lack of presence will make any difference, considering Chris and Brian have started furiously making out against a bar stool.

“Oh good god,” Dan mutters under his breath.

Chris is a good friend; don’t get him wrong, he’s the best friend Dan’s ever had. But. Sometimes he forgets how much of a needy fucker Dan can be and does something stupid like bring a blond haired, leather shirt wearing cute boy that makes Dan become easily forgotten. He knows he’s being ridiculous, but he’s always been like this and he’s hoping his fifth shot will loosen him up a bit. The least he can do is try to enjoy himself, even if it means getting as obnoxiously drunk as the rest of the crowd.

It’s halfway through Dirty Mud’s set and Dan has hated every single song they’ve played. The singer is a large man with a pink mohawk and his voice sounds like a horrible mix of nails on a chalkboard and a child crying, and his lyrics are almost indistinguishable. Right now, though, Dan really doesn’t give a shit because he’s loaded up with alcohol and second hand smoke and he doesn’t remember the last time he was this out of it.

He’s become one of the wild animals in the crowd, moving with their sweaty bodies like a fish flopping on dry land. Chris and Brian have disappeared somewhere, but Dan can’t find it in himself to care as a pretty girl’s back presses to his chest. She smells like sweat but so does he, so Dan grabs her hips anyway.

It’s weird to let go like this, to not have that constant nagging anxiousness picking at his brain. The tequila burned that away long ago.

The pretty girl turns into a pretty boy and then another pretty girl and so on. At some point a guy offers him a joint and Dan’s too inebriated to think about what he’s doing, so he takes it and inhales until he can feel nothing else in his lungs.

He’s never done this before, and it’s a strange feeling to feel absolutely nothing at all. He finds himself laughing at stupid jokes and coming up with some of his own and he’s loving every minute of it. Fuck Chris and his twink, Dan’s just fine on his own.

Dirty Mud’s set finally ends, and the crowd clears out a bit as they wander to get drinks and go outside for a few smokes. Dan looks around for someone he may know, although he’s not sure who he’s hoping to find. He’s never been this drunk or high, so out of his fucking mind, and he’s not really sure what he’s doing anymore.

“Chris!” He starts to call, “Chris, buddy, where are you?! Are you and Brian fucking? Did you leave me here on my own? I bet you did!”

People are starting to look at him as if he’s the one with the problem. No, can’t they see his best friend abandoned him? Why isn’t anyone helping him find Chris?


In his stupor, he stumbles back into a girl. She splashes beer all over herself and him and she yells an angry, “What the fuck, dude?!”

He grabs her arm and quickly apologizes, “Sorry, sorry. Oh god, I’ve ruined your shirt. I mean, you’ve also ruined mine but that’s okay. Have you seen my friend Chris?”

Her eyes are wide and she’s looking at him as if he’s insane. The sight makes Dan laugh. Suddenly he’s being shoved hard in the shoulder and almost trips over his own feet.

“Okay, um, ow.” He mumbles to himself.

“Hey buddy,” he hears a voice yell over at him, “what are you doing touching my fucking girlfriend?”

Dan looks ahead and his words get lost in his throat, because in front of him is the largest man he’s ever seen. His biceps probably weigh half of Dan’s body weight, and most definitely has 100 pounds on him in all. He looks like some sort of drug dealing MMA fighter with tattoos covering the expanse of his skin.

“Huh, punk?” MMA challenges, “What? Got nothing to say?”

“Uh, actually,” Dan starts, “I really don’t. Sooo… I think I’m gonna go get another drink.”

Dan laughs easily and suddenly MMA looks furious. When it looks like Dan’s about to get charged at by the bull of a man, someone is tugging him away by the hand. God, why are so many people touching him tonight? Dan gets unexpectedly annoyed, but let’s himself be blindly led by the hand of the stranger anyway. He’s pretty sure he’d fall over if he tried to fight against the other person so he doesn’t try.

The only thing Dan can focus on is the red and black checkered print shirt of the person tugging him along. The pattern reminds him of the time he played checkers with this curly haired girl in middle school – he thinks her name was Carrie. It’s a pointless memory, but he does remember that he won and shoved it in her face. Although winning a game of checkers isn’t something to really brag about.

He starts laughing again. He laughs all the way through the small venue and the long corridor towards the exit and he’s still laughing once they reach the cool night outside.

“Hey, are you okay? Focus! Look at me.”

Dan looks up, tears of laughter pooling in his eyes and he has to blink them away to see the person in front of him clearly. Well, at least a little more clearly than before. It’s a man and he has eyes so blue that Dan stops laughing immediately. His hair matches the black of the sky above them and his eyebrows furrow as Dan examines him.

Dan watches his lips move and he thinks that he’s never seen lips move like that in his life. He feels hot now and wants to touch this man in front of him. It’s when he shouts though that Dan realizes he’s being spoken to.

“Sorry,” he giggles, “what?”

“What’s your name,” Blue Eyes dramatically annunciates, “can you tell me your name?”

Dan smiles and he keeps smiling as he speaks.

“Danieeeeeel.” He drags it out, and his voice slurs drunkenly.

“Well, Daniel, you almost got yourself killed back there because you’re pretty obviously drunk out of your mind-”

“I’m also pretty fucking high too,” Dan notes for him.

Blue Eyes looks at him for a moment, which doesn’t help in cooling his body down. Jesus, that gaze could trap Dan for a lifetime.

“I think you should go home, Daniel. You… quite obviously you look like shit. Do you need me to call a cab for you?”

“A cab?” Dan questions curiously.

“Yeah, a cab. So you can go home?”

“Go home? Oh my god, are you gonna take me home? Like… to have sex?”

“What?” Blue Eyes asks, bewildered, “no, so you can go back to your house. You’re really out of it, and I think you should go home.”

Dan frowns, and for some reason finds himself offended.

“Don’t you think I’m hot?”

Blue Eyes doesn’t say anything, although the blush on his cheeks answers Dan’s question. He’s smiling again.

“You do think I’m hot. Even when I’m a mess, I’m a hot mess,” Dan leans against the cool cement wall lazily and laughs, “I think you’re hot too. We’re both hot as fuck, and I think we should go home together.”

“Listen,” Blue Eyes starts, “you don’t know what you’re saying. Just let me call you a cab, alright?”

Dan musters up enough energy to push himself off the wall and stumbles closer to the attractive man before him.

“Even if I was sober, Blue Eyes,” he drops his voice lower, “I would still want those hands of yours pulling my hair from behind.”

“Phil. My name’s Phil.”

Dan grins. “Well, Phil. What do you say?”

Dan watches Phil’s adam’s apple bob as he swallows and he really wants to touch Phil’s neck right now.

“I say give me your damn phone so I can call a cab.”

They stare at each other for a few seconds, and Dan starts to finally take in his surroundings and realize where he actually is. He looks around and sees that they’re on a sidewalk in downtown Manchester and there are girls wearing tight leather pants who are smoking cigarettes and boys who are talking on the phone and laughing loudly.

Why can he hear music? It sounds grossly heavy metal, and his head starts pounding.

Wait. Chris. Brian. Dirty Mud.

He feels like he’s going to fall over so he roughly grabs Phil’s wrist.

“Oh god,” Dan moans, using his other hand to grab at his forehead, “I need to find Chris.”

He’s tripping and stumbling even though he’s not moving anywhere and everything’s spinning. He feels like he’s walking on top of the street lights and that the black sky is closing in on him.

“I think I’m going to pass out. I need to find Chris.” Dan repeats.

“Here,” Phil grabs Dan’s shoulders to steady him, “sit down. You need to sit down, Daniel.”

They both move, Phil guiding Dan back to help him sit down on the wall he was leaning against earlier.

The world feels so cold around him and he’s shivering and his stomach is turning in on itself, and god, his head has to be splitting open by now. Are those his brains running down his face? No, wait, that’s just sweat.

“Daniel, hey, just focus for a second here please,” Phil is snapping his fingers in front of Dan’s face.

“My name’s Dan, Jesus Christ.”

“Uh… right. Okay. Dan. Who’s Chris?”

Dan tries to keep his attention on one of the Phil’s in front of him. They all have the same piercing blue eyes so he thinks that multiple Phil’s can’t be that bad.

“My friend. Chris is my friend. He abandoned me for this guy whose dick is probably in his mouth right now.”

Phil opens his mouth to say something, but Dan never hears it because he’s suddenly vomiting violently on the sidewalk next to him. It’s one of those really gross pukes too, where your whole body heaves with it and you’re left with disgusting little dribbles on your chin. Even in his dazed state, Dan knows how ugly he must look right now.

“Oh my god,” he hears Phil say to himself.

After Dan has finished expelling the entirety of the contents in his stomach onto the concrete, Phil pulls him up and steadies him against the cool wall once again.

“I’m just gonna call a cab, alright?”

Dan just nods, closing his eyes and pretending that he’s not a drunk mess lying on the sidewalk at almost three in the morning.


Before he even opens his eyes, Dan knows something is wrong. First off, it tastes like something has literally crawled into his mouth, hatched eggs, created a family, and then died in there. He also has one of the worst headaches of his entire life and he’s not even sure if he can open his eyes.

Second, he’s lying on an unfamiliar leather sofa. He can tell because his shirt has ridden up and his clammy skin is painfully sticking to it. Dan’s very aware that he has no idea where he is, but right now he doesn’t really care. He just wants to go back to sleep.

It’s when he realizes what the hell actually happened last night that he makes an effort to wake up.

He remembers Chris abandoning him, then getting really drunk and… oh god did he get high? There was someone else… blue eyes… dark hair… Phil! That was his name, Phil.

Phil had called a cab after Dan unattractively threw up all over the sidewalk. After that his mind goes blank, and he’s kind of thankful for it. He’s so embarrassed and he doesn’t even remember half of the things he said or did.

What if this Phil and him… what if they went home together for a reason? At least, he assumes he’s in Phil’s house. Dan suddenly starts to panic and, ignoring the blinding headache, sits up abruptly, painfully ripping his skin away from the leather couch. He flings away the comforter that had somehow mysteriously ended up on him and sees that he’s not wearing any pants. Just his black boxers.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” he mutters quietly, his heart pounding with anxiety.

There’s a coffee table in front of him and he sees that his phone is sitting on it. Dan all but dives to retrieve it, hoping he can get a hold of Chris. And fast.

Unlocking it, he sees multiple texts from Chris.

Where the fuck are you?

Dude, do I have to call the police?

Some guy named Phil just called me saying that he took you home because you were belligerently drunk.

He reassured me that he wasn’t going to murder you, which leads me to believe he murdered you.

Just please text me when you wake up. If you’re alive.

Every single one was sent at around 4 in the morning, and Dan struggles to remember how he got here. He sends a quick ‘I’m alive but feel like death’ text to Chris to ease his mind, although it’s already one in the afternoon.

“Well, I see you’re finally awake.”

Dan jumps at the sound of the voice behind him, and quickly wraps himself in the comforter once again. He sees Phil entering the living room where Dan apparently set up camp for the night. Phil smiles at him, and Dan can’t find it in himself to return it right now. He just stares. Partly in embarrassment, and also the fact the Phil is strangely attractive doesn’t help him out.

“Sorry,” Phil apologizes, sitting on the couch opposite of Dan, “how are you doing?”

“Um, where are my pants?” Dan asks immediately, his eyes narrowing.

“Oh, yeah. Well you were pretty adamant about taking them off when we first walked in… so, probably somewhere in the hall.”

“Wait, so we didn’t…”

“What?” Phil questions, confused, “you mean..? Oh! No, no. We didn’t, um… do that.”

Dan breathes out a heavy sigh of relief, but then winces as a sharp pain shoots through his head.

“Oh god, my head.”

“Here, I’ll go get you some water.”

Phil gets up quickly, and Dan watches him go. He’s wearing these ridiculous Sonic pajama pants and it makes Dan smile a little. Sonic pants or not, this guy has to be weird if he lets a pants less stranger sleep on his sofa.

Dan’s phone buzzes and he sees that Chris has answered.

Did you really pass out in the back of a taxi?

Oh my god, did he?

I guess so.

He puts his phone next to him and closes his eyes as his ears heat up with what can only be another wave of embarrassment. He hates himself so much right now. A wet glass is being pushed into his slack hand and he perks up once again to guzzle down half the drink at once.

“Thanks,” Dan says breathless.

Phil gives him another small smile, and it’s kind of awkward now. Dan feels like he should say something, or maybe Phil should say something. Perhaps he should just leave, but he’s not wearing any pants and he’s feeling a lot less confident than he was last night.

“Look,” Dan begins, “I don’t know what I did last night, but I just want you to know… that’s not me. I don’t do things like that. Like, ever. I hardly drink, and the last time I smoked a joint I was in high school and I just don’t do any of those things and I’m sure you probably think I’m this loser but I’m not I swear, I barely leave my apartment. I guess that kind of makes me a loser, though. But the good kind of loser! I didn’t even want to go out! Stupid Chris dragged me and I don’t know why because he brought this stupid guy named Brian-”

“Ah, so that’s who you were talking about.”


Phil starts laughing, “I was getting the feeling that you didn’t really like this Brian guy.”

Dan grows quiet, and shuts his mouth. He doesn’t know what he said and he damn well doesn’t really want to find out.

Noticing Dan’s discomfort, Phil stops laughing.

“Hey,” he says, “it’s cool. We all do stupid stuff. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

Dan nods, but it doesn’t ease the weird nervousness sitting in the bottom of his stomach.

“So, uh, what made you bring me to your flat? You definitely could’ve let me lay on the sidewalk if you wanted.”

“Yeah, I could’ve, but you almost got yourself killed by this giant ogre of a man. So I kind of got you out of that one. I took you outside and that’s when I realized how horrendously drunk you were,” Phil chuckles, “so you started saying… like things and stuff and I felt like I had to help you out when you threw up everywhere.”

Dan groans and drops his head into his hands, “I’m such an idiot. I’m so sorry.”

“I said don’t worry about it. I’ll go get your pants.”

Those five words are enough to make Dan internally cringe for an eternity.

“Oh, by the way,” Phil says, making Dan turn around to face him. He’s got a smirk on his face, and his eyes are twinkling, “You were right last night. I do think you’re hot.”

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Hi lovelies! So, I wrote this poem about All Too Well and tried to capture the emotions I felt while watching this performance. I have always loved writing poetry, and I have always loved taylorswift , so for the first time I decided to combine my two loves. This isn’t my best work, but I will probably be trying this more often and hopefully you might see me improve. I can’t possibly capture all the beauty she has shown me and put it into words, but I wanted to try convey my feelings. I would absolutely love you forever if you re-blogged because I would die if Taylor saw this. Even if you don’t re-blog, I still love you very much. Hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading!! xoxo

Glowing Sun

gleefinn said: Hi there! Just wanted to say that I fucking love your blog! And I was hoping you could do a one shot with the song “Makin this boy go crazy” by Dylan Scott with dean and the reader first meeting and they start having feeling for each other. Well something like that and thanks!

A/N: So, I’m kind of an a-hole and I don’t really like putting the lyrics of songs in the story but I mean, you’re like my second most active follower and I didn’t even incorporated the whole song, so…yeah, this might be one of the unique times I do this. Anyhow, I’m sorry for the wait, I would’ve finished this earlier but I was watching Barbie movies. I hope this was okay!

Word count: 731

Relationship: Dean/Reader

Warnings: death of family.


You smiled at Dean as he put the radio on with a small pout. You knew he didn’t like listening to something else than his music, but you had just finished a werewolf hunt and did not feel like listening to Metallica, as good as it was. Luckily, or not, depending on how you saw it, you had hurt your arm while taking the thing down, which put Dean at your mercy right now, so he agreed on the change of tune.

“You know you love me,” you laughed, taking his hand as he grumbled something about bad taste in music.

“Doesn’t mean I’m okay with this,” Dean said, but gladly intertwined his fingers with yours. The smile on your face widened as the radio host stopped talking and a song you knew well started.

Never seen a tan look so good, sunshine’s treating you like it should.
You gotta know the kinda glow you’re giving off, baby that’s dangerous.

You looked out of the window as the sun began to set, its golden rays warming your face as the wind pushed your hair out of your face. You closed your eyes, your breathing becoming slower as you started to relax.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Dean looked at you, mesmerised by how beautiful the sun reflected off your face. It was in times like these, when you looked so young and carefree instead of plagued by worry and pain that didn’t belong to your age, that Dean wondered why you had chosen to stay with him after everything you two had gone through.

Oh girl you make me feel like whoa,
Spinning me outta control with every little move you’re makin’

You and Dean had met several years ago, brought together by a vampire hunt. You’d practically known about the supernatural world all your life, as both of your parents were “retired” hunters. But everyone knew that the past of a hunter would caught up with them one way or another, which was proven when they died a few days after your twenty-fifth birthday. Blinded by rage, you went to seek the cause of their deaths, not caring to remember how your parents always begged you to avoid the hunting life.

It took you almost a year to find the vampires who had murdered your parents, giving you time to train for when the moment arrived. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and if it weren’t for Dean and Sam Winchester, you probably would have met your end.

You and Dean hit it off almost immediately, flirting as soon as the hunt was over.

“You were pretty great for someone new to this,” he had said with a wink, making you smile.

“Oh, but I wouldn’t have made it without yourself, mister,” you replied cheekily as Sam made gagging noises in the background. And ever since then, you and Dean had been inseparable.

Dean was brought back to reality by the sound of your sweet laughter and you waving your hand in front of his eyes. Dean looked back to the road quickly, realising he had been staring at you.

I can catch a buzz without a drink, that’s what your body does to me
Every kiss is like a sip, I wanna taste, over and over.

“Something wrong, Hun?” You smirked at his small, almost unnoticeable blush.

“Just that you’re beautiful,” he said sincerely, taking you off by surprise. Dean wasn’t the “chick flick moments” type of guy, and truthfully, neither were you, but it was nice to have them once in a while.

“Why, thank you very much.” You leaned forward pressing a kiss to the side of his lips. They lingered there for a second more than necessary, and in that time, Dean took the opportunity to turn sideways a little bit, fully connecting them together.

Oh girl you make me feel like whoa,
Spinning me outta control with every little move you’re makin’
Driving me wild if you know what I’m saying

“I love you,” you whispered, the corners of your mouth tugging up as you sat back down on your seat.

“I love you too, (Y/N),” Dean smiled, taking your hand in his once again, wondering how he could be this lucky. “So much.”

You’re makin’ this boy go crazy, crazy, crazy…
You’re makin’ me, you’re makin’ me, you’re makin’ me go crazy


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