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Been wanting to say this for a long time so here we go:

Can we please collectively stop making fun of the “meth fandom” or w/e the fuck nomenclature we’re using to describe real people who finally have a space and community to talk about their substance use? Like I’ve seen posts lump this part of tumblr in with literal fucking neo-nazis and if that doesn’t strike you as fucked up i don’t know what else i can fucking say to you.

I’ve even seen this shit from leftists. Like how can we recognize that capitalism is built on the exploitation of labor and mass disenfranchisement of working class people - and then turn around and mock people who use stimulants to cope with the godawful hardships of that life? If you can’t recognize meth users humanity, then what the fuck are you even fighting for?

I have adhd, but I still abuse my stimulants because my body literally cannot produce the amount of labor necessary for my survival. Thousands of others do the same. We’re not that different from the people on here using meth. Everywhere ~drug users~ turn, we’re denied the chance to talk about our own experiences in our own fucking language. We’re denied the chance to find our own community and engage with it on our own terms. Especially us women who use. Why propagate that shit here? What do you gain by mocking us and people like those in the ~meth fandom~? Who are you helping?

And i know this probably describes only a sliver of my followers, but I hope it’ll reach further. Because honestly? Some people on here need to step the fuck off. 

I’ve never seen a post on my dash condemning this phenomenon (which is often treated like a joke, like it’s not about you know, real fucking people), and that’s fucking bullshit. I’m not saying no one’s said this before, but I sure as fuck haven’t seen it. We can do better. We must do better.

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do you have a deal or something with jenna? she seems too interestes in your channel, and you reblog and like all her stuff...

I’m a little confused here but a little less than you are, so let me do a little clarifying:

Jenna and I are friends.

Tumblr is a place to share and like the things you enjoy and that’s what I do.

The definition of “all” is: used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.

If you’re still a little confused, I’ll further my explanation.

Jenna’s interest in my videos is her own - you may be better off directing your questions about what she takes interest in to her. I can only conclude that she likes them. She shares the shit she likes, as is seen by the abundance of things she reblogs and retweets. We’re also friends and, as crazy as it sounds, friends actually support each other. Weird, right?!

As for liking and reblogging SOME (the proper word I think you were looking for) of her stuff, I like and reblog the shit that’s good and stuff I enjoy. Is it my fault Jenna has great taste..? 

I understand these must be very difficult concepts for you to grasp and I do hope this helps you out!

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I'm having a really shit day can you please cheer me up

ohh I’m sorry you have a bad day… I found a cute gif I hope It helps a little <3  (I will reblog this daily and add another gif so you have everyday a good or at least a little better day)

just a little message that I think is going to be lost in your dashboard but I wanted to thank you all, followers or not, for the support you give me since I begin to post my art, every little tags, every comments, every kind messages and asks, you are the ones that keeps me wanting to go ahead, to do better.

I lost my dream job last year and not find any since then, it been really hard on my self eestem (and it’s still, every little things I fail are really hard on me).

but you know what keep me away from feeling like a piece of shit? You, you all by just liking or reblogging my art,(some of you are even buying it and commission me!). Sometimes I just read again some of your kind words and it help me feel better.

So thank you all, really.

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I'm so sorry if I sound clueless or something, but why is everyone hating on Johnny Deep for begin cast?

Don’t be sorry!! It’s okay, I’m more than happy to provide an explanation! I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I felt like he wasn’t a good choice for the role. He is an incredibly talented actor, don’t get me wrong, and I think he does an exceptional job in many other movies, but I just really don’t think he fits this role. And tbh I have more of a problem with the character design than anything.

 Here’s my personal reasoning why:

Grindelwald’s power in the novel is drawn mostly from the fact that he doesn’t seem like he’s that bad of a guy. He doesn’t seem like a fanatic to his followers, he seems reasonable and he seems like he’s doing things to help others. This is because he looks like a normal guy, and he is a skilled manipulator.

Okay, I’ll start by talking about his relationship with Dumbledore. Dumbledore was not following Grindelwald because he shared his ideals. He was confirmed to have fallen in love with him, and it is suggested that this is partially because Grindlewald was such a smooth talker. He convinced Dumbledore that muggles were dangerous and that something had to be done “For The Greater Good”. This seemed perfectly reasonable to Dumbledore. He was blind to Grindelwald’s true nature because Grindelwald had manipulated him, using his love for Grindelwald, his drive, his family history with muggles, his ambition, and his desire to help others to get him to follow. This was all possible because he didn’t seem like he was a very bad guy. He was disarmingly handsome and incredibly charming. This was why he was so effective. From the wiki: [Dumbledore] wanted power to protect his loved ones (and by extension the whole world) against cruelty and xenophobia like that shown by the Muggles. They coined the phrase that would become Grindelwald’s slogan and the justification for his moral indiscretions and atrocities: “For the Greater Good.”

I felt that this was portrayed really well when he was disguised as Graves.

I don’t think the annoyance at his portrayal of Grindelwald is necessarily the fault of Depp himself. I think it has more to do with the character design. They made him look creepy. That was my problem with it. They made an effort to make it obvious to anyone looking that he was evil. They made him look unsettling. It seemed somewhat like Voldemort 2.0 (even tho he technically was the first lol). I always thought a huge point about Grindelwald was that he seems like a perfectly normal and reasonable dude when you look at him or talk to him. It isn’t obvious that he’s got ulterior motives.

Unlike Voldemort, he doesn’t gain followers with promises of power and he doesn’t gain followers simply by saying outright that he favors purebloods. Voldemort was manipulative, but in a different way. He never lied about what he wanted. He never lied about the fact that he wanted power or genocide. Grindelwald, however, disguised these ambitions with talk of muggles and muggleborns being “dangerous”. He stirred up fear and hate in his following without seeming like he was facist or a bigot. He acted like his beliefs came from concern. That was why he was so powerful! He seemed like a totally reasonable and normal guy until later in his movement when his true colors started to show. 

I just got the impression that a lot of his followers were unlike Death Eaters in that they didn’t necessarily agree with him, they were just seduced into following him because of the way he talked and behaved. He was a charmer, and he could easily masquerade as a completely normal dude. Like, the impression I always got was that he was the sort of person who could really hurt somebody, and then twist the situation so that they would apologize instead of him. The threat he poses comes mostly from the fact that he doesn’t seem at first like his intentions are bad, with all that talk of “The Greater Good”, when really what he wanted was power and supremacy for the purebloods. 

I understand that we have only seen a small bit of Depp’s portrayal, and I am not criticizing his acting yet! I am just not very happy with the casting because he is usually cast as creepy or unsettling characters, though (Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands, Ichabod Crane, Mad Hatter), and he does an amazing job at playing creepy characters. I don’t think he is the right sort of creepy for Grindelwald. Grindelwald is supposed to be more of a subtle creepy. From the wiki: Theseus Scamander, Newt’s brother and Auror assigned to stop Grindelwald, still described him in a letter as a “charismatic blighter”. So he was charming and handsome, which was why he was so good at what he did! Even the Auror who handled his case was able to recognize this. He wasn’t unsettling!

More than anything, I was incredibly frustrated by how creepy they made him look. They made it blatantly obvious that he was A Bad Guy. Everything I mentioned above considered, I really pictured him as a normal-looking and fairly attractive man. The fact that he was so obviously designed to be Creepy and Evil felt really cliche and that irritated me a lot. They relied too heavily on character design to convey that he was the antagonist. It felt a lot like they were trying to imitate the creepiness and unsettling appearance of Voldemort, and that was annoying to me because Voldemort and Grindelwald are actually different. I enjoyed the fact that Grindelwald was distinct from Voldemort! They were similar, but they had subtle differences that made them independent from each other. But with the design they gave Depp (the mustache thing, the weird creepy undercut, the fact that all of his hair was white as snow, and just generally how “Stereotypical Villan” they made his costume/features/behavior) bothered me a whole lot and felt like a miss. It felt like they were trying very hard to lump him in with Voldemort and stick to that “Harry Potter dark wizard aesthetic” sort of look, but I really felt like it was not true to the character.

I felt that Colin Farrell (the actor who played Grindelwald when he was disguised as Percival Graves) did an excellent job of hitting all the points that I mentioned: he appeared normal, he was charismatic, and he was incredibly skilled at manipulation. He was exactly how I imagined Grindelwald would be, and I really wish that he had been cast as Grindelwald permanently.

YIKES that is a long rant!! I was just gonna give a quick opinion but then I went and did a hunt thru the wiki and refreshed my memory so I could articulate this better so here we are, an hour later, and I’ve got like a five paragraph essay there. Holy shit tho sorry!! 

This is just my personal opinion, and I’m probably biased because Johnny Depp deeply unsettles me (despite his acting genius), but hey! Maybe reblog if you agree? Or if you don’t, I’m totally up for a discussion!! Character analysis is my shit tbh I can talk about this all day!! 

I also felt a little weird abt the casting bc it was almost like they were trying to draw in a larger audience with a famous actor but that might just be me and I can’t back that up as well. It’s just a gut feeling.

He could prove me wrong with his acting in the next few movies! I was simply disappointed with the fact that they opted for Obvious Creepy for him. Maybe that’s because I have more respect for books/movies/etc that can convey creepy and evil with acting, music, lines, and more subtle things like that rather than relying on costuming to show who is good and who is not. 

HOLY SHIT!!!!! I just got home from track practice to see this!!! This is so amazing guys!!!! Oh my god I can’t believe it, I’m squealing like a child right now lol!!!! You guys have no idea how much this just made my day (like it seriously made it 10x better!). Thank you so much oh my goodness (especially to everyone who reblogged that post when I was at 8 I seriously love you guys!).. I love you guys to bits and this is a dream come true. I’m so excited! Okay I need to calm down… *takes deep breath* Once again thank you guys I never thought I’d reach this, it’s honestly amazing. I will have a post up for a milestone up in a little bit! Thank you guys again! I love you al so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Repost, not reblog! Tag 6 muns you would like to get to know better when done!

Name: Ebony. really n truly that is my name
Nickname: dude ppl call me kindsa shit on here lol. bonnie, eb, son, etc. i love it all. like literally ppl use my name so little it makes me feel naked when someone types it out lmao
Age: 59
Faceclaim: i ain’t got one, my fault. i used to use cartoon moses though lmao
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5′8 QUEEN
Birthday: Apr 4nd ARIES  Q U E E N
Aesthetic: dark purple, peach, faint gold, SMILING, sunshine, dude im like your favorite juice.
Last song you listened to:  “Got My Mind Set On You” -  George Harrison lol i love that song

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written:

let’s all take a wild guess at this one

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):

The majority of issues that face the black community, and the problematic tendencies/teachings/taboo within the black community are what Camille is supposed to embody. She is a testimony of the black south, of the black baptist church, of current poverty, government housing, of neglected health issues, of internalized sexism and misogyny, of enforced sex repulsion, of musical roots, of the evils and corruption of the music industry, of the oldest black generation and their way of life, of language, of absent parental figures, stunted mental/emotional growth, the shortcomings of the American school system. This is what she is, what she represents. I’ve tried to pack as much as I have witnessed in my life of my grandparents’ generation into a current character in order to shed some light and to let others get a tap into this world.

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse:

I have a few, and I will likely forget several, but one that comes immediately to mind is that her personality was molded and nurtured by middle-aged to senior-aged hetero black males. She is basically a tiny cute old black man lmao with the way she speaks, how she only knows communication with women in the form of flirtation, how she drinks like a fish, smokes cigars, cusses, gambles, speaks like someone 3times her age, and has all the vices and characteristics of someone’s great uncle at their family cookout.

but all of it is mixed with her virginal self and her innocence and naivety. she’s just funny and cute. i didn’t know it would turn out that way but i’m not complaining by a long shot

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:

My late grandparents, the members of my choir, just people in my church, and my family. they are my entire inspiration.

Favourite types of threads:

ohh pfft you cain’t go wrong with me, yo

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:

Besides my constant health issues hindering me from really writing like I used to, I don’t have any anymore. I did. i DIDDDDD and it was horrible. but nothing now really. i kind of get overwhelmed with how much interest she continues to get from others but that’s not a struggle, it’s just like… wow. make me cry..

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heard the saddest exchange on my street today

Little Kid: Auntie, can I ride bikes?

20-Something Girl: No, and don’t call me your damn auntie, I’m your babysitter. >:(

I wanted to be like LOOK HERE…that kid obviously considers you family and you better treasure that shit, don’t push them away and teach them to be cold. Lucky I didn’t drop my groceries and come put your little bitch ass in your place. god it pissed me off, people in my neighborhood suck so bad

don’t be like this

Just a little thing I wanted to say to everyone

Sometimes I see people reblogging my posts and tagging my comments with “#this was so unnecessary” or “#what the f*** is wrong with you” or “#people like this are the reason i hate namjon stans.” It;s honestly really hurtful bc i’m just a simple woman with complicated desires and i don’t deserve to get shamed like this by people who don’t know #TheRealMe……Like I hate people that reblog shit from me without lookin at the rest of the blog like… if ur gonna drag me u better reblog all 300 posts hunty…… I can’t help what i feel for my daddy and I think they are just ashamed to see these posts because they reveal their inner desires. We Are Strong. We Bounce Back. We Won’t Be Put Out By This. Love Is A Flame That Won’t Be Extinguished By Haters! Thanks to all the expensive girls out there who accept me for who I am. Anyway I want rm to bone me

hi guys! my name is dani but most people call me dj and this is my studyblr: deejstudies (creative, ik). i’ve been a tumblr heaux for years but this is my first attempt at a study blog! i have always admired the studyblr community from afar but seeing how i’m going to be a junior and how i needed to get my shit together like yesterday i decided to make a studyblr!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!1 i think there is so much creativity, resolve and determination within this little online community and i want to be apart of that so i can be a better student as well as a better person. that sounds soooo cheesy but moving along with the intro (also, reblog or like this post and if you’re a studyblr i’ll follow you)

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i will be the most supportive friend you have ever had. like, you say some random crap— i will never ignore it, if we’re in a group chat with lots of people talking at once, i will strive to make sure never feel disregarded or ignored, i will make you feel counted. the “looking like you care less is cooler” mentality really grates on me. it’s brave to show you care, it’s cowardly to pretend you don’t, especially for your own egotistic reputation. if you’re having a bad day, i will sit & talk everything through with you & help how i can & offer all the solutions i can muster. i will leave you be when you need it & never let you go when you are in need of attention. i will try to talk the blinding spectrum of intense emotion out of your head so you can see the realities a little more clearly & make things better, so you can get a handle on it & ride that bitch of an issue into the sunset. you create a post ; a meta ; a graphic ; a promo ; a theme? i will like & reblog the shit out of it, whatever it takes to make sure you know you matter, that your creative exploration is supported. i will encourage all your healthy endeavours & i’ll sit & be bitter about the world with you whilst you’re sad. i will never make you feel alienated for liking something or judge you on things that are totally inconsequential, your happiness is your priority.

but it’s the same for me. if i feel like i’m the only one that cares in a relationship ( platonic or non )— though i don’t expect the totality of what i give back ( that isn’t what a relationship is, you have to understand other people’s proclivities for human understanding ) i won’t make a deal of it. i’ll just slowly drift away, distance is my defence, indifference my sword. because as much as i try to make you feel like you matter, my philosophy for you is my philosophy for myself. i have to put myself first. i’ll sacrifice sleep for you when you need me, but i won’t sacrifice self-worth. i won’t be made to feel like i’m less, that i’m not worth what i’m giving to you. i will “do no harm but take no shit.”

i’ll be the most supportive friend you’ve ever had, but don’t test it.


Edit: I deleted the other two cause the Quality was ugly so please, just reblog it again ( TT v TT )


here, i think it’s a little better now.. I think

and a big thank you to @stealthnerddrawsshit and rex!!! for sticking around sooooo long 

Every artist

should give their finished pieces at 300 DPI. And on a decent size, no smaller than say… letter paper size (8,5in x 11in) (or a4, which is slightly different, different countries different standards, but most softwares come with templates for those sizes). TBH, the bigger the file the better. There’s literally no reason not to on freaking 2015. If your pc lags too much while working on it, you should probably start thinking on replacing it cuz that rig is either too old, or it’s not intended for work with graphics but sending emails and browsing facebook.

Commissions at 72 dpi feel like an insult as a graphics savvy client. 

And artists should learn their formats:

If you REALLY want to give a good, finished file, give it in .TIFF, on LZW compression. (Just tell photoshop to save as tiff, it will give you a popup window to click the option). .TIFF is a lossless file (similar to bitmap, but bitmaps are retardedly heavy) so every pixel is the exact same color you painted it. This is the ideal, and its the closest thing to an “Original” that you can give (other than the .psd file or such).

For low-res things (for low res, i mean, less than 300 dpi, a.k.a. not printable resolutions, which you should give alongside your high-res files when you deliver your finished product so your client doesn’t need to do that himself, and he can post it on his tumblrs and whatnot with ease) you can use either:

.JPEG = Better for pictures with lots of gradients and rendering, like a photograph or an oil painting for example. JPEG by default COMPRESSES a lot of the colors and changes a lot of pixels for file-size sake. YOU SHOULD NOT BE GIVING YOUR CLIENTS .JPEG (aka modified, compressed, “dumbed down”) FILES as the only finished product.


.PNG = Better for pictures with lots of FLAT COLORS and little variatios of tones. Cellshaded pieces, for example. It is lossless as well, and accepts transparencies, unlike JPEG. It was designed to replace the .GIF file for web purposes. Not really for art. If you save an average artpiece as png, it will end up being heavier than a jpeg, and not necessarily better looking (to the naked eye). And it’s certainly NOT ideal for HIGH RESOLUTION. Use .tiff for that.

If you happen to find this post, please reblog so other artists get their shit straight. reblog it as text, not as an URL. there’s a tiny button on the top right of the post window to select that.

Source: I’m a graphic designer, silly.
Asexuality Awareness Comic
adriofthedead: “ Okay, I realize this hilariously late for Asexuality Awareness Week (which was last week), but due to unforeseen stressors, it didn’t really get done in time. Anyway! I’ve wanted to...

It looks as though Asexuality Awareness Week has kicked off once again, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of new reblogs–mostly on the original post, which contains a lot of errors.

I had since made an addendum post, clarifying any concerns people had about the original. I was still unpacking a lot of shit back then with regards to my own asexuality AND my gender so most of the errors were simply made in ignorance.

If you could please take the time to reblog the post with the addendum rather than the original post! This comic is 3 years old now, dang. (I keep meaning to make an updated version… next year, for sure)

It’s still nice to know that in those three years my comic ended up helping a lot of people come out as ace, as well as help those not on the ace identity spectrum understand asexuality a little better. It’s what I originally set out to do, and I think I did pretty well despite my own personal circumstances.


Hello everyone! (・ิᴗ・ิ)ノ I just reached my first follower milestone & I wanted to thank you guys for following this dumb blog of mine (I’m so good at reblogging, I know) and putting up with my subpar graphics&gifs. I really do appreciate it ;_; Even though I barely talk to any of you guys bc im a shy little shit I love seeing your quality posts/edits on my dash everyday, it makes trudging through university much easier ˘⌣˘ I hope we can get to know each other better soon~ 

Bolded - mutuals

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I have been getting loads of messages about the Lush Network so noww THERE ARE SPOTS ARE OPEN so reblog to be considered for this network, we’re all one little family and we’re cute n shit


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For a higher and better chance:

  • Tag a post lushnetworkx
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  • Will chose when happy with the notes
  • Message me here ortag a post lushnetworkx if you have any questions
  • The network page is here

armorea  asked:

You want a giggle? That deformed critter Jess reblogged a post in which someone talked shit about some black chick's face, clearly condemning the practice of being a petty twat (>are you that insecure that you have to reblog other girls pictures and put them down to make you feel better about yourself?), then a few posts after did this exact thing to you. A+ consistency. Inb4 dur hur appropriation - she never really gets asshurt over white dudes, only pretty white chicks.

what a pathetic sad little human being. ugh, it makes me so goddamn angry that people like that exist. WHY. WHY IS IT FUCKING NECESSARY TO BE CRUEL…


I meant to do this at the 1000+ followers but it was the end of the semester and I got SUPER busy, as to be expected. So to celebrate 1200+ followers I wanna do a little give away!

Some rules:

  1. Reblog or like this post (I’ll only be counting one vote per person)
  2. Must be following
  3. Must be willing to give me a shipping address (I can do some research for shipping but shipping outside of the US may get difficult. If for some reason I can’t send you your gifts I will supplement with some fan art/requests)
  4. I obviously don’t want to ship you folks your stuff from Italy, so I will close the polls on the last day of June and then hopefully send everything out by mid to late July!
  5. Ask/Private message must be open so I can contact you. Must respond within two weeks or spot is forfeited.
  6. Also! If you change your url and I can’t find you than that will also forfeit your spot :-) I will do my best.
  7. Ya’ll are all sweeties <3

Three randomly chosen winners will receive:

-Some Italian art supplies! I’m going to Florence for the summer so I will get some fancy stuff you can only get in Italy! I’m not sure what they’ve got yet, but I’m anticipating getting some pens, a nice sketchbook, idk I’ll try to get some stuff that has mass appeal.

-Nicknacks, interesting things from Italy (If I find something interesting!)

-Some baked goods/desserts. I will make and send a delicatessen of the winners choice (Please something that can ship and be saved well. Also I’m confident I can make most types of bars, tortes/tarts, pies, cakes, cookies, etc. but something like a croquembouche is probably out of my price/experience range)

It’s so hard for me to grasp that just this past December I’d had about 250 followers which had kind of stagnated for the past couple of years that I’ve been on Tumblr and then joining the Check Please! fandom brought SO MANY LOVELY INDIVIDUALS and an amazing fandom that is SUPER DUPER FREAKING NICE, AND GAH I JUST LOVE YOU ALL, SO LIKE AND OR REBLOG AND I’LL SEND YA SOME STUFF. <3 <3 <3